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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It's October 24th, 2007 and it's been quite the busy week for me. It's also been a very rainy week up here in Canada.


It's about the second or third week of rain and I'll think we're all shrinking up here and getting smaller by the day. For the newcomers, please look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com where you can download lots of histories of how we got to where we are today, where we're going and the big foundations and organizations behind it all. It's a planned society. You can also looking into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts you can download in the tongues of Europe.


As I say, it's always busy up here. There's always something going on. Last Sunday I was standing in the laundry mat watching the dryer going round, watching my own version of "As the World Turns" at 25 cents for five minutes view and thinking about the control freaks that run our society and how cleverly, scientifically in fact we've all been conditioned from birth, as our parents were too, to think they were just progressing steadily along some strange course that only God himself would know. Nothing is further from the truth because when you hit the big thick old books, the old books that use to gather dust on library shelves and were always ignored by the general public, you find the meetings and the minutes of the meetings of international foundations discussing the kind of society and the kind of world they hope to bring in to be, and it's all pretty well here.


What's happening to day with the world as the U.S. takes the lead as it was designed in fact do to, it takes the lead as the policemen of the world forcing the last few countries into the same system. All of this was written about a long time ago and you can find some of it as far back as the 1700’s. In fact, read the Founding Fathers’ comments on the Federation of the World and the hope that the United States Federation could be the nucleus of it. Franklin himself said he saw a world of federation eventually that would be run by 12 wise men because he was a Mason and a Cabbalist.


They've gone on since then because they've acquired the big foundations came into being through all means that they possibly could. You can go as far back as the Knights Templars for instance, the first international banking establishment really that the world has seen but used paper notes in lieu of actual (at that time) gold and silver. You could get a cheque from them and travel to the Middle East and cash it in, in one of their temples over there. Tremendous bankers and they even used giant chessboard for their debts and their credits. That's how they worked it out. That's where the word "cheque", the cheque that you cash comes from. I'll be back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and to continue, as I was talking about the Knights Templars and the tremendous international banking system that they'd set up with all their temples across the Middle East, right all the way back through Europe and even into England and how they did their debts and their debits and their credits on a huge outside chessboard with big poles that they would move these pieces around on. That's how they worked out how they'd given out in loans and what they were due back, and even today the head of the British Treasury is called the Chancellor of the H-Chequer (Exchequer) because it was on like a checkerboard. That's where the word "cheque" comes from. They dished out paper money, which you could cash in on the other end and get it from their temple, you could come out with gold et cetera in any country and that was the beginning of it.


They also had a form of tax-free exemptions on all their profits from the Vatican and they went their own way with that. However, they didn't end there even when old DeMolay or “Jacque the Mole,” as they say, went undercover or was killed, because the boys with the treasury escaped. They had a huge flotilla of ships and a lot them ended up in Argyllshire in Scotland where their graves can still be seen today. They were also into the New World, long before Columbus came along, because at Oak Island they've done the research there and they've found the Templar insignias on various stones that were set-up in a Templar fashion again on a particular island, plus they had a treasure buried there.


Queen Elizabeth I.’s court is where they came out more openly calling themselves Rosicrucians. They do have different branches. The branches are not in opposition to each other, although sometimes they appear to be. They're actually all specialized branches with their own specialized task. The Rosicrucians initially came out in Queen Elizabeth I. court and her advisers were also not only that, they were also pirates and their idea was to take as much wealth as they could into their coffers, become extremely wealthy and later on, and as Albert Pike eventually said, "we shall become the masters over the masters of the world." Pike also authorized the beginning of the International Revolutionary Society that became the Communist Party and he trained Mazzini. He went over to Italy and started a revolution there. Mazzini handed it over and Lenin took over and called it the Bolshevik Party.


Revolution was one of their main keys, but also gathering the wealth to back it all up was the other part. This wasn't for the working people or anything like that. As I say, they run both sides of everything. It's to garnish wealth, to get power and to become specialists over the public. The public are called "the profane", those who are in the darkness. They don't know. That's what it means. However, they also see themselves having the right to profit from the “herd,” another term they use, because that's the function of a herd and we're also sheep. They are the shepherds. Now the job of the shepherd is to convince the sheep that the interests of the shepherd and the sheep both are in the same direction. That's the first con. Once the sheep accept it, they go along through their lives until they are slaughtered and eaten and their wool taken to make the clothes for the good old shepherd, or the wolf as I prefer to call them.


That's what we've been watching our whole lives. We've been living through this system as they garnish money. They have no problem in coming out in the open once in a while with their big scandals as they loot the general public. They do it through bank failures, bank collapses, depressions, and all that kind of thing and they've done it quite a few times in history, even recent history.  I'm sure they have another one lined up especially with the U.S. dollar down the road. However, it's not only that, you see they see themselves as having the right to scientifically train us and they set-up and they fund the big scientific institutions. Many of the top members of these institutions are also the High Masons themselves; and just to read a little bit of this report that came out of Britain, just to show you how far the control freaks are going and this is straight out of George Orwell's "1984". 


Remember, Orwell himself started off his book with him in his room and he has to jump in front of the television camera and the big television screen and start exercising in front of this image. They can see him, because physical fitness and keeping fit all this kind of stuff is part of the ultimate training.


This is from "The Independent" newspaper and it says here:


             "Unveiled: radical prescription for our health crisis


             Obesity, alcohol abuse, smoking: Britain is among the most unhealthy countries in Europe. Now a pioneering National Health Service adviser is proposing a revolutionary cure for our ills. By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor, 23rd October 2007


             A radical plan to persuade people to stop smoking, take more exercise and change their diets was proposed last night by a leading Government adviser. As new figures were published yesterday showing that England tops the European league as the fattest nation in the EU, Professor Julian Le Grand, chair of Health England and a former senior Downing Street aide to Tony Blair, said a completely fresh approach was required by Government to reverse the epidemic of obesity and to tackle similar ills caused by "excess consumption".

In a speech to the Royal Statistical Society…"


Alan:  They even had a Department of Statistics in Orwell's "1984".


             "…Professor Le Grand said instead of requiring people to make healthy choices – by giving up smoking, taking more exercise and eating less salt – policies should be framed so the healthy option is automatic…"


Alan:  In other words, mandatory.


             "…and people have to choose deliberately to depart from it."


Alan:  Now here's what he's suggesting here. He wants:


             "… a smoking permit, which smokers would have to produce when buying cigarettes, an "exercise hour" to be provided by all large companies for their employees and a ban on salt in processed food. The idea, dubbed "libertarian paternalism", reverses the traditional government approach that requires individuals to opt in to healthy schemes. Instead, they would have to opt out to make the unhealthy choice, by buying a smoking permit, choosing not to participate in the exercise hour or adding salt at the table. By preserving individual choice…"


Alan:  Ha-ha.


             "…the approach could be defended against charges of a "nanny state," he said. "Some people say this is paternalism squared…."


Alan:  I like that, “paternalism squared” is a Mason talking.


             "… But at a fundamental level, you are not being made to do anything. It is not like banning something, it is not prohibition. It is a softer form of paternalism."


Alan:  So it's not totalitarianism, it's paternalism. This goes on and on, goes through all the justifications as to why they should do this. Now those who don't smoke miss the whole point of this, because the old saying is they came for the socialists and there wasn't a socialist so they left me alone. Then they came for this other one and all the way down until they came for the gypsies, Jews and so on and the Slavs, but I wasn’t one but they grabbed me anyway at the end because there is no one left to stand for me. It's the same old thing here. This is the beginning of the movement to control everything in your life, because now they want to bring everyone in annually (this is adults too) and weigh you and keep records on you. That's what it's all about, totalitarianism. You are property because they're the shepherds you see and you're the sheep and they always take care of their animals.


I'll continue with this particular piece I've been reading here.


It goes on to say here:


             "…permits for smoking could be issued annually and the signature of a doctor might even be needed. This would require individuals to "opt-in" each year to being a smoker, rather than "opting out" by choosing to give up. Sellers of tobacco from supermarkets to tobacconists would have to see the permit before any sale. To get a permit would involve filling out a form and supplying a photograph as well as paying the required fee. Permits would only be issued to those over 18 and evidence of age would have to be provided. The money raised for the permits would go to the National Health Service."


Alan: Sure it will.


             "Time for employees to take exercise during the working day, a ban on salt in processed food, restrictions on the sale of alcohol, and an extension of the free fruit scheme for children, are also among ideas that deserve investigation, he added. Betty McBride, public affairs manager of the British Heart Foundation said: "This sounds like nanny as Major General. We would have a problem with the smoking permit because it might suggest smoking was alright once you had the permit."


Alan:  It's amazing how control freaks think though, isn't it?


             "…But overall this is exactly the kind of thinking we need to be doing, asking tough questions and turning things on their head."


Alan:  They certainly would, wouldn't they? Because they'll also give you a permit for food you see and if they claim you're obese, you would have to have a special permit if you wanted anything with a little fat in it, you know, something tasty. Now where is all this coming from?  The war on smoking you see first came from the United Nations. They were the ones who backed it and they now have a war on obesity. That also comes from the United Nations. The United Nations is our big nanny and they have a big stick as well for other different purposes, but at the moment they are being the nanny in the socialized countries. It is only a matter of time before this same mandate is pushed in Canada and everywhere else in the world. They never go after the big companies.


Now for 40 years, they've been pushing nothing but ads for big fast-food companies that put all that junk in their food. There is very little nourishment really. That's why people are obese. Their body craves vitamins, minerals and proteins and that big burger there looks like a burger and smells like one, but it's not really a burger. It's had all of its nutrients removed from it and people are really hungry you see and that's why they eat a lot. What they fill them full of is that monosodium glutamate (MSG) and that is the stuff that really makes you think you have a taste there. It's a chemical that goes right into your tongue. It goes deeper than any natural food and stimulates it and makes you think you've actually had some tasty food there. Now there's no bans against the use of that apparently, but the big corporations can get away with pretty well anything they want.


Let's see if Kirk in California is still there. Are you there, Kirk? Hello.


Kirk:  I tried to get through earlier but I guess there was a problem with the phone line. How you doing this evening?


Alan:  I'm surviving, just.


Kirk:  I have a question. Have you ever heard of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem? Have you ever heard of that organization? Could you tell me a little bit about them as far as are they a Masonic organization?


Alan:  Yes. All of these organizations – you see knight in itself is Masonic really. Anything to do with the word knight in it becomes Masonic and they're builders of society and the Hospitallers went off and they had different places even. I think they had Malta eventually and became Knights of Malta and you'll find different ones joining it all the time. Big players that come out and lead the public often get to be Knights of Malta, it's supposedly mainly a Catholic organization, however for higher types of masons; there is also a lower order for Catholics as well, the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Malta are generally much, much wealthier and are of a different category. You'll find there's a class system in masonry as there is within everything else and all these boys play the same game at the top.


Kirk:  The reason I asked is I watched a DVD the other day and it was by a guy by the name of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and I was listening to the things he said and there was a lot of truth in what he was talking about. He was talking about different pandemics and then he was going into the Committee of 300 and various different things, so I was listening to him, after I watched the DVD I started looking into him as I do anyone.


Alan:  He's now a Knight of Malta.


Kirk:  And just to verify information to see who I'm listening to and what they're all about, and I noticed that he got knighted by this group.


Alan:  That's right.


Kirk:  And so I sent him an email and asked him about it and of course he got a little nasty with it, kind of snippy about it and he was kind of to the effect of well you know there's good people in every organization and things like that. I'm going like hmm. This seems a little odd.


Alan:  Yes, I know, but the thing is too you've got to be careful with all the leaders they put out in society. I keep telling people that. I mean even if I go on shows too, it doesn't mean I necessarily go along with the host. You can get led a marry dance as you trying to find truth and there's a lot of religion mixed up with it you'll find. There's a lot of belief systems of all kinds. You'll find there is deliberate chills put in there too and you'll find that there are those that come out of nowhere and become very popular, are heavily backed financially and books are just churned out faster than I can visit the washroom, which is impossible but that's what happens and then they go and get knighted.


Kirk:  Yes. That's what I know. I thought it was very odd. That's why I was looking into him and I was going hmm. His information seemed pretty good but once I saw that it definitely kind of turned me off to the whole scenario once you start associating these groups and you have to question what his intentions are really are at some point and whoever it might be.


Alan:  The intentions for all authors are right there. If you can validate what they say, that's one thing, but when they start coming in to bringing the bible back in and just get good vibrations to cure illnesses, then you've got to start thinking for yourself.


Kirk:  Oh and I definitely do and that's why when I first started watching his things I was kind of – you know as any information I'm seeking out there I look as many different places as I can. I have been reading many of the books that you have recommended. They're very hard to find, a lot of them, for whatever reason that might be, but the ones that I did manage to get a hold of, "Tragedy & Hope" and "Anglo-American Establishment", "The Impact of Science on Society" as well as a few others, I mean those have really helped me understand, especially like when you listen to Huxley give his speech the one in '62 you have on your site, I mean that is pretty, pretty telling.  I'm just really amazed how they just come out and tell you.


Alan:  You also find another thing to be careful and watch for. If they're coming out with all the problems that we have, terrify the life out of you and then promote an organization that belongs to the United Nations to take over a whole department of your life, then that's another little clue.


Kirk:  Right, because it kind of compartmentalizes you in a way.


Alan:  The United Nations is just going to be one even further government so remote that none of us can get in touch with and it's not going to be democratic because the United Nations is not a democratic institution.


Kirk:  They're not really interested in anything we have to say.


Alan:  They have none, no interest whatsoever.


Kirk:  Right, okay, I just wanted to ask you that question and that was kind of what I was thinking anyway, but I was just kind of curious to get your expertise as well. One other thing real quick, I heard you mention on one of your blurbs or it may have been on this show that you were having a little bit of trouble with your eyes and didn't know if you would like a set of glasses donated or anything.


Alan:  It would depend what kind they were or if they were any good.


Kirk:  I would not send you junk. Can I leave my number with a fellow and then whenever you an opportunity call me back and we can talk a little bit?


Alan:  Sure.


Kirk:  Well thank you Alan.


Alan:  Bye now. [Next caller]


Jake:  This is Jake from Texas.


Alan:  Do you have a question?  Hold on and we'll be back after the break. I hear the music vaguely.


Jake:  Okay, I'll hang on.


Alan:  Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and I've got a man on the line there. Are you still there?


Jake:  Yes, I'm still here.


Alan:  Yes, continue please.


Jake:  I would like to ask about alien encounters. I hear you chuckle there but I've had an alien encounter and I can't quite say if it’s been something that was manufactured by the powers that be or the U.S. government or whatever.


Alan:  Why would you call it an alien encounter until you're sure?


Jake:  It's the classic thing with the Grey's and all that sort of stuff. If it hadn't been for the fact that my mother encountered, was with me in the same thing, I would not – and there was also other physical things like the fact that when I woke up in the morning I had different clothes on than when I went to sleep and the fact that my shotgun had a round in the chamber, which I don't usually keep one in there when I go to bed. The last thing I remember was racking my shotgun before this happened. I know something happened.


Alan:  Something happened but the thing is you don't know what.


Jake:  I don't know if – I have a hard thinking that it was really aliens because I've had other things with the government before.


Alan:  Some of these experiments with government – and they have done these kind of things you know, when people are put under deep narcosis as opposed to hypnosis. Under the hypnosis the hypnotist can suggest anything into anyone. We've all had massive doses of the Grey's and all this stuff that started a whole spree of people thinking they were abducted; and that was from Whitley Strieber's book which turned into a massive movie very quickly and that's what started the whole thing off on abductions. However, under narcosis therapy, what you'll find is that people actually see people on laboratory coats around them and not little aliens and that's what is very interesting.


Jake:  I don't have any memory of that particularly, but I do have a memory of seeing small figures out on the front lawn there, so to speak, and my mother also has a history of encounters with UFOs or it could have been military aircraft for all I know…


Alan:  We've had them for a long time.


Jake:  …when she was a child and living in Roswell and my grandfather was working on the base in Roswell.


Alan:  We know now that all the governments, Britain too, have bases.  Roswell had actually started off – I don't you know that – with the American Rocket Institute. That's where it begun.


Jake:  Oh yes. I know that.


Alan:  It's got an involvement with experimental aircraft. Bill Cooper did a fantastic video on Area 51. He took a group of his listeners down there. They photographed these things coming out of underground hangers. This is a military base. They're made here and the greatest cover they ever had was to say “they must be from Mars” and everyone suddenly looks at the stars. They never think of looking underground where they were actually being built.


Jake:  I was born in Albuquerque and my grandfather worked at the Air Force base there and he used to, when I was a small child, he'd take me to the base and show me around and I saw a few things that I knew were obviously government projects, but you would think of them as UFOs or something like that.


Alan:  They've got amazing, amazing technology at a high level that's always kept quiet from the public and we saw that during even the Cold War. They gave disinformation to the public because they'd have the public talk all the time and they had all this high-tech equipment, the scalar weaponry. They have little saucer shaped things that can whiz across the sky. I've seen them. I've seen them outside the Lossiemouth Air Force base in Britain and these things can stop on a dime. There's no slowing down. They suddenly stop and this technology is here. It's not from aliens though.


Jake:  I've also seen plenty of things that I'm not sure if they're manmade or what the heck they are.


Alan:  The thing is you've got to remember there's been a massive campaign to get the public, number one, to believe in flying saucers.  John Dewey was the first character that came out and said in a national and international meeting, if we can convince the public that they're being attacked from outer space we can bring the whole world together as one and bring in their world government system. Here's a quote right from Lester B. Pearson who was the head of the UN at one time and eventually he was the Prime Minister of Canada. 


He says: "Perhaps there is a hopeful possibility here in the conquest of outer space. Interplanetary activity may well give us planetary peace. Once we discover Martian spaceships hovering over Earth's air-space, we will all come together. How dare they threaten us like this!" we shall shout, as one, at a really United Nations!"  That was said on October 7th, 1957.


Jake:  Oh I see.


Alan:  Then out came all the movies, sci-fi, very intriguing stuff and they even had "The Day the Earth Stood Still". The whole agenda was a spaceman came down with his robot and convinced the world they better unite under the United Nations or the world would be destroyed; then of course we had all the sightings that started, heavily publicized.


Jake:  So that's why they're not afraid to show their technology openly?


Alan:  The public are now convinced they come from outer space.


Jake:  I understand. I have one more observation. I live here in Texas. This year we've had record rainfall. Last year we had record drought. Now this may be coincidental but near where I live there were some trailers that were hooked into the gas supplies so that they would have power, and the name on them was RAIN for RENT. Those appeared right before the rain started. They disappeared in the night, overnight, right after the rain stopped.  I've looked up that name on the internet. It's supposedly a reputable company that rents trailers for things, transporting whatever sort of liquids you want or whatever.


Alan:  Remember there have been major ads in newspapers worldwide from Russia for instance offering to create the kind of weather that you want. Rain, whatever you need for a certain price. This is old technology. It's been used for ages and we have our own versions of it here in the Americas and they're using it. That's how they wiped out the farmers out west in Canada. They gave them about four years of drought and then they flooded them out the following year. You'll find always in the standing wave area you have a tremendous heat build up for maybe a hundred-odd miles or more, a couple of hundred miles and then you have rain all around the perimeter of it. That's typical. They're using this stuff right now. It's made for weather warfare. The warfare is on the public to change our ways.


Jake:  The other reason I thought of that was I just put in the fiber optic lines for "the internet" and I know from working on the HAARP type transmitters at the place that made the HAARP transmitters here in Dallas that those are controlled fiber optically from the place.  Fiber optics, trailers that say rain, it appears and disappears in the night, it can't be a coincidence. I also know that you could stick one of those transmitters into one of those containers. I didn't see any antennas anywhere but that doesn't mean that they haven't concealed it.


Alan:  As I say, you'll find a lot of dirty tricks going on with government agencies. They have hundreds of agencies going around doing odd kinds of things all over the place under names you'd never suspect generally. However, the CIA has run most high-tech companies and the U.S., set them up and run it and still do, than any other country, so I'm not surprised at all. I've also seen the military do it here in Canada. They bring in big trailers and put them in sort of a square shaped all together and they have hundreds of small satellites on them all pointing in the same direction, hundreds of them, so they have mobile units as well for sure.


Alan:  Okay, thanks for calling in.


Jake:  Okay, thank you very much. Bye.


Alan:  That's what we live in today as I say. The alien thing was well put out because science fiction was promoted in the 1800’s by a fund from the Rothschild Foundation in England that eventually became The Futurist Society, where they bring in budding authors and if you play the game right and you say “yes, yes, yes sir,” then they'll give you a contract and tell you what to write; and that's called predictive programming. Just like Bertrand Russell said, "shortly the public will be able to be convinced of anything with enough propaganda."   It's happened and most propaganda is through stories that we love. They're very interesting and fascinating. They grab our imaginations and before you know it, everybody is seeing flying saucers and they think they're seeing aliens all over the place.


A study that they did on people who were supposedly abducted, they did a study on 200 of them in the U.S. and they did this in Britain too, and a study where people who had never claimed to be abducted – and under hypnosis pretty well all of them claim to be abducted, even the ones who have no memory of it at all. What they found out was they'd all read the same newspapers. They read the same stories. They started off with Barney and Betty Hill. It was in the media worldwide and all the other stories followed up until it was in their subconscious. That's how it done. It's to program us through repetition so even our subconscious becomes infected with the idea and when you're asked the right questions, you'll claim that you're abducted too. You know the formulas. You know what the other one said and you'll say it happened to you. These are old techniques again, but it's a great cover because the whole idea was to divert the public's knowledge that governmental agencies were so far ahead scientifically that they'd never catch on. It had to be from out there somewhere and it's worked very, very well indeed.


The sciences are always classed in three different levels; from professorship down is the lowest level of science. Higher than the professors, you'll find that they have high-tech equipment, portable equipment that the CIA used. Nick Begich demonstrated that on the CBC Canada years ago on Wendy Mesley hour where you could put thoughts into a person's head from a distance. They'd hear it in the middle of their head and this was done by something you put into your pocket like little TV remote. Obviously solid circuitry, solid-state technology long before the public even heard of transistorized, the bigger stuff. This was already miniaturized and solid-state, had to be and it was all used in the 1950’s by as he said the CIA. Everything that he showed there was obsolete and yet nothing was said in major universities about this kind of technology right up until recently.


Higher than them of course you have special units that were set-up during the Cold War, which really have an authority or a right to kill if need be and they travel around in little white vans around our countries and these are like the A-teams. The A-Team is actually based on certain characters who were given this kind of authority under the direction of the Pentagon.


They've had these A-Team type characters going around funded by the Pentagon, given a clearance higher than CIA. That way they couldn't be touched no matter what they did internally or externally and they're given all these kind of high-tech equipment that the public would never ever guess because it was unknown to them. It was outside of our ‘ken’ as they say. No one would ever have guessed they had it. They had all the voice-to-skull technologies. They could make you see things, hear things, give you hallucinations and you go talk about it and you could be locked up.


Hello. Are you there, Andrew?


Andrew:  I have a question about the people way up at the top of the pyramid. I'm reading your book and in book 2 there's a quote. Can I give it?


Alan:  Yes.


Andrew:  Book 2, page 60, it says: "No human (accent on human) high priest of the mysteries could create the great deception that fools the whole world."   That's pretty dramatic right? I thought, for me that was a cliffhanger and so I went into book 3 and another quote from page 84. It says: "Countries fall one by one by subversion by a determined group of men of secrecy, a special brotherhood with a cunning and total ruthless something at the top, something almost incredible intellect and knowledge of human behavior, something which plans the future many centuries in advance." Then a little bit later you say: "This dark thing," and so that sounded almost like the devil or aliens or I mean definitely inhuman, because you use that word a couple of pages later in describing that.


Alan:  There's no doubt you're talking about something that is definitely inhumane. There's two categories. You've got human and humaneness and you have inhumanity.


Andrew:  Then they could just me a bunch of inbred psychopaths.


Alan:  Yes, but there's no doubt they themselves do have a religion and the religion encompasses things which are pretty well the opposite of what we think of as a normal functioning good healthy society. Their ability to guide society into forms of hell on earth are very, very real, as they've done with world wars and all the others wars they've had before. They tell incredible lies to whole nations of people without blinking, and now psychopaths can certainly do that, but they also have a belief in themselves as a form of God. 

I think that's the music. Hang on and we'll talk after the following messages.


I've got someone on the line from British Columbia, talking about what is this thing at the top, this power, this force, this evil that seems to be running the big boys. The boys that plan wars, the ones who plan the takedown of societies, the ones who even figure out how many they'll lose in a war like little toy soldiers and not be affected by it because it's all just little games to them. What are these people? What it boils down to really is a society of higher psychopaths, definitely inbred for sure. As Plato said, you can breed out or in to a society any trait at all, just like you can breed traits in or out of a dog depending on the kind of dog you want. If you want a lap dog, then you make sure it's a very friendly dog that you breed another one with, both the same kind and then you just keep breeding that quality into them. However, if you want kings and queens who can rule and be ruthless at times, you want someone who is basically psychopathic. You would make sure that little part inside that old brain box that makes you truly human and compassionate is deficient and you breed them with another of the same kind and you end up with lineages of them.


That's what we have today. We know that with Charles Darwin who only married – his family only married into the Wedgwood family and then the Galton's later on, but for generations they only bred into one other family to try and get certain traits out in the offspring which they thought would be geniuses. In a sense they were geniuses along certain paths, but they were also monsters in their own right because they had no compassion for people whatsoever; and they all end up being into eugenics ultimately. Eugenics, the science of the class types, the ones who should be allowed to survive coming into a next stage and the ones who would have to perish because they were too primitive. These are eugenicists and that's what we have, this, under a cloak now of bioethics committees. That's a new term for eugenics, bioethics committees – these pseudo-scientists who use science and statistics et cetera to try and justify what they want to do with humanity. They want to improve us they say, but what they really mean is they want to kill off or cull off inferior types.


You'll find within Masonry it's the only organization that actually accepts eugenics as being a natural thing, lesser types and better types and higher types of humanity. The profane, the collective masses who never join, never clue into all their cons and games that go on, are basically the unworthy ones, the ones that have to be wiped out. They took that from an older religion because it comes from Hinduism that believes in the waves, the waves of theosophy. The waves that come and go through time through millions of years and that the lesser types are always wiped out at the beginning of a new age. They are not allowed into the New Age for fear that they'll bring down those who are “rising” as they call it. You've heard of Earth Rising, it's also the elite rising – the new type of man, the “Great Leap Forward” as they keep talking about. That's what that means. It's a eugenics religious idea.


What is it at the top that they worship really? It's their own strange traits, traits that we can't identify with because they are so incredibly clever and inhumane. Totally inhumane and they use doublespeak with everything that they say to us. They say one thing but mean another. That's why we accept all the laws et cetera that come down thinking they're rather benign, until you see the real consequences of them. It's for control purposes as they control us all along this path into the big sheep pen where they can then rearrange society, perfect that which was left imperfect (which means all of us you see, imperfect ones), and eliminate the ones that cannot come through into a new age. That's what it's all about.


Science is so close to séance and it is interesting that they've always used mediums and so on. Even Albert Pike had his own medium and of course it's a great way to justify what you're doing, whether it's God that tells you you're on the right path or a spirit or whatever they claim it is. It's good to have something from beyond to justify what really is your own psychopathic nature and your psychopathic plans.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)