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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. Look into my websites for more information. The kind of information I give out every week and have been for the last two years on my website and also you can checkout the transcripts in English and in European tongues at


Generally, I don't go about what the mainstream news has given us for the day. Our whole lives long we're given daily information or disinformation or predictive programming of things to come. Never is it very good news at all. We're being programmed our whole lives for an event or a series of events which were planned before we were even born, because this is good shepherding. It's good management for governments. We’ve never really had what we thought of as a democracy. If you read a book like "The Whispering Gallery" put out by a British diplomat in about 1915, you'll see in his memoirs this particular diplomat talks about Winston Churchill talking about this thing called democracy and how they'd have to circumvent it, because it was too cumbersome when you had all these small people in the House of Commons (from the commoners) trying to make their way in the world, arguing and bickering with each other and getting nothing done. It's too cumbersome.  What they decided to do was to use The Royal Institute for International Affairs and their American counterpart they set-up later in a few years from then in America to guide the world. They'd infiltrate the governments. Put their own men inside and steer the politics of the western world. This again is what they call "governance" as opposed to government.


In 2005, when the first part of the Free Trade Negotiations, at least the open part was published of the amalgamations to the public, officially on CBC television in Canada we had ex-politicians, people who had just left politics a few weeks before coming out as members of The Council on Foreign Relations, speaking on behalf of that council and admitting they drafted up the amalgamation of the Americas themselves. They're quite boastful about it, even though now, today, a couple of years later they're pretending they never said anything of the kind.  Tomorrow or Friday I'll be playing on my site a recording of these guys talking about it openly from their own broadcast. They admit they drafted up all of the economic amalgamation and on the tape, too, they admit the security forces and all of the economic rules and laws are already integrated in the Americas. Not only that, shortly afterwards they admitted that certain bureaucrats at Washington, D.C. could apply for jobs.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back here at Cutting Through the Matrix and I think there's a caller. Mark from Pennsylvania. He's called in. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  I am, Alan. You're the best.


Alan:  Well thank you.


Mark:  I know you don't like answering the same questions over and over again so I thought I would give you a unique one, but before I do, let me give you some background. As you know, I'm in the marketing business and I remember several years ago they were talking about having named cars like Toyota and Chevy and all that kind of stuff, and ever since listening to you, I realize that's all a fraud. So I was wondering if I could give you a list of – I have two Toyota trucks actually and I wanted to see if you can kind of give us a quick hit or explanation of what the meaning behind the words were. For example there's the Toyota Matrix, so for people who aren't aware of that, how would you explain why they have named it the matrix?


Alan:  Again, apart from the popular term since the movie and an occultic term as well, the place where all things come from. Everything comes from the earth, including everything that's made in the car that car is made from. The steel, the iron, everything comes from the earth itself.


Mark:  Right. How about the Sion, the Toyota Sion?


Alan:  Oh that's obvious. Yes, the Sion and it's double play. A Sion is a cutting of a branch, which you then splice onto the tree of life and that's how you become a lord. You've come out of the lower ranks and you're spliced on. You have s-c-i-o-n and then you become a Sion as well. You have the sun and the moon. SI in Hebrew is the first two words of the moon and ON is of course the phallic symbol of the sun's “virility” if you like.


Mark:  How about the Toyota Prius?


Alan:  The what?


Mark:  It's called the Prius P-R-I-U-S. It's their hybrid car.


Alan:  The prius.  Maybe it is the pre-us, who knows where they're going from here?  Yes, I do know they have a whole bunch of occultic terms and many of the people think some of them from Japan are Japanese but they're not at all.


Mark:  They're not?


Alan:  Some of them are Aramaic.


Mark:  Are we just basically unwitting billboards for them?  What is the purpose for them to have us emblaze that logo with the name of the car on the back of the car? Is there kind of a hidden reason behind it?


Alan:  Part of it is always to mock the victim. They mock the victim constantly, but part of it also is the understanding of science which isn't taught at universities for ordinary people – a science of symbolism.  Words too are symbols, remember, and they do have an effect on the mind. We are basically computers with a logic and a language which we use; and when you program with certain words—“in the beginning was the word” and the beginning of consciousness, your consciousness, your reality, you're given the words to use and that creates your reality for you.  Therefore, when you see these words all around you, you're being programmed along certain ways which your subconscious can read and it will work on you, but your conscious mind is oblivious that you’re being worked from within.


Mark:  Great show as always. I'll be talking to you soon. Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. There is also a Mark in Illinois. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Mark:  Mr. Watt, I'm a first time caller. I caught your show Monday night and I was just speechless. It was very thought provoking show and I'm listening again tonight and I don't watch much. I only watch one mainstream show and that's had to do with news and I was disturbed and I wanted your take on this, because when I saw that show on the mainstream news and heard your broadcast, I was like my God it's true.  The news actually reported that our government has agreed to give 800 million to $1 billion to the Mexican military to fight the war on drugs, and now our Army is going to be in Mexico helping the Mexican government. What is your take on this?


Alan:  It's the amalgamation. Many, many years ago they talked – in fact as far back as the '60’s when they had their big meetings with The Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR, they talked about the coming amalgamation of Europe into a super-army. They said the next one would be the United States and the Americas, beginning with the amalgamation of Canada and Canadian troops with Americans, which has already been done at higher levels in the Special Forces, and eventually with Mexico followed by Chile. Chile is to be the one after Mexico.  It’s the amalgamation of all troops because those troops will be necessary to move on mass wherever they're needed in the Americas when the riots break out, which they know are going to happen according to the Department of Defence projection from Britain which was published in "The Guardian" a couple of months ago. They know there's going to be lots of riots because of the new system they're bringing in, but they've got to move big amounts of men very quickly and hence the NAFTA superhighways to bring in equipment and vehicles et cetera.


Mark:  Last night I spent half the night just researching on the net and went to Google Video and just pushed in Amero and there was so many videos that you could watch at five minutes a piece it just – right on CNBC they’re talking about the Amero and nobody knows about this. I went to work today and I just asked people if they heard about the Amero, and they're like what's that?  I said Google it. I was just stunned when they reported on mainstream news that we're going to give all that money to fight the so-called war on drugs in Mexico.


Alan:  They always give us a good reason and then there's the real reason to give them that money. The real reason is to equip them fully, integrate them and train them into the American style of military.


Mark:  Mr. Watt, I'm going to let you go but I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your show and keep going. I'm a new listener and I'm plugging in every Monday and Wednesday and actually having people over Friday night to listen to your show. I have invited about nine friends to listen to Friday night show.


Alan:  That's fantastic. I appreciate that too.


Mark:  Hey, thank you and you have a good day.


Alan:  Bye now. I have Ed on the line here. Ed, from where are you?


Ed:  Yes, Mr. Watt. Thank you for taking my call. I want to ask you something about the food here. I just want to know when this started. There's a K for kosher. The illuminati I gather gets a little bit of fee from each sale, is that true, and when did this start, and are they controlling our food through this K?


Alan:  No it's not that. I know what the K is for the kosher, and that is true that you'll see it on many, many packets of food if it's gone through the kosher process of prayed over et cetera by a few rabbis. That's just it. It's a payoff to a bunch – because all religions are corrupt, every single one of them. However, the elite themselves – and this came out in Britain when Prime Minister Tony Blair tried to pass the genetically modified food and make the public accept it, he said the one exception would be that the politicians wouldn't have to eat the same food, especially in their own big parliamentary cafeteria which is like a huge palace.  The elite in Britain have their own farms. They have tenant farmers. They've had that since the days of the Norman invasion. Prince Charles has a couple of hundred of them and they grow their own food naturally. It's non-modified. The cattle that they have aren't injected with any strange drugs and so they have a completely separate food supply from the rest of us, and a genetically modified food, you’re right. That's where the problem is and that's in the kosher food as well.


Ed:  They get a certain little percentage for putting that K on there?


Alan:  Yes it's a money scam, sure.  What isn't a money scam in this system?


Ed:  You know I'm not too happy about that because no other organization does that as far as I know and it's been on there for a long time on our food anyway.


Alan:  Everything to do with the food business – see, food is power. Armies in ancient times always have managed to divert water in warfare and food – two prime things everyone needs.  Food has always been tampered with and scams have gone on down through the ages. Even the types of foods you're given will affect your physical health and your mental health even. However, as far as the money scams go, there's lot of money scams. Here in Canada it broke out when a couple of firms had been taking out the vitamins in the Corn Flakes to sell to the natural foods according to the governments, but they were not substituting the proper synthetic vitamins that the government wanted them to. Everybody in the food business is taking a cut in this scam.


Ed:  I heard a rebroadcast and I was talking about (if you remember) music and we were talking about riots at the time.  One thing I forgot to mention the composer at the time where the riot was in France that was Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, and I wanted to bring that out because if people hear that broadcast they'd say who's that? What composer was that?   Rite of Spring was early 1900’s, was premiered and it caused a riot. Igor Stravinsky had to flee the theater.  Are you familiar with that?


Alan:  Yes I am too.  The Masonic coding they used at the time used phonetic spelling as well, and so the R.O.S. is rose for the rose, even though there's no E on the end of it.


Ed:  As far as composition goes, it's a very radical, unusual composition but he's written some other things that have been more say “compatible.”


Alan:  Do you want to hold on after the break?



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt here from Cutting Through the Matrix. Just going through some of the lower level matrix problems we've always had; and as I say, food has always been used as a weapon. This was also admitted to by the women in charge of the UN Department of Agriculture, which has gone through the history of it being used as weapon against the people and basically hinting that it would be used again if needed. We saw that it was used on Iraq between the two wars, between Gulf War I and II when they starved many thousands of people to death and withheld medicine and supplies.


With all psychopaths at top, the end justifies the means and the fallout to humanity, that doesn’t matter because we're just numbers to them. We're just commoners and we don't really count in the big picture, so much so that we're all given our SIN numbers.  [Social Insurance Number]  It's the first SIN you commit, you see. You're given a SIN number and in the western countries especially Europe you're often given it at birth when your parents are dumb enough to register you, which really is a way of giving you away to the government. They are now in charge of you. Whenever you register anything, you don't own it anymore. It doesn't own itself either.


We're conned from birth to death in this system, yet if you go back to the days of Sumer and look into some of the records which have been found written in stone, they had the same problems even then thousand of years ago. We think we're so evolved and civilized and it's only now we have all these problems with multi-leveled bureaucracies running our lives, and yet, one priest in Sumer looked from the horizon to horizon and wrote that down in stone. He says all I see are government buildings. He says we all live for taxes. The boat men bring in their fish and are taxed as soon as they land. It's taxed at the market. He said when we bury our dead and put offerings on the grave, he says the taxmen come in and take them. So really, what's new in this system? The CON goes on. The CON is to convince everyone that's born that this is the only system that could possibly be.


We're taught that more so today that we're on the cutting edge of civilization and society and progress, yet progress towards what?


It’s never defined to us.


Who decides what progress is, when you turn and look around you and see the fallout of a crumbling society?


There's been a war on the last society for many years, your whole life as they destroy the family unit which they kept together through religion. That was also their old system. Now they don't need it anymore. It's a problem so they're destroying it and now everyone is isolated from everyone else. Everyone becomes a shark upon everyone else because we live in a predatory society with the top predators at the top. Look at their Coats of Arms. They're all predators and very proud of it too. The problem is they've given us the psychopathic culture to emulate, where winners get to the top and we all bow down and worship them.


It's disgusting to see some of the supposed stars that are put up there for the public to follow and worship. The talk show ones on television that guide the thoughts of million of people of viewers and just watch what happens when they walk on stage and those people go into paroxysms of ecstasy, as you would in ancient over a human deity, a human god walking before them. It’s the same thing. They worship success and money and mammon and power. Nothing really changes. There are many base people in this world who would do the same things to get there if they could. If they were intelligent enough or cunning enough or ruthless enough, they'd love to get up there, because in this system – which keeps us off balance and terrified of poverty, loneliness, sickness and all those things, starvation – money is given as the key to all our problems.


We’re trained from birth to run after money. That's what school’s only purpose is, to give you a quality approval stamp called a "degree" or "certificate."  That means you're stupid enough to work in their system without figuring it out. That's what it means.  We've all been fooled. Not just us, every generation before us has been fooled into working for this global system based on usury and compound interest and this odd thing that you can't even eat called money, and yet you're not allowed to live without it. If you put a shack up in the boonies somewhere, along comes a man with a measuring tape from the government to measure your shack and hand you a bill for taxation, and all you're doing is putting walls around a bunch of air. That's all a house is. It's a box containing air. You're being taxed on it.


You have to think almost the way the Monty Python crew could think to see things in a surrealistic way that they really are presented as normal to us. We are fooled from birth to death. For hundreds and hundreds of years they used religion to do the same thing. If it was written in a book it must be true, even though you hadn't a ghost chance in hell to ever find the authors. I'll be back after the following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back again with Cutting Through the Matrix, and as that song said it all, everybody knows. We all really know what's going on. We do get the snippets of information that they dole out to us to make sure that we know what's going on. Years ago the UN was going on about the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and it wasn't really a complaint from their side because they're all part of this agenda. After all, they are the ONE, the UN are the ONE, and that's the whole plan is to have no middle class left whatsoever.


Coming from Britain it was odd to find blue-collar factory workers who were classed as middle class. The reason being, really from Britain's angle, you were middle class when you owned your own house really and wore a suit and tie to work. Over in America, because they gave them bigger wages and people could buy their own homes, they decided they were middle class.  You see the new agenda is going to attack the home. You won't need the home because you won't have a family, number one.  The UN Agenda 21 for the 21st Century has you all marked for living in these little boxes called habitat areas, where you'll have these tiny little boxes that you'll live in as single people, until they start bringing us all down with the Avian flu or whatever other disease they decide to release upon the populace – because that's the whole agenda, it’s to get us reduced to a manageable population which is more efficient; and if there's one thing the big boys like, it’s efficiency.


This present time, this glut of credit cards and endless credit is to come to an end. Those who have been born into it, the young people think it's quite natural. They think it's always been like this, and it's not really. It's only the last 20 years we've had such easy access to credit and that was just simply so we could keep buying toys for ourselves while big changes were being made and we wouldn't notice. We would be too happy playing ourselves and being entertained and go “gooh” and “gah” over the latest plastic junk from China, which doesn’t very long. It's not meant to. That's why they gave us all the credit because they were taking the factories out. Something that they planned many, many years ago before I was born and they give them to China. They discussed this in the 1930’s at the International Meetings of The Royal Institute for International Affairs.  We've lived through it and it's like some of the callers even discussing the Amero.


People will slide into the Amero and you'll find people you know will side into it so easily they won't even talk about it, like it was a passing strangeness to them. They'll just adapt to it so quickly, because under the conditioning that we've had we've been taught to simply adapt along the Darwinian theory of social evolution. "You adapt or you die" as they say. People do adapt. They adapted through all of the Free Trade Negotiations in the late '80’s, early '90’s as though it didn't concern them. They all heard it on the news. They’ve adapted through the NAFTA negotiations as though it didn't concern them. Through the GATT negotiations that followed it for international trade as though it didn't concern them. They noticed the sudden appearance of goods from China in all the stores, until you can’t buy anything else. Most people you realize have never even questioned it, as though it's all quite natural to them.


They float through their lives, and like Zbigniew Brzezinski said, they've been so conditioned by the media that anything they should know the media will tell them. That's what they truly, truly believe.  Brzezinski also said, "they will accept the media as there to do all their reasoning for them," and once again, for those in the land of the dead that is true. They do believe the media is some supra-national corporate holy body that's beyond court level honesty and is there to tell you what you have to know. They really believe that, so if you're telling them something that's not been on the media, they'll think you're crazy. That's how simply it works. Most people have no minds of their own today. They been stunted almost at birth with inoculations and then the most scientific indoctrination that's ever been devised through schooling and propaganda. This works incredibly well.


You should read "The Impact of Science on Society" by Lord Bertrand Russell, a big player at the Tavistock Institute, who was a big player in pushing and promoting and helping drafting up the age we're now coming into. He and Aldous Huxley were the best of friends, both working at Tavistock Institute and both knew the agenda. Remember that Huxley himself wrote "Brave New World" about the re-engineering of life on the planet for specific jobs, even giving you different arms, more arms if need be, living on drugs and happiness, but never thinking very deeply on any topic whatsoever; and the wrote that in 1933.  1933, not long after the bi-plane was brought out. The reason being that science is always compartmentalized from professorship down. It’s the lowest level of science and knowledge.


There's a level above that that certain students with gifts are brought out of university and pushed up beyond, and there's a level beyond that. The level at the bottom is called "RE-SEARCH" because the searching has already been done at the top. Whenever you see nanotechnology, for instance, given to the public as a term, it's obsolete at the top already. They give us Dolly the sheep about cloning. They show us the RE-SEARCH at the bottom when they can already complete a human being at the top level. This is old stuff you see, old stuff. There are different matrices and the different levels of understanding reality, depending on which level you belong to.


It’s so funny to see them pull out stealth bombers every other year and you get this big propaganda piece of how it's the fastest, most efficient machine we've got.  Meanwhile the BBC did a documentary in 1972 on Area 51 and broadcast it all over Britain, where they showed flying saucers coming out of American military bases made in America. These things moved at incredible speeds and came right out of these underground silos. Fascinating stuff, but, no, now they pull out stealth bomber to convince us this is the best they have. Quite the joke, isn't it?  The best cover they put out for the flying saucer phenomena was “it must have came from Mars because we don't have them.” Then they promoted the whole movement towards the belief in aliens and extraterrestrials and UFOs, backed up with sci-fi, which diverted us asking the obvious question: "Did we make these things here at a higher level?" It’s very, very simple to fool the public – old tricks, old techniques.


In ancient Egypt, Herodotus visited it, historian for Greece, for Athens, and he went through underground tunnels miles long. Tunnels where they could put armies through and come up behind invading armies and kill them. You wouldn't believe the tricks they had back then to fool the people. They’ve always used the underground for hiding things and storing things, including archives of knowledge. Nothing changes today. We see the same phenomena like Cheyenne Mountain. They've even had documentaries on that one, which means it's fairly obsolete and they have other bases all over the world underground and inside mountains.


In the Himalayas they have the same phenomena. They've got an Area 51 there too. This whole mountain is surrounded by the military of India, who keep everyone else and the bystanders outside the parameters watching these flying saucers coming in and out of the mountain. Not alien beings – it's a military organization, a military establishment.  At the top they share the sciences, but at the bottom they give us practical science magazines, which mislead us into the stealth bomber is the best that we've got and of course we believe it. “But it must be true. It's on the mainstream media.” Very simple tricks are played on a daily basis, a yearly basis and a lifelong basis to fool the public.


This war of terror that's being used on the public was decided a long time ago to be used because it was the fastest way to get the Americans to give up their rights and freedoms. Right after 9/11 happened, the U.S. media and the Canadian media were talking to the supposed man in the street for weeks and weeks with the same question:


"Are you willing to give up your freedom for security?"


Then they did national polls on it to see how much we'd go along with it and give everything up. Then they published the statistics on it.  Statistics are great for lies because most people would like to go with the majority. That's how they do it with voting. I've met people who've voted for some real nasty person, admitted they were nasty but they were still proud they voted for the winner. That's how stupid some people are.


Now Dan from Kentucky I think is on the line. Are you there, Dan?


Dan:  Yes, Alan. Thank you for all your work and integrity. We've read your three books, studied them and listened to your DVDs.  I think once you mentioned a book that we've tried to find called "The Psychology of Killing" and it was describing psychopaths. We're having trouble finding that book if you remember who the author is.


Alan:  Okay. I'll find it for you and put it up on the website.


Dan:  All right. I read [Romachisky] who did a lot of work on pathocrats in Poland and they did case studies on the communists that were torturing them.  A lot of the books disappeared ahead of the students in the libraries, but it seems that maybe if we knew the type of people, psychopaths, we could infer a lot of what the formulas are that they have in the archives. Do you think it's possible to infer some of those?


Alan:  Sure, absolutely. I'll tell you a good example of a psychopath, a classic actually was King James that's given acclaim for the Bible, the King James Version. When you read the man's speeches he said that he was put there by God under the divine right of kings; and therefore no one, no one on pain of death had the right to question him for his demands for taxes for the military, or for his plans for warfare or anything else. However, that's the arrogance of the psychopath who's been pampered in the upper elite. Very blatant about it and they mean what they say. They will kill anyone who tries to stand in their way. They have no problems with killing because they have no conscience. They don't reflect sorrow or any of those emotions.


Dan:  I was thinking about different personality types, like in [Myers-Briggs], as you deal with different people differently you can get good results. If we stood up to them according to their different personality types of psychopathy maybe it would work better. Also, there's a book called "Interest and Inflation Free Money" where they tried monies that deteriorated five percent every year in Austria and it worked pretty well in the 1930’s; and since grain or everything else wears out, they've got their money system to wear out at five percent every year so people will help each other and barter and spent this local money.  The town did real well and they didn't have the money problems they do now. Maybe we can try something like that. I’ve heard there’s something in Massachusetts that’s a local money system.


Alan:  There's nothing at the moment that will stop you from even bartering.  There are laws on the books to come in and stop you from bartering (and again this goes back ten years or more), because they say that anyone who barters is really running an “underground economy.”  They're trying to make the public think that because they don't pay taxes on a straight barter they're robbing the public of getting more tax money to help the public. This is the con that they're pulling.  Bartering itself is going to come under attack. If you want to swap a bag of corn for a bag of oats, now the government wants to get between you, because as far as they’re concerned a third or a half of that bag is theirs.


Dan:  One more quick question. You mentioned policies versus law, and privileges versus rights. If you go into a store or deal with the government or a business and they refuse – make you show you're ID or all this kind of stuff, do you think if you stick to the law and whatever and insist on that it will be successful most of the time because most of the managers will back down and they don't know what the deal is anyway?


Alan:  It could be with some, but you'll find most businesses today are really chain businesses. They're big chain stores. They have their policies and guidelines for them and they're all given the same rules at the same time. Now the best thing to do is to simply tell them that you won't be back there anymore for any purchases unless they change this or that, whatever you wish, and that you'll be telling all your friends as well. That's about the best thing that you can do. Shortly you’re going to find now – in fact they are in the shopping malls – they're putting prisons in the shopping malls in the basement, because they know there's going to be more complainers in the short term because they're bringing out all this ID for every purchase.  They want to simply arrest anybody who’s complaining and put them in the slammer down below. They've already given the money out and many of these malls already have these places built.


Dan:  They're imprisoned with their credit and then they'll be physically, how about that.


Alan:  That's right, so the best thing you can do is just lodge a quiet complaint and tell them I won't be back here anymore to shop and I'm telling all my friends not to either.


Dan:  Thank you so much for all your work. We sure appreciate it.


Alan:  And I thank you.


Dan:  Bye now.


Alan:  Bye now. Yes, that's the world we really in, where everything is coordinated.  That's why, just like the centralization of government was a prime tenant of the Communist Manifesto, that's the reason Karl Marx telegraphed to Lincoln to thank him for solidifying the power of the federal government after the Civil War. They knew there was a need to standardize the laws from one source. It's the same thing with chain stores. At the top of the chain stores you'll find the same large shareholders, the same bunch and they set the policies, which is easy then to just run down the lines with the chains and they're all exactly the same. That was worked out a long time ago.


Margaret Thatcher said there was a war on small business and she knew it because they were trying to put all small business out of the way. I'll talk about this after these messages when I come back.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows




Hi folks. Alan Watt back here at Cutting Through the Matrix. Check into my website for hundreds of free downloads going through much of the history of all that has happened that's led up to where we are today and where we're going with it all. That's even more important because now is the time to get involved, while we have a chance to do anything. It's not a matter of saving what we have. It’s not ours to save. It was their system. We've got to find a new way, a new path to go on – not their system, because if you go right back to their system, they're still in charge obviously or another group of psychopaths will take over. They're very quick and cunning. They see all angles which the average person doesn't see and they can “pull the wool over your eyes” as they say in masonry. They love to hoodwink the whole public; and it's easy to have a wink between friends when someone has a hood on their head; and “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” as they say too.


We've got to restart thinking for ourselves and see through all of these cons, whether you're serving the CON or con-servative or another CON that you want to believe in. Whatever you're given in religion or anything else, is just that. It's given to you as a choice between this, this, or perhaps even a third one, and you adopt it without thinking because you're beliefs are induced beliefs.


Socrates was killed for literally advocating that all beliefs should be tested empirically – and if they had no use or function for the individual, they should be thrown away.  That didn't really go well with the dominant minority of his day, who had already given the public a particular religion to follow which made them obedient to the elite themselves.


Nothing changes in the system. The CONS change their names but the system is always really the same. Don't choose the path of least resistance. That will also be laid out for you to follow. You must generally take the harder path. That's the one that leads you out of it all. It takes a little bit of strength, a lot of fortitude and some will to get through, and don't be surprised if you lose a lot of friends along the way. That's just part of the course.


We're living in a very dangerous time as the totalitarian system rolls ahead and is starting to make its head appear above the horizon. We're going to see this in all phases of our life. We're going to see it in stores. We’re going to see it on the roads. They're already checking people on big, big right checks now on a massive scale to get us to obey the black uniforms, and we better stop it now while we have a chance. Passive disobedience is far better than the unthinkable. The unthinkable is horror, yet that's what we're facing. That's what we're facing today. The system is changing. It is changing because the elite who own it have decided they're changing it. It's of no more use to them. They want to progress. That's how things are folks.


From Hamish my dog and myself, up here in the boonies in Canada, it's good night and may you god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)