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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. For those who are newcomers to the show, I ask you to look into my website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and for those who read the languages of Europe, you can get free transcripts downloaded from alanwattsentientsentinel.eu


There are so many topics always on the go that the media gives us to discuss, and that's why they give us so many topics to discuss, to keep us so busy that we seldom get any truth coming through to us at all. In fact, the truth is the hardest thing to find, especially in war since it is the first casualty of war; and for those who don't understand that since 9/11 that most countries have all signed this combined effort on anti-terrorism, which is in fact a war, so we are under wartime powers. All of the western world is and a good part of the Far East as well.


Once in a while to substantiate this war we get rumors from the media telling us about things that are happening within society, all these spooky things, the scary things. The things that try to verify why they're spending so much money on anti-terror and also taking your rights away at the same time. It's all to keep you safe you understand. Once you can't move and you're in cotton wool or chains, then we'll all be perfectly safe because no one will be able to do anything without permission. That's really where law enforcement would take you. In fact, it's taught at certain universities in law courses that that's where it must go. The police are trained to stop crime. How do you stop crime? Then everyone must be predictable. How can you get them to be predictable? They must have complete information on every single individual at all times and be able to make a prognosis as to what they would do next. That's called safety, but it takes away all rights of freedom and free thought and free action.  Of course, no one wants to do dumb things in a peaceful society, but at the same time, we're supposed to be given the options to hold onto and use our own sanity and judgment.


In "The Globe & Mail" on October 4th, 2007, there's a page there on "Man Convicted in Absentia for Terror Hoax."  This is in Canada and it's by Mark Hume as the reporter.


             "Vancouver it says: When Lorne Matthew Lapoleon…


Alan:  Now where do they find these names? Lorne Matthew Lapoleon. It's got a Poleon in there from old Apollo you see. They like these little code words. They don't even know if this guy is real.


This is what it says:


             "When Lorne Matthew Lapoleon tried to use a "twist of terrorism" to bring the heat down on three individuals he thought were criminals he didn't expect to become the focus of an investigation by Canada's anti-terrorism unit."


Alan:  Now I don't know why they say we have an anti-terrorism unit because since 9/11 it's been reported on the mainstream government-controlled CBC that the U.S. anti-terrorism squads and the Canadian are completely integrated. They're all integrated.  I'll be back after the following messages to give you more on this story, which may or may not be real. Who know these days?



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, going over a report from "The Globe & Mail."  That's one of the Canadian newspapers, from October 4th, on a young fellow who's supposed to be arrested for putting in a hoax to the police and they tracked him down, and I'll continue with this.


It says:


             "But Mr. Lapoleon…"


Alan:  As I say, I don't know if this guy is real or not. They always use three names when it’s generally a fake or a plant or a patsy.


             "But Mr. Lapoleon, a handsome young man that the court heard was emotionally troubled…"


Alan:  I don't know what handsome has got to do with what he did.


             "…was emotionally troubled and wanted to become a computer technician is on the run from the law after being convicted in absentia of a hoax that triggered an investigation involving more than 20 officers and costing more than $100,000…"


Alan:  Which is a drop in the bucket these days and have all your tax monies to play with.


             "…He's believed to be the first person in Canada convicted under the 2002 Public Safety Act…"


Alan:  Now the Public Safety Act, if you want to find out where it first came into play it was during the French Revolution and they called it The Department of Public Safety. These are the guys who used to go around and if you gave them a bad look they'd drag you up to the guillotine and cut your head off. The U.S. strangely enough adopted the same policy. They have a Public Safety Department and Canada apparently has one too. It's great how things are continual in the old conspiracy stuff to do with freemasonry.


It says here:


             "…which criminalized terror attack hoaxes and tightened controls on biological weapons and explosives. He was also found guilty of public mischief, but not guilty of uttering a threat and is facing a maximum sentence of five years in jail."


Alan:  I don't know if this is real or not, because it could be put out just to scare the public or to make you think that something is actually happening.


             "The important thing on the part of the Crown…"


Alan:  We in the democracies, in the British democracies have this strange democracy with the Crown on top, so we're still obedient to a very old system that came in really with the Norman invasion. No one has really explained that yet, but all these characters in uniform swear allegiance to the Crown first before anything else.


It says:


             "…and the police officers to offer a real disincentive for this type of thing because you know the resources of the police to protect people and keep us safe from terrorism are always going to be taxed."


Alan:  That's a little pun by the prosecutor, Ron Berum.


"…he said Wednesday. “It's particularly important that this kind of conduct be minimized.”


Alan:  Isn't that amazing how they do this tongue-in-cheek sort of Masonic joke you see.


He says:


"…you know the resources of the police to protect people and keep us safe from terrorism are always going to be taxed."


Alan:  Well ha-ha Mr. Ron Berum, which means “son of um.” 


             "During his trial Mr. Lapoleon fled the low-rent hotel in Vancouver where he had lived for eight months, collecting welfare cheques while looking for work repairing computers."


Alan:  Now someone at the welfare office should have told this character not to bother looking for work to repair computers, because by the time he got the parts back from the manufacturers it would be obsolete anyway, so they should have saved him some trouble and found him so other job.


             "Sam Deeby, owner of the Hotel Clifton, where rooms cost $380 a month, described Mr. Lapoleon, 25, as a quiet, shy, polite man who was always neatly dressed, and whose mother called him daily.


Alan:  It makes you wonder if this is a report put out by police under the guise of the media, because number one: What does handsome and neatly dressed and your mom liking you got to do with anything in this kind of case? Why hasn't he got the low overhanging eyebrows, the kind that keeps the sun off your eyes? –The stereotype that they usually give us. It's almost like this one is made up.


I'll continue:


             He indicated to me that he was in trouble one day."


Alan:  This is from his mom.


             "He had to appear in court. I said ‘What's wrong, did you kill somebody?' He said, ‘No. It's worse. I was accused of being a terrorist.' ” Mr. Lapoleon is thought to be hiding somewhere in Toronto or Victoria…"


Alan:  Like they don't know, eh? No one can move in this country without them knowing where you are, but they tell us they don't know if he is in Toronto or Victoria. That's a few thousand miles apart.


             "…where police have issued Crime Stopper bulletins. His picture has also been posted on YouTube."


Alan:  Now you know what all these little things are really for, don't you?


             "Among other things, police are searching for him in Internet cafés, which he frequented in Vancouver, sending off messages under the alias Daniel Jensen. It was one of those messages that led to him being shadowed by an anti-terrorism surveillance team and landed him in court. The Vancouver man's problems began when he hit “send” on a computer in an Internet café on Robson Street…"


Alan:  The “son of the robe,” you see, Robson Street.


             "…transmitting a fax, via a New York-based server, to the Ottawa headquarters of the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team. The deliberately inarticulate note created “a sense of urgency and a need for immediate action,” among police anti-terrorism units in Ottawa and Vancouver, according to the court judgment.


Alan:  This is what the guys was supposed to have sent the police:


“Hi I am a Muslim and I have information on Islamic terrorist cell operating in Vancouver BC the cell members is plotting to blow up the – Royal Danish Consulate…"


Alan:  Now here's another strange thing too. See, something smells rotten in the state of Denmark, and this is an old, old con game in Masonry. It a little code word they use and you find even before Denmark supposedly gave out those jokes about the Islamic people about eight months ago or so. Now it's the Royal Danish Consulate with some character living in Vancouver.


It says here:


             "I am not sure what time this will happen but I will give you some names and address of the cell members. I am not sure ware…"


Alan:  W-A-R-E.


             "…the explosives are being kept. I think at some storage room out in Burnaby close to the Rupert sky train,” stated the fax."


Alan:  Now, as I say, this is almost like a practice thing, this press release. I very much doubt this character is even real. The main part I'm trying to get to after all the nonsense is what the judge said.


             "Provincial Court Judge Gregory Rideout…"


Alan:  Where did he get a name like Rideout?


             "…said the hoax was serious because since 9/11, “Canadians…"


Alan:  Now listen to this.


             "…Canadians now live in a new world order,” and police have no alternative but to investigate all such threats."


Alan:  The New World Order, again, is a high Masonic term first put out (to the public, that is) by George Bush, Sr. on September 11th, 1990 and then repeated one year later on September 11th, 1991.  Of course we all know about 9/11 in 2001. A New World Order is part of what the reason for the Masonic building or creating of the U.S. was supposed to be in the first place. It's the new world. American is the new World and this is the New World Order, very, very interesting.


I'll continue here on what the judge said:


             "He was reckless and intended to mislead the police by creating the ‘twist of terrorism' so the police would deal with the three named individuals…"


Alan:  These are the characters who claimed he wanted them to check out.


             "…Judge Rideout said in finding Mr. Lapoleon guilty."


Alan:  There you have a judge talking about the New World Order, and I guess that means maybe the Crown and democracy is out the window as well. It's hard to tell what do they mean by a “New World Order.”  What it means is this is the “Brave New World.” That's another term for the same thing. It's the system where the big psychopaths at the top run the system. They employ lots of lesser psychopaths right down to the bottom who wield the Billy clubs that bash you on the old head when you don't do what you're told. This is the New World Order they're talking about – a world where you can't move or do anything without permission. It's a brave new world. Brave in the sense that they break out of the old tradition of individual freedom, liberty and the right of decision. That's what it's all about, so I very much doubt that this is really, really true this spiel that's put out in The Globe & Mail at all. It's got too many little Masonic code words in it and terms which they use and have for such a long, long time.


Now what is the New World Order?


The New World Order used to be symbolized in ancient times along with the Great Pyramid, which was capped at that time. It was never capped really, apart from the mistake they made in the measurements, because one side is actually lower than the rest, but also because the capstone is above the eye of Lucifer is in the middle, the one who has the light. The capstone is the heavens coming down to the earth; as above so below, also symbolized by the number eight, which also means “money and power” by the elite at the top. They used the eagle as well and you'll find that in the fictitious symbol of the tribe of Manasseh from the Old Testament, you have the eagle, his wings spread out and his claws. In one claw it holds the olive branch, meaning it has the ability to make peace, only there's thirteen fruits on that particular one. In its other claw it has the arrows. It means it can fire the arrows to make war. The U.S. copied that right into their other great symbol for the seal and all law enforcement used that at the top, that particular eagle. It's also got a shield over the body because the body, that which is comprised of it, the real members who run things, are always hidden from view – hidden from the public view.


You'll find the same symbol in the Rothschild coat of arms. Look carefully and you'll find it also has the same symbol hidden in there of the eagle, only they put five of the fruits in one claw and five arrows in the other to represent not only the five points of freemasonry but the five sons of old Amschel Rothschild. That's what it's about. This is an old, old system going back thousands of years.


Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for The Council on Foreign Relations, talked on tape to one of his students about this. He did say, after pooh-poohing the whole thing, he said it is strange that they are using a symbol that was used in the occult circles thousands of years ago, meaning the Great Pyramid. He also mentioned the strange fact that they put it on the dollar bill.  I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, just going over some of the farce that goes on in today's media amongst all the trivia that they feed us, the other trivia that is, and the sports. Sports make front-page news today and I saw that happen in Britain. Britain was the first country to use that technique, where anything that really mattered was tucked away in the back pages and they gave us sports on the front page, as though someone scoring a goal changed the whole world and the system. Of course, then you have page 3 girls and then some little commentaries on comical matters and that became your daily affair. That's where you started on the road to going down hill. Now it's pretty well standard all over the planet. We're overdosed with sports, something again that Bertrand Russell – even further back than him, H.G. Wells talked about in 1915. Wells said we'll build sports arenas across the planet, put people in it and overload them with sports and trivia to keep them occupied and to give them outlets for their tribal instincts. My, my, my, they never change their plans. They simply fulfill them and we go along quite happily never knowing what's really happening to us, thinking it's all quite natural.


Now I think we have Clarence from Oklahoma. Are you there, Clarence?


Clarence:  Yes, I am, Alan. It's great to talk to you this evening. I had to call because I mean there's such – I think sometimes you give callers such a great exposition of what's going on you just kind of sit here and listen you know.


Alan:  Yes, it's not bad.


Clarence:  I got to thinking and I thought maybe I could maybe ask a question or contribute a thing or two, and I hope I can.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Clarence:  Like I said, you just even changed what I was going to say originally when you said that about sports, it's a diversion. Whenever there are controlling ruling classes they want a diversion for the masses.


Alan:  That's right.


Clarence:  There was a gentleman that called into a talk show the other day and I'll never forget this and I think I'll use it. I'll start doing it myself. He said if anybody asks him and wants to talk sports, like what do you think about the game this weekend? He said he will ask them, "Who's the vice president of the United States?" If they can't answer him, he said I'm not going to talk sports with you if you don't know who the vice president of the United States is. You've seen the tapes. You've seen the little deals done in various places, YouTube and others. They can go out and ask people simple questions and they don't even know.


Alan:  Yes I know. That's right.


Clarence:  I mean it just falls so far into line like what you said with what this whole plan is and it's working itself out just so chillingly I guess would be a good word.


Alan:  Chillingly, yes.


Clarence:  This goes back to the ancient Roman Empire and even probably past then. They were the ones that came up with – I did study world history in college, “bread and circuses.”


Alan:  Bread and circuses for the masses.


Clarence:  That's what the Roman Emperors knew they had to do if they wanted to hold onto power.


Alan:  Yes, especially towards the end, because people forget that Roman was the United Nations of its day and the empire that they ruled over was their tax base. They taxed all the people in all the different countries they conquered, to keep them all in luxury back in Rome. You had a political system there. You had an elite living high on the hog, very debauched as well. They used to use electric ells and throw slaves in just for entertainment for the grand finale of the parties at night. Then you had a middle class that ran the bureaucratic system over all the countries. Then you had the lower class or the Plebeians, and they gave them the sports and they gave them the dish out of the “dole.” That's where the word comes from, to dole out the wine and bread everyday to keep them happy, until of course even their tax bases were so overloaded and overstretched the people outside Rome began to rebel and that started their downfall. They see that coming here and that's why the upper classes have already built cities and are in the process of building bigger cities in China to move into.  I know lots of them are already moving out there with their families.


Clarence:  Amazing. I know we're coming up on a break here but I do have one more question, I'll start now and if we run into the break we'll--


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Clarence:  I hear the music.


Alan:  It's starting now. Okay. We’ll go into more of this history with you. Just hold on the line and we'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and I've got Clarence on the line from Oklahoma. Are you still there, Clarence?


Clarence:  Yes sir, I sure am.


Alan:  Please continue.


Clarence:  I want to give a shameless plug and I have no connection to the person, but you know sometimes I've asked on a show what woke you up.  I'm 56 years old. I've been around for a while, served in the armed forces of my country, worked for the beast, the federal government I'd like to call them almost. That's a little bit of background, but what woke me up was I read about and I don't know where I heard it from. It might have been – it was another radio show. They interview a man Jim Marrs and he wrote a book "Rule by Secrecy" and I mean when I read that book suddenly I was getting to the point where this whole left, right, democratic, republican, the whole paradigm was breaking down for me. I could see it wasn't going anywhere and I suspected there was something underfoot and that book really brought out points that all of a sudden things started to make sense and that's what your show does, because I wanted to ask you about a certain thing and I've read it. I've heard it other places and I try to keep up with everything. Isn't it that somewhere down, after all, the pike? I mean all these people this stuff has been going for hundreds maybe thousands of years. These people have been around forever and it's amazing their tenacity. They're able to work at this generation after generation, even though they know that they are what do you call it, mortal beings, and they're not going to live to see the ultimate, but they're dedicated enough to keep after it. Now I just want your take on this and if you have any knowledge of this. I've read it but I can't remember it exactly. There's basically at the very top there's about twelve families and they come throughout Europe and from Asia and from around there over the years, and these twelve families their representatives meet and it was a place in Europe and this is above Bilderberger's. This is above many of the other named organizations and I'm not sure this one has a name, but supposedly they meet in a chamber where there are twelve chairs. Now apparently numbers means something to these people. There's twelve of them, but there is a thirteenth chair.


Alan:  --Which is empty.


Clarence:  Absolutely. Could you expound on that?


Alan:  The twelve comes from the zodiac, there's twelve main symbols that they use. There's other symbols too, but there's twelve main symbols of the zodiac, which is only part of a plan. Each part of the zodiac is just an esoteric – if you understand the old Greek mythologies, for instance, you'll understand what the plan is for the zodiac. It's nothing to do with UFOs or anything like that, or tarot cards or anything like that. It's to do with the plan. You understand the plan through the zodiac and the thirteenth one is always the sun. The sun travels through the zodiac. That's why they say the sun is in the house of so-and-so. The house, remember, is the same as the old so called twelve tribes, which were only the symbols of the zodiac in themselves. There were no twelve tribes. They called them the houses of the zodiac and it's the house of Leo and all the rest of them, all the different houses that the sun happens to go through.


The new sun that's to appear at this particular time in history is to be a brand new sun, meaning a new king of the world. As above, so below; so that chair is left empty for the perfect body, physical body with the perfect generations to inhabit. Now it will probably be something that's genetically engineered in a laboratory somewhere from the top families themselves, maybe combination of all their genes into this one perfect one that will be the new king of the world. There will be a king of the world eventually. The ones who are to be saved at the end of every age, if you go into the Hindu religions they talk about millions of years between ages, not just 25,500 years as we have with the Great Zodiac in the West. They talk about a king of the world will take over. There's 144,000 of them. That's the perfect number to bring through from one age to the next age. The rest of the new types for the surface can be man-made today genetically as slaves; and that's the esoteric behind that. That's what that means. You'll see that in Arthur C. Clarke's movie "2001" and the other one "2010," where at the end of "2010" a new sun is born in the sky; and as above, so below – so there's a new type of man born on earth as well. That's what it means.


Clarence:  Amazing.  I always suspected it might be something along those lines and that would also explain quite a bit. Does this have anything to do with the year 2012, the Mayan calendar?


Alan:  Yes that's right. 2010 is to be the amalgamation complete up and running of the whole of the Americas. 2012 is where the United Nations is openly declared to be the world parliament for the entire planet over the three trading blocks of the world.


Clarence:  Amazing. Well that's great information there.


Alan:  It's nothing to do with the Mayan calendar. Mayan is just “I AM” backwards, and as every mason must say, “I am.”


Clarence:  Right. These entities put up smoke screens.


Alan:  They certainly do.


Clarence:  They'll try to fool you with one thing and then show you something else, they'll get you off chasing and not to say there may not be UFOs or whatever, but they'll get people off into that. What they don't want is attention on themselves; and that's what we were originally talking about.


Alan:  Yes. It's never been explained to anybody in the world, or any economist, why there are twelve main banking families that distribute or give out the checks to the countries to print out money. Who ever gave them the right in the first place? There's no history book that tells you about it, but that's the way it is, and yet it had to have been agreed upon somewhere in the distant past to still be doing it today.


Clarence:  I saw and what you're telling me and that's why I listen to your program every day. You have to have enough of this knowledge to see that there's really an unbroken line. That's what people don't grasp today. They think history is like fits and starts.


Alan:  That's right and even Carroll Quigley said the same thing, that foundations have mandates and therefore outlive many generations of men with the same mandate. That's why they can make a plan and pull it off many generations down the road. When they gave out the land in the old land grabs and the old racing grabs, the wagon races for the U.S. They knew that those people would go out there to clear the land, turn wilderness and swamps into real estate and that these bankers families would eventually take it off them through taxation, maybe five generations down the road. They knew that in advance.


Clarence:  That's amazing. That's even how my state got started. Oklahoma was through a huge – yeah that makes a lot of sense. I sure appreciate it Alan. I mean that's one of the greatest conversations I've had with anyone in a long time that can put it down there.


Alan:  Okay. Well you call in again Clarence.


Clarence:  I'll do. Thanks very much sir.


Alan:  Bye now. Now I've got John in Florida. Are you still there, John?


John:  Yes. I'm down here in south Florida. Today, I saw something interesting down in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. There was a revenue agent, we call them Palm Beach Gardens police. He was sitting in an intersection between 12 and 12:30 that I saw him. He had binoculars. He had really a high-grade quality pair of binoculars. He was sitting in the median in this main intersection just watching people with binoculars. Now I think with your listeners we should start to pay attention to what we're doing, you know when we’re driving around. Maybe we should get cameras with zoom-in lenses and start taking pictures of these cops sitting there and doing what they're doing on their off time or their on time.


Alan:  In fact there was a case recently where some person who was victimized by a police officer in a car just happened to have a video attached to his own car and managed to use it in court against the policeman, who just happened to lose his own tape, his own copy of the incident. It does help to carry a camera round with you and maybe even have it built into the front grill or somewhere where they can't see it.


John: Actually a high quality good pair of binoculars because this officer – this revenue agent was sitting there and there's a college, a university right there. What's he watching? Little girls running?


Alan:  It could very well be. What's he probably doing is tallying up the weight and the number of little girls and evaluating how much money they'll produce in their lifetime.


John:  This is definitely a problem that people should start paying attention to. When they drive off they have a 30-minute lunch. They get in the car. They run in the store. This cop is in the intersection and he's stopped and he's parked there. Maybe we should start filming. Maybe your listeners – and I thought of this today. Maybe we should start filming them taking photos of them and what are they doing there because we can turn this on them.


Alan:  You've got to remember though. You've got to be careful doing it. Make sure they don't see you at the time because these characters really are trained in such a way and picked. They're given psychological testing. You probably know that. That anyone with an IQ above about 97 is turned down for the police today. They don't want the guys that are too bright but they want them to be the steroid type that pump themselves up and who are rather aggressive and they don't like being challenged. They take it personally. They hide behind the law when it suits them, but they take it personally when you challenge their authority, so be very careful what you're doing. These characters are really pumped up on some drugs themselves.


John:  They can be pumped up all they want. I'm actually taking it personally against these because they’re revenue agents. They lie. They steal from you and the people – everybody listening. I listened to John tonight and Robbie and your program. I like to listen to your program. I've been listening maybe about the last two months every night. You're on three nights a week. Anyway, we should start turning this on them. We should start getting evidence on them, because they lie in court and you can't raise your right hand and swear to God anymore.


Alan:  You shouldn't raise your right hand. That's right from the statues in Egypt. You'll see them with their right hand lifted up exactly the same way and that book in front as the left hand goes forward making the square. That's a Masonic ritual. You're in a Masonic Temple when you're in the court and you don't use their symbols when you're in their courtroom believe you me. People should understand this. Now all policemen they become Masons when they are told to join because they have to stand up for each other. They're told they must lie on each other's behalf. That's a fact. I have all their swearing-in ceremonies here and their books written by Masons for Masons. I have them here. The judge must always take their word over any person within the general public. This is a rigged court. I mean the courts are rigged, so you do need the evidence and if you have evidence such as tape or photographs, make sure you have other copies stashed somewhere outside the court as well.


John:  I agree with that. What I'm saying is people that listen to this network, at least look around and start noticing like in the middle of the day and you'll see it's a routine and they are they are following a routine. Maybe we should start taking cameras and photographing them watching us.


Alan:  Yes and also a good movie to see is "Enemy of the State."  They show you that all the security cameras in stores as you walk from one store to the next are all integrated into the security systems and everyone is being spied on all the time. Personally, I object to this constant surveillance.


John:  Well, I do too. I saw the movie a long time ago and I agree with you. Very good show and thank you. I'll get off the air and let someone else call. Thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks so much for calling. Now I also have Rick in California. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Hi. This is Rick again. I know I call a lot, but you're so interesting. Your shows have so much stuff. You've taught me so much in the year that I've listened to you.  I have two questions I wanted to ask.  In the early '90s I was part of the -- when I was into esoteric Christianity I was part of this church group called the Church of Christ, but then it changed their name to The ICC and that was around the time that I left because it became too authoritarian.  I notice that ICC is also the name of the International Court in Hague. It's also the name of the ITO that puts out the international building code that tells you you can't have a Christmas tree in your house unless there's a fire sprinkler on top. What does ICC mean in high Masonic esoteric tradition?


Alan:  I-C-3. See you also have a trinity, same with the Masons. That's why you have the apprentice up to the Master Mason. You have a trinity in everything. You have soul, body, spirit. There's many trinities all the way up the ladder. When it's just IC or ICE, that means to stop. You put someone “on ice,” so the police put someone on ice. POL-ICE and PO is the lowest form of humanity in freemasonry. PO or PU, both the same, so you have public libraries. You have politics et cetera. That's the lowest form of government over the public, the PU, but when you have ICC, it’s IC3; (A, B, C=3).


Rick:  Oh, I see. I have one more question. Do you think that smoking or think tobacco is going to become a controlled substance in the same class as marijuana? Are we going to have to go to a drug dealer to get it?


Alan:  Yes. There's no doubt. They have many reasons for this because they're spraying us like bugs in the sky and have been for ten years. They don't care about our health. There's another reason they want people to stop smoking and it's not just for the cost of treating cancers and so on and all the other effects and bronchitis, which definitely comes from smoking. However, because smoking is a form of an antidote, it prevents certain of these chemicals being absorbed by the lungs and through the alveoli tissue in the lungs. The nicotine actually stops it. The tar stops it from all the spraying that they're giving us, especially the tranquilizers.


Rick:  I remember you had emailed that to me and somebody else had made that observation too, so that makes sense to me. I'm getting freaked out by this legislation because they're banning smoking everywhere in public. Now they're going after the home and it's accelerating.


Alan:  Yes they're going after the home. You're right. A read an article recently about them wanting or demanding permission to go into peoples’ homes through these different organizations. They've set up even private homes so they'll have the street committees. The Soviet system was the same. They've adopted it here. They call it a different thing and people don't realize its communism. Yes, they want the right to go into peoples homes to see if people are actually smoking inside and be able to give them fines and so on. Also, people selling their homes, if there's any tar or anything on the walls, nicotine, they want the right to fine them and pay for it all before the house is sold or you won't be able to sell it.


Rick:  Really. Where can I read this? I want to check this out.


Alan:  I'd have to go back in the mail but it was in a newspaper recently. You have to understand all these organizations are completely integrated and they all work from the United Nations that first declared war on smoking. I'll be back after the following messages. Hang on the line. I'll talk to you after this break.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost

Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and are you still on the line, Rick?


Rick:  Oh yes, I'm still here.


Alan:  If you check into the history on the war on smoking, all these wars come from the United Nations; all governments since World War II just sign them into law. The UN also declared war on obesity and they want the right for everyone to be dragged in on a frequent basis and be weighed and measured and all the rest of it to make sure the stock, you know the slave stock, are healthy (for their owners’ sake, that is) and they're more productive. This is just totalitarianism to the extreme. You can't expect anything else from the psychopathic control freaks at the top.


Rick:  I was angry one night and then I started laughing because I went to the WHO website and the science is so – I mean they're talking about like a little bit of second hand smoke from a passer-by gets into the classroom and affects a child's scores.


Alan:  Eventually you'll have anti-smoking SWAT teams that will shoot you on sight for having a puff of air smoke. Meanwhile in Vancouver for the last ten years they've been showing children at seven years old how to inject heroin safely for their own good. “Safely” you see is the key. Everything is so sick and perverted in the control freak world that we live in. I'll let you go because I have to get Ted in California.


Rick:  Thank you very much.


Alan:  Ted in California, are you there?


Ted:  Hi there. I was researching the brain-chipping meeting at Loyola that you've talked about. I came across a PBS program called "The Worldwide Mind." Have you heard of it?


Alan:  I've heard of it, yes.


Ted:  Yes. It's incredible. It’s on Google video in six-part like a giant infomercial for brain chipping, absolutely amazing.


Alan:  Yes and that again is what they will call it, even through Carl Jung that made many references. He coined the term "the global consciousness," like the global mind. This is an occult term used back in the '40’s and '50’s that even he knew where this was going. He wasn't too pleased himself at the ultimate physical brain chip.


Ted:  It just broke my heart to watch it, and amazingly they use Aldous Huxley as a character who talks.


Alan:  That's right. That's right. I read that, yes. We're living an agenda that's never changed. Again, Thomas Jefferson said that when you see different changes of government but an agenda is carried on, then you know you’re under secret tyranny. That's what you have been since the UN was formed. It doesn't matter, as long as they put their own boys at the top, as Quigley said, that all party leaders in the top cabinets are all pre-picked and selected. The ones down below are allowed a certain competition between parties, but the ones at the top are all picked long before the public even hear their names. They're vetted.


Ted:  Well, thanks very much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in. That's true, the global consciousness, the universal consciousness was pushed. That's why the New Age also was told to push this idea to get them all used to the idea of being linked together like the Borg, with the Borg mind, the original Bee, B-ORG. That's what it's all about.


From Hamish my dog and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)