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Is it Bad to be Mad?

"Standardization of the World is Ongoing,
Causing Cracks in Sanity, News is Showing,
Diverting Attention from Nations at Slaughter
To Little Boys Wishing to Be Called Daughter,
"It's Everyone's Right to Be What They Wish",
Roars Media Which Exploits Miss Dainty Dish,
Or Little Person Demanding to Be Called Giant
Requires Adjusting Brain, Usually Reliant,
And the Best of All This Supposed "Equality"
Reduces Most of Us to Equal Poverty"
© Alan Watt Aug. 22, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 22, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 22nd, 2013. For newcomers to the broadcast please make good use of the website, lots and lots of info there, where you can download lots of audios for free.  I go through the system we’re born into and how it works, who set it up and where it’s supposed to go. Because the future’s always planned by those in power, in the present basically. And those in the present got their power from their daddies and mummies beforehand. Very, very old families have accumulated incredible wealth through centuries and centuries of managing the money system of the planet basically. They’re going towards standardization across the whole world right now, for the global society, always been their dream.


Most folk want to just conquer by using militaries, but it’s much easier to use other folk’s militaries of course and also use the money system on top of it, because everything revolves around, in this system anyway, revolves around money, including your governments. Your governments are dependent on the big bankers, the private bankers, to lend money all the time. That’s why bankers love welfare systems, and the social system too, the socialist system. Because they are guaranteed continuing interest, massive interest and compound interest for ever and ever, and putting generation still to come, of children, into paying off debt accumulated over a long, long time by their predecessors.


So this is the system, again, that the big bankers wanted to bring in, and they’ve got what they want today. They call it the globalist system and this is the Century of Change, in their own words in fact, these guys who created the big tax-exempt foundations under the guise of philanthropy that are worth trillions of dollars. They fund armies of nongovernmental organizations. They have the biggest think tanks across the world which advise governments on all policies for all aspects of society. These characters run the world.  Of course they even put their own guys in as prime ministers and presidents, in fact. It doesn’t matter what side you think that they’re on, they’re all on the same side because they’re all from the same foundations basically. And they have sworn allegiance to this big agenda too.


So we’re living through an ongoing massive planned change in society. The Century of Change, as I say, is what academia referred to this century, in the 20th century. What they meant was all the old inequalities were to be stamped out, etc., etc., and this new totally socialist system brought in with government agencies running to make sure everything worked the way it was supposed to work. In other words, the way that the masters want it to be, to serve them best. And we’re already here. We’re swamped, for goodness sake, with government agencies, in all countries. In fact, if you look at all countries, it doesn’t matter if it’s the US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, it’s all the same system.


And it was intended to be the same system because the boys that brought in the private organizations that run the world and set up the foundations starting at the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, they wrote about it, at least their own historian wrote about the whole agenda in his own books basically. He was a professor. He worked with the State Department of the US and many other departments in the US government and he knew his stuff. He knew the whole agenda. He thought it was time that the public should know about it too because he said, this organization has been behind all the wars that you’ve heard of over the last hundred years. He said, they’ve drastically not just altered history but directed history. And he says, the public will accept it. He thought the public would accept it. And actually, I think he’s probably quite right, even though he’s dead now.


The public probably will accept anything because with the right indoctrination, ongoing indoctrination – sometimes couched under the terms of ‘lifelong learning’ – through the media, entertainment and whatever you read as nonfiction, you’re being programmed into accepting this whole system as being inevitable. Because the big, big trick, remember, has always been to say that things are just so complicated now, we need a huge massive government. And that’s the big, big trick to get you to give up all your rights and freedoms etc., and for the future children too who may be born into this world, to be brought into it under a complete government-dominated system. That’s where we are today. It’s planned that way, folks.


Remember too, I go into this at You can also print up many of the talks I’ve given if you want to in English on all the sites listed at You can go into and get transcripts in other languages. You can also help me tick along by buying the books and discs there and you’ll see how to do it on the website.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through the planned inflation. Because the masters of the world want you to pay an awful lot more for the basic necessities of life, food, energy, clothing, rent, mortgages, all that kind of stuff. That’s all part of this big Millennium Project or Agenda 21, the Agenda for the 21st century. All part of it, folks.  And the big boys lose nothing of course by giving you less, since they up the prices about four or five times of what they already have been charging you for the same things.


So we’re going through a planned society. There’s winners and losers, actually, in it of course. I’ve mentioned Jacques Attali’s book quite a few times, it was called, Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order.  And he should know since he works at the United Nations and he has been basically the top man in France for a whole bunch of presidents in fact. Remember, the presidents and prime ministers, even presidents are really front men, and the guys behind them are far, far more important, the guys who make all the decisions, who have been lifers in politics, etc., on high levels. They know the score, what’s happening, and their job is to make sure that the front man takes the heat for it. That’s why you vote them out eventually and you vote in the next bunch, to find that the same agenda continues.


It’s interesting that Jefferson in the US mentioned that in his day. He said that when you see the same agenda going on between changes in the house of Congress, meaning parties, then you know you’re under tyranny. And that’s where we are, folks. Most folk haven’t a clue how it really works at all. I’ve often mentioned the Freemason Albert Pike who certainly knew the agenda; there’s much, much more to that guy then I’ve mentioned on the air.  But Albert Pike, who was the sort of Pope of Freemasonry in his day, as they call him, he said that those who won’t use their own intellect, your own reasoning power, those who won’t use it – and this is how Freemasons see the rest of society, and they got it from another group that had been fighting Christianity actually at that time, for a long, long time, centuries in fact. He said that those who won’t use their intellect and reasoning are therefore steak on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent. You see, it’s not up to me or anybody else to tell you what to do or think or anything else. It’s up to yourself to come to your own conclusions. Stop looking for other people to give you your conclusions. You have to do that if you want to save anything at all, including yourself.


And remember too that Brzezinski in his own book called Between Two Ages, he mentioned the same thing too. He’s a geopolitician, been behind many, many wars including the present ones going on, along with Kissinger. But Brzezinski said in his book, back in the 70s, he said, the general public have been trained not to think for themselves. And when he was writing that too, there was a transition happening in the media, because everyone knew previously to that, that all media were regarded with suspicion because media moguls or magnates were powerful people with their own agendas. They belonged to the same organizations that run the world, still do. But they’ve trained the public since that somehow the media has changed and it’s out there to do your thinking for you. That’s what he said basically. And he says, not only that, the public will expect them to do their reasoning for them now. That ties right in with what Albert Pike said, a beast of burden by choice and consent. That’s how the big boys see you.


So that’s why Jacques Attali could also write his book, Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order.  The winners at the top right now are the greediest people on the planet. They believe in a future, for themselves, and we will be left behind, like booster rockets basically. We’ve done our job through evolution, for them to go off into the future, high technology and so on. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about thinking for yourself basically. Most folk get, as I say, the media, the news for the day and they have reactions to it. It’s meant to get reactions from you, emotive reactions. Not logical reactions, just emotional reactions, you see. Because you don’t question its validity or anything else, you just accept what you’re told and that’s that. The way it’s often expressed is to get you to swing one way or another on a particular topic, and lead you to the conclusion that you’re going to even argue with others about once you think you’ve reached it for yourself.


But remember those at the top too are masters, at least the big boys that they hire, and they really have big boys at the top that they hire, big corporations to do all the propaganda for them. I’ve gone through propaganda quite a few times, on some of the history of it too. Propaganda is endless.  It’s an ancient technique of spinning things and so on. The big boys themselves can always hire the experts to do it for them. And they get a lot of free advertising and publicity all the time. Now remember too, those who want something to come in, like the computer, etc., and cell phones and all that kind of thing, to get them all in, in a big massive market, are always behind the front men they put out there for you to believe are geniuses. This is an old technique; even with Einstein, they put him out there. And people follow it and believe it and so on. And the more it’s hyped by movies and all the rest of it, the more it embeds in your minds that it must be all true, this character is a genius.


But again, they would have front people. Rather than say that big corporations run the world they’ve got to have front people basically, and make you think that everything is competition, which is nonsense, utter nonsense.  We have wars to eliminate competition, literally, I mean full-scale wars. Wars can also be economic, and economic warfare is always going on, even between corporations unless they belong to the same clubs.  And the same clubs have a different judicial system above them that keeps them all in line working together. That’s a very old idea by the way, from a very old people. Here’s a good example of how an ad is put out here, and people forget things, you see, and they don’t remember. It says…


Online access 'a human right,' Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says / August 21, 2013


Now, most folk are going to jump and say, oh that’s true, that’s great, you know, that is true, I hope he’s going to do something about it and help folk get Internet access across the whole planet. But stop and think about it. Look at all the revelations we’ve had recently about total surveillance society, they can’t do it without the computer and the cell phone. Everyone has been targeted, constantly, on a daily basis. All your information is going up there, vocal or written or whatever. It’s all going up there for the big boys to see, stored by the Pentagon, by NSA and a whole bunch of other international organizations. So that they can basically build up a personality profile ON YOU and have it ongoing through your whole life long. And they can work out you, the real you better than you can, you see. We always have a persona that we think we project to others. Now, they see it differently; other people see it differently from the one that you think you project to them. Therefore, people are really ignorant of the fact that they have you down perfectly. They even have you, an artificial you, a composite of you basically, with all your data in it and personality and all the rest of it, and they do war-games on it in the Pentagon; I’ve read the articles here on the air from the Pentagon’s own site.


So really, is it a great right to have the Internet and all the rest of it? Believe you me, if it wasn’t to suit the big boys, and your masters, for the next phase of total dominance – I mean total dominance – you would never have got the computer at all.  Because they need that, that’s one of their biggest weapons on the public.  But anyway, again, going back to the headline again…


Online access 'a human right,' (Alan: See, in other words, you put out the moral high ground... and the schmucks follow behind you... Yeah, that’s true, yeah… You see.) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says / August 21, 2013


NEW YORK –  Facebook connects 1.15 billion people through its social network -- and now it wants to get to the next 5 billion.


The ginormous social network wants to help (A: wants ‘to help’... again, the social... See how this is written by propagandists.) get the world's 7 billion people online through a partnership with Samsung, Nokia and other large mobile technology companies, the company said Wednesday.


Now remember too that all the top companies in the world are all funded by governments. That’s how they get their start. The CIA has legitimate, huge companies out there, massive ones; so does Britain’s MI6, and every country is the same as well. Now it’s global so they’re all in it together, you see. So corporations are putting this out here and getting a front man to take the credit for it, this wonderful clever fellow, you know, Mark Zuckerberg. Remember what Zuckerberg said, once the folk realized about a year or two ago that he was selling all your data to all the corporations. He said, the people who are complaining are stupid f... and he used the F word.  This is the wonderful guy who wants to help the world. In other words, and he’s right enough, do you really think anything is free out there? And Zuckerberg was making a fortune off all of the idiots that blindly sign up and put all their data up there. They sell it to the NSA. They sell it to all the organizations. And here he is again, as a humanitarian, coming out again to push another commercial project for himself and others. Think for yourselves, folks. Don’t be caught up with ‘online access is a human right,’ for the moral high ground, as I say, or he wants to help people, right.


Remember that Carroll Quigley who was the historian for the CFR and Royal Institute of International Affairs, he said that philanthropists would eventually merge with governments.  Actually it happened already because as I say, the philanthropists, the big foundations own the think tanks – they own them, folks – that advise governments’ policies, on every aspect of social policies, and foreign policies as well.  I’ve read articles on air – again, if you go into the archives section at – from the CFR talking about the same thing.  It was about two or three years ago they come out with a huge project to try and make this a new normal basically – they’re always giving you new normals, you see – where these unelected philanthropists would have more say in running the world’s affairs. See, that’s already here now since big corporations like IBM somehow get the go-ahead, or give themselves the go-ahead, or government just accepts what they’re told to accept, and they’re creating the smart grid across the whole planet, with all the other biggies working with them. And you still prattle on about democracy and having rights and so on.


So anyway, think for yourselves. Remember, all these things that I discuss, all the topics I put up at the end of the night on, for those of you to save them, hopefully save them for the future because things disappear down the memory hole.


Now, I’ve also mentioned the TransPacific Partnership too, part of the big CFR organization and Royal Institute of International Affairs, on the English side, was to create a new world order.  It goes way back actually to the days of John Dee and then Francis Bacon who talked about creating a British Empire, or a Brytish Empire they called it. Of course this took off and held steady for quite a few centuries as the Empire grew, because the boys with the money flooded into Britain from Holland and had a pact with royalty and so on. Then they decided after World War I they were going to hand the torch to America, to take over all the taxation of the public.  So they had to get the Federal Reserve in and the Income Tax Act passed and all the rest of it, because Britain already had it, and tax the public for the wars as the US took over, to create this global order, a World Empire basically; lots of information on that too. But Quigley does go through that, Professor Carroll Quigley in his own books which you’ve got to get to understand it.  And then you’ll understand that the world’s always been run by quiet but very powerful open societies, open to the public for knowledge that is; they’re listed, folks. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big boys with their world plans and agenda. But remember, they united the whole of Europe under this massive Parliament, that no one wants except the big boys that designed it of course. These private organizations set up the amalgamation of the whole of Europe, under the guise, under the con of free trade agreements. So free trade agreements are part of the bringing together of countries, and all their laws are merged together, it’s all done for them of course. Then they say, well we need a higher authority than just national governments because they’re always arguing, so they end up getting a Parliament, etc. So what happened to Europe is to happen to America, Canada, Mexico, in fact the whole of Latin America. This article here touches on it and it says…


NAFTA on Steroids: (A:  ...the North American Free Trade Agreement.)

The TransPacific Partnership and Global Neoliberalism /  19 August 2013 / Cliff DuRand


A world without democracy, ruled by a technocratic elite serving the interests of US and global capital - protecting "investor rights" against national laws and regulations - is now being created in secret negotiations over free-trade treaties, one of which, the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), may be sewn up this fall. Can popular will stop it?  (A:  Well, who’s Will? I don’t know who… They’re always firing at Will… They always tell you in the military to fire at Will, have you noticed that too? Because there is no will at all.)


For four decades now, we have seen corporate-led neoliberal globalization transforming nation-states into globalized states that serve the interests of transnational capital above the interests of national populations. (A:  Well that’s what the Royal Institute of International Affairs said they’d do a hundred years ago, they’d create these massive trading blocs, merge all their laws together and then get a superparliament running the whole thing. And even that superparliament would be, eventually, under a global parliament; that was the idea. This is a very old idea, run by the same people by the way, who already owned the world 200 - 300 years ago.) This tendency has been strong in states both of the global North and of the global South. Everywhere sovereignty is being compromised. The ideal political system most suitable for such globalized states is polyarchy, since it legitimates relatively autonomous elite rule. (A:  And that’s what we have today, elite rule … ‘Experts’, you see. You always hear that term, ‘experts’, and you jump to it, oh, they know what they’re talking about, he’s an expert.  They often don’t have to even, in articles, have to name the experts, just say the word ‘experts’ and people listen. That’s how you’re trained. Bertrand Russell said, we’ll train them to believe in nothing but experts; they’ll even doubt their own thoughts. You want an expert opinion on everything, right, and it never dawns on you that it could be used for political purposes.) However, even in such a managed "democracy," there are moments when elites can be made accountable to national populations through the struggles of social movements. (A:  Then they go on about…) Occupy Wall Street was the beginning of such a social movement.  (A:  ...but we know who was behind that too, because George Soros is behind all of that as well.)


(A:  This article goes into Milton Fisk and what he talked about.)  As philosopher Milton Fisk has argued in The State and Justice: An Essay in Political Theory, in the class-divided societies of capitalist countries, the function of the state is to maintain the social order.   (A:  Well, it’s the same in communist countries as well.) This means the political elite promotes the interests of the economically dominant class. (A:  And it’s the same in communist countries as well.)


Because the dominant ones in the communist countries like the Soviet Union were awfully stinking rich, folks. Many of them came in, in fact, from other countries to take it over. And then when they collapsed, supposedly, the Soviet system, when it was time to do so, they all fled out with billions of American dollars with them; that was in the papers at the time. But I’ll put this article up tonight, that talks about under the guise of neoliberalism, as they call it today, the agenda; there’s many terms for the same agenda. And of course liberalism sounds better, because you’ve all been trained that conservative is bad. But it’s all a con game, conserve and be liberal. I always think of splashing sauce on your french fries or something – the conservatives don’t want a lot to go on it and liberal sounds like they’ll splash it all over the place. It’s all a con game, folks, left and right, always has been. The big boys that ran the world had no intention of giving anyone democracy. They all believe that they themselves, as the experts, should rule the world, a long, long time ago and they had no intention of giving you a say in the matter. I’ll put this up tonight too.


Also too, just to show you how everything… When they brought out the computer and privacy and all the rest of it, oh your personal computer; of course it was everybody else’s except yours. But you are paying for it, because you’re an idiot, you see. And that’s why the marketers gave it a name like ‘personal computer’, it’s yours.   Then the little questions when you set the thing up about privacy, and your privacy and passwords and all that nonsense, eh. Then you find out since 1995, at least, they’ve had backdoors on all the computers so that all the government agencies can get in, and they have been going in at least since then. But we fall for everything. That’s why they use propaganda, which turns into public relations; that’s the new term for propagandists.


Anyway, everybody’s got access to it and all the private organizations too, like the RSPCA.  The RSPCA and it says…


Exposed: RSPCA drills into cops' databases, harvests private info / Andrew Orlowski and Ken Tindell / 30th July 2013


Animal charity (A:  ...another philanthropy; you know, these are philanthropists again running the world. A private organization…) gets its paws on police data - and nobody appears to be watching. (A:  Oh they’re watching all right, they don’t care.) 


Exclusive British animal welfare charity the RSPCA enjoys unique access to confidential information on the Police National Computer (PNC) - the extent of which has not been disclosed before. 


(A:  Now I know for a fact, because I spoke about eight years ago to a guy, who popped in to see someone who was just retiring from the Canadian government. What they do with these early retirees is they get lots of cash to go into communities and start little organizations up, and this person was involved in animal welfare. And this guy who was telling me this was also a part-time guy, the animal control officer for his area; he had many other little jobs. And he loves to talk, so he talked his head off and this woman asked him every question under the sun, including who had dogs and cats and who didn’t, and was getting all the gossip. And this is what these folks do, folks. They get all the gossip on everybody in the area and it’s put into central databases, and it goes to the feds, and every country under the so-called British Commonwealth system has been the same for years. So this is not a unique story here at all.  Getting back to the story…)


Civilians who claim to work for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals can access criminal records and carry out vehicle checks by making requests to the Association of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office (ACRO), which charges the charity for the information. (A:  Now, the Association of Chief Police Officers is also a private organization.  They’re actually chartered with the United Nations actually, at the UN. They have their own publications that are sent to them from the UN in fact; they even have their own TV station for themselves. And they run your cop stations across the world. It’s awfully different from the way that you think things really are, isn’t it?)


It's an unusual arrangement because the RSPCA can gain access to an individual's full criminal history (from warnings and reprimands to convictions), (A:  Can you imagine they can even get reprimands, folks? Probably even from your school.) details of upcoming prosecutions, and "other information as deemed relevant by ACRO".


Police information may only be disclosed to "non statutory bodies" under strict criteria: each individual disclosure must be proportionate and necessary for the purpose for which it is being shared. Blanket disclosures are not legal.


The RSPCA is widely believed to have special powers to prosecute individuals - (A:  But actually in fact…) but it has none, (A:  It’s a private organization, folks. It has none.) and instead relies solely on common law rights. It does however have a large financial war chest to take out private prosecutions.  (A:  ...a private war chest, again.)


Although the number of animal cruelty investigations has fallen in recent years the charity has arguably used these resources much more aggressively. And it's claimed the taxpayer has footed the RSPCA's court prosecution legal bills


So here’s, again, the taxpayer, as always, funding a private organization’s bills. And believe you me, the guys at the top, the men and women at the top of this organization, the big, you know, legal department, they’re getting fantastic salaries, folks. Anything that’s anything to do with government acceptance, gets fantastic salaries. They give themselves whatever they want actually, whatever they want. Life is a racket. This system is a racket. It’s all a big con. The important part is the technique that’s used to get the majority of the public to believe that the con is all real. And then you get screwed forever and ever and ever amen, quite simple.


Remember what I’ve mentioned too about propaganda, when it comes to health, anything to do with health, because behind health is big Pharma and big business, and also with policing, you see. Because it’s a system, whatever the system happens to be. So they give you lots of fiction to soak up, to do with cops just can’t sleep at night having to get this bad guy, or the Pharma guys trying to find the cure or a vaccine for something. It’s all propaganda, folks, and you’re raised with it. Back after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the system as it really is. You have to question all of it in fact. Everything you take for granted should be questioned – if you don’t want to be steak on the table and a beast of burden by choice and consent. But most folk do, actually. They actually accept slavery, in a form, and there’s many forms of slavery, folks. 


What’s the difference… What’s the difference between, say, the Mafia going around parts of a city to the storekeepers and demanding money from them, or something happens to them, they lose their business or whatever? and the big boys using your taxes to give to private corporations?  or you lose your home and everything else and end up in prison or whatever? What’s the difference, folks? You see, you can put everything down to extortion, just use extortion for all of it because that’s what it is.


Anyway, here’s an article here on Haiti. Now, Haiti has always really had forces against them because they were the first slavery people basically, who were transplanted there as slaves, to rebel and take over. And believe you me, the elite never forget anything down through history. But here’s an article from Global Research that tends to do the communist sides of things, because you always have a spin in one way or another. But this is not a bad article and it says…


Haiti “Reconstruction”: Luxury Hotels, Sweat Shops and Deregulation for the Foreign Corporate Elite / Julie Lévesque / August 16, 2013


“The international community is so screwed up they’re letting Haitians run Haiti.” –Luigi R. Einaudi, US career diplomat, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and former Assistant Secretary General at the Organization of American States.


Haitian author and human rights attorney Ezili Dantò heard Luigi R. Einaudi make this shocking comment in 2004, as Haiti was about to celebrate its 200 years of independence with its first democratically elected President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Apart from his efforts to raise the minimum wage and other social measures for the majority of Haitians living in extreme poverty, Aristide planned to nationalize his country’s resources, a move which meant more money for Haitians and less for multinationals.  (A: ...corporations.) One month later, in the name of the “international community”, (A: ...and that’s what’s used for all the wars now, the international community have spoken, you know.  What is this international community? Is it a different planet? Is it a UFO or something? You know?) One month later, in the name of the “international community”, Aristide was overthrown in a coup d’état orchestrated by the U.S., France and Canada.


Today, the “international community” is running Haiti again, colonial style.


One can easily tell by comparing the very slow construction of shelters and basic infrastructure for the Haitian majority with the rapid rise of luxury hotels for foreigners, sometimes with the help of aid funds which, we were told, were going to provide Haitians with basic necessities. 


(A: I don’t know if people remember when the earthquake hit and all the rest of it too, the last time, that I think it was Bill Clinton, people were throwing money out there, as they always do.  People are pretty decent and they throw the cash out, and up pops Bill Clinton at the end of it, and I think it was Bush Sr, who were then put in charge of the money, which made everybody feel much better, I’m sure, you know. Of course that’s the last they saw of the money, because the folk still don’t have wells or anything else dug for them. But they’ve got all these massive hotels for all the foreign people coming in who work for top corporations, international corporations. Everything is a con. I mean everything is a con.)


One can easily tell by comparing the very slow construction of shelters. . . (A: ...with the big hotels for foreigners and so on.)


Most of the aid money went to donor countries’ businesses, government agencies and NGOs, as usual. (A: There’s been many articles done on the nongovernmental organizations that went in there.  No one was asking you if you went in as an NGO, how many staff you had, what you had with you to help or anything else. They were just getting dished out the big massive grants. People make their living off going from one NGO, and creating them, to another. They make a fantastic amount of money. The good con men do, you know.) International “aid” is a well-known capitalist scheme aimed at developing markets in the global south for businesses from the North. Of course this “aid” will benefit Haitians. But only the very few elite ones: those in power and the rich corporate elite. “Haiti’s open for business” and deluxe hotels will be welcoming businessmen so they can set up their sweat shops in a cool and luxurious environment. 


Well, that’s the way the world goes. The whole world is like that. Why just pick Haiti, you know? The US is to go down the tubes as well, so is Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a whole bunch of countries that are slated to go down the tubes. We’ve done our job, we’ve conquered the world for our bosses and it’s time just to stagnate and go down the way, you see.  And as you’re going down too, you’ve got all the wonderful things to do with the taxations that are getting stepped up all the time, as you well know. Everyone knows this. Every country’s getting the same thing. I’ve got an article here about small businesses in the States getting whacked right now because the IRS is stepping up its demand for cash.


The IRS is cracking down on small businesses - / August 19, 2013


Then another one too, to do with the fact that they might just come after you if you’re behind in your taxes; they might come after you through your driving license.  So it says New York is one of the states in the US that’s going to.


Behind on your taxes? You may lose your driver's license / Jeanne Sahadi / August 21, 2013


New York is known as an aggressive state when it comes to tax collection. And it's about to get tougher still.


The state is creating a driver's license suspension program aimed at those who owe at least $10,000 in back taxes and who have exhausted all appeals. (A: This is after getting robbed and plundered by the banks in 2008. And the banks all got bailed out by guess who? The taxpayers, who are all now broke.)


"16,000 Tax Scofflaws Put on Notice," an announcement from Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned earlier this month.


License suspension could be a very effective way to get laggards to pony up.  (A: So if you can’t pay the extortion money, you simply can’t travel. It will be a crime for you to travel, because you’re on the list now.)


People rely on their driver's licenses not only to drive -- say, to work -- but as a form of identification for travel, to prove residency and even to buy a drink.


But is it really fair?


(A: How much of life is fair, folks?  There’s a system here, and it’s not equal. It’s never, ever been equal.  And it never intends to become equal in any way at all. And what’s equality anyway when it comes to the top countries? I mean, if you get charged with a crime you get off with it if you can afford the best lawyers. If you can’t you’re given a government-paid one who isn’t going to try very hard; they’ve got a thousand other little cases to do and they don’t really give a damn; there’s no incentive for them to get you off.)


It is if you really owe the money, and the time for disputing the charge is over, said David Brunori, deputy publisher of Tax Analysts. "Holding your feet to the fire is not necessarily crazy."


As a self-described libertarian, Brunori is no fan of government. But he explains his position this way: "Getting a license is a privilege."


See, you’re back to the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth the First’s idea of the privileges:  you have no rights, you’ve got privileges. You pay for privileges, folks; they’re called licensing and so on. A license is the right, once you pay the money, just the payment of the money makes it legal for you to do things that it would otherwise be illegal to do. That’s called democracy and freedom.


It’s amazing to me how money seems to fix everything, isn’t it? And the big massive con with global warming and CO2 and all, and the big bankers have already set up their banks to funnel all the cash through, and the governments are rubbing their hands with glee, too, for all their massive wage increases they’ll give themselves and all the rest of it, from this con. But money’s going to fix everything, global warming too, the climate, everything. Money… Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that amazing, folks, eh? Money was going to bring democracy to the entire Middle East, and now it’s being bombed back to the Stone Age. And they’re still doing it. And they haven’t finished yet.


And folk still go and vote because they’ve been conditioned, as Cass Sunstein would say, to go back to their default position on voting at the vote time, you see. Because daddy’s always been this, or daddy’s been that, one or the other, left or right.


Getting back to what Jefferson said, when you see the same agenda continue, between changes in the Congress, know then that you’re under tyranny.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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