April 17, 2013 (#1311)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Apr. 17, 2013:

Dusted Off from Shelves, "We'll Save You from Yourselves"

"All Government Tacticians Have Devotion
To Furthering Power During Crisis Emotion,
Complete Authoritarianism is the Objective,
Pouring Out Fearsome Theories Subjective,
'Can't have Privacy, Gov. Needs More Power',
Is the "Experts'" Mantra as Public Devour
Rapid-Hyped Stories, Scenarios Scary,
Immobilizing Thought and Reason of Unwary,
To Achieve Such Power Governments Never Relent,
End Justifies Means, Would They Stage Event?"
© Alan Watt Apr. 17, 2013


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April the 17th, 2013.

Now newcomers if you come into this broadcast you should look into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, there are lots and lots and lots of audios for free download where I go through the system.  And I go into the history of the big system weíre living in and how it functions, how it was set up, who set it up, the organizations that founded foundations, big tax-free foundations, that literally form a parallel government and they lobby governments all the time.  They advise governments across the whole planet on what to do with their policies.  And theyíre bringing in this global system, a global system too thatís helped by academia, which is also controlled by massive grant money from the big foundations who help set the policies of course.  And they hire thousands, literally thousands across the world, of NGOs, non-governmental organizations, which act as their armies for protesting various things or to get laws passed and so on.

So weíre run not by what we think is democracy but by really private organizations and theyíre very, very powerful, incredibly wealthy.  And they have a definite set plan.  For over a hundred years theyíve planned to bring in this world society according to themselves.  Not for you, not to make you happy or hands across the sea and all that kind of stuff, but really to bring in a controlled society, a planned society including population reduction and all of this kind of stuff.  But too they also give you cultural revolutions as they change cultures to suit themselves, making us all pretty well dysfunctional down below, because all the original cultures have to be destroyed in the process as they bring us into the new system.  And then weíre at the mercy of what youíll call very big government indeed, global government.  And itís all helped too by private organizations as well, like corporations.  Itís a new feudal system as well, like IBM, big, big corporations that set the pace that everyone else follows including the governments too.

So help yourself to the website.  Remember too you bring me to you.  You can help me tick along by getting the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com where I go through the histories of conology.  Conology is the greatest art of conning people and a very, very ancient art indeed.  Itís more perfected today especially with instant communication.  Everybody watches the same downloads of television and what they think is news across the whole world, the same stuff.  Weíre educated as well through an international educational system that sets the curriculum and gives us our indoctrination. 

So as I say you have to understand how conology works and how your mind belongs to other people and youíre completely oblivious of them.  I go into the histories of people, not just Bernays that helped shape the culture in America but also across the world, but many more like him, far preceding him in fact, ancient techniques of conology. 

So if you get the books and discs remember from the U.S. to Canada you can still use personal checks.  And if you go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com youíll find out how to do it.  And you can also use international postal money orders from the U.S. to Canada, or send cash or use Paypal.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal once again.  Straight donations are seriously welcome because I donít bring on advertisers as guests, I donít have shares in anything I sell, and I donít bring on as I say advertisers as guests who terrify you and then give you the solutions which they sell to you.  And again remember fear is a tremendous promoter of wealth for those who are pushing it and you have to be very, very cautious about that too. 

So if you donít understand the system youíre in and where itís going and why things are happening you wonít understand anything at all.  You canít live simply day by day waiting for the news to do your reasoning for you.  You got to do your reasoning for yourself, if youíre really serious about it, that is.  Most folk are really pretty happy and quite content.  And like Brzezinski said, a long time ago in the 1970ís, the public have come to expect the media to do their reasoning and their thinking for them.  Itís a sad thing but itís true. 

Back with more after this.

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Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and as I said before, donít let the media do your reasoning for you because those who control society and control your minds too because they own all the media, they own all your movies that you gobble up with lots of predictive programming in it and so on.  And they have big agendas at the top.  As I say everything in this world runs like a pyramid with a capstone at the top, many layers down below it, and then at the bottom you will notice, even on the dollar bill, there are all the little weeds growing around it, thatís the general population.  Thatís what that means by the way, the weeds.  Theyíre not enlightened and of course thatís how weíre all treated basically by those in charge and in control.  

And you find too there are so many organizations in this pyramid, all working together of course, and some of them have their own special interests along the way but youíll find that they really count on reactive thinking, reaction to things.  And people react to news through emotion, etcetera.  They react but they donít think long term.  And thatís when they do all the polls of course, even to do with the gun confiscation in the U.S. after the Sandy Hook shootings.  They did their polls and of course it shot up immediately because of all the horror they saw continuously on television.  And then again it drops again, all the support drops, as the people start to think about the long-term effects of this and whoís really behind all this and who wants the people disarmed basically.  So you canít really react on impulse basically.  You canít react on impulse to the news that youíre being fed because there are many groups out there that want to get their own way.  They have their own agendas for the populations you understand. 

And even today going through all the stuff on the Boston bombings there are so many conflicting stories at this moment of course coming out from various sources that traditionally each have their particular target that theyíre after who is to blame for everything.  And even in the Jerusalem papers too some of them have these dark-skinned guys running away, but everybody was running away.  And then you go into the ADL and again theyíre pushing various things about possibly home-grown white extremists.  Thatís their favorite target.  And so everybody has their own particular target and at the moment we really donít know whatís going on or who is behind this or anything else.  No one has taken responsibility and it might be some time before they do, and even then we canít know if itís true or not because patsies, itís true enough, patsies, is an old game of setting folk up as patsies.  And itís quite easy to do in this modern day and age.  And itís been done before of course.  So we canít really just jump to conclusions as to whatís happening.†

But again too politicians will make hay while the sun shines you might say on the particular story as they push through many, many different laws on the books to once again give more restrictions on the populationís rights and so on.  And not just in the U.S. because whatever happens today youíll notice that the U.S., Canada, Britain, they all work together and the European countries too on board on the same agendas.  And so any law that is passed in one is passed in all the rest at the same time. 

If you go into Britain for instance you canít walk anywhere without getting photographed with cameras.  Nothing can happen in this day and age without being photographed and itís the same with the Boston bombings.  They know who did it obviously because every square inch is covered, every square inch.  And in every major event now, even the big football matches and so on, they always have drills on the go at the same time, lots of Homeland Security, FBI and all the rest of it and all different special departments watching everything, filming everything that goes on.  You canít get away with it unless itís meant, youíre meant to get away with it obviously. 

And even the oldest movies on terrorism have always shown you that bombs were left in these rucksacks and so on, on the ground.  And here you have these things lying there, lots of cameras around but nobody bothered to investigate.  Rather odd, isnít it?  Rather odd, that.  Itís too odd actually, but thatís all we can say at this moment. 

So tonight Iíll put up a bunch of stuff.  Iím sure youíve all been looking into it all day long and watching TV.  I donít watch television at all.  Or youíll be getting it on the internet and Iíll put a bunch of links up on Boston as to the pros and cons, the contradictions of how theyíve arrested someone, other ones later on say no they havenít arrested anybody and so on and so on, as we get fed scraps basically of information on the whole thing; so, as I say, thatís as far as Iíll really go with it. 

And then of course you have the ricin thing coming out too, that again is an iffy thing because when you look into ricin and made from the castor bean, they also use ricin formulas to make certain papers and envelopes.  Did you know that?  So I mean when youíve got the modern equipment that can detect traces of this stuff, it can also get a lot of false positives as well.  We simply donít know whatís going on, except again the politicians will make hay of it to say, Ďsee, weíre really getting attacked here,í and that swings folk over to their side, whatever politician it happens to be, whatever party.  So, as I say, Iíll put a bunch of stuff up tonight and thatís as far as Iíll bother to prattle on about it today because we simply havenít got all the details yet.

And also too it says here that:

"Background check plan defeated in major setback for Senate gun bill" 

Alan:  And that just came out today.

"The Senate on Wednesday defeated a vital amendment seen as the linchpin to Democratsí gun control bill, dealing a major setback to President Obama as he campaigns to expand the federal background check system." 

Alan:  And by the way when you really look into this background check system, it isnít just for gun dealers, theyíve actually got a whole bunch for private corporations to look into, all kinds of corporations to look into your backgrounds and actually get lots and lots of data about you; so itís been defeated so far.


"The vote was 54-46, with supporters falling six votes short of the required 60-vote threshold." 


"The Senate is proceeding to several other amendments, but the failure of the background check proposal authored by Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Pat Toomey, R-Pa., imperils the entire legislation.  The proposal would have expanded background checks to gun shows and Internet sales while exempting personal transactions.  The amendment was aimed at winning over reluctant conservatives, who were opposed to the more stringent background check plan in the existing bill.  Itís unclear where supporters will go from here.  They could try to vote again, or craft an alternative piece of legislation.  Four Republicans voted for the amendment..." 

Alan:  But the fact is, what they do is they chip it away a bit at a time and then something else will happen again and they bring out another bill and just chip it one thing at a time.  If you read the articles I mentioned last year from Australia and of course the Australian heads had a big anti-firearm movement and they actually advised the U.S. on how to implement it stage by stage and just take one thing away at a time until there is nothing left at all.  So itís an old formula as I say and thatís how they do things.  Thatís how itís done. 

Also tonight as things get really pushed to the back burner thatís very, very important because you understand this whole Climate Change thing was an attempt, a social and political attempt to change all our lives and put us all under control of big government and big corporations across the whole planet, literally to blame humanity for killing itself off, for breathing you know and existing.  And of course the answer to it all is massive taxation, like thatís going to fix anything.  Well itís a con, folks.  Itís a con and the big bankers are in on the scam because theyíre in for all the big carbon credits and energy taxes that will be also brought out down the road, where everything that you purchase has the taxes added on to it, including the wrappers of candies.  How much energy it took to make this wrapper is going to be added on to the price and youíre going to pay for it all.  And they see this as a great extra massive tax thatís going to be used, supposedly to help third world countries.  Not at all, it has nothing to do with helping third world countries, itís for the big boys at the top.  Youíre living in an age of winners and losers.  And I really mean that, winners and losers.  There has never been such an age of plunder in the history of humanity.  Open plunder from banks, and the IMF, and the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements, all set up by one organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs which is a private club, a private club.  The same organization thatís put in every prime minister, whether itís left wing, right wing, for a hundred years and the same in the U.S. with its branch there the Council on Foreign Relations.  And their own historian of their own archives said that in his book, professor Carroll Quigley

So these boys are a private club.  So they put their own boys into politics, they put them into bureaucratic positions and in ambassador positions, etcetera and they run the media because all the big owners of the media all belong to this club.  And so youíre really being managed perfectly well.  Most folk are oblivious as I say.  Most folk quite like the way that they live, they like the trash on television because it really is degrading and you can get addicted to degrading stuff.  All senses, if you overblow the senses of any kind, whether itís eating or whatever or sex, you end up in a massive lot of trouble and pretty dumb and stupid.  And you will suffer from it.  And they know this too.  But it also makes you very easy to manage by those in charge of society. 

Now hereís another article that came out...

"New Discovery: NASA Study Proves Carbon Dioxide Cools Atmosphere" 

Alan:  All this time that theyíve been on about the carbon dioxide rising and by the way itís a trace gas, itís tiny, itís minute.  But they keep pushing this as the problem because we breathe it out you see.  And they want to tax you on it too.  But the fact is it cools the atmosphere, it doesnít warm it at all.  So the big warming boys are back to the drawing board to try to find new things to blame, which of course is always us, Man-made Global Warming, even though weíve been cooling for years and years and years.  Facts donít matter with political and social agendas.  Facts donít matter and especially with the scientists who are all onboard with this because these scientists, who are into this, they live on grants.  Most of them would be unemployed if it wasnít for this big Global Warming scam.  At the moment theyíre getting so much money from government, your tax money, theyíre living high on the hog and massive grants are given to them as well.  Theyíve never had it so good.  Theyíre not going to give it up and get a real job, you understand.  This is a very important political agenda and itís awfully lucrative, too many parties, too many parties.  So Iíll put this up tonight as I say.

And also tonight too Iíll mention the U.S. immigration policy.  Iíll put that up tonight too with a .pdf of the whole new policy.  Itís quite interesting to see whatís going to happen.  Now, remember years ago I mentioned Jacques Attali and his book "Millennium".  Iíll mention that when I come back and go through it with you to refresh you what he said about America and the world. 

Back with more after this.†

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Alan:  Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and Jacques Attali as I say is up there at the United Nations and he was basically the top man that advised, he was the Kissinger of France you might say, and he advised all presidents, quite a few presidents, for years and years.  He was the top guy that made all big decisions and he himself working now at the United Nations has put out different books and one of them was called "Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order", and he talked about the massive immigration, multiculturalism that would get pushed across all the existing countries of Europe.  It already had happened of course in the UK and elsewhere.  And theyíre pushing the last ones in Denmark, or Sweden I should say, and other countries like that to basically eliminate the original cultures that were predominant there for a long, long time.  And thatís the job of it too. 

And he also mentioned that the next boat people would be Americans leaving the shores looking for jobs overseas.  Now thatís already happening.  Itís happening in Britain too.  It has happened in Britain since about 2000, maybe before that too actually with the EU and the crŤme de la crŤme as he said, Attali said, will move across the world looking for the best jobs.  The rest of them are stuck back in their homelands with either menial jobs or no work at all.  And this is the future that he promoted and he thought was just swell and wonderful.  So you have to understand everyoneís got their particular shtick to push and that was Jacques Attali.  You can look him up too in Wikipedia, youíll find a lot more about him because he also belongs to other organizations as well that pushed all of these agendas. 

But also getting back to the immigration policy for the U.S. it says here, this is from the Council on Foreign Relations, again this private organization which is simply a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization that runs Britain.  And this is from Jeb Bush, it says here too, who is on this board it says to do with immigration for the Council on Foreign Relations. It says:

"ďThe continued failure to devise and implement a sound and sustainable immigration policy threatens to weaken Americaís economy, to jeopardize its diplomacy, and to imperil its national security,Ē concludes a new Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Independent Task Force co-chaired by former Florida governor Jeb Bush and former White House chief of staff Thomas ďMackĒ McLarty." 

"The stakes are too high to fail." 

"If the United States continues to mishandle its immigration policy, it will damage one of the vital underpinnings of American prosperity and security, and could condemn the country to a long, slow decline in its status in the world." 

So it urges:

"The United States needs a fundamental overhaul of its immigration laws." 

"It contends that America has reaped tremendous benefits from opening its doors to immigrants, as well as to students, skilled employees and others who may only live in the country for shorter periods of time.  But it warns that ďthe continued inability of the United States to develop and enforce a workable system of immigration laws threatens to undermine these achievements.Ē" 

Alan:  Now all that is true.  All that worked for an awful long time, the people became American in those days.  And again for many, many years now from the CFR and all the other groups that helped run the government and actually run the government, they tell all the immigration groups to keep their culture and they end up having blocks of people, even cities in Britain, run by different cultures and they donít want to mix.  Itís a shame and itís a pity but it destroys the original culture and thatís part of the function of it too.  And all this was discussed before, Iíve mentioned, at the end of World War II, with the groups that came over and settled in the U.S. and in Britain and they were authorized to help shape policy for the future so as you wouldnít get a repeat of World War II starting off in those particular countries that opposed Hitler and theyíd become like Hitler, according to the Frankfurt School and others that were authorized to do this.  So multiculturalism is a way to destroy original cultures; thatís the bottom line, folks.  And they said it quite openly and blatantly too.  Thereís no secret about this. 

And also the:


Alan:  In the U.S., is

"...to Vote on Controversial CISPA Again" 

Alan:  To do with the internet and so on.

"Though the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) managed to be defeated in Congress last year, it has been reintroduced and scheduled for a vote in the House of Representatives this week." 

Alan:  Itís amazing what they will ram through when everyoneís really watching this whole thing about Boston and carrying on about it.

"The authors of the bill, Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.), introduced a revised version of the bill in February despite opposition from privacy advocates.  The primary purpose of CISPA is to encourage intelligence sharing so as to address potential cyber threats, but CISPA does little to detail what information on cyber threats may be shared.  As a result, anything from e-mails to medical records could be shared with intelligence agencies. 

Harvey Anderson of Mozilla, an opponent to the bill, says CISPA ďcreates a black holeĒ through which the government can access any kind of data it wants.  In its current form, CISPA allows Internet and other companies to be exempt of all liability if they open their databases with confidential customer information to the feds and other private-sector firms.  As noted by CNET, CISPA is controversial for a variety of reasons, including that it ďoverrules all existing federal and state laws by saying Ďnotwithstanding any other provision of law,í including a privacy policy or terms of service agreement, companies may share certain confidential customer information Ďwith any other entity, including the federal government.íĒ  Last year, despite threats of a presidential veto and heavy opposition in the House led by former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Rep. Jared Polis, (D-Colo.), CISPA managed to pass in the House of Representatives by a vote of 248 to 168, but did not receive a vote in the Senate as a result of a struggle over a Democratic-backed bill that had privacy problems of its own." 

"The bill was reintroduced this year as a result of a reported increase of cyber-attacks by Iran..." 

Alan:  Oh yeah, sure.

"...and China that has compelled President Obama to call for legislation to stop the attacks." 

So it says:

"ďCongress must act,Ē Obama said during his 2013 State of the Union address, ďÖby passing legislation to give our government a greater capacity to secure our networks and deter attacks.Ē" 

Alan:  So in other words, give up all privacy and freedoms and rights.  And government is supreme.  Itís called totalitarianism, isnít it?

Back with more after this.

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Hi folks.  Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the cybersecurity bills and where itís all supposed to go.  And it is supposed to go in this direction of totalitarian control because the whole point of the computer was not to really help the folk out around the world, it was to make sure that those who already controlled a system that was used by DARPA during the Cold War would really enslave the rest of the populations.  They get hooked on it like they got hooked on television.  And it really did work very quickly because they put lots and lots of porn on.  Thatís the only thing you heard about in the 80ís in Britain and across Europe and in the U.S., Canada, and so on, lots of porn in it, even if you didnít have a computer they kept telling you every day there is lots of porn there.  And of course all the youngsters were going into it and then they brought the computers into the libraries and the library that I used to go to too was crowded at lunchtime with young children and Iíd asked them, the librarians, what they were doing and they were looking at all the porn. 

So you see they can use these things to, and of course they canít stop it they say, they canít stop the porn but of course, think for yourselves, folks.  Think for yourselves.  They can knock out any site they want to with their cyber warfare, any one at all.  I should know, Iíve had it happen here.  But the fact is that they canít do it with the porn sites because they need it there you see.  Youíre meant to get degraded, dysfunctional, and so on.  And itís worked awfully well with the fallout in society in all countries that have got it. 

But getting back to cybersecurity and so on and the fact that your whole world and your whole future is to be decided by government talking directly down to you like in "1984", Orwellís story, and of course theyíre already pushing that too, even in Canada theyíre talking about giving everyone a little driver you can pop in and it will connect you with your account with the government and then it will be all your different things that will happen through government to you directly, directly, daily even. 

And thatís what they want, power over you directly.  And induce an awful lot of fear in people too, until eventually youíre jumping at orders coming every day from the internet to your home.  And itís a digital tyranny and thatís what I think John Pilger called it that too, a digital tyranny.  Itís definitely designed to be that way.  And all designed again by the big governments and the big corporations that help run it.  Understand most of the big corporations were set up a long time ago by the same guys who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs, CFR.  They set up real companies and corporations, like the CIA.  And the CIA has lots of real but front companies that really do produce things.  Theyíre into all the big organizations that make electronics across the world, they always have been.  And they sell real things to the public as well.  But do you vote them in? of course you donít.  You donít vote them in at all.  So why does IBM thatís bringing in this world grid get the power to do so?  Did you vote for them to do this?  Did you vote for them to get a smart meter put in?  Did the government come out and tell the public oh by the way weíve made deals with this private massive corporation, this mammoth, to monitor all your electricity use and all the rest of it?  Of course you didnít.  And you keep saying youíre living in democracy; I donít know where you get that from. 

So getting back to cybersecurity.

"IBM executives..." 

Alan:  Lobby group, right?

"...head to Washington to press lawmakers on cybersecurity bill" 

"Nearly 200 senior IBM executives are flying into Washington to press for the passage of a controversial cybersecurity bill that will come up for a vote in the House this week.  The IBM executives will pound the pavement on Capitol Hill Monday and Tuesday, holding nearly 300 meetings with lawmakers and staff.  Over the course of those two days, their mission is to convince lawmakers to back a bill thatís intended to make it easier for industry and government..." 

Alan:  Meaning themselves and government.

"...to share information about cyber threats with each other in real time.  ďWeíre going to put our shoe leather where our mouth is,Ē Chris Padilla," 

Alan:  Meaning their money because everybody gets paid off.

"...vice president of governmental affairs at IBM, told The Hill. ďThe message weíre going to give lawmakers is going to be a very simple, clear message: support the passage of CISPA,Ē he later added.  The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) and ranking member Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.), passed out of committee on an 18-2 vote last Wednesday and is expected to come to the floor for a vote as soon as mid-week.  While the bill enjoys strong backing from industry, privacy advocates warn the bill lacks sufficient protections for peopleís information online." 

"The White House issued a veto threat against the first iteration of CISPA last year, due in part to privacy concerns." 

Alan:  Well you see the more terrorism they give you and the more fear they give you the more folk will accept, Ďwell I guess they have to, we can have no privacy.í  Remember when 2001 happened, that very night all the mainstream media and the AM talk show hosts across the world were on about it right away, saying, and doing their own polls, will you give up your freedoms for safety?  All of them.  All arranged that way that they all came out and did it at the same time too.  They always do it when the emotion runs high and folk donít think.  So here you have IBM, as I say, the organization thatís really going to help control all of your lives across the whole planet with a global grid system, right down to your little house and giving you little warnings too about using too much electricity.  Or just cutting you off if they say we need that electricity somewhere else.  And theyíre going to do it too.  And as they make it more and more expensive they will give you less and less and less of it.  Remember energy is to be rationed in the future and youíll pay.  They wonít lose out on it because the little bit that they will give you, youíre going to pay about ten times, twenty times more, probably even more than that.  Weíre all slaves you understand. 

And also the article I mentioned last night is in the news again today from Britain.

"Is the NSA building a $800million data center to spy on Americans?  Utah desert facility code-named Bumblehive Ďwill monitor emails of U.S. citizensí" 

Alan:  So here we are talking about will they pass CISPA and theyíre already building all the different organizations and systems that do it anyway, which theyíve been doing all along. 


"National Security Agency insists the site will operate according to laws that limit spying on U.S. citizens." 

Alan:  What laws?  What laws?  Theyíve already said that anything that is free floating basically in the ethernet is fair game.  When theyíre just looking or sniffing they call it.  When theyíre just sniffing and it happens to fall into their lap, then itís theirs, right? 

"The U.S. government operated a secret warrantless wiretapping programme between 2001 and 2005." 

Alan:  Like they havenít stopped.  Theyíve stopped it now, have they?  Really? 

So it says:

"The state-of-the-art data centre in the Utah desert Ė codenamed Bumblehive Ė is intended to bolster online security efforts.  But former employees say it could be used to monitor peopleís private emails." 

Alan:  Well of course it is.  Weíre all getting monitored.

"The US National Security Agency, the secretive body that serves the military and intelligence communities, denied the claims." 

Alan:  Of course it will. 

"It said: ĎMany unfounded allegations have been made about the planned activities of the Utah Data Centre." 

"One of the biggest misconceptions about NSA is that we are unlawfully listening in on, or reading emails of, US citizens. This is simply not the case.í" 

Alan:  But as I said before, theyíve already said themselves if they can sniff stuff going through the ethernet then itís fair game.  ĎWeíre not really looking for that particular one but it fell into our laps.í  Thatís been already said that thatís legal.† So:

"Fox News aired a television report about the 1million-sq/ft facility on Friday in which former NSA employees raised concerns that the facility would be used to monitor the emails of U.S. citizens." 

"It added that Ďone of the biggest misconceptions about NSA is that we are unlawfully..." 

Alan:  It just keeps repeating itself.

"All wiretapping of U.S. citizens by the NSA requires a warrant from a three-judge court set up under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act passed in 1978." 


"Former President George W. Bush issued an executive order shortly after the September 11, 2001, attacks in New York that authorized the NSA to monitor certain phone calls without obtaining a warrant.  The warrantless wiretapping programme remained a secret until 2005, when a whistleblower went to the press to reveal the extent of the surveillance.  Although the NSA has strenuously denied acting beyond its surveillance powers groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have warned that a bill currently passing through Congress could dramatically increase the amount of personal data that government agencies have legal access to." 

Alan:  You understand, all that theyíre prattling about is nonsense because theyíve been doing it all along.  All the agencies have by the way and nothing is private.  I hope you get and understand that, nothing is private at all.  Some folk still havenít got that through their heads yet.  There is nothing in the ethernet, there is nothing, no conversation that is private anymore.  I hope you really understand that.  Most folk donít actually.  Itís like when someone is phoning you and they start prattling on about things that maybe they shouldnít be telling you, I always mention to them, understand there is a third ear on every conversation, because you see they forget.  Again Marshall McLuhan talked about this a long time ago, in the 1960ís, about this coming phase of basically disembodied souls going through an ethernet, electricity, and they would forget, they would forget that the person is not sitting next to them having a cup of tea or a coffee and chatting.  They forget that.  People do it just instinctively and thatís what all these agencies count on.  Even if you warn them at the beginning theyíll forget it partway through the conversation.  We are such studied little creatures itís just astonishing.  We truly are studied minutely. 

A little bit of trivia here in a sense but expensive trivia, itís to show you that in this age of the elevation of police and security and so on, as they get into their TV and movie status because itís true theyíre all acting like actors now in the age of terrorism.

And the:


Alan:  New South Wales in Australia.

"... Police get a Porsche" 

Alan:  A $200,000 Porsche.  Is it to catch anybody?  No, itís to go to certain organizations with and put on display.  $200,000, everybodyís spending your cash like you wouldnít believe.  Iíll put this up tonight too if you want to have a peak at this thing.  But as I say itís not going to be used for it, itís going to be used for just community liaison, you know, with the crime and that, so theyíll go to little talks with the public and park it and let you all admire it and say gee, oh wow, you know I wish I had one of them. 


"NUCLEAR MATTERS:  Update on nuclear emergency evacuation planning" 

Alan:  In the U.S.

"FEMA contracted a company named KLD to develop the software to formulate evacuation traffic management planning for a 10-mile radius around nuclear power stations.  These plans first get approved by KLD and the power station owner (Entergy in the case of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth), then by FEMA, and are then passed along to the state emergency management agencies for final approval." 

"In our state this is the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) for Pilgrim."

"Currently, the plans developed in 2004 are in place and are being updated with the 2010 census data." 

Alan:  Theyíre still being updated. 

"Emergency management directors...

Alan:  And it mentions all of the different counties and so on that got together.

"...get a chance to review and comment on the plan." 

Alan:  And itís not a bad article actually.  It tells you this is happening across the whole of America, these big, big practices.  I think there was one in the States actually on the day that the bombing went up as well.  A big one was going on there too. 

Now for those who really believe, and I canít fathom it, that people on the left are all there to protect the workers, and all that nonsense that they come out with at election time, and still believe in this myth, you know, itís just astonishing.  But this shows you, reality always tells you the truth.  Most folk forget reality because propaganda works better. It says:

"Obama Administration quietly smothers rule to protect workers" 

"Construction workers breathe it.  So do road crews, and miners, and workers in foundries, quarries, glass-making, sand-blasting and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations.  Itís known as crystalline silica.  Itís present in sand, rock, brick and concrete, and itís said to make up 12 percent of the earthís crust.  But breathed in as dust, in quantity and over time, crystalline silica can cause a host of occupational lung diseases, including silicosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, and lung cancer.  ďWith silica, the biggest threat isnít the stuff that you see ó itís the stuff that you canít see,Ē explains Shawn Lenczowski, coordinator of the Oregon and Southwest Washington Mason Trades Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee.  " 

"ďThe particles are so small that when you breathe them in, they cut your lung tissue, and cause tiny scars in your lungs.  Over time, the scars build up, and your lung capacity is depleted.Ē" 

Alan:  And you had pneumoconiosis too in the coal mines in Britain.  And for years and years they denied it existed until long after they closed down all the mines, when Thatcher was in, and long, long after that as the guys were all dying off, the last of them, they admitted that it was real.  Before that they said, no, it didnít exist.  So anyway Obamaís put that off the map and itís going to continue as usual.  They were hoping to get new standards made for it and so on.  But nope, not for you lot, youíre not worth much you see.  Thatís just it.  Thatís how politics is, you know, real politics.†

And it says:

"Pentagon Budget Request Sticks With Obama Priorities, Ignores Deficit Law" 

"The defense departmentís $527 billion spending request for fiscal 2014 unveiled today sticks closely to the military priorities that President Obama enunciated last year despite nonstop partisan bickering." 

"The proposed military budget exceeds spending caps established in the 2011 Budget Control Act by $50 billion, setting up a showdown between Democrats and Republicans over whether to change the law or accept another year of disruptive setbacks to military readiness." 

"The evidence so far this year suggests there is no sizable constituency in the political system for big defense cuts, despite the fact that current federal budget plans would require about $2 billion in new borrowing per day..." 

Alan:  Per day.  Thatís new borrowing.

"...in fiscal 2014."

Alan:  It goes through the whole thing and how much all the different organizations and parts of the military are getting.  Itís just incredible.

"So the Armyís base budget is about $130 billion, the Air Force is at $140 billion and the Navy is around $150 billion, with an additional $100 billion set aside for defense-wide functions such as healthcare and logistics.  The administration has not changed its plans to maintain the current force of aircraft carriers and other warships, and ó in marked contrast to its early years ó has strengthened its commitment to next-generation weapons programs such as the tri-service F-35 fighter.  Air power and sea power are central to its plans for preserving U.S. presence in the Pacific." 

Alan:  And thatís only a little bit of it, itís not all the rest of it going into research and development and so on.  Itís just incredible.  And you wonder why youíre broke.  Never mind the fact that youíre throwing money across the world under various guises.  Supposedly under redistribution of the taxpayerís wealth to help poor countries that donít get any help at all, it goes to corporations, international corporations.  Astonishing, eh?  Astonishing.

And the Philadelphia doctor that had the mess of a surgery where he did lots of abortions, it says here heís being tried on the baby murder case.  Dr. Gosnell was interviewed by the Philadelphia Daily News at the attorneyís office in Philadelphia.

"The FBI originally raided the clinic in February 2010 to investigate Dr Gosnellís high-volume distribution of painkillers, allegedly to addicts and drug dealers." 

"Among the witnesses called during the prosecutionís case were eight former employees who have pleaded guilty, some to third-degree murder.  They have testified to performing ultrasound scans, giving intravenous drugs and helping with abortions, even though they lacked medical training or certification.  Unlicensed doctor Stephen Massof testified that Dr Gosnell taught him to cut the necks of the fetuses after they were aborted to ensure they died.  Another former employee, Ashley Baldwin, said she had begun assisting with abortions, including administering drugs shortly after she started working there, aged 15," 

Alan:  Aged 15.

"...through a training programme." 

Alan:  Slaughtering children at 15, eh? 

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about this incredible...  itís only one of many of course abortion clinics Iím sure in the same condition, but this particular doctor was doing one thousand abortions a year, he had untrained staff and one as young as 15 and he hired relatives too that werenít trained.  And he also had another doctor working that was disbarred from working.  So, it says here, he was found in the raid at his home in a poor area of Philadelphia.  He had $250,000 cash there too because apparently he was dishing out a lot of drugs as well.  I mean this is quite the character this guy all together.  Iíll put this article up tonight for those who want to see it, the respectability of the slaughter clinic, eh.†


"Obama wants more funds to upgrade US atomic weapons arsenal" 

Alan:  It says.  This is the guy that got the Peace Prize remember for fighting weapons of mass destruction, but again like all politicians he does what heís told by his advisors and they all come from the same school and actually are more related than just that.† But anyway it says:

"US President Barack Obama has reportedly requested more funding to further upgrade American nuclear weapons at the cost of reduced spending on nuclear nonproliferation measures, which it demands from other nations.  The Obama administrationís funding request for continued modernization of its atomic arsenal has reportedly been included in its 2014 federal budget proposal that was released on Wednesday, according to a report in US-based Foreign Policy magazine." 

"The Obama administrationís plan to further ďmodernizeĒ American nuclear weapons comes nearly four years after the US president received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for the promotion of ďnuclear non-proliferation.Ē" 

Alan:  {Laughs}  You can trust this man on anything, eh?  It doesnít matter to folk who are really stuck into the left-right paradigm. It really doesnít matter what happens.  Theyíre just completely, thatís it.

"Despite massive cuts in public spending and even some Defense Department programs, under the new budget proposal, funding for US Energy Departmentís nuclear arms-related programs would increase by nearly seven percent or about USD500 million, according to the report, which cited American officials that spoke on the condition of anonymity."

Alan:  Thatís insiders in other words. 

In Britain, the protesters, no wonder, apart from the fact, again youíve got the left wing, right wing paradigms, you have the protesters complaining at the ten million pounds, I think it is, cost of Margaret Thatcherís funeral.  Itís one of these grand send-off things that they give to their top people.  And in a country thatís been broke for years, itís no wonder theyíre complaining, mind you.  But mind you, ten million pounds I suppose is nothing to the billions theyíre throwing into the black hole to save Europe by borrowing money from the international banking families and then throwing it into the black hole and adding to their debt on the taxpayer.  Because thatís who pays it all off, isnít it?  Always. 

And also:


AlanSenator Rockefeller.

"...Wants to Add Media Violence Study to Gun Bill" 

AlanAs well.  And it says that:

"The Violent Content Research Amendment of 2013, mirrors the bill he reintroduced in January that directs the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Health and Human Services to work with the National Academy of Sciences to determine whether thereís a connection between exposure to violent video games and programs and harmful effects on children."

Alan:  Now theyíve done thousands of these studies before.  Years and years ago I gave talks on the air about the reports that came out from the military itself saying that the video games were designed to basically get soldiers to kill with Pavlovian responses.  They were desensitized.  Well they gave it to all the children because they wanted an army twenty, twenty-five years later or so to go off and fight all these wars they had planned.  Everything works that way, long-term planning, folks.  Thatís how governments really work and those who own governments, which is not the public.  The future belongs to them because you must always control it and direct it, geopolitics and so on. 

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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