December 12, 2012 (#1233)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 12, 2012:

New Normal: Beyond the Pale, Romero Lifts the Tail:

"Freedom Rights Groups Continue Pushing the Wonky,
Backing "Romero" Who Diddled Doodle, the Donkey,
Saying Law's Unconstitutional, He's Got a Right,
And No Harm was Done, Doodle Put Up No Fight,
Therefore Sex was Consensual (An Oral Agreement?)
And Romero Laughed Hee-Haw at His Achievement,
Not Too Bright, He Raped Doodle in the Grass,
Misunderstanding What is Meant by "A Piece of Ass""
© Alan Watt Dec. 12, 2012
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 12th of December, 2012.

I always start off the broadcast by advising people to go into the website and make good use of it because there’s lots and lots of information going back years where I go through the big system you’re born into.  I show you the sham of democracy.  Although the big boys at the top are always promoting democracy they don’t believe in it at all.  There is no democracy as such.  You’ve got to belong to some special interest group, heavily funded, and on course with the big world agenda to get any voice at all.  And that’s how it was set up to be actually.

So, I go through the system too of how men got together, formed their big clubs and decided at the height of the British Empire to take over the entire planet, all of its resources and all of the people in it too.  And also to go along with the new science.  Science was everything at that time and they’d bring in a plethora of scientists that would run the world properly.  And of course behaviorism came out of it too.  And lots of other, neurosciences and so on to manage us all like children and without our being aware of it even.  And plus an international educational authority to make sure we all got the same programming and indoctrination to be obedient citizens and pretty stupid too.

And I go through it all as I say on the website.  So make sure you help yourself to that.  It’s all free downloads, the audios, plus the sites you see listed there have transcripts in English for print up of a lot of the talks I’ve given.  And you can go into and get transcripts in other languages.  Remember too you are the audience that bring me to you.  And this is not a business and as I say I came out years ago to start changing the whole course of navel gazing of what was then called patriot radio because they didn’t understand the big world movement and the big, big agenda.  And it’s been awfully successful.  Lots of hosts have taken off with it and pushed it to get the word out what was actually happening, where it was all supposed to go.  And as I say it’s only to get the word out that I came out in the first place.

So if you want to keep me going you can help support me by buying the books and discs at and you can donate as well hopefully.  Because things are really austere here, believe you me, in Canada with the high taxations and about double the cost of most things from the United States, most things that you purchase.

So to do it remember from the U.S. to Canada you can use personal checks to Canada, you can use international postal orders from the U.S. to Canada, you can send cash, or use Paypal.  And across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  And through the books too as I say you will find conology; the art of conology in running peoples, vast amounts of people is very, very old indeed.  It’s a very, very old science.  And it is a complete science too.  And remember straight donations are awfully welcome.

And what I do as I say is I go through the history of this system.  I go through the reasons why things are really happening.  I tell you what’s coming up because the big boys do like to write about their plans for the world long in advance of bringing them in.  You understand that every part of their big agenda takes many years, sometimes fifty years or more, to prepare.  Even things like the GATT treaty to bring in world commerce and a world private court you might say that deals with all commerce and treaties across the whole planet to get everybody on board with it.  It took us about forty years to build China up to be the manufacturer of the planet.  They didn’t do it themselves.  They even trained all their engineers to go back home before they even had factories to go to in China.  We trained them in the West.  Things like that you understand.  And even the wars too take many, many years to prepare, never mind the propaganda which is all prepared long in advance too and they even work out with computers now how the public will react to the propaganda.  And they work out the different peoples and types, subgroups that will see different aspects of it and how it will affect them.  And again the computer works out how to overcome them too.  That’s how detailed everything is today in a scientific form of socialism run by fascists at the top.

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back; we’re Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about this world of deception.  Everything is deception of course.  And big powerful groups are all vying for more power and so on.  Some countries are even being used by other countries to foment war and so on, etcetera, etcetera.  And we’re all being taxed to death as we go into this world, world system organization of redistributing your wealth to the big international corporations that set up in third world countries because that’s where the money goes supposedly.  How much of it reaches them we’ll never know.

You understand we really are so divorced from government.  We don’t even know what’s going on because we’re never told the truth on anything.  We’re never given breakdowns of where all the cash goes, never, ever, ever.  All they do in government is demand taxes from you and put you in jail if you don’t comply.  Even if you don’t agree to where the tax money might be going, like killing other people and stuff like that.

So, we call this democracy and of course this sham is to be pushed across the world.  That’s all it is, is a sham you understand because the boys that set it up did not believe in it at all, but it was a good con for the public to believe in.  And it’s worked pretty well up until now but we’re getting kind of fed up with it and jaded too at the same time.  But we find this sort of stuff goes on all the time, the deceptions and countries using other countries’ militaries and so on.  And this article here, it comes out about…

It says:

"Western diplomats believe that Israel is behind the leak of information from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in relation to Iran’s nuclear energy program.  Unnamed sources have been quoted by the Guardian in an article on December 10, 2012, as saying that Tel Aviv has carried out a series of leaks suggesting that Iran was allegedly involved in military nuclear experiments, in an attempt to mount international pressure against the Islamic Republic."

Alan:  Actually Israel wants the U.S. military and the West to take out Iran obviously, like all the other countries that they’ve done.

It says:

"The latest leak, published by the Associated Press, showed an allegedly Iranian diagram depicting the physics of a nuclear blast, but scientists were quick to refute the purported evidence, citing an elementary mistake.  "This diagram does nothing more than indicating either slipshod analysis or an amateurish hoax," declared an article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists."

"The diagram, which Iran rejected as forged, raised questions about an inquiry being conducted by IAEA inspectors after it emerged as part of a file of intelligence on the Iranian nuclear activities held by the agency.  An "intelligence summary" provided to AP with the graph appeared to implicate two Iranian nuclear scientists targeted for assassination two years ago.  One of them, Majid Shahriari, was killed on his way to work in Tehran in November 2010 after a motorcyclist fixed a bomb to his car and the other, Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani, was wounded in a similar terrorist attack the same day.  Earlier this year, veteran Israeli and American writers on intelligence published a book called Spies Against Armageddon, where they revealed the attacks were carried out by Mossad’s assassination unit known as Kidon (Bayonet)."

Alan:  Which is Bayonet, that’s what it means.

"One western source said the "intelligence summary reads like an attempt to justify the assassinations."  European diplomats, however, noted that the principal impact of the leak would be to undermine the IAEA’s credibility, mar the agency’s ongoing investigation, and endanger its officials."

Alan:  That was the intention of this forgery.

"Iran has strongly rejected the allegations of involvement in non-civilian nuclear activities, emphasizing that numerous IAEA inspections of its nuclear facilities have never found any evidence showing that the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program has been diverted toward military objectives."

Alan:  It doesn’t matter what they show.  It’s on the cards, they’re not going to be allowed to have any atomic energy at all.  You see that’s on the cards.  So, I’ll put this one up tonight.  And also the same article appears in the Guardian. It says:

"Israel suspected over Iran nuclear programme inquiry leaks"

Alan:  It’s a forgery, so there you go again.  Mind you forgeries can get wars going.  They have done it before in the past.  And this article here too is about the reality of the world we live in because you see we’re all taught that our governments are somehow above board.  We’re brainwashed by nonsense to believe that people in suits and ties that get to be politicians are somehow holier than thou, and nothing is further from the truth because they’re the opposite of holy, believe you me.  Even to get up there you have to be pretty psychopathic and belong to the right clubs.  And what they do when they have enemies, and even within their own countries, is have them killed.  Every country has groups that will do "wet jobs",  that’s murder basically, and get rid of people who are nuisances in their own countries.  It happens all the time.  It’s always happened in fact.

And this one is about what they did in Ireland and it’s just come out now.

It says:

"Patrick Finucane, a practicing lawyer, was murdered in his home in North Belfast on the evening of Sunday 12 February 1989.  The attack was carried out by gunmen from the loyalist paramilitary group, the Ulster Defence Association (UDA),"

Alan:  Which is backed by Britain or England.

"…as he sat down for dinner with his wife, Geraldine, and their three young children."

"Geraldine Finucane was injured in the attack."

Alan:  And this goes on to say:

"I was appointed by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland on 12 October 2011 to conduct an independent Review into the question of State involvement in the murder.  On that day the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP, made the following comments in the House of Commons:

"I profoundly believe that the right thing for the Finucane family, for Northern Ireland and for everyone in the United Kingdom is … for the British Government to do the really important thing, which is to open up and tell the truth about what happened 22 years ago.  Frank acknowledgement of what went wrong, an apology for what happened - that is what is required."

The Prime Minister’s comments were followed by an Oral Statement by the then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, the Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, who said:

"The Government accept the clear conclusions of Lord Stevens and Judge Cory that there was collusion.  I want to reiterate the Government’s apology in the House today.  The Government are deeply sorry for what happened.  Despite the clear conclusions of previous investigations and reports, there is still only limited information in the public domain.  That is why my right honourable friend the Prime Minister and I… "

Alan:  They like this right honorable stuff.

"…have committed to establishing a further process to ensure that the truth is revealed."

Alan:  And then of course in the BBC they give you more data on it really.  It says:

"The level of state collusion uncovered by a report into the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane is "shocking".  However, the report concluded there had been "no overarching state conspiracy".

Alan:  Even though of course there have been a lot of articles that came out long before that showed you that Britain did an awful lot of assassinations inside Ireland during that whole period.  And it talks about, it says:

"Mr Finucane’s widow, Geraldine, has dismissed the report as a "sham" and a "whitewash".  Mr Finucane was shot dead by loyalists in front of his wife and children at his north Belfast home."

"The review, published on Wednesday, found RUC…"

Alan:  That’s the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

"…officers proposed Mr Finucane, 39, be killed,"

Alan:  So the cops themselves, you know, who really ran the place like you wouldn’t believe, they decided to kill this guy.

"…said they passed information to his killers and failed to stop the attack and then obstructed the murder investigation."

Alan:  That was very common.

"It also found that an Army intelligence unit, the FRU, "bears a degree" of responsibility because one of their agents, Brian Nelson, was involved in selecting targets."

Alan:  So the army was involved too.

"The chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Matt Baggott, said the police fully accepted the findings of the report.  He offered a "complete, absolute and unconditional" apology to the Finucane family, saying they had been "abjectly failed".  He said that in the coming days the PSNI would discuss the report with the Police Ombudsman and the Public Prosecution Service."

Alan:  So that was pretty standard stuff at that time because you wouldn’t believe what was going on as they were bumping people off.  Just going up to their doors and shooting them and stuff like that if they happened to have a voice and they could actually speak to the people.  It’s not so much being able to speak to people, it’s being able to say things that are very simple really and put it across in a way that people understand what you’re saying.  That’s why they always go for the people who can speak and get rid of them.  All countries can do that of course and have in the past too, and will continue no doubt doing it.  But I’ll put that up tonight just to show you that these are the governments that you vote in and out all the time that collude together to kill folk across the waters or at home, it doesn’t matter.

And this article too, this one here is from the Jewish Journal and talks about different congressmen who are not in the new government, this new group that Obama’s got together.  It says:

"When the new Congress convenes in January, it will be missing several longtime pillars of support for Israel on Capitol Hill.  Gone from the House of Representatives will be veteran Jewish Reps. Howard Berman (Democrat-California), the ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee; Gary Ackerman (D-New York), the ranking member on the committee’s Middle East and South Asia Subcommittee; and Steve Rothman (D-New Jersey), a point person on funding Israel’s missile defense efforts.  Absent from the Senate will be Senator Joseph Lieberman (Independent-Connecticut)."

"Jewish politics watchers agree that the departures represent a loss of pro-Israel brainpower of a scope not seen for years.  “People like Berman and Ackerman, both Congress and the pro-Israel community will miss having people of that seniority who know issues inside and out,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of the dovish Israel policy group J Street, referring to the top senior Democrats on the Foreign Affairs Committee, each of whom served in Congress for 30 years."

And it says:

"Martin Frost, a Jewish Democrat who represented Texas in Congress from 1979 to 2005, said that Berman’s departure is a “real loss.” But he expressed confidence that support for Israel would remain strong in Congress."

He says:

"“You always hate to lose anyone, but I think we’re in good shape,” Frost said."

Alan:  So you know no one talks about conflicts of interest.  You’re not allowed to but it’s kind of evident that there are conflicts going on somewhere.  In supposedly sovereign countries with such power.  Countries that have such power, especially one that has the top military power on the planet.  It really is pretty, pretty nasty stuff.

Tonight too I’ll put up an article about Jews for Peace who also oppose going into the West Bank and settlers and so on.  And a documentary as well for "Islam for peace", a little video on that one as well.  Because not everyone’s going along with all this stuff.

And I mentioned many times over the years about how the agenda is actually to go this way, to destroy all culture all together and rebuild it.  Marx talked all about that too.  And so did Adorno from the Frankfurt School.  I’ll talk about this when I come back after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about knocking down the pillars.  You see eventually you knock down enough pillars of normalcy and the whole roof comes down.  And that’s of course where all the sexual perversion and all the groups that are standing up for them with massive funding and far left lawyers and all that are really pushing all this thing, to go along the Marxian road of utterly destroying all that was to bring in the new society.  That’s why it’s all been done.  And if you read all the Marxian writings and all the guys involved with them, and again the Frankfurt School to do with that too, they talked about destroying all that was normal including all sexual moralities too, right down to bringing in necrophilia.  He said that will be a sign that we’re almost there.

And I’ve gone through this before as we go through all the nonsense that’s pushed and promoted by government under the guise of human rights and so on.  And promoted at the United Nations that’s owned by the same people too.  And they run all the banks as well.  They’re all lackeys actually.  They’re actually owned by the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  That’s who owns and set up the United Nations to start with, and that, it’s also the Council on Foreign Relations, the same group that created that.

Anyway it says here.  Here’s the next case, it’s not just people getting sex changes and then changing their mind and you have to pay for them getting put back.  And it’s all a great boon for plastic surgery.

It says:

"A civil rights frontier?  Man says law standing between him and sex acts with donkey is unconstitutional"

Alan:  Now this guy, you’ll see his face here too, his mug shot, as they say, that the cops call it.  He’s obviously quite a few cents short of the dollar.  And he’s not the sort of guy who dreamed up this.  This is the lawyers and sexual advocates behind this.

It says:

"Farmhand Carlos R. Romero, who was caught with his pants down by a farm owner, is accused of masturbating with a donkey in Ocala, Fla.  He allegedly admitted to masturbating with Doodle..."

Alan:  He diddled the Doodle.

"…five or six times and is challenging the notion that sex acts with animals are necessarily harmful or nonconsensual."

Alan:  Now I mentioned before the International Censors Board committee, the have an international one that you think is supposed to stand up for what you shouldn’t see basically but they don’t do that at all.  Their job is to keep the pulse of the public to see how degraded you are with what they have been showing you to see if they can go to the next step.  In the year 2001 they had a world meeting about it and they stood up afterwards, it was in all the papers, professors in Canada and the States said, now that they’ve won the battle for homosexuality we must push for intergenerational sex, which is paedophilia, and also bestiality.  So here’s the bestiality folks.  And I’m not kidding.  You understand these are agendas.  I hope you understand that.

And it says:

"Lawyers representing the frisky farmhand thrown in jail for allegedly masturbating with a donkey are now fighting to have Florida’s statute banning sex with animals declared unconstitutional.  “By making sexual conduct with an animal a crime, the statute demeans individuals like Defendant by making his private sexual conduct a crime,”"

Alan:  Well it’s not so private.  It was somebody else’s donkey as well.

"…attorneys for 32-year-old Carlos R. Romero wrote in a motion filed last week..."

"Romero was cuffed at an Ocala farm back in September after farm proprietor Gerald James told police he saw Romero with his pants down as he was seemingly having sex with a donkey named Doodle in an equipment room on Aug. 15, according to police report obtained by"

"Romero later pleaded not guilty to a first-degree misdemeanor charge of sexual activities involving animals.  He announced last week that he wanted his case to go to trial."

Alan:  So he’s getting backed by big money obviously.  This guy doesn’t have cash of his own.

"His attorneys argue that Florida’s statute violates the farmhand’s rights by stripping him of his “personal liberty and autonomy when it comes to private intimate activities.”."

Alan:  And it shows you the donkey, a 21-month-old miniature female donkey.  Apart from that, so he’s a paedophile as well, it’s not even of age.

And it says:

"They say the statute is unconstitutional because it doesn’t require the state to provide any proof of the animal’s suffering “or any proof of the sexual activity being non-consensual.”"

Alan:  How do you get a donkey to agree to it?  Huh?  Do you understand how mad all this is?  Understand it’s mad because it’s meant to be mad.  It’s not logical.  All this stuff that’s getting pushed on you is not meant to be logical.  It’s meant to get you angry.  It’s meant to get you all arguing with each other as you go through this mind change from 180 degrees normal to the other way where you don’t know what’s normal anymore.  This is all intentional.  Neuroscientists talk about these techniques you know.  So here you go and this is to be an opening case for the U.S. and if this gets pushed through and he gets his rights you’ll have them opening up the shops and farms for all the pervs to go into and do their weird, weird stuff on animals that I guess have signed, that have agreed to it or something like that or they get an extra carrot you know. This is how mad it all becomes.  But it’s to destroy everything that you thought was rational and normal.  This is what the whole is about folks.  The whole agenda.

And here’s Britain, where they’re going too.  Now Britain’s already had massive scandals with paedophilia, again "intergenerational sex" as the professional people, the professional pervs prefer to call it you know.  And they’re going into the next step now it says; it’s called "adult babies".  Agencies have opened up these nurseries for adults.  No kidding.  It says:

"‘I wanted to swap commuting for cuddles’:  Britain’s adult babies open up their nurseries for new documentary"

"A new Channel 4 documentary is set to lift the lid on the disturbing adult baby phenomenon."

Alan:  These are real pervs, these guys.  They get dressed up in diapers and stuff.

"The fly-on-the wall programme shows how fully-grown adults choose to embrace an alter ego that allows them to have their nappies changed,"

Alan:  Their diapers.

"…dress in a babygro and be looked after like an infant."

Alan:  See, you understand socialism works folks.  This is the perfect socialism right here, perpetual childhood, taken care of by the state.  And I’ll be back with more after this break.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, going through the world as it goes through its projected decay basically, as we plummet through all normalcy into degradation.  Exactly what the Frankfurt School and other schools, run by special folk who are completely Marxist to say the least, said they would bring in.  And it’s all here, it’s all here.  Utter destruction you see of what was to bring in the new.  Meaning all the existing cultures had to be destroyed by another culture.  That’s actually what it meant.  And it talks about these adult babies you see, the latest perv stuff, if you can afford it I guess, it’s more expensive I guess than some of the pervs they get.

But it says here:

"With unprecedented access to adult babies and the ‘nurseries’ they attend, both in the UK and USA, the film explores the motivations behind the adult babies’ actions, as well as meeting the ‘mummies and daddies’ who tend to their needs."

Alan:  And they get dressed up in diapers and go in cots and stuff like that.  I guess you pay extra if you can poop in your diaper and get changed and washed and all that.

"Acutely aware that many will label them as perverse, sexual fetishists, or presume there is something sinister going on, many adult babies are keen to distinguish their behaviour as role playing."

Alan:  Now don’t forget they always give you the terms to use, "adult babies", instead of saying just pervs.  You know, just pervs, that’s all it is, it’s pervs.

"Some simply yearn to be absolved of any of the responsibilities of modern life, and say that the swapping of taxes for toys and commuting for cuddles simply helps them relax."

Alan:  Getting dressed up like that.

"For many, this regression to babyhood, with all of the trappings of nappy changing and bottle feeding, is not about sexual kicks but about relinquishing control and escaping the pressures of being a grown-up."

Alan:  As I say it’s fantastic socialism because that’s what perpetual childhood is.  I mean the boys at the top must be loving this stuff and thinking oh it’s working.  You know the welfare state and everything, and everybody is taken care of by experts.

It says:

"“When I put a nappy on…"

Alan:  A diaper on.

"… it takes me back to that time when I had no stress,” says Derek, an adult baby."

Alan:  A perv.

"Described as ‘a special bond between two people’ shared in a world where baby boys can play at having mummies and baby girls can play at having daddies,"

Alan:  {Laughs}

"… Channel 4 investigates this niche of society.  In the trailer, currently available to watch on Channel 4’s website, a wife of an adult baby says:"

Alan:  You know a perv.

"“I think in most wives there is a bit of a mother bond with her husband.”."

Alan:  Well there’s feminism, it’s taken off folks and the guys are now dressed in diapers.  So I’ll put this up tonight too for those who want to see how we’re really plummeting at an awful rate.  Not that we can really plummet much further.  We’ve had years and years of soft porn just increasing on television by design by the way.  It was all by design.  And people have been emulating everything they see until they’re completely dysfunctional.  And society is just going to the dogs.  So, and the dogs aren’t safe now with all the, you know the guys who are looking for the sexual rights with animals.

Now because of that fake hoax – it was definitely a hoax that came from Israel – Canada, that’s on board with Israel for everything, says they have announced new sanctions against Iran.  It says:

"Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced more sanctions against Iran on Tuesday, ramping up pressure on Tehran to scrap its nuclear program."

Alan:  You see it doesn’t matter if you say it’s fake or not and all the top scientists come out and say it’s fake, it doesn’t matter.  See, it’s a nod and a wink to the right people that you’re onboard with them, and that’s how things really work in the real world.  So I won’t even read the article.

And this is a good little article here, it’s about…

"Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Is Heavier Than Air"

Alan:  No kidding eh?

And it says:

"It is a fact that carbon dioxide (Co2) is heavier than air.  So how can it rise up in the Earth’s atmosphere?  It is a simple question based on a known fact.  Yet today many people believe that co2 is some how stuck up there and won’t come down.  What’s up with that?  Some of you might recall 20 years ago or more when gas stations started to charge 25 cents to use their air pump to fill your tires, at the time I thought, what is this world coming to charging for air."

Alan:  Now it’s a dollar by the way in Canada.

"The government has taken that idea to a whole new level.  Taxing the air that you breathe.  Cap and trade laws have already been introduced in Ontario by Bill 185, Environmental Protection Amendment Act (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading)."

Alan:  And that was in 2009.  It doesn’t matter what they say about these conferences that Canada has pulled out.  No, they’ve already passed the laws here.  See how they play the games on the public?  And I’ll put the link up for that too, to show you the bill.

But it says:

•  "In June 2008, the governments of Ontario and Quebec agreed to collaborate on a greenhouse gas cap and trade initiative."

•  "In July 2008, Ontario joined the Western Climate Initiative, which also includes Arizona,"

Alan:  See, they bypass the feds anyway.  They’ve got it all worked out.

•  "…Arizona, British Columbia, California, Manitoba, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Quebec, Utah and Washington, in working on a regional cap and trade system

Alan:  See, these guys at the top, they don’t miss a trick.  They have about three or four different failsafe methods if one fails you see.

•  "Carbon Dioxide was added to Environment Canada Schedule 1 of CEPA 1999 in November 2005 in order to enable the Government the use of a variety of preventive or control actions.  This substance is not classified as toxic but remains managed under Schedule 1 of CEPA 1999."

Alan:  And they’ve got the link for that too (  And it says:

•  "Carbon dioxide, also called carbonic acid gas, is a naturally occurring colorless, odorless, incombustible gas formed during respiration,"

Alan:  When you breathe out.

•  "…combustion, decomposition of organic substances,"

Alan:  All veggies rot, and grass rots itself too.  It gives it off, and trees when they fall they give it off.  Everything gives it off.

•  "…and the reaction of acids with carbonates."

•  "Carbon Dioxide is used in carbonated drinks, fire extinguishers, as dry ice for refrigeration."

•  "Carbon dioxide is heavier than air."

•  "It is present in the Earth’s atmosphere at low concentrations and acts as a greenhouse gas."

Alan:  This is what they call it.

•  "Carbon dioxide is constantly being removed from the air by its direct absorption into water…"

Alan:  And the sea absorbs most of it.

•  "…and by plants through photosynthesis.  In turn, it is naturally released into the air by plant and animal respiration, decay of plant and soil organic matter, out gassing from water surfaces."

Alan:  It’s true when it warms it will give it off and vice versa when it cools.

•  "Small amounts of carbon dioxide are also injected directly into the atmosphere by volcanic emissions and through slow geological processes such as the weathering of rock.  That information came from the link Environment Canada and you can read it for yourself."

Alan:  So rocks give it off.  Are you going to tax the rocks too?  You can’t get blood out of a stone, eh?

"The governments Global Warming Potential Factor rates Carbon Dioxide a factor of 1, not the number one cause but at the bottom of the list of 31 threats,"

Alan:  So at the very bottom of 31 threats.  Most of it is water remember you get in the air.

"…Sulfur hexafluoride rates 23,900 making this 22.899 times more of a threat than carbon dioxide."

"I worked for 15 years in industrial painting industry.  I worked with many chemicals over the years and I have to admit I would have to look some of these up to tell you what they are used for.  The case that carbon dioxide is a Global Warming factor looks a little weak to me."

"I found the chart at the very bottom of the Environmental Protection Act."

Alan:  And I’ll put that link up tonight too, to show you what it says.  But yeah carbon is at the very, very bottom.  Carbon Dioxide is at the very, very bottom.  But it doesn’t matter because remember the Rothschilds put the bill forward in Britain and they want all the carbon taxes to go through, and the carbon credits to go through their bank.  Massive, massive cash for them, terrific power too.  But it’ll also control all of your lives and all these government agencies that are being created will come into your homes and checking for heat loss and this and that and the other, and massive fines and everything else.  Oh it’s great business for lawyers too.  Fantastic stuff, eh?  But it’s a way to control you, every one of you.  That’s what it’s all about, control.  Massive control.  Never mind all the multi-billionaires who are going to get into multi-trillionaires through it all too who handle all the carbon credits.

And this one here too, it’s quite an interesting little video here.

"Detroit councilwoman to Obama:"

She says:

"…We voted for you, now bail us out"

Alan:  Again, you’re in a welfare state now, you understand, and people will in so-called democracy parts of it, you know when they actually allow some of it, they want to be taken care of.  That’s what they vote for, the guy that promises them whatever they want.  Never mind the fact that the economy is shot anyway because we gave all the factories and so on to foreign countries.  That was designed too, years before it happened.  And the guys who set up the free trade with China and all that, and sent all the factories over, they knew there’d be no work left in America once they’d done it, you understand.  No one’s answered that question.  They knew it all, they discussed it all.  {Laughs}  And they had nothing to replace it.  Then they came out, oh you’ll have a "service economy".  You’ll pass, you know, cookies around from one restaurant to another, middle men and so on, yep.  So I’ll put this up tonight.  Actually what the woman says was, "Where’s the Bacon?" she says, to Obama.

And this article too is to do with the census in England.

"Census shows rise in foreign-born"

Alan:  It says.  It’s every year.  They’re awfully happy about this too as the foreign-born increases.

And it says:

"The number of foreign-born residents in England and Wales has risen by nearly three million since 2001 to 7.5 million people, the 2011 census shows.  That means about one in eight - 13% - of residents were born outside the UK.  The most common birthplaces outside the UK for residents are India, Poland and Pakistan.  The number of ethnic white British people is down to 80%."

Alan:  And they’ll cheer when it’s in the minority because that is the agenda folks.  The lefties said and Marx and all the rest of them, and all the other groups including the Frankfurt School said, it’s when their main enemies down through time had been, they claimed the white folk actually, and Europe, when it’s down to a minority then they will be safe themselves.  So I’ll put this up tonight too, to show you that it’s a rah-rah thing and so on.

"Some 45% (3.7 million) of people in the capital described themselves…"

Alan:  This is in London.

"…as white British, down from 58% in 2001."

It says, so:

"The Office for National Statistics said the findings showed a "diverse" and "changing" picture."

Alan:  Remember Tony Blair also gave his second in command the order to open up the floodgates and again it came out in the papers (and I read the papers on air), that it was to destroy what was left of the British culture forever so it could never reconstitute itself again.  This is the agenda you know.  Then they’ll have world peace you understand when everybody is completely dysfunctional.  And it’s not just that too, they’re telling the people to keep their cultures, you understand, who are coming in.  At one time they told them to assimilate.  And when they assimilated into America and other countries there was no problem at all.  But when they’re told to keep their cultures then you end up with different areas of cities, this is that area and this belongs to so-and-so and so on, and it’s like ghettos all over the place.  And then out of it all, this mush, they bring in, they’ll develop some kind of a new strange culture which is really basically Marxism because it’s the only one that’s pushed from the top down for them all.  Because they’re looked after by special NGO groups.  It’s all designed that way.

Now in America which again has been cleaned out and is paying for an awful lot of the world’s wars and not just in the military but in men too and equipment and so on for other countries, and so America’s plummeting in the job realm, however…

It says here:

"Go West Young Man, To The "New Normal" Dream Job"

Alan:  For Americans.  Because after all it’s just an American Dream they gave you, not a reality.  You’re told to dream all the time.  But the new dream job is in California. It says:

"California State Workers Earning $822,000"

"There was a time when working on Wall Street, either on the sell or buy side, was the dream of every able-bodied worker who could do simple addition in their head and wasn’t afraid to cut the occasional corner in exchange for a bottle of Bollinger and a sizable year end bonus.  That, however, was so 2006 and with the long overdue conversion of the banking sector into a utility the stratospheric compensation payments from the peak of the credit bubble are long gone.  So what is the New Normal dream job?  Become a California state worker, preferably one who deals with neurotic and/or crazy people…"

Alan:  Well I’ve been reading some crazy articles tonight, the new normals.  They’re all new normals mind you, you know.

"...shows just how generous the otherwise insolvent state of California is when it comes to paying its public servants...."

Alan:  It says, "a psychiatrist", become a psychiatrist for instance, that deal with neurotic folk.  Mind you the U.S. now, there was an article a couple of months ago, it had the highest rate of suicide it’s ever had before.  More so than car smashes for the first time in its history.  Folk are just killing themselves because there’s no future for them.

And it says:

"The following chart from Bloomberg shows just how generous the otherwise insolvent state of California is when it comes to paying its public servants, and the 100%+ increase in California employee state pay since 2005.  Needless to say, this is a rate of increase in compensation that 99% of workers in the private sector would die for.  Some other stunning observations from Bloomberg on the best job taxpayer money can buy.  The best paid job: psychiatrist.  At this pace, they will have lots and lots of patients.  Psychiatrists were among the highest-paid employees in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and New Jersey, with total compensation $270,000 to $327,000 for top earners."

Alan:  Per annum.

"State police officers in Pennsylvania collected checks as big as $190,000 for unused vacation and personal leave as they retired young enough to start second careers, while Virginia paid active officers as much as $109,000 in overtime alone, the data shows.  The numbers are even larger in California, where a state psychiatrist was paid $822,000, a highway patrol officer collected $484,000 in pay and pension benefits and 17 employees got checks of more than $200,000 for unused vacation and leave.  The best-paid staff in other states earned far less for the same work, according to the data."

"Mohammad Safi, graduate of a medical school in Afghanistan, collected $822,302 last year, up from $90,682 when he started in 2006,"

Alan:  Not bad eh?

"…the data show.  Safi was placed on administrative leave in July and is under investigation by the Department of State Hospitals, formerly the Department of Mental Health.  Another perk of public workers in Cali?  $200,000 in accrued vacation pay:  The disparity with other states is also evident in payments for accumulated vacation time when employees leave public service.  No other state covered by the data compiled by Bloomberg paid a worker more than $200,000 for accrued leave last year, while 17 people got such payments in California."

Alan:  $200,000 for accrued leave.

"There were 240 employees who received at least $100,000 in California, compared with 42 in the other 11 states, the data shows.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie calls such payments “boat checks” because they can be large enough to buy a yacht.  Topping the list was $608,821 paid to psychiatrist Gertrudis Agcaoili, 79, who retired last year from the Napa state mental hospital after a 30-year career.  Agcaoili said in a telephone interview that it was her right to take the payment."

"Can California afford to pay those wages?  Of course not:  Across the U.S., such compensation policies have contributed to state budget shortfalls of $500 billion in the past four years and prompted some governors, including Republican Scott Walker of Wisconsin, to strip most government employees of collective-bargaining rights and take other steps to limit payroll spending."

Alan:  It’s called socialist corruption, folks.  You understand anything that goes through the public purse, the private purse, meaning the taxpayers’ money, they just swap it at the top.  It’s amazing too; they even did that in the Soviet Systems too, the guys who ran the Soviet Systems.  They ran out of the Soviet Systems when the so-called walls came down and into America, some of them with billions of American dollars too.  Isn’t that kind of, well, odd, you know?  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the craziness of this system.  And you understand there was a deliberate move a long time ago, discussed before World War II, during World War II, and right after it, to alter the whole face of Europe and to bring in this international economy which the West was all to pay for.  We’re still paying for it through free trade and all the different agreements they sign.  We’re still building schools in China and hospitals.  And they are the only manufacturing plant basically left in the world.  They are the main manufacturers of pretty well everything you buy across the planet, set up by the big boys when they did the GATT treaty through the World Trade Organization.  These organizations, you don’t get a chance to vote on these things.  You didn’t get a chance to vote in a G8 or G20 group where all the guys that are supposed to represent you join, make their own private clubs and then work with the World Bank. See, it was all done through the Royal Institute for International Affairs who said they’d bring in this system as early as 1900.  And then you go down into poverty as you pay, pay, pay, pay, pay.  And then they bring in a socialist system where everybody’s broke, there is no work.  And then they punish the people living at home, who still live at home.

And here’s an article here from Scotland for instance that was utterly hammered.  Scotland, I mean mind you that was part of the agenda because H.G. Wells and other ones said they would take out Scotland.  They didn’t like the gene pool because they kept rebelling for centuries, and the same with Ireland too mind you.  And some top economists said the same thing before him and after.


"Head teacher threatens to feed pupils bread and water…"

Alan:  In Scotland

"…unless parents pay school meals debt."

Alan:  I don’t know how folk are even surviving in Scotland anymore.

"Mauchline Primary School boss Lynne McLean issued the warning after children began turning up without enough money for lunch.  But the move has been scrapped after furious parents complained to education chiefs who’ve now apologized.  In a letter to parents on Friday, McLean said the school would “begin to take action to recover the debts”. "

Alan:  For school lunches.

"It said: “Unfortunately, we have become aware that a number of pupils are coming along for school meals but have not been given sufficient money by parents to pay for the meal.  Sadly, this is a weekly occurrence and, as an example, last week 21 families accumulated an outstanding debt of £89.90 ranging from 90p to £18.”  The letter goes on to outline new payment rules at the Ayrshire school where lunches cost £1.90 a day.  It states: “From Monday, December 10, to Friday, December 21, pupils who have not brought money to pay for meals will have to wait until the end of service..."

Alan:  When they feed them.

"…when all paying pupils and free meals pupils have been served first.”"

Alan:  So they put you at the end of the line so they can all look at you and go ‘oh, you’re really poor, eh?’  And discrimination, etcetera.

"And McLean vowed to get even tougher in the new year.  She warned: “From Monday, January 7, pupils who have not enough money to pay for meals will be provided with a plain sandwich and water to drink…"

Alan:  So it’s bread and water.

"…until the backdated debt has been paid, at which time they will again be provided with a full school meal.”"

Alan:  Meanwhile Scotland is still paying, through all its international treaties, money to other countries they call third world.  Mind you the folk never had any vote in that either.  In fact you don’t get to vote on anything that matters to you and affects you.  That’s just the way it is folks.

Also tonight I’ll put up an article on HPV, the Human Papilloma Virus, and vaccine victim sues Merck.  And it’s quite a good article about Multiple-Sclerosis-like symptoms, strokes, neurological complications, seizures, paralysis and so on.  And I’ll put that up tonight too.  There is different cases of course but they don’t like to play that up at the top you know.  They know there is going to be a fallout and a certain percentage, they say, well you’ve got bad genes you see.  If you had better genes it wouldn’t have happened to you.  This is the rubbish that corporations and your governments will feed to the victims.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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