December 11, 2012 (#1232)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 11, 2012:

"Democratic" World Order:
 For a Minority, Utopic, for the Rest, Catastrophic:

"All Strong Peoples Attacked by Vultures
Disguised as Communism Destroying Cultures,
Causing Ethnic Strife which, When Cooled,
Peoples of the World would Then Be Ruled
By the New Front of Scientists and Experts
In Social Sciences Composed of Perverts,
Pushing Marx's Policy, Destroying the Family,
It's Been Successful, Look at the Calamity
Of the Mass Welfare State and the Debt,
Yet the Vulture hasn't Finished Yet,
Porn and Prostitution Being Idolized,
Age of Child Consent Being Trivialized,
Mass Unemployment, Massive Taxation,
Knowing Techniques, History, No Consolation"
© Alan Watt Dec. 11, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Dec. 11, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December the 11th, 2012.

For newcomers, as always (I get this out of the road at the start of the broadcast), I tell you to make good use of and you’ll see a bunch of official sites listed there. They all carry downloads of audios for free and they also carry transcripts in English for print up, for free, as well. And if you want transcripts in other languages, you’ll see, on that site as well (on the com site), and that’ll give you a variety to choose from.

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And for years now, I’ve gone through the agenda, basically given you the future because the future is always printed up for you to see, if you know where to look and you understand what you’re really looking at (that’s very important, that, too) and you’re not side-tracked by all the useless data that’s hammered at you every day; tons and tons of just data and you’re overloaded with it, too. This is a technique, of course, to basically... to do just that: you crash down and you forget what you’ve read (what the important things are) and it’s hard for you to put things together and you have to be able to put things together to understand what’s really going on, what has gone on and where it’s all supposed to go, as well. It’s a technique that’s used. And I’ve mentioned before, from the sites of some of the intelligence agencies, they would use these techniques on the public and they’ve done an awfully good job of doing it, too.

So, as I say, go through the website and you’ll find the history of the system that you’re living in and the boys who started it up (at least openly). I’m sure it was on the go for centuries before that, under different names, but they did come out in the late 1800’s and in the early 20th century, actually. And they formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which eventually had branches across the world, in every country and their other branches generally are called Council on Foreign Relations, because “Royal” doesn’t go down too well in places like the US. And the whole idea was to use the British Empire as the staging base of a system to copy across the world, bringing in a form of democracy (which was brand new to Britain, even, mind you). And even when these guys started up, Britain didn’t have democracy, as you think of it today. It didn’t have all the equal rights, etc. and special promotion of certain minorities and all that kind of stuff; that wasn’t heard of until much, much later. In fact, most of the guys didn’t even have the vote themselves, when the Royal Institute of International Affairs came out with their studies, unless you owned land or property. So, anyway, democracy is a con trick, of course, to get everybody to go along with what you think is fairness and, of course, you have this big powerful group above it all, that always end up with the top jobs, over all the fair distribution of everything and the managing of all societies. And there certainly is a group doing that and it’s very, very, very powerful.

So, you’re managed throughout your whole life now. You’re born into a very carefully constructed system. It is total, in fact. It’s studied us so well (human nature), through behaviorism; now they’ve got neuroscientists in there, working on your minds all the time and even giving you the things that you like and you don’t like, even the things that you feel guilty about thinking about or even questioning and that’s all put into your head as well, through scientific indoctrination. It’s very, very carefully done and it works awfully, awfully well, so that you never really look at the real problems in the world. And it’s taught in school very, very early on... and indoctrinated the children with it, too, because that’s what you must always do. Every totalitarian system grabs the children first and it’s hard for them to ever change once perfect indoctrination has taken place. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And talking about the big system you’re born into and you live in and, of course, how it’s supposed to be presented to you by the media, as things just happening, at the time, spontaneously – out of nowhere, no planning, etc – and nothing is further from the truth. Everything that happens in the world is planned, with micro-precision; every single thing that happens: social-wise, with wars and the reason for the wars, even how to take countries down long, long before they even start the first shot. And the first mention of it, even in the media. So, everything’s planned way, way ahead, because it’s a big agenda on the go. And you have to go into World War II, in fact, to find out the various groups, that were set up by the US president, to look into de-nazifying the US, actually, that was the term they used, because they thought that could be another replication of what happened in Germany and certain groups were very, very interested in taking the reins of power and altering the culture of the US and the whole of the western world. They’ve been awfully successful. But this is all part of it too, including the multiculturalism, as well, which has helped to destroy the cultures of the world. That’s been deliberately installed. It has been since the days of Marx, actually. He promoted all of that, as well, for that very reason. And then they bring in a massive welfare state, as well, it makes the whole country dependent upon the few at the top, which creates a lot of jobs for the few at the top. And then they manage you and you’re basically slaves. It’s a quite simple technique of taking down and ruling.

But here’s an article here too, and it’s a repetition of many repetitions.


“More Spying On Citizens...”


Alan: the US...

“...than in Stasi East Germany”


Alan: ...ever had. And it says,

“In a radio interview, Wall Street Journal reporter Julia Angwin (who’s been one of the best at covering the surveillance state in the US) made a simple observation that puts much of this into context: the US surveillance regime has more data on the average American than the Stasi ever did on East Germans. Indeed, the American government has more information on the average American than Stalin had on Russians, Hitler had on German citizens, or any other government has ever had on its people.”


Alan: And, by the way, it’s not just the American government. I mean, you got to understand, at the top here, you’ve got an international intelligence agency, who’s got information on every government and every people. It says,

“The American government is collecting and storing virtually every phone call, purchases, email, text message, internet searches, social media communications, health information, employment history, travel and student records, and virtually all other information of every American.”


Alan: All of your conversations and so on... everything is being tracked. So, I’ll put that up tonight. I won’t go through it, because you’ve heard it all before. But it’s the end of privacy. I’ve mentioned that article before, the end of privacy; it’s a series of talks given by a guy who is into all this kind of stuff and who actually works with the government sometimes too and he talked about the end of privacy, in a series of talks. And it’s quite in depth and it’s total. That’s the world you have to be brought up in, you see.

Now, also, too, I’ve talked about Lord Leveson, or Levison, whatever he’s called, however you pronounce it, in Britain. And he’s a top lawyer or Lord Justice, he’s called, Lord Justice Leveson and he’s into really trying to gag the media. And he’s a counterpart of his pal over in Australia, doing the same thing in Australia, which they’ve done, I think, pretty successfully. But they’re trying to gag the media and actually all the people too, to do with your blogs and your tweets and everything else. But this came from a blogger here, and a reporter, and he says that,

“The prank call by Australian radio presenters who got a condition report from the Duchess of Cambridge’s nurse by pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles proves the need for new privacy laws, Lord Justice Leveson has said. However, I received a disturbing telephone call this afternoon from one of Lord Justice Leveson’s key advisors.”


Alan: This is the reporter:

“I should note before continuing that due to the fact that Lord Justice Leveson has gagged his own people from speaking out, I will not be naming my source from within his own camp, under any circumstances. I’m just going to lay out my conversation with my source and include as much information as is pertinent. The source stated that ‘because you have written articles about Ken Clarke on the internet making serious allegations of sexual assault. Leveson is going to set you up saying that you are indulging in gossip on the internet to discredit a senior member of parliament.’ he went on to say that ‘Once you and the bloggers who published your articles have been dealt with in the press, then the government will rush in new laws to deal with censorship of the internet. In other words you’re going to be the poster child for internet censorship.’ my source said. ‘This is all happening so that the government can bring in, what appears to be from the public point of view, legitimate press censorship – but of course it isn’t.’”


Alan: Meaning, not legitimate.

“I asked my source if this was true then why hadn’t Ken Clarke sued me already? I haven’t received so much as a solicitor’s letter from Clarke or The Cabinet Office. My source said ‘Ken Clarke was advised not to sue you so that they could use your allegations to bring about censorship of the web.’ So now I guess I know what Leveson meant when he talked about salacious gossip on the internet. Or rather, who he was talking about! Do I believe this? Should I believe this? Should you believe this? The world has taken leave of its senses of late and we are being pushed into a financial and social collapse created by out of control foreign bankers. They’ve even disbanded the military for a month and now they want to get their hands on the internet. So for the corporate takeover of this country to be complete.”


Alan: And “corporate” is a camouflage word for something else that’s been there for a long time working across the world, by the way.

“In order to have a state controlled and licensed media. You would need to shut down bloggers and journalists on the internet who have differing opinions to that of the government. So it makes perfect sense, if we’re living in Nazi Germany, the former Eastern Bloc or China but this is Great Britain…or is it?”


Alan: It says. So, I’ll put this up tonight, too. And it just shows you, they’re really working and working and working to censor the Internet, and they’re using all these cases to do it. Even this whole nonsense, too, to do with this nurse dying (strangely dying) and the first report said that she was found dead and then the second report said she had committed suicide, but they didn’t know how. Well, how could you even make that statement, if you didn’t know how; you’d have to know how she’d done it, to say that she committed suicide. And what it is, I think, really too, is that what really happened is, these reporters from Australia got more information than has been released to the public and the reason why she was really in (which may have been something else – who knows, you know, because they’re party people, remember and it’s very seldom that people end up in the hospital because of morning sickness, especially in the late evening). Anyway, something happened there and someone was quickly dealt with, obviously. That’s what happened there.

Now, in geopolitics, the top geopoliticians that we know of (and there are a lot of them out there today), some of the older ones, of course, are still on the same old agendas and still working hard at the top. And:

“Zbigniew Brzezinski comments on Georgia-Russia relations”


Alan: Now, so did Hillary Clinton, recently, too, where she claimed that Russia was trying to get all its old Soviet partners back on board (all the Soviet bloc countries) and create their own bloc. Well, why not? Because, I mean, Canada’s done it; the US has done it, we’ve got the NAFTA deals; we’ve got the GATT treaty with China; we’ve got the Trans-Pacific Partnership deals all signed up with other countries. So, naturally, Russia’s doing the same thing. Especially when they’re getting surrounded by missiles by the US and Britain and everybody else, and they are getting surrounded by them, by the way. But it says,

“Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski thinks that Georgia can become an ally to Russia, but on the expense of its friendship with the United States. Brzezinski touched the issue of Georgia in his speech before U.S. Congress.”


Alan: He says,

“‘Georgia is eventually becoming a candidate of Russian ally and on the expense of its friendship with the United States considering the meaning of the Baku-Ceihan pipeline. This is only one part of the problems in Russia as there are more problems in the country. In Russia they should understand that they need to get closer to the west for flourishing and success,...’”


Alan: We’re all plummeting down the tubes. And I’m sure... maybe these guys at the top don’t notice personally... I guess their wages are index-related, you know, cost of living.

“‘... otherwise, they will lose it with China. Democratization...’”


Alan: This is a buzzword: “democratization.” It actually means you’ve been dominated by a special few, who have a lot in common with each other, across the world. That’s what it means.

“‘... is one of the main pre-conditions for Russia’s success and this is likely to happen after Putin. You may assess this as a historic optimism, but I am sure that Russia’s getting closer with the west is inevitable,’ Brzezinski said.”


Alan: And it...

“... was published by a Russian bureau of the Voice of America.”


Alan: That particular article. But they’re not too happy with it, at all. And also, this article here... it says,

“Georgia waiting for concrete steps from Russia”


Alan: It says,

“Georgia is waiting for concrete steps in the process of restoring relations with the neighbor - this is how the Georgian authorities have commented on the recent statement by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who said on Sunday that Moscow would host a meeting with the Georgian prime minister’s special representative in the near future. Russian Foreign Minister defined that Moscow and Tbilisi were clarifying relations and Russia aimed to make it out what the Georgian government means while emphasizing the need of normalization with Russia. He also said that Russia had never refused to have contacts with Georgia and was always prepared for compromise. Russian senior diplomat did not rule out discussion of restoring permanent direct air communication with Georgia. Russian president’s press secretary has also touched the issue of Georgia-Russia relations. Dmitri Peskov did not rule out official contacts with Georgia, however, ruled out contact with one person, arguably meaning Saakashvili. In this direction, Peskov hopes the negotiations would develop positively.”


Alan: So, it’s all to do with money, oil, and pipelines and gas and all the rest of it, going through. So, that’s exactly what the US would do with Canada or Mexico. Same idea. And this article too, again, it’s to do with, there’s no privacy, forget it. And people have got the message (forget it)... most actually don’t really care, to be honest with you, especially the younger people. They don’t care at all. They’re growing up in this system; they think it all must be normal because it’s simply there.

“Cellphone apps are ‘spying on children by giving advertisers their phone numbers and their exact locations’ The U.S. government is investigating...”


Alan: I love this when they always say they’re investigating, like they don’t know this is going on.

“...whether software companies that make cellphone apps have violated the privacy rights of children by quietly collecting personal information from phones and sharing it with advertisers and data brokers.”


Alan: Well, they’re sharing it with the government too, right?

“The Federal Trade Commission said Monday that such apps can capture a child’s physical location, phone numbers of their friends and more. The FTC described the marketplace for mobile applications — dominated by online stores operated by Apple and Google — as a digital danger zone with inadequate oversight.”


Alan: But, you see, it’s to monitor the children right through their lives, into adulthood and beyond. That’s what it’s about, folks. We’re totally, totally, under totalitarianism. Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And yesterday, I talked about Bill Gates and a company that’s making clothing. It’s nanofibers in the clothing that can transmit drugs through the skin, to be contraceptives (could sterilize you too). They could actually dope you, as well and make you awfully happy and stupid when you shouldn’t be and things like that. However, this is the way that they’re going with it all. Remember, they want to bring pharma into it big, big time. Orwell talked about this and other ones did too and they talked about pharma... and Huxley, as well... would have a big, big role to play in the subduing of the populations to be dominated and taken over. But anyway,


“Scientists create condom that protects against sexually transmitted diseases...”


Alan: And that’s quite a big claim, that. They always give you these claims, you see.

“... by dissolving inside the body”


Alan: And it’s the same techniques as the stuff that makes the clothing.

“Female condom could safeguard from HIV...”


Alan: And so on. And it says,

“Designed to dissolve after use, either within minutes or over several days.”


Alan: Eee, yuck.

“A female condom which can protect against pregnancy and...”


Alan: Blah-blah-blah.

“... by dissolving inside the body has been developed. Experts claim the ‘discreet protection’ can safeguard people...”


Alan: Etc. and they keep saying that because they want to get that through your head and associate with it, you see.

“ ‘melting’ and releasing chemicals. Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) developed the condom from tiny microfibres through a method called ‘electrospinning’.”


Alan: That’s the same stuff that Gates is on about with the clothing. And it says,

“The cloth-like fibres can be woven from medicine into extremely thin ‘webs.’ They are then designed to dissolve after use, either within minutes or over several days.”


Alan: Because it’s nanotechnology.

“Not only would the condom block sperm, it could time-release a potent mix of anti-HIV drugs and hormonal contraceptives. The team was given $1m to develop the technology, which uses an electric field to charge fluid through air to create the very fine, nanometer-sized fibres.”

“Kim Woodrow, a UW assistant professor of bioengineering, said:...”


Alan: I love that term: “bioengineering,” eh? She says,

“ ‘Our dream is to create a product women can use to protect themselves from HIV...’”


Alan: No it’s not; it’s to get stinking rich. That’s what it’s about.

“‘... and unintended pregnancy.’”


Alan: It says,

“‘We have the drugs to do that. It’s really about delivering them in a way that makes them more potent, and allows a woman to want to use it.’”


Alan: Well, they will; they’ll put something in it that’ll be addictive too and make you awfully happy.

“Prof Woodrow presented the idea, and co-authors Emily Krogstad and Cameron Ball, both first-year graduate students, agreed to pursue the project, at a meeting held last year. Ball added: ‘This method allows controlled release of multiple compounds. We were able to tune the fibers to have different release properties.’ One of the fabrics dissolves within minutes, offering users immediate protection, while another fabric dissolves gradually over a few days, providing an alternative to the birth-control pill, to provide contraception and...”


Alan: They’ve always got to get in:

“... protect against HIV.”


Alan: Yeah, sure.

“While the researchers agree the technology is more discrete, they admit it people may have some doubts. ‘At the time of sex, are people going to actually use it? That’s where having multiple options really comes into play,’  Krogstad told the University of Washington.”


Alan: And then there’s a little video on it. And the scientists explain the electrospinning process, for those who really want to get into it. Now, you understand too, that the population reduction is awfully important, as far as your big masters are concerned (the world masters)... very important stuff. And they really mean it, too. They want to really radically reduce population very quickly now. And one of the last big meetings, that came out from the Rockefeller group and all the ones that belong to that Lucky Gene Club, as they nickname it, they said, we’ve done lots of prevention (meaning abortions and so on) across the world, but now we must go into rapid depopulation. Now, how do you think they’re going to do rapid depopulation, folks? I mean, when these guys speak they really mean what they say. They don’t make wish lists and hand it off to Santa Claus, you know. They really get things into action. And you can see it all around you: people are dying of all kinds of things today. And new cancers are popping up all the time. They don’t even have names for the types of growths anymore; there’s so many of them. They’re just coming out of the blue.

But there’s a war on, you see; there’s a war on, a directed war, with a central head, with real missionaries that go out, like agents, into the world, to make it “democratized” (as they want to call it). If people don’t want to take on this system, they’re bombed out of existence. And then they must bring in multiculturalism, to destroy the original societies and the culture, because original societies and their culture is an enemy to the dominant minority that rules the world, you see, so they can rule it. You see? And there’s a lot of history on this, for those who want to look into it. Part of it too, was to debase the culture. I’ve mentioned Adorno, for instance, from the Frankfurt School. He went right into the whole agenda from his particular people’s point of view and he said they’d bring it right down to necrophilia. Once we’ve got to that stage, he says, they’re pretty-well conquered. And part of it on the way down the tubes, was to create massive promiscuity, break up the family unit a la Karl Marx’s program, because they’re all Marxists, too, at the top, but they’re also capitalists. They actually can combine the two together, these people. And they really do believe that they’d have to destroy societies, destroy the family, create massive promiscuity, until cultures are just falling apart and the peoples are falling apart too. Then they step in with their psychiatries and psychologies and so on and agencies, and rule you in a welfare state. But you see it all the time as we go down and down and down the tubes... now, here’s an article here, for instance, about real-life Barbie dolls... real-life Barbie dolls. And this is the mainstream, you know. And it says,

“I’m a Barbie girl too! Living doll Valeria Lukyanova meets her match - and now the pair intend to take America by storm”


Alan: And it shows these two that have had incredible amounts of plastic surgery. And they call it, “cosmetically-enhanced looks.” Nothing’s real in them and they look like dolls. And it’s a happy kind of article. It’s all happy. Be upbeat about it, as they disfigure themselves. Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}


Hi, folks. We’re back and Cutting Through the Matrix. And talking about how society has been destroyed, by design. And when you see these articles appearing in the paper, as I say, about people literally mutilating themselves to look like Barbie dolls, then you know it’s pretty-well all over. And, of course, it also elevates science up to the top, you know, the surgeon’s knife in science, you see. Isn’t it wonderful?, they say. And what does it say for women, in general? What is it saying about women? That they’re all, what, Barbie dolls, used for—what? Think about it. I mean, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Which is also the whole objective. Going back to the Frankfurt School, this is what they wanted: dysfunctional society, where people can’t even bond with a partner to have a child. And most of the children are now getting aborted. What a change has been taken over society. And the culture’s destroyed. They don’t even know it because, you see, they’ve adapted all along the way. And they don’t know they’ve actually lost their culture. The culture they’re living in today, was created for them. They don’t know that. But it says,

“Now Valeria is joined by 24-year-old ‘Dominica’ - real name Olga Oleynik - who also owes her shape and image to the surgeon’s knife.”


Alan: So, “hurrah” for surgeons, right?

“‘We met on the internet five years ago,’ said Valeria, explaining that both come from the Ukrainian city of Odessa.”


Alan: And then they got together, because they’re both into mutilating themselves and looking like Barbie dolls. No kidding. And, of course, then they bring in the same old rubbish – since they destroyed the old religions, and they’ve been hammered this way too, in their countries – they’re into this new spiritual way, you see. A new spiritual way.

“We have the same outlook and lifestyle.”


Alan: Because, you see, they’ve destroyed the old religions. And,

“The pair have been holding lectures on spirituality...”


Alan: These two deformed goons are charging cash to teach spirituality. And,

“They use their looks to attract participants, it is claimed.”


Alan: And they’re planning to move to America. Well, they’ll be a big hit in America. And,

“Dominica’s boyfriend is living in the US and my husband wants to start a business there too,’...”


Alan: I’ll bet he does.

“... ‘I am not going to be bored abroad, I’m often invited to photo-shoots and parties.’”


Alan: I bet she’s invited to some amazing parties, with very, very wealthy, important people. I guarantee you. I mean, here is something new and kinky here, so they’ll be into that like you wouldn’t believe. And that’s in the mainstream, like it’s a happy thing. This is a happy thing, you understand, the way it’s promoted. Also, in mainstream, here’s a daughter and her mother into performing sex. A daughter and a mother... mainstream. And again, there’s no ridicule here, because you can’t criticize this stuff anymore, you understand. This is the in-thing. It’s promoted from the top. And,

“‘I enjoy the sex and being with my mom’: Mother and daughter porn duo on how they’re ‘going to be filthy rich’”


Alan: There you go. And,

“A mother and daughter duo from Florida have created a porn site where they perform and film sex scenes together. Known as The Sexxxtons,...”


Alan: Etc and they bring guys into it too. And they’re just looking forward to all the money. And, again, not a single criticism by anybody, because there’s nobody left to criticize anymore. I mean religions are staid and nasty, according to the ones that dominate the world and create this kind of culture for you to follow. But, well, it’s done. It’s all over, you see. And then you go into the United Nations, and this article here came out in the summer. It says,

“U.N. Commission Calls for Legalizing Prostitution Worldwide: UN Peacekeepers continue to exploit Congolese girls and women, using girls as young as thirteen as prostitutes!”


Alan: Remember, they want to do away with the consensual age, at the United Nations, as well, that’s just an arm of the dominant minority that run the world.

Also, here too, in west Australia of all places.

“Study of Holocaust mandated for schools”


Alan: Why? It says,

“"The leaders of both organisations have been extremely supportive" ... Vic Alhadeff, NSW [New South Wales] Jewish Board of Deputies.  The study of the Holocaust will become compulsory for all NSW school students in years 9 and 10 after the Jewish Board of Deputies lobbied the state government for the curriculum change.”


Alan: Why don’t they have holocausts for every people that’s been slaughtered? I mean, there’s lots and lots and lots to choose from. Why don’t they? And teach you that governments are very dangerous things? It doesn’t matter if it’s a new, oh it’s a new type of government, or an old type of government. All governments are the same, in the end, when they’re taken over and run by the wrong peoples. We’ve seen that in the Soviet Union, for God’s sake; that’s where it all started. Mass slaughters. Same thing in Hungary, when they took over Hungary, and other countries; in the Ukraine. Mass slaughters. I think we should put lots of ones up for all these different people, across, down through history, they’ve been slaughtered, en masse. Why don’t we do that? Why is it only one people? Well, it’s because, I’ve mentioned before, at the end of World War II, the Macy Group was brought into the US, along with the Frankfurt School, and they were given the rights and lots of money to promote, in universities, and it became curriculum, too, how to destroy the present existing system and culture, because they claimed that the US could turn into a Nazi-type society, as well. And they brought that same culture into most western countries, as well. And it was taught, en masse, in the schools and by so-called sociologists (people of the social sciences). A lot of them came in, too, from all these countries, such as the Soviet Union, Poland and elsewhere, and that’s a fact, folk, you can check them all up. It’s in the history books.

So, anyway, here’s another article here:

“US Troops Mass on Turkey’s Syrian Border”


Alan: It says,

“Some 400 U.S. and Dutch NATO troops were massed on Turkey’s Syrian border Friday amid fears besieged President Bashar Assad was poised to use chemical weapons.”


Alan: Actually, from Assad’s side, they’re warning the world that the so-called rebels that are invading them – that are all paid for by the West, to bring in democracy, you understand – they are the ones who are likely to use chemical weapons, which is probably true. Anyway,

“The soldiers were beefing up Turkey’s border and readying Patriot missiles three days after NATO agreed to deploy the MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile system in Turkey. Ankara had requested the installations as a defense against a Syrian missile attack, possibly with chemical weapons.”


Alan: This will work, of course, because “weapons of mass destruction” has worked before. And then it doesn’t matter; after the event it doesn’t matter if it’s all lies, as long as they achieve their objective of demolishing another country that won’t give in and become standardized and bring in democracy and then bring in minority hiring and all the other things that go with it: the welfare state, single mums, and, you know, Barbie dolls and prostitution. It’s quite simple, isn’t it? I’ve read the article before, about perpetual war and other ones from the military magazines, written by intelligence officers, saying they would use the debased culture of America, because America is not America anymore... no country is what it used to be anymore. We’ve adapted into new cultures, that were designed for us. And they want to spread this across the world, the same debasing... they actually say that: the same debasing culture we’ll spread around the world, because it’s weaponized and that destroys them, you see. I might put those articles up again tonight for you, after this talk. And also tonight, this article here is about:


“Vaccines Uncensored...”


Alan: It says.

“‘Only about 15% of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence...This is partly because only 1% of articles in medical journals are scientifically sound and partly because many treatments have never been assessed at all.’”


Alan: And it’s from:

“Richard Smith MD, Editor, British Medical Journal”


Alan: And Russell Blaylock says:

“The medical establishment has created a set of terms which they use constantly to boost their egos and firm up their authority as the unique holders of medical wisdom – the mantra is ‘evidence-based medicine,’ as if everything outside their anointing touch is bogus and suspect. A careful examination of many of the accepted treatments reveals that most have little or no scientific ‘evidence-based’ data to support them. One often reported study found that almost 80% of medical practices had no scientific backing.”


Alan: And it’s a fact. I’ve read the article here, in fact. They always promote it during their papers, oh a paper has declared that blah-blah-blah, it sounds wonderful and then as other people try to replicate the findings, they can’t do it and it’s all forgotten, tucked away. But it says, this was from:

“ - Russell Blaylock MD, Neurosurgeon, ‘Vaccines, Neurodevelopment and Autism Spectrum Disorders.’”

“‘The propaganda dispensed by Public health care and vaccine apologists is, at best, a weak attempt to rationalize the healthcare establishments positions using all the tools of doublespeak or, as George Orwell called it in his book ‘1984’, ‘newspeak,’ to: mislead (b) distort reality (c) pretend to communicate (d) make the bad seem good (e) avoid and/or shift responsibility (f) make the negative appear positive (g) create a false verbal map of the world and (h) create dissonance between reality and what the narrative said or did not say. Such propaganda often relies on half-truths and/or superficially logical but foundationally flawed and based on pseudo-science or non reviewable statistical studies of medical records, where, contrary to ethical science the study design, data selection/rejection criteria, exact approach used to evaluate the data, and/or the original data itself are kept confidential, making independent evaluation/verification of the published findings impossible.’ - Gary S. Goldman PhD, 'Key Realities about Autism, Vaccines...'”


Alan: It’s like Monsanto’s stuff. You’re not allowed to test their stuff (all the GM food that they’re creating); no one else is allowed because they’ve got it all patented, you see. But you’re supposed to eat it. Your government mandates that you eat this stuff. And it says,

“‘I find it interesting that there exists an incredible double standard when it comes to ‘our’ evidence versus ‘theirs’. The proponents of vaccination safety can just say they are safe, without any supporting evidence what-so-ever, and it will be accepted without question. They can announce that mercury is not only safe, but that it seems to actually increase the IQ and we are to accept it.’”


Alan: They actually did that in the States, in one ad they put out. It helps your IQ (the stuff that kills you off – makes you a zombie). It says,

“The Vaccinated versus the Non-Vaccinated... Why No Official Studies?”


Alan: It says,

“‘The public is surely entitled to convincing proof, beyond any reasonable doubt, that artificial immunization is in fact a safe and effective procedure, in no way injurious to health, and that the threat of the corresponding natural diseases remain sufficiently clear and urgent to warrant mass inoculation of everyone, even against their will if necessary. Unfortunately, such proof has never been given.’”


Alan: And it says,

“‘Incredible as it sounds a controlled study comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children has never been done in America for any vaccination... The only explanation for this is bias and political pressure... This means that vaccination is essentially a large scale experiment in our nation’s children.’”


Alan: By the way, they did do comparisons. They do it every year, to do with the flu shot. And after they’ve given you it, come the spring, they always tell you, every year they tell you the same stuff, that there’s no difference between those that got the flu with those who got vaccination and the ones who were unvaccinated. There’s no difference at all in the different groups. You know, they all are getting it. It says,

“‘There has never been a single vaccine in this country that has ever been submitted to a controlled scientific study. They never took a group of 100 people who were candidates for a vaccine, gave 50 of them a vaccine and left the other 50 alone, and measured the outcome. And since that’s never been done, that means if you want to be kind, you will call vaccines an unproven remedy. If you want to be accurate you will call people who give vaccines quacks.’”


Alan: And it says,

“‘There is a wider problem because of the failure to carry out long-term, randomized, controlled studies properly conducted scientific investigations which would monitor the effects of multiple, early vaccination versus non-vaccination into adulthood.’”


Alan: What we do know is the massive allergic responses everyone has now. Everyone today has a diminished immune system... everyone. And that’s taken and taught as normal now in the medical schools. It’s normal now. In the last 50 years, we went from having a really good immune system, into a much more inefficient one today. Allergies and adult asthma are just massively again, suddenly here (a new normal) and that’s taught as normal now, in the schools, as well; same with all the cancers... all the cancers they get. Oh it’s the new normal, yeah, it’s OK. It says,

“Long-term Effects- Is Anyone Looking?”

“‘The CDC immunization policy is a scientific disgrace because vaccines only get short-term tests, NOT controlled tests for long-term side effects.’”


Alan: And these are all from doctors and PhD’s and so on. It says,

“‘Evaluation of side-effects in most studies was restricted to 48-72 hours. Needless to say, many serious side effects show up long after that time span. Nevertheless, most of these studies pretend to prove the safety of the vaccine.’”


Alan: If you don’t die in 72 hours then it’s quite safe. That’s as far as they go with it; never mind what happens afterwards, you know, if your IQ starts plummeting and so on. That doesn’t matter.

“‘Safety studies on vaccinations are limited to short periods. For this reason, there are valid grounds for suspecting that many delayed type vaccine reactions may be taking place unrecognized.’”


Alan: Well, my personal opinion is, this is all weaponized and they know darn well, at the top, exactly what it does and what it’s intended to do. And this is part of bringing us all down to compliant populations. As I’ve mentioned before, how does Rockefeller say we have to bring in rapid depopulation? Then you have other ones like Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley (his brother, who worked at the United Nations), and they said the same thing: they’d bring in pharma at the end, too, to dull down and dope the people. Well, it’s certainly working. The IQ is dropping; that’s official. They’re doing studies on that every year. That’s normal, it’s the new normal, it’s OK. What’s causing it? Oh, we don’t know. So, anyway, I’ll put these articles up tonight, remember, at

And just to mention too, how society’s plummeting with all the new normals and how everything’s promoted as ‘wonderful’... ‘wonderful.’ Doesn’t matter what it is; it’s ‘wonderful.’

“At West Point, New York...”


Alan: It says,

“Cadet Chapel, the landmark Gothic church that is a center for spiritual life at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, hosted its first same-sex wedding Saturday. Penelope Gnesin and Brenda Sue Fulton, a West Point graduate, exchanged vows in the regal church in an afternoon ceremony, attended by about 250 guests and conducted by a senior Army chaplain. The two have been together for 17 years. They had a civil commitment ceremony that didn’t carry any legal force in 1999 and had long hoped to formally tie the knot. The way was cleared last year, when New York legalized same-sex marriage and President Barack Obama lifted the "Don’t ask, don’t tell" policy prohibiting openly [homosexual] people from serving in the military. The brides both live in New Jersey and would have preferred to have the wedding there, but the state doesn’t allow gay marriage. ‘We just couldn’t wait any longer,’ Fulton told The Associated Press in a phone interview Saturday.”


Alan: So, they had it at West Point, New York, Cadet Chapel, it says here,

“... the landmark Gothic church that is a center for spiritual life at the U.S. Military Academy.”


Alan: There you go. And also too, I’ll put up a link tonight. It’s called

“Sweden’s Big Government ‘Utopia’ Unmasked”


Alan: It says. And it’s quite interesting. Sweden is one of the big countries that really has pushed, basically, what’s called “communism,” for a long, long time and implemented all the policies. They led the world in grabbing children (they still do). If you scold your child too hard, severely, you lose them; just gone, you know, things like that. And you pay a high tax, certainly, to keep all these government agencies on the go. Everybody accepts it over there. And you do get healthcare and all the rest of it and free abortions and yada yada ya. But it says,

“Sweden’s Big Government ‘Utopia’ Unmasked”

“The Kingdom of Sweden has been revered by supporters of big government around the world for decades, cited by statist college professors and policy makers everywhere. It started with the myth that its ‘socialist’ system could simultaneously provide freedom, prosperity, and generous welfare benefits to all. But now, the illusion is beginning to crumble. The Swedish government has become notorious worldwide in recent years: Its blatant and sometimes brutal suppression of religious freedom...”


Alan: Well, that’s the first mandate, you see.

“... educational liberty, and the traditional family is well known among Western nations.”


Alan: And, of course, they’re arresting preachers for hate speech, just for quoting the Bible; same as everywhere else. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about Sweden. I’m just going to go to a caller in a minute but, as I say, this article goes on to talk about the notion that there’s no difference between genders and so on; that’s getting really pushed to the limits in Sweden, where they’re banning “him,” “her” and so on. It’s getting ridiculous, but there’s more happening there, that I might touch on tomorrow. Now, we’ll go to the caller. There’s Dennis from Michigan hanging on there. Are you still there, Dennis?

Dennis: Yes, sir.

Alan: Go ahead.

Dennis: A real quick short question on Tragedy and Hope... I’m almost up to page 1100 and he’s been talking about “fellow travelers.” Is this esoteric or...?

Alan: Understand that there was a massive movement early on of, let’s call it Marxism, and those who hung around and didn’t join the parties (you know, didn’t take cards out and join the parties) were often called “fellow travelers,” but it also referred to Freemasons.  Because the Freemasonic institutions were all on board, because they were fronts for the main group that created all of this.

Dennis: That’s what I understood.  OK. I just wanted to get clarified on that. I appreciate you and what you do and I’m sorry I haven’t followed through on my last promise of a contribution, but I will shortly.

Alan: That’s OK. You take care then.

Dennis: Thank you.

Alan: Thanks for calling.

Dennis: Bye.

Alan: Bye now. Yeah and, as I say, too, I might even put a link up tonight to show you one of the organizations that has moved in to Sweden, recently, to prepare it all for multiculturalism, and the whole of Scandinavia. It’s the last bastion to go down. And it’s interesting. It’s going to cause a backlash on these people and this woman actually says that in the video. And you should ask who has given her permission to even start this. Somebody has, obviously. And it’s a clip from a newsreel done in Sweden, that I guess was on television.

There’s an old agenda on the go here and it’s continuous across the world and it’s going to create a mayhem, absolute mayhem, if it comes to pass. And it’s almost there, pretty-well. Most of the West has been totally, totally conquered. As I say, people look back and they don’t even know. They don’t know because they’ve adapted into the new cultures, the new normals that’ve all been designed for them to destroy the strength that they had and unity, as peoples. And it’s been awfully, awfully effective and people are now debased. They don’t even know they’re debased. And that’s the new normal, as well. And it’s lauded in the media, like, oh this is wonderful. Look at these new Barbie dolls, disfiguring themselves. And mothers and daughters having porno shows. Isn’t that just wonderful? Etc etc etc. A war, a full-scale war, has been on the go for a hundred years (or more, but definitely the last hundred years, openly). And people think it diminished and went away with the fall of communism. No. It went into its next phase... next phase. And those people who designed and ran the communist system in Russia, moved in to the West, big time and are still in charge of completing the next phase of it all, today. And communists, by the way, in their true philosophy, it’s not equality whatsoever; they never said it was equality, believe you me. They believe in the higher intelligentsia (the proper intelligentsia), running the whole world and being awfully rich too, in doing so. They have no problems with that, that doublethink system.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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