Alan Watt
"Cutting Through The Matrix" Live On RBN (#297)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 13, 2009:

Mandatory Servitude:

"Fabian Society Laid It Down,
Plan Unfolding Via P.M. Brown,
Declared with Pompous Certitude,
Coming World of Servitude,
Change-Agent Teachers with Psychology
To Indoctrinate Youth in Political Ideology,
Trust in Teachers' Honest Lip
To Give Collective Meaning to Citizenship,
For 'Positive Freedom' All Working Together,
Orwellian Nightmare Plus Electronic Tether,
Choiceless Future for Woman and Man,
Predetermined by Elitists' Master Plan,
Purpose is Over, We to Perish,
Farewell Dreams, Things Humans Cherish"
© Alan Watt April 13, 2009

Monday 13th April 2009

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 13, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 13th 2009. 

For newcomers: look into website, where you can download hundreds of previous talks I've given, where I try to give you the big picture and give you what's behind the scenes really, which runs the world. We know darn well that those we elect are just front people, so I go into the big Foundations, the big inter-networking organisations they belong to, to show you, really, that everything's working along the same path. It's a form of, not just predicting a future, these guys make the future happen; it's planned from the very top, a supra-government, if you will, a parallel government, as they call it themselves. 

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And we are on a roll. Today in Canada, well, out in Ontario where I am there's been a lot of snow melt, there's still some snow there, but there's lots of patches of ground showing through and the temperature went up to about 50°F during the day. Normally, at this time, the humidity is very high and it should be for temperature like that in the massive melts and yet it's showing basically only 30% humidity on the meters. Why is that? It's because we've had the spraying going on every darn day and the barium and the aluminium oxide take the moisture out of the atmosphere right to the very ground itself. Therefore, the only place where there's any moisture is right on the ground; and this has been standard now for quite a few years, with this daily spraying stuff, it’s world-wide, pretty-well. Governments won't talk about it, when they do, like the Canadian Government, they say that "It's a matter of national security". That's what the Member of Parliament for Sudbury was told, when she brought it up in Ottawa, in Parliament. It's not our place to know it, in other words: we're just peasants. However, it will have - and it is having - its physical effects on people as well; and there's many reports coming in, from scientific studies on the effects of barium and aluminium oxide etc, etc. That's why too: more and more people are being diagnosed in their 40s, and even 50s, with asthma, for the first time; that never happened before. You generally got it at the age of two, after your first inoculations.

They're on a roll you see, to depopulation, big time. I've gone over the history of the sterilisation agenda, which is under way, according to all the statistics, 85% sterile for males in the Western world and I'm going to go into more of this because there's a lot out there, after his break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just discussing that we're going through an agenda, a well-planned agenda, a very old one, where an elite in the 1800s, at least, long before it in fact, they'd always complained about too many peasants; but they formed organisations. The main one in Britain became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they created a sister one in the US called the Council on Foreign Relations, thinking that the US might object to the 'Royal' part you see. However, it's the same organisation and they also have, they're like a capstone of a pyramid, and they're chartered by the Royal Crown, not by the British Government. Many of their members are in government and bureaucracies, on both sides of the Atlantic. They also have members in the Fabian Society, because all these other societies that are specialised in different areas, are part, really part, of this one group, based on Darwinism, survival of the fittest, always looking ahead, with economics at the top, how many people will we need in a hundred years? Or, how many people will there be that we don't need in a hundred years; and that kind of thing.

You see, the world to them was very untidy; self-determination by individuals was just a bad thing, it was terribly messy and untidy, and they believe in something that Isaiah Berlin, the philosopher who taught at Oxford University, came out with that was called Positive Freedom. ‘Positive Freedom’, it sounds wonderful and all these Orwellian terms always do, like "Positive", that's a nice word and "Freedom" is a nice word. However, what it was, was that society existed for a plan, if we're all working together in a war, like World War II, when you all pull together, you allow the governments to expand bureaucracies and deal with your food supply, rationing, all that kind of stuff, lack of privacy, ID cards, all working towards the great plan that the elites guide us along and that's called ‘Positive Freedom’. In reality, you have no freedom, unless you're going along in the flow, willingly.

Whereas Negative Freedom was where you'd have more choices to do as you wish, less government intervention / intrusion into your life, you'd still be watched of course, they always have; but again, you wouldn't know too much of what was really working in the world, or working on you, from the top. You'd be kept in a sort of blissful ignorance. When Mr. Blair was the Prime Minister of Britain, and I had the letter here, it was a copy that was sent to me, he wrote to Mr. Berlin and asked him if they could combine the two, in other words: the goal was always to try and merge the two together and then gradually eliminate the first one and leave you simply with Positive Freedom. We're all on Planet ship Earth, like the Star Trek Enterprise, there are leaders there who are guiding us along and they will manage society, from birth to death.

These are the same people and the same big bankers by the way and the Royal Institute of International Affairs was set up by the top bankers of the day. These are the same people who created and funded the Soviet Union into existence. They have funded every major war in the twentieth-century and they were even behind, the Royal Institute of International Affairs / CFR, were advocating war with Vietnam and then, half-way through, they changed their mind and went against it. This is the sort of things that they play. The whole idea, you see, of Communism, is an ideal, that's why the same group has said, along with the United Nations, which is their big front organisation, they have said that China is the model state from the world, where you have a totalitarian governmental system, a one-party system, who rely upon experts and scientists to rule the people and they have one child per family; a second pregnancy is mandatory abortion.

There's more and more to it than that, it's a planned society, so that is the ideal Fabian society. We are all going into that now, we've been under for quite a while in fact. It doesn't matter if they appear to right wing or left wing that's in government; they simply set up the stage for the next in-house Congress to take over from the last one. So, Mr. Bush came in, his plan was to kicked up into high gear in the year 2001 and we had what had to happen, to set it off; and since then, as they told us at the time, life would never be the same again. Mr. Bush set up the machinery for enforcement, for many-many different areas of society, Children's Aid going with SWAT teams now etc, etc. That happened all over the planet at the same time, massive planning, massive cooperation between the nations, because we are already global.

Then Mr. Obama comes in and pushes the next part of the agenda; they work together. Professor Carroll Quigley, who was an adviser to the State Department and even to the US Military, because he knew the ethnic groups, he knew their psychologies for warfare. He's the one who picked Bill Clinton to be a Rhodes Scholar and who was the historian himself for the CFR said that. He talked about that in his book Tragedy & Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment, his other main book. The world they're bringing in is a planned society, where the public will be the last to know, they'll be guided along it, in their sort of semi-confusion; but with lots of entertainment and distractions and crisis-creation especially, Pavlovian-style, they'll be shocked into just going along, kind of numb after a while. And once you're used to rapid change and there's nothing normal anymore, the sky's the limit, they can keep ramming you through the next change and the next change.  

Now, Thomas Jefferson said: "When you see an agenda continue between houses and changes of congress", meaning parties, a same agenda continuing, he said "... know then that you're under tyranny”; and all our lives, just like Carroll Quigley said, a parallel government, working inside government and outside of government, have been guiding us along a world global path of basically Fabian Socialism. Socialism was not for the working people, although it has groups out there championing, appearing to champion the workers, they must get them on board; and once they have them on board, they create a form of welfare state, they make you dependent on the state. That's the whole thing with giving power to the state, they make you dependent on them; and when you're dependent, they then come up with laws that regulate your life. That's why they always start with the unemployed for finger-printing for ID purposes, iris scans, smart cards with the chips and so on. You cannot allow yourself to become under a welfare state, it's game over; and that's what they're bringing in right now. They planned it well, they always start a revolution when they've done all the ground-work, prepared the field, they've ploughed it, they're harrowed it and so on, then they plan it, step-by-step, Fabian Socialism. 

It's interesting that Mr. Obama brought in this Compulsory Volunteerism and I’ve said before, when you look at the money that he's advocating to education for this project, that means that's going for ideological indoctrination, very-very dangerous. The same system that Hitler used, the same system that Lenin and Stalin used, all totalitarian regimes do the same. And then, by coincidence, by coincidence, it's up on the BBC that Mr. Brown, the Prime Minister of Britain has plans to compel community work; have they no originality? Of course they do, it's just that they're all in on the same agenda. Remember: I've read before about UNESCO and what it was founded to do at the United Nations, to bring in a global culture, working through the indoctrination of the youth. This is all part of it.

12th of April 2009, from the BBC: 

PM plans to compel community work  

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to ensure every young person has done 50 hours of community work by the time they are 19 years old.  

Always remember, always remember, that that's a Fabian introduction because, once you accept that step, step-by-step, it's like a mouse going towards the trap, a little bit of cheese here, a little bit of cheese there, it gets bigger and bigger and boomf! he's in the trap. That's the Fabian system; they treat us like animals and, unfortunately, it works. And because that'll be on the books, they'll go up to a year, or maybe six months to start with, and then a year, then two, then the sky is the limit. It's the same with every law that's put on the books. Do you know there's been thousands and thousands and thousands of people arrested over the last year or so, under anti-terrorism that had nothing to do with terrorism? They're using it for everything now, everything. See, they get it on the books and expand and expand.  

Mr Brown said a promise to bring in compulsory community service would be a part of his next election manifesto.  

They love manifestos. 

Under the scheme, the work may include helping charities  

Oh boy, they run all the charities too, the big boys, the big Foundations. 

and is likely to become part of the school curriculum.  

Ideological indoctrination.  

The scheme would be woven into plans to make everyone stay in education or training until the age of 18 by 2011.  

Mr Brown told the News of the World newspaper: "It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up in Britain.  

This is world-wide, this agenda; this is under UNESCO. Remember: part of the Charter of the Royal Institute of International Affairs said, at the very beginning, that the world they will bring in, gradually, will be a world where you will be born to serve the World State, serve the world state; and that's what's coming in folks and we're living through it, believe or not. 

I'll be back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK ===

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the BBC where the Prime Minister has said about his, it's not his, wonderful vision, you know it's the boys he works for and it's not the public. A world of service, remember, is what the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations want. The planned society that will affect everything to procreation and even if you can procreate, or you should have the right to do, it's all wound up together in the planned society. Remember: the definition of a citizen is someone born into a system with pre-existing duties; so, be very careful when you hear the term "citizen".   

Mr Brown told the News of the World newspaper: "It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up in Britain. 

Bush Senior was the first one to publicly, as a President, or the leader of a country, use this term Communitarianism; going back to the Club of Rome, they said they looked at all the systems in the world. After all, their boys set up the Soviet Union and other totalitarian places and studied them, great big laboratories; and they favoured Collectivism, well, see, Collectivism is Communitarianism, it's the same thing. It says: 

'Clear accreditation' "And, by doing so, the contributions of each of us will build a better society for all of us." 

For them it will. 

The prime minister added: "That would mean young people being expected to contribute at least 50 hours of community service by the time they have reached the age of 19.  

This will build on the platform provided by citizenship classes 

It's another big thing they brought into the schools, citizenship classes, teaching you what a citizen is now you see, that's standard in ideological training, because it's political, it's politically-motivated 

as they develop in our schools. But because the greater part of what I envisage as community service takes place outside the school day, it will require the close involvement of local community organisations and charities."  

Well, the Foundations, owned by the bankers, run these charities and organisations. That's the parallel governments. 

Mr Brown said the work would also be linked to a "clear system of accreditation" so that young people would be able mark their achievements gained through community work [volunteering].  

In other words: you'll be either in or out, you'd better comply or else. 

Gordon Brown first proposed the idea of a National Youth Service to channel teenagers into voluntary work last year. It is due to be formally launched in September, and would become compulsory if Labour were re-elected.  

Which they were, Labour, of course, is Socialism and, to be honest with you, so is Conservatism, it's the same thing. There's an excellent movie, put out by the BBC, I think it was, it was called Deep Cover, with Donald Pleasance. It goes through some of this, during the Thatcher years, where this character says, who should know, when his daughter says: "Don't worry daddy, our lot is in now", meaning Thatcher's lot, the right wing. He says "Are you sure?”, he knew darn well that it was all the same side, with the same agenda; there are no left and right, there's only elitists.  

I've talked about Optimum Population Trust before, I've gone through it, it's really a eugenics organisation that fronts, again, for the Foundations. Eugenics and depopulation has always been a mandate. Remember: Sir Charles Galton Darwin, in his book The Next Million Years, where he bewailed the fact that he couldn't just kill off openly the people, they'd have to do it by surreptitious means and covert methods; otherwise they'd outbreed those who were fittest to survive. And he went right into eugenics, he even talked about using the needle and different techniques or something in the food or the water and, by goodness, we have got it all, we've got it all here.

I've also said that the nature programmes I noticed when I was small, there was one they used to repeat on the one station we had in Britain, it was called ‘Hans and Lottie Hass’, they started off the deep sea diving and scuba. It was very exciting to live in a working class area and see these amazing tropical oceans and little islands and so on. But there was something about it that just went overboard and of course, they were gradually, even back then, introducing us to the idea of man's impact, too many people on the planet. And that's what all the big nature programmes are about, that's why there's been so many of them. And who runs one of the major ones? David Suzuki, the eugenicist and geneticist; that's what he studied to be, a geneticist, an elitist and he runs the main ones for Canada. Every country's got their favourite; they all belong to the same organisations like World Wildlife Fund and Prince Phillip at the head of it, the man who said openly: “There are too many people”.

In Britain, David Attenborough was the main character for all these wonderful-wonderful nature programmes and they take years, in the Fabian style, to get the audience with them you see and you like the guy. Again, it's Fabian: you get to like the guy, identify with him; and then once he's so popular and millions of people follow him, he's like a god to them, when it comes to nature etc., he brings in the real kicker, why he's really there and why they've really done it. He's worked his whole life at this, beautiful-beautiful Fabian strategy. 

Attenborough warns on population  

The broadcaster Sir David Attenborough has become a patron of a group seeking to cut the growth in human population. On joining the Optimum Population Trust, Sir David said growth in human numbers was "frightening". 

“Was frightening”? To whom?  

Back with more - after these messages. 

=== BREAK === 

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the BBC, about David Attenborough, who's now up there, he always was, he just, as I say, Fabian-wise, in the Fabian style taken many years to get the following that he has, a whole lifetime in fact, that's how they do it, that's deep cover alright.  Generations have grown up listening to this man and lots of youngsters still do, he's like a little god to them you see. Loves animals, can't be that bad; and it says here he's joined the Optimum Population Trust, it's a big Foundation you see, backed by the other big Foundations, that pretend to be philanthropists and they fund hundreds and hundreds of Non-Governmental Organisations and give them full-time salaries and all the rest of it, so that they can lobby governments that are only too happy to hear what they have to say and implement laws along that line. That's how it really works, government is a sham; so is philanthropy. It says: 

Sir David has been increasingly vocal about the need to reduce the number of people on Earth to protect wildlife.  

You see: exactly what Prince Phillip was on about and so on, the guy who never worked in his life; you can tell how wonderful his offspring are by the wonderful things they've done for the world.

Now, this goes all the way back to Thomas Malthus, who was the first of the elite of Britain to voice concerns about the peasantry. He was the top economist for the British East India Company, owned by the Crown and royalty and aristocracy, the first international corporation; and they had members in the United States as well, from the beginning, even before it was called the "United States". In fact Elihu Yale was one of them and he said: "We'll set up this university to make sure that the leaders from here always guide this country along what we want it to be".  However, Malthus himself devised the Poor Houses, he said that poor people should be put into areas where it's very damp and bad for their health, very wet, swamp lands, marsh lands, build housing for them and have them die off. Give them poor food, malnourish them, that was the way to deal with them. He was also a man who dealt with the diets of slaves abroad, in the plantations, on behalf of the wealthy, where they experimented with different minimalistic types of diets, to find the best ones to keep them working, but too weak and tired to walk off or try to run away. And, certainly, when you're tired and you're run down physically, your mind doesn't work at a very good capacity either, you seem rather dull, so they make jokes about slaves too. It was a science you see, already a science.

The British people, and European peoples, listened to their governments and, sure enough, down through the '50s and so on, people generally had one, maybe two children, many parents decided not to have any. Then Margaret Thatcher got in, supposedly on behalf of the Conservatives, which is just a big joke; and she opened the floodgates to immigration, mainly from India, first of all.  In the national papers it said at the time: ‘Well you see, we have to bring in millions of people because there are not enough people in Britain and there's not enough children being born to pay off the national debt’. So, here you go, you see, if you believe anything they tell you, you can't win anyway, you do all the right things that they advise and they hit you anyway, therefore millions come into the overcrowded cities, or make them overcrowded, they don't make the cities bigger; and it appears to be massively overcrowded. This is a technique: perception becomes reality to the people who live there. It says here, talking about the Optimum Population Trust: 

The Trust, which accuses governments and green groups of observing a taboo on the topic, 

Meaning: they're not being vocal enough and saying ‘we've got to start killing the people’, that's what he's saying here. 

say they are delighted to have Sir David as a patron. 

They've had articles in the paper, this Optimum Population Trust, saying they've got to start killing people and sterilising people compulsorily.  

Sir David, one of the BBC's longest-standing presenters, has been making documentaries on the natural world and conservation for more than half a century. 

Half a century; conservation, think about it. 

In a statement issued by the Optimum Population Trust he is quoted as saying: "I've never seen a problem that wouldn't be easier to solve with fewer people, or harder, and ultimately impossible, with more."  

Well come on David, you know you're getting on in age, I mean, why don't you give us an example? You know where the cliffs are, don't you? None of these people, because, of course, they believe they have superior genes remember, they truly, truly, truly believe this. They won't go first. 

The Trust, which was founded in 1991, campaigns for the UK population to decrease voluntarily by not less than 0.25% a year.  

Which is nonsense, look at the death rate with all these diseases we're getting now, skyrocketing; and they are doing it by different means, because the sperm count in the Western world, as I keep telling people is down 85% and that have sperm that is still alive, doesn't have the motility. That was in the Disappearing Male documentary put out by CBC, well-documented, it's on my website link, in the archive section. So, they're on a roll, to do what they want to do, planned, always planned, you see, if you're in power, if you already have an elite in power in the 1700 and 1800s, they never intended to give it up; power never gives itself up voluntarily. It doesn't say: 'ok, we've got democracy now, let's all be friends and see what happens'. No, it doesn't work like that, it doesn't work like that at all; they never give up power. They may try to give up the illusion of power but it's well hidden, although it's coming into the open again, they never gave up the power.

They plan - in centuries - ahead, that's what big international corporations do, they'll plan their investments 50, 70, 80 years ahead. The United Nations use the same techniques, because they were set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Ten year plans to take water over; 50 year plans to take the food supplies over; 2030, to drastically reduce the population, that's from their own think-tanks. They always plan the future. Well, how do you think they're going to do all this with your cooperation? Even if you've got nothing but entertainment all day long with a cellphone stuck to your ear and you're text messaging and you're playing games, or glued to the television set, how do you think they're going to do this? They'd love to have you all cooperate, wouldn't they?  Mind you, it'll be much easier shortly, because, with the mandatory volunteerism and the school mandatory indoctrination, with political ideology, you're going to see children soon come forward voluntarily asking for sterilisation; and that's coming.  

Now, I've got reports here on the food, there's nanotechnology in the food now itself, and in your candies and everything else; but they never told the public till it's done. The food and drug administration they say, even themselves: ‘Oh my goodness, we haven't tested this stuff’. Do you really believe, do you really, really, really, really believe, that they let disasters happen and then look into it? You see, they want you to believe in the accidental view of history: we just screw up here and there and deal with the problems once they arise. That's what they want you to believe, just like the crash that they created to bring the economy down, to bring up the IMF to world standards, so that it'll fulfil its proper role, it was designed to print money for the whole world.  

Your pills, this is from the Mail Online 12th of April.  

Microchip that tells the GP if you’ve taken your pills  

Microchips in pills could soon allow doctors to find out whether a patient has taken their medication.  

It's already here, they have them. 

The digestible sensors, just 1mm wide, would mean GPs 

That's General Practitioners. 

and surgeons could monitor patients outside the hospital or surgery.  

It obviously means so can the cops and everyone else, right? 

Developers say the technology could be particularly useful 

See how they always give you 'they're going to help the people, the poor, the sick and the infirm'; that's how they bring everything in. DARPA put a brain chip in a guy, they keep telling us, we've never seen the guy, but they keep telling us he can send emails, by just thinking about them. DARPA is not in the business of helping paraplegics, look up what they're for. It's the Military-Industrial Complex. 

Developers say the technology could be particularly useful for psychiatric or elderly patients who rely on a complicated regime of drugs – and are at risk if they miss a dose or take it at the wrong time.  

It could also be used for the chronically ill, such as people with heart disease, to establish whether costly drugs are working or whether they are causing potentially dangerous side effects.  

Does that mean that we're all just getting tested with them?  

The sensors could even remind women to take the Pill if they forget.  

The ‘intelligent’ medicine works by activating a harmless electric charge when drugs are digested by the stomach. This charge is picked up by a sensing patch on the patients’ stomach or back, which records the time and date that the pill is digested. It also measures heart rate, motion and breathing patterns. 

Well, you see, they've been using this for the NASA guys for years; they have their suits rigged with monitors and chips, but now they want you to eat it. 

The information is transmitted to a patient’s mobile phone 

Ha-ha, privacy right? 

and then to the internet using wireless technology, to give a complete picture of their health and the impact of their drugs. 

Now, I've read articles in the past, where they're now mandating drugs, psychiatric drugs, by court order, from Judges. You know that that's going to be the first thing they're going to use this for, you'll get a chip as well, when you get your sentence, by the Judge. You know, since they're already drugging a huge proportion of young males now, to make sure they get shrunken brains and all those with leadership qualities are out of action. You know they're going to give them these chips; that's what it's about, then it'll spread it to all the population and then it'll be like that THX 1138 movie, where they'll know if you've missed your medication and they'll pull you in, to make sure you take it.  

The information is transmitted to a patient’s mobile phone …

Blah, blah, blah  

…Doctors and carers can view this information on secure web pages 

What's secure about it?  How on earth can we have secure web pages when, supposedly, some place in China, supposedly, it could be the NSA, for all we know, hacked into about 12 or 15 countries' government computers? That was in the paper, about a week ago; and our governments are not using the cheap little free this and that that we use, or the ones that we buy. What chance would we have? We already have discrimination when it comes to getting insurance for people, because the data on their health care now is all over the place, 'oh, you're prone to this; you're prone to that, you can't get healthcare, you can't get insurance'. It's all to do with control, control. 

Two major drugs companies are investigating the technology, developed by US-based Proteus Biomedical.  

Interesting name. 

Trials are to begin in the UK within 12 months. 

Now, this is nonsense, because they've already tried it out; whatever they announce to us they've done a long time ago. 

Professor Nick Peters, a cardiologist at Imperial College London, who is co-ordinating trials, said the technology was ‘transformative’.  

No kidding? But interestingly too: this company, Proteus, has also got the backing of the World Economic Forum. Why would the World Economic Forum - that deals with the world and populations and the economy etc - be backing Proteus Biomedical?

You see, what I'm doing is telling you the bits you're supposed to think about for yourself but few do; because, like Zbigniew Brzezinski told us, in his book Between Two Ages: "Shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves; they'll only be able to parrot that news which they've heard in a previous day's television and they will expect the media to do their reasoning for them". That has happened - that has happened - you've got to put 2 and 2 together for yourselves because the media is not there to tell you what to dwell upon or how to connect things. It's like Socialism, Communism, if you don't use the word Communism, people will never associate Socialism with Communism. That's how bad it is today. There's also links to this at WiseUp journal, which also gives you some more data about these particular chips and they're silicone apparently, little silicone wafers and they've got some sort of coating on them so they cannot be destroyed by the acids in your stomach. There's a good series of movies put out, I think it was called Fortress, there was 1 and 2 and the actor was Lambert, I think his name was. They made the patient swallow this thing that attached themselves to their stomach, you could not get rid of it, it wouldn't pass through you; and they could punish you, give you incredible pain, by activating external devices. All this, all this, is coming, all this is coming.  

Now, I saw an article in Canada and then one from New Zealand, the New Zealand one is called New Zealand.  

Aircraft may spot energy wasters 

The Christchurch City Council says it may "shame" 

Shame, see that's a big part of Pavlovian-type psychology and Skinnerian psychology. They’re already shaming people when dropping litter in shopping malls, in Britain, when you come on a massive Orwellian screen 'Yes, you, you down there, you number so and so, pick up that trash' and everybody looks at it and goes oh my god, you're embarrassed. Shame, this is how they train us, like animals. 

"shame" people into more energy-efficient ways by using an aircraft with infra-red imaging to identify poorly-insulated houses.  

This is all over the place, not just New Zealand, because I saw the same article bust out across Canada and the States at the same time. Because we're global you see, we've got a global government already, a parallel government that's global. 

The proposed aerial thermal imaging map is part of an ambitious plan to slash Christchurch's $1.6 billion annual energy bill and cut energy use by every city resident by 9 per cent.  

They're going to roll out the scheme this winter. Isn't it wonderful to live in a wonderful free and open democracy? Back with more - after this break. 

=== BREAK === 

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and, my god, the time's flashing by here, I've just noticed we've got callers. So, quickly, I'll take Steve from Colorado, are you there Steve? 

Steve: Yes I am, Alan; and how are you? 

Alan: Not so bad. 

Steve: Good. Now, I've been listening to you for as long as I guess you've been on the air; and I've been looking into this as an individual for probably 30 years or better and I've come to this conclusion. And, believe me, I'm a huge fan; so, don't take this the wrong way, but is there a better idea for running the world, do you have another idea? 

Alan: There's many ways. This is the thing, they know this too; you see, they did many studies in the 1800s, early 1900s. Lenin himself said - and he spoke on behalf of this world society - he said “Mankind, humankind, can go off in a thousand different directions”, see, we're so limited, we don't think outside the box. He said but they must be brought up to think that this is the only natural one there can be; and when you have been brought to think this is the only natural one that can be, you're going to accept every excuse in every direction they give you, because we've never had the opportunity to look at different routes of society at all. There are many directions that we can go off on, it's just that these boys, remember, have a hidden agenda - it's a utopia for them at the end and as they start culling off millions of people, they'll then start culling off their managerial class, they won't need them. They won’t need massive bureaucracies over a population that doesn't exist. They really want a utopia where the fit under the Darwinian rules that they believe in, they should live, and they've already decided, H.G. Well said this: "We have decided who the fittest already are" and he wrote that just after 1900. OK? Now, we'll go to Vince in Canada, are you there Vince? 

Vince: Are you there? 

Alan: Yes. 

Vince: OK, I heard a little beep here; I just wanted to express my opinion on something here. It's written by Noam Chomsky and it's a very old statement but it's very important. He said that the control of opinion is a foundation of government. And, to me, that's pretty serious stuff there because if I can't have my own thoughts, what else do I have? 

Alan: That's right; they're supplying you with everything that they have decided that you are supposed to know. That eliminates 99% of stuff that you're not supposed to know!

Vince: What's the main ways that they do that? 

Alan: It is through your training initially at school, you get it from your parents, because they were indoctrinated through the same system, they think nothing's wrong. It's the accidental view of history they're given and fifty years ago, all the public was suspicious of media, they knew that the lords and the barons owned it; they knew they were private, they knew they had spins and agendas. Today, that's been cleared out of them, they have been trained that somehow the media is an essential part of the government, they're not, they're still privately-owned, but they certainly are an arm of government, absolutely and it's no coincidence, from 400-500 TV stations you get exactly the same news and nothing outside of it.  Thanks for calling, and there's John from Ontario there very quickly, are you there John? 

I guess that's the end of the show, I can actually hear the music coming in so I don't think we can get John, phone in the next time John, tomorrow; and I'll talk to you then. So, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Bill Scott.


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