Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#275)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Mar. 12, 2009:

Chaos is Order, Poverty is Wealth (Say Benevolent Dictators):

"Spokesman for UN Population Says 'Console,'
The Situation's Well Under Control,
Family Breakdown's Our Plan, We Don't Grope in the Dark,
We Should All Cheer the End of the Patriarch,
Teen Pregnancy's Up, There are Orphans Galore,
We'll Prevent More Children, Come Walk Through This Door,
World Currency is Coming, Says Prof. R. Mundell,
Who Planned the Euro, So He Knows Well,
Given to World by UN Regulation,
Guaranteed to Enslave Each Nation,
The Money Called Ac (peak)-Metal (capital)
Means the Bankers Successfully Capped-It-All,
The G20 to Discuss It and Give Their Opinion
On This Wonderful Program of Slave-Debt Dominion"
© Alan Watt Mar. 12, 2009

Thursday 12th   March 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 12, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 12th of March 2009. 

For those newcomers: look into website, and you can download hundreds of hours of talks, I've given in the past, about the big system into which we're born into. The system which controls the whole planet now really; and I try to show you how it was formed, the associations, these big combination, this conglomerate that controls it, who they are, the foundations that they front with, the NGO groups that front for them as well.  I try and tell you, too, where it's all supposed to go, according to their own works, that is, because they do put a lot of propaganda out there, by their own big players, you don't have to guess at it. 

Also look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download, print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe. 

You can also order, from my site for the books and the discs etc I have for sale, that keeps me going; or, you can donate to me as well, because that's the only way it ticks over here. And things are expensive, as we all know, these days especially, as we go into the planned depression; and it isn't really even started yet, there's a long way to go. So, the longer we can stay on the air, at least; and remember too, there are very few stations on the planet, in fact, I think the US is the only country left that can give alternate broadcasting without so many so restrictions. That will go, eventually, because there's many laws on the books in fact, to try and squash people like myself from talking out, so we should be grateful to the US for giving us the opportunity to say what we should say, while we have a chance to say it at all, before it's forbidden.  

Things are on such an incredible roll, it's not really incredible because, if you've been following this for a long-long time, it's all very predictable; and there's nothing really happening today, that many of us who have followed this big world agenda, who watched the con games between the Communists and the Capitalists etc who were all funded by the same bankers anyway. We've watched as they've destroyed society, torn it apart, because any combination of people that opposes them, is a big threat, and that includes any ethnic group, any tribal group, any national group, right down to the very basic of it all; and that is the family unit. When you look through the Communist writings, they were adamant that, under the guise of freeing women, of course, freeing women, they would abolish the old patriarchal system. And that reminds me of Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, who said, in his own book, that the Council on Foreign Relations has everything on its Board: Communists, Fascists, right-wingers of all kinds. He said we don't mind who they are, we don't mind. Why not? Because the big banks funded them all, that's why.  He also did mention that their goal was to create this one world system and a one monetary system etc. etc. etc.  The family unit, of course, was one of the biggest obstacles that they had to get rid off and he said the CFR was often mistaken for a Communist party, because their system seemed to be identical to that of the Communist. Now, why would that suit the big bankers, the destruction of the family unit? Well, as I say, the world they're bringing in is going to be a vastly different world from the one we've been used to.  

Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the games that people play at the top, they play it on the populations of the entire world, by turning everyone against everyone else, especially rival religious groups, right down to the genders or parents and children. They get everyone fighting everyone else, always under the guise of freedom, always under the guise of freedom. Remember George Orwell, in '1984' said that freedom is slavery and that's quite right because under the guise of freedom, you can be put further and further into actual slavery. Because, as family breakdowns happen, as the group breakdown happens, as national breakdown happens, you find that governments everywhere are taking over the roles that male and female used to have. That was why they had to demolish all opposition. H.G. Wells put it well, when he said (and he worked for them remember, as a propagandist), he said they would never have their system totally workable and in place, until the family unit was destroyed, because a family will stand against any on-comers, they'll stand together. When there's no one to stand for you, male or female or child, then you're on your own, it's you and government; and they wanted government to talk directly down to you, one-to-one. 

This is a website called and it's a report from the United Nations, it says: 

United Nations Population Fund Leader Says Family Breakdown is a Triumph for Human Rights 

Just what I said, freedom is slavery. This was February the 3rd 2009, Mexico City. It says: 

A leader in the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has declared that the breakdown of traditional families, far from being a “crisis,” is actually a triumph for human rights. Speaking at a colloquium held last month at Colegio Mexico in Mexico City, UNFPA representative Arie Hoekman denounced the idea that high rates of divorce and out-of-wedlock births represent a social crisis,  

So, it's a good thing he says. 

claiming that they represent instead the triumph of “human rights” against “patriarchy.”  

See the game that they play? The whole western world, and the fabric that held it together, has been utterly destroyed by the new culture that was introduced, beginning in the '50s and speeding up rapidly to the present times, through the culture creation industry that's a big part of the system in which we live, a very-very big part. Plato talked about it, how powerful it was, thousands of years ago. To continue, it says: 

"In the eyes of conservative forces, these changes mean that the family is in crisis," he said. "In crisis?  More than a crisis, we are in the presence of a weakening of the patriarchal structure, as a result of the disappearance of the economic base that sustains it and because of the rise of new values centered in the recognition of fundamental human rights."  

There you go: remember what Quigley said? The CFR often appears to those outsiders as Communist, and remember it's all run by the big banks at the top.  

The comments followed close on the heels of the World Meeting of Families, 

Nice name isn't it? 

which was held in Mexico City in January, and which strongly reaffirmed the importance of the traditional family 

This is their opposition here. 

and its indispensable role in transmitting values to the next generation. 

Well, you see, that's contamination, according to the United Nations. If you pass your values from one generation to another's, under the old communistic rules, you are contaminating the children; contamination. Read about Stalin, read about what he said about contamination and how they would have to eradicate those who were contaminated. 

... [that] were contributing to the rise of violence and crime in Mexico. 

That's the divorces and the children that are without any parents etc, etc. and the out of wedlock births as well. Every country in the world now has the same crisis because of the culture creation industry, spearheaded again with all these do-gooders at the United Nations, which is nothing but a front, a complete front for the big banker system. That's all it is: everything that is run in this world, is run by fronts. It's the same nonsense with the money system, how can you change the money system by voting in a new guy who is put in there by the same bankers, to keep the same money system going? There would literally be a war, a very high-tech war too, on the whole public, with weaponry you've never even heard of, if by some strange miracle, if someone could ever get voted in as the head of a country that wasn't scheduled to. I guarantee you that, I guarantee you that.

Years ago, I talked before, about the different currencies: that eventually, they'll give us an American as well for the whole of the Americas, that's been published by some of those in the Summit of the Americas, an organisation that appears in the papers once in a while, even though they say it doesn't exist, and it's funded by the Rockefellers, primarily. They're also going for a world currency and here's the kick-off today; and this is from the Australian, called the Australian online: 

Nobel-prize winner backs world currency 

See how they introduce it to the public? It says: 

From correspondents in Astana, Kazakhstan, March 11, 2009 

KAZAKH President Nursultan Nazarbayev has won backing for his plan for a single world currency from an intellectual architect of the euro currency, Nobel-prize winner Professor Robert Mundell.  

Here you go, here they get another guy to kick it off and he's backed by a Nobel prize winner, the guy who designed the euro for the Europeans; and, by the way, this guy lives in Canada, Professor Robert Mundell. It says: 

Nazarbayev, speaking at an economic forum in the glitzy new capital he has built on the Kazakh steppe, defended his proposal for the "acmetal'' world currency saying it might "look kind of funny'' but was not. And he received intellectual support from the Canadian economist Prof Mundell, who helped lay the intellectual groundwork for Europe's single currency.  

"I must say that I agree with President Nazarbayev on his statement and many of the things he said in his plan, the project he made for the world currency, and I believe I'm right on track with what he's saying,'' Prof Mundell said, adding the idea held "great promise''.  

For whom? Hmm? For whom? 

Mr Nazarbayev and Prof Mundell urged the Group of 20 leading developed and developing economies to form a working group on the proposal at their summit on the global economic crisis in London on April 2.  

Now you know part of the reason they're meeting on April the 2nd in London, where the riots will be, there's going to be riots, because they've told us that in advance; that's why they did it in London, where it's easy access into London. 

"We should deliver our thoughts and the thoughts of this conference to the leaders of those countries,'' Mr Nazarbayev said, referring to the G8 and G20 nations. Mr Nazarbayev, who has held his post 

Listen to this:  

who has held his post since Soviet times 

He was in the Communist government and now he's in this supposed democratic government, he still is the boss. They never changed hands at all you see. 

and has seen his oil-rich state hit badly by the crisis, 

That's because his pals have pumped all the oil out of it, he'll get a cut too, mind you. 

unveiled his proposal last month and said yesterday the UN 

Here you are you see: 

the United Nations should oversee the currency's introduction.  

The United Nations is something we prattle about everyday, we hear about it everyday and it's the most non-democratic corporation on the planet; and it is a corporation. It's not a country; no public of the world were given a chance to vote it into existence, or give it any power. It was set up to become at least the forerunner, the first world government; and, again, it's a front for the big banking boys. 

Though a boost for what might seem an other-worldly plan, Prof Mundell has previously suggested single currencies are only appropriate for countries with similar economies. Mr Nazarbayev's coining of "acmetal'' combines the Greek word "acme,' 

It's almost like something on your face that's not very nice. 

meaning peak or best, and "capital." 

Which really means capping the pyramid, you see; that's what it means.  I'll put these links up on the site, at the end of the show. 

It's really interesting to watch what goes on and the machinations, as they stick their puppets in government and we have Obama in there, again the banking man, who was at the Bilderberger meeting before he got in as president. They always do that, they pull them in there and tell them who is going to be president next and they get the job. Hollywood is a great business: Hollywood can take a ‘nobody’, no one you've ever heard of or seen before and make them a star overnight; and that's all you do in America to get a president. You just pick someone and make them a star overnight, PR does all the rest. As long as the guy can read his script and leaves all the other answers to his advisers, for the press, he'll get to the top, it's very simple.  Al Jazeera, who reported this on Wednesday March the 11th, says: 

Obama pick quits over Israel lobby  

The candidate for a leading US intelligence post has withdrawn his nomination after accusing the country's Israel lobby of plumbing "the depths of dishonour and indecency" to assassinate his character. 

Charles "Chas" Freeman, a former US ambassador who is now president of the Middle East Policy Council think-tank, had initially agreed to chair the US National Intelligence Council that produces assessments of security issues. But on Tuesday he withdrew his nomination following what he called a "barrage of libellous distortions" of his record by the Israel lobby in the US. 

"The libels on me and their easily traceable email trails show conclusively that there is a powerful lobby determined to prevent any view other than its own from being aired," Freeman said.  

"The tactics of the Israel lobby plumb the depths of dishonour and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, the wilful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth.  

Well, what's new? What's new? New boss, same old you know what. 

Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  There's so much going on, but really, it's almost like the wolves going in for the kill now. They smell blood and they have the whole world corralled, basically. They've prepared for what's coming down for many-many years, over twenty years of recruiting police for SWAT teams, then into special military police / military outfits; and now they've got the troops involved and all the rest of it.  You know what's coming down, it's long-term strategy, long-term strategy. 

However, to do all that, as I say, they had to go through a process of demolishing that which was: the family unit, the nation, the people and they've had everyone fighting everyone else; they still do have them fighting each other, but it's not good enough, not good enough you see. Now, look at the Economic Union of Europe and the Parliament there: you'd think that it would be made up of different people, from different countries, all with different agendas and so on, but they're all the same at the top. At the very top of the EU, it's a very secretive organisation and they want to create the same thing in the Americas; in fact, in the Free Trade negotiations, many years ago, they talked about making Montreal the capital, the new Brussels for the Americas.

As I say, you'd wonder why so many different peoples all have the same agenda and push out these dictates from the top, they're really dictates they pass down to the public, they’re filtered down through the different layers of bureaucracies, to the press etc. And why they're so communistic? Well, as I say: the big banking boys and the big wealthy families that have run this planet for hundreds of years (and caused every war and financed every war, to get to this stage) have to annihilate all opposition, right down to male and female, parents and children. That's not enough, they have to go after every religion; you see, anything at all that could oppose them, they have to destroy and they have done a darn good job of doing so, in every area. 

This is from the Mail Online March 12th 2009: 

The EU equality law that will let 'upset' atheists sue companies that hang up crucifixes 

"Equality", sounds nice, doesn't it? 

By Jonathan Petre 

Organisations which hang crucifixes on walls could be sued if they upset atheists under equality laws proposed by the European Union. Any group offering a service to the public, including hospitals, charities, businesses and prisons, would be at risk. Legislation may also allow Christians to bring an action against a hotel if it displayed something they deemed offensive - such as a poster for the 1979 Monty Python film The Life Of Brian.  

Well, a lot of Christians have seen that and they do have a sense of humour. Actually, you could always sue them if they’ve got stalks of corn ears up on their walls to celebrate some nature thing.  

There are already laws banning harassment in the workplace, but the new Brussels regulations are designed to offer people protection from providers of goods and services.  

Protection? I guess it's for vampires that walk in and shrivel in front of a crucifix.  

However, they are so broad that critics say they could lead to a spate of civil cases by anyone claiming their dignity has been violated by the 'hostile environment' of an organisation. The Church of England says hospices or charities for the homeless could face legal action if people using their services felt degraded by their religious practices or symbols, such as the cross. The Archbishops' Council even fears that charities could be challenged by atheists if grace is said before meals. The Law Society says religious believers may also be able to launch a civil action for harassment.   

Isn't it amazing too, you'll notice that, as the banking boys take over control of the entire planet, plunder the planet and get rewarded for plundering the planet, that they're also into the law side of everything, in this new world order, they have new-new layers of bureaucracies of lawyers coming out to deal with all new kinds of things, which they invent all the time. Supposedly to sort out the chaos, the carnage, as we go into this Brave New World that they've designed where we're all so darned equal, so equal that everyone will be disgraced or offended by everyone else. Quite the world, but they always profit from it, don't they? Always profit. It says: 

In an official submission to the EU, the society said: 'For instance, in a shop or shared lodging house, there may be a notice board on which is posted material that some of those who see it will find offensive on religious grounds (for instance, a poster for a film, such as The Life Of Brian).'  

The proposals, which go before EU governments for approval later this year, are part of a new directive outlawing discrimination by businesses on the grounds of sexual orientation,

That’s what they’re putting it under, sexual orientation.

 age, disability or belief. 

If approved, it will become the latest in a swathe of European-inspired equality laws which critics say stifle freedom of speech and marginalise religion. 

Which is exactly what it's supposed to do: freedom is slavery, you see, as Orwell said, under the guise of making us all free and equal, we become deeper and deeper chained into the chain pit of the slavery hole in the ground, the black hole of Calcutta. 

The Government tried to introduce a similar law in 2005 but dropped it after a resounding rejection by the House of Lords.  

Again, that’s what you notice too: whenever anything's rejected or kicked out of a Parliament or Congress, they always bring it back a year later or two years later, they don't give up. Why is that? It's because it's a planned / written down format, for an agenda, that's why. That's why it's done, quite simple, it's an agenda, once we get that through our heads, we can stop arguing about the trivia that they throw at us and understand it for what it is and what it's meant to do. Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix. It's amazing too, to see all the Military articles in the newspapers, to do with their purchasing of new equipment and planes and tanks and weaponry and all the different things they want in the near future too, little flying drones that'll go around the cities and clamp onto walls and watch people and listen to people. Just endless-endless billions of dollars, during a Depression, it never stops, it's never stopped the military and I used to wonder why, even when you had Depressions, they could jump into a full world war, like World War I and then World War II. World War II, literally pulled people out of the Depression, because that's when they went to town on borrowing and the munitions, of course, came into their own with the military-industrial complex, getting to the very top of the tree and things were never ever the same afterwards, because the military-industrial complex has never let go of power. They're a big part of the programme, they belong in bed with the bankers, in fact, they really are; it’s the same bunch that owns the whole lot and all the big-big military companies.

As they're purchasing all these different weapons, to go across the planet, slaughtering people, sorry - peacekeeping - peace-keeping across the world and helping children, back in the US, there are articles like this, in the newspapers. This is from ABC News on March the 8th 2009. It says: 

Have a Buck? Buy a House!

Desperate Sellers in Detroit and Beyond Unload Properties for Cost of Citi Share 

By Eric Horng 

A dollar doesn't buy much these days. But in Detroit, it can buy you a house... Welcome to Landlord Nation, where foreclosure notices are plentiful and for-sale signs offer at least 1,800 homes for under $10,000 that once were worth at least 10 times more. Local investors Anthony Pierson and Henry Suell look over the house they purchased for $8500. Real estate agent Ian Mason, who specializes in selling foreclosed properties, showed us a two-bedroom, 800-square-foot home that his agency recently sold for a single dollar.  

"It wasn't much of a negotiation," said Mason, who works for Bearing Group. "The seller was ambitiously looking to get rid of it." That's because the seller, 

Here you go again, it was a bank, the banks have been reclaiming all the houses, right? 

a bank, was losing thousands each month in maintenance costs and taxes just to hold onto the foreclosed home, which is badly in need of new paint, carpeting, and bathroom fixtures -- but otherwise appears structurally sound and free of mold.  

For the price of a can of soda, Mason says it's a bargain. "I think you can make this house clean, safe and functional for $500 to $1,000," said Mason.  

There are more than 40,000 vacant properties in Detroit, which has been hit hard by the foreclosure crisis, and the median home price is a stunningly low $7,000.  

It's incredible, people have been utterly raped and pillaged and the banks are so stuffed with repossessions and pass them off for a buck or for the taxes, or whatever. 

In many neighbourhoods, homes that were fetching $75,000 just three years ago are now selling for ten cents on the dollar or less. "Some of the homes are very nice. Some of them are falling over," said Mason. It's not just Detroit. This weekend, hundreds of foreclosed houses were being unloaded at fire sale prices at giant auctions in New England and New York. For the banks that are in possession of these properties, time is money.  

Ah, well you've got to get going you know, they've got a job to do, eh? Time is money. Never mind, these homes remember were full of people, before this hit, where are they all now? The economy comes first eh? Time is money. 

In Detroit, home prices have plunged more than 20 percent, but sales volume is up 37 percent in the past 12 months. Many of the buyers are real estate investors 

There you go again: it's not families that are buying them, it's investors that are looking for when they'll start selling them again, 

like Bret Russell. The Michigan native has purchased and renovated more than 120 Detroit-area properties, converting them into rental homes. 

Everything's going rental now; remember too, that's what they have for the Agenda 21 at the United Nations, for their habitat areas, as they're calling their big super cities now, habitat areas. There'll be no private property and no private transportation either. Isn't it coincidental how it all works in the same path? Isn't it amazing that nothing ever happens anywhere that's not in the same, the right direction of the agenda? Isn't that amazing?  

He works closely with Mason to find the best houses at the lowest prices.  

Well, you can't really beat a dollar, can you? 

"I see very little risk in the market currently," 

No kidding. 

said Russell. "You're buying a home for $10,000. If it goes down to $8,000, your rents are very strong, so from a cash-flow standpoint, you're on steady footing."  

And these guys understand that, they always see a deal in every catastrophe. It's like Rothschild, you know, when he was asked when he made most of his money and his profits; he says:

When the blood is flowing in the streets, that's when you make your profits.

And there's plenty to emulate him, alive today, plenty. We worship Mammon, we worship those that are rich, utterly worship them.  

Now, there's one more article I want to just mention on here and it’s about Canada, from the same National Post that gave that PR blurb the other day about Canadian security and all the rest of it and the handout by the military about the military now coming into, basically, policing Canada and they'll be roaming around Canada on ATVs and so on in rural areas, for our safety, you understand.  The National Post, you can pretty-well tell who it belongs to. This is from Colin Kenny, March the 12th: 

The security services need people. Canada needs jobs. Do the math. 

He says. 

The focus of the federal government’s Jan. 27 budget was job creation. And why wouldn’t it be, given the current implosion of the world economy and soaring unemployment rates across Canada? What I find curious about the budget is that the government didn’t look to the huge gaps in Canada’s security matrix and take measures to fill them with what Canadian security agencies need so badly: people. 

Now, security agencies are run by the tax payer, they're non-producing, unless they're stealing folks' property - in confiscations - like they did in the Soviet Union. That's when they make some kind of profit and can pay for themselves. This idea is to recruit unemployed people and put them into this new security system, for Canada. He says: 

We’re short of soldiers. We’re short of cops. We’re short of spooks. 

That's spies. 

We’re short of border guards. And we are also short of equipment for the military, much of which could be manufactured in Canada. 

It's quite amazing, you know, Canada, for many years was thought of as the good guy of the world, it didn't get involved in all the petty wars that were going on. Suddenly, again, since 2001, we've become militarised and we're off fighting in other places, in Afghanistan too and they've formed a Canadian branch of the Special Air Service, they’re trained by the SAS. This is always in combat, it doesn't matter even in peacetime they're always in some country, somewhere, killing people. They get blooded in between wars, they're always fighting. We've become very militarised, but this reporter here wants more people in the security services, inside Canada as well. He says here: 

Yet the closest the government has come in recent months to making major investments in Canada’s security agencies was the announcement of a $274-million contract to purchase 1,300 military trucks from Navistar International Corporation. The company will build the trucks at its Texas plant, despite the fact that it has a plant in Chatham, Ont.  

Well, hasn't this gofer here, doesn't he get it we're all global now, we're all one? We've been one for a long time; they don't care where they put their plant, who buys it. The guys at the top all share the loot and it's all tax money anyway isn't it?  

That's enough of that little article and I'll go to the phones and there's Dennis from Arkansas, on the line, are you there Dennis? Hello Dennis?

Dennis: OK, I grew up just outside Detroit, I know what you're talking about; I grew up in Livonia, at one time it had the highest income per capita in the United States but that was because of the automotive industry - no more.  I wanted to ask you a quick question; and I hope you don't mind me changing topic a little bit. I called you a week or so ago, about the predictive programming and the new world order and that. What's your take on these High Definition boxes? Do you know, I mean, if the Government is so interested in, I mean that's a red flag right there, in my mind. 

Alan: You're right, I've never ever heard of a government mandating that the TV companies must broadcast in high definition, or give subsidies for people to get the black boxes for high definition, if they can't afford brand new TVs; I mean, this is unheard of, so it's very important. You've got to understand though that the TV has been the greatest tool for propaganda that they've ever given us; and mind control. Of course, the high definition, I'm certain, will hypnotise people even more efficiently than the old type did, so it's an imperative, obviously, from a government security control standpoint. 

Dennis: I've got one, it's a Panasonic, with the DVD recorder and I took it apart; and I'm no expert, but I can't see any camera or anything in it; but, I noticed that it draws a lot of extra electricity and don't call me crazy or nothin' but I’ve noticed that, I don't ever dream hardly but I've been dreaming every night since I got this thing almost! And it's like there’s a radio programme going on in my mind. And I'm wondering if they're broadcasting, I don't know, I've heard of voice to skull, the Russian woodpecker, you know, things like that and I was curious, I turned it off for a week, unplugged it and I went back to sleep normally. 

Alan: Well, there's proof for you right there, there's something going on. 

Dennis: And I've been doing some recording for kicks and giggles, I listen to RBN almost all day on my satellite dish and while I'm listening to it and while I'm doing that, I do recording, primarily commercials and a lot on public TV and then I record again to another DVD player on slow, and I do that again several times and I'm seeing messages flash like "exercise less; eat more" on the public TV children’s shows. It's just a nano-second and things like "love is hate" and "Elvis is alive"! 

Alan: What you should do is tape it, slow it down and make a DVD of it. 

Dennis: I am. 

Alan: And send it to me, because I can remember the first time it was discovered that subliminals were being used in Britain, was for Margaret Thatcher's campaign and it was caught and eventually it was exposed by, I think it was Scottish Television, showed these subliminals they were using, for her campaign. And consciously most folk didn't really see it but it went right into the unconscious and they started to talk about Maggie Thatcher; and it was one of the biggest / well-funded operations they tried with the subliminals on television at that particular time. 

Dennis: I've even seen nudity on the public TV children shows, flashes of nudity.  It's just interesting. 

Alan: Well, it's interesting because, again, you're living in a time, I've got articles here on these helmets that are for the new virtual reality, where, literally, they give off a small signal, an ELF type signal, they manipulate the temporal lobe of the brain, to give you sensations, they can, like the Corbin helmet, which is used in universities, in Canada, they can actually give you hallucinations. So, I don't see why they can't build something into a television set that could do something similar, especially when Microsoft said, in one of their reports, that they might not even need the helmet, they could build the particular type of instrument around the screen itself; and that would manipulate your brain, from a few feet away.  I don't think you're off the wall at all when you talk about this happening with high definition televisions. 

Dennis: Well, I think this deal about the cameras and microphone, is disinformation to marginalise what it's really doing. 

Alan: It could be that too; but I do also know that they've even tried putting cameras in the little LED lights that you see, the on and off lights. That was reported from one producer quite a few years ago. We've had companies that make the laptop computers, and the security agencies have admitted that they can turn on the microphones and listen to you in the room. That's been in mainstream newspapers. 

Dennis: Yeah, I understand that. 

Alan: We cannot be over-cautious, because science has been used, as a weapon, of course, of control and television definitely is the greatest means of control. It would make sense they would use their advance technology to control people. Brzezinski himself, Zbigniew Brzezinski, talked about the Technotronic Era that would control peoples' minds, give them opinions, they wouldn't know how they were arriving at their opinions, but it was done through psychotronic type warfare. So, it will be put in many different gadgets I'm certain. 

Dennis: Well, I'm disabled, I don't have a whole lot of money, but I don't have a computer, I don't want one, I don't have a cellphone; but that's neither here nor there. If I send a contribution and earmark it for you at RBN, it'll get to you, right?

Alan: You can look at my website, my address is on the website. 

Dennis: I don't have a computer. I'm a no-netter. 

Alan: Ok, that's probably safer too these days. I'll tell you one thing, I get hacked at times, by the security services, I had two computers hacked at the same time during the week there, I couldn't even get into yahoo, because they were in there, in my site. You know, they play little games with you and all the rest of it; but, you're quite right, it's really for gathering intelligence on everyone, it's not for our benefit. 

Dennis: Well, I know how to use one, I did when I worked, but, anyway, I appreciate your show and you're a very fine host. A lot of these guys they give everybody the bum's rush but I don't want to take too much more of your time. I just thank you for your opinion. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. 

Dennis: OK, bye. 

Alan: Bye. 

Yes, I've heard so many of these things going on. I know it goes on, I know a lot more in fact, I know there are certain towers going up across the country in Canada, probably the States too, and definitely in Europe because I've got photographs sent to me; and I've already had reports of people. Some people have some incredible migraines that have never had them before, end up in emergency wards and I'm sure it's this ground wave electronic spectrum that the Homeland Security systems are using. They haven’t really told us what it's all about, but these things have an awful lot of voltage going into them, they put a lot of amperage out and they have their own transformers and they cover sort of local areas, in a network type grid. They haven't really said what that's for, but I do have reports, as I say, of professional people, who have suddenly come down with incredible headaches. It'll depend, again, on the little bit of difference in your brain frequency from others, you might get the headaches, most might not, but I'm sure it's there to influence everyone. They're going to use all kinds of technology, remember, to control the world. Bertrand Russell said this again, long before Brzezinski, he said that back in the 1950s that, again, advanced techniques would control the minds of whole populations and they wouldn't understand or even know it was happening.  

I'll be back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix. We cover a lot of topics on this talk and there's so much more we could cover too, because so much is happening, every day now. As I say, the wolves are closing in for the kill, to move onto their next phase of their big-big wonderful plan, their utopia, where they can depopulate the world and have, basically, a remnant of robots working for them. And they wouldn't have to entertain the robots anymore, they'd be programmed for the jobs that they do, they'd probably do it very efficiently and they won't need sleep, they'd be like Seven of Nine in Star Trek probably, you get fed intravenously and you can be programmed to do any kind of job imaginable. 

Yesterday, I mentioned the shootings in Germany, from the young fellow who went to the school and shot up a bunch of students; and I said it'll turn out of course he's been seeing a psychiatrist and on medication and so on, and sure enough, out today comes that very thing, it's always the same MO [modus operandi], isn't it, same thing. This is from the BBC World News:  

German gunman warned of attack 

12th March  

The teenage gunman who killed 15 people in a German school nearby had given

They all do this too, they give:  

an internet warning before they go on a shooting rampage, German officials say. 

This is the guy who dressed like a SWAT team member, because his heroes you see, he's grown up with heroes in games who all wear black; and all you do is walk around shooting everybody in these games, one after another, you see; very efficiently. So, he dressed up in black and did the very thing that he'd just been doing in the games all these years. 

Tim Kretschmer, age 17, gave the warning in a chat room, before the killings in Winnenden on Wednesday. Kretschmer killed 12 people in the school and three in the nearby town of Wendlingen. He then shot himself after a shoot-out with police in a nearby town.   

They always shoot themselves eh? At the very end. 

The police say chat room users did not take the comments seriously at the time. At a news conference Baden-Wurttemberg's Interior Minister Heribert Rech said the gunman had spoken of his attack in chat room in a German internet portal. He said the message read "I've had enough. I'm fed up with this horrid life... Always the same,". "People are laughing at me... No-one sees my potential 

So, he had sort of paranoid delusions and he also had delusions of grandeur. If he hadn't done this, he might have been a good politician. He said: 

... I am scared, I have weapons here, and I will go to my former school tomorrow and then I will really do a grilling." The message then continued: "Possibly I get away, so keep your ears open, you will hear from me tomorrow. Just remember the name of the place, Winnenden."  

Then it goes on about the fact that he was an average student, nothing outstanding, played tennis but had a lot of depression set in, got treatment from a psychiatrist and so on and here's your end product. I often would like to meet these particular psychiatrists they attend. I know that the one in Britain, who was a psychiatrist for the guy who went to Dunblane High School; I believe he had worked with the Military, for quite some time. It would be interesting to see what they programme into their minds, wouldn't it? And this is the standard routine, standard routine. There's been other guys done the same thing in the last few years; same things, who have actually gone on the internet and showed the guns off and so on and said what they were going to do and no one stops them. However, the police are watching them, because the police tell you they were watching them, for weeks, sometimes months, because they want these things to happen; and, of course, out of the shootings, there's now the call for more gun control, in Germany, you see. If you've got a problem, how do you solve the problem, like people having firearms, you've got to create a problem and scare the bejesus out of everybody, that's what you do; and whoever dies in the process is irrelevant because the end justifies the means. Whether you're breaking down towers to get the New World Order on the go, or having school shootings to help put a prohibition on firearms of all kinds, you'll get it done, one way or another. It's as simple as that, that's how they plan the world.  

Well, that's the music; so, from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight, may your god, or your gods, go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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