Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#290)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 2, 2009:

Coming True, To Live, Justify Your Value:

"Socialism Loves Posters of People, Strong, Healthy,
It's the Eugenicists' Agenda, Designed by the Wealthy,
Upon Hearing Propaganda, Bear it in Mind,
This Elite has No Affinity with 'the Lesser Kind,'
Good Animal Husbandry has No Excess Stock,
Bioethics and Economists Together Talk
Of Coming Service System, Where You will Give
More than Consume, If Authorized to Live,
Welcome to World of P.C. Dystopia,
Which Those Far Evolved Call Their Utopia"
© Alan Watt April 2, 2009

Thursday 2nd April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 2, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 2nd of April 2009. 

For newcomers, look into where you can download lots of talks I've given in the past, where I try to piece the big picture together for people, because there's so much data, so much data and history to understand, before you can really come to what's really happening today. You must understand the past, especially the last hundred-odd years, to do with the big movements that were formed towards Globalism and what it really means and who's behind it and what type of Globalism, what kind of society, who are the planners, who are the big Foundations, where did they get the financing from and so on. It's the only way you can make sense of what's happening today. So, I try to lay it out for people, through reading from publications put out by the big boys themselves, they do tell us where they're taking the world and what their plans are for us too, along the way. 

Also, look into for transcripts of these talks, which you can download for print up and they're written in the various languages of Europe.  

Those who listen to me regularly, know that I have material to sell on the website , those that don't have it should get it, it will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes, because there's much more to it than just history itself. There are many sciences involved, including the science of language itself.  

You can also donate on website and that will just about, almost, maybe, keep me ticking over here. Now many people also get discs burned, past around to them and they don't know who to contact, to buy the books or how to donate. Now you can send PayPal or you can also do a personal cheque from the US and Canada and its quite acceptable in Canada [listed above].

And that should get to me as well and the paper mail is not as bad as they make out, it gets here generally, for letters that is, in about 5 to 6 days, maximum, sometimes 3.  

Yesterday I mentioned a movie people should watch on the internet, it's called the Soviet Story, something that's been suppressed by the Western media, they don't want to talk about it, at the request of the President of the ex Soviet Union, because they don't want this story coming out. It's one of the few stories with witnesses, eyewitnesses, by people who lived through the Soviet regime and the mass slaughters that went on all through it, touching on some of the slaughters, but not all of them. And the reason they're not really wanting people to know about this in the West, is you see the system that the elitists chose for us, to go into for this New World Order system is Socialist, a Socialist system; and right off the bat, you'll hear a professor talking about Socialism and that there's a science to it, it's a theory, based on Marxism, when they take over a new country or whatever, they always annihilate at least 30% of the population, under the guise of restructuring. That's what they're calling it: the restructuring of society and we've got to remember, there's many of ways of annihilating 30% or more of the population, using the sciences of today, and especially with a trusting population. 

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=== BREAK === 

Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. Talking about the film The Soviet Story, it's up on Google, I think you can also buy it as well; and it's well worth it because it's something we should really understand, really get to understand, the whole idea, the concept of Socialism, which was funded into existence by the big rich boys of the Western world, it goes under different names: Collectivism, Communism, many ‘isms’ but it's all the same system. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. So much so that Goebbels, in his early days as a propaganda minister for the Nazi party, likened (and you'll see the posters on that video), he likened Adolf Hitler to Lenin, in their policies. Then you see them making the Stalin-Hitler pact, prior to World War II, where they were great buddies with each other, because their systems were so similar; and Hitler did go into action, following the same scientific-socialist agenda of depopulation of, what they called, inferior races, as the Soviet Union had already been doing. You see, it's all based on this odd religion, really, of Marx, Karl Marx, who was brought over to London, to write his book, and kept in wealth and luxury, while he did it. He was really a hack journalist that had been kicked out of other countries, including Germany, but he was a member of the World Revolutionary Party, that, somehow, found refuge in London. London gave them free range and gave them big auditoriums in which to speak, without any problems whatsoever; why? Because London and the bankers financed it; it was the best way to control society, through masses of bureaucracies, layer upon layer upon layer of bureaucracy, until they would have a society, their perfect utopia, where you couldn't move, or even be born, without permission and you had to have a function to fulfil.  They tied into it the whole Darwinist theory; you see: this was really a religion that was on the go long before Karl Marx came along, or even Charles Darwin. After all, Charles Darwin's grandfather wrote a book, much of which Charles copied from, to get his ideas on the hereditary superiority of certain types. And they should know, after all, the Darwins had been breeding for generations with one other family only, the Wedgwoods, and they were only one part of that. Many of today's Prime Ministers and top politicians were descended from that, the offspring of the Darwins and the Wedgwoods, including the Benn family, Tony Benn, who was a life-long politician, as was his father before him, in Britain; they're actually Lords, I believe. 

These special breeding programmes were on the go for a long time; and these boys helped fund and found the Fabian Society. You'll hear George Bernard Shaw, on that film, saying:

People will come to us and have to ask us to validate why they should live; after all, if they're not producing and they're just consuming, what use are they to society, to our society?

This is the same George Bernard Shaw that wrote Man and Superman and many other books, to do with superior types and inferior types etc. And the Fabian Society's own stained glass window had the founders painted into it, hammering the world on an anvil, into its proper shape, the way it should be designed, by them, you see.

And the Astor family, again, a strange, mysterious family that came down through the ages, it just jumped over to the US, made a fortune in no time, went over to Britain, as multi-multi millionaires, and funded amongst many other Foundations, the Fabian Society; old-old plan, you see.

Going back to Karl Marx: Karl Marx really drew up the same list of types who should be allowed to live and who should die, according to his theories of evolution, so much so, he loved Darwin so much so, he tried to get dedicate his 4th reprint of The Communist Manifesto to Charles Darwin because it gave him validity for his theories; and he said that the superior must not be dragged down by the inferior. Under this whole idea of perpetual revolution, or thesis, antitheses and synthesis, ongoing change, change, change, directed - of course - by those at the top, the intelligentsia, they believed that certain peoples were too primitive and could not be brought up to scratch fast enough and he listed them. Karl Marx listed them, those peoples, who were maybe two steps behind, they hadn't jumped into Capitalism and economics and factories and all that kind of stuff - they were not good producers, under their economic system - and, after all, the banks were funding Karl Marx, you see. He put up a list, the same list that, later, HG Wells drew upon, being a member of the Fabian Society himself, a propagandist for the elite, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Yes, I said "Royal", that's a very important part of it, Council on Foreign Relations, the same outfit; and it was the same list that Adolf Hitler eventually drew up as well.

They all borrowed from each other, you see; but so had the Soviets, so much so, the Soviets eventually had decided, long before they took power, who would go and the Ukrainians were part of that. They tended to make their own food, they grew their own food; they bartered, they didn't really need money, they lived like peasants you see; they didn't bother with education, they didn't need it, they knew all they needed to know to survive and you can't have that in an interdependent world, people who know how to survive. You must make them interdependent, you see, meaning: totally dependent on the State. Therefore, they decided to take all of their grains, which they did, using the military. Militaries are wonderful things, as we cheer them on, never thinking they're always turned on the people; that's the history of the world. They stole all their grain and left the people to starve and you see lots of little clips in that movie. You'll also see Mr. Gorbachev there too, standing up with all the other favourites, like Khrushchev etc, who knew what was going on in their murderous system. Gorbachev now is the darling of the media, as he travels from country to country, preaching International Socialism; he gets write ups in the top magazines, the top newspapers and it's all for the greenable / sustainable development system, which, of course, Mr. Rockefeller et al are all into too, what a coincidence.

The general public have no idea what Socialism is, they think it's a far left radical party, or something. The guy at the very bottom, who reads the rags, the little tabloid rags, thinks it's for the workers. You have to read the books put out by the Fabian Society, to realise what the agenda is, because it isn't for you at the bottom, it never was intended for you at the bottom. It was a way to control you at the bottom, by having so many layers of bureaucracy and permits and licenses etc, that you would be obedient to the State, who would run you in a scientific fashion, after they got rid of all the old religions, or superstitions, as they called it. And the Huxleys were all part of this too, the interbred Huxleys that also go back to the Darwin family. They're all connected, at the top, you see; and there's much out today about the royal family of Britain and their Nazi connections, well documented, The Times had articles out on it a few years back and Prince Philip who's talking about oh, there's just too many people, preaching the old Nazi philosophy, he had his brothers and relatives in Nazi Party, with their own uniforms personally presented to them by Adolph Hitler. The people never catch on. You see, Hitler took the blame for all of it, while they kept the facade up that somehow the great experiment in Russia was different and cleaner and it was for the workers and it would be a workers' paradise and they're still using that model today, for the whole planet.  

Under the GATT Treaty, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the elite of the Western World, who are all basically Nazis, along with the bankers, who are also Nazis. You could be a Nazi from any ethnic group you know, that's again another myth that you have to belong to a particular type. They all got together and decided to make China, build China up to be the manufacturer or the planet. Now, they were not dumb-dumbs, they had many think-tanks and said what will be outcomes of this? Well, across the Western world, there will be no employment for people who worked in those factories and they can never really be upgraded and so they would be bypassed, left to wither on the unemployment, or the dole, as they call it, give them endless retraining for jobs that will disappear. They'll pass off and die anyway and they'll concentrate on bringing up the youth, just like the Soviets did, just like the Germans did in the Nazi era.

Today, we watch it going on, as they indoctrinate the youth, we've watched Obama pass his Bills there, to do with giving political indoctrination, indoctrination. Ideology is indoctrination you see, into the minds of the young children, who then will be unrecognisable to previous generations, because they will be fanatics and they will see the older people as obsolete, wasteful, destructive people; that's what they're being taught. And who's at the top of all this? Connect them all together, they're all in the same club, a myriad of Foundations and NGOs and all these Foundations also pump lots of money into world depopulation. They call it "Family Planning" and "Health regimes" - health regimes, to them that's like fumigation: the more abortions they have, the less ‘weeds’ there are to grow. That's what Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, called them - weeds. She loved Adolf Hitler and said so, she loved his polities on racial hygiene, now she’s a heroine. 

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=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the wonderful science of Socialism, something that's so camouflaged under many different names and guises. As I say, most folk think it's a far left wing and other ones think it's some sort of semi-Fascist / Nazi type thing. It's one science that it originated from Karl Marx, who worked on behalf of the biggest bankers on the planet. After all, if you were in the business of banking, it was to do with economics and we are all economic units, the people you see, we produce everything, as Marx himself said. And there's just too many people, it's like a herd, a farmer's herd, good husbandry means you've got to cull back the herd, that's how simple it is, to them, especially those who can't catch up, or have old ideas that they won't let go of. It could be religious, it could be their whole social culture that is just too strong, therefore they have to be eliminated, or they bring down those at the top. This was reiterated by Charles Galton Darwin in his book The Next Million Years, written in the 1950s, on behalf of the elite of Britain and elsewhere, where he said that, he said:  

We, being the superior type will be out-bred by the inferiors, so we have to do something about it.  

Then he gave a whole bunch of suggestions, which immediately went into Acts; and they're actually using them, they're actually using them. They don't play around at the top. 

When Gulf War I ended, we found out that people were dying off with Gulf War Syndrome, this strange wispy thing, the CBC did documentaries on it, talked to tank commanders, guys who went back into the fields after battle and collected these wrecks, they said they were covered with a white powder, from the depleted uranium and they all got sick and many of them died of cancers. Of course, we have the top military always denying that it has any affect on you, you could probably drink the stuff and eat it and you'd be quite healthy, blah, blah, blah, as their propagandists say. This ties right in with Socialism, because these areas they're going into are right on the list of those peoples who will not catch up or give up their old way of life and come into the modern, therefore they must be eliminated. There's many ways to eliminate people, you see. The old way was messy: mass graves that can be dug up and you know it's bad for the image, bad for the image. Therefore there's ways: inoculations are great, the first boys in there of course are from the United Nations World Health Organisation, to get the children inoculated, to make sure there's no disease. However, there's the other fact of it too, going back to the April the 30th, now remember, it started with Gulf War I in that area, but here's Afghanistan, April the 30th 2008; and this is from the BBC 

Afghan 'health link' to uranium  

By Dawood Azami, One Planet, 

They love ‘one planet’ now. 

BBC News [World Service] 

Doctors in Afghanistan say rates of some health problems affecting children have doubled in the last two years.  

That's doubled, right? 

Some scientists say the rise is linked to use of weapons containing depleted uranium (DU) by the US-led coalition that invaded the country in 2001. A Canadian research group found very high levels of uranium in Afghans during tests just after the invasion.

A US forces spokesman denied its weapons were affecting the health of Afghans or the country's environment. But claims made in the BBC World Service One Planet programme suggest the invasion may have left an unwelcome legacy for the country's environment and the health of its people.  

Doctors in Kabul and Kandahar showed data indicating that the incidence of a number of health conditions, including birth defects, has doubled in under two years. "We have premature births 

That's standard with this stuff 

and malformations,"  

They come out with very short arms and stuff, or they're all misshapen 

said one doctor, who wished to remain anonymous, in one of the main maternity and neo-natal hospitals in the country. "Malformations include neural tube defects 

That's for your brain 

and malformation of limbs; for example, the head is smaller than normal, or the head is larger than normal, or there is a big mass 

Like a tumour. 

on the back of the baby. "We don't know what is the cause of these malformations."  

Blah, blah, blah - except for this link with Uranium and they have it in their urine. So, the evidence is all there, but they'll still pooh-pooh it. Once again, this is the people who’ve given the authorities, especially the invading authorities trouble for a couple of hundred years. Britain was in there, a long time ago, to get the opium you see. And the wars are on-going and then we tie that in with an article from Global Research, March 27th 2009: 

Fallout of Serbia Bombing 'Continues to Kill' 

Ten years after the NATO bombing of Serbia, concern is rising over a rise in the number of reported cases of cancer. Some 15 tons of ammunition fortified with depleted uranium was dropped by way of more than 50,000 bombs and missiles in the 11 weeks of bombing of Serbia in 1999. The targets of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bombing were 116 locations, mostly in southern part of Serbia and the Kosovo region.  

Depleted uranium (DU) is placed at the tip of bombs for piercing the armor of tanks and heavy military vehicles. Although weakened in the production process, the uranium remains highly toxic. Experts disagree on the impact of depleted uranium on health. Some say that the aerosol produced on impact and combustion of DU ammunition can cause cancer and affect the kidneys, brain, liver, and heart. But some studies have found no significant impact on health or the environment.  

Well, of course, the one that says there's no impact is from the military. As I say, there's many ways that scientific socialism can get rid of those on the list; and once they're through, they'll keep moving their sights, their gun sights will move to the next list and you all think you're safe right now. 

Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, discussing the big picture of, it's not even creeping Socialism now, it's out in the open, as we have authority after authority, many of them from government, they're always working with many-many think-tanks that are privately owned. The think-tanks being funded by the Foundations that are also privately-owned, by the big bankers, who keep telling us we need more and more governments of all kinds and regulations of all kinds, to do with this interdependent world of theirs that they're bringing in, that's already here in fact, and will continue to do so, it will be really here if we do nothing about it. Really, they know they have no real organised opposition; there are many little groups that are at the grass roots levels, who are all fighting for different things, there's no cohesion amongst them. Even the ones who are young and fighting for the wrongs to be righted for the banking side of things, are coupling it all with sustainability and the greening agenda, which is exactly what they want to hear at the top, to bring in the new money system, coupled with sustainability. It's so well organised at the top.  

Meanwhile, we're watching people getting locked up all over the place, for various things; and I've talked about John Anthony Hill before, who made the movie, or the DVD, that's up on websites all over the place, "7-7 Ripple Effect". He was arrested, after a manhunt, supposedly, and they traced him down to Ireland; and I've talked about his case before, and he was getting tried today, in Dublin, for sending out DVDs, with no letter attached, about 7-7 Ripple Effect, about the bombings themselves. He sent them to a trial, another trial, to do with, supposedly, friends, suspected friends of the suspected bombers. And because of that, he's now in prison. Here's from Wiseup Journal, from today, it says: 

Extradition judgement of the information mailer * 

Would the world be a safer place if people who mail public information are behind bars?

Today at the four courts in Dublin, 11am - court 11, the Judge ruled on whether or not to extradite John Anthony Hill to the UK

Now if he gets sent to the UK, he's going to be tried at the anti-terrorism court at Westminster. 

John mailed a publicly available DVD, with no letter attached, to a court in the UK during a trial of three men. The DVD had nothing to do with those three men; it contains information from the BBC, ITV, the New York Times and other such established main stream news entities about four different men. During John’s trial in Ireland, March 19th, 

That was the first one. 

the judge said in his closing statement that he would watch the DVD before making a decision. Today we found out that the judge failed to uphold that promise/commitment made in court when he told the court he had not looked at that evidence. 

There's a reason for this you see. 

The Judge ruled against John, 60 years old, who was then put in to handcuffs and lead away by the police to a prison. The Judge said a number of people from all over the world mailed him 

The judge. 

envelopes with DVDs, he also said he did not open the envelops.  

The judge said the European Arrest Warrant Act does not give him permission to not surrender  

I like how they've worded it: "does not give him permission to not surrender" 

John under the grounds of freedom of expression, religious reasons or if it was a violation of the Irish constitution. After the judgement, in the public corridors of the four courts, John’s barrister 

That's like a lawyer. 

said that the European Arrest Warrant Act states he cannot be surrendered if he will be treated unfairly in the UK as a result of his political opinion, which they feel he won’t. But if you read the key article 37 of the European Arrest Warrant Act 

Which is here on the site, below, and I'll put the link on my site at the end of the show. 

from the Irish Statute Book you can clearly see what it really says. It talks about the warrant being invalid at the issuing point, it does not talk about being treated unfairly if extradited to the issuing state (UK). It says “a person shall not be surrendered” if the warrant is “issued” due to “political opinion“. It is even more open than that because it states that if “there are reasonable grounds for believing that” it was issued “for reason connected with his or her” “political opinion” or “religion” then the warrant is invalid and John does not have to be surrendered. 

But who's following the law? They don't have to anymore, they are the law, since 2001, as the world has been told over and over, in many-many ways; and that's the reality of life today: they are the law. Everything changed, and that was stated by one of the top boys, on US news, right after 9/11, they said that the world will never be the same again; why? Because he saw all the stuff that was going to get given to the public, with anti-terrorism Bills and laws and they also knew it was just the kick off to what they called the New World Order, which is international socialism, with scientific socialism strung all through it, to make sure everything works the way it's planned. And they do know human nature and they do feel they've got it all sewn up. The bulk of the population, in all eras, goes along with tyranny, no matter how bad it gets and they know this too, they know this too. 

Now, we'll go to the phone lines now and we'll go to Anthony. Hello? 

Hello Alan.  

Alan: Yes, who's this? 

Anthony: This is Anthony from North Carolina. 

Alan: How are you doing? 

Anthony: Good, I wanted to speak, and there's multiple subjects, but you had talked about how the chemicals that we're exposed to in the water and stuff creates almost androgynous beings and I had seen a video from Fritz Springmeier that was old and they said the New World Order wanted to create an androgynous being. If you look at how the reptiles are, or the amphibians, excuse me, you kind of see the same thing coming out now. Can you speak on that?

Alan: Well, they've known since the 1800s that you can alter the chemical makeup / the biological makeup of man or woman, by adding certain chemicals. The Bisphenol A, which they had already discovered in the 1880s and 1890s, was well understood that this mimicked a female hormone. If you look into the big boys and the Darwinist movement, they were chopping up fish and snakes and eels etc and many of them were writing professional papers on all this stuff. They talked about adding this to the different environments of those particular reptiles and they watched the difference happening there. They also knew it would happen to the mammals as well, they tried it on mammals; so they were well aware of what to do to, basically, effeminise the male. And it has the opposite effect on the female, this artificial oestrogen: it makes them more masculine, in many ways. Therefore, that's why Carl Jung, for instance, in the 1950s, talked about the noticeable effect, especially in the Western world, with the processed foods and that's really where they were adding it at first, it was all processed and pop and so on. He said that he noticed that the women were emulating the men: they walked like the men, they'd sometimes look like the men and they had male-ish mannerisms and now it's world wide those phenomena, because it's been used world-wide. Now, traditionally, again, in the Marxist doctrine, it was always in history in fact, it was always the men who would stand up to defend their own territory and so on and their families or their tribe or their clan; and therefore men were always the problem to this big agenda. Therefore, if you effeminised the males, their testosterone just isn't there and that's what they're finding, of course, in the studies. They've known this for the last 50 years, according to the CBC; they did the documentary The Disappearing Male. Basically, it's a warfare programme, when you look at it from the right angle, this is a real warfare programme, it's a must-be, by those who own the world, financially and it's working. We're seeing men born today with incredibly low counts of testosterone; how come the same chemicals, the same artificial oestrogens are inside their pop cans, it's in the pop itself, it's used to wash out baby jars, for baby food. We also know it's in the make-ups of most popular make-ups, for women; it goes into the skin, it's absorbed and then it affects the male in the womb, from the age of 8 weeks to 12 weeks, the vital part for his masculinity to be developed in fact. This is all perfectly-well understood, after survey after survey and yet it's been shoved to the side, just like it's not important. Well, it's not important, it's not an emergency because it's planned that way, simple as that.  

Anthony: Well, this genetic engineering that's been going on for 

Alan: Sure it is. 

Anthony: probably the past few generations, but you can see it today and I think that they want to do that to make sure that there's no sort of, any kind of, revolution. And then they put in a false revolution there, of people that are making riots at the G20 that are paid anarchists, or whatever they want to call them and they're not really even addressing the issues, they're just people who are just going berserk to destroy things and then what that is doing is that is making middle class say 'well, we don't want to participate in this, because these people really don't stand for anything'. 

Alan: It also makes it appear to the general public that sit at home and watch TV, it makes it appear that anyone who is complaining at all in a massive group must be anarchists. That's really the message there. 

Anthony: That's right because anarchist is really an undefined term. 

Alan: A true anarchist is someone who believes they have the right to govern themselves. They don't even understand their own philosophy today. 

Anthony: Well, exactly but they used to use the term "anarchist" in World War I who killed Franz Ferdinand. And they have used that term and that puts the general masses away, because people generally believe in something; and that kind of disarms them and they're like 'we're not going to protest' and it kind of gives a chilling effect for people who have a real complaint and it makes people who say that they're anti-capitalist with the climate change people and they're trying to stir the wars, I think. 

Alan: Absolutely and even then, they misapply the term anarchist with the Archduke Ferdinand, because the man who killed him was actually a member of the Milner Group of students, he was a Young Turk, they called them, he was there studying. Remember the Young Turks, the Young Italians, the Young French, these were all revolutionary groups, funded and paid for by the Milner Group to bring in this world society; but the press actually called him an anarchist, although he was well-trained for his particular position. What you're seeing today is exactly right, it's meant to smear everybody who isn't for greening and sustainability as being some sort of crazy wacko anarchist that just doesn't know what they want. 

Anthony: And I want to make one more / last comment: I work, but I go to school as well and in our college they have changed the term from ‘green’, which you hear about from environmentalists, to ‘sustainability’. And that's been kind of almost a political correct term, because this has changed over the past few months, 

Alan: Yes, this is Psycho-Linguistics and what it does, you see, when it's "green" "green" "green" no one's really complaining or thinking at all; and 'green is good' etc. But "sustainability", they've moved onto the next, you see, we get taught in increments, we get upgraded, like computers, in increments, we accept one part and the fines and all the rest of it, to do with the greening and polluting and the next part is sustainability, now they're talking about the human population and the numbers of humanity. This is the next step that they couple it to, it transforms you see, under Psycho-linguistics, you start off with something pretty innocent-sounding and once the public accept it, you upgrade them to the next part, then you add on a whole bunch of new rules and a new direction. Well, the direction now is the culling off of the population; that's what they mean by it. 

Anthony: Well, thank you for your insight Alan, I appreciate it. 

Alan: Thanks for calling. As I say it's amazing to watch Gorbachev being led across the world, the darling of the media and you have to look into The Soviet Story, as I say, I'll put the link up again tonight. You'll see the guy speaking in Russia, with all the other big henchmen there. They'll show you the torture chambers down below and the drains in the floor, where they mashed all the blood down and washed it away, you know, that's how you do things, you wash it away and that's why red is their colour, they love it, that's their sacred colour, along with green. Green is the other sacred colour of International Socialism, for those who don't know that; now they do.  

Alan: Now, Aran, from Pennsylvania, are you there Aran? 

Aran: Yes, hi Alan. How are you doing tonight? 

Alan: I'm hanging in, as always! 

Aran: Good, I've got two quick questions for you: first of all, I have a friend who's a pilot and I was talking to him last week about Chemtrails and he pretty much denied it and he was saying that they were contrails. Now, do all these pilots know about the Chemtrails?  

Alan: I don't think we should expect the pilots to be any brighter than the average person, that's the problem. Now, there are pilots I've talked to, who do see them; and aircrew as well, they're on big passenger planes, they see them all the time. I've also talked to people in the aviation areas and the radar departments who have told me that they're not supposed to talk about it; they all know it but they're not supposed to talk, they're been told not to talk about it to the public. Again, you have the people who accept their environment as it is, if they're not told by the media, or their superiors, then they won't see anything that's there. I mean, if the sky went purple, most folk would ignore it today, I'm not kidding; because, the media doesn't tell them. If the media tells them what to think about, worry about, they will; but if the media doesn't mention the topic at all, their mind will literally dismiss it as unimportant, because they've come to believe the media is there to do their reasoning for them, that's true what Brzezinski said. 

Aran: Right, ok; and one last question: I'm looking to buy your Cutting Through 1, 2 and 3 books. Now, what CDs compliment those books? Is it the ancient religions / history CDs?  

Alan: You can get that or you can also get Waiting for the Miracle book which I have as well, which is much easier to go through, I guess, if you're reading and there's a lot more in those books as well, where you can check up the past and how these sciences have always been understood. Even in ancient times, they knew how to create languages for people, because we think in words. If you are the creators of a language, you can then string certain words together; it appears logical to the person who receives it and you've actually programmed them. That's what language is, just like a computer, you see. Technically, if you have a computer programmer who is on the building of the computer and you ask him a question for the computer, he should be able to tell you, knowing the logic of the computer, and the language of it, what conclusion the computer must arrive at. We are exactly the same as the computer in that department; so the way they string words together is actually a way of controlling the public and making sure that we arrive at the correct, authorised, conclusions. 

Aran:  Well, I hear the music coming in, thanks a lot Alan. 

Alan: Thank you, I'll be back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix. That last caller was talking about language etc and you just go through history and find out when the major languages really took a big change in the Middle Ages, all at the same time across Europe. Then you have little vague statements made by Bacon, Dee, guys like that at Queen Elizabeth the 1st court, talking about creating the international language of the future, to be called English. Of course, in their day, and before them, they were talking a kind of Chaucer type English, a Germanic tongue really. And how did they get new languages into vogue? Well they came out with new bibles and they also came out with guys like Shakespeare or the team, I should call it, of Shakespeare who just churned out all these plays and put them across the country and gradually, over time, that became the English language. He's credited, in mainstream dictionaries, as having pretty well given us about 180,000 words, quite fascinating; and as they were giving King James bibles out to Britain, they were also upgrading Germanic languages in Germany; and French was altered too, the French-Canadians in Canada are often hard to understand if you've been trained in what you would call regular or classical modern European French.

Things are upgraded at the same time, across the board; and watching it now, we're going into linguistic minimalism, as they bring through the culture industry the state of the language down to its barest minimum, until, really, the time will come, like George Orwell said in "1984" the dictionary will get thinner and thinner until it's just like a little pamphlet and then they'll achieve success, because there'll be no danger of terrorism anymore, because no one will be able to convey a thought to anyone else, that's how they put it. You just need to listen to the music we've had, going down and down and down, over the years, until it's just completely minimalistic slang, that's all we've got, by design, because it's a war, all-out war.

Go into the history of Britain, because they were the first ones to come out with the idea of total war, which included, for the first time, and it was taught at Sandhurst and then was spread to Germany. Germany emulated it in fact, the guy who brought it to Germany for Hitler, studied at Sandhurst College. Total war included, for the first time, every person in the population; before that, armies fought armies generally, occasional plunder, pillage and rape, now they made fair game of everyone; they're all in it together. That's how it was done; and total war means also every method possible, to eliminate your target, or at least to conquer it, from psychological warfare to, again, depopulation. Depopulation is nothing new; transporting people from one country to another is ancient, ancient, read your Persian history. They use the same techniques over and over again: disease, famine, warfare, plagues, pestilence etc. Very popular and that's where all our tax money goes into, so that the elite can do it more effectively to us, as they achieve what they see as their wonderful utopia, when all primitive types are eliminated from society, in all countries, and they have their little smart population and the elite at the top, a technocratic bunch and technologists, to serve the elite; and a few labourers that will give them no trouble whatsoever; that's it. 

Well, I hear the music coming in; and from Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada: it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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