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Banksters Ready to Plunder Bank Savings Asunder:

"Today's Big Mobsters don't Nickel and Dime,
They Plunder Nations yet Serve No Time,
They're Legalized, with Many Degrees,
The Game of Money They Managed with Ease,
For Inquiries They Sometimes Deign to Appear,
Calmly Confident or with Aggressive Sneer,
Knowing Nothing or Cash went to "Money Heaven",
Where Trillions are Stashed Seven x Seven,
Yes Legalized Gangster Banksters Rule,
Readying to Steal Deposits from You, the Fool"
© Alan Watt April 5, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 5, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 5, 2013. For newcomers, I always suggest you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com;  you’ll see all the official sites listed on there.  They all carry lots and lots of audios for free download, where I go through the big system that you’re born into, and how it’s comprised, where it’s going, how it works, what its agendas are, because you’re living through nothing but agendas actually.  All the big things that happen in the world, from wars to bank crashes and so on, are all preplanned long in advance to bring out other advances in the big system’s script, because you’re living through the big script. And the script is also a big business plan. Those who run the countries also run the world now – we’re global, you see.  They see the world and the nations as one big business. Of course, that’s how they live very, very well at the very top of the tree, off of the rest of the public, how it’s always really been this way, even in ancient times, only now it’s on a massive scale.


So help yourself to the audios and so on. Remember too, you can get transcripts on all those sites listed there for print-up in English. And you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages. Remember too – I always mention this at the start rather than pester you all the way through – that you bring me to you, you the audience. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests and so on. I don’t get backed by advertisers. I don’t get paid by anybody. And I don’t have shares in any company that sells anything that’s going to make you live forever. I just give you the sad news and it’s up to you what you want to do about it. Because that’s what life is. Life is fairly boring; it’s very predictable when you understand what’s happening. And you have to know how to handle it. And to handle it, you must handle yourself, because the only thing you can truly handle is nothing but yourself, no one else. And it all starts with you. So you could help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or donating.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And as I say, straight donations are awfully, awfully, seriously welcome.


Because we’re going through austerity now. This is the big plan to kind of flatten all the majority of the planet’s peoples under austerity, post-consumerism and so on, high taxations, a time when all your extra spending money is to go for energy fees and carbon taxes and lots of new taxes and so on. That’s the big, big plan that was laid out a long time ago in fact. Even in the 1970s the Club of Rome came out with The First Global Revolution talking about this, and they said too, they’d have to train the public to go into an authoritarian type of society, because democracy was too inefficient for the big plans they had already made at the United Nations, and those who OWN the United Nations, because the UN is actually owned. I’ve gone through the history of it before where the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization and foundation, that works with all the other big foundations, run by the big international banking boys, that lend to nations – they’re the richest guys in the world.  They set it up, this organization, and they also set up the United Nations too, as a front organization, to bring their big business plan into effect. They can create a world now where it will be run perfectly, basically, down the road, not too far from now in fact.  All the top eugenicists are now called Bioethicists and they’re teaching this stuff in college and university.  They’re already pushing for licensing down the road for even breeding, who can breed, who can’t breed and so on. They hope to bring a better society in, to serve them better at the top of course, for their Masters, and it’s pretty well all on its way.


Now, most of your indoctrination isn’t just from the little bits and bytes that you accumulate from the media and newsreels. It’s also from fiction. Fiction is one of the biggest ways to get things across, using emotion and pictures. It’s got all the essentials in it, audio and visual and so on, and the right scenes that imprint in your brain. They can change your minds about anything.  Unfortunately it’s already working so well. It’s kind of too late to do much about that part of it. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve talked so many times about the techniques that are used for controlling people’s minds, because we’re all controlled, in any nation and of course you have culture creators that take over and they give you your culture, they bend your culture, they alter it, they direct your culture, and it works very, very well. They can actually conform cultures across the world into the same one-track system, and it’s happening too. Big money is behind it of course, and political agendas, and again too, the big private foundations with their armies of nongovernmental organizations, that are terribly well-funded, so you can’t really compete with them, with the kind of money… trillions actually that they throw out every year across the world, by these big foundations. But you can keep up with what’s happening at least and know what the cons are.


One of the biggest cons, to take over from all the previous cons, and stock markets and everything else, is the carbon trading of course. I’ve talked about that before too. Remember, some of the guys who set up the system we’re living through now, guys who are long dead, wrote lots of books about the 20th century and the coming 21st century, and the changes they’d have to make even in the 20th century to prepare us for the 21st century, which is called the Century of Change.  Change is good; that’s what they say. Change is good… that’s what they meant by that. Because this is the century where all of the big long-term goals, of a particular group, come into effect. Something that’s been planned for centuries actually comes into effect, under the guise of equality and brotherly love and all that kind of stuff, it’s all being manifested across the world. It’s really to benefit a single group, really, an elite who run the world.  They’ve already run its finances for a long time, but now it goes into the biggest cons they’ve tried to pull off, way beyond stock markets and so on and investments and all the mortgage phony stuff that were put out and crashed the banks. That was all intended, because they lose nothing when they crash the banks; they know the governments will bail them out.


But the next thing of course is carbon credits. Big, big money to be involved in carbon credits. Eventually every single individual has to eventually pay all energy taxes and carbon credits. That’s what it’s all about. It’s called tax farming. Tax farming is part of history. You have to go through history to find out who the tax farmers were, and how kings and queens would bring them in from other countries to tax their own people. These people had no affiliations with these native populations; they actually hated them in fact to an extent – and so it was kind of mutual to an extent. But today, they’re now into the stock markets now, it’s tax farming again through carbon stocks and credits and everything else. So just for existing – which used to be called a head tax – you’ll be taxed, and also for the consumption that you need to exist, like any creature in the world, you’re going to pay for it mightily, so that this ultra elite can live even like never ever before, with riches they’ve never seen before, that they’ve only dreamed of for centuries, it’s all coming true for them.


It’s done through conology. You con the public through science.  Now, Bertrand Russell talked about this in many articles that he wrote, in papers, magazines, and in his own books. Lord Bertrand Russell was a member of this world elite. He helped organize the international organizations that are still running the world today. He was an utter snob of course, but he pushed socialism as a technique of gaining an army basically, a land army that would work behind him and push all these things through, on behalf of the elite. He believed in eugenics too. He also believed that there were too many of the working class and they should be kind of wiped out gradually over the years. He believed in a scientific society running the whole show on behalf of the elite, and that’s what you have.


He said, eventually the public will be unable to do anything without the advice of an expert. And he gave examples way back in his own day. I mean, in his day, back in the 40s say, 1940s and 50s, he said that eventually mothers wouldn’t know how to change the diapers on their own children. And that was laughable back then because everybody was brought up with families where babies were born and everybody knew how to change diapers. But now you have to go for lessons for all that. Even then too, even pregnancy was not classified as an illness, a disease that you abort; it was a natural thing. Strange that, isn’t it? Of course for thousands of years folk believed that, and there was no sort of pre-lessons on how to have a child. It just happened and no one was fussed over it at all. It was all quite natural. But now everyone has to go and see and listen to experts for everything.  You can’t turn on a weather channel or whatever without hearing that every 2 millimeters of rain is going to be a flood, or a couple of millimeters of snow is going to be a whiteout, as they keep hyping up nonsense, nonsense, nonsense. And if it’s wet outside they tell you how to dress, like you’re all fools, like zombies. You see. It’s conology and it’s training through repetition until people cannot think for themselves.


Now again, I’ve mentioned before that Zbigniew Brzezinski mentioned in his book Between Two Ages in the chapter The Technotronic Era, he talked about this coming system; it was already there back in the 1970s when he wrote the book. He said too, the people eventually will be unable to reason for themselves... to reason through information. He said, all they’ll be able to do is to repeat the previous night’s download that they got from the news. And that’s already here. He said, eventually the people will actually expect the media to do their reasoning for them, like an appendage to your brain. And that truly has happened.  It truly has happened. Of course he wasn’t talking out of a guess or intuition. He was up there with the NSA and he knew what they were working on. He knew all the techniques of the culture creators and the mass media and where it was going and what its jobs were and so on, a whole list of things that they had to accomplish. Most of them have been accomplished already.


So you see nothing out there is there by itself, for your entertainment or anything else. Everything is out there to indoctrinate you, bend your mind and direct your future and your opinions. They give you your opinions. Now, at one time people were very, very suspicious of news media because they were all owned by private companies, or governments, like the BBC. So they took everything with a pinch of salt and they tried to find out more information and find out what really was going on behind the information that was dealt out to them; they’d fill in all the blank pieces, so they were suspicious. But not now. People really do think the media is there as an appendage to their brain, to do their reasoning for them. And people have a hard time coming to their own conclusions because all their whole life they haven’t been trained to use reasoning and logic. It’s pretty well gone. It’s sad, that, but it’s gone.  But again, Russell said that eventually experts, people would be unable to do anything without the advice of experts. And we’re really, really here.


Now, this big carbon credit nonsense is part of that too, because every Mafia in the world… There’s many kinds of Mafia, remember; it’s not the Italian mob we’re talking about here.  Bigger than that, international mobs. They’re all in on it too with the big foundations etc. Remember, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, their own historian Carroll Quigley said, we take on all kinds of people, communists, fascists, capitalists, dictators, tyrants; we don’t care, we take them all on board. And that also goes too for the big mob bosses. And there’s lots of mob bosses, believe you me, up in high finance, lots of them, and especially in the US.  A lot of them came in from other countries, even Russia, and they’re up there in the stock market and in government. So there’s a lot of… They’ve never seen so much money, almost within their grasp, if they can really push this off. But they need this whole thing about global warming to make it work. Hence you have thousands of scientists paid incredible amounts of money to push this political/social line of global warming, global warming. Mind you, they’re very well rewarded aren’t they? There is self-interest involved. And it gives them more personal power too, now they’re suddenly important. Before no one would give them the time of day... What do you do? I work in the weather. Oh, okay.  And that was it, you see.


Now, I read an article earlier this week to do with global warming and chemtrails. Geoengineering they call it in the scientific community. Of course for years they’ve been denying it was happening. And for years, every year they put out their global meetings on geoengineering, all these scientists, and say, well if we did do this it could have terrible consequences and so on. Then I read an article this week from the Guardian on the air here and it was talking about, it already has caused – so they admitted in their own article, it’s already caused drastic effects.  So they’ve been doing it steadily since 1998, with lots of tests long before that, but steadily in North America, say, and Europe since 1998. This article I’m about to talk about here, it goes over that article again in more detail. It says…


Scientists Seek to Legitimize Geo-Engineering

While Acknowledging Its Catastrophic Effects

geoengineeringwatch.org / April 4, 2013


(Alan:  Now remember, behind all this, is what’s to come out of this.  Apart from depopulating the planet, which it’s already doing – even animals are dying – it’s also the big carbon thing. Countries have bet everything, their whole futures on this big boom of money that’s going to flow into them from all over from carbon credits. There’s never been such a Mafia concept before as this one today. It’s way beyond anything.)


There are still many people who believe that anyone pointing out “chemtrails in the sky” and asking questions is somehow out of tune with reality. But this is slowly changing as geoengineering and its effects cannot be kept under wraps any longer. So it is not surprising that the first to come out on mainstream media are so called experts. Playing on the current “scientific consensus” (A:  ...they claim.) that the earth is warming and a climate catastrophe is imminent, they call on geoengineering to be regulated on a global scale.  (A:  So again, a feigned crisis and they’re going to come in and save you all. So just obey them and bow down, and pay up. I mean, that’s the simple old trick, you see.)


In an article published in the Guardian titled “Earth-cooling schemes need global sign-off, researchers say” it reads:  (A:  They want a globalized governance system to do all, take over all the geoengineering.)


    Controversial geoengineering projects that may be used to cool the planet must be approved by world governments to reduce the danger of catastrophic accidents, British scientists said.


    Met Office researchers (A:  Now remember the Met Office and the Hadley Centre, that came out with all the emails where it was quite evident they were fudging all their figures and so on, the same place…) have called for global oversight of the radical schemes after studies showed they could have huge and unintended impacts on some of the world’s most vulnerable people.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about geoengineering, and it says...


Packed nicely into the language of preventing catastrophic incidents and protecting “some of the world’s most vulnerable people” they argue for a global “sign-off” by governments.


    “The massive complexities associated with geoengineering, and the potential for winners and losers, means that some form of global governance is essential,” said Jim Haywood at the Met Office’s Hadley Centre in Exeter.


It is interesting to note that this comes from the Hadley Centre, the same institution that was at the centre of the “climate-gate scandal”.  (A:  ...with all their emails, when they fudged all their statistics and so on, and talked about it.) Some of the most prominent advocates of manmade global warming are working there.


As people are slowly waking up to the facts of global geoengineering and start questioning the practice, which has been going on for decades under the radar of  the public and without debates in national parliaments or the UN, this awakening leads to the need to legalize this practice. This is exactly what these scientists and experts are now calling for. It is however interesting that they admit that through geoengineering catastrophic events already took place (emphasis added):  (A:  ...and that’s true. In that article, they admit it’s already happened.)


    The dangers arose in projects that cooled the planet unevenly. In some cases these caused devastating droughts across Africa; in others they increased rainfall in the region but left huge areas of Brazil parched.  (A:  ...and that’s also in the south of the US as well.)


While the unaware public is wondering why there are droughts in one region and deluges in others, why there are unprecedented wildfires in one region and out of season hurricanes in others, the messing around with the atmosphere has been going on at an accelerated rate. Now it seems that even the advocates of the global warming theory get a little scared (emphasis added):


    The warning builds on work by scientists and engineers to agree a regulatory framework that would ban full-scale geoengineering projects, at least temporarily (A:  You see, this is an admission they’ve been doing full-scale geoengineering projects for quite some time.), but allow smaller research projects to go ahead.  (A:  And of course, if you get this stuff dumped on you, all these chemicals dumped on you, then that comes into their ‘winners and losers’; obviously, you’ll be the loser.)


All in all it is a half hearted attempt to justify the massive stratospheric geoengineering that is going on and by asking for an international regulatory framework they hope they can legalize their past catastrophic actions.


They acknowledge that there are “massive complexities associated with geoengineering” (and by extension massive complexities with climate science in general). (A:  ...because they’re pouring chemicals, and sulfates now, on you as well as aluminum oxides and barium, and even some strontium.) If these scientists and experts were serious they would simply admit to the fact that climate science is far from an agreement on the scale of global warming or even if it takes place at all. Instead of calling for an immediate end to stratospheric geoengineering and pleading guilty to having messed up the natural cycles of the weather patterns they now want the absolution by international regulation making geoengineering legitimate retrospectively.  (A:  Now, they know that if they admit it, come out and say yeah we have, well, see, there’s going to be thousands, maybe millions of lawsuits going in. Because so many folk have died of this, you know, people with respiratory problems. And today so many folk have respiratory problems, and asthmas now, because we’ve got the new asthma, the new normal, where people in their 30s and 40s get it for the first time, since all the spraying started. And they get infections they can’t clear up. And the very young are also popping off here and there with it, and so are the elderly. So they can’t afford to say, yeah we’ve been killing you. You understand? So as it says here, they want to get an “international regulation making geoengineering legitimate RETROSPECTIVELY”. In other words, cover what they’ve done already.) And of course there is no mention in this mainstream article about the military use of weather modification and the HAARP (A:  High Auroral Aerial Research Project.) facilities. Neither is there any information about the ingredients found in the toxic mixture that is sprayed and its effects on all living things.


The seemingly benign article morphes into a nice piece of disinformation by omission. Having said this in these times it is an act of courage by the Guardian to touch this issue at all and to include one thoughtful voice, that of Matthew Watson, who leads the Spice project at Bristol University. He commented:


“This paper tells us there are consequences for our actions whatever we do. There is no get-out-of-jail-free card,”… 


Well, we shouldn’t be in jail in the first place. Because all this nonsense about global warming is just that, folks, it’s nonsense. It’s an excuse to control the entire world and everyone who lives on it. That’s what it is, they change your whole way of life. They raid people in Britain, for instance; they actually go through people’s homes checking to see if you’ve got the latest efficiency fridge and stuff like that.  I mean, it’s disgusting the power that’s been given. And again, the ultra-big Mafia that runs the world – and believe you me there’s different kinds of Mafia, and levels of it – once you get up into the elite level, then you see, whatever you do is then legal; it’s called government. It’s called government, and you’re a CEO of a corporation; that’s all the legal side of it. And that’s generally where they end up. And they need slaves, lots of slaves, because that’s the only… Karl Marx was right on that, All wealth comes from labor, and these guys at the top don’t believe in labor, for themselves; it’s anathema to them. So it all comes from you. There’s always been slavery in one form or another, and we’re in the process of creating a more efficient form of slavery, that was Charles Galton Darwin in the 1950s. Think about it.



Obama's EU Trade Deal Would Include New Political Powers For Corporations

 huffingtonpost.com / 04/03/2013


Quite an interesting little article actually. It would give them much higher status, way beyond just a person even.  They would have power almost equivalent to another nation, these international corporations, and they could sue nations through the World Trade Organization etc. I’ll put this article up as well. I hear the music coming in so I’ll be back after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve mentioned too that the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which set up the Council on Foreign Relations, and they have a branch of Council on Foreign Relations in almost every country now. It’s all one organization run by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization with massive clout. They advise governments on what to do. They put their own members in to governments and high bureaucracies; they’ve got lots of CEOs on board and so on. This is the big movement across the world. They run all the media, and they own all the media in fact. And you can’t just join them, you have to be asked to join. They actually really suss you out and watch you and observe you long, long before they ask you to join them, to see if you’re on board with them.


Of course, they set up the system to bring in and amalgamate the European countries, even before World War II. In fact, they needed World War II to make it happen.  They actually talked about that in their own journals; we need another war, they said. And they got it. So they went in to work and from 1948 onwards they had departments across Europe working, and government departments in all the European countries working steadily on amalgamation into the whole of Europe.  Not just for free trade, as they pretended to the general publics, but to actually amalgamate them and cement them together, completely, until they were bound together politically, economically and every other way. Well that’s happened. Now they have the superparliament running the EU. But they also had one for the Americas too and we’re still working on that today.  The NAFTA agreements and integration, that’s still going on.


And of course they had one for the Pacific Rim region. Now, the Pacific Rim region they were working on from the 1930s even, the early 1930s. Because one day, through it all, they knew they’d set up China as a massive manufacturer, and they knew too they’d have to give Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries over, under the umbrella of the Chinese domination bloc. And that’s happening today. Of course they have their proper person in place as Prime Minister of Australia right now and that’s Julia Gillard, who is in on all the cons, carbon, the whole thing. She’s part of the whole thing. So it says…


Australia gives environmental OK to uranium mine

chinapost.com.tw / April 3, 2013


SYDNEY--Australia on Tuesday gave environmental approval for a new uranium mine in its resource-rich west, with 36 conditions to guard against negative impacts from radiation and other factors.


Environment Minister Tony Burke said he was giving the go-ahead for Toro Energy's AU$269 million (US$281 million) Wiluna uranium project of two open pits and a processing plant, after a “rigorous environmental assessment.”  (A:  So, this is all to go to China, it’s a Chinese company and so on, and they’re all into various other things too. And that whole area where they’re taking uranium, there’s even gold fields and lots of other things too.)


So Australia is going along the agenda that was set out, as I say, back in the 20s and 30s by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And of course, they started up with the Institute for Pacific Relations, which was a CFR department; it worked hard to make this all happen. So these guys make the future. They plan in 100 year projects, sometimes 200 year projects for things they want to accomplish; 100 year plans, 50 year plans, etc., etc, for different parts of the plan. And we’re living through the time when it’s all coming into fruition, you see.


Now remember, foundations like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Rockefeller Brothers foundation and all the other foundations out there, they fund other foundations, just like laundering money through them in fact, many other foundations. And they are not just advising governments on all kinds of policies, geopolitical policies and strategies. They also do it with social strategies on changing cultures and so on. They are advisors to the culture creators too, even in Hollywood. So they’re all working on board with one direction, you see. That’s how you control the world and the minds of billions of people. As I say, no money is spared because foundations are always there regardless of what political party is in or out. A foundation can have sometimes... some foundations are set up with one thing to accomplish, one main task. Now, when you have a multimillion, sometimes multibillion, tax-free foundation, you can certainly go through many generations until you accomplish your task, and pay for all your NGO armies that you employ to make it happen. So it’s quite easy for them to do it. And there’s no counter to this, you see. And there’s no such thing as a democratic process involved because we have no say in what these private companies do and corporations do and the private foundations. 


So anyway, Australia is right on the path that was designed a long, long time ago as they sell off all of its natural resources basically, and it’s to go to China primarily.  Also too, we find naturally with the Cypress bank fiasco, as they scalp the populations by plundering their bank accounts, it says there’s a...


‘Mass deletion of data’ on former

Bank of Cypress execs’ computers

cyprus-mail.com / George Psyllides / April 5, 2013


DELETION of data allegedly took place on computers belonging to senior Bank of Cyprus (BoC) executives, according to the leaked findings of a probe into the circumstances that forced the island’s biggest lenders to seek state assistance.  (A:  ...the State that’s told them plunder your accounts.)


Alvarez and Marsal, the firm tasked with investigating why Bank of Cyprus and Laiki sought state assistance, said the information provided by BoC was incomplete and data deleting software were found on the computers of two senior executives.


“Our computer forensic technologists have found that the computers of two employees, (former CEO) Mr. (Andreas) Eliades and (senior manager group treasury and private banking) Christakis Patsalides, have had wiping software loaded, which is not part of the standard software installations at the BoC,” A&M said. “Mass deletion of data appears to have been undertaken on the Patsalides computer on October 18, 2012.”  (A:  You see how far ahead they plan to get the big boys’ money out? The big boys never lose, never lose… never lose, you see. We’re run by these big giant criminal gangs, you see.  I’m not kidding you. I don’t care how many degrees some of these guys have, these are big criminal gangs. And lots of them have degrees. It says here…)


A&M’s findings were handed over to parliament on Wednesday.


The firm said some deletion had taken place after a data preservation notice was issued to BoC by the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) on August 21, 2012.


Investigators found no e-mail files, mailboxes or user documents on Eliades’ desktop computer.


This, according to the firm, could suggest that the computer was not used by Eliades or the hard drive was formatted or wiped by BoC IT after the former CEO left the bank or it was wiped using data removal software such as CCleaner installed on the computer.


A&M said there were more gaps in the data collection.  (A:  So those gaps will stay. Nothing will happen, because this is just the agenda, etc. They always do this, they always make sure the big boys never get any punishment, you see. And another one too, it says…)


Key data missing at troubled Bank of Cyprus – inquiry

(A:  That’s from the BBC.)

bbc.co.uk /  5 April 2013


Some key data about bond purchases by Bank of Cyprus - now the focus of a controversial EU-IMF bailout - is missing, investigators have found.


The gaps were found in computer records studied by a financial consultancy, Alvarez and Marsal, Cypriot media say.


Bank of Cyprus - the island's biggest bank - bought Greek bonds which turned into some 1.9bn euros (£1.6bn; $2.4bn) of losses in the Greek debt crisis.


Depositors with more than 100,000 euros in the bank are now facing a big loss.


The "haircut" (A:  ...which is just theft. You see, they use neologisms to confuse your mind. Theft is theft, folks, when they tell you they plundered the depositors.) for such deposits in Bank of Cyprus is expected to be about 60%.  (A:  So no matter what your account is, you’re going to lose at least 60% of it, maybe it all.)


The money taken from those accounts, and from deposits above 100,000 euros at Laiki (Popular) Bank, will be used by the government to contribute billions towards the bailout.  (A:  So they can steal to keep the bank afloat. And that’s going to spread across the world, folks. This is just the test bed you see, and getting us all used to the idea. And...)


Cyprus bail-out will cost British taxpayers £38.2m

express.co.uk / Macer Hall / April 5, 2013


(A:  Isn’t that wonderful, being a taxpayer? See, understand, the legal systems of law, and when you’re a citizen, it tells you the different definitions of what a citizen is. But it also means that you’re born with pre-existing duties, and some of those pre-existing duties are to pay taxes, and to pay off any loans that your government borrows—before you’re born; pre-existing duties. Isn’t it wonderful?)


BRITISH taxpayers are to be forced to pay £38.2million towards the European Union-led bail-out of Cyprus, it emerged yesterday.


The UK is contributing towards the £8.5billion rescue plan through the International Monetary Fund.  (A:  Now, the IMF is just another big private organization, part of the cabal of the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements.  These are the big ones, the big sticks that are to rule the global society, folks. And we haven’t given them any… There’s no citizen in the world that got the chance to vote on even accepting these institutions, that set themselves up. And who set them up? The Royal Institute of International Affairs set them up.  Read their historian’s book on it, he tells you; he gave you the whole agenda.)


But anti-Brussels critics were furious that Britain is again being made to help shore up the euro despite not being a member of the European single currency zone.  (A: So, they’ll pay up regardless; that’s what taxpayers are for. You know, that’s what the proles are for.)


Now, some special folk get awfully well rewarded for everything that happens, even when they do nothing at all.  I’ve mentioned articles about this woman before.  Baroness Ashton, in England, who was put up at the EU with no experience whatsoever, to get a massive paycheck, to do nothing at all, but it says here…


Baroness Ashton will be paid £400,000 by the EU to do nothing

Baroness Ashton will be entitled to £400,000 at the taxpayer's expense over three years for doing nothing after finishing her five year term as the European Union's foreign minister at the end of 2014.

telegraph.co.uk / Bruno Waterfield / 5 Apr 2013


(A:  See, special folk can get this kind of deal, you know. It’s not bad work when you can get it, eh?)


Research by The Daily Telegraph has established that the Labour peer, who finishes her job as High (A:  High… It’s Highway robbery.) Representative of foreign affairs in October next year, will be paid £133,500 a year, 55 per cent of her basic salary, until the end of 2017.


(A:  It’s called...) The "transitional allowance" does not require her to do any work at all and she will be paid under reduced rates of EU "community" tax (A:  So they get a special tax rate.), rather than the standard British rates of taxation for high-income earners. (A:  Oh it’s just wonderful being a mobster, eh? Isn’t it?)


The allowance is defended as "the price for the total independence" of senior EU officials like Lady Ashton, who is also a vice-president of the European Commission, who must also "ask permission for any job they would like to do for 18 months after leaving".


"It's important that commissioners don't start looking for a new job during the last months of their mandate, and that they take their time over finding appropriate new employment," said a commission spokesman.  (A:  So it’s to help them find new employment, you understand…)


"That way, they can continue to give 100 per cent to the job taxpayers are paying them to do (A:  ...which is nothing in her case.), and there is much less risk of a conflict of interest."


It’s not bad.  As I say, once you get up into, you know, not just the usual extortion rackets down below, or the rackets of investments and ripoffs and insider trading, things like that. Once you get right into the legalized theft, that’s now official – you’re legally allowed to rob the public – like her, you see, then you get all these perks thrown in, eh. It’s quite wonderful. And that’s what it is, folks. It’s time you altered your perceptions, let them work properly again.  Not the way they tell you, but the way you can see for yourself. So that’s how it is.


Now I’ll also put up an article tonight, it’s quite an interesting article, of course it will get a lot of flack of course.  But it’s from Pat Buchanan and he’s talking about…


Can One Nation Have Two Moralities?

theamericanconservative.com / Patrick J. Buchanan / March 29, 2013


(A:  It starts off with a quote from Alexis de Tocqueville and it says…)


“Not until I went to the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” 


Isn’t that the truth, eh?  And this article is quite good. He goes through the fact of the marriage between men and men and women and women and all the rest of it, how the morals are all getting altered and pushed, and the big money behind them that’s pushing it all. And he says, can a country have two moralities? And of course you can’t. But the reason I’m putting this one up tonight too, this link up – and I’ll put all these links up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com – is because this article got so much flack, and HATE, hate like you wouldn’t believe, from all the big NGO groups out there, for just giving out his point of view.


Now, China, of course, they’ve got big problems right now with the massive pig kill-off, die-off that they’ve got over there. It hasn’t been made clear yet what’s caused it. But we know that one big vaccine company, an American vaccine company I think was over there testing stuff on pigs, and we don’t know if that’s what’s been behind it or not. However, we know too that there’s a mass kill-off, a mass slaughter of poultry...


China Begins Mass Slaughter Of Poultry As Bird Flu Kills Six, On Verge Of Becoming Epidemic

 zerohedge.com / 04/05/2013


Now, they have to do this now. You got to understand, in some countries, in Korea and Malaysia and so on and Indochina, you’ll find that some people actually will drink the blood of chickens; so it’s raw. That’s how the H1N1 was contaminating certain people, but not spreading from person-to-person; it was in the person who actually took the blood, you see. So this could be the same again. They’re not sure yet but they don’t think it’s spreading from people to people so far. But it’s really, they’re killing off lots and lots of their... a mass cull on all their poultry, etc. So I’ll put this up tonight as well.


Now again, Carroll Quigley, the historian for the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, and you’ve got to get his book. It’s called The Anglo-American Establishment, and when he uses the term Anglo and American, it doesn’t mean these folk are necessarily really English or really American; they have another thing that they are devoted to. But he does go through the whole agenda, for them. He was all for them. He was their personal historian, where they have archives, their own archives of history, because they’ve been behind most of the wars actually you’ve had for the last hundred years, and he admits that too, all to bring in this global system.


That’s how they got the United Nations on the go; we needed World War II to make it happen, and you get binding agreements, etc. etc. But he also said that the big banks, the Bank for International Settlements would be the big, big boss eventually.  And the people would be trained to accept that it was, because we didn’t get a chance to vote on it or even agree with it.  Just suddenly it would be there.  And it would take power to itself.  The IMF he mentioned too, would be the big debt collector and the hard man that came in, if you got in trouble paying off your loans for a country, and they’d slash your country to the bone with health, welfare and everything else. Also he talked about the powerful central banks, the private central banks that must be established under what they would call democratic institutions, would borrow money, etc, to get the countries into debt and keep them in debt as a way of controlling them.  And they made this European Central Bank only a few years ago; it’s not an old organization.  The European Central Bank to take over from the national private central banks; this is all part of the strategy that he talked about. So they’re causing the chaos and the crisis to give themselves more power and legitimize themselves. So…


European Central Bank "ready to act" to help languishing economy

reuters.com / Apr 4 2013


(A:  Now, the last thing you want is their help, folks.)


European Central Bank President Mario Draghi opened the door on Thursday to an interest rate cut as soon as next month, saying his bank stands "ready to act" to boost the recession-hit euro zone economy.  (A:  Now, these guys have helped plunder every European country since 2008; they’re still plundering them. But they’re going to help you at the same time. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and I’ll take Larry from Louisiana if he’s still hanging on there.


Larry:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Larry:  You may have already covered it, but did you catch that story about that town in California? Their smart meters just happened to have a third circuit in it and they turned on Wi-Fi Internet outside, the story said, get that, outside Wi-Fi Internet for the whole town. That proves the connection of the Smart Meter to other than just the electric company.


Alan:  Oh yeah, there’s no doubt about it. In fact, they had articles in the Canadian news years ago, when they talked about the coming of the smart meters; this is at least maybe eight years ago, maybe 10 years ago, and mainstream articles too. They said that this would enable the power brokers, and politicians even, to cut out whole areas of the grid when necessary to relay it to another area, for instance, for the coming brown-outs that are going to be. Because they don’t plan on building better energy supplies, they want to bring us down in the consumption of energy. But you’re quite right, that’s exactly what they can do, yeah.


Larry:  Yeah. That was real… And then that tricky little way they wrote it, the outside. Well, if it’s outside the Internet it’s also inside the Internet. Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Yes, thanks for calling. And it’s true. I mean, when they put these smart meters in, and they’ve got them up here in Canada, you’ll also notice on the nearest telegraph pole there’s a little white stick they put on it; that’s the antenna that receives transmissions from your smart meter. It’s got three different modes of transmission. It’s got broadband across the very wires, the main live wires that come in, it’s also a circuit. It’s got number two, it’s got FM transmission. And then it’s got microwave transmission. It’s got all three transmission systems built into it for different agencies to use. So you’re darn right, yeah.


Now I’ll go on to Julia Gillard again, in Australia, the best thing that China’s ever had, because she was a Fabian Society guy, that’s another part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It says here…


Australia PM Julia Gillard on China trade mission

bbc.co.uk /  5 April 2013


(A:  It’s interesting terminology they’re using, because they use these code words and phrases when they are binding you together. In Britain, all through the EU, as prime ministers every year would ‘bind’… ‘bind ties’ they called it, with the countries – that’s the terms they used. They were actually amalgamating the countries.  So it says...)


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has left for China on a five-day visit aimed at strengthening ties (A:  ...there you go, this is the very term they always use, ‘strengthening ties’; eventually it’s ‘binding ties’, and ‘closer ties’…) with the country's largest trade partner.  (A:  So Australia is definitely going into the economic bloc of the Pacific Rim, as the Royal Institute of International Affairs said they would a long, long time ago.)


And also a good article says…


Guilty As Sin And Free As A Bird – Corzine Edition

He Simply Doesn’t Know Where The Money Is, But He’s Bored And Feels Like Starting A Hedge Fund  (A:  Again, he’s a special person, you see.)

redstate.com /  Repair_Man_Jack (Diary) / August 17th, 2012


Hey, I’ve got good news and bad news this fine and wonderful morning. The good news is that there may well be a new investment opportunity for those of us eager to improve our financial means. The bad news is that it consists of a hedge fund run by none other than Jon (A: ...Corzine, the guy who said...) “I simply do not know where the money is” Corzine. 


...remember? He had the big company. He didn’t go to prison, nothing. Now he’s starting up a big hedge fund. See, once you’re up into the legal system, you’ve crossed that barrier, you got legal crime, you see, and you can’t go to prison, and you can do it over and over again; you’re untouchable. So I’ll put this article up again tonight too. 


And just to finish off – I can hear the music coming. Hillary Clinton, now everybody loves Hillary, you know, with her wonderful mouth and eloquence of speech, in amongst all the nasty foul words.  It says…


Hillary Clinton takes her first paid speaking engagement in Dallas  - and she's expected to collect a six-figure payment for the job

dailymail.co.uk / Hayley Peterson / 1 April 2013


That’s how they get their rewards for all the deals they put through when they were in, folks. And she’ll be the director, no doubt, of a whole bunch of companies too. She won’t have to sit on the seat; she’ll just have to have it there, empty, to collect the paychecks.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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