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Cause and Effect, Courtesy of Elect:

"Nations' Peoples are Nervous, Perhaps
Of Inflation, Coming Economic Collapse,
Yet Few Suspect the Future is Planned,
The Road to Success for Most is Banned,
The Age of Austerity will Be Forced In,
All the Old Values Tossed in the Bin,
A Planned Global Society is to Manage
Us All Through and Out of the Damage
Government Agencies will Then Consume
Your Spending Cash as They Bloom,
C.G. Darwin re. Public, Heaped Derision,
Said Experts to Rule, Make All Decisions"
© Alan Watt May 30, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 30, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 30th 2013.  I always suggest that newcomers look into and make good use of the website because there’s well over 1000 hours of audios for free download, where go through this system we’re born into. I explain why things are happening, because we’re living through an agenda. The future’s always planned by those who really own government basically.  Governments are owned, and they are completely compromised too with private foundations, owned by the biggest bankers on the planet, who shape the future of the world, just like a big business plan. Because business plans in all big corporations are, really, projected ahead 50 years, even 100 years, including takeovers and things down the road, the little wars they have amongst themselves as they go along. They plan it way ahead, way ahead, in advance, the same with society and control over societies across the planet. So I go through the history of the big foundations, how they all set up about the same time, headed by the same people actually, and how they put their own men into government and have done for 100 years, how they finance all the lobby groups, they finance the NGO armies they have, non-governmental organizations armies who lobby governments to have certain laws passed or changed or whatever. That’s how the world is really, really run. It’s quite simple. Plus they also write up the curriculum for school, and of course it’s worldwide today, to make sure we’re all standardized with the same education, or indoctrination, it depends upon how you’ve taken it. I go through all of that in the website.


Remember too, you bring me to you. I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. I don’t have sponsors. All I have, really, is the public who keep me ticking along year after year. So it’s up to you to keep me going. So if you like what I say you can help me pay the costs of all this because it’s quite expensive, all the sites I have up there. You can also buy the books and discs at, where I go through the arts that are understood, and have been understood for thousands of years, how to control masses of people, beginning with early priesthoods up to the present time. Now we’re living through an age where neuroscience and behaviorism, psychology, etc., they’re all working together and shaping how we think, even what we feel in fact, and how we are being monitored like crazy to bring in the perfect world citizen, a completely dumbed-down docile character who will never give any trouble to the ones who rule at the top, who consider themselves as wise men and free men… free men, truly free men, and wild too, by the way, because they are not dumbed-down as we are. Because now you have government agencies to take care of all of our decision-making for us. So you can buy the books and discs.  [Order and donation options listed above.]   And straight donations are really seriously welcome because everything is being devalued, as you all know, across the whole planet in fact, all the currencies, due to inflation.


Because we are getting ready now for the big, big banking crisis, even further banking crisis to come as those in control bring in the new system. And they really do want a worldwide system with the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland running the whole show, and the IMF underneath it being the strong arm for gouging everybody for their payment schemes and so on. This was all set up by private organizations such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs or Council on Foreign Relations, as the group in the US is known. They set themselves up a long time ago to basically run the whole world’s financial system, to fix the rates of currencies, the lending rates, and also the rate of interest, etc. That’s a tremendous power for a private organization to have. They are unelected. They put their own members into parliaments and governments across the world; as I say, it’s a very private organization. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big system, which is everything, really, because we live in a completely controlled system, whether people know it or not. Most folk don’t know it and they don’t really think about it much either; they’re living in a semi hypnotic state by watching television every single day. They believe what they’re told by the news media. In fact, it never occurs to them that they could be getting lied to, or even conned for some other reason.  It’s always really been like this, always been like this.


Most folk don’t know that the main newscasters, or anchormen as they call them, they’re on the TV often until they’re about 80 years of age, because you’ve grown up with them. That’s why they keep them there, you’ve grown up with them, they are father figures many of them.  And they belong to private organizations too which have global agendas, etc; a lot of that has come out with ones, especially in the US, in the past, and it’s never exposed until they’ve died or they’ve left or they’ve retired. So, this is how the world is really run. And our minds are truly run this way too, including all of the fiction you soak up, and the dramas that you soak up, that are loaded with messaging. It’s predictive programming that it’s called; it prepares you for things to come in your lifetime, cultural changes, from mass migrations of people entering your countries and things like that.


Hi folks, I’m back on again. I think we’re getting some interference halfway to the US with this phone call, because it’s happening more and more frequently now when I’m on the air. I’ve had problems before, about a year or two years ago, we even had trips happening in so-called automatic exchanges that were only tripping with my calls. So there’s definitely some kind of deliberate interference.


Now getting back to what I was saying, we’re going through this massive change in the world system. We’re getting prepared for it at every stage by little media exposés with experts coming on – whom you are taught to believe, and most folk do believe them – and getting you ready for big, big changes, especially into austerity.


Austerity can’t be overplayed because they really do mean what they’re saying. It’s a postconsumer society according to the big think tank for the United Nations which is the Club of Rome.  In post-consumerism all of your extra cash is to go to spend and pay for taxes, extra fees, energy costs and so on, and carbon taxes too. So you won’t have the cash to spend in the extra things and simply accumulate or whatever. Not that you can accumulate much these days because everything breaks very quickly after you buy it.  It’s all made in China; it’s junk. And it truly is junk. It is ‘built-in obsolescence’ and it’s also biodegradable, a lot of the stuff. You don’t even bother with warranties anymore because the thing generally perishes before the warranty is out or they bring out a new item for you to buy, especially in the electronics.  So, it’s all managed and this is all factored into the cost values and so on by those who designed items, especially in computers and cell phones, etc., before they even make them.  But everything is that way. Everything is cost-cutting and maximizing the profit for the actual items themselves.


As the world gets into a smaller group, really, of a very, incredibly wealthy people at the top like never before, like never in the history of the world, a vast gulf is between them and the rest of the public. Even the middle classes are pretty well disappearing, more so in some countries first before the rest but it’s happening everywhere. I know Britain and parts of Europe, they’ve demolished a lot of them there. The only ones who consider themselves middle class now pretty well across Europe are the ones working for government in bureaucrat positions, or even school teachers and so on. That’s what it’s really all about.


Anyway, you’ve got the communist system, which most folk can’t even recognize because they don’t know what communism is, or was, anymore. But that’s what it is because the big bankers of the world that funded communism into existence, in the Soviet system with the Bolshevik revolution onwards and through a lot of Europe and elsewhere, these were funded by bankers, international bankers who wanted a society where they could control the whole planet by using economic leverage you might say. They wanted government, big government with lots of bureaucratic agencies to manage the public, on their behalf. See, the old bankers in the old days, in the Middle Ages, used to get special permission to come into countries and tax farm, it’s called. Tax farming was awfully popular, often very, very lucrative for them. They were given special privileges by the Kings and Queens, and they were hated by the general population, but they were hated back in return because these people had nothing in common with the populations they were taxing from. Of course, it’s far better to do the same thing today using private centralized banks, especially, and getting governments to officially make these agencies, as I say, very official and giving them extra powers, then with lots of bureaucratic positions and agencies above and around them too, which help them to collect all their taxes and keep living high on the hog basically.


And there’s no chance of rebellion because the public are so watched by government agencies, especially now with the so-called war on terror, which of course is internal. Terror means everything nowadays, anything which is politically incorrect. In fact, if you even criticize government today it’s called antigovernment. Now, folk have always criticized government, even the opposition parties are always criticizing the government to do with policies. But if you also object about a certain policy you are classified as antigovernment altogether not just the one policy. See you can’t win in this situation and that’s how it’s been set up by lawyers, etc, etc, all working for the government agencies set up and controlled by the big boys at the top, which run the whole system, and the money system.


Money makes the world go around and it’s always been basically in the same hands, intergenerationally. It’s more perfected today. They scam you at least twice a century in a big way, and many little ones in-between.  But twice a century they’ll plunder countries and crash the banks; that’s standard procedure. Then they get bailed out and they’re quite happy with that.  They lose nothing at all. In fact, they gain an awful lot. And people who are crashing, losing everything too, start to borrow money again to try to get back on their feet, so the banks win, win, win all the way. And it’s never going to change because the ones at the top make the policy.  If you go into most countries’ agreements with the big bankers and central bankers, the bankers run the whole show. They actually draft up the legislation for government to sign today and governments happily go along with it. So who do the governments represent?  That’s a question people should really, really ask themselves, and do their homework because there’s lots of information out there on banking, lots of information about it, and it’s as old as the hills, as they say.


Also in this big system we are to be international and multicultural and so on, diversity is the big thing. Which means you must destroy the existing cultures of countries, especially European countries which are flooded with diverse – meaning opposite – cultures; the cultures really have nothing in common with them. That was the plan, too, to bring peace upon the planet according to the old communist regime. Of course you end up getting a new dominant minority coming in too, that have wealth with them, who get special rights and then they start dominating the country. Because it’s always been that way. The world has always been full of wars, down through the ages and most of these wars were to do with ethnic clashes between different countries, or even regions on a particular continent and so on. And it’s still going on today but it’s disguised, very disguised by different terminology.


It’s so amazing that those who run the world understand this terminology so perfectly, that they can say so many things to the public, and the public think they know what’s going on but they really don’t.  They really don’t know what’s really, really going on. It’s like looking at a disease if you’re in medicine, and you can see all the symptoms and you’re given explanations as to why those symptoms arise, but you’re not allowed to look at the actual disease itself. It’s quite amazing how the world works and how our minds are controlled by the information and the way information is disseminated to the general populations, by experts. And again, back to neuroscientists, they use psycholinguistics, now called neurolinguistics, and they understand how to use terminology to bring you to the conclusion that they want you to arrive at. It works awfully, awfully well, pretty well perfectly with most people.


Now, Britain has been getting hammered for a long time. It’s been called the ‘international welfare state’ since about the 1970s. It was advertised as that all across Europe in fact, for a long time, and the world, and they called it ‘welfare shopping’. People were coming into Britain because they had all these laws put out that they had to accept people and put them on welfare, give them living accommodations and so on and so on. Of course, it’s a basket case with that.  Again, the big bankers love this because the governments must borrow money, constantly, and they live off interest remember, bankers. They know themselves it’s not intended that the actual payments are paid in full. It’s never intended that that will ever happen because it cannot ever be done, because compound interest is charged; it can’t be paid off. So when governments like Britain say they’re paying off, or they’re balancing their books for the year, the fiscal year, they’re talking about the fact that they managed to pay the interest, for that year, on all the debt owed. So they never touch the actual debt itself, always the interests, and that’s how the bankers like it. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about the big system, because the big system is everything. It’s everything. It even gives you your thoughts, your opinions and it alters your mood even; it tells you what to be sad about, what to be happy about, what to be angry about.  And it works awfully well. That’s why they have you all doing your Twittering stuff and so on; they can keep tabs on you to see how things are working, in real time, as you’re watching programs on TV and so on. It’s perfect today; they know where they’re failing, they know where they have to step something up, and it works awfully well.


Now, going back to Britain and so on, it says…


UK faces European Court over benefits for EU nationals / 30 May 2013


(Alan:  Now, the European Commission is the gang that runs this European Union, this Parliament that nobody wanted. But remember, FDR wanted this done, the whole of Europe amalgamated, before World War II ended. Then Truman took it over. Eisenhower wanted it too. And it became a mandate for the big boys, most especially the big bankers behind it who, again, were profiting mightily from the wars and so on, but they wanted reparations too, and money, etc.  They came out with lend-lease plans and various plans to amalgamate Europe. But they had to keep it secret from the general public, because nobody in Europe wanted to amalgamate into this super Soviet system. Of course today it’s already been done. And the European Commission, we don’t even know who their names are that run it at the top. They’re not the politicians. These are unelected people that are somehow selected to be on the European Commission, this body at the top, and it truly is almost like the Soviet system. In fact, I’d say it was, pretty well.)


Britain is being taken to court by the European Commission for allegedly discriminating against EU nationals (A:  Now, what’s an EU national? What they mean is nationals from other countries in the EU, because there is no EU nation, so far.) who claim social security in the UK.


Ministers are accused of discriminating against those from EU member states who have been living and working in the UK.


It is alleged an extra residency test applied by the UK to see if migrants are eligible to claim breaches EU law.


Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said he planned to fight the commission "every step of the way".


The EU has a standard test that is supposed to be applied by countries to determine a migrant's eligibility for welfare payments.


But the British right-to-reside test goes further and restricts access to a number of social security benefits that would otherwise be available to those coming to the UK from another EU member state.


The commission believes the UK is breaking EU law and alleges thousands of people may have been unfairly denied benefits as a result. 


(A:  Now as I say, Britain is loaded down with such incredible debt, and they’ve got a huge, huge welfare system.  They’re already drowning basically in massive debts, and then they start cutting back and cutting back in different areas, as far as they can, even the National Health Service and so on, many operations are canceled.  Even cataracts and so on, you can’t even get operations now for them on the National Health Service, and various other things like that. So you’re looking at the usual things which the IMF does as well by the way.  The International Monetary Fund, when they come into a country they immediately always slash things, at the bottom, like the National Health Service, medications, things like that. That’s standard procedure. )


Benefits tests Habitual residence test

• Introduced in 1994 for any recent arrivals to the UK who claim means-tested benefits, including returning UK nationals  (A:  They go through the whole list of the necessities they’re supposed to pay out welfare for.)


But the problem is, though, the people in Europe, especially the ones in ex-Soviet nations that have come into the EU Union are leaving bankrupt countries, totally bankrupt. Because they were plundered by the so-called communists who all flooded out of there with the billions, out of there, and a lot of them went to Los Angeles in fact and New York and other places at the end of the Soviet period. But they looted the countries and there’s nothing left there for the public. There’s no work in most of those countries, and even like Bulgaria, incredible how they’ve been devastated. So they flood into Britain to get the best payments for startup money and so on, as everybody would too.


But this is all managed. All this is managed; it was understood long before they amalgamated the whole of Europe into this big massive Soviet bloc.  And of course eventually it’s to do away with ALL national sovereignty, where your actual national governments become provincial governments, like a minor type of government, and the EU super Parliament is the top boss. Now, they want the same thing done in the Americas under the NAFTA agreement, which is still ongoing by the way. They have signed so much of the amalgamation.  They know it’s not time yet to announce that it’s all been done because there would be too much of a ruckus, especially in the US. But they want to amalgamate the whole of the Americas, ALL of the Americas, including the BRIC countries as well. That’s the big plan. Of course they’ve already got the Far East one going with China, which China is to be the dominant party over Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries as well.  That was designed back in the 1920s, that whole plan, by the RIIA. And here we are today. And we’re taught that things just evolve this way by themselves. Utter rubbish!


Also too, we’re conned on so many levels because one of the biggest scams out is global warming. It came out really by the far left, which is run by the big banks too by the way, under a guise to redistribute the wealth of the world, from so-called richer countries to poorer countries. It’s not to go there of course. It’s to go to those countries, but to the international corporations that set up there; that’s to benefit them. I’ll go into some of the cons that are going on as the top global warmists are jumping ship basically, because we’re colder than we’ve been for a long, long time. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big con of global warming. Now, the big boys themselves have banked so much on us believing in global warming for extra taxes, carbon taxes and all the rest of it, to redistribute the wealth, of our wealth, our tax money basically, extra fees and taxes to their big international corporations across the world. But also too, it’s to manage our lives from birth to death, and a new way of living, you understand, a world run by experts which the big boys at the top have always been after. And teaching us how to live, simply, very, very simply; they call it austerity.


Many of the so-called scientists, and true religious people of the global warmists persuasion, are feeders at the trough basically, the big trough, the money pit. To save us all they’re going to get awfully wealthy themselves of course, saving us, and spreading alarm about global warming. It says in this article here…


'Trougher' Yeo (A:  Tim Yeo, he’s one of the big global warming alarmists basically.) recants on global warming / James Delingpole / May 29th, 2013


(A:  They call him ‘trougher’ Yeo because he’s been living at the public trough for a long, long time.)


Here's what he said in 2009:


"The dying gasps of the deniers (A:  ...that’s the warming deniers...) will be put to bed. In five years time, no one will argue about a man-made contribution to climate change.”


And here, less than five years on, is what he is saying now:


“Although I think the evidence that the climate is changing is now overwhelming, the causes are not absolutely clear. There could be natural causes, natural phases that are taking place.”


We're going to see a lot of this in the coming weeks and months: "the even though I've been proved completely wrong, I was right all along really" non-apologetic retraction from all those former full-time climate alarmists – eg the Met Office (A:  ...with all their emails that exposed them lying all the time.); Oxford's Professor Myles Allen; even certain of my Telegraph blogging colleagues – who are now trying to escape from the collapsing edifice of the great AGW (A:  ...anthropogenic global warming.) scam while trying to salvage as much professional dignity as they can muster.


Notice that weasel phrase "I think the evidence that the climate is changing is now overwhelming…" It's the sort of technique you might learn in an advanced NLP (A:  That’s neurolinguistic programming.) class as a way of pulling wool over the eyes of the unwary. What the phrase implies is that there has been a long-running debate as to whether "climate is changing", that Yeo has always been on the right side of it and that now he has been vindicated. Truly this a slimy trick worthy of the man they sometimes call "Trougher" and sometimes "Ebola". As we all know here, there has never been a debate about whether the "climate is changing". Not even Mr Thick the Thickest person on the planet; not even Mr Fossil Fuel, the most lavishly Big-Oil-funded denialist; not a single person anywhere on earth ever in our lifetime has ever suggested that climate doesn't change. Indeed, that has been the whole point that those of us on the right (ie my) side of the argument have been making all along. Climate change is a normal, natural and perpetual process which occurs, and has always occurred, with sublime indifference to man's puny input(A:  And isn’t that the truth. From ancient times to the present, warming periods, cooling periods, back and forth like a yo-yo, that’s how it’s always been.)


Still, it's good to see Yeo taking at least the first tentative step on the path to redemption. Admitting you were totally wrong about something, that you've been made to look an utterly despicable, greedy fool, that even the Conservatives in your constituency hate you, that no one trusts you as far as they can spit, that you've done immeasurable damage to your country's landscape and economy with the abysmally counterproductive environmental policies you not only helped promote but from which you may have benefited financially. (A:  See, all these big boys who promote the global warming have massive shares in all these alternative energies and windmills and all the rest of it, that are just useless. But they’re getting awfully rich off it too, you see. Everything you’ll find in the world, that we’re taught to believe, is a scam, but someone always benefits mightily from each scam that comes along.)


Now, I’ve also mentioned too...  I knew in supermarkets and pharmacies and all the rest of them came out with special cards, for customer cards and so on, that there was much more to it. In fact, in Canada I think a lot of the supermarkets do air miles, what they call air miles cards and they get a little tick on it or stamp or something the more that you buy from a supermarket. But who else shares this particular air miles scam? Well, the government of Canada does, because they run the liquor stores and beer stores and everything else in Canada.  So, they know what you’re drinking, and how much you’re drinking. They know your habits, when you go to buy your booze. They also know what you’re eating, and how much of whatever you’re eating, all the different items. This is a control factor. This is all about controlling the public by finding out what you do and so on. I knew back then too that they’d also eventually start to tell you what, what to eat, which is coming down the pike now. And eventually for those who drink, it will be how much you drink too, or stop drinking or whatever.  But this says...


Supermarket keeping track of what customers buy to increase healthy eating  (A:  Now, this is how they give you a propaganda piece; it’s a kind of a happy piece, you see. So again, it’s neurolinguistics.)

Supermarket keeping track of what customers buy to increase healthy eating  (A:  See, this is a positive statement, you see. And that’s how they con you, with this type of terminology.) / ROB DAVIES / May 28, 2013


ONE OF THE UK'S biggest supermarket chains is planning to spy on the shopping habits of customers who want to slim and advise them on how to eat more healthily.  (A:  So you see, that’s what they are in the business for.  Supermarkets are not there for profit, they are there to help you and get you healthy, right. I mean, you all know that, right?)


Tesco will use data from its loyalty card (A:  Again, ‘loyalty’ is a positive term.) scheme to see who is loading up on high-calorie or fat-laden food such as doughnuts, chocolate and pizza.


Its 16 million Clubcard members could then be offered vouchers for healthier products or given recipes as part of the battle against the growing obesity epidemic. Tesco boss Philip Clarke said customers would need to 'opt in', rather than being bombarded by unwanted suggestions.  (A:  Sure.  Sure, sure.  They’re going to bombard you whether you like it or not.)


'We won't encourage healthier lifestyles by editing choices, but we can influence choice by making healthier options,' he told The Grocer magazine. The supermarket's technology experts have built an online tool - dubbed the 'healthy little differences tracker' - that will measure how customers' habits change following the health drive.


The group is also expected to contribute data to government research into obesity.  (A:  See, it’s all working together, as it was meant to.)


However, only anonymous data (A:  Well, places like Britain should know that there’s no such thing as passing anonymous data on. They’ve had so many scandals with data being passed and sold, even with their welfare systems and so on, and peoples who are members of it and so on, that there’s no such thing as anonymity.) will be passed to health research organisations, unless customers volunteer their details.


Britain's biggest supermarket says 65 per cent of its customers admit their lifestyle isn't as healthy as they would like. It has already teamed up with charity Diabetes UK to research diet patterns and agreed to cut the calories in its own-brand soft drinks. Tesco has also thrown its weight behind government plans to introduce a universal label on the front of food packaging, and stepped up efforts to reduce the $1000 worth of groceries each family wastes every year.  (A:  So they are tying it in with higher prices, which always go along with all of this stuff, and selling your data.  They say ‘sharing’, you see, but it means selling your data; government buys it from them and then they can keep a complete record of you and all your different habits, what you’re purchasing, when you’re purchasing it and so on.)


And you cannot help the general public who go along with this. You can’t do it.  And it’s called ‘the mouse trap’, by the way, and marketers talk about ‘mousetraps’; they build mousetraps like credit cards and things like that. The same with your so-called loyalty cards; you get a little discount.  In other words, you get the proper price. Everybody else is charged the extra price if you don’t use the card. So it’s extra profit for the companies. That’s how the cons all work. And that’s all they need is a mousetrap, put a little bit of cheese on it and they go for the bait. It’s simple too. Unfortunately it’s simple to con the public into giving out all their details, by saying you’ll get a certain percentage off of the cost or whatever. Incredible.


Now there’s a caller on the line. It’s Jolie from North Carolina. Are you still there Jolie?


Jolie:  Hey.  First of all I am a climate denier, but my new diagnosis is now inflexibility of opinion.  I wanted to mention that I watched the 1954 BBC production of 1984 with Peter Cushing. Do you know that they actually identify three trading blocs in the movie?


Alan:  Yeah.  Well, that goes all the way back to Karl Marx. I mean, Karl Marx came out with that in the 1800s and he wrote all his stuff in London, financed by the Rothschilds, so they knew where they were heading a long time ago.


Jolie:  Well, you know the EU is called Eurasia in the movie.  The North Americas is called Oceana.  And the East Pacific Rim region, which they’re putting together now, is called EastAsia in the movie.  The other thing I wanted to mention is, O’Brien is talking to Winston and he says, the party seeks power for its own sake, not as a means but an end; power over the human mind and power over all matter, climate, disease, the laws of gravity, because we control the mind, is what he said. And what you were mentioning about climate, I mean, they’re doing it, they’re artificially creating that. And disease, look at the CDC and all the creation of the viruses going on, right.   And even with the matter, look at the broadcast earlier, the airways you could throw in there too, as far as control.


Alan:  Oh, it’s all been done. And not only just the mind though, it’s also reality in itself. That’s what O’Brien said too. O’Brien of course was a member of the upper inner party. He said, if I tell you I can fly, then I can fly, and you’ll believe it. You know. So they tell us what to believe.


Jolie:  Yep, freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2 = 4. But you know, O’Brien does say to Winston, sometimes they’re 5, or 3, or all of them at once.


Alan:  That’s right.


Jolie:  But the last thing I wanted to mention, Alan, is really important, something that you talk about a lot and it’s also in that movie. Is holding onto our humanity and our humaneness towards each other… how important that is for our survival. I mean, I can’t stress that enough. But O’Brien says to Winston, never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling; you will be hollow; we shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves. And you know, Winston says to Julia, if you could feel that staying human is worthwhile, even when you can’t have the end result, whatever, then you’ve beaten them.


Alan:  That’s right.  Oh yeah. And it’s true too. I think that Orwell took some of that from the show trials that the Soviet Union had.  There were public show trials.  They brought out guys who had been tortured, just like we do nowadays to the Muslims and so on.  When they came on trial these guys were like robots; they agreed they had done the most nasty, terrible things, just like you saw in 1984, and it was absolutely ridiculous, but they were completely brainwashed. They were just like Winston in the end of the movie where he goes into the little bar that he used to eat in, Under the Chestnut Tree, and he’s just one of the robots. He believes everything he’s been told to believe. He believes he’s a bad guy. He believes he’ll have to suffer for his unfaithfulness to the party, and take the consequences. And that’s how they can make you.


Jolie:  And loving your servitude, that theme is in there. O’Brien actually uses that phrase to Winston, that you will love big brother, you will love your servitude. Then we see all this, you know, Huxley, in Brave New World, that uses that same exact phrase.


Alan:  That’s right.


Jolie:  [Aldous Huxley] in his 1963 UC Berkeley speech, which is on your website, uses that same phrase as well.


Alan:  That’s correct. And also the Rockefeller foundation too, when they were talking about the school system they were going to create and that they would make the people love their servitude, as well, they’ll come to us with complete docility, he said. And that’s happening today. People really, truly believe their indoctrination and very few folk break out of it. These are scientific techniques that are very old but more perfected today. A lot of that was due to Pavlov as well. They took the Pavlovian system and conditioned reflexes and then they brought in the ones who are experts in guilt, they can create lots of guilt within a person, which is very important if you understand anthropology and the different religions down through the ages. The installation of guilt can actually make people either extremely nationalistic, because you give them a strong collective society; they still exist today, very powerful ones. But they also make sure that they are altruistic amongst themselves, but nobody else; they are enemies to the outsiders.  So all these techniques are perfectly understood down through the ages because even in ancient times philosophers talked about them and they studied humans, just like they do today.


Jolie:  Well, they resort to torture basically in the movie, you know, but you could really take that on another level, of mind, you know, really.


Alan:  Well, you even get the schools now. The school system, they have group-think in schools now. At one time they used to ask for different opinions or want different opinions to get a good discussion going, a good debate. But not now. In schools you all sit in a group, often in a circle in fact, for any particular important topic and anyone who disagrees with the consensus at the end of the talk is often ostracized by the rest of the group, to make them feel guilty about not joining them, until they give in and say okay I’ll agree with you, you’re right. So everything today is group-think. That’s right.


Jolie:  Sure, I mean, what is groupthink? Groupthink is promoting a mass mentality, which is really the eradication of individualism, isn’t it?


Alan:  That’s right. It’s what your overlords want you to have, is group-think; it’s the authorized thinking mode on any particular topic.


Jolie:  Because it is the individual, only the individual that will be able to overcome this whole system.


Alan:  Absolutely. Absolutely. Groups can’t...  Groups are too... In fact, I remember the communist system, when you really study it, when they looked at the West, they would foster movements in the West, many kinds of movements, even amongst the churches – they didn’t know themselves they were being used. They’d get them onto something that would sound rather innocuous, some particular direction to change things that sounded like a good thing. But this is how they got it all started, then they started introducing their own little ideas into it, which they never mentioned the word ‘communism’ or ‘communistic’ logic or thinking or agendas. But people started to adopt these particular things and they were practicing communism without even knowing it themselves. And these are some of the top churches in the US. That came out with an American…


Jolie:  Well you know, I was planning on going to the Monsanto March; they have one here on the 25th of May. But I didn’t go because I knew it would be infiltrated by NGOs.


Alan:  Absolutely. I mean, some of the NGOs too, remember, don’t want you.  Friends of the Earth, when you look into the people who run Friends of the Earth, they come out with some good stuff too mind you. But when you go into the top organizers, these guys literally want to, they hate humanity. They love the animals. They hate humanity and they want to drastically reduce the population of the world, which ties in exactly with the Rockefeller foundation, what they want to do on behalf of the elite.  But thanks for calling. Back after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I mentioned at the beginning of the program tonight, I was talking about the big banking system and how step by step we’re getting put into a new system, and they must cause crisis after crisis to get the power to do so, those at the top who have planned it all, you see. Other countries in Europe are still suffering massively under this incredible new European Central Bank, this big major domo that’s the big, big boss, this private central bank of course, which really works for the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, again, a private organization that was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, another private organization.


Anyway, in Spain right now it says…


Spanish Woman Commits Suicide

As Foreclosure Agents Walk Into Her Apartment / 11/09/2012


The intensification of the financial crisis in Spain, and across Europe, is having very real effects on the lives of people.  (A:  Well, I like their intelligence here, of course, they’ve been having this for years.) Beyond the rise in the unemployment rate, widespread foreclosures across Spain have caused at least two suicides over the past few weeks, along with an unsuccessful attempt in the city of Valencia.  The latest case, reported on Friday, involved a 53-year-old woman who jumped from her sixth-story balcony in the Basque city of Barakaldo as foreclosure agents forced open her door.  (A:  Now, you’ll notice that the debt collectors don’t give a damn about the system. They’re quite happy to retrieve property and resell it and so on at higher costs, etc. And life is cheap today. And no one really bothers about it. It’s a disgusting society we live in.  And...)


Spain's Bankia Decimates Savers As Stock Plummets; Police Officer Stabs Banker Who Sold Him Shares (A:  ...before it all happened.) / 5/28/2013


So they’re really getting hit hard there and elsewhere too. Meanwhile, again, going back to Britain… I use Britain as an example because you see, the Royal Institute of International Affairs said that they’d use Britain as the flagship, the flagship of how the rest of the world is to become. Do you want to be like Britain, folks? ...with a National Health Service that literally has now implemented in Scotland, for instance, GIRFEC which is monitoring every child from birth, with a state advocate given by the state, a social worker, for every single child? ...who report their parents and all the rest of it? Incredible, way beyond Stasi control.


Also in Britain this says…


Goodbye Mr Chips: Council stops schools from serving potatoes to children.. because they are TOO EXPENSIVE / Andy Dolan / 28 May 2013


This is GREAT Britain, remember... too expensive to buy potatoes now. But you’re supposed to take in all the different nationals from across Europe and put them on welfare. Who’s behind all of this, folks? You have to do your homework. Carroll Quigley talked about it. He was the personal historian of the private archives they have for the guys who create our history, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  They are across the whole planet today, and he said, every Prime Minister and President since the late 1800s is a member of this organization, on the left wing and on the right wing; it doesn’t matter. The guys at the top are all members of this one group. The whole of the European Parliament are members of it and George Soros is in charge of that department. We are run by a big, big gang at the top with a lot in common with each other, an awful lot in common with each other by the way, and it’s up to you to find out what. If you don’t it’s your own detriment. Ignorance is always to your own detriment.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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