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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It is September 14th, 2007. For newcomers, as always, check into site for lots of free information and talks on the history of how we got to where we are and where we're going, who did it all and how it's done to you through you scientific education and training. I tell you the names of the big scientific players that work for the global elitists, the very wealthy families that have run the world for probably thousands of years. You can also check into for transcripts you can download for free in the European tongues.  


Tonight, I was thinking of talking spontaneously because these are spontaneous talks I give. I generally don't plan anything at all. I sit down and whatever has been in the edges of my mind comes out, and it's to do with people who email me going through the same steps I find. The same steps of trying to sort things out and people are in different stages of waking up. Some have woken up long ago. Some have always known something is wrong, their entire lives, with this structural system that they grew up in.


Now for those who have always known something is wrong, it's because they don't realize that the TV, really the instrument which gave us a form of reality and a tool of tremendous conditioning, gives you a fiction, the ideal family, the ideal this, ideal that, and that continued up until about the 1970’s and suddenly reversed. Then they showed you the dysfunctional families through comedies and so on. Regardless, people live up to one or the other depending on their era, the time they grew up in, and they noticed it's never the same in their own domestic life. People really haven’t been so happy and the reason for it being that the whole structural system was designed and authorized a long, long time ago to keep people working their butts off, basically, and paying taxes to keep a small elite with their power control in charge of the whole system.


We are in a system that didn't just evolve, anymore than the future is going to evolve. We have science fiction writers coming out belonging to the Futurist Society, where they're given basically information on high technology that's kept secret from the public and probably won't be released for 40 or 50 years, so they write stories around these particular topics. Exciting stories with the intent to get the young especially to look forward to these particular types of changes. The changes, however, are always for an ulterior purpose. It's for simply more control. Never in the history of a dominant minority ruling over a majority, have a minority given their power away to anyone else. It doesn't happen. It doesn't happen in life. Never has happened. They always use experts. In the old days it was high priests and historians. Now it's experts and they have been running our lives since before most of us were born. I'll be back after these following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, just going through some of the feelings and the understandings people come through as they're waking up into this nightmare we call reality. As I say, we come out of the dream and we wakeup in a nightmare, when you realize that pretty well everything in your own life and in your parents’ life and grandparents’ was basically rigged. We're living a script. All the major events are planned way ahead of time by big armies of thinks tanks and professionals who work for the dominant minority. In Britain it was much easier to understand because, even though people voted and went through the rigmarole of left wing and right wing and all the rest of it, they still all referred to a small group they called "The Establishment" as being in charge. This establishment would occasionally show its face with one of their members like Bertrand Russell on television and various other ones. Members of the high aristocracy going back for centuries and centuries who'd accumulated wealth through the various myriad of wars that Britain went through ever since they created the Bank of England, long before the Rothschild's took it over.  The Establishment have always been in control. They gave democracy, this term democracy really is to placate the people, to make them think they had a say in things.


In fact just today, while I'm on the topic of democracy, it's voting time coming up in Canada in the provinces, which are just like the U.S. States. A big glossy pamphlet about a foot and a half long when it's unfurled, in both official languages French and English, at the top is a caption and it says, "VOTE - Don't let others speak for you," which is kind of an oxymoron, because the whole point supposedly in the scam of voting is that you're voting someone to speak for you. So there you go. It really doesn't mean anything anymore because we're living through an agenda and we always have been living through an agenda.


Writers in the late 1800’s talked about the necessity to bring in a global system and how they would do it, starting with basically a world war and how they would need a world war to get everyone involved. Bring every country to its knees as they get exhausted with resources and men, manpower, and they almost succeeded. They did manage to get up the League of Nations, which President Wilson funded for with Mandell House behind him in league with Lord Earl Grey from Britain. Grey was the boss really behind Mandell House, and that's at the same time they brought in the various tax laws to help finance it. These were all temporary tax laws supposedly. The same in Britain and nothing is temporary once it's on the books, as we know. It's continuing to this day, only we're paying far, far more than any of our ancestors could ever have imagined.


World War I came and went and the League of Nations tried to get total power for the world. Big front men like H.G. Wells, the propagandist for this particular organization, wrote about it. He said in one of his books that since the League of Nations was now formed, high level bureaucrats and new governmental departments could bypass the politicians and converse basically with their equivalent cohorts or bureaucrats within the League of Nations, bypassing all politics and all democracy. He thought that was a wonderful thing. He wasn't the only one.


Many others wrote about it too at that time. However, the American people were probably the only people who did stand up at that time and they weren't quite ready to give up what they knew was their national sovereignty to a power they knew would be based over in Europe somewhere, so they had to go back to the drawing board and scheme and plot; and sure enough, over many years they managed to cordon off Japan. At the same time, the U.S. banks were financing Japan to arm itself to the teeth. All the scrap metal that they brought into Japan and they had to because Japan didn't have all that raw resource. It came from Canada and the U.S.  Trains for 15 almost 20 years took all the scraps to Japan as it built up a navy and massive armaments, and they got all of its financing from guys like Bernard Baruch from the U.S., one of the biggest bankers, the man that Winston Churchill used to visit before he went to see FDR when he visited the U.S. during the war. Then, as they were doing all this, they were cordoning off Japan and stopping it having access to other natural resource countries and they knew they were bringing on a war.


World War II came along. The Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is both, one in the same thing, the American branch and the British branch, had their meeting in Australia in the 1937-38 global meeting. They talked about this coming war and how they would have to save the Soviet Union at all costs, which was rather strange because the Soviet Union with communism was supposed to be an arch-enemy that promised through all of its writings to destroy all the old systems including monarchy. But here they are, saying that they would defend the Soviet Union at all costs. In the same book, from the minutes of their meetings, they said that it would be very fortunate if Japan were to attack the United States and that would bring the U.S. into this coming war, which they knew Britain would begin before the U.S.; and we think it all just happened spontaneously out of the blue. Nothing happens out of the blue.


We're living, as I say, a script and these guys know what they want. They get the problem going to cause it. They know what the reaction will be, and out of it comes their outcome, which we all accept as some natural formula of just coincidence. If they want to disarm the public, they'll have the school shootings. They'll have strange lone gunmen that all use the same pattern, the same formula and go berserk and have no memory of it afterwards, or guys like Timothy McVeigh who was in Special Forces in the U.S. who ends up blowing up the Oklahoma City Building, supposedly, we're told, with basically a bomb made out of fertilizer. It was very strange that all of the bomb-proof pillars in that building that were made to be bomb-proof and take much higher impacts from higher explosives all came down as well. McVeigh also mentioned that he had a chip implant in his butt, and that is not laughable at all because there's been soldiers coming out since the 1960’s complaining about the same thing. Sure enough, they have removed some implants from troops in Britain who were being tested, unknown to themselves, when they were implanted during minor operations while in the military. Simple things like abscess and so on in the spine and they found they were getting little chip implants.


We are guinea pigs. The whole world basically is one vast laboratory and we're experimented on constantly, without our knowledge and consent; and to Joe Public, all that matters is that he or she can survive, play themselves, enjoy themselves and get through life. Keep their heads down and have a fairly easy – that's what Joe Public wants, and that's what the elite at the top know because they understand human behavior to the maximum.


We have other people who are waking up in a shock, in a frenzy when they personally are attacked in some way for the first time when the authorities move in on their property through a myriad of agencies now. We have so many laws concerning the home, all coming from the United Nations. Every law on the planet to do with building codes, septic tanks, guttering, upgrades for electricity, everything, is coming and has been for years from the United Nations. Governments just sign it into laws as soon as they get them put on their table. They have said already that they're going to start fining people for even things like a hole in a gutter, like $1,500 per day until you're either bankrupt or you comply. How many people can possibly jump to it in two or three days and fix all these things if some inspector suddenly decides it isn’t up to scratch. That's to get the people out, and lots of folk are getting hit with this kind of thing now.


They want the public off the land into the new habitat areas. For the mass-man and woman, the habitat areas are the cities; for the elite and the bureaucracies and the essential ones, that Stalin talked about and Lenin talked about and others talked about, the ones who are necessary or conditioning and enforcing law, they’ll all live in their prettier places in the country. They're prettier communities with more high-tech, more space and all the rest of it. That's already happening. If you look at the surveys of who's buying the homes in the country, the big homes, expensive ones, they're mainly people who work for governments in bureaucratic positions or they're man and wife who are teachers on very high salaries. That's what's been happening for years. Everyone else is getting pushed off the land, and that again was an agenda that even Lenin wrote about over 100 years ago.


Isn't it strange that they could write these things so long ago, and we live through it and we're told it's all coincidence. Just one coincidence after another. Joe Average when, as I say, he gets hit personally by authorities who come his way will freak out. He will look for alternate news to try and inform him what really is happening because what is happening shouldn't be happening but it is happening. It shouldn't be happening in his life because he's done nothing wrong. He is good. He's followed the rules. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Alan Watt here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and before I go on to this caller, I’d just like to finish that people who break out suddenly because of something that has happened in their life and look into the alternate media, suddenly are hit with a barrage of incredible realities from various people in different areas. Again, more experts in different areas that overwhelms them sometimes, and they then freak out even more trying to inform those around them of what they're just learning, and it sounds bizarre because it's an alien talking to a different species initially.  So try and tone down if you're just learning, you're just waking up to this new reality that's always been here. Try not to terrify those around you so much with everything you're hearing, and checkout your facts before you do as well. The legitimate ones are easily checked and you'll be able to put it across to them in a sensible manner that won't isolate you or alienate you so much from those around. You don't need more conflict, especially with those nearest and dearest to you.


Now I think Don from Ohio is on the line. Are you there, Don? Hello Don.


Don:  I am here. Yes. I didn’t want to divert from what you are speaking about, but I did want to give a heads up to all the listeners out there that on Bill Moyers Journal tonight they're going to do a 9/11 for the record show, which talks about pre-knowledge weeks and months beforehand. It's on PBS. In the east it's on at 10 AM, 10:30, I don't know the rest of the country, but it might be interesting to see and record and stuff like that. If you don’t see it on TV tonight, you can also go to Bill Moyers Journal and they have a streaming of it after the show and stuff like that. I don't know if it's going to be any good, but it's the chance maybe.


Alan:  They have to put something out because there's just too much information out there that conflicts with the first official story; and again, people too, remember, have no memory. They have very little memory. People are losing their memories and have been for some time. The day after it happened, the media was abuzz and they had people from Britain from the top intelligence services talking about the frustration they felt at having to warn the U.S. over and over and over that this was going to happen on that date and it was completely ignored. All that stuff is forgotten now and that was general mainstream media at the time.


Don:  And Cheney was snapping his fingers all along.


Alan:  They all are. All these men are just front men because none of these men at the top – what seem to be at the top, even though they are the little coterie that's the New American Century group, none of these guys could make a move without the rest of the big boys in Europe's consent. It was interesting that Tony Blair was the one man band that went right into action and backed it all with no hesitation and most of the parliament was against him in what he wanted to do, so that tells you there was a higher authority guiding all of this. The very fact that even NAFTA – I was just reading the Hudson Report there on the Summit of the Americas and the integration of the Americas, and the Hudson Institute is almost thanking 9/11 for helping them rush ahead the integration process. So many things were hanging on something happening that year to get this whole process moving. Not just with integration but with a global ID system, international with a global so-called anti-terrorist bill that they all signed right away within a week. They all had it on the table before 9/11 happened. 9/11 HAD TO HAPPEN to make it all come true, so this tells you that it isn't just one little group working on their own. If they were working on their own, they wouldn't have had the backing of the other major countries.


Don:  Right. It's been in the works for a long time.


Alan:  Absolutely. This was a "must be" as it's called in the higher circles. Something that's planned that's a must be. Everything hinged upon it. Arthur C. Clarke, the big high Mason with all his little allegories at the top there in his book "2001" written in the 1960’s, he called it "2001" because a major new event was to happen in the world that would change the world and it was all done in allegorical story form. Then in his next novel, "2010," was to be basically a new world type order. By 2010, even in the Hudson Institute's Report here, we’re to be all integrated. These guys knew 40, 50 years ago what was coming.


Don:  Hey, have a good night.


Alan:  You too. That's the key to all of this. We're living through a script and it's very much like the Matrix movie, where you get an occasional glitch in the program when the cat walks at the bottom of the stairs and he goes along twice, a little glitch in the program. Some people are sensitive to the little glitches we get when things don't quite jive the way they're supposed to and your sensory perceptions kick in, and you question yourself first of all because everyone around you seems to be normal and going along with all the info they're getting, but you're not quite happy with it; and that's because part of your mind is still functioning. The reality, and this is a sad truth, a hard truth to take: We have all been hit big time, heavily with inoculations that were bioengineered in warfare laboratories and given out a long time ago under various guises to help us all. Then, afterwards, we find the books came out written by those guys who invented these vaccines like Dr. Salk, who happened to be one of the top eugenicists in the planet who promoted the vast reduction of population and the sterilization.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I think we have Dan in Pennsylvania. Are you there, Dan? 


Dan:  Thank you so much for taking my call, and also thank you for the gentle way that you wake people up and for reminding us that the people around us do have free will and just because we love them, doesn't mean that we can wake them up. I have a strange question about [Idrashal] and Sufism. I noticed a lot of times there's a lot of similar words in freemasonry and Sufism and I just wanted to get your take. Thank you and wish you well in getting wood in and hope Hamish does well. Take care now.


Alan:  Yes, you too. Sufism is interesting because the Sufis came from what use to be Persia and went to India when they were being persecuted. They have their roots going way, way back, partly Mohammedism and partly even Zoroastrianism combined but with some good ideas at the top as well. They figured out for themselves, as a philosophy almost, that particular people who did marry carefully, again, almost eugenically, would have better offspring, healthier offspring, more intelligent and they certainly prospered in India. Sufi literally means "wool," which is interesting too because you have the sheepskin, the wool, the lamb's wool or just sheepskin which the Masons use as their apron, but you also go back to the days of Sumer and the priests there, the only garment they wore was basically a sheepskin around their waist down to about their knees. There certainly is a lot of similarities especially to do with the sun. They don't really worship the sun but they use it as an allegory for life itself. All life on the planet depends on the sun; and people who think they actually worship it are mistaken. They're worshipping the higher deity beyond it all that no one can name. It's beyond all human understanding, beyond human reasoning even, because we tend to make deities in the shape of ourselves. As it's been said before, if we were shaped like triangles then the god would be presented as one as well. We project it into the deity. So that's it for Sufism basically.


We find that, as I say, the priests of Sumer wore these particular sheepskin cloths around their waste downwards as the shepherds of the people, and again, it's a nasty sort of way of putting it because the sheep is the most stupid animal there is basically. It's a herd animal. It follows the herd. Someone wrote recently who worked with basically sheep and cattle et cetera that went to a slaughterhouse, and he said the only way to get the sheep out of the pen was to start lifting two or three out and pushing them outside and then the rest would follow because they all like to be together. They don't like to be different than all the rest of the sheep, and that's why the people at the top call the public the sheeple or the sheep, so it's very, very true.


Now I think we also have Todd in California. Are you there, Todd?


Todd:  Hi, Alan, just had a couple of quick questions for you. When exactly do you see the Amero being forced on us? What do you think the timeline is for when the biochip is going to be enforced and mandatory?


Alan:  The biochip, it's already been enforced for the last 10 or 12 years in the Special Forces in Europe. I know that because I've read books written by some of the guys that have just left the Special Forces and they admit they had them implanted under the eyebrow, one of their eyebrows.


Todd:  Involuntarily?


Alan:  Yes. They're expanding it within other regiments as well, and have been for a while.  However, the chip is to be gradually sold to the public: the idea of that you need it, you need this chip and how convenient it will be.  That's how they're going to try and sell it initially and then, once maybe 40 percent have accepted it, they'll simply make it impossible to live without it. You won't get into a store – you’ll walk into a store and alarms will go off and you're not authorized to be there. The same thing with airports, you'll walk right past the queue. They've just announced for instance that the next step is to give you the ID card and special fingerprinting and all the rest of it within the active chip on the ID card, you'll be able to walk to the head of the line without any hassle. They simply make it easier for you to walk into the mousetrap, and that's how they hope to eventually sell the chip. I have the actual chip to be implanted. It's to go into the back of the head. I got it from a guy within the company from Germany that's making them. The U.S. has ordered millions of them and it's ready to go. It's an active chip.


Todd:  They've already been ordered and are being shipped over?


Alan:  Yes.


Todd:  Wow. Can I ask you a quick question about passports?  I just recently got my U.S. Passport and it does have an RFID chip in it. Do you think it would be safe to say that it's trackable by GPS satellite?


Alan:  Yes it is trackable by the satellites. That's why they've been throwing them up all over cities. People think it's just for the cell phone. No. These guys always have a good reason and a real reason. It's to eventually track everyone who must carry that with them at all times. You'll also find once it's issued next year they'll start arresting who are in back alleys or somewhere – it will be in the papers how suspicious characters and the hard time that they had when they were caught, even though they were innocent, and that's going to start terrifying the public to carry it with them at all times. Then they'll go even further. “So and so didn't have it. It was lost or stolen,” and bingo, it will be on Oprah or Dr. Phil. You can get this one implanted. That's a step-by-step process we're all being trained.


Todd:  Oh yes, step-by-step they’ll got it. Okay, well thanks for answering my questions and thanks for all the work that you do for us.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  I think we also have Olha in Canada. Hello, Olha.


Olha:  Hello.


Alan:  How are you?


Olha:  Fine. Nice to talk to you again.


Alan:  Yes.


Olha:  Alan, I have a question that's been burning in my mind for a while now. A few months ago I listened to a fellow a proclaimed head of Church of Satan, and he was very prolific and extremely intelligent and to my surprise the main theory that the Satanists worship is individualism. Now I know you’re always saying that we should become individuals. Not that I'm saying that you're promoting Satanism, but I don't think that people really understand what individualism is like.


Alan:  You're right.


Olha:  Because most people – I mean they basically care about themselves or their immediate family, and to them that's being an individual, so I don't know. Maybe you could do a whole show on that and explain it to people, because so many people listen to you and some Satanists could come up to them and not tell them they're Satanists and talk about individualism and they'll say oh, Alan says to be an individual, and so many people respect you and they might get confused.


Alan:  That's right and the thing too with Satanism – really, it's the same old thing from another angle. “We're all one,” and Satan of course, and you'll see that in possession movies et cetera or the history of people who are possessed where the demons say, “we are one. We are legion. We are many but we are one,” and so, really, they're taking you back into the same trap of the dialectic, just in another way. Anyway, you have to believe in that one particular type of god to believe in a Satan, so you're back into Christianity, Judaism versus Satan, you see. They're bringing you back into the same religion only from a different angle, and they got to realize that most people on the planet don't believe in Judaism or Christianity. That's a hard thing for people in America to accept, but that happens to be the truth. There are many, many other religions with vast followers.  Satan has many, many meanings, starting from the ancient Aramaic word of [shiatan] it's the same old thing. Satan is really a composite of everyone together and all the bad side of human nature personified into supposedly a being; because if, and going back to that same religion of Christianity, if the kingdom of heaven is within you, then so is the kingdom of hell. It's up to you which one you manifest in your immediate vicinity, you see? So don't be fooled by these guys.


Olha:  Oh I'm not fooled by it. I was just concerned for some other people that might hear somebody talking about individualism, and you're always saying being an individual, that they might get kind of caught up.


Alan:  They'd have to be, as I say stuck in a particular mode of religion already to even connect that kind of thing at all. I'll tell you another thing too. See, governments since the 1800’s have been sending out people as gurus and leaders to mislead the public, because they give you past time religions that render you harmless basically. You don't participate in life. You don't want to know the negative aspects of what's happening around you, so you're basically neutralized from participating in creating a future.   I've actually met some that are employed by the Canadian government from the federal government that are sent out into the public, and they do pull little “spells” you might call it with the use of drugs. I've seen it done on someone I knew very well, and he ended up in Wiccanism because of that incident, and she worked for the federal government jet setting across the planet in a particular department. They do train these people. Every government does in the west to go out into the world and create “mystery and confusion” as they call it, and vast amounts of people unfortunately generally follow them. They go around in circles until they're a basket case, and they mix fact with fiction so that it ridicules the fact when the fiction is lumped in amongst it. However this does go on and you'll find even the guy who was the head of the Church of Satan before, Anton LaVey, which was the allegorical name he had made up, you find that he worked for the U.S. Intelligence Service. Now what's a guy at the top of the U.S. Intelligence Service running that system for? That tells you all you really need to know. It's a PSY-OPS control, psychological operations; and, believe you me, we live in it. It's all around us. The whole reality we're given, even your regular media, the comedies you see is nothing but PSY-OPS approved.


Olha:  Well Alan, I'd like to thank you. You're a voice of reason.


Alan:  Let’s all keep thinking for ourselves.


Olha:  You help keep me sane. Well thank you very much.


Alan:  You take care. Bye now. I'm just scratching the top of the mountain here, but that's how deep it goes. We don't realize that Hollywood itself, they had debates back in the 1960’s in Britain held in London with The Royal Institute of International Affairs and CFR and they were deciding which country would be given the right to lead the world to create a common culture, through media and primarily television and music and fiction and et cetera. After two or three weeks there, it was in the major newspapers that they decided Hollywood was to take the lead. That also meant it had to be integrated with all of the agencies that run psychological operations on the public, and they'd been ongoing before the 1960’s, and what kind of dramas and movies and so on they would portray to the public. What culture they would give to the public. How they would upgrade that culture and alter it for it subsequent generation. That's why people who were born in the '60’s onwards with the drugs, with the pill, with the abortion, with free love, sex:  I've watched families fall apart and the state has taken over the roles that the parents use to have. That was intentional. It didn't happen by chance. It was planned long ago. They went through all the things they'd have to do so they could control every single person, again, individually. That's the government to the individual with no little mob or family standing up for them, and they said they would have to destroy the family; and that's what they've been up to all this time.


Today, we're seeing the repercussions. We see the massive divorce rate. We see that couples have a hard time even trying to co-exist in even a fairly friendly manner, because the television, all those things they're addicted to, are creating dissatisfaction within them on a daily basis. Again, psychological warfare, and in a world where experts count and you don't, you'll listen to the expert rather than your partner across the room from you. This again is intentional.


In the ancient times they talked about the altar. The altar is where you put the man or woman above the rest of the people. They are “altared.” They're desirable. They're more important and that's what you see on television. Television puts people above the ordinary human person. They seem larger than life, more important and you start to obey them and believe they know more than you. You do what they suggest or they tell you and you're being controlled through television. You're being controlled and downloaded into on a daily basis as you sit and lap it all up, and your life will be falling apart because you will start to believe what you hear and see, and even the comedies will start to affect you and little things that you see within that show. You'll start to act it out in your own life and your life will fall apart. You'll have a hard time getting and holding on to relations; and this is all intentional as I say.


We live in a controlled society. You heard about “family planning.” You know what means. Now it's “global planning.” It's society on a global structure, where all must be one. That's one system, one value system, and they'll keep changing the values.  Plato said the art was so perfected in his day 2,300 years ago that the generation living through the changes will be the last ones to notice it. It's so clever, so all pervasive because we as human beings are perfectly understood. They understand us better than we understand ourselves. They understand our motivations, our drives and what satisfies us, what we're looking for, and they supply it to you even though it's all fake and for their own purposes.


We live in a dysfunctional society. We also have the devaluation of human life now that they're starting on the other end of the spectrum, the elderly. They want to start legalizing euthanasia so that people can walk into a clinic and just get zapped, probably disappear in a puff of smoke, nice and clean and hygienic, because they've just lived too long or they're just so depressed or they're in pain and they're not getting the right medications and all that kind of stuff. We saw that in the movie "Soylent Green" written a long time ago.


We live in – this is hell, folks. Welcome to hell. We can still make it heaven if enough really want it. Back after these messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and I think we have CJ from Missouri on the phone. Are you there?


CJ:  Hello. Thank you for taking my call.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


CJ:  I have a quick question. I fly internationally out of JFK in New York and I am concerned about this chip business because I'm a strong born-again spirit-filled Christian and I intend to fly for a lot more years, but I don't really want to have one of these things.


Alan:  I don't know if you heard my last talk last week on the French airlines, they're bringing in the chipped ID cards with the fingerprints and all your data on an active chip and they're going to ask certain passengers to try it, but with all staff it was going to be mandatory to carry it with them. They're working towards it.


CJ:  But not implanted?


Alan:  No. However, because that's the format, it makes perfect logical sense that they'll make it mandatory; the chip itself, the implant will be mandatory. Perfect sense because then they'll say, “it's so safe because all the staff are cleared. They can't get through without having the chip and we know who it is,” so it makes perfect sense that's who they would use it upon first.


CJ:  Oh lovely. Do you think they'll be anyway to get around that, like religious discrimination or whatever?


Alan:  No. This is again a mandate – it's a mandate. In Canada we had shows in the '90’s on Wendy Mesley when she went on about the ID card. This is before 2001; years before it and she went to the top manufacturers of these particular cards that everyone is to have. They tried to get in, you see, in the 1990’s and very few people heard about it. She talked to the top man and she says, "why do you think people will take this particular card with a microchip?"  He said, "They will be given no option."


CJ:  Really?


Alan:  In other words, if you want to live in this society and exist and earn money you're going to be forced to do it. It's as simple as that.


CJ:  I do remember at one point we were literally "forced" to have our fingerprints taken by the FBI in order to continue employment, and two of our aircraft went down on 9/11.


Alan:  Do they make you take iris scans yet there?


CJ:  No.


Alan:  Because that's to come as well, and this card: that's the first step towards this. The card will be in a couple of years until we’re familiar with it, and then they'll come out with the chip. The card also has your DNA coding in it. It has your medical history. It has your voice print embedded in it too. Everything about you is in that particular card, and this has been admitted by the manufacturers. There'll be no exceptions for this one. They'll waive any exceptions under national security and passenger security.


CJ:  Well very interesting.


Alan:  It's decision time coming up, isn't it?


CJ:  Yes sir it absolutely is.


Alan:  Yes. Well we've got to be strong now and start vocalizing what we think right now before it gets any worse.


CJ:  We absolutely do. I used to live behind the Iron Curtain in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. For three years my ex-husband was in the diplomatic service. We spent a lot of time in East Berlin and we saw up close, in your face what a police state looks like.


Alan:  It's here, it's coming; and I'll talk to you again. That's the end of the show. From Hamish my dog and myself, up here in Ontario, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)