Nov. 14, 2008 (#195)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 14, 2008:

Kiss and Makeup:
"Charade is Over, Rescued from Pillory,
Sweet Obama Appoints Sailor-Gait Hillary,
Groomed from Birth, Nothing to Chance,
Trained for Roles Years in Advance,
Mandatory Health Care, Joy Sorority,
Mandatory Injections, Death from Authority,
Global Plantation Looms Ever Nearer,
You've Heard it All, It Just Gets Queerer"
© Alan Watt Nov. 14, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 14, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt on Cutting Through The Matrix on the 14th of November, 2008.  For all the newcomers tuning in tonight, I advise you to look into, that's my web site and you can go through HUNDREDS of previous talks I've given going through the histories of this system called many things, New World Order, Globalism, etc and I give you the histories of it and give you the short cuts which help you to understand how it all came about and where it's supposed to go.  Once you go through the talks, you'll find that things will fall into place and make sense… for the first time because the media certainly will NOT tie it up for you.  Also look into for transcripts.  You can download these, print them up - they're written transcripts in the various languages of Europe - and you can pass them around to your friends. 

What a farce the world really is; how it's presented to the public.  When people wake up, they go through different phases.  Part of it is like a death of a love one.  When you find out that democracy does not exist, you go through the same process of grieving and anger and resolution - hopefully - as you come through it all.  It's the same thing and everything suddenly becomes very clear to you when you realize that the media talks to you as though you were a child.  Now, how you talk to children, adults - at least they used to, when adults were together with mother and father and child - they would tell the child ENOUGH that they could understand something but not the whole story because… it's always been a big, bad world out there in this system and you can't overload them.  However, once you grow up, you can communicate directly and give all the details of the big, bad world to whoever you wish, but that doesn't happen in this world.  We're not given the FACTS of things.  We're truly treated like children. 

This is management.  We are MANAGED.  They call it governance now, not government, governance.  We are managed by what they think are experts.  The ones at the TOP that think of themselves as experts.  They truly believe that we're all very dim and stupid and mind you, they've done a lot of work to make sure the we ARE kind of fitting in to that category especially when we start to emulate that stuff we see on television and chat about the things we're told to chat about.  So they DO think we're dumb and stupid.  It's kind of like breaking the legs of the cow and then you kick the cow because it can't get up.  They've CRIPPLED the minds of the public, BY INTENT. 

A couple of years ago I mentioned about when Hillary… people would ask if she'd ever get in and I said well she'll probably come in through appointment and apparently, that's how it's being played out today.  She's being appointed, it seems, at least offered the job of Secretary of State.  That's the foot in the door and from there on, you can appoint her to higher things.  She might very well take over if they put Obama in for two terms and he retires early or something.  That'll get her… see, that's what they do in the British Commonwealth system.  The Vice President or Prime Minister is often appointed to be the Prime Minister when the previous one retires early.  There's many ways to do it.  Isn't it amazing, these people are GROOMED for life for their roles that they have to play.  They come out of nowhere.  The public have never heard of them.  It's only when you look into the BIG system at the top of money, power and connections and hereditary do you make the connections.  I'll be back with more after the following break. 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before the break I was talking about how the British Commonwealth countries tend to get people into office that generally never would have been elected in by themselves, at least in the very high positions, and they turn it over - even the role of Prime Minister - to them… when the previous one retires.  I wonder if that's what they're going to do with Hillary.  This article is from Sky News today.



Obama 'Offers Clinton A Top Post'

8:06am UK, Saturday November 15, 2008

US President-elect Barack Obama is said to have offered former rival Hillary Clinton the post of Secretary of State, the American equivalent of foreign secretary.


You can read it for yourself.  I'm sure it's all over in every newspaper article right now… probably written about a month ago, before they picked Obama… or the people think they picked Obama.  Probably had it all set to go.  Everything is scripted in advance.  They fix up their dancing partners long, long in advance… way in advance. 

The last few days I've been talking about the other, big, real crisis.  A REAL crisis.  Not the imaginary ones where people can get thousands of scientists together who roll air back and forwards and dissect it with their different theories, but the fact is how we've all been basically POISONED and STERILIZED through certain chemicals that were KNOWN to cause sterilization and malformations, mainly in the male.  There's so much data out there about this.  This, in itself, you see, is PROOF of the cover up or REAL REASONS for it.  When something is KNOWN to cause these very problems, and to be HIGHLY toxic and even to be parts per BILLION or TRILLION, even - some of them - and they still not only use it but make it MANDATORY to be used in food preparation, and put in cosmetics for young women and so on, YOU KNOW THERE'S ANOTHER PURPOSE BEHIND IT.  It's not just big bucks.  It's not that at all. 

It's interesting that there's one chemical that's used in face creams and lotion for women.  It's called Triethylamine.  It's used by the cosmetics industry.  It's also used by the Weapons Manufacturing Chemical Warfare Industry as well.  The same chemical.  Why would that be?  There's another one too.  It's PolyacrylamidePolyacrylamide creams and lotions.  Monsanto uses it as a soil conditioner… a soil conditioner.  They put it in all these things but these literally effect the endocrine systems of young women.  If they get pregnant, it basically guarantees that if it's a male around 7 weeks, in the womb, he will never develop properly and fully, as a male and certainly will probably not be fertile when he grows up.  Never mind all the other complications that he's given.  As I say, it's really astonishing what's been happening. 

There's one site I found to do with some of these pesticides and chemicals that are used by the big boys, Monsanto and so on.  It's well worth looking into.  It's called Environmental Working Group.  Look up their web site.  It goes into cosmetics too.  The phthalates I talked about that are in all these face creams and perfumes and lip sticks that young girls and older women wear too, and what it does.  It gives you all the evidence that's there.  Interesting too, how they used artificial estrogen.  Synthetic estrogen has been a mainstay of the FOOD INDUSTRY since about the 1950s to sterilize bottles and cans and so on.  It's an actual PURE, synthetic estrogen.  I can remember that came up a few years ago when Proctor and Gamble were found using it.  They'd been using it, again, for 50 years.  They helped lead the charge for "Don't breast feed your children.  It's much more scientific and healthier to use bottles."  They lobbied hard for it… amongst with other ones too.  They've been using this stuff to sterilize the baby jars and they're still being used today in most of the food industry.  These literally BLOCK the various male hormones from getting to their targets and developing properly.  The whole endocrine system in the male system is SHOT today because of it.  Absolutely shot.  So look into Environmental Working Group, they have studies on young females, they found, the ones they tested, that every single one of them had pretty well toxic doses of these hormone simulators in their bodies.  We don't even know how long it takes to get rid of them even if you can get rid of them. 

When you look at how weapons are delivered - and they call them DELIVERY SYSTEMS - in the chemical warfare industry, you must do the same thing as ethnologist do.  The same thing as people who study wildlife, insects and animals.  You study their behavior and you find their routines.  The routines and their behavior.  What do they do?  If you want to kill an ant hill off, you're told in the instructions of the poison that you buy, where to put it.   It tells you how it's carried, it's delivered.  It's picked up by ants, brought back into the nest and from there on it's ingested, etc and then the whole nest dies off.  These are delivery methods and delivery systems.  If you want to sterilize and vastly reduce a population, what do you do?  You study human nature.  What does human nature have in common?  Well, every young person wants to be attractive to the opposite sex.  Every magazine that's out there aimed at young women - 90% of all magazines are aimed at the female - with its advertising.  With all the products and brand products and all the FANTASTIC claims they give you.  They are never brought up with the lies.  They're never charged with misrepresentation of advertising.  Young females buy these products and use them and that's the delivery system, into their body.  I've read the statistics to do with how bad it is today in the population WORLD WIDE with fewer and fewer males getting born.  Most males today are ALMOST, ALMOST sterile. 

They're not making a big deal out of it.  Why not?  BECAUSE IT IS THE AGENDA.  And as we die off, they've already set up the mechanisms to bring in A NEW TYPE OF CREATURE.  They call it trans-humanism.  Genetically enhanced, purpose designed, ideal designed SERVANTS for the New World Order.  Meanwhile, they use the remnants of the last lot - that's us - to bring it in for them through our taxation, our obedience, or the fact that young men that are alive are only too happy to get into military gear and go off and fight and kill, because it's the only place they get any RESPECT as a male… in this day and age.  They're all used in turn to bring in this new system.  And because NOTHING can be said to be normal any more - to have normal, things must be fairly standard for a long period of time - when there's no normalcy you have nothing to compare anything with.  When they introduce the next phase with the new creatures - whatever they happen to look like or PARTIAL genders they might happen to be - they'll just be ACCEPTED by the people who are pretty well dumbed down.  As I said before, from that article from the other day, the IQ has also dropped along with the sperm count.   Pretty sad story but that's how bad it is. 

Here's another article I was wanting to read too.  It's from  It's from Idaho.


Huxley's vision arrives in Coeur d'Alene

Posted: Saturday, Nov 08, 2008 - 08:08:36 pm PST


We're going to have rifles in Coeur d'Alene schools but not copies of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World?"

Or is the juxtaposition just a wonderful joke, illustrating to the more sentient citizenry how close Huxley's dystopic vision has come to reality?

Coeur d'Alene police last week went before the Coeur d'Alene School Board, asking permission for resource officers (Alan:  resource officer) to bring high-powered rifles into the schools -- just in case.

"The rifles, they are more accurate at greater distances and they also will penetrate body armor if the suspect happens to be wearing that," said Capt. Ron Clark, supervisor of School Resource Officers.

Granted, we live in violent times, and the protection of our children should be first consideration for the educational community. But imagine the plight of the school board if, next month, it approves officers bringing high-powered rifles into schools each day, while classic literature must be checked at the door.

The school board is currently deadlocked, 2-2, on whether or not Huxley's novel passes muster for impressionable young minds. The deadlock certainly impressed newspaper editors across the West; The Press story on that school board meeting was picked up in Portland, Olympia and elsewhere.

We don't really care what people in Portland or Olympia think of our backward nature, but we care very much what our children think. We care even more how they think.

Huxley was a Brit who wrote "Brave New World" in 1932. (A: 1932, Brave New World.  As I said before, the title itself…  he took that from the ancient Greek philosopher who talked about changing a planning a future world… thousands of years ago.)  It was inspired, in part, by an earlier trip to the United States. According to The Vintage Classics Edition of Brave New World, Huxley was "outraged by the culture of youth, commercial cheeriness, sexual promiscuity, and inward-looking nature of many Americans." His novel in fact ridicules and condemns the very practices that critics find so objectionable.  (A: Not quite true.  That's a spin on Huxley.  Look into his personal life.  There's a bit more.  He had more notoriety… [Commercial break]

Hi, I am Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through The Matrix showing you another side of reality.  In fact, it's the ONLY reality there is.  It's the reality they go to such great lengths to hide from the public.  Sometimes they put it out in PLAIN VIEW of the public who IF THEY'RE NOT TOLD WHAT TO THINK THEY DON'T THINK ANYTHING AT ALL.  I've talked about this particular article that's coming up before.  When they announced they were using a new type of advertising that BEAMS DIRECTLY INTO YOUR HEAD in some major cities, including New York.  Here's a follow up to it.  It's from Listening Post.  Now this technology was USED by the military industrial complex on unsuspecting individuals for YEARS and they started to hear voices.  Some of them were locked up… as schizophrenics.  Some of them were driven MAD thinking they were schizophrenics.  Now they're using it on the general public.  As I say, this article is older but there's follow-ups to it as well but NOT TOO MANY because now they want to get it in and get it ACCEPTED and not write much commentary about it. 


Billboard Blasts Passers-By with Audio Advertisement

By Eliot Van Buskirk

 December 13, 2007


Walk by the billboard for the new A&E show "Paranormal State" (Alan: Great thing to PICK for this… this promo.) on Prince Street in Manhattan, and you could find yourself targeted by a narrow beam of sound projected from the ad using technology from Holosonics, which specializes in creating "audio spotlights" that are audible only to the person whose cranium they hit.  (A: They aim it right at YOU.)  It's possible that not even earplugs will keep the beam out; according to Ad Age, "the sound is contained within your cranium."

The voice apparently says, "Who's there? Who's there?... It's not your imagination."

The president and founder of Holosonics, Joe Pompei, (A: Where'd he get a name like Pompei?) denies that his technology is utterly annoying and wrong.  If that were his goal, he says, he would have used a loudspeaker instead of the beam.

"If you set up a loudspeaker on the top of a building, everybody's going to hear that noise. But if you're only directing that sound to a specific viewer, you're never going to hear a neighbor complaint from street vendors or pedestrians. The whole idea is to spare other people."

Isn't this the way they present everything to us?  The lie.  The lie that's twisted, it's almost plausible that most folk get sucked in and believe it.  So, they're trying to… rather than annoying everyone at once, is to give them peace while they attack a certain individual here and there.  This is so clever.  This is a PSYCHOPATHIC way getting people to accept what you want to do to them.  That's how a psychopath would explain it.  He says, yeah, that's the whole idea.  Really?  Is that the WHOLE IDEA?  This technology will be used, in stores, on the streets and it will be giving us POLITICAL guidance shortly… and personal guidance shortly.  It will be joined up with the big TV screens that they already have in the malls in Britain and some other countries where if you drop litter, the voice comes out and tells you, 'Hey you. Yeah, you.'  You're up there on that big screen, and everybody stops and stares at you… because you are on that big screen.  And it will be pumping information right in to your thick head. 

They get away with this.  They get to do this.  Why?  Because I've told people before, there's no such thing as a REAL PRIVATE ENTERPRISE at that level of technology.  During the Cold War, in fact, really during World War II, many front organizations and the Commonwealth countries they call them SHELL companies, SHELL organizations or Crown Corporations were set up.  Even today, the CBC can not do a documentary on it, they've tried to get information on these Crown or shell Corporations, and all they're told is there's a certain amount of people are given shares but it's not available to the general public.  These corporations are high tech.  It's part of the military industrial complex.  You could never allow a TRUE competitor to come in to that field because HE might find some new technology that you haven't got.  Therefore, technology is SUPPRESSED.  When this stuff comes out, it's part of warfare strategy.  It will be part of the control mechanisms to keep the people placid.  It's part of the TECHNOTRONIC WARFARE that Brzezinski talked about. 

Technotronics DEALS with the ability to project thoughts directly into the mind - through acoustical methods, voice-to-skull methods and literally, electronic EMPATHY is what they sometimes call it - straight into your mind.  This is all part of the same system and because it's been given permission from very top sources. You don't hear mayors coming out and complaining about this or anyone else.  Why not?  Because they all get their orders from HIGHER SOURCES.  That's the real system in which we live. 

I'll go to the phones now and we've got Rick from California.  Are you there Rick?

Rick:    Yes.  I'm here Alan.

Alan:   Yes.

Rick:    I wanted to bring up two things.  The first thing I wanted to say was… well, how are things going over there with you and how's the spraying and all of that?

Alan:   The spraying is pretty heavy and even when it's cloudy, they're still spraying into the clouds there and the stuff's still coming down. 

Rick:    We're getting sprayed here.  My mom's getting sick from it.  Every time they spray she starts getting colds and stuff.  Oh, can I stay on the line until the commercial's over?

Alan:   Sure enough.  I'll be back after this break.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  We're Cutting Through The Matrix and we still have Rick on the line from California.  Are you there Rick?

Rick:    Yes, I'm here.

Alan:   Yes, go ahead.

Rick:    Well, the first thing I want to say to the listeners is why you should support Alan Watt.  Why you should send in the donations because there are many, many groups and movements out there that you could support or donate to that are fighting this cause or that cause or leftist this or right that, but the only way to really change things is we have to get a new system.  You Alan, are the only one who pulls it all together, in a concise way… all the information.  We need Alan… we need you more than ever now because… you know it's going to be harder to wake up under Obama than it was under President Bush.  

Alan:   Well, there's no doubt we're going into the big push for the WORLD planned society now.  It's all coming together.  You'll find now, the big push is on for NATIONALIZED MEDICINE and that really is just an authority which is going to put more poisons BY LAW into your body by… DECREE.  You're going to have FORCED INOCULATIONS and so on.  We know what it's been doing to us this far - I've been doing shows on this kind of stuff - and it's going to bring the population down even MORE DRASTICALLY.  This is how they do it and it's a horrible thing for the average person to even contemplate.  Until you get over that stage of disbelief, YOU'RE A GONER.  We have to realize that they're actually doing this.  This is the eugenics program AT WORK.  It's alive and well. 

Rick:    I'd like to go on and bring up a book I found called Tertium Organum by Ouspensky in 1924.  I don't know if you're familiar with that one. 

Alan:   Yes.

Rick:    In it he says, the Russian scientist says, this is a quote from him.  "The introductory word to our forthcoming labor is it will be most popular to dedicate the excursions of scientific thought in its search for its image of the world.  The necessity for scientific research along this path will become clear if we turn to the COVENANTS OF OUR HIGH PRIESTS OF SCIENCE.  These covenants convey the deep modus of active service to natural science and to men.  It is useful to express them in our time where in thought is cravenly directed to the questions of the organization of life.  Let us remember the CREDO of the natural scientist who established the authority of man over energy and time and space."  Then later on it says, "The steersmen of science will be ceaselessly vigilant despite the felicity of its voyage.  Above him shall invariable shine the stars by which he finds his way upon the ocean of the unknown."  Than another part he talks about, "This augmentation of knowledge gives us a sufficient number of images for the construction of the world but they destroy its architecture as that is known to us and create as it were, a new order extending far in its free lines beyond the limits.'  It's just like what you're talking about Alan.  It's like science being a religion and it is.

Alan:   Oh, it is a religion.  If you go into science, most science - that's given at least to the public - was based on THEORY, which is a guess, and yet the theories are taught as FACT and it's almost… well it is, it's HERESY if you go against or question this theory.  They claim now that they can direct the future of the world, the planet and humanity itself BY THEIR KNOWLEDGE.  It's utterly bogus, basically.  They ARE a new priesthood.  There's no doubt about it and they are given, they're now given the POWER by governments OF AN OFFICIAL PRIESTHOOD. 

Rick:    They use the word summon in here and I was thinking about what you said that science is like séance

Alan:   It is.  What's fascinating about science, too, you look at some of the big scientists that they've given us… although many of them were just the titles and they had more of a political role like Einstein.  He couldn't read anything about science unless it was stuck in front of his nose.  He couldn't adlib without notes in front of him, but most of his talks were all about politics because that's why they brought him out onto the world stage.  You'll find that with most of them.  Real science is simply stolen science.  In fact, Einstein got his job or his position because he worked for the patent office in Switzerland and he stole enough patents for his bosses, so they made him a famous person.  That was the reality of it.  His school teachers and school masters all wrote about the fact that he was classed as an IDIOT in school.  Then suddenly, he's a genius.  So, you know, if you serve your bosses well, they'll make you anything that you want to be. 

Rick:    Yeah. [Laughs]  Before I go or actually after I go, can you just mention, can you talk about Ouspensky and Gurdjieff.  I was wondering what you know about them.

Alan:   Well, they belonged to some of the ex-Rosicrucian type societies… a lot of branches came out of them.  They were into ALL kinds of weird and wonderful theories and they also believed in eugenics, mind you, because all Freemasonic societies do, as part of their mandate is to improve man himself and through means scientific and otherwise.  Gurdjieff was a proponent of many of the things that eventually Adolf Hitler did.  You find a lot of them were all for this quest to create a master race of perfect supermen.  So he endorsed a lot of those things because he did believe in it.  They also believe in some really weird stuff that comes from Hinduism.  They believe that there are cycles or great ages and that the inferior man must be destroyed, and he can not be allowed to come into the New Age or he'll bring the superior ones down.  Once again, he was an advocate of basically getting rid of the inferior type humanity and there's books out there on this.  One of them is called, The Morning of the Magicians [Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier] written by a guy who I think himself believed in all this stuff.  They believed in the Theory Of Ice And Fire, the very concept that the Nazi hierarchy, like Himmler, believed in.  The concept of these two opponent forces always in conflict… ice and fire.  The Doctrine Of Ice And Fire, it goes pretty deep into the mysteries in which they believe.  You should read that stuff up for yourself, but don't get swayed or conned by it either. 

Rick:    Oh, no.  He mentions a man of a higher type in here and I recognized, oh, yep, eugenics.  He talks about superman and you know…

Alan:   That's right.  It's always been the same dream, the same agenda.  You got to understand that too, that at the top of all Masonry, you have ROYALTY.  You have an elite that is based on eugenics with special breeding and the accumulation of wealth and power.

Rick:    Well, thank you very much Alan for talking about that.

Alan:   Thanks for calling.

Rick:    You're welcome.

Alan:   Now, we've got Kyle in Connecticut.  Are you there Kyle?

Kyle:    Hi Alan.

Alan:   Hi.

Kyle:    I finally ordered your book, the first volume and… it's funny.  I don't watch cable TV too much but I turned on the TV and they're pushing this pregnant man gives birth to a girl. 

Alan:   I haven't seen it but I read something a couple of years ago from Australia where their health care system is socialized and claiming poverty and here they were spending millions on trying to find a way to get a man pregnant.  [Laughs]

Kyle:    It's almost like Alien Nation, that show back in the '80s.  You know, it's just good to hear somebody talking sense out of all this nonsense going on in the world. 

Alan:   Well, you see, that's it.  You've hit the nail on the head though because, we've going through all these… they call them transitions, meaning mind shifts and acceptance of things that have been pushed in our faces by law and mandated, until there's no normal left.  Now they're bringing forth all kinds of weird and wonderful, wacky things because we can not compare it to anything that's normal.  We accept RAPID CHANGE now.  Anything is normal.  That's what they call FLUX.  They have to get people into a state of flux and no normalcy.  When that happens, they can RAMPAGE ahead, full steam, and bring out all new kinds of genetically created creatures and humanoids. 

Kyle:    It's just sick.  I have some questions about… how to break people of all this stuff.  You know, you mentioned Orwell and his double-think.  It's sickening to watch somebody go through that where they have one view one second and then have a diametrical view the next second.  They don't even notice. 

Alan:   They don't notice.  They can hold two opposing views in their mind at the same time on the same topic.  They can do it and they can not see the dilemma of that; they've not been taught to reason and this is very true.  We've had 50 years of expert guidance and the media tells us what to think.  They bring on the experts all the time and people simply choose which expert they want to believe, but they always give you two opposing opinions with the experts, so you end up with double-think and so you're in a schizoid state.  Once you are programmed that way, to accept it this way, you will never come to a resolute, accurate conclusion by using reason.  THE INTENT OF IT ALL WAS TO ERADICATE YOUR ABILITY FOR REASONING POWERS.  They've been very successful with the public.  This was a scientific technique that was well debated long ago. 

Kyle:    I have the cable company trying to get a static IP and they want to install a black box inside my house, even though I know that my router can be configured with any address that they give me, they still want their box in my house. 

Alan:   That's what it’s coming down to, if you want access to anything.  They're making the computer, and this was the intent of it, essential for everyone TO SURVIVE IN THIS SYSTEM - because we're going into a cashless system - and everyone is putting their information on the computer.  That's ESSENTIAL for total governmental control.  They must have knowledge of what you're doing per day, per moment, etc.  Now they're putting out their dictates.  They're telling you, well if you want this, you've got to take this with it and this is just the price you pay.  We've had YEARS of accept this.  Look at every program that you buy and you have to accept this legality at the beginning before you can use the darn thing.  That was all preparation to get us to accept the physical hardware that comes along, this stuff that's coming out NOW.  We accept it without question.  Most folk will accept cameras in their houses because that's the ultimate goal.  The American Psychological Association wrote about that quite a few years ago in their main journal.  They said they were pushing for a world state where people will be monitored 24 hours a day by cameras IN EVERY ROOM in their home.  That is where they're going with it.  Sad.  And then they bring out all the reality shows and the youngster who all ready have no idea about privacy.  They put EVERYTHING about themselves up on MySpace and they want to emulate these characters they see on the reality shows, so they stick cameras in all their rooms.  [Laughs]

Kyle:    They used to have to burn the books to get things down the memory hole.  Now, they could just erase a page and everybody forgets about it. 

Alan:   That's right.  I've read articles from main stream scientific magazines that were PULLED, THEY VANISHED THE FOLLOWING DAY, so you're right.  It's a wonderful… see people think they're getting MORE information.  They might be getting more DATA, which is just useless knowledge; it's not even knowledge, it's just data, but they're not getting ACCURATE information and that's the key to it.  Most things, even a lot of books that are going up on E-Books - I've read one book from the Club of Rome - and the E-book version had 30 pages missing out of it. 

Kyle:    Just deleted.

Alan:   That's how simple it's done.  A simple technique of altering reality, remove the information. 

Kyle:    Well, thanks for going on 5 days a week and I'll continue to support you and I look forward to reading your other books. 

Alan:   Thanks for calling.  Before we go on to the next caller, I'll just mention too remember, YOU BRING ME TO YOU.  You're the only ones who do this.  I don't ask for money for any of the shows that I've been on and you support me.  You can buy my books, CDs, DVDs and so on and you can donate to me. THAT keeps me going.  Don't depend on someone else doing it for you.  That's the lazy man's way out and you lose in the end.  I simply won't do it if not enough comes in.  It doesn't matter how much you donate either because if you have enough people donating $2 or $3 dollars a month, that adds up.  You don't have to be a big spender although I don't put those ones off either, if there's any out there.  People will donate.  They'll donate to FASCINATING shows.  The ones that tell them that they can have out of body experiences and go on fantastic voyages and stuff.  Stuff that really mixes the conspiracies with the New Age and they'll pay big bucks to listen to that.  However, you give the stuff for free and THEY SOAK IT UP but they won't send you a dollar.  Well, that's your choice.  That is your choice.  You can either have entertainment or you can have facts.  FACTS MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE AND SAVE YOUR PEOPLE but entertainment will not. 

We'll go onto the next caller now, and we've got David in South Carolina.

David: Hello, Alan.

Alan:   Hello.

David: It's good to speak with you again. 

Alan:   How you doing?

David: All right.  I'm also glad that you're on 5 days a week.  I'm on disability and I just went through a slump 'cause I want to help you out as best I can.  I truck.  If you have to go back into private teaching, I’ll be your apprentice, okay?  I'm that serious.

Alan:   I've got lots who will do that.  They'll come and certainly pay for it but then that means the rest of the people can't get the info and we are at a crucial…. THIS IS THE MOST CRITICAL STAGE WE'VE BEEN AT FOR A LONG TIME.  It's the pinnacle point where we tip over into the abyss.  If the public don't get it now, it's game over for them.

David: I give your link to everyone I know to check your show, go out and listen to it and everything and there's a few people I know that have turned around and are paying attention.  They're starting to come around.  Your work is incredible to me… you fill the gaps that a lot of people just have no clue about. 

Alan:   I know.  I know.

David: I really appreciate it. 

Alan:   There's a lot of stuff, too, it's thrown out for even the Patriot Movement to wrap their minds around and get lost in, as well.  If you're in a war, you've got to look at priorities.  And you’ve got to decide…

David: Got to decide where to act.

Alan:   You’ve always got to see what's coming first.  What's going to kill you first.  What's the biggest threat and everything falls into a descending order from there.  We can't be diverted with the trivia that's thrown out there for us all to gobble up. 

David: This is a diversion from… well, I guess Mr. Winston Smith has been busy lately, deleting pages and everything but this is something different but something I think you might want know about.  You and I have spoke about this before, considering that there was more than likely an ancient civilization.  You know, the elites at least believe that they were the descendants of that or whatever.  In all likelihood there was.  The sphinx is like 10,000 years old or something, I think.

Alan:   I've no doubt there's been previous societies, civilizations.  In fact, just look at the massive standing stones across the planet and the Neolithic stuff and so on and you look at the walls of Peru and there's no doubt about it, we're far, far older. The trick was with Darwin and that was to try and say that we were not that old because they didn't want you to know that there's accumulated knowledge from EONS that have been passed on down to a few.  There's no doubt about it.  Nations and civilizations have risen and fallen.  In fact, the more advanced the civilization, the easier it is to destroy it. 

David: Exactly and that's kind of the point I'm getting to here is… what, in your opinion, would have been probably what brought down the last so-called Golden Age or whatever.  Was it genetics, environment or….

Alan:   Hold on and we'll come back right after this break and we’ll touch on that.

Hi, I am Alan Watt and we're Cutting Though The Matrix, talking to David from South Carolina who's talking about the old idea of the Golden Ages.  Maybe there have been Golden Ages for a few in different times, even today with all of its mayhem.  There’s still a Golden Age for those at the very TOP who live in INCREDIBLE LUXURY.  They don’t get patted down as they travel from country to country, in their special multi million dollar jets.  They live like kings as they always have.  It's interesting too, the whole idea of a Golden Age.  It's much deeper, A Golden Age.  There's a metaphysical side to it too.  And there's also the physical side to it and to do with its collapse as well.  The Golden Age also goes by the Age of Chronos and Chronos really is Saturn.  He is the one who is the REAPER.  He CUTS TIME between ages.  His symbol is the scythe and that's why the communists use the scythe, which is also the Nasi for the new moon and you'll see the star off, above it.  There's always a SUN that comes forth at the birth of a new age.  It's much, much deeper than that as well.  You can't really go into it in depth in a few minutes.  Maybe one day I'll give some talks on the theology behind it.  Again, it ties into the theory of the four previous Aryan races and the fifth to come and the Doctrine Of Fire And Ice as they call it.  I might touch on it one day.  Now we'll go to Jarod in New York.  Are you there Jarod?

Jarod:  Hello Alan.

Alan:   Hello.

Jarod:  Hey, what's up?  How you doing?

Alan:   No so bad.  I'm hanging in on a very damp day.

Jarod:  Yeah.  You're doing all of that and five days a week. 

Alan:   Yes.

Jarod:  I've been learning a lot about the Kabalistic way and the words, how they encode everything.  I tell you.  It will drive you crazy.  I work in a business and I look at the way…  it's everywhere.  It's like, I am God.  I am this.  I'm Ra.  It's all the colors, symbols, everything.

Alan:   That's right.  There's a roller-coaster and different levels of understanding IF you understand them.  Most folk get waylaid by the exoteric, which is colorful and fascinating and because of that they never suspect there's even an esoteric side to it.  That's how even religious books are written too.

Jarod:  EXACTLY.  'Cause the religious books these guys - Christians, Muslims - they read these religious books and it's right there in front of them.  Like the TRUTH, THERE'S SOME TRUTH!  It's right there in front of them.  I don't know if you've ever heard of… they call them Five Percenters.  It's like an offshoot of Islam.  They say, Allah.  Allah in Muslim is om, legg, legg, om, heh.  They say, Muslims say Allah is master of the universe or lord of the universe, and Allah is just om, legg, legg… it's man.  Master of the… master of yourself.  Know yourself.  

Alan:   Also if you say Allah or Hallah, it's also Hal.  It's the silent H that's there as well, often.  It's the sun. 

Jarod:  I really, I've been understanding this esoteric… it's like you said, it's about knowing yourself.  Deep understanding… and I'm understanding.  

Alan:   That's where the understanding comes from.

Thanks for calling.  I can hear the music coming in now and we have to close the show.  So from Hamish and myself in a very damp, sprayed Ontario night, it's good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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