Dec. 20, 2012 (#1239)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 20, 2012:

Default Position = Conditioned Decision:

"To Know, Or Not to Know, That is the Question,
By-passing Conditioned Responses is Quite the Lesson,
Even Asking Why any Topic Leaves You Queasy,
It's Your Default Position Making You Uneasy,
Your Opinions aren't Yours, You Learned with Devotion
From a System Called School which Played with Emotion,
So You, The Perfect Graduate, Have had Removal
Of Logic and Reason, Left with Authority's Approval,
Sunstein and Behaviourists Found it Convenient
To Scientifically Indoctrinate, Leaving You Obedient"
© Alan Watt Dec. 20, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 20, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 20th of December, 2012. I always suggest and get this out of the road – I know most folk skip this part – because I always mention that you are the audience that bring me to you and I depend upon you to keep me going. So you can buy the books, hopefully, and the discs at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome. If you go into my website you’ll see other sites listed, the official sites I have. They all have audios for free download and they have transcripts for print-up in English. If you go into you can get transcripts in other languages of some of the talks that I’ve given.


I go through the history of this big system that you’re born into, the system that you take for granted, as did your parents and grandparents before you. People don’t realize they’re born into a complete system. It’s a complete total system worked out by professionals at very high levels, thousands and thousands of them that work for every single government. In fact, the government really works for them when you really boil it all down. Because there is a parallel government which is the real government, the one made by foundations which front for the big international banking boys who got together, formed these organizations, and even got Royal charters like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to help bring in a world type system, which they and the elite would run, in a different way, a scientific way, than previous governments and ages. They’d also go after all the resources on the planet, including human resources too. Big, big plans. 


Of course, HG Wells was a propagandist for them in fact. Huxley worked for them as well, both Huxleys, and various other ones, bringing in this new system. Their big idea was to alter the mindset of the general population, get rid of individuality. The United Nations has stated this too, the individual is the enemy of the world state. They want a collective society of dumbed-down obedient people where the proper people would run the world, the ones who would still be wild in temperament, they wouldn’t be inoculated into a dumb morass like the general public, and they would keep their instincts sharp, so they would be unaffected. And they would rule the world. Charles Galton Darwin himself wrote the book, The Next Million Years, where he discussed this, about not altering themselves at the top. But he also said too that the ordinary people wouldn’t need their complete intellect or instincts because the state, by then, would be making all their decisions for them. And here you are, it’s all here. It’s happened. And the public have just adapted step by step into the changes.


You have to go through the history of revolutions, not just the major bloody ones, but most revolutions that have happened all through the 20th century, in conjunction with the bloody ones.  Because domestically in the countries that were unaffected, bloodwise that is, you had all these quieter revolutions. And the sexual revolutions. Now you’ve got gender revolutions and so on. These were all part of the strategies to divide and conquer, divide and conquer a society from a monolithic type structure into a divided, completely multi-divided nation, each one. Then the elite group who planned all this come in and dominate you as a dominant minority.  That’s what Huxley called them himself, a dominant minority.  And it’s all happened pretty well.


This is the Century of Change, remember, the 21st century that they talked about in academia for the last 50-odd years. Their big utopian dream was to come to pass in this century of the scientifically-managed society. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix.  It truly is a matrix system because most folk really have been brought up with scientific indoctrination. This goes way, way back to the boys who worked for this global society, this big agency they worked for at the time, associated with the Royal Institute of International Affairs – the American branch is the Council on Foreign Relations; now they have Council on Foreign Relations branches across the world.


They even have their own version of history. One of their historians was Professor Carroll Quigley who worked with the State Department. He actually wrote a book on it, how they actually were responsible for all the big events of the 20th century, actually right up to this step too. Because the wars you’re seeing going on are simply continuations of standardizing the planet, taking the world over, instituting puppet governments across the world which they call democratic. Which are not, they’re all on board exactly with each other’s agendas and there’s no difference whatsoever in their priorities either. And they standardized central banks under The World Bank.  Again, that was all figured out in Quigley’s book too, The Anglo-American Establishment.  It’s a book you’ve got to read.  So it’s all arranged, and most folk don’t know it.


And as it’s happening too, they make sure you have the proper type of schooling which dumbs you down. It doesn’t teach you reasoning and logic; it actually impairs it in fact, if not blocks it all together.  You get groupthink now in school – they call it groupthink – because you have to agree with the class, the class has to agree with you.  And if you don’t agree with the class they’ll keep at you until you come around and see it their way, you’re on board with them. So you standardize the public as well. That’s also helped with incredible amounts of novels for children, and then into video games, and also into cartoons and everything else to do with children.  All the politically correct updates are in those particular things. It gives you your opinions as you grow up, how you feel about certain things as you grow up, and even how to react against things that you’ve been taught to react against, or for, for that matter. It’s just astonishing how well it’s really worked so well.


But today too we have the same old games going on, because the media’s all owned by a club of the same boys basically, across the world. They’re on board with the agenda too. They keep us, you know, amused at times. They also keep us confused much of the time and give us lots and lots of trivia. But now the children themselves are watching TV, these high definition screens, digital and all the rest of it; they can’t tell fact from fiction anymore. And so many of them are drugged to the eyeballs and dull of emotional responses in fact. Some who get off it eventually say that, they were like zombies when they were on it; they felt nothing. Of course, this is a well-established fact; there’s lots of articles on the drugging of children and what it does to them.  But at the same time too, some of these so-called antipsychotic drugs they’re giving them as well, along with speed or amphetamines really, because they give them that too.  For being hyper they give them speed; there’s a magic potion for you. But you understand, they’re bombed out of their skulls.  Then they’re watching movies like you wouldn’t believe by the militarized Hollywood culture where we’ve had 20-odd years or more of nothing but movies and good guys/bad guys and mass slaughter… for fun. We’re given this for fun. Because you see, they need a militarized culture right now to recruit guys, right now, and for the last 10, 15, 20 years, to fight all the wars which they knew they’d make happen at this time to standardize the rest of the countries into the global system.


But again, people have no idea of the collusion that Hollywood has to do with what you think and what you feel about things, your opinions and everything else too.  And you think you’re being entertained. You don’t bring on professors and specialists to help work out movies, people who are into behaviorism and neuroscientists and all of this, just to make movies, folks. This is to make sure the right impressions are instilled, imprinted in fact, on the minds of the viewers. They first started to see how easy it was using simple things which they knew were drives, like sexual drives and so on and they sexified everything until they overdid it of course. All the children start copying it, and then you have a dysfunctional generation when they grow up. Then one of the communist planks is fulfilled, because no one gets married, you see; that was part of it too. And they need the militarized culture.


Then you’ve got youngsters too, supposedly shooting places up and all the rest of it. Because their hero is the guy who’s got the power, and the power is dressed in black with all the armor plating on and you look just like a combat trooper, a SWAT team person. And that’s what they emulate, the person with the power. And they know all this too. Plus too, I’ll put up a little link tonight, and this fact is true, that this Dark Knight movie has so much in it to do with the references of the two last shootings we’ve had, Aurora and Sandy Hook.  You actually see the actual map that they used, and plus they were sending out posters before this, with the little place circled, this little town circled on it, to do with ‘attack zone’ and so on. That is not coincidence. That is not coincidence, folks. But again, Hollywood churned out lots of movies before 9/11 and they had the word ‘911’, or even the weight ‘911’ in it too. And you can’t just dismiss this. This is twilight language, as they say.  And it’s almost like the big boys putting their little jokes in there and giving you the finger at the same time. And I’m not kidding about that.


Sandy Hook Labeled "Strike Zone" In Dark Knight Rises -


And when it comes to the joke of politics, I mean a politician is just a stooge who will take orders from his trainers. He’ll say what he’s told to say; he’ll read the dummy boards and he’ll behave in certain ways. Sometimes they give them a little bit more deportment; every politician in Britain has a minimum of £500 to £1000 worth of expenses that goes into deportment, and they’re taught by actors on how to stand and pause and look impressive, or sad or whatever. Everything today is an act, an incredible act. Because the publics are glued to TV. All their reality comes from TV, and they think it’s all just as real – the guy is doing all the right movements an actor would make, therefore he’s very, very good, and you believe them.


Now, there’s an article here, it says...


Obama Campaign Reveals How it Collaborated with Hollywood to Win

(Alan:  And there’s nothing new in this kind of thing.)


Before the presidential election, the Obama campaign wasn't shy about the fact that it was cozying up to Hollywood to rally support. But now, the administration has revealed just how much it worked with industry insiders to help re-elect the president, and it turns out that they had a significant and strategic involvement.


In a piece this week, the Hollywood Reporter discloses that Obama's official relationship with Hollywood executives began during a meeting in Beverly Hills last year between the incumbent and "top-level agents and producers":


The plan that emerged from that meeting, [Eric] Ortner says, was very scientific: "The idea was to mobilize constituency groups to build a ground game. It was very strategic."


From there, celebrities including Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry and John Legend hit the ground running. They headlined concerts and made appearances in swing states, during which campaign workers would gather the contact information of attendees, whom they would later hit up directly with pleas to vote for Obama.


Their effort proved successful:


In the Vegas neighborhood where Perry performed for more than 13,000 people, area residents "rushed" their polling places on Election Day, according to local media accounts.


The actors and musicians involved with the effort also used social media to promote the president's campaign messages, with 90 million fans ultimately reached.


Obama's Hollywood Organizers Reveal Winning Strategy That Helped Tip Election - /  11/14/2012 / Tina Daunt


So that’s really how it’s done. And it wouldn’t make any difference which side was, you know, pushing this thing. They all use the same kind of techniques, if they can. But there’s no doubt, Hollywood is all for the global agenda. Because after all you see, it’s not there by chance. It’s not just there to entertain you, and to get awfully rich which it actually does too. It’s also there to influence you, because those who run, basically, the media and entertainment – the culture industry – run the country. And that’s a fact, folks. Because your culture is not the same culture you had when you were small, or your parents had. Hollywood literally changed it. People have adapted and adopted the Hollywood culture, on a much lower scale of course. But all that they’ve seen and heard and what they’ve been taught to think about, they have adopted it. So it’s all here.


And interesting too...


IntercontinentalExchange Finally Wins NYSE Euronext For $8.2 Billion

(A:  New York Stock Exchange.) /  12/20/2012


IntercontinentalExchange, a collection of over-the-counter and options markets, will buy NYSE Euronext (A:  It’s called.  Euro-Next, interesting name eh.) for $8.2 billion in a cash-and-stock deal.


ICE will pay $33.12 a share, a 37% premium over yesterday’s closing price of $24.05. Plus, when the deal closes, NYSE Euronext shareholders will own 36% of ICE shares.


The NYSE Euronext headquarters on Wall Street will remain unchanged, the company says. ICE will open another New York building in 2013, adding to two existing locations in New York and Atlanta. By merging, the companies expect $450 million in cost synergies within two years. “Synergies appear massive for companies with little business overlap,” says Peter Lenardos, a RBC Capital Markets analyst. 


New York Stock Exchange sold to derivatives company in $8bn takeover / 20 December 2012 / Dominic Rushe


So everything is owned, isn’t it, you know. Everything, even your stock exchange is too.  Of course they’re all owned; it’s not yours of course. It’s not yours at all. The money is not yours either, really. The debt is yours [Alan chuckles.].  They give it to you and you accept it. That’s why it’s yours, you accept it. But that’s how things really are.


Now going back to what I said at the beginning, perpetual childhood is really the dream of the socialist managers, perpetual childhood for all those that they manage, which is the vast populations. There’s a quote here and it’s from de Tocqueville. It says…


(Perpetual childhood In Strategy) June 2, 2011


“… (A) society which tries to keep its citizens in ‘perpetual childhood’: it will seek to preserve their happiness, but it chooses to be the sole agent and only arbiter of that happiness. Society will develop a new type of servitude which covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate … it does not tyrannise but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to be nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which government is the shepherd.” – de Tocqueville


Isn’t it the truth though. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  And what a life it is too, because we truly are treated like children and bombarded with media and data, and conflicting data too. It’s like the data that they give you at all these shootings and so on that happen. And then they give you so many conflicting stories that eventually you give up trying to think logically and just go with the eventual official story. That’s how it’s done. That’s why it’s done too. If there’s reporters on the spot, they don’t make mistakes, like second people being there and stuff like that, unless they are there, unless it’s intentional that they lie to you. And most reporters actually don’t even go there. They just get reports from the cops themselves. And the cops go through public relations. So everything’s managed, and eventually your mind is managed as well.


This article too is to do with the ongoing, to end this old system of sovereign nations you have to multiculturalize, and then make everyone feel guilty if they’re not too happy about it. But it’s not to create a hands-across-the-street sort of thing. It’s to do away with the existing culture, the dominant culture, for the new minority to take over, not the ones you’re seeing coming in by the way. Of course, even the incoming newcomers, immigrants and so on, they hope that they too will lose their culture and not adopt the old British system; there’s nothing left to adopt – it’s gone, for instance, this is in Britain. And so you get this new mushy culture, which really is a Sovietized culture where government is in charge of everything, with so many agencies, massive welfare systems too, social work departments, psychologists testing children, all that kind of stuff. This is the new society that they’ve dreamed of for so long.  Bertrand Russell and others talked about it, ad-nauseam, where everyone would get tested psychologically, etc. and they’d create the proper kind of citizens. The state would create them.


Well here’s an article too and it’s by Peter Hitchens. Now, he was the brother of Christopher Hitchens and Christopher was at complete opposite poles with him, but it’s interesting how they viewed things.  It says…


Alien nation: The new census reveals a Britain that would be unrecognisable even to our grandparents / Peter Hitchens / 15 December 2012


Peter Hitchens says that the Census (A:  ...statements that came out, and numbers and figures.) is not just a description of the state of things on a day in 2011 but a prophetic document telling us where we are going.


Christianity is on the decline while Islam is on the up and fewer of us are married for the first time ever.


The future will be another country. They will do things differently there.  (A:  The same place but it’s a different country and they’ll do things differently.)


The Census is not just a description of the state of things on a day in 2011, it is a prophetic document telling us where we are going, whether we like it or not. I don’t.


For the past 60 years or so, we have lived in a nation that was more or less familiar to anyone who had grown up in the pre-war Britain of 1939.


Even the devastation of conflict had not transformed it out of recognition.


People behaved, thought, worked, laughed and enjoyed themselves much as they had done for decades.


They lived in the same sorts of families in the same kind of houses. Their children went to the same kinds of schools.


And they had grown up in a land that was still identifiably the same as their grandparents had known.


And so it went back for centuries.


As recently as 1949, the prices of most goods were roughly the same, and expressed in the same money, as the prices of 1649.  (A:  Because it was the old coinage they used.)


A short-distance time-traveller between 1912 and 2012 might be perplexed and astonished, but he would not be lost.


That period is now coming to an end. I suspect that anyone in Britain, travelling between 2012 and 2112 would be unable to believe that he was in the same place.


What is the most significant single fact in the Census? I do not think there is one. Several are shocking or disturbing, if you are not fond of change, and delightful if you are. 


But there are some, which taken together, prophesy a transformation to come.


Look at these – manufacturing is now only the fourth-biggest employer, after supplying and selling goods and services, health and social work and education.  (A:  So manufacturing is down.)


So, in the nation that was once the ‘Workshop of the World’, we now have more teachers than industrial workers. (A:  And again, that’s part of the socialist system. Understand, even Lenin said this, and Stalin too, you’ve got to pay your Army, your military, your police and your teachers, a lot, because the teachers indoctrinate the next generation, the way the state wants them indoctrinated.)


London is rapidly becoming a separate nation, as different from England as Scotland or Wales are, with indigenous British people now in a minority, in some areas a very small minority indeed, and incidentally with extremes of wealth and poverty not known since Edwardian times.


Then of course there is the decline in Christianity, down by four million, from 72 per cent to 59 per cent; the growth in indifference to religion, with non-believers almost doubling to 14.1 million; and also of Islam, rising so fast that one British resident in 20 is now a Muslim.  (A:  This is all done on purpose, folks, by the big people who rule. And it’s not Muslim.)


The Muslim population is young, and keen on large families, while the Christian population tends to be older and less likely to have children.


This is very much a work in progress, far from complete. A lot of nominal Christians are no longer bothering to pretend to a faith they have never cared much about.  


Do not be surprised if, in ten years, the gap between the number of professing Christians and the number of Muslims has grown much smaller.


The secularists, who have so enthusiastically sought to drive Christianity out of British life, may realise with a gulp of apprehension that they have only created a vacancy for Islam – a faith that is not at all troubled by Richard Dawkins.


Perhaps most significant of all is the accelerating disappearance of marriage as the normal state of life for grown-up people.


For the first time, fewer than half of adults are married.   (A:  I’ll continue this article, it’s quite interesting, because the whole culture is gone. It’s not just religion; that was just a part of it.  Whether you believed in it or not, it was a cultural society based on it for the common rules. Back after this.)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big system changing and not just Britain but the world, and it’s all intentional. And Peter Hitchens whose brother was Christopher Hitchens, who was at the complete opposite pole. But Peter Hitchens is decrying basically the culture and things that held the culture together. Because at one time you could walk anywhere in complete safety and all the rest of it; you didn’t have all the trouble you have today. You didn’t have the joblessness as well.  And it’s all gone, and the pride is gone. You’ve got a welfare state now, which means you’ve got a dominant government, a totally dominant government in a welfare state. But he says…


Getting hitched (A:  He’s talking about getting married.): Homosexuals seem to be most enthusiastic about marriage just as heterosexuals tire of it


This means many things – a greater number of fatherless households, a greater number of cohabiting couples, the rapid disappearance of what was once a strong social force. (A:  It’s also your communities too, are all destroyed as they were.)


Since the stable married family is a fortress of private life and individuality (A:  And there’s the problem, individuality.  They say it has to go.), its retreat will mean the opposite of that: more state interference and surveillance, more conformism – and more conformists – and mass culture. Its main effect will be on the children.


Many of them will grow up outside what used to be normal, a lifelong two-parent home.


They will, as a result, be different sorts of people. Already, almost half of Britain’s 15-year-olds do not live with their ‘birth parents’; 300,000 sets of parents split each year.


I cannot believe this is not part of the reason for the so-called ‘riots’ of 2011, in which young men brought up without male authority ran wild.


These were equal-opportunity events, and their causes were home-grown, not imported. This will get much, much worse.


Again, conservatives will find this worrying and ill-omened. Liberal ‘progressives’, who have never had much time for the married family, seeing it as a sort of prison, will view it as a liberation.  (A:  ...because that’s part of the Manifesto.)


Edmund Leach, giving his influential Reith Lectures in 1967, put it this way: ‘Far from being the basis of the good society, the family, with its narrow privacy and tawdry secrets, is the source of all our discontents.’


It is striking that just as homosexuals seem to be most enthusiastic about getting married, heterosexuals are tiring of the whole thing.


But now compare the giant political fuss over same-sex marriage with the numbers of people affected. (A:  Meaning, the promotion of it and the media coverage.) See just what a tiny proportion of the country is involved.


While the decline of conventional marriage involves many millions, there are 105,000 people in civil partnerships, one-fifth of one per cent of the population, one person in 500.


And that is seven years after they first became available.


I have deliberately left migration to the end. The figures are astonishing, with one in ten people in England and Wales now born abroad, and the rate of increase over the past few years equally astounding – almost half of these new citizens have arrived here since 2001.


And, in a figure that has not attracted the attention it should have, almost three million people live in households where no adults speak English as their first language.


The main significance of this is the speed of it. Even now, official immigration still stands at 180,000 a year. Probably these totals are an underestimate, as illegal migrants tend not to fill in forms.


But the really important fact is that this revolution is the result of a deliberate, planned attempt to change this country for ever, and we have the evidence of this.


On October 23, 2009, a former New Labour official called Andrew Neather wrote an article in the London Evening Standard which was that very rare thing – a genuine revelation of a political secret.


The crucial passage described ‘a major shift from the policy of previous governments’. 


It disclosed that a ‘big immigration report was surrounded by an unusual air of both anticipation and secrecy . . . there was a paranoia about it reaching the media . . . Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.


‘I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date. That seemed to me to be a manoeuvre too far.


‘Ministers were very nervous about the whole thing . . . There was a reluctance elsewhere in Government to discuss what increased immigration would mean, above all for Labour’s core white working-class vote . . .


‘Part by accident, part by design, the Government had created its longed-for immigration boom. But Ministers (A:  ....politicians, that is.) wouldn’t talk about it.’ Why not? Because Labour voters wouldn’t have liked it. (A: It had been discussed.)


‘While Ministers might have been passionately in favour of a more diverse society, it wasn’t necessarily a debate they wanted to have in working-men’s clubs in Sheffield or Sunderland.’


On Friday the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, was still trying to appeal to working-class voters whose views his metropolitan fat-cat party secretly despises. (A:  Ed Miliband remember, with his brother, their dad was a top communist in Britain; he taught in universities there. He ran off from Europe to Britain and taught it there, communism.)


While praising immigration to his London audience, he pretended to be concerned about it by admitting there is ‘anxiety’ about the pace of change.


He promised (absurdly, since the EU has controlled our frontiers for many years) that ‘Britain must always control its borders’.  (A:  Actually, the EU said you couldn’t stop them coming in.)


But he then swiftly dismissed the idea – which would be the only hope of future harmony – that migrants should assimilate, saying this was ‘wrong for our country’.


He proclaimed: ‘One Nation doesn’t mean one identity. People can be proudly, patriotically British without abandoning their cultural roots.’


Is this true? In the days when the USA still sought to assimilate its migrants, it certainly didn’t think so. It insisted that they became Americans in every way, and as soon as they could.


Half the point of American state schools was the creation of new young Americans.


Since that policy was abandoned 30 years ago, the USA has in reality ceased to be one country, with large areas speaking Spanish and retaining the customs and cultures of their homes, hostile or chilly to their American fellow citizens, who return the favour.


Any observant person in Britain can see the same process in such cities as Bradford [in England], where multiculturalism has created two solitudes with their backs turned on each other.


Bit by bit, the people of this country are ceasing to have key things in common. They don’t share a religion, or a culture, or a history.  Many don’t even share a language.


They don’t eat the same food or watch the same TV stations or have a common sense of humour.


They sometimes even disagree about whether to drive on the left.  (A:  ...side of the road.)


They come from completely different legal and political traditions. (A:  And it’s true, a lot of them come from countries where there’s been totalitarianism, and they actually go along with it when they come into totalitarian countries like, well, Britain.  [Alan chuckles.])


In a strange paradox, many of the new Britons are more socially and morally conservative than their indigenous British neighbours, though their presence here is a sort of revolution in flesh and blood.


Many of the new migrants also have a completely different work ethic, not having grown up in our entitlement-based welfare state – which is why one of their main unspoken functions in Labour’s plan has been to keep wages down by providing a huge pool of cheap and willing unskilled labour.


Without mass immigration, the minimum wage would long ago have had to rise sharply, creating the crisis that all economists predicted when it was introduced.


As it is, we are fast becoming a low-wage, unskilled economy, with overcrowded cities, multi-occupied housing and hopelessly strained medical services, transport and schools.


There is also a widening gap between the rich, who can afford servants again for the first time since the era of Downton Abbey, and the poor, who have to be those servants.


The only way we will be able to sustain this is by becoming steadily cheaper, devaluing our currency through inflation and incidentally destroying the savings and pensions of the thrifty.  


And he goes on and on about what’s happening. But it’s all happened. I mean, it’s all been done, by design, to bring in the new society, you see, which really is no society at all. It’s just an obedient society of many, many groups all obeying government, or else. I mean, that’s what the new system is. And it was designed a long, long time ago, and you have a new dominant minority running the whole show.


Also tonight I’ll put up, ha, in Scotland, Scotland, it’s incredible how the communism runs Scotland. It truly is. Because they’re really taking… The government agencies are in everybody’s homes. If you’ve got a child you’re probably terrified in Scotland because they’re right in there. 


The Scottish Child Health Programme:

Guidance on the 27-30 month child health review


There’s a PDF that comes with this; I’ll give you it.  Because this is from the UN too; they’re helping it out. The EU bunch are helping it out too. They want to literally monitor you, health-wise, mental-wise and so on, right through your life. This is only part of it, to the 30-month part. And even the 30-month part is comical; they want to go on long after that. But they’re right into their parents as well, what kind of jobs they have, are they healthy, do they smoke, do they occasionally drink, all this stuff, people who look after me and all this kind of stuff. Then it even goes into mental health; they also mean of the parents too – and that’s going to be judged by some social worker that’s been made paranoid by all of their indoctrinations and so on and so on.  And then...


My wider world (A:  It’s quite interesting. Up to 30 months, they’re talking about…)


Home learning environment

Play opportunities

Books and reading

Screen time (e.g. television, computer)

Early learning and childcare

Nursery/childminder/playgroup attendance or registration


Inoculations, vaccinations, it’s all there.  Socialism is totally… Actually, the Soviets would have loved this system. See, we’re beyond the Soviet. We’re into what the Soviet was supposed to turn out to be. We’re the next phase of it. It’s all happened. Big government, you see, running it properly, scientifically.


Another article I’ll put up tonight too, is called…


New Report: Three-Fifths of Colleges Seriously Restrict Free Speech on Campus / Dec 18, 2012


So they can’t get it; it’s at loggerheads with the First Amendment. This is in the US. I’ll put this up tonight because it’s interesting. And it is true, their own speech codes in universities and colleges are conflicting, totally conflicting with the First Amendment right of free speech. So I’ll put this article up tonight as well.


Now, Hillary Clinton... As we go into all these partnerships with free trade organizations, the BRIC countries, you’ve got the Pacific Rim groups and so on, the transpacific partnerships, the trans-European partnerships.  We’ve got all these partnerships. Free trade, again, the brainchild of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, from a hundred years ago.  And when anybody else tries to do the same, because they’re getting shelled in there by, say, different missiles surrounding their countries, you’re Sovietization, or Sovietizing your country.


Clinton’s ‘Sovietization’ comment attracts Kremlin’s ire / December 19, 2012


(A:  So the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, she’s annoyed the President of Russia.)


The Russian President’s press secretary said recent remarks by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about ‘re-Sovietizing the CIS countries points to a total lack of understanding about the processes taking place in the region.


As the former Soviet countries that make up the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) continue to adjust to the occasionally harsh realities of democracy and globalization, Clinton’s comment struck a raw nerve.


The US Secretary of State explained efforts to promote greater integration in the CIS as “a move to re-Sovietize the region.”


“It's not going to be called that,” Clinton remarked. "It's going to be called a customs union; it will be called the Eurasian Union and all of that. But let's make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow it down or prevent it."  (A:  Now, that’s exactly what we’re doing.  What do you think the economic union of Europe is? That’s a union, European UNION, you know. And we have the Transpacific Partnership, which is a union, and many other unions. But anybody else that’s not quite in the club, that does their own little thing, then apparently they’re becoming Soviet.  And they didn’t call the bric countries Soviet, when the Latin American countries got involved with China and different ones making their own little deal. But there’s big bones to pick, you see, with Russia, for a lot of the folk that were kicked out of it.)


To associate these open developments with some sort of “Sovietization” fails to appreciate the changes taking place in the former Soviet Union,” he said in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel.


Indeed, Russia and the CIS states, much like other regions of the world, are coalescing into various economic and political unions, not to mention security alliances. Moscow is certainly wondering if Clinton has forgotten that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which continues its mission creep across the former Soviet space, is a vestige of the Cold War period. Indeed, the majority of Russians believe the western military alliance has outlived its purpose and should be disbanded.  (A:  Because it was supposed to be only for the Cold War period, and of course they were in there bombing Libya and different places.)


At the same time, Clinton overlooked the basic differences between what passed for integration in the Soviet period compared with today. For starters, in the Soviet period, all of the decisions were passed down from Moscow in an effort to bring the various Soviet Republics in line with communist ideology.  (A:  ...and he goes on and on and on.)


But it just shows you… Because the US, they’re into Bulgaria and different places putting missiles in; they put missiles into Turkey. And of course they’re trying to do the old Cold War thing and surrounding Russia with missiles. It’s the same thing on the go, you see. So that’s why that’s all happening.


Also I want to mention tonight too, about this... Talk about culture going down the tubes with the ones who are involved in culture creation. There’s a band in Britain called LostProphets and they’re all in the wilderness now, because their front man, their singer was accused of plotting to rape a baby. No kidding. He’s been arrested. It says…


Lostprophets band members in "state of shock" after frontman

 Ian Watkins accused of plotting to rape a baby / Natalie Evans /  20 Dec 2012


The band released a statement after the 35-year-old singer appeared in court yesterday charged with six child sex offences.  (A:  The accused is Ian Watkins.)


Members of Welsh rock band Lostprophets are “in a state of shock” after lead singer Ian Watkins was accused of plotting to rape a baby.


The 35-year-old frontman appeared in court yesterday charged with six child sex offences - including conspiring with a female fan, 24, to rape a one-year-old girl.


(A:  Apparently there’s two females now that they’ve got.)

The singer and two women, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are also accused of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a girl under 13.  (A:  Well I’d say yeah, a 1-year-old girl is under 13.)


Watkins - a former boyfriend of TV presenter Fearne Cotton - was further charged with three separate charges of possession, making and distributing indecent images of children.


He is also accused of possession of “extreme pornography”, some involving animals.


Watkins’ bandmates - Jamie Oliver, Lee Gaze, Luke Johnson, Mike Lewis and Stuart Richardson – released a statement on their website today speaking of their “shock”.  (A:  Well, really?)


Lead singer of Welsh rock band Lostprophets, Ian Watkins, charged with child sex offences / Natalie Evans / 19 Dec 2012


But you know, the whole culture is in degradation – I’ve been saying that for years – by design. And that TV tube has altered the world, intentionally too. Not just for ratings, not just for the cash… but by planning.  I’ve mentioned before that the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs had that meeting in the 60s to do with who they were going to give the power to, to give the world its culture. They were talking about using the British film studios that they had in London, or should they use Hollywood, to create not just music, but movies and music. They decided eventually, after this two-weeklong meeting, they would give it to the US and Hollywood, and it has been done. And the whole agenda pretty well of destroying the cultures of those countries has been completed.


So there’s nothing… This doesn’t even shock people anymore. What does shock people anymore? You don’t get shocked unless you follow the boob tube for your news, a school shooting, and they lead you through a whole bunch of things that supposedly have happened, haven’t happened, they keep changing their mind about the story, until you give up, but you go along with the emotion and it goes right into gun control.  From there to there, just like that. So emotion and the creation of emotional hype has the desired effect for an agenda to go through. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt. I’ll go to the calls now and there’s Anthony from New York hanging on there. Are you there Anthony?


Anthony:  Yes I’m here. Thank you for taking my call.  I just wanted to slightly change the subject, but this one’s a follow-up on that one shooting, the Sandy Hook shooting over in Connecticut, was pretty horrible.  I noticed that there was a link between the Newtown, Connecticut and the shooting that took place in Australia, where the shooter was also from a place called Newtown, in Australia back in 1996. I was wondering if you knew anything about that shooting that took place in 1996 in Australia?


Alan:  I do remember that. Again, it was the same kind of thing. It was a lone guy.  I think he shot up a bunch of tourists actually, Japanese if I remember right, at the time. That was one of the big shootings that was set off there. It was never explained properly.  And then there was another one after that too. There’s been a lot of questions asked, if these were set-ups as well. So yeah, when you get the names jiving like that you just can’t ignore them. There’s no doubt, particularly, the Hollywood guys sent out these posters with the little pictures of the map and so on, and T-shirts as well, to people before the movie even came out, with Aurora on it – and that’s in the movie; you can actually see it in the Batman movie on top of a building. Then you see the map where they’re going to have a hit, or a strike, and it’s Sandy Hook. I mean it’s there.


Anthony:  Also, real quick, what was very interesting as well is that I believe a year before they had the Department of Homeland Security that had a drill there, which was… I guess the drill was probably supposed to be simulating something similar also as well, which is very, very interesting. Very bizarre also as well.


Alan:  Yes. And again too, reporters are taught to report on facts before they publish anything to the people. And yet here they are saying there was a shooter found, another one found and handcuffed outside the school, and then he’s not there anymore. Then they found all these .223 cartridges all over the school from the rifle, then later they say the rifle was found in the trunk of the car; obviously it wasn’t used. They keep giving you these contradictory reports. Now, reporters don’t do that, just like that.  Even in the excitement they’re supposed to get the facts right. So I think the technique they’re using is like a twilight technique, they call it, where you’re still addicted to the tube – because everyone today is, they’re addicted to the tube for all information. So they keep watching it and they get so confused, then eventually when the final story comes out they won’t question anything at all; they’ll take it just as it’s said. But nothing makes sense in this. They said that the woman was a homeschooler of this child; she was not. They said she worked at the school; she didn’t work at the school. They even said in the early reports, remember, that the husband in New Jersey was found dead; he wasn’t. I mean, you just don’t make these mistakes. Any reporter today has access to more information on us, than we have on each other, and they can get it instantly, believe you me, and in real time. So this is a technique that’s being used here to disassociate the people from thinking logically themselves, and pull them, step by step, right into the emotional bit, with the crying with Obama and all that, into the objective which is gun confiscation. This is a technique, there’s no doubt about it.


Anthony:  That’s amazing. They were even saying that there were even reports of the principal giving some sort of report or complaint to the police, and now all of a sudden that’s been removed.


Alan:  Everything gets removed step-by-step-by-step and you’re left in the twilight zone. But you’ve got the objective there, you’ve got rage, an emotional rage all mixed up with it.  And it’s been done before. You have to go into the old Bath bombing in the US back in 1923, where a guy blew up a school, and they didn’t ban janitors; it was the janitor that did it.  A taxi driver in Britain ran over eight guys after a dispute; they didn’t ban taxis. But thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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