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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 13, 2012:

Government Transparency, Helps Blind See with Less Clarity:

"Transparency in Government, Clear as Molasses,
Perhaps We'll Be Issued with Transparency Glasses
So We'll See Things Their Way, Happy and Cozy
When We're Austere, Homeless, The Future's Rosy,
We'd Be Ragged, But Positive, Full of Elation,
Praising Positive Power of Scientific Persuasion,
Orwell had it Right, And it won't Be Long,
Crafted Double-Speak Makes The Party Strong"
© Alan Watt Dec. 13, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 13, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 13th of December, 2012. I always get this part over and done with very quickly at the beginning of each broadcast rather than pester you all the way through.  I advise you to go into and help yourself to all the free audios for download. Remember too, the sites you’ll see listed there all have audios for download and transcripts in English for print-up of many of the talks I’ve given. If you go into you can get transcripts in other languages. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests and so on and I don’t get sponsorship, so I depend upon the public simply to help me just tick over, and that’s all it is, just ticking over; sometimes it’s hardly ticking at all. Anyway, you can buy the books and discs at or you could donate and help it keep going.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome.


As I’ve always said so many times, and you can’t get enough of this really, is to understand the system you’re living in. It’s a contrived system.  There’s a heavy, heavy science running all of this, everything that you think is normal, normalcy. Your education of course was doctored for you to be a good citizen and to prepare you as well for the big changes that you would see in your life, that you would just simply accept without thinking anything about it. It starts very young nowadays, even at kindergarten, the indoctrination process. Many of the top scientists and experts in the world, that ran the world back in the 40s and 50s, designed this present time for us, this very present time we’re living through today. With everything that’s happening, they designed where we would be culturally, across the world, at this very time, all the fads, trends and so on. And it’s all coming to pass as I say. So nothing happens by itself in any major way. It’s all planned that way. You’re living through a script.


You’ve got to understand there’s a big organization running the world that set up a long time ago to take over the world and use all of its resources. They’d take it over it themselves of course, at the top, and they would also take us as natural resources, because we are self-reproducing basically, and we’re very cheap to keep really, to be honest with you, and they make an awful killing off it all too. You’re going into what’s called the new world order, a scientifically designed controlled society where they’ll bring down the populations as they go into the next phase of transhumanism down the road too, mind you. They’re all talking about that at the top, hundreds and hundreds of talks going on all over top universities across the planet about this very, very topic. And we’re well on the way.


The first thing to do was to destroy cultures across the world, beginning with the mainstream religions at the time, because they helped to reinforce your culture, and then go for the culture itself, all the taboos that you had of normalcy, and bring a lot of different things in which you’d accept. Once you’ve lost all normalcy and you’re kind of wandering in the rush of things, the changes, then they’d ramp everything ahead so fast that nothing would be normal anymore. When that’s done that way the big boys who manipulate the planet can come in and train you to believe anything and to behave in any way that they want, to suit themselves. Then you can never regroup with a common bond, culture, way of life, to fight anything at all. It’s all strategy basically, old strategy, been used in ancient times to the present.  Only this time of course, with mass communication that they have at the top, and the world society that the leaders have set up, they can bring it in much more efficiently and easily today with all their international meetings. So as I say, help yourself at and you’ll find lots of information on the guys who set it up, and still run it today; every country has the same organization running the world. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, and it truly is a matrix; there’s so many departments above you and below you and to the side of you, and compartments here and compartments there, that you think you’ve arrived eventually, and of course you haven’t; you haven’t really scratched the surface. Because you’re surrounded with deception and by deception.


The media, remember, is all licensed and they all belong to basically the same organization, again, the Council on Foreign Relations or Royal Institute of International Affairs which is really the big boss of it all; the CFR is just one branch of theirs. They admit themselves that every President and Prime Minister for a hundred years, across the world, has been put in by them. It doesn’t matter what party you vote for.  They own the media and the editors all belong to the clubs. They have their round table circles going on all the time across the world too, working out strategies to do with social changes and social policy changes, that we all have to go along with, even though you don’t know why you’re going along with them or even what they’re about. They simply introduce it into schools and education and into all their media, and even into their fiction and novels, by the way. Because everything affects your mind.


Everything affects your mind, and how you think about things or feel about things, as they like to say, because we are primarily feeling beings.  We go by gut instincts, which are often conned by the emotions that are put into your heads through very clever novels or movies. The big boys know that too. So the scientific indoctrination uses your own emotions against you so that you’ll come to the conclusions that are approved by those who own you, your Masters. A very old technique.


But this article here reminds me of the old Soviet system. A lot of parallels, you see, between the Soviet system and what we’re going through today, with the unification of Europe, for instance, and the coming unification of the Americas; that’s still ongoing. Little bit by little bit we’re integrating; we’re sharing all data with the US, Mexico and so on. In fact, the US shares the same databases on all the citizens with the Canadian ones on all the Canadians. So they have all the data on everything that we do all the time through the Internet and everything else. But the old Soviet show trials were really interesting, because you’ve got to understand, in the Soviet system, at the top, it’s like all these parties that you have. These parties, even the Freudian party – I was thinking about it too – when you join these parties, these little belief systems, they are based on a very old technique, and they bring in disciples; they actually call them disciples. It’s the same with political parties, you see. You must go along with the top man’s word or decree on any topic and you take it as gospel truth, and that’s how it works. If you didn’t agree with even Freud too, he’d kick you out. Or even if you asked questions that simply would open up another venue of thinking about something, he’d kick you out. So true disciples had to bring in psychiatry, to alter the world too.  And it was a subversion of society. It was a subversion, an intentional one at that too.


But political parties are much the same; they work on the same sort of technique.  When you go against them you can end up in show trials, as they did in the Soviet Union, where true believers would stand – after getting tortured mind you – in the box and they’d admit to doing everything. Just like George Orwell showed you in 1984, you’d admit to everything, every crazy silly thing. During the show trials too, for the film audience, they would simply cut out or censor the parts that they didn’t want the public to hear; nothing’s changed. Well here is it going on right now; it says…


Judge Rules for Censorship of Torture Testimony at Guantánamo Military Commission / December 12, 2012


NEW YORK – The judge presiding over the Guantánamo Bay military commission 9/11 trial has approved the government’s request to censor any testimony from the defendants relating to their torture. (Alan:  So, it’s an open trial, right, it’s for the public, and it’s for us to hear, but they’re censoring out anything where the defendants say anything about their torture.) The American Civil Liberties Union had challenged the government’s request, arguing that the American public has a First Amendment right to hear the testimony. The ACLU plans to seek further review of the ruling, which was released today.


Military Judge Col. James Pohl ruled that any statements by the defendants concerning their treatment – including torture while in U.S. custody – could be kept from the public as classified (A:  You know, so they don’t want you to… They don’t want to tell you who’s ruling you, you understand, because this can be used on you too.), and upheld the continued use of a 40-second delay audio feed of the proceedings.  (A:  So they can censor anything out in that 40 second delay, you see; that’s what they have them for.)


“We’re profoundly disappointed by the military judge’s decision, which didn’t even address the serious First Amendment issues at stake here. The government wanted to ensure that the American public would never hear the defendants’ accounts of illegal CIA torture, rendition and detention, and the military judge has gone along with that shameful plan,” said Hina Shamsi, director of the ACLU's National Security Project. “For now, the most important terrorism trial of our time will be organized around judicially approved censorship of the defendants’ own thoughts, experiences and memories of CIA torture. The decision undermines the government’s claim that the military commission system is transparent (A:  This is your modern transparency, you understand. They keep telling you – because they’re all disciples at the top, and it’s all double-think and double-speak – that it’s a transparent system even while they censor what you hear, you understand?) and deals a grave blow to its legitimacy.”


In its request, the government had contended that any statements by the defendants concerning their “exposure” to the CIA’s detention and interrogation program are classified as “sources, methods and activities” of the U.S. and can be withheld from the public.


In May, the ACLU filed a motion asking the commission to deny the government’s request and to bar a delayed audio feed of the proceedings, or, in the alternative, promptly release an uncensored transcript.


“The problem is not so much the audio delay, but the basis for it,” said Shamsi. “The delay is the tool through which the government unconstitutionally prevents the public from hearing testimony about torture.”


A group of 14 press organizations also filed a motion in support of the media’s right to access the commission's proceedings. Oral argument was held in October.  (A:  And now it’s the actual trial that’s going on.)


So there you go. You never know. And remember, this will all be used across the world, on you too, down the road, if you’re not good… Good, you know, you’ve got that quality-approved stamp on your forehead that you’re now dumbed down and stupid enough to serve the system and you’ll behave yourself. That’s what they mean by good.  Very old. Nothing changes in the world, through these techniques and so on. Nothing changes. And it’s the same doublespeak, they’re being transparent, as they censor what you hear. That’s the sort of thing that would come out of the Soviet Union, and it’s all here too.  Actually, there’s a good reason for it, because a lot of them who ran the Soviet Union are running all this, actually, as those who followed their history darn well know.


We know too that the big, big corporations that have… It’s so strange, because they were given the term ‘corporation’, because they’ve got the same rights as a person, supposedly, except when it comes to putting them in prison. See, you can’t put a corporation in prison, or can you? It’s a sort of abstract entity in a sense. These are all the legal tricks that they use. But they can get all their rights as a corporation, you see, for themselves. It’s like the banks being too big to fail; that’s what they meant by that as well. Well, if we fail, you see, everything will come to a standstill. So they knew darn well they could continue to the cliff edge and we’d still bail them all out. They knew that years before it happened; they had meetings about it. Anyway, here’s another one too that’s too big to fail, and it says…


Oil may be seeping from Deepwater Horizon site / December 13, 2012 /  Sharyl Attkisson


CBS News has learned that BP (A:  British Petroleum, I think that’s owned by another company.  I think some Americans might own it now.) is set to embark Thursday on the fifth day of a little-known subsea mission under Coast Guard supervision to look for any new oil leaking from the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  (A:  Remember that one that they drilled and then they couldn’t plug it up, and it flooded the coastlines of Canada and so on and down into the Gulf.)


The BP oil rig exploded in 2010, killing 11 workers and sending a total estimated 206 million gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for three months before it was capped.


In September, a new oil sheen was spotted about 50 miles off the Louisiana coast. Tests confirmed the oil came from the infamous Macondo well underneath the Deepwater Horizon. BP's underwater vehicle observed oil seeping from the well's containment dome and, after a remote operation, declared the leaks plugged on October 23. The company and the Coast Guard said it wasn't feasible to clean up the slick, and that it didn't pose a risk to the shoreline.


But more oil continues to surface. (A: the present day.) Slicks and sheens of varying sizes and shapes have been documented by satellite photos, as well as aerial video recorded by the non-profit environmental group "On Wings of Care." It's suspected that an unknown amount of oil trapped in the containment dome, and in the wreckage and equipment from 2010, could be seeping out.


Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., helped lead the original investigation of BP after the Deepwater Horizon exploded, and says it's deja vu: BP is not turning over videos and information requested by Congress.  (A:  So it’s still ongoing, and it’s coming into the coastline, into Louisiana and elsewhere.)


So this is the sort of thing that goes on and on and on.  If it was you that did something wrong of course you’d be in the slammer. But these guys just, you know, withhold stuff, withhold, withhold, and withhold, and then they get a fine which they can easily afford. It’s so simple isn’t it?


Now what’s interesting too, across the world, those who think they’re running government, they know they’re not running the governments in actual fact. As I said before, all the top people are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  They’ve got an Australian branch, a Canadian branch, and New Zealand branch, of all the same organization, and International Affairs and so on. It’s all the same organization that runs it all from London but they have their own headquarters in each country. There’s other entities involved as well that have their own special interests, even other countries that have their own special interests involved in different governments; remember, that’s an ongoing thing.


But in Australia, Julia Gillard couldn’t get her party to vote against Palestine asking for some recognition at the United Nations. She couldn’t get them to do it and it says here…


Julia Gillard’s collapse in authority / December 13, 2012 / Julie Bishop


The claim this week by Labor MP Michael Danby that Minister for Foreign Affairs Bob Carr undermined Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s authority on a crucial United Nations vote has serious implications for the Government and its foreign policy…writes Julie Bishop.


The first and most obvious impact is on the authority of the Prime Minister.


During the final parliamentary sitting week for 2012 it was reported that Julia Gillard had sought to exercise her Prime Ministerial authority in Cabinet to ensure that Australia voted against a UN motion on the status of the Palestinian territories.  (A:  ...because she was under pressure by special interest groups. I’ll continue on this one when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and it’s an article that I’m reading from Australia. It’s interesting, in three or four different ways actually. But it’s by Julie Bishop. Now, Julie Bishop is up there in the opposition party in the Australian Parliament. But she’s writing for the Jewish Wire News. And she’s criticizing Julia Gillard for not having total control over her party to vote against the Palestinians getting some recognition. Governments are compromised with special interest groups. That’s the problem here. So she’s criticizing her and so on, and she says…


Those reports also claimed that a majority of her Cabinet colleagues did not support her stance because it would have a negative impact on support for the Labor Party among Muslim communities in western Sydney.  (A:  There’s no mention of the ordinary Australians at all.)


This is a hollow argument as Labor Ministers would be well aware of the Coalition’s long-standing position of voting against that UN motion, and there would be no basis for assuming support would be transferred to the Coalition.


According to Michael Danby, Bob Carr ran an extraordinary lobbying campaign in opposition to the Prime Minister and was successful in garnering sufficient support to roll her in Cabinet.


While Ms Gillard sought to impose her authority on Cabinet, Bob Carr ran a guerrilla campaign among the backbench and got his way in the Caucus.


This represents a fateful moment in Julia Gillard’s Prime Ministership and may well be the crucial turning point from which she cannot recover.


A Prime Minister without authority cannot function in that office for very long.


Bob Carr’s actions have set a precedent for other Cabinet Ministers who will now be aware that they can gather the numbers against the Prime Minister with impunity.


The depth of the collapse in her authority is revealed by the fact that she has not even reprimanded let alone asked for Bob Carr’s resignation or sacked him. 


So in other words, to be in a party, she’s claiming, you got to do what the boss says. Now, supposedly, under this elastic democracy farce that we’re given, you elect a person who’s going to represent your area. But as soon as they’re in Parliament, of course, they say, oh I can’t help you people, I have to vote with the party line; they always tell you that in every country. So she’s complaining that Gillard didn’t have enough authority with her party, these little trained seals to clap for her and go along and vote against Palestine. And she’s writing in the Jewish Wire newspaper here. And she’s in government herself, this woman who’s reporting it.  [Alan chuckles.] ...because they didn’t get what they wanted. So all governments are compromised, you understand.  And I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it today; it’s too far gone.


And also this one here I’ve mentioned so many times...  But getting back to the first article too, not the first article but the one to do with the torture of the people at Guantánamo Bay, and the censorship. It’s just to mention, that as I say, you’re going to see the same thing in this world coalition, as they bring in this world coalition, that some people have dreamed of for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, of dominating the world. Eventually it will be your turn to be tortured and all the rest of it, and they’ll have you on your local TV admitting to all the crazy things that you never did. But if you try to say that I was tortured to say this, well, God help you then, you know. Actually, if you say God help you, you might get punished for that too. And I’m not kidding on that, that’s going to happen all over the place. This is the new democracy; it keeps changing, you see, the terms, because there’s no such thing as democracy.


And they go ahead too now with the End-of-life, suicide and End-of-life and of course doctor-assisted suicide. They’re trying to change the terminology of it all so it sounds more hygienic as they bump off people who are of no more use to the system. They’re taking their pensions, which they paid into all their lives, and the government could use that cash for, you know, sending it across the world to third world countries where they sink it into their international corporations, you know. It says…


Little difference between assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia, expert tells High Court / Dearbhail McDonald Legal Editor / 13 December 2012


 A UK end-of-life expert (A:  You know, they have experts in killing…) has told the High Court he does not see major moral or practical distinctions between "technical ways of administering death" (A:  ...he has no problems with it, technical ways...) such as assisted suicide (A:  ...which they call...) (AS) and voluntary active euthanasia. (A:  Isn’t that a better term, voluntary active euthanasia?)


Professor Rob George is one of two witnesses called by the State (A: again, your Big Brother state…) to give evidence in a landmark challenge to the criminal ban on assisted suicide by Multiple Sclerosis sufferer Marie Fleming.


Under cross examination by Senior Counsel Ronan Murphy, for Ms Fleming, the palliative-care specialist said that Dutch doctors prefer to perform voluntary euthanasia because an estimated one in four assisted suicides fail and doctors then have to intervene.  (A:  ...and actually try and make them live, eh. Oh, that’s a terrible thing for a doctor to do these days, isn’t it, to try to make a person live, you know.)


And here’s the technique that they’ve been using for many years, because it’s a world society. What they’ll say is, well so-and-so is doing it in this country, so we can do it here, you know. Well in China they’re killing prisoners for their organs, they’ve got their DNA and the whole bit so that if some highfalutin, high character wants a kidney or liver, they just bump them off and they’ve got a good match. So should we do that too? Because that will come, by the way, if it’s not happening already. I often wonder about that, you know.  When you know people in the business of transplantation, they talk about all the different spates of things that they have, like sudden spates of cars that knock down folk in places like San Francisco and elsewhere, and never stop. But it’s always young people that get bumped off and immediately they’re stripped of all their organs.  Then it’s somewhere else this kind of thing happens. I often wonder about that. I think it’s going on, myself. Anyway, so we’re back to euthanasia and assisted suicide. So it’s legal in Dutch law. In fact, if the doctors in Holland refuse to kill someone, you see, then the State comes around in a van with State people who will do it and kill you instead. So we should do the same thing, shouldn’t we? Because the government needs that money, that pension money, that you are using to try and stay alive, buying all the expensive pills. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and giving you an example of this article here on suicide, and assisted suicide so on, of the techniques of persuasion that are used on the general public with articles like this.  It’s very clever, actually, the way they spin it.  And they take you along a path to get you agreeing with them, and then they try and swing you along to another path so you’re all for it, actually.  It’s so clever.


Now, people have always killed themselves, down through history. Down through history people have always killed themselves, and people who are dying of awful diseases.  There’s nothing unusual, believe you me, of people helping those exit the planet if it’s really bad, especially if they’re in home care and so on; that was always something that was done.  When you give the power to the State – that’s what they’re after.  The State is after power to kill people.  I hope you get that through your heads, because that’s what all of this is about.  Forget the emotion, when they pick a victim who’s suffering and try to get your emotions involved, so that you’ll go, oh yeah, she should be, the State should.  No, the State should stay clear of this stuff, folks.  You cannot have the State with the power to kill people in their own countries.  They’re doing enough of a job killing folk in other countries as it is. 


This whole new world order is based on good world citizenship, and the definition at the United Nations of a good world citizen is a good producer and consumer.  When you retire or you get sick you now become a consumer; you’re the burden on society.  Or even if you just simply retire and you’re taking your pension, that money could be used better by the government on other projects.  This is what it’s all about.  And you can’t give that right to government to categorize you and tick you off the little tick chart for non-resuscitation, because well, you know, what is your value to society?  what is your standing in your community?  do we need them or not?  You see.  You can’t give this.  So here’s the tricks that they use here; he says...


"Everybody is required to do as much as they can to restrain them (patients),” (A:  ...people who want to commit suicide.) said Prof George who added that "enormous weight" should be given to the patients’ view of their own value of their life.  (A:  Now, people who are going through a psychotic depression, which doesn’t last forever, mind you, will often want to kill themselves right there and then.  Once they’re over it with treatments, no, they don’t think about killing themselves.  So he goes on to say...)


"I would take it (the patient's view) extremely seriously," said Prof George who said people freely act in ways to harm their health (A:  Now, here they go... here’s the technique by association, you see, of other things, that we’re not even talking about...) such as smoking, drinking and refusing treatment.  (A:  You could also say the same with people who engage in certain kinds of sex who end up getting HIV.  You could add a whole list to this stuff, right.  But they won’t say that.  No, smoking, drinking and refusing treatment, you see.  You could say the same thing with racecar drivers, or mountain climbers, or people who love to ski down long, very steep hills and mountains.  But they won’t say that either, you see.   Anyway...)


Ms Fleming, 58, who is in the final stages of MS, is challenging the constitutionality of Ireland's ban on assisted suicide. 


See, you can’t fall for... and it is terrible when it happens to a person here or there.  But these characters grab them, someone who’s willing to have the State kill them, and try to use them as a poster child for the big agenda.  As I say, governments should never be given THIS kind of power to do so.  They’re already taking it, by the way, when you end up in hospital, in a lot of countries now.  They’re already taking that power, regardless, and just letting you die, starving you to death, and no water, no food, lying in waste, and letting you die.  You understand, they’re so legal in this system, they want your permission... they want your permission, you see.  Okay, we’ll kill you then.  They can give you a long talk and say, oh you’ve got terrible misery ahead, oh my God, yes, do you really want to live?  I mean, they’re awfully good at it. 


I always think back to the Meaning of Life by the Monty Python crew when they start off.  A knock on the door, and the two guys are standing there asking for the husband because they want his liver; he’d signed on to donate his liver, well he was still alive but they came in to get it anyway.  Then they go through a little routine of trying to convince the wife to get her liver too.  It’s a real comical thing.  But they actually go through the technique right there, where they bring the person down to, well you’re so small and tiny in this big universe, I mean, are you really so important?  And the woman says, well no.  And, can we have your liver?  Okay then, and that was it.   They show you in comedy what actually happens with the conology of these characters who are running your brains for you.  You’re not running your own brain most of the time.




Cameron to support plans for eurozone super-state

(A:  It was designed to go this way, a super-state; so were the Americas, when they unite that too.  They’ll do that more and more with bank crashes to come and things like that. They’ve already said it, in fact, we can’t go on as independent countries, my God, we’ve got to amalgamate, you see.  Just like amalgamating corporations, isn’t it?  That’s how they see it.)

David Cameron is preparing to back the first detailed roadmap to a European “super-state” with centralised powers over tax and public spending. 

(A:  ...exactly what Rompuy and others said that they’d take it to, years ago.) / Tim Ross / 12 Dec 2012


The Prime Minister will travel to Brussels for a summit with European leaders on Thursday to discuss a proposed two-year timetable to a political union in which countries lose the right to set their own budgets.   (A:  I said that would happen years ago and here it is.  Because that was always the agenda, you understand.  They do away with nations, then you do away with their sovereignty, and all your parliament becomes just a bunch of civil servants obeying the super state, just like a little satellite of the Soviet Union in the Warsaw Pact countries; the same idea.)


But he has postponed a landmark speech setting out how he will give voters a say over the future of Britain’s relationship with the EU until next year.


Mr Cameron was said to have been considering announcing his policy on a possible referendum next week.


Last week, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London and a potential leadership rival to the Prime Minister, warned that the coalition’s policies of encouraging ever closer economic links between eurozone countries was “morally wrong”.   (A:  Well, he’ll have to say that; they all play these games, and they jump sides and jump ship all the time to get up to the top.)


Mr Johnson demanded that the Prime Minister call a referendum on whether Britain should remain part of a new “pared down” European Union focused on trade through the single market.


However, the Prime Minister is understood to be prepared to defy Mr Johnson and indicate that he will not obstruct moves towards political and economic union among the 17 countries in the euro. 


(A:  Now, the European Union and the whole Commission that runs it is not democratic by any means whatsoever, wasn’t designed to be democratic whatsoever.  The parliamentarians can go and have their lovely little shows that they put on for the camera as they lambast each other, but they cannot make a law and they can’t change a law; it all comes from the Commission at the top, this shadowy bunch at the top, of unelected people.  Then they put little pen pushers like Rompuy in – nobody knows anything about Rompuy, his past, at all – who was placed in there as the president of the European Council, and he chairs the summit and so on.)


Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the European Council, who will chair the EU summit, will table the plan for “complete economic and monetary union”.   (A:  So that’s it, folks.  You see, end of all the nation-states.  An old, old plan... old, old plan.  It gives certain peoples the right to rule over all the rest... all the rest, because it makes them feel safer that way.  So I’ll put this article up tonight too.)


And also…


Eurozone bank deal: Group edges towards union

(A:  This is also in the paper, from the BBC.) / 13 December 2012 / Gavin Hewitt


In the middle of the night, Europe's finance ministers took another major step towards closer integration. They agreed to set up a single supervisor for the eurozone's banks.


(A:  Now, I’ve mentioned this before, going through the history of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization by the way, made up by international bankers of their day when they set it up, in the days of Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner; they actually joined together to create this in fact. They said, they’d take the world over, own all of its resources, they’d run all the banks, and then they’d set up central private banking systems running all the countries. They set up treaties with other nations to bring them into groups, just like Karl Marx said long before them in fact, because they were all working on the same strategy, and they’d have these massive trading blocs, then they’d integrate the trading blocs.  And the central banks would be under the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, another private bank group too. So it’s all here. It’s all here, folks. You’re living through a long-term script, you see.)


From 2014, the European Central Bank (ECB) will be directly supervising around 200 of the largest banks - but will have the right to intervene if smaller lenders are in trouble.  (A:  ...meaning, they’ll bail them out with the taxpayers’ money, as they’ve been doing all along.)


The ECB will have sweeping new powers and ultimately it will allow the EU's main rescue fund (A:  ...this is eternal, this is going to be forever, you understand. This is what they plan. It was a plan before they created the whole EU. They’ll get every country supposedly bailing out every other country, we’re all in it together now... we’re chained together… One goes down, we all go down, all that nonsense. And they’ll keep it going forever. It’s to plunder the public, abolish the middle classes, except certain ones, and then to rule you like the Soviet-style Union basically. That’s how it is. That’s how it’s to be done.  And also this one here, it says…)


Europe deepens union with ECB as chief bank watchdog / Dec 13 2012


That’s from Reuters itself too, talking about the same kind of thing. Quite interesting, eh, how they can do it.


And an interesting article too, because we’re in the new Dickensian era, you understand. The old society was destroyed by design and the so-called Christian charity that Dickens was on about is gone. In fact, Christianity was a main enemy of all of this and had to be destroyed by those who don’t like it very much.  Part of that too was doing away with Sundays for people; even people who were culturally Christian, even if they don’t go to churches, that was a family time. It was the only family time left, but the family had to be destroyed, you understand, too. So you ended up with working Sundays too. Well…


Aussie miners told ‘death’ only excuse for not working on Christmas / Cecilia Jamasmie / December 11, 2012


(A:  I’m not kidding you, this is no joke.)


Miners who don’t show up to work the Christmas and New Year period at Sandfire Resources’ DeGrussa copper and gold mine in Western Australia, are being threatened with major fines and pay cuts, reports The West.


According to the memo distributed to Australian Contract Mining staff, an employee’s only acceptable excuse not to turn up was “death,” which "must be accompanied with a coroner's report to confirm this.”  (A:  We’ve really evolved, eh, in society, hmm.)


The document, signed by ACM’s site manager and posted on site, said fly-in, fly-out workers would be fined flight and accommodation costs and risk being put on a lower pay grade if they failed to show up for work.


Preliminary findings from a Murdoch University study released yesterday found many FIFO workers did not believe their employers cared about their wellbeing (A:  ...well that’s true.) and they did not feel valued. And last month, a study led by Australia’s Griffith University showed shift miners working long hours are more likely to suffer from depression, fatigue and a wide range of illnesses.  (A:  Well they’ve known that for years and years and years. Even your so-called day-glow bulbs were invented, not for NASA – that was a complete con. It was invented for miners, because they had the worst problems across Europe when they had mines, before they destroyed all them too and put them out of business to get rid of the unions.)


An article here is put out by Press TV and it says…


EU not qualified to stand for human rights: Iran MP / Dec 13, 2012


An Iranian lawmaker says the European Union is not qualified to be symbol of human rights as the bloc (A:  ...and they call it the bloc, just like the Soviet bloc…) has repeatedly turned a blind eye to the genocide of people in the world.  (A:  And they are actually supporting the genocide of people in the world actually, the EU.)


“The European Union with its political conduct has jeopardized global peace (A:  ...and that’s true.); therefore, considering its support for the crimes of Zionists and its silence over the massacre of innocent people, it is absolutely not qualified for such an issue,” Evaz Heidarpour said Thursday.


The lawmaker was alluding to a recent grant of the Nobel Peace prize to the European Union.


He further noted that the Nobel Peace Prize is a political trophy which is awarded to people who act in line with the interests of global arrogance.  (A:  And that is true, just go back into the history of who’s got it.)


Heidarpour pointed out that awarding the Nobel Peace Prize on mere political grounds to people such as the former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the US President Barack Obama (A:  ...who’s at war all over the world, worse actually than Bush.) indicates that the prize has nothing to do with real peace, but is concerned with serving the interests of the world powers.


Earlier this week, the European Union received this year’s Nobel Peace Prize in the Norwegian capital of Oslo for helping "a continent of war to becoming a continent of peace.”  (A: they take it down the tubes into poverty – I added the last part – which is true.)


EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy and President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz (A:  Martin Schulz by the way, has got special interests in other countries.) collected the award during a ceremony at Oslo's City Hall.


“The image which the European politicians have presented of themselves as strong advocates of human rights, freedom and democracy does not deceive anyone anymore and holding protests against this move shows that even the people of Europe do not value such prizes,” the Iranian lawmaker added.


The Nobel Committee’s decision has sparked public protests and drawn a barrage of criticism from peace activists and former winners of the prize. Three Peace Prize laureates have also said that the 27-nation bloc contradicts the values associated with the prize because it relies on military force to ensure security.  (A:  So it goes on and on.)


So anyway, it’s true, we’re living in this... Well, it’s a farce, isn’t it? It’s a farce! It’s a farce, and if you speak out it can be dangerous to speak out and point out, like the boy that said, you know, the King has no clothes. Everybody else is going along, oh they’re really beautiful, you know, and he says, what are they talking about, he’s got nothing on. And if you say that these days and point out what is, phew, it’s not too healthy, folks. That’s your new democracy; it’s completely intolerant, you understand, completely intolerant.


Tonight too I’ll put up that article, a bunch of articles on – I keep forgetting to do it because it’s really kind of irrelevant. It’s a toned-down censored version of giving the public, of the US military’s, what they see, predictions up to the year 2030 or so. As opposed to the one that came out initially and caused such controversy, and that was the one that came out in 2008. It went much, much further to do with the coming internal strife, internecine problems and so on, in nations across Europe and even Americas, where governments would use, even, miniature neutron bombs, for God’s sake, on massive flashmobs, as people went down the tubes starving and fighting and all the rest of it. I mean, that was the first one that came out, so this one they came out with kind of tones it down an awful lot. Of course they’ll have one for the public and one for themselves that will be completely different. But I’ll put it up anyway for those who want to have a little look through it.


Global Trends 2030:  Alternative Worlds

a publication of the National Intelligence Council


Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds -


U.S.-China Study Group on G-20 Reform - / March 2013


U.S. Spies See Superhumans, Instant Cities by 2030 - / 12.10.12


And Germany of course went through that thing with circumcision a while back to try to make it illegal. It says...


Germany approves bill to keep circumcision legal / Ofer Aderet and The Associated Press / 12.12.12


The new law, passed with 434 to 100 votes, grants parents the right to authorize the circumcision of their sons by a trained practitioner.  (A:  So nothing much changes anywhere, really.)


And I hate even reading these articles because it’s all over the media; it’s been all over the media for years, about TVs spying on people, and the black boxes spying on people and stuff like that. But I’ll put up the one on Samsung Smart TVs...


Security Hole in Samsung Smart TVs Could Allow Remote Spying / Dec 12, 2012


...for anybody that cares. I don’t think most folk care today, to be honest with you. They’re so trained already that it’s all right; they don’t mind having no privacy.  Remember what they found out two years ago when they were studying putting cameras up to see how the public would react. They did all kinds of experiments. What they did was put them up initially in old folks residences, where they live on these streets where it’s all old people and so on. They found that if the cameras weren’t obtrusive – that was the whole key – if they weren’t obtrusive and didn’t appear prominent in the house, the people eventually ignored them. And that’s what they do with you. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix and nothing really changes, eh. Deception goes on all the time...


U.S. Commandos’ New Landlord in Afghanistan: Blackwater / Spencer Ackerman / 12.05.12


(A:  Remember Blackwater, the private armies?)


U.S. Special Operations Forces have a brand new home in Afghanistan. It’s owned and operated by the security company formerly known as Blackwater, thanks to a no-bid deal worth $22 million.


You might think that Blackwater, now called Academi, was banished into some bureaucratic exile after its operatives in Afghanistan stole guns from U.S. weapons depots and killed Afghan civilians. (A:  They’ve got the links for all of this, too, by the way, where they actually did steal US weapons depots, cleaned them out.) Wrong. Academi’s private 10-acre compound outside Kabul, called Camp Integrity (A:  It’s wonderful, isn’t it? You’ve got the Academi… And integrity… We like academies. We like integrity; it sounds good. They use these terms very carefully, you see.), is the new headquarters for perhaps the most important special operations unit in Afghanistan.


That would be the Special Operations Joint Task Force–Afghanistan, created on July 1 to unite and oversee the three major spec-ops “tribes” throughout Afghanistan, which command some 7,000 elite troops in all. It’s run by Army Maj. Gen. Raymond “Tony” Thomas, a former deputy commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, and is already tasked with reforming how those elite forces train Afghan villagers to fight the Taliban. And its role is only going to grow in Afghanistan, as regular U.S. forces withdraw by 2014 (A:  Actually they’re getting moved right down, back into Iraq at the moment and elsewhere near Turkey.) and the commandos take over the residual task of fighting al-Qaida (A:  You know, Al Qaeda that now we’re trying to get into Syria and so on, who are our ally, apparently, there. It’s confusing, eh?) and its allies. Perhaps that’s why Academi’s no-bid contract runs through May 2015.


Academi spokeswoman Kelley Gannon declined to comment for this story. But it’s highly unusual for U.S. military forces to take up official residence on a privately owned facility. According to Lt. Col. Tom Bryant, the spokesman for Special Operations Joint Task Force-Afghanistan, it’s only supposed to be temporary, as the command plans to move to Bagram Air Field by summer 2013. But Camp Integrity is already shaping up to be a crucial location for an Afghanistan war that’s rapidly changing.


Peter Singer, a scholar at the Brookings Institution who’s closely studied the private security industry, finds the spec ops’ private HQ unsurprising. “We’ve seen these kind of close, intertwined relationships in the field between the public and private forces before,” he says. “The U.S. military and the CIA, reportedly, have hired these companies to do everything from building bases, running the facilities and logistics, to serving as the guard forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan.


Actually, I mean… of course these relationships are not new.  I mean, we run… Well, we don’t run them, but the CIA set up Al Qaeda; it was a loose assortment of people to fight the Russians when they were in Afghanistan.  Then they kept them going, because you never throw away a good asset, and now you’re using them across the Middle East to take down one country after another, you see. So yeah, that’s what your countries are doing. Of course, you don’t have countries, really. The people who run them have nothing in common with you. Nothing at all in common with you. Nothing. Zilch. So I’ll put up this link tonight too.


And also, Wal-Mart, a video...


Wal-Mart security kills alleged shoplifter / Dec 12, 2012


It starts off because they’ve killed off another shoplifter; they’re shooting them now in the States. Anyway, I think it’s the second one they’ve done recently. But it goes on to Wal-Mart, their bigger agenda. They’ve now got a big association of top corporations that now are advising governments on policy, and on international policies too. Democracy is wonderful, isn’t it? Democracy… isn’t it? Your vote counts you know.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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