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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It is October 15th, 2007. Newcomers, as always, check into my site cuttingthroughthematrix.com for more detailed talks or “blurbs” as I call them on the histories that have led up to where we are today, at least an overall picture of them, some more detailed than other sites out there. Look into the alanwattsentientsentinel.eu site where you can find transcripts for download in the tongues of Europe.


We are, as I say, in a matrix, it’s a matrix which has many layers. A matrix that most people think is quite normal because they were born into it. It's all they know and they've been taught through childhood that everything just evolved this way by some strange haphazard circumstance. Nothing is further from the truth. If you keep people in complete ignorance and give them a minimalistic education and keep them tremendously occupied with cartoons up through schooling and then music et cetera, you can make them very, very ignorant indeed and you can also stop them from using their own critical thinking abilities – something which school is very good at doing away with. They don't teach you to think critically about things. They teach you group consensus, how to be a good citizen with the crowd and get along with them and parrot what everyone else parrots. That's what a good citizen is in his Pavlovian structure, this matrix that is not ours but we are definitely living in it. We're born into it.


I want to go into some of the bigger picture here of how we're being ram-roaded into this “Brave New World” scenario. People hear little talks in the news and documentaries every single day, have for years in fact, on technology and where it's going and where it must go and how wonderful it's all going to be and you won't have to lift a finger to turn off a light bulb or turn on a television set. You won't even need a remote little device there to change the television channels. You'll do it all in your head. It's amazing to me always since I was a child how people accept these downloads so readily without question, as though they really do believe that there is a big father figure out there that just works hard and comes up with all these little gizmos to make life easier for them. They don't realize that there's not a single invention given to the public that doesn't have an ulterior purpose, whether it's from a washing machine to a dishwasher or anything else, when you remember that the family was the first to get scrubbed in this Brave New World and that's all but been accomplished.


People don't know anymore how to even cook or wash dishes; and I'm talking about male and female by the way. They think that food comes from restaurants or grocery stores, all prepackaged and beautiful and ready for you. Nice and clean. If you were to show them where it actually came from, the animal, and you saw it getting butchered, they wouldn't believe you probably. It's kind of like that Star Trek gizmo that they used to get their dinners from. You punch in what you want and it just appears. I'm going to go into this in more detail after the upcoming messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix.  I was talking about how inventions are gradually dished out to the public, always with pre-thought out side effects or consequences to them and not by chance. Meetings were held in the late 1800’s with European leaders to do with what they saw coming up, which was eventually, obviously, a global system and a system where they'd run out of wars. They even discussed alternate methods of wars, wars on different subjects. We've had wars on drugs, wars on poverty and all these different ongoing wars you see, because money is thrown into them as disposable money and so they are substitutes for war in a sense. Eventually they even knew that when they created the Soviet Union, it would be a precursor of a World System, it was a big test bed to try all these different methods out, where they taught women in school that there's no difference between males and females at all – that the whole idea of being a woman was simply “downloaded” into them, if you like, by their parents. It was a learned thing and there was no real differences whatsoever and all of this kind of nonsense. That's now being perpetrated through the schools and the whole world through UNESCO at the United Nations because that's what its job is.


UNESCO is to create a global citizen that's a model for the model state of the world. All the indoctrinations that they tried in the Soviet system have been taught here for years, long before the Berlin Wall supposedly fell down. That was simply merging the two systems together. They also talked about the inventions they would give to society to further decrease the contact between peoples, individuals, and how they could isolate individuals in their own homes, one from another by technology; and what do we have today? We have this computer where people sit and punch keys like rabbits do or rats do in a laboratory, when they could give you something that could speak to you in the 1960’s if they wanted to, because they showed that on the BBC back then. The computer where the person simply talked to it, it sat on a desktop by the way, not a great big thing with tapes either. It's like a modern one and they could talk to it in any language and it would reply and do what it was told.


No, they had to give you this keyboarding stuff first to rewire your brain, so nothing is there by chance and they have successfully isolated lots of people from other people. They even did that in the bars in Britain where people met and exchanged social ideas. That was the place where the community met and talked and discussed everything. They brought in television sets and music until you couldn't hear anyone talking anymore; you had to shout to be heard. That was all discussed at the big board meetings with the various public inn-houses, the big, big, chains of national chains of brewers and so on, they discussed that, how they could stop them from actually communicating to each other. It's all been successfully done, but to the average Joe who goes through it, they think it all happens by chance and that's the big mistake they make.


Now I think we have Jeff in Indiana, an early caller on the line here. Hello, Jeff. .


Jeff:  Hey Alan, how are you doing tonight?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Jeff:  Good. I just wanted to thank you for the work that you do. The reason I'm calling tonight is I just had a question about the Maitreya, I believe they pronounce it, set up through Alice Bailey and Benjamin Crane for the UN and what his upcoming role will be.


Alan:  That character is so old he's got no – I think he'll kick the bucket before anything happens. The Maitreya from Hinduism simply means "The Master," and anyone and everyone if they wanted to could be a Maitreya, so there's nothing special about this character whatsoever.


Jeff:  Yes. They have him pumped up a lot through UNICEF I believe and there's some saying he's the coming ruler of all religions and I had never heard anybody else talk about him before, so I thought I'd give you a call and see what your opinion on that was.


Alan:  Yes. It's rubbish. As I say, every person can be a Maitreya that seeks truth, as they say, and it's not confined to one person. You can have a thousand on the go at the same time because it's right through Hinduism, so don't worry about it.


Jeff:  Oh okay. Well I thought maybe this was the guy they had planned on propping up and--


Alan:  They give us these false flags all the time and it gets everybody excited and talking about it, but they're all diversions. Eventually they probably will give us a single religious leader along with the economics leader and so on in the Brave New World that we're coming into. We know that Gorbachev talked about creating a new religion based on earth worship which they'll teach the children, and that was in his book "Towards A New Civilization," and there he is down at the Presidio with his Knight of Lazarus Green Cross outside his window fluttering quite happily. The Maitreya stuff is out the window. They make a lot of money off it, these characters.


Jeff:  Yes, I'm sure.


Alan:  There's nothing to worry about.


Jeff:  Well thanks for your time Alan and keep up the good work. We all appreciate it I'm sure.


Alan:  Okay. Thanks for calling.


Jeff:  Thank you.


Alan:  Yes, we have a system as I say where we're in this Brave New World. Technology is dished out with ulterior purposes. Meetings are going on all the time every single day at the United Nations. They have departments on things you'd never imagine they have departments on, all working steadily towards this Pavlovian trained humanistic Brave New World where you're trained like an animal really. We're looked up as animals. If you read Charles Galton Darwin's book "The Next Million Years," his main concern, talking on behalf of the elite, Charles Galton Darwin went to all these global meetings. He was a physicist himself in Britain in the 1950’s and he said our main problem is the worry that with the lessening of wars, disease, famine and plague, he said, the lessers, the commoners will breed too much and outnumber and eradicate we the natural intelligentsia. That's what he claimed and he said we have to bring back other means of killing them off, other forms of plague. He was backed up by Lord Bertrand Russell on this very topic and other members of the elite. It's never changed and we've got to realize that the United Nations, they do have a Department of Population Control. I often wonder – people hear these same terms as I do but they don't question them.


What do you think population control means? What do think it means? Some how that you're going to escape and that does not mean you?


No. It means you as well. These characters well they can't come out and ask for volunteers to be sterilized and so they've been at it for a long time by giving you inoculations. Check the United Nations own statistics that they give you every year to do with the sperm count in the males of the Western world, and it's been plummeting like a stone since 1950’s, ever since the polio vaccine was first given out. They even claim themselves that two or three years ago the Western male was down by 75 percent sperm count than the man of 1950 or pre-1950. So we're three quarters – we're almost all the way sterile and there's no hullabaloo about it, which is your big clue that this is planned you see. It's planned that way.


In the Americas and other countries in Europe, one of the fastest growing industries happens to be in fertility clinics because everyone is becoming sterile. Now that doesn't happen by nature all of a sudden. Nothing happens in nature all of a sudden. They've still yet to prove evolution that's supposed to take millions of years and yet within a generation suddenly we're all plummeting into sterility. That's because it's planned that way and it's also to do with the food you eat as well because they've been putting the xeno-estrogens in the food since the 1950s and you can hardly buy anything even from Canada here, even your milk generally comes in plastic bags sealed inside these plastic bags. We're getting xeno-estrogen in everything that you pick up, even your pop bottles and so on. That's not by chance. The statistics again have come out from all of the scientific systems areas backing up this fact that these soft plastics have xeno-estrogens in them. There's no debate about it, so why are they still doing it? That's up to you to figure that one out.


Now I'd like to go on to the tightening of the security in this Brave New World system, this dictatorial system where democracy has been thrown out the window because it was a bad idea according to the elite. Winston Churchill said that himself in the 1920’s and you can read about that in a book called "The Whispering Gallery," written by a top bureaucrat at the home office in Britain. They had to come up with a counter system so they maintain their rule and give this straw man to the public, this thing called democracy to make the public think they had rights. Pretend to help them, like health services where they inject you with all these poisons and watch them die off slowly while you still maintain your grip on everything and head towards this scientifically controlled society; a society that Huxley talked about.


The security we're under now is getting intense. We find that the police are tasering people and killing them, like the guy who got killed in Vancouver Airport yesterday. Supposedly he came off a flight they think maybe from Poland, they think, because everything is coming through the police. They won't tell you anything until it's been all tidied up you see and then given to the public via their PR department.


It says:


             "A man in his early 40s died early Sunday morning after RCMP jolted him with a Taser at the Vancouver International Airport, police said. Airport security called the Mounties for assistance after an unidentified man began pounding on windows and throwing chairs and computer equipment in the customs area shortly after arriving on an international flight at 1:30 a.m., Richmond RCMP Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre…"


Alan:  I don't know if these guys are real or not with names like that.


             "…told CBC News. We arrived and tried to calm the man…"



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just going through this CBC report on the RCMP who killed a guy with a Taser at Vancouver International Airport yesterday morning. This is what the police have said so far.


             "We arrived and tried to calm the man, Lemaitre said.  We tried through gestures to get him to put his hands down on the desk … to no avail. When he ignored orders to calm down, police used a stun gun on the man."


Alan:  Now there’s quite a thing you know. One day they used to rush people like that who were unarmed and bring them down. Now, this guy wouldn't put his hands on the table and so they Taser him.


It says:


             "When he ignored orders to calm down, police used a stun gun on the man. The man dropped to the floor and police said it took three officers to handcuff him. He then lost consciousness and appeared to go into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at the airport, the CBC's Chris Brown reported. Few other details have been disclosed other than the man spoke an Eastern European language and a flight from Poland touched down about an hour before the incident, Brown said."


Alan:  Then he goes into the usual stuff to waylay your thoughts into a different direction.


             "Taser devices are controversial because of the dozen North American deaths resulting from their use."


Alan:  I'm sure it's much more.


             "There has been debate about how safe these devices are when dealing with certain kinds of people who are delirious or wound up, Brown said."


Alan:  Why else would you use it on them if they're wound up, eh?


             "Police are investigating and a toxicology report will be done to determine whether there were drugs, et cetera."


Alan:  In other words, they're trying to find anything at all to save their gluteus maximus because they must do that at all costs. They'll find something, even dirty fingernails. Something must be done because they've killed a guy. Then they'll give the cops that did it special psychological counseling and time off so they can learn to live with having killed someone all in the line of duty because the man wouldn't calm down. That's the kind of world we're into today where the sadomasochists are on a roll. You'll find too that people now are being turned away trying to get into Canada on the U.S. side because the security of Canada and the States is totally intertwined now.


It's one system, and that was reported here in Canada shortly after the 9/11 incident that all intelligence, security, et cetera were being totally integrated. They've done it and the Canadian customs now has access to the FBI lists, which makes you think about sovereignty altogether. Why are they giving that to the Canadian customs? Is that the right thing to do, or what?  It doesn’t matter. They've done it anyway. There's no such thing as a democracy as I say. It's been done. Last week or so, two leaders of various peace organizations were turned away at the border and told they had to criminal rehabilitation forms signed. If they came back without them they'd be arrested. Other people have called me since then and they've tried to come into Canada and someone just had a speeding ticket and been charged with hazardous driving a long time ago. Paid their fines and all the rest of it but they're still down as a criminal and couldn't get into Canada. Also told that if they didn't get these forms filled out with their criminal rehabilitation, then they'll be arrested if they try to come back into Canada.


It looks to me like the U.S. citizens are being locked down within their own borders, to be honest with you.  I think this big exercise coming up today in fact – starting today for the next four days is all part of this, what they'll do when they eventually release some kind of plague or at least tell us they've released it. They don't have to really do it. The public will panic with enough television scenarios. They'd believe anything. They did that with the Mad Cow disease in Britain, kept showing you the same cow staggering over this barn or over this floor of this farmyard over and over. Never showed you any other cow, just the same old cow and that's all it took to wipe out the whole meat industry of Britain.


Now I think we've got Rick in California on the line. Are you there, Rick? Hello Rick? Rick? No, I guess not. But, as I say, seeing is believing.


Rick:  Alan, can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes I can.


Rick:  Oh hi. This is Rick.


Alan:  How are you?


Rick:  Good, good. I wanted to bring to the attention of people some things I discovered that had to do with this TOPOFF 4 Vigilant Shield thing. It was brought to my attention through Alex Ansary's radio program Outside the Box, this woman guest came on and said there was a paper out of Harvard. It's similar to "The Project For A New American Century" and it talks about a nuclear blast on American soil that will be blamed on terrorists, in it had a map of Washington, D.C. and a map of Portland, the very same exact bridge where this TOPOFF 4 is being conducted. So I went and downloaded the paper from Harvard and the three characters that wrote it, one of them his name is Ashton B. Carter. He's in The Council on Foreign Relations and he was a Rhodes Scholar and he went to Yale, so apparently he's pretty important. The paper was drafted on April 19th, 2007. I wanted to bring that to your attention. I could send you a link to the report if you'd like.


Alan:  Sure. Send it to me and I'll look into that.


Rick:  I have two questions to ask.


Alan:  We’ll have to talk after the messages, just hang on the line right now.


Rick:  Okay.


Alan:  I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and we still have Rick on the line from California. Are you there?


Rick:  Yes, I'm here, Alan.


Alan:  You had two questions?


Rick:  Yes. The first question was: this paper was drafted on April 19th of this year and that seems to be a recurring theme with Waco and the Oklahoma City Federal Building. The second question is: I knew that nothing would happen today because today is Monday. What is it about Tuesday, like stock market crashes and 9/11s, and why do bad things happen on Tuesday?


Alan:  Tuesday is THORS-DAY. Thor is god. Thor with a hammer, lightening bolts and so on so it's THORS-DAY. It's the hammer coming down.


Hi. Just to rectify the days of the week, Tewesday or Tuesday is actually the god of war's day and so that's why you have the bear market where they tear things apart, the stock exchange. On Thor’s-Day they hammer you and terrify you with a stock market collapse. They generally leave you over the weekend with that and then it’s all right by Monday. Just to clarify what that means.


You get hammered on Tuesday.


Rick:  What is it with April 19th?


Alan:  April 19th, if you go further back, you'll find that was the date used down through history for famous movements, battles and so on. It's just pretty traditional with them, but it's also – see the occult have their own particular calendar. We forget that our calendar has been changed many times down through centuries, sometimes by popes, sometimes by governments. Even when they created the U.S. they wanted to bring in a new type of calendar altogether. Some of them even with 10 days in a week, going back to the days of Sumer because that's what they initially had before they changed it. These characters have tremendous data of history, collections of archives of history and sometimes they'll bring it back out. However, their year officially starts in March and so March is when you begin. That's why all armies march with their left foot and you'll see every statue in Egypt always with the left foot forward. That's how all armies start their march.  April again is when they're getting into the swing of things. It's also when certain constellations like Orion tends to go down. Orion is coming up now and helps to dominate the sky. He's the hunter, which they go after, followed by his two hounds; and of course they’re always on about Sirius, which is one of the eyes of the dogs that follows him.  It's all occultic language, nothing to do with aliens or anything like that. Although there's lots of money in that little field, but nothing to do with aliens. It's to do with the occult language and time. These guys are the masters of time. They're the time lords of Dr. Who, you might say.


Rick:  Thank you very much Alan. I'll send that to you on that report. I'll send you a link.


Alan:  Sure enough. Thanks for calling. Yes, these scenarios, I'm not surprised that someone who is a Rhodes Scholar and a member of the CFR put out these talks on possible catastrophes and nuclear detonations et cetera and plagues, because that's what they did for World War II as Professor Carroll Quigley said when he was the historian for The Council on Foreign Relations. He said the Royal Institute, the same group in Britain, met around a table and dreamed up ways to terrify the public so they would demand war or at least back the politicians with war. They told them they were all going to be gassed by Hitler who had millions of gallons of this stuff to spray all over Britain and they gave everyone in Britain a gas mask, even for the babies. It's to terrify everyone so you had to do something and it's the same thing here.


This is a tremendous money making thing as well. All wars are profitable and even the quiet or Cold Wars are very profitable to these characters. I read recently that even Tom Ridge, who had something to do with the Homeland Security, who has now left, is the head of one of the private security companies and he's getting billions of dollars given to him in grants, as they all are in fact and filling their pockets under this guise of terrorism. It's a boon dock thing. It's a boom industry. It’s going great guns for these characters with all the technology that's dished out, all the money that's dished out, all the camera equipment that's going up. Remember, Britain started this because Britain was putting up the cameras big time in the early '80’s right on down to the present time.


London I think is the most watched place in the world. You can't walk 20 feet without a camera picking you up and they also have little special boom microphones that will pick up your voice in a doorway talking to someone – in a store doorway a hundred yards away. That's how safe and secure we are today. We have no privacy whatsoever, so George Orwell's "1984" is actually here. It's actually here and he foresaw it coming because he was in on some of the planning with some of the people. He was the darling of the socialist movement. He was picked at Cambridge University. He had the right qualifications, the right genealogy. His father was a lifelong bureaucrat and actually the high commissioner of Burma, the British opium operation owned by the British Crown, so he was a shoe-in for a high position. He knew what was coming down and he tried to warn the public, and all the socialists of his day shunned him after that because he was exposing the agenda. The only problem being, it was so farfetched at the time most folk couldn't believe him that could ever happen in Britain and it's happened. It has happened since then.


The only reason the book was called "1984" was because its publisher changed the name from "The Last Man," and it was written in 1948 or published. He simply reversed the numbers to 84 but it stands up for today. Even Aldous Huxley, who was always putting down Orwell to an extent because he had a tremendous ego (Aldous Huxley, that is), did admit that just prior to the "Brave New World" scenario where they remake human beings for specific purposes, they would also go through the Orwellian period first. That's what we're going through now is the brutal part of the system, the totalitarian part of the system and information collection et cetera, all the data banks.


Now we're under what they call Total Information Network. The average person better think hard what they mean by Total Information Network, because yes it means you as well. You're part of the total, you see, and they want to know everything about you. They have data collected on every individual in the Americas, at least in the North Americas. They have data going back to your school records; psychological problems; arguments with the teachers; reports to the headmasters and all the rest of it. They have total information on you because they want to know what makes you tick individually. They want to know your weak points, your Achilles heels, because one day they might have to question you and they'll have to use that against you. They want total information because predictability is what makes them feel safe at the top.


Anyone who is not predictable is a threat. Now for those who are like myself, rather unpredictable, you have to sort of learn when to speak it and when not to speak, depending on who you're speaking to, because we're dealing with a brutal system right now. It's going to become much more brutalized as this rolls forward.


They've raised a generation of men mainly who haven't seen their mother or their father. They don't know who their father is, half of them, and these characters were brought up on video games with a minimalistic education and they were taught that power is the only thing that matters – the right of might. Many, many years ago, long before this, even during the Vietnam War when the Pentagon was worried about the condition of the average America male who didn't want to go to war. They said “they're becoming sissified. How can we change that?” They went through all the different techniques to change that type of scenario and they've actually accomplished most of their goals.


They studied a lot of the big gangs in the cities; they found that the young men generally were from single parent families. They didn't have a man in their life and so the natural leader was the gang leader and little Johnny admired the gang leader and that's who he looked up to and the gang became his new family. That's what the military is. That's what the police force is. That's what all these special agencies happen to be; and they make these characters feel they belong now. They're special. They have a new family, the new fraternity of police or military or whatever it's called. That was all done deliberately for this particular time in history because they want people who are estranged from the general population, people who can go in there and act as one, bash you on the head, taser you, or use whatever weaponry they're given to use on you.


It's not a matter of terrifying the people by saying the truth. This has been happening in Europe for years. I have watched as teenagers were being bashed around with massive truncheons and new high-tech equipment in Europe when they were protesting the various amalgamations of Europe. Now these are, if you think about that, here’s governments paying these armies to go in with shields and all of the Ninja gear that they wear, all the protective stuff, they bash your own children over the head and break their bones and so on.


What kind of society is this?


Yet we take it so calmly. We think oh they're just crazy people. They're not crazy people. They're just youngsters, members of the general population who have more insight generally into what's happening than their parents, because they're at university or college and they're protesting what they see coming down the pike and your own governments have literally got internal armies trained to break their bones and taser them and use water cannons on them. This happened in every country across Europe over the last almost 20 years and it's been kept from the American people. Now it's coming here incrementally and it will be unleashed here in all its fury and you'll wonder what happened.


How did it happen? How did you allow it to happen?


That's what you'll ask yourself – you were too busy playing games, watching soaps, movies and having fun. That's why it happened; and having all the access to all the cheap Chinese junk that they're throwing at you then they give you easy credit and plastic cards. That's how it all happened. Egosyntonic behavior, so much so you didn't notice what was happening around you.


History teaches you one thing, that anything can be made to be possible, anything whatsoever. The most advanced countries in the world in the past often started wars. Germany was the leader of the so-called civilized world up until World War I and even into World War II they were the most advanced scientifically and they had the better education as far as sciences went for their children. We saw what happened there when a small elite got in and used sciences, psychological sciences, the sciences of tribal creation on the whole populations. We saw what happened there and don't believe for a minute that it cannot happen here. It is happening here.


What they decided the League of Nations in 1919 on behalf of the elite, remember, because there was no ordinary person employed by the League of Nations. It was elite and elite offspring who became the bureaucrats at that time and the leaders. They decided all wars were the fault of the common people – the common people, the followers, the ones who are told to go to war or else get locked up in jail. That was the conclusion that they came to; and once again, the psychopath will always project their feelings on their victim. In other words, they project what they have themselves their own guilt onto others, because a psychopath never takes responsibility and they certainly never take guilt for their own actions. They must project it onto others and so these big, big leaders; the big foundations, the big wealthy families blamed the common people of Europe for the wars and that's going on today. That's why Charles Galton Darwin was talking about the commoners breeding too much. They blame the same commoners, the Galton's and the Darwin's and all the rest of them, they blamed them, so did the Rockefeller boys too, by the way (who created I.G. Farben), they blamed the common people for the wars.


The financiers of wars blamed the ordinary people, so they'd have to reduce the ordinary people for peace and safety. That's where it all came from. For those who want to read more on this, they should go into all the books written in 1944, '45 and '46 coming out praising global world system, mainly from New York; published from New York which is also the center for communism by the way. More communist publications were put out in English from New York than any other place in the world. They were pushing for a global governmental system and also this socialized system. Most people hear the word "social," they think that's a good term. Social is nice. It's nice to be social.


Socialism is a different thing. It's a doctrine. That's what ‘ism’ means when it's tacked onto a word – the doctrine of the social. It's really under the guise of helping you; it's there to manage you. Manage everything. Manage your population. Manage how many children you'll have or won't have. Manage where you'll live. What you'll work at and so on. The Soviets were the first ones to try of this. They brought out school-to-work. They trained you for an engineer. They only train you in the actual subjects you'll need to be an engineer. If you would be trained to sweep the streets, you would get taught the very basics where wood came from and stuff like that. That's what school-to-work is today and it's being pushed worldwide. We have it here and it's pushed by UNESCO. UNESCO is there to create the global citizen of the future. 


The word “citizen” itself is important because remember, citizen means someone who's born in – it used to be a city, someone who’s born into a governmental system with preexisting duties to that system. Now you cannot be born free if you're born into a system with preexisting duties to the system. It's either one or the other; and that's what some of the Founding Fathers in the USA actually talked about. It's all been forgotten today.


Same with a debt – If you're born into a debt system, a debt incurred by previous generations, you're in fact a slave. You’ll find Thomas Jefferson said, that every generation should have the right to cancel its debt, just write it off and start anew because they had to be free. Otherwise they would be complete slaves and so would the offspring for many generations to come. It's called "compound interest," by the way, and that's what we've been under. Britain declared only two years ago they just finished paying the debt off for World War I. I don't know whether that's true or not. I have no idea, but it came from the BBC. I personally find it hard to believe they even paid it off, because when you realize that with compound interest it's designed so you can never pay it off. That's the whole idea of it. It keeps you in debt forever. If you go into that old high Masonic rule book, the Old Testament, it tells you there that anyone born to a borrower is therefore the lender’s slave as well. This still goes today.


How can you be free, born into a system with preexisting duties, not only to the state to do what they want you to do, like be a solider, but also payoff previous generations debts?  It's terrible. This is a slavery system but it's all under the guise of socialism. “We're here to help you” they say. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just talking about some of the things that are coming down the pike. Actually, they're steamrolling ahead. For those who think it's just developing piecemeal, they’re, as they used to say, “up a gum tree,” because no, it's all planned this way. You're in a totalitarian system and believe you me, these guys at the top who shun democracy. They don’t believe in democracy whatsoever. They give you a show of it but they do not believe in it whatsoever. They are elitists and they are totalitarian and they're starting to show their teeth now as we go down into this merger – this merger that mimics the European Union, something else that was done primarily in secret. People don't realize that the European Union started up officially but quietly in 1948. They set up the office in Britain with the amalgamation in France and a few other countries and they were told to keep it quiet from the general public. It was to be done in secret. The public were to be lied to. It was only about three years ago – now remember, it's all after the fact. Three years ago they gave any documentation to the public for the first time and written right in there it said that the public must never be told the truth that every country would have to give up its national sovereignty.


The U.S. amalgamation, the Canadian amalgamation is based on the exact same principle run by the same people, by the same organizations and it's going to get a lot worse than it is at the moment, because in Europe they had to use welfare big time for the young. There was no work for almost 20-odd years leading up to it. We're finding out in the Americas the only income they have now is on a war footing. It's the military-industrial-complex really and the fact that they have a war economy on the go that's keeping it afloat, because all the infrastructure, the manufacturing has left the country. Actually, it was forced out of the country through treaties like GATT, where the taxpayers paid to uplift whole factories and put them over to China. Realize that every taxpayer paid to have their factories moved over and any losses incurred for the first five to seven years after they set-up were to be paid again by the taxpayer. That's the kind of democracy we live in with the “redistribution of wealth,” as they called it in the "Communist Manifesto." They just didn't add on to it that it wasn't going to people within those nations. It was going to a select few families, as always. That's what they meant by the redistribution of wealth.


So Joe Public as I say who's been playing himself for years is in for a rude awakening. Tremendously rude awakening as all the authorities come together and start interfering with your personal lives. It's happening and it's speeding up on an ever increasing basis. More and more people now are noticing the interference within their own lives from various governmental organizations and departments.


You can only speak now. Shortly it will be too late to say anything whatsoever.


From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)