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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It's October 19th, 2007. For those who are newcomers, please look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com for lots of free downloads on previous shows and the histories of this great big world of ours and how we're going into a particular ultimate fascist dictatorship to be worldwide, how we got here and who the players are behind it. Get free transcripts in the languages of Europe from alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.


Last Wednesday, I was reading a little bit from a book called "The Trap" by Sir James Goldsmith, who came over from Britain and he was a big magnate in Britain. He was a big mover and shaker for huge corporations his whole life. He was all for the European Union at one time because the way it was sold to these movers and shakers, of which he was one, was that countries would still retain some sort of independence and sovereignty, but when he saw it going off into a strange closed totalitarian little parliament in Brussels, he came out against it and tried to pull Britain back out of it again. Then he came down with a very fast-acting cancer which would kill him within a month or two in fact after diagnosis.


I've got the audio tape of the speech he gave at the U.S. Senate in 1994 just prior to them signing the GATT treaty. Everyone's heard of it. I heard it on the same news as everyone else heard it from, but everyone has tossed it out of their mind because they were not told that it was important by the same media that told you about it. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was a Star Chamber that was being set up to dictate who would trade with whom, which companies could do so and who would be excluded when the Star Chamber's verdict was final. There was no input from any public anywhere. It's a closed system, the Star Chamber, based after the old King James. He had a Star Chamber in his court as well where their word was law. There was no appeal, same system. This General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was to give certain ‘favored nation status,’ a term coined way back in times of John Dee at the British Court in the 1500’s for free trade, where the big corporations in other words would be excluded from paying taxes for import duties into other countries.


Tonight after the show that will be up, a particular audio from Sir James Goldsmith. Great speech, it was started off by the speaker for the Commerce Committee, Senator Hawley; you'll hear him at the beginning. The odd thing was they all agreed with him, then about two days later they all voted for GATT. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and before the break I was talking about Sir James Goldsmith who started a party up to try and pull Britain back out of the European Union when he realized that it was anything but a democratic institution. There was no democracy about it. In fact two years ago the head of the European Parliament declared it heresy, a heresy, mind you, to criticize any of its actions. So there we go with these psychopaths. They always get to the top in all institutions. It doesn't surprise me. However, Sir James Goldsmith was quite right in the effects that this General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade would have.


Now what you don't understand is since the end of World War II organizations were set up under the auspices of the United Nations, the front man for or the straw man really for these big corporations, these big rich powerful people. They decided to unite Europe then, and it was about 1948 they set up the first bureaucracies in Britain to covertly, mind you, because they admitted that a couple of years ago when they first released the papers that the public must not be told the whole purpose of this bureaucracy was to eventually integrate the whole of Europe under a single parliamentary system and that was 1948.


In 1947 the first agreement for the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was done in Marrakesh and that was part 1.  I think the one that James Goldsmith was talking about was part 8, that had recently been done in '94. They've been at this since the end of World War II and the whole idea was to set up a European parliament, a North American parliament initially and a parliament for the Pacific Rim nations, including New Zealand and Australia, and they had to do it quietly and it was done under the auspices of The Royal Institute for International Affairs, a non-governmental agency they claim, which just happens to have many government members onboard and on their payroll you might say. They certainly have most reporters on their payroll because you have to be asked into this institution and the reporters think that's a real boon. It's like getting the Nobel Prize to a reporter to get into that institution. The Council on Foreign Relations is the American department, which is to do the same thing for the Americas, work stealthy in the Americas, in Canada and the U.S. and Mexico, Chile and a few other countries to bring all this about.


Here you are. It was already set up and it was rolling towards finalization before we were even born, most of us, and it's been done in secrecy. I read some of "The Trap" last Wednesday, where one of the main players in this particular movement admits that it was done in secrecy and it could never have been done in a democratic country. It was anything but democratic.  I really advise people to look into "The Trap" by Sir James Goldsmith because what you don't realize under the GATT treaty also came the fact that your corporations would be encouraged to go abroad. Not only that, your own governments would use your tax money to move those corporations and factories over to China.


It was also agreed that for the first seven to ten years, if those companies lost profits, projected profits during that time of set up and for the first few years, the country they came from would also pay their losses. The taxpayer has paid for the losses. It’s quite the deal for the international corporations and the western countries, primarily the U.S., Canada and Britain and so on, helped to fund that or at least the taxpayers funded it all. The complete removal of infrastructure, your ability to take care of yourself and manufacture yourself was purposely taken out. That's called interdependence, the term that Margaret Thatcher used – Interdependence, so that you cannot be independent as a nation.


You’re now interlocked, interdependent, and that was the whole point of it. As I say, two years ago, when the second last agreement was signed the further agreement into the amalgamation of the Americas at Waco, Texas they admitted that they had a few more to go and really by 2010 it will be complete. That will be the complete integration. The money has been lined up today. The dollars are pretty well on par from the U.S. and Canadian side and they'll probably stay on par until we're integrated. All they have to do now is somehow get a general sales tax or some other name for the same thing in the United States, because they certainly won't take the taxes off of Canada to merge. They'll have to bring the States up to the same high costs of living as Canada in order for a merger, because that's what they did under the GATT treaty for the British nation. They had to come up to the other countries’ high costs of living. Nothing is by chance. It's planned in advance. It's done in secrecy and meanwhile the same characters who do this are flopping their lips off about democracy and they have anything but democracy in them. It's an alien concept to them.


I always remember what Toynbee who was a professor for Rhode Scholars in the 1930’s said at an international meeting I think held in Denmark. He said that "we always deny with out mouth that that we do with our hands," and that's always been their strategy. They have no problem lying to the public and treating us like children. But then again, nothing much has changed down through thousands of years. All religious leaders or gods are always good shepherds, which mean we are all silly sheep and a sheep has been bred by the shepherd obviously. That's his livelihood. That's what he lives off of. He lives pretty well and he fleeces the sheep and eats them at the same time, much like ourselves.


I used to laugh when they used to sing these hymns when I was small and we're all singing about being nice little sheep that have gone astray. That wasn't me. I decided to be a goat instead because a goat you see can always climb up the mountain and get away from the sheep and look down upon them and see what's really going on. That's the kind of world we live in and that's what you have to be if you want to be a thinker and a survivor and someone who changes the course of this totalitarian fascist system, because it is a fascist system.


The integration, the merger of politics, politicians, CEOs of corporations all working together, often using musical chairs to move from the corporation into politics and back again. We are under fascism and we have been actually since at least the 1930’s. World War II helped to pull out the western nations. They needed World War II and as Carroll Quigley said, "the real purpose of war is to change societies of all those that participate because you can get more done in five years of war on a governmental scale than you can with 50 years of peace and propaganda." That's the purpose of war.


Now I get lots of email coming in here and I was talking last week about this tremendous big drill they're having in the States and Canada to do with emergency preparedness. It's also over in Britain, they're having the same thing, and other parts of the world as well. It's an amalgamated effort to use all the official military, police et cetera, all working together, all the institutions along with the non-governmental institutions, the civil workers as well. They're having mock drills and dirty-bomb drills and vaccination drills all over the place. All training the public for what's to come I think down the road to keep us all terrified.


This is an email from one man, one young guy who is at university right now in Arizona; Arizona State University and this is what he said:


             "I go to ASU as an undergrad here in the disgusting city of Phoenix. You were talking recently about the dirty bomb drill that is to take place here in Phoenix and how Chandler is encouraging people to participate in the vaccine drill which is supposed to access the level of effectiveness of mass vaccinations in case of crisis such as terrorists attacks or infectious outbreaks. Chandler is really part of greater Phoenix now. Indeed many people are in complete acceptance of these exercises and pretty much oblivious to the implications of such exercises even being suggested. I suppose I should completely resonate with the folks who may be over my age during the nuclear scare and being told to duck and cover in case of a bomb."



Alan:  That's true. That's what they used back in the '50’s and '60’s and some of the '70’s. They were telling the children to go under their desks and hide, as though that was going to save them, and it was all to get them trained it was a real threat. They love these phony threats you see for control purposes.


             "These exercises don't serve to prepare officials for anything, but rather they obviously serve basically as Pavlovian gimmicks to constantly reinforce our fear of the potential worst case scenario. It certainly helps that a significant portion of the people are zealous religious fanatics who actually think this alarmism is a natural progression to the apocalypse and end-times which we're all destined to achieve."


Alan:  It's true. A lot of the big holy rollers that lead all the big herds are preaching the ET phenomenon. For a Christian it's the end-times. For the new-agers it's extraterrestrials.  I'll continue with this mail after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, this multi-leveled matrix really that we're all living in.  I'm just finishing off reading an email from a student, which gives hope you know when you have students who can think, and this one can think, so all is not lost.


To continue with his letter:


             "He says anyway the funny thing Barrak Obama…"


Alan:  I wonder if that's short for Baruch. I bet you it is.


             "…decided to come to the ASU campus today at 10 a.m. and speak for half an hour or so. No real substance in classical political pros and subsequently revert to bashing the job Bush is doing constantly repeating the slogan change. Change we can believe in…"


Alan:  That's true because they use this change thing all the time in all their slogans they're getting from the marketing companies, like change is good. Well I might be on the street. You'd be on the street but that's change. Is that good? They never qualify what they mean by change but they want us all to believe in it.


             "Meanwhile and I've got this picture of this chemtrails being sprayed overhead…"


Alan:  That's this morning over this university. 


             "…and they had been releasing chemtrails since early in the morning. I came to campus around 8:20. At that time there were clear skies and I could see apparent first spray flights from east to west overhead. What was interesting is that I live in Mesa and obviously am well aware of chemtrails and I keep an eye out quite often for them and notice them consistently. However, I don't normally notice them over the ASU campus almost at all, so it was very odd to see any at all much less six, which is how many individual trails I counted that I could be certain were left overhead. Most of the time the chemtrails that I notice around south Mesa and above Chandler; in fact, I used to referee…"


Alan:  He talks about some of the games he plays in that area.


             "…I remember one day when I was referring from '95, throughout the course of the day the sky completely artificially went from clear to a thick blanket of chem.-clouds overhead within a matter of hours. At one point and this is no exaggeration there were easily over 15 planes in the sky to be exact. If I can remember correctly I counted 21. I didn't have a cell phone on me at the time and so I didn't have a chance to take a picture. So yes they're certainly spraying in Phoenix a great deal, which is great because that is just one more reason for me to get the hell out of here after I finish schooling."


Alan:  So there's one guy who actually thinks and sees. He’s comprehending things for himself and using his own intellect and rationale to figure it out and he's making plans as well. So as I say all is not lost. Now I think we have Jeff in California. Are you there, Jeff?


Jeff:  Hello.  How you doing sir? I just wanted to have a little bit of a question and a comment that's a little bit off topic if you don't mind. My roommate [Menelick] actually called in three weeks ago and he's been telling me about this stuff years ago. We’ve been friends for about seven, eight years now and the amount of knowledge that he knows was just mind boggling when he started telling me. It really opened up my eyes and I opened up very quickly of all this stuff and the first feeling that you get is my God, I've been had all these years. It was a really a strange feeling. It's almost like you wakeup at that moment and it's just like I've been had and I'm just hoping it's a trick and it's amazing how all the pieces will fall into place. One comment that I had for you because we've gone way beyond most of the stuff you've talked about. You have such an in depth understanding of all of this and you mentioned that you were going to come out with a book. What I want to do is email you – I'll email you and whatever it takes to help you get that book going, we're willing to do it because we're into the mystery at this point and it's just fascinating to even go back into ancient times and how much they knew and how nothing has really changed until now. You're right. Nothing's changed and people haven't really changed that much and like you said a lot of little technical stuff has gotten evolved, but us as people, we haven’t evolved at all actually.


Alan:  The same tricks that were used thousands of years ago can be used over and over. Plato said that if it worked in the past on people on great amounts of people, it can be made to work again in the future, if you know the formula. They simply repeat the same formula. They give different names to whatever. Now it's called science. Science is the new priesthood and whatever scientists say is treated as gospel truth and people obey.


Jeff:  One comment that I had. Will you be setting something up in your website so maybe people can make a donation on a monthly basis? I think it's important that you're teaching all this stuff to everybody and everybody is able to contribute to you, because for the cost of Starbucks five times a week, which you're getting killed anyway, you might as well start learning something and to me it's important. I think as a transaction it’s easier online if you do it on a monthly basis. That's just a comment that I have. 


Alan:  Yes. I'm putting up PayPal for donations only.


Jeff:  That will be great. I'd love that. It makes me feel good I'm contributing something to learning real. Watching 80 channels on cable television which is completely crap.


Alan:  Don't forget the main thing too. Regardless of all this stuff I could teach on ancient history and the mysteries and all the rest of it, you can get sidetracked into being fascinated and rather than being active in what's happening today and that's the main thing is you've got to be. This is why they merged the New Age with the facts of what's happening. It diverts people off into a different world of fantasy, imagination and become more of a hobby with them. What we're going through at the moment is the most serious time we've ever gone through in history and we've got to become really active and take our rights back before we lose them all.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, going through some of the present day matrix because we do live in an illusion really. It's a fiction we live in. Our ideas – our ideals even are fictional and they're propagated to us by very intelligent people who use scientific indoctrinations from the day we're born. Your parents themselves who were indoctrinated pass on the initial indoctrination and then kindergarten and school picks up on it. It kills any individuality that you have left in you or puts you on drugs if they find it still there. Then television and work, then life takes over from there and most people are pretty well burned out by the time they're 35, 40. They've lost all their ideals. They're just trying to get by.


They're lives are generally living in a form of misery, even their relationships too, because no one has been allowed to have any peace, especially not the family unit when you see how much junk is put out there by television that your supposed to emulate all the impossibilities. It's meant to give you dissatisfaction. You see, most television is advertising itself. Advertising works on the fact that they can create dissatisfaction with what you are already – how you look, the color of your teeth and everything else. They sell promises not truths. That's what advertising is all about. All of the television programming in between is there to give you predictive programming. It simply takes over where the ads left off and it gives you whole bunches of little ideas to make you unhappy, generally with the person you're living with, and people don't mature anymore. They don't really talk much anymore. In fact, they hardly communicate. That television is blasting in most peoples’ homes all day long and all evening long when people should be talking and discussing about things that matter to them. That's what bonding is all about. You bring in a television set and the bonding is destroyed.


Now getting back to this drill they've been having up to the 19th day, you'll find that Portland, Oregon is another model state by the UN. You see, they have model states within the United States already. What that means is that the governing bodies of those big cities, the councils et cetera have been taking their orders from the United Nations for many, many years and they've created their little Soviet type systems, where you have street committees and all these different organizations. People think that's all quite normal now, that a committee has to come down and approve your house to be painted, even though you supposedly own it, ha-ha-ha. That's a big, big joke right there because no one owns their own homes. You can't own something and be forced out of it if you don’t pay property taxes. It's either one or the other, so which one is it in fact?


In Portland, Oregon this model city, they’re also going to pretend that they're going to put off a dirty bomb. In other words, a smoke bomb and this is the excuse they gave the public to see where the wind carries it and what kind of area it will cover. How on earth would they know which way the wind was blowing if the real thing happened? It's so farcical. It's meant just to condition the public, terrify them all into compliance. They're setting up decontamination tents as well. You go through this tent. Get registered and if they offer you free flu shots and you do all you're told to do, you get a free M&M because M&M is pretending they are little pills they're going to give you. You get candies like they give to children and you can even apply in lottos to win different things. That's what they're using, marketing techniques to get the public to go along. That shows you how well we're all trained in our lives through television and media, through gaming and all the rest of it. All this stuff that used to be run by the mafia is generally run by the government, so have you notice that?


Here in Canada when Bob Rae was in Ontario, he actually brought up the Chicago bosses of the big casinos in the states. It was in the Toronto Sun, and The Star and different newspapers. He was having meetings with mafia bosses. Bob Rae was the premiere (that's like the governor) of Ontario and he wanted to find out how to set-up the big casinos so they wouldn't get looted by corrupt employees. So they're in bed together you see. The real mafia is government. That's what it consists of. It's totally, completely corrupt and it's not just become corrupt. It's just that it's blatantly corrupt. In the old days they put out a little bit of a show on and pretended, better pretense, but today they don't even bother and the general public don't bother because unfortunately again through the society that's been given to us, a psychopathic type culture, dog-eat-dog, who cares about your neighbor, then we tolerate more corruption at the top.


Unfortunately there's something in humanity that's never mentioned, and that is the fact that most people worship extremely wealthy. That's the name of the game in the psychopathic system is wealth, incredible wealth. People within the U.S. Senate and Congress have got up there through corrupt means. The Kennedy's were well known for it, amongst others. The Bronfman's and so on running the old whiskey scams. The whiskey trade and cocaine trade back in the Great Depression days when they had prohibition. That's how they made their fortunes. Old Joseph Kennedy used to go over because he became a great friend of the Queen and he'd live in Buckingham Palace when he was over there with his wife.


I mean they're all in bed together at the top – the legal system and the illegal system; the over world, the under world. That's how it's always been run and if you want to know how old this system is, go back into the histories of Egypt for instance and whenever you see the same symptoms, you'll see the same disease. The symptoms are incredible, incredible wealth for a few who live in incredible luxury surrounded by massive poverty; massive poverty and homelessness. You'll see prostitution everywhere. There are drug scams everywhere and anything goes, same old symptoms.


I think we have a caller from Nevada. Are you there?


Larry:  Yes. Hello Alan. This is Larry.


Alan:  How are you Larry?


Larry:  Good. I'd like to ask you what you think really happened in two events, quite big events in the U.S. back in the previous century. One of them is Amelia Earhart trip around the world where she supposedly disappeared and the other is the Lindberg kidnapping. I would like to know what you think really happened with these two events and really what was the significance of them?


Alan:  The first one is up for grabs. You could speculate forever. The second one, there was a lot of dealing at that particular period with the U.S. and Germany as Germany came to the fore, there were lots of people within the Western world supported Hitler. In fact, Hitler was Time-Life Man of the Year twice in the 1930’s. Everybody was for him, including all the aristocracy of the western countries.  I think he said a few things maybe he was blamed for and then he was given a form of blackmail that simply ended in disaster, so we'll never get to the bottom of it. You’re as well as talking about Kennedy too. Until the perpetrators come out and tell us the absolute truth, all we're left with is incredible suspicion because the facts don't measure up.


Larry:  Yes, those stories there's lots of holes in both of them


Alan:  I don't even bother chasing the mysteries because that what they're put out there for the public too, to keep you intrigued forever; and when you're intrigued in the past, you're not looking towards what's happening today or the future. All you can handle and all you can do is change the future. The past is gone.


Larry:  That's true.


Alan:  There are so many authors put out there on purpose to intrigue you back into the past or way back into Atlantis. The only data you have on Atlantis came from Plato from his great, great uncle, Solon; and beyond that, there's nothing else. The rest of it is speculation. A lot of stuff poured out by the high Masonic clubs back in the 1800’s has simply been rehashed a hundred times by new authors. The only data we have on things like that is very sparse indeed and a few histories left by various Greek historians. All we know of Atlantis is they went to war with the different countries and eventually the Spartans actually held them off and during that battle their home island went down. Many people think it was actually in the Aegean Sea where Thira and a few other islands around the rim of what once was a huge volcano; they still survive. We do know from the frescos on the walls, the hand paintings in every little room, these people were very, very wealthy. They left records of all their shipping. They were the great merchants of the world; but as far as high tech and all that went, there is no sign of it anywhere. It's purely speculation.


Larry:  It's funny how people seem to put more credibility in what do you want to call it; people like Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus.


Alan:  Nostradamus was the Grand Master of the Lodge in France at the time and under him was Lord Montgomery from Scotland. It's quite easy to set-up the whole scenario there because those knights practiced every day from childhood and they could literally put a lance – they could knock a plum off a stick on the gallop and so it's quite easy to get someone's eye taken out and have Nostradamus predict in advance, especially when it was his second in command who did it and that was Montgomery from Scotland. The Montgomery's of course along with the Sinclair's were the heads of the remnants of the Knights Templar. It was part of the old revenue strategy, but there was nothing magical about it and even the name Nostradamus is an occultic play on words as well.


Larry:  Yes. It seems that people seem to gravitate more towards – people are more interested in going to a psychic than to actually get facts from source.


Alan:  It’s the same with Cayce. Edgar Cayce's grandfather, this is admitted too and published – his grandfather was one of the High Masons in the U.S. at the time and even Cayce admitted himself that everything he knew was taught to him by his grandfather that spent most of his youth with him.


Larry:  That's interesting.


Alan:  We've got to stop being fooled by the con men here and they put them out all the time. You see, the public are so fascinated by stuff they can never prove.


Larry:  Yes exactly.


Alan:  So you're back into belief systems. They give you belief systems.


Larry:  We're back into paganism. We have all this ability to increase our intelligence yet we seem to gravitate towards--


Alan:  What people want too – in all ages what they want is a guarantee of the future, like an insurance policy. They want to be told for them personally it's going to turn out well. Everything is going to be hunky-dory and don't worry you'll get married to a tall, dark, handsome stranger and you'll be very rich and all that kind of stuff. What they want is a prediction of good fortune for the future.


Larry:  And they don't care what. Look at Jean Dixon. She made a living out of making one correct prediction and it doesn't matter how many times she's wrong, people still gravitate toward – did gravitate toward her just because of her prediction with the assassination.


Alan:  Yes. You'll find too there's another one out there that's got a lot of followers amongst married women, women in their 50’s and she also has made false predictions. She was sued recently, this particular one, not Dixon though. She was sued for telling a couple that their daughter was killed and murdered and she was paid for it and then they found out a while later the girl was still alive somewhere. You know people love this kind of stuff and that's why they always generally pick the ancient past and so on, because you could never ever prove your theories. It's wide open to speculation. It's a universe of speculation and these characters the charlatans know how to take the public for a ride.


Larry:  Thank you for your input and just before we part here, I live in Las Vegas and the last couple of years I noticed they've really been spraying heavy, but this year I notice there seems to be an absence of it. I have no idea why.


Alan:  If you get up in the morning you might see them do it. See, a lot of the places now where it's been more noticed, because they do take the pulse of the public when there's a lot of complaints going on, they start spraying towards the morning off outside the city and the wind blows it over. You'll find that's been happening an awful lot recently. I see it at night sometimes. You'll see them going under the moon and criss-crossing away and they use the prevailing winds to bring it over.


Larry:  So people seem to think that there's absence of it when you're just change the time schedule?


Alan:  That's right, yes.


Larry:  Well thank you Alan.


Alan:  It's a pleasure. Now I think Jeff is still on the line. Hello Jeff, are you there?


Jeff:  Alan.


Alan:  Yes.


Jeff:  Hi. How you doing? I got disconnected before but I didn't get to my question – the main question I wanted to ask you was you had mentioned before about the gentleman that was the father of the inoculations with the polio vaccines with the cancer viruses inside. My question to you is like you've said before. A lot of what you read, they spin you off into a completely different direction and I know there's a cure for this stuff. Is there a book back that you've come across – early books that actually made some sense on this cancer virus that you know of, because the last I've read was something about Raymond Rife and the guy, his discoveries on electrodes.


Alan:  I know all about that. They still sell these machines today but I've yet to meet anyone that's ever been cured of anything by one of these machines and they're very expensive. The machines they're selling are nothing like the ones that Rife used. He used a tube which flashed a light very similar to an x-ray. The one they're selling today are simply little electrodes attached to the skin.


Jeff:  Right. So basically the only people that get these treatments are the elite?


Alan:  There are real cures for things but the public will never have access to them. Back in '95 I think it was, the politicians of every western country signed orders in council really, agreed to put bills through to give themselves particular preferential treatment, themselves and their families, mind you, all politicians and higher bureaucrats, special treatment in high quality military hospitals. It was never explained to the public why they should have a different set up for them, but, yes, they do get inoculations that really do work. They don't get the stuff that kills us off that we get.


Jeff:  My mother's got it and I took her a couple of times for her treatment and it's amazing the amount of people that have cancer. I mean the people are really dropping like flies Alan.


Alan:  Yes. If you go into the cancer statistics – you ought to go into it. 30 years ago, doctors were being trained that cancers were maybe 1 in 10,000. Today, they're actually coming out and believing it's 1 in 2 and they think it's normal, so they don't know their histories, those young doctors. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix for the last couple of minutes. I'd ask some of the callers to try and keep their questions short and not sort of hog the line because other callers try to get in.


Just to end tonight, I'd like people to try and check in and see if you can get into CBC archives. That's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation archives and look up bacteriophages because bacteriophages were used for antibiotics in place of antibiotics all throughout the Soviet era from 1917 on down, brought to the Soviet Union from a doctor from Canada who left in 1917 to help the revolution and he just knew the formula, which meant this is an old formula. They have been breeding bacterium and viruses which could literally destroy other viruses and bacterium and the CBC did a documentary special. Showed you laboratories and all you need to do was inhale a little puff from an inhaler and you were cured of pneumonia before the day was out and we never heard a peep of that all throughout the Cold War.


We're still on antibiotics today and we're slaves to the pharmaceutical companies, who are always complaining that they just can't keep up with this evolution in bacterium. It just shows you there are many, many cures out there that actually work and they kept that quiet from the entire western world. The western world knew about it but they didn't tell the public there's another way to do this. Very cheap too and extremely effective and the viruses that they'd set up to eat the bacterium literally were timed out. They could program them to only be in your system for a day or two days, and once they'd eaten up their targets they died off. Very effective and yet not a peep.


Now a company from Alberta bought that up for a company in New York. They said it would be shortly available to the public, but we'll never ever see that come on the market for the public because it actually works. These are cures you see. The cures are kept from the public and Charles Galton Darwin's biggest beef was: we can’t help the public and eradicate diseases and get their population down at the same time. Now think about that. Why should they help you? The whole idea is to depopulate. They're not out there to help you and these health services have become authorities, because whatever they're going to give you in the near future is going to be to your detriment. I can guarantee you that because you must use something the people have been taught to believe in to ultimately do you in. That's what it's all about.


Now for those who listen to my show, remember I don't get paid for any of my shows. Never have, so I'm brought to you by you and I rely upon your donations, so look into the website if you want to help out and send something off to me, and I'll come out with more and more information as time goes on. I try to stay on the relevant stuff. Yes, I could talk forever on the mysteries, et cetera, et cetera and symbolism and the many, many meanings of some of the different degrees all the way up the ladder, 360, but let's stick on the basic facts right now.


From Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)