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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 14, 2012:

Evil Premonition of Great Transition:

""Change is Good" in the "Century of Change"
Means Hold on Tight as Masters Re-Arrange
And Destroy the Old to Bring in the New,
So the Entire World can Be Run by the Few
Who Worked Centuries to Fulfill this Dream,
Slaughtered Millions, Deaf to the Screams
Going on Even Today Across Arab States,
Satisfying Megalomaniacs Who Hate
Solid Cultures with Religion, Desecration
By Elite Loathing Others' Self-Determination"
© Alan Watt Dec. 14, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 14, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 14th of December, 2012. For newcomers, as always, I advise you to make good use of website, lots of information to download, a whole history there, an alternate history actually of the world, how it’s been run, how it was designed a long time ago to be taken over by a small clique basically, who would bring science in to work for them, think tanks and scientists, take over academia, get them all on board with it too. They own the politicians. They own the political parties. They created their clubs and foundations – these big rich men – and their foundations literally pay for thousands of non-governmental organizations, which they can mobilize at any time, anywhere in the world, including your color revolutions by the way as well, to go into countries and agitate, including your own country, and to get laws passed in favor of those who are already ruling you. You’re not ruled by the parties that you think you have in; they simply are put in by the same crowd. You’ve got the appearance of competition, but like everything else in society, there’s no competition at all. That goes, too, for all the big international corporations. That’s the trick, you’ll find it’s the same big shareholders who have the majority shares in all big corporations across the world today.  So help yourself to that.


Remember too, there’s lots of free audios for download there. There’s also transcripts for print-up as well in English on all the sites listed on If you go into you can get transcripts in other languages. Remember too that you can buy the books and discs at and hopefully that will keep me ticking over. You can also donate as well. I don’t toot my own horn, believe you me. I just get the truth out as I see it, and I’ve definitely done an awful lot of study my whole life to do this. And what I do here is on my own so it’s kind of hard; it takes the whole darned day, every day of the week. So if you want to help me out you can buy the books and discs.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are seriously, seriously welcome as we go into these austere times, where everybody’s getting austere.


Understand, this is the Century of Change; I can’t say that often enough.  Because in the last century, especially in the latter part of the last century, we already saw the buildups of massive regimes during the 20th century, regimes meant to alter the world dramatically. We saw the Soviet system and we saw the German Nazi system, and all built up and financed actually from the same big bankers mainly in the US and in London. These had a profound effect on everything; it changed the whole world. So you understand that wars aren’t just for conquest and plunder; that’s a good part of it too, they always do that. But it’s also making money off the war machine itself; it’s a fantastic kind of business to be in. But also, it’s to change society.  Quigley said it himself, a professor who taught lots of diplomats for the United States. He said that you can get more done in five years of war on a social level, that’s change, than you can in 50 years of peace using simple propaganda


So we’re going through massive changes, all planned that way, and here we are at the present. This is the Century of Change as academia called it for 50-odd years. For change they mean the final capping of all of these previous wars and so on and bringing this world into their new improved system, run properly, with massive government bureaucracies and agencies, just like the Soviet system really, running all of our lives from birth to death. At the top of it you have the ultra-elite; we can call them fascists if we want. They actually see themselves as something else, but we can’t say that. But anyway, I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Tonight too I want to mention just briefly, there’s a video up on YouTube with the CEO of General Electric company, and that’s Jeffrey Immelt, or I-Melt, however he pronounces it. You’ll hear him on the morning show on I think it was Tuesday, last Tuesday, and he’s praising China. He’s praising Communist China – he actually says that, Communist China, because they can get things done there.  He says, there’s benefits to having a centralized government with all the power over the people. You’d think he was almost slobbering at the thought. And Obama put him in charge of, he’s the chairman of the Jobs Council for Obama. So I’ll put this link up tonight to hear how these people slobber over totalitarian regimes, as they bring the same thing into the West and everywhere else across the world that they’ve moved into. 


Obama Jobs Council Chairman Immelt: Communist China 'Works' -


So really, it’s just fascinating to see all this happening. Again, remember too, this is the time, this is the Century of Change where all their big plans that they worked out for centuries, and really worked hard in the 20th century, come to fruition. They bring in the completely controlled totalitarian society where experts rule everything… everything.  Experts, you see.  Because they claim the people are just mentally ill; actually if you go into all their writings they talk about people being mentally ill. These communists moved into your countries with that philosophy, still have it today. So they’re going to make you all right by running your lives for you from birth to death. There’s a lot more to it of course but that’s just the basis. I’ll put this video up tonight to let you see how they’re chatting quite openly about this wonderful, you know, this is the time of change, where they’re going to introduce it all, under the guise too of fighting terrorism and everything else. They’ve already taken most folk’s rights away. They’ve plundered the planet. They’ve plundered the taxation. They had the military of the US to plunder the rest of the world and force them into the same system. And the people don’t really know what’s really, really going on; they never will, most of them.


Of course everyone’s talking about the gunman – on cue, of course; it’s always on cue, after Obama and the rest of them have talked about disarming the American public – goes out into a school – it’s always schools, you see, because anywhere else people… We’re so jaded today, there’d be no real impact with most folk; you know, it doesn’t hit the same way. So they like to take schools and that always gets your attention.  Even though it’s hypocrisy because most folk today really don’t want children, or they don’t care about all the ones going down the toilet after the morning-after pill. I mean, let’s be honest about things. We’re hypocritical in a sense. But still, it has the effect, you see, the desired effect. 


So this gunman kills 20 children, six adults and then himself apparently at a Connecticut elementary school, right on cue.  We won’t get all the story for a while. I think there’s more to it actually than even you’d suspect. But I think they’ll keep a lot of this back for a while, like they did with the Columbine shooting as well, where they really kept it back, who these guys were, who their parents were and things like that. They kept it all back from the public for specific reasons. But anyway, it seems that maybe even the mother, and they lived in New Jersey at one time, we don’t know; it’s only 20-odd miles I think away from where she worked. The father apparently lives there and one of the brothers lives there still. And it says…


Gunman kills 20 children, 6 adults at Connecticut elementary school - December 14, 2012


...The shooter, who sources identified as Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, in the face at their home in Newtown, Conn., then went to nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School where she taught and gunned down her entire class, according to sources. Lanza was found dead inside the school, according to officials. Eighteen of the children and six more adults were dead at the school and two more children died later, according to Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance.


Vance would not confirm the shooter's name, and earlier in the day there were conflicting reports over the gunman's identity.  (Alan:  They actually had him mistaken as his brother, the older brother that was in New Jersey at work at the time; so anyway, they’ve got all that fixed out.)


...An official with knowledge of the situation said the shooter was armed with a .223-caliber rifle. Four weapons in total were recovered from the scene. The motive is not yet known.


Vance said during an afternoon news conference that police arrived at the scene "within minutes"...  (A:  ...and so on and so on.)


"Every door, every crack, every crevice of that school" was checked, Vance said. “The entire school was searched.” He said the shooting occurred inside two rooms in "one section of the school."


So it seems that... it comes out on cue, as I say. And of course, they already said the guy had various mental problems, and no doubt, he had his special psychiatrist – they all have one actually. Even the one that happened in Scotland with the Dunblane shooting; he had his own special psychiatrist, that also by the way, was attached to an SAS squadron not far from Sterling actually where they were based; I think it was the 21st, or the 23rd.  So it was a military type thing. So it makes you wonder. Again, it will be the same kind of thing with this one here; it happens right on cue, obviously.


Some reports say this guy was dressed with the black gear and all the rest of it and even body armor; we just don’t know. Everything’s conflicting reports at this stage. And if that was the case, why would he be copying the one who did it recently in the cinema too, in the movie theater?  So this is the M.O. of interference from other places, and never mind the money and so on, you know. So anyway, again, most stories go through little bits and just repeat the same stuff. All we can say is this has happened, and we won’t know anything until we get an official report, and even that will have censored material in it too; I’ve no doubt about that at all.  Of course the big cry is already out to ban all, not just all semi-autos, but all firearms altogether, for folk who they claim don’t need them; meaning, non-security people. So this seems to be one of the big ones that they were just either waiting for or knew was going to happen. Right on cue, eh.


This one comes out today, this story here too.  It’s about, again, Australia, there’s a lot of folk unhappy with Gillard in Australia, for different reasons.  There’s minority groups that are unhappy about her decision not to, you know, keep her party in check and simply vote no for Palestine’s admission into the UN. They’re not happy.  They want her out. But there’s other folk that want her out too because she has got an awful record. This is to do with the fact that she was apparently accused of embezzlement from the Australian Workers Union in the early 1990s and she with her boyfriend was involved in that and now there’s more politicians asking for this, to have a proper inquiry into it and so on.  We’ll see where that goes.


Take Action! Demand a Royal Commission TODAY! -


And talking about shootings and so on and all the rest of it too.  See, if the guy had run up to Canada he might be okay, this guy who did the shooting. It says…


Quebec doctor who killed his children released from prison / December 13, 2012


Guy Turcotte deemed mentally fit after less than 4 years in institution.  (A:  Actually in an institution, because they classified him as insane, maybe temporary insanity, when he killed all his children.)


Guy Turcotte’s ex-wife Isabelle Gaston leaves the Pinel Institute in Montreal Wednesday December 12, 2012

Gaston attended the hearing before the mental health commission overseeing Turcotte’s fate.


He stabbed his children 46 times. He was freed after 46 months.


In the latest twist in a case that has shocked Canadians, a cardiologist who killed his two children was granted his release from a psychiatric institution Wednesday, with conditions.


The decision to release Guy Turcotte came as little surprise. A jury, last year, had found him not criminally responsible for killing his three-year-old daughter and five-year-old son.


Since the court verdict, he had been in Montreal's Pinel institute where a panel Wednesday found him mentally fit to be released. (A:  It’s great what they can do today isn’t it? Isn’t it fantastic what they can do? Isn’t it just amazing, eh?) The case had provoked a torrent of outrage in Quebec, with Turcotte becoming a household name.


Turcotte told the hearing Wednesday that he wants to lead a regular, productive life - but he's concerned about his new-found notoriety.


"I'd like to work, to do some good around me," the cardiologist told the panel.


"My biggest challenge will be dealing with others, with the public. There's been a lot of badmouthing, a lot of things that will be said. There will be a lot of prejudice against me."


His ex-wife Isabelle Gaston expressed concern and disappointment with the justice system after the panel's decision. "I've lost faith in the justice system," Gaston said Wednesday outside the institute.


"The message (this decision sends) is you can kill your wife because you're sad or your kids because you're upset and get away with it by saying you weren't all there."  (A: the time, meaning mentally ill.)


Turcotte will be allowed to leave Pinel, where he's been held since the 2011 verdict, immediately, but must continue psychotherapy (A:  You know, that rubbish that Freud came out with, psychotherapy, which actually, there’s no empirical evidence that it actually works. It’s a faith belief system; it started off a faith belief system and it still is.) he began in June, keep the peace and stay away from Gaston, her family and her spouse.  (A:  That’s what he was told.)


"He still poses a risk but that risk can be controlled if he's supervised," said lawyer Danielle Allard, commissioner of the panel. "It's essential that there be his team on hand if his state deteriorates." (A:  Well yeah, you’d better, you know. [Alan laughing.] Absolutely.)


Turcotte will have another review before the panel, made up of a lawyer, psychiatrist and psychologist, in a year, or earlier if necessary.


Turcotte, a former cardiologist, had behaved himself since being granted day passes (A:  ...they actually gave him day passes. Folk had no idea he was walking amongst them.) from Pinel in June and for the past five weeks, he'd left the institution daily. Often, he was at his parents' home overnight. 


Canada did the same thing with the guy in the Greyhound bus that killed someone – remember, about two, three years ago – and started eating him in front of all the passengers. Well he’s out now too, on parole and stuff. I mean, it’s just amazing. So yeah, anybody that wants to do a mass killing or anything in the States, just come to Canada and say you weren’t quite yourself at the time.


And we’ve always gone on about the banks, getting ripped off by this big family of bankers. And they are a family, in many ways. But they certainly know what they’re doing. Even with the last crash, they knew for four or five years that they were building up to it, and they were looting like crazy right to the end to get as much cash stashed away as possible.  But due to the inquiry that they’ve had on the whole thing, this is from Britain and it says…


Banks are 'too big to prosecute', says FSA's Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey, chief executive designate of the Prudential Regulation Authority, admitted large banks had become too big to prosecute, raising 'very difficult questions' for regulators. / Harry Wilson / 14 Dec 2012


(A:  So it’s business as usual. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the banking system, the guys that run our lives; you know, they all work like a big club at the top. They all know each other. They all know what they’re all up to. They all cover for each other too at times. But here’s the chief executive designate for the Prudential Regulation Authority for Britain saying they can’t do anything about it, all the rip-offs that they’re doing.


Mr Bailey told The Daily Telegraph that some banks had grown too large to prosecute. “It would be a very destabilising issue. It’s another version of too important to fail,” he said, “Because of the confidence issue with banks...” (A:  So you’ve got to have confidence in the crooks, you understand; the same with government. In government when things happen they will do everything to cover things up from the public. That’s what they actually say when anybody finds out about it. They say, well you see we were afraid that the people would lose confidence in the government. It’s the same thing. Well the answer is, if you’re going to be a real crook make sure you belong to an awful big society and you’ll get away with it. You know, if you tell the truth people would lose confidence in you.)


“Because of the confidence issue with banks, a major criminal indictment, which we haven’t seen and I’m not saying we are going to see… this is not an ordinary criminal indictment,” he said. (A:  In other words, they’re going to do nothing about it.)


His comments come days after HSBC’s record $1.9bn (£1.2bn) settlement with the US authorities over money-laundering linked to drug-trafficking.  (A:  Now, that’s peanuts for these guys, just pocket change.) US assistant attorney general Lanny Breuer said of the decision not to prosecute: “In this day and age we have to evaluate that innocent people will face very big consequences if you make a decision.”   (A:  Oh, it’s to save the people, you know, that’s what it is about.)


Swiss bank UBS is also reported to be close to paying $1bn to settle British and US investigations into claims it attempted to rig key interbank lending rates.  (A:  ...and that’s already been proven.)


A recent spate of settlements have raised concerns banks are effectively buying immunity from past misdeeds.


“If you get caught with your hand in the till you go to jail, but if you’re a big bank and you’re caught breaking the law it seems that all that happens is you’re fined and told you’ll go to jail if you do it again,” (A:  ...which they don’t do anyway.) said Rosie Sharpe, at campaign group Global Witness.


Barclays is the only bank, so far, to have admitted its involvement in attempts to rig key Libor rates.


This week, three former traders were arrested by British police in connection with a Serious Fraud Office investigation into rate-rigging. None of the men have been charged.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.] So they arrested them, but they’re not charged.) Royal Bank of Scotland is expected to reach a settlement over Libor allegations within the next couple of months. (A:  It’s amazing too, because the Royal Bank of Scotland, I think it’s 80% owned by the English government; they keep bailing it out, you know.)


On Thursday, George Osborne dismissed the idea of breaking up RBS, saying he was “not sure the gains outweigh the disruption”.  (A:  So it’s better to just not have a disruption in flow and all that, just keep it all going.  [Alan chuckles.]  That’s not bad, eh, not bad at all.)


Now we’re in weird times. What you find in weird times, at the end of an age, and this is an end of an age. You see, this is the Century of Change, and it’s the age of change for the guys who mastermind changes for the world, big changes. They bring you all kinds of things that have worked in the past. They bring you the New Age movement – all you need is love, you know, and your inner self, and learn how to vibrate at a higher frequency and wear special turquoise colors and violet ones and then you’re more spiritual. I’m not kidding. There’s folk making money flogging this repetitive rubbish that they’ve copied from Theosophy and elsewhere, right out of the book.  So at the end of an age you always find these New Age cults pop up because people have nothing else to believe in. And those who can manipulate the system can actually encourage them into it; then they don’t take any notice of what’s really going on around them as we all go down the tubes, and so they’re awfully obedient. But it’s really taken hold.  Of course the old black magic stuff that’s come down really from Spain, not from the Spanish but from Spain, a long time ago with its pentagrams, etc., etc., are making a comeback too. We see it in Freemasonry and different religions, but not so much Christianity; they know what it means.


Texas man accused of carving a pentagram on his son /  12/14/2012


(A:  What’s going on? Well you’ll see a lot more of this kind of stuff happening.)


While many people saw Wednesday's memorable date of 12/12/12 as an auspicious moment to tie the knot or start a business, a Texas man appears to have interpreted the day as a reason to carry out a grotesque and sinister act.


"I shed some innocent blood," Brent Troy Bartel told a police dispatcher from the Fort Worth suburb of Richland Hills in a phone call just after midnight.


When the dispatcher asked him to clarify, Bartel responded in a matter-of-fact tone, "I inscribed a pentagram on my son."


"OK, why did you do that?" the 911 operator wanted to know.


Bartel responded, "'Cause it's a holy day."


At the same time, police say, the boy's mother was also calling police from a neighbor's house.


She had run there, they say, to raise the alarm that Bartel was hurting their 6-year-old son.


When police officers arrived at the home, they say they found the traumatized boy standing shirtless with a large red pentagram carved into the skin on his back. His blood was smeared on the front door of the house.


A pentagram is a five-pointed star that has associations with many different religions and belief systems. 


The police officers wrapped a jacket around the child, who they say was "cold and shivering," and called paramedics, who took him to a children's hospital for treatment.


They arrested Bartel, (A:  ...who was not too big to fail, obviously.)  whose manner was flat and emotionless, according to Sgt. Nathan Stringer.


He has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a family member.


(A:  So it says they didn’t give a reason why it motivated Bartel, this particular holy day or so on.  They touch on a few things. They say it’s been used in Christianity actually, which it wasn’t.  It’s used in black magic. It’s actually done in other religions too though, but not Christianity because they know what it means. And in Freemasonry too. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about this guy who carved a pentagram, and he put a circle around it too I think, into his son’s back. They prattle on here about, it’s been used by Satanists, magicians. It’s from the Kabala too.  It says…


Wednesday's triple-12 date was considered noteworthy by numerologists because its digits add up to three (A:  That’s all Kabalistic too.), which has associations with the planet Jupiter (A:  They’re kind of right and wrong at the same time.  There’s something else there too, there’s a different way of doing it.), the largest in the solar system. The number 12 has astrological significance, since there are 12 signs of the zodiac.  (A:  Then there’s the 12 tribes again too, or 13 if you go by Koestler’s book, The Thirteenth Tribe, or 14 if you also add in Joseph’s tribe; it’s never mentioned except in Talmud.)


It was the last such triple date for almost a century -- until January 1, 2101.


The boy's wounds were not very deep, Stringer said, and his condition was stable.


The guy used a box cutter, one of these sharp, exacto type knives to do it. And apparently he was awfully cool and the whole bit, and like in, you know, a trancelike state.  Also in Britain here, we jump to Britain now and you’ve got a pagan sex trial that’s actually underway.  No kidding.  It says…


Pagan Sex Trial: Witches' Peter Petrauske And Jack Kemp

 Convicted Of 'Ritualistic' Child Abuse / 14/12/2012


Peter Petrauske and Jack Kemp were said to have donned ceremonial robes and pagan paraphernalia before abusing young girls in Cornwall during the 1970s.


Police believe one of their victims may have been three years old when the abuse started.  (A:  Maybe they worked for Kinsey, for his report; he hired guys like that to do it.)


The pair, aged 72 and 69 respectively, showed little emotion as they were led from the dock at Truro Crown Court today and into custody.


The pair's victims gave harrowing evidence from behind a screen during the three-week trial. They said they were abused by their tormentors, before being given money and sweets to buy their silence.


Witnesses also named murdered pagan Peter Solheim and notorious Cornish paedophile Stan Pirie as among their abusers.


The former was a 56-year-old parish councillor whose body was found five miles off the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, by fishermen on June 18 2004. He had been drugged and mutilated by a machete or an axe.


The child abuse was only investigated further by police last year when Kemp was arrested in connection with another incident, causing rumours to spread around his home town of Falmouth and prompting the alleged victims of the historic offences to contact detectives.


The other charges include indecent assault and other sexual offences, and were believed to have been committed much more recently.


Petrauske was backed up by female members of the coven who said that while children were occasionally present, nudity never played a part in the ceremonies. (A:  ...which is nonsense.) One female friend also described him as "a gentleman".


Kemp denied any involvement in paganism, saying it "wasn't his cup of tea", and said he was the victim of a bizarre conspiracy. He said the girls were wrong to name him in the case. 


Petrauske, who described himself (A:  Mind you, they’ve got the photographs of him and everything; he’s in his robes here.) as the high priest of a white witches' coven in St Ives, Cornwall (A:  It doesn’t mean the color of your skin is white. It means, white versus black; they have the two different forces, supposedly, but they always end up in the black anyway.), was convicted of one count of rape, one count of aiding and abetting an attempt to rape, and one count of indecent assault.


Kemp was found guilty of indecent assault and indecency with a child.


He was found not guilty of four other sexual offences, following 11 hours and 22 minutes' deliberations.


The jury of nine men and three women are still considering their verdicts on several other sexual offences.


Judge Graham Cottle said he would accept a majority verdict on the remaining charges.


So it still goes on, folks, you know. And all that came out too with the big push.  Down through the 1800s a lot of this stuff came to the surface, you understand. You even had Masonic branches that would go into the esoteric stuff, especially in France. They also mixed it with Cabalism, and Cabala and numerology and sacred geometry and all this kind of stuff. But it was also really pushed and promoted, and a lot of guys who just simply wanted sex would go into it too, naturally. But also in the 20th century, the British, and we know this, Aleister Crowley worked for British intelligence at some points, and MI6, you know. He was sent out into the world to do the same thing and to start a sort of cult thing going and make it popular, popularize it. In his own books he tells you he went to South America. He did the usual stuff. He started off the, oh you’ve got to take the special drug they have there and get your power animal and all that to become… You know, a lot of folk, even current ones are doing that today and promoting the same rubbish, you see. While he was there he said he got his initiation; he was already top of the York Rite and different Masonic rites.  He got his 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry while he was in Latin America.  He helped to promote that whole movement and the sexual thing that went with it too and so on and so on. So it’s still on the go today. There’s even ones out there today, as I say, pushing the same kind of stuff… meet your power animal, get your spirit guide to come down and talk to you. Sometimes they even use the old names that Blavatsky used for her spirit guides, today, and they’re making a killing off these gullible people, who want to hear it, mind you, because it fascinates them. So I’ll put this up tonight too, all these links up tonight.


Going back to Obama too, I must remember to say that he was on television and of course he did his little crying bit about the children, you know. Now remember, this is the same man who admitted to reporters that he personally picks out the people to be killed by the drones, every single day, across the Middle East, that come down on children and so on. Not a tear shed there. Not a tear. You should really consider all these things, folks, you know; you really, really should.


And another article too from The Mail on this white witches thing.   


'White witches' who conducted 'horrifying' ritualistic sex abuse on children as young as three in Cornish coven jailed for 32 years / Hugo Gye / 14 December 2012


(A:  And it says they were abusing children, for 32 years, according to The Mail here. It says one of their victims may have been as young as three when the abuse started. It says one has been sentenced to 18 years in prison, and Kemp to 14.  So there you go. It’s quite interesting indeed.  It says...)


'You were two of the surviving members of a paedophile ring. Together with others whose names have been repeatedly featured in this trial, you were members of a ring that operated in the Falmouth area in the 70s and 80s.


'During the course of this trial some of the evidence in this case in relation to the offences committed against young children has been nothing less than harrowing - it has featured ritualistic sexual abuse of young children.'  (A:  It’s quite amazing what they can do, eh.)


And then too, because you’re at the end of the age, where you destroy all the old religions – not all of them; they always keep one.  But you destroy all the rest and you bring in Wiccanism and all that, to bring people in, who are often naïve, not knowing that they’ve got degrees in it just like Masonry. Then you go into the higher rites, the higher rites and certain things are done to you, and you can’t object to it, if you’re male or female, and you must go along with it. Then you’re into, oh you’re a powerful wizard then, you know. Oh wow.  You could vibrate higher too, wear violet and vibrate. See, what they say, all this rubbish that they tell the people, you’re sunk down into the world of matter, that’s where your spirit came, and you’re vibrating very, very low, and that’s how you’re stuck in this world and you can’t get anywhere. But when you learn to work your spirit properly you become lighter and lighter and you vibrate higher, so you become an ascended master. You know, all the old Theosophy stuff. You can just churn out books galore just copying all the old ones, that some people actually do. And people love to hear this stuff.


And this article too is quite amazing. I’ve got to laugh at the Milibands, the actual guys who say this in Britain, the politicians, the Miliband brothers. I mean, they’re both the sons of Professor Miliband who ran out of Europe just before World War II, because he was a Marxist teaching Marxism, and he came in and taught Marxism in Britain. That’s what they do, they come into your country then they pollute your country and take it down, you know. Now his sons are in it too; there’s a lot of them actually running Britain now. But it says…


All State Workers Should Speak English:

Ed Miliband calls for better integration as he admits

 Labour made big mistakes on immigration. / 14 December 2012


(A:  I mentioned last night too that the whole policy on immigration, worldwide, it was agreed, was to keep… See, at one time you would have to assimilate. But a certain group complained, they didn’t want assimilation; they wanted to keep separate, to be in the country but separate. So they had to make this the same for everybody, and then they started promoting that everybody should keep their ethnicity, you see, and their culture and so on. The problem is, they can’t speak English, even two or three generations later some of them. And it’s hard when you’ve giving them priority work there, you know, priority hiring, and into government positions. So it says…)


- Labour leader admits the party did too little to tackle racial segregation issue  (A:  And they encourage them to be segregated.)

- Ed Miliband says they opened the door to Eastern Europe without thinking

- Now he unveils Labour's new 'comprehensive strategy for integration'

- Money used to translate leaflets should be used on English lessons instead.


State workers who deal with the public must be able to speak English, (A:  He says.  You wonder why you’re getting so many complaints, and they actually put it down as racist incidents.  When the public are being served, the people behind the counter aren’t speaking English to you and they just get frustrated.), Ed Miliband said today in a warning that Labour failed to ensure immigrants become part of British life.  (A:  Well they’ve had 30-odd years of telling them to keep their cultures, everywhere; the same in Canada, across the whole British Commonwealth – they like to call it the Commonwealth now; it’s still the Empire though – and this is the outcome of it.)


The Labour leader used a major speech to admit his party made ‘mistakes’ by opening the door to Eastern Europeans without a clear plan to stop towns and cities dividing along racial and ethnic lines.


The influx of immigrants – up 3million in a decade (A: a single decade, that’s just from Eastern Europe.) – outpaced the ability of communities to cope, Mr Miliband admitted.


The Labour leader vowed not to sweep public anxieties over British cultural identity under the carpet as he outlines the country's need for a 'comprehensive strategy for integration' to help cope with the pressures of a multi-ethnic society. 


Well that was the whole purpose, of a multiethnic society. They talked about that before World War II, certain groups.  They created the United Nations and that was built on that whole idea too, that they’d destroy all existing nations, especially certain nations, because they were too solidly one people, in other words. If you make them all multiethnic, and obliterate them in a sense, just kind of drown them out, then there’ll be no more wars.  That was the racket and nonsense that they preached at the time, they still do actually. So they’ve done a good job. I think they’ve been awfully successful, in countries like Britain. And they actually cheer when, you know, there’s only a tiny white minority left in London and things like that. They actually cheer, you know.


Now the other thing too, was to destroy all that was to bring in the new. And marriage, remember too, was a plank of the Communist Manifesto as well as redistribution of your wealth, and again too, this multicultural thing and stuff, and all that; it was communism basically that preached it. Here’s an article...


BBC 'should be bold in gay coverage'

(A:  Homosexual coverage.) / 14 December 2012


The BBC has been urged to be "more creative" and "bolder" in how it represents lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people across its output.


The recommendation was made by experts contributing to a BBC review on its portrayal of LGB people.  (A:  When you actually go through it all you find out that these experts were homosexual groups.)


The report's contributors called on the corporation to feature more LGB people in its news and current affairs, sport and children's programming.  (A:  They already have a lot.)


The review also included the responses of around 2,700 members of the public.


Although the experts said all broadcasters had a responsibility to represent diversity, the BBC had an extra obligation as it was funded by the licence fee and needed to be "a standard bearer".  (A:  Well the BBC has been a standard-bearer for lots of things. I mean, look who’s staffing it. They have really helped to destroy what was left of the culture in Britain, by design, and knowing what they were doing.)


They said although the portrayal of LGB people had improved over the past 10 years, there was still a sense they were "still relatively invisible, especially lesbian women and bisexual people".  (A:  Actually, the US has added another category to it.  Actually, the US government comes up with these LGB ones, and T, Transgender. They’ve got an I on the end of it now, and that’s for intersex. LGB, and T, and then I. No kidding.)


Organisations that took part in the research included gay rights lobby group Stonewall, trade union Equity and The Lesbian and Gay Foundation, as well as charities.  (A:  So all the experts were the ones who are people they’re talking about.  And again...)


BBC told to put more gay presenters on children's TV

to 'familiarise' youngsters with different sexualities / Daily Mail Reporter / 14 December 2012


- Study said gay presenters would 'validate' the feelings of gay children

- It said this was important for young people in their ' formative years'

- Report said BBC News gave too much time to 'homophobic' viewpoints

- It also recommended having more gay characters in dramas and soaps


The BBC should have more gay presenters and characters on children’s TV.


It could mean following the ITV’s lead and using personalities such as the former big brother star, Brian Dowling, who presents as MTV live on Saturday for two years.


The BBC was called upon in the report to ensure the audiences are familiarized with different sexualities from an early age.


The study claimed that lesbian gay and bisexual people are ‘still relatively invisible’ in the media. (A:  ...etc, etc.)


I’ll also put up the one from, there’s one Obama came up with and they’ve altered quite a few things actually to do with that. They had an immigration policy to do with people getting barred for years with AIDS, you know, and coming into the country with it, for spreading it and so on. But they’ve changed it. It says…


US Citizenship and Immigration Services (A:  This is from the US government.)


RAIO Combined Training Course




So the US is actually making up all the different acronyms for them. It’s a training module and it goes through how to basically talk to them as they’re coming into the country, because now they can all claim discrimination, in any country in the world, and come right in now, you see, to the US; that’s the law. But they’re also changing it too; I’ll put the link up tonight too.  Obama has also done away with the fact that they mustn’t have AIDS. So they can have AIDS as well. So there you go.  That’s all fair, you see.


US lifts HIV/Aids immigration ban - / 4 January 2010




US Leadership to Advance Equality for LGBT People Abroad / Samantha Power / December 13, 2012


(A: well. The US is revolutionary you know, because those who took over the US are definitely revolutionary.)


During Human Rights Week, we reaffirm our commitment to upholding human rights and human dignity at home and abroad, and we recognize the need to build a world in which everyone can pursue their dreams free from violence and discrimination.


Last week at the Human Rights First summit, I described how advancing the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people around the world is central to, not separate from, our comprehensive human rights agenda. (A:  So it’s from the White House itself, this article here; it’s quite long.  I’ll put it up tonight at for those that want to read it.) 


Leveraging U.S. Foreign Assistance to Protect LGBT People from Violence and Discrimination and Respond to Urgent Crises:  (A:  In other words, they’re using money, and you’ll get no loans unless you put this at the top of your agenda, in other countries. Back after this.)


Hi folks, I am back Cutting Through The Matrix, and what a matrix it is, isn’t it? Most folk don’t even know they’re in it actually; they can only see one little room at a time. But during World War II, as an example, there was rickets in Britain because they had such incredible rationing. That’s what Orwell’s job was at the time; he worked for the BBC. His job, he actually said this, was to convince the public that the rotten stuff they were giving them, the small bits and pieces of meat and so on, very rationed, was better for them and much more nutritious. In other words, an expert opinion.  That’s where he actually found out how propaganda worked so well. But it’s back in Britain again because they’re austere now, bailing out other countries.


Dramatic increase in rickets in children. Lack of Vitamin D blamed / Keith Kendrick / Dec 14, 2012


(A:  It’s gone up fourfold in the last few years, of what it was before.)

There has been a four-fold increase in the bone disease - which has been relatively uncommon in the UK since the Victorian age (A:  No kidding, because that was when the industrial era and then World War II came along. And again, you saw some children who had grown up during that phase and they had these kind of bowed, thin legs because they had rickets. Well, it’s back again and it’s up fourfold. They don’t get vitamin D.)- over the last 15 years, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) said.


Poor intake of vitamin D is also resulting in higher incidences of diabetes, tuberculosis and multiple sclerosis (A:  I’d say it would make it worse actually, but it shouldn’t be the actual cause of it.), they said.  (A:  So anyway, that’s the sort of thing you’re getting.)


Alan:  Now there’s someone hanging on the line there, I’m not sure who it is. Are you there?


Aaron:  Yeah, I’m here.


Alan:  Who is it?


Aaron:  Aaron.  Can you hear me?


Alan:  Just about, yeah.


Aaron:  So hey, Alan, this is like the seventh mass shooting we had in the United States this year.  The funny thing is, it’s never… It’s always the innocent people, who are targeted, never, like, the bankers or something like that, you know. We didn’t get that, that didn’t happen. So that’s very interesting. But really what I want to talk about is the debt.  They’ve forestalled 2015. The way I see it, the police state is being set up so when the debt, which is the holiest of all holies, goes to a situation where the interest rates are, you know, allowed to free float through the market, it’s going to create a huge debt service, you know, taxation on the people.  The debt slavery is really going to kick in at some point in the next, probably, 2 to 4 years.


Alan:  It’s planned to; that’s why they came up with this fiscal cliff nonsense. It’s just a term to make it seem more concrete to the people.


Aaron:  Do you think that in maybe 2013 we’ll be a little luckier with mass shootings? Maybe they’ll, ah, go for...


Alan:  No.  You’ll still have shootings, until they get what they want, which is a disarmed public. That will continue, absolutely. And they’ll all have similar MO’s. They’ll all have been seeing psychiatrists, all of them. And they’ll all have been on certain drugs, and in semi-hypnotic states. Very easy to do with these drugs and a psychiatrist knows how to do it.  Very simple. It will always happen when they need to put more laws through. That will always happen, yeah.


Aaron:  So this one wasn’t enough to get the legislation, so it will continue, you think, until they get the legislation to take away the dangerous weapons; they might let people have pea-shooters and pellet guns or something, but if they take the big weapons, that would, you know…


Alan:  It’s got to be done. Don’t forget, you’re dealing with governments here who have sat deliberately and planned, years ago – with the same people still in and behind government there – wars across the whole Middle East, knowing how many millions of people they’d kill, quite cold-heartedly and not a thought about it. And don’t forget for an instant that they don’t think any differently of you at home. The end justifies the means, in their wars.  Whether it’s weapons of mass destruction, which is all baloney, or those guys attacked us first or something like that, to we’ve got school shooters shooting all our children, we can’t go on like this, they’ll get what they want and this is the tactic that’s being used.  But thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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