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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.com, or actually it's not .com. That's my blurb spot. I get confused with the two. Too many matrixes here and it's October 31st, 2007.


For our newcomers, check into my website, that is the com site, Cuttingthroughthematrix.com for lots and lots of talks I've given over the years on the histories of controlling populations through various means; religion, psychology of course is used today big time; mass psychology. Education is another way to do it. It's also called indoctrination. The two are interchangeable in fact. You can also download free transcripts of different languages of Europe from alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.


We're coming up to the hype time – the hype time for the flu shot and this is when they go to town and tell you of all the terrible things that could happen to you if you don't get your flu shot and some places you have to pay for it. Other places it's free and the governments are in on the act now promoting it, even through fast-food chains and grocery stores where they'll give you a free flu shot with every 10 bucks of groceries if you buy at certain stores. Of course your government is separate from business isn't it?  Ah-ha, ha-ha, but that's the way it goes. It's a corporation and it's certainly involved in business. In fact, government is the biggest business on the planet. Just look at all the lobbyists who surround parliament buildings and Congressional buildings and areas. Those are the guys who work for the big corporations and they have their boys sitting in the governments speaking out on their behalf not yours.


Back to the flu shot and I've got an article here amongst others I will read after the following break about how they hand out handouts. They're called handouts to newspapers. These come from medical authorities. They’re typed up by PR spokespeople and they're simply handed out to the press that gives them to you and you read this stuff and you don't realize this is not analyzed by any reporter or anyone with critical thinking ability in fact at all. It's a straight ad and many reports that come out in the newspapers are in fact handouts. They’re straightforward ads put out by governments and various organizations that do deals with governments and the big pharmaceutical industries are one of the biggest ones. Huge PR departments (public relations departments) and they come up and type all this stuff up that gets parroted to you and there's no opposing side to the story in any of it. They give you their side, their version and no other one.


Now this flu farce has even been exposed by the same government, other departments within governments in Canada. This is one of them and I'll go into this after the following messages.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, going through our yearly flu hype that we go through that's pushed by the big businesses; big pharmaceutical agencies in cahoots with governments now that are now our big daddies as well. They tell us how to eat and how to think even: Correct think, good think, right think. They're also wanting to weigh us and measure us and just like any farmer looking after his animals, we've got to remember that too, because the animals on a farm have a purpose and the farmer is the only guy that knows the purpose. You keep the animals happy by keeping them happy and keeping them very calm.


However, here they are going with their full scale attack every year now about the flu shot and it's big business for flu shots. No such thing as free flu shots because governments pay out the difference in your tax money. Here's a little part put out in the Victoria News, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and it's from October 19th, 2007, your standard PR blurb that's just handed out to the media.


It says:


             "Not all is good…"


Alan:  Next to that is a report, the good part, given by Murray Fyfe who's the head man for the health department for that area. Next to that, it's got one little column.


It says:


             "Not all is good. Research suggests…"


Alan:  I love how it suggests. It's called a science but it says suggest.


             "…a very small risk of developing the potentially disabling neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) after receiving a flu vaccine. A study…"


Alan:  It doesn't tell you which one.


             "…conducted during the months of October and November between April 1, 1992, and March 31, 2004, found up to one in ten people may contract…"


Alan:  One in ten may contract.


             "…the disorder after receiving the flu vaccination. The disorder can follow infection with influenza and other organisms,” said Murray Fyfe…"


Alan:  Of course they know there's other organisms because it's in the shot. He goes on to say:


             "…Vancouver Island Health Authority’s South Island medical health officer, Mr. Murray Fyfe. The syndrome, in which the body’s immune system begins to attack the body itself…"


Alan:  Now here's the immune system working. You get a shot and then your whole immune system starts attacking your body. It's looking for something in your joints and so on and you come down with crippling arthritis and various other symptoms and tremendous fatigue. One in ten, remember.


             "The first symptoms of this disorder include varying degrees of weakness or tingling sensations in the legs. In many instances, the weakness and abnormal sensations spread to the arms and upper body. No one knows why the syndrome strikes some people and not others or what sets it into motion."


Alan:  That's what they say. Now let's take that last bit again.


             "No one knows why…"


Alan:  This is the expert Murray Fyfe talking, head of the health department for this part of Vancouver.


             "No one knows why the syndrome strikes some people and not others or what sets it into motion."


Alan:  Well, Mr. Murray Fyfe, let's go back to the beginning of the column.


             "Research suggests a very small risk of developing the potentially disabling neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) after receiving a flu vaccine."


Alan:  I'll send in my bill later. So there you go. They just can't figure out why they come down with this after getting flu shots, so it's a mystery why they get this disease, and that's what we're dealing with. Most people don't really analyze the information that's dished out to them. They go along with it, especially when the experts tell them this is so and they come out with the latest theories. Science we get at this bottom level here is full of theories. A theory is someone's good guess and your theory is as good as anybody else's theory or guess. However, Bertrand Russell said a long time ago "We shall train the public not to do a thing without the advice from an expert" and unfortunately, we've had a whole lifetime of it now. We're into the second or third generation of being indoctrinated by experts who keep changing their theories but never the agenda. They're giving you all these free flu shots and then they give a list of people who should get it.


Now remember, if you're a good consumer-producer according to the United Nations you are a good citizen. After you're retired you're not so good a producer anymore. You're a consumer only and perhaps you're a useless eater.


"People 65 years and older should have and their caregivers should get the flu shot. Children and adults with chronic health conditions and others in their household."


Alan:  Now, let’s go back into the eugenics program, again, children, overpopulation, yah-de-yah-de-yah and people who have hereditary problems, genotypes are being targeted.


"Children and adults with chronic health conditions…"


Alan:  You know those who are a burden on society should also get their flu shot.


             "Health-care workers…"


Alan:  Now they're amongst the highest to come down with the side effects of chronic fatigue and all the rest of it because they get more shorts than anyone else. They go on to:


             "…healthy children age 23 months to six years. Infants aged zero to 23 months."


Alan:  Now their immune system hasn't even begun working then, and here they are dumping this stuff into their bloodstream. Yeah, they'll say it's intramuscular, it's subcutaneous under the skin, but it gets into the bloodstream. Now what's the first thing they teach you boys and girls when you cut yourself when you're a child and mummy grabs you or daddy grabs you and they want to kiss it all better, but they want to wash it all first with hot water and maybe some disinfectant. You're taught that is normal because things can get into your body. You don't want nasty things in your body, but we've all been trained. Trained, mind you, like animals that something stuck right into you by a guy in a white coat is okay. That's the exception to the rule and none of us, including the guy with the white coat, has the ability to analyze what's in that actual inoculation. The whole system is base on faith. Everything is based on faith, from the consumer right up through the guys that give you inoculations, right up to the laboratories where they make all this stuff.


It's no secret that people like Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley and Charles Galton Darwin talked about and you'll find that in the writings of Jacques Ellul talking about these guys. Talking about the fact they would use inoculations to bring down populations et cetera, and lo and behold, there's never been such a big push for these inoculations.


As I said before the break, what's really amazing here, apart from all the rest of the hype and nonsense and unverifiable supposed facts, is the fact that other governmental departments have come out with their own studies disproving the other part of the government’s findings telling you.  Generally in the spring it happens every year in Canada, the blind studies they've done with controlled groups, those who had flu injections as opposed to those who did not, there's no difference at all in those who came down with the flu, except a lot of them who had the shot came down with flu-like symptoms and often had bronchial problems. Then we have this Guillain-Barre Syndrome to add on to it – one in 10. One in 10 people come down with this, but they're still pushing this poison out there.


For those who don't quite get it, you should go into all of the old books going back into the 1800’s on eugenics and the eugenics agenda because it's well underway. Well underway and don't let your grandpa or your grandma go and get that flu shot. A government official called me up about a year ago. His mother ended up in bed in chronic care, intensive care after getting the flu shot and she had pneumonia. That's fairly common in the elderly once they get this particular flu shot; and it's all unproven. It's all unproven that the shot itself will prevent the flu. That is about the only thing that you can prove with blind study tests.


We have to wake up quickly and realize that we've been had. We’ve all been had. It's the same with the mercury in the inoculations that they give out there for all the other types of injections you get when you're a child. The heavy metal of mercury is loaded up. Supposedly, it was a preservative into these vaccinations.


They knew in the 1800’s when they were treating syphilis with mercury injections what it did, not only to the brain but the rest of the body. It accumulates, an accumulative type metal like all heavy metals, and it destroys the neurons in the brain. They found it was destroying them faster in the groups that got mercury treatment for syphilis and the ones who didn't get the mercury treatment lasted longer and they had their mental faculties for years after the ones who had mercury treatment went under. Don't tell me they don't know what they're doing. We've got to stop this trusting stuff and believing their excuses: “They just foul things up along the way and it was all a big mistake.” We've got to throw this out the window. These guys don't make mistakes, especially on this kind of scale. You go through even the little codings and little jokes they give us down through the years and through the generations, from pop music for the father of course, to rock music and we have the Rockefeller Foundation that was one of the first ones to push all the inoculations, and then you have heavy metal. What do you think heavy metal was all about, folks, eh?


That's when things went really crazy and the drugs came in and society was turned upside down.  Mercury you see is a heavy metal and we've all had our dose of it. Mercury is the patron of mercenaries and merchants. Why those particular two groups? Because they always move together, as they still are across the Middle East. Money goes along with the troops because the spoils of war are very lucrative and tempting to big army controllers. Mercury is a heavy metal. We've all had our shot. We’ve all got the “message.” Everyone who has been born since the '50’s has got the message.  I'll be back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and going through the yearly farce of the flu shot and mentioning the fact that governments will, and generally in Canada they do anyway and some parts of Europe, they disclose – after all the same government hyped it all through the winter. They'll disclose their findings around the spring and tell you that has far as they could tell it had no effect whatsoever, so why the hype to keep it going? Is it just big business and money or is there something else behind it? because remember the old saying that Bernard Baruch used who was one of the top men who advised many presidents, one of the biggest bankers on the planet. He said "for everything that happens in government there's a good reason and then there's the real reason," and that's how it is with inoculations.


You can't take risks when you've read your histories, especially the histories of the powerful people who planned world government, who planned new societies, who planned new types of human slaves, and who categorized all of the groups of people on the planet into different sections, castes, classes et cetera, according to their usefulness to the system and also about culling off the excess population worldwide. You can't read this stuff and read about the ways they talked about killing off the populations without something going on in your head to do with a big question mark. The question mark should be right above your head now looming big and tall.


What on earth is all this about? How come they're pushing inoculations to this level when their own studies in the spring always tell you it had no effect whatsoever on the disease it was suppose to prevent?


There's always a good reason and gradually, gradually the unthinkable happens. The unthinkable is my God, they're doing something really nasty to us intentionally and that's where most people end up at that point. Most won't go past that because if you read the histories and you're shocked into reality you've got to reevaluate everything, everything you've ever believed in and everything you've ever been taught and everything that you know, and most folk cannot go there. Some can cross through. They go through tremendous depressions in fact as they crash through the false floor they thought was underneath them, until they find the real floor and then they're in the matrix they can see that those around them can't, and that's the problem. We've got to start using our common sense.


Now remember that people like Arthur Koestler who, it’s now announced, did work for MI6 as a novelist as many of them did. You'll find Blair that wrote "1984" (George Orwell), also belonged to it. Many novelists belonged to MI6 and in the U.S. the top poets even and writers belonged to the CIA. It's now declassified information. Some of them knew what they were doing. Others I'm sure didn't, they were ideological, but others certainly knew what they were doing.  Arthur Koestler who had one of the biggest egos of all of the whole group that worked for the British side of it in tandem with the CIA because they had a joint office in London.


He said himself that he worked eventually for the United Nations groups on ways to lobotomize a part of the human brain on the general population – the part of the brain that gives the elite all the problems, the one that makes us all fight each other. He said we can do it chemically by introducing chemicals that will go straight to that part of the brain and destroy it, or we can actually inject it (and they tried different ways), or we can spray it from the air or put something in the water or the food, and his section was to deal with the psychological indoctrination but he worked alongside the guys who did the biochemical warfare research on it. At the end of his book he tells you this is the only way to achieve world peace; because from the elites’ point of view, they are the natural survivors. They are the ones most fit to guide planet ship earth through space and the future, while the rest of us are just junk genes and that's where they claim the problems all arrive from is from the bottom upwards. The bottom are always squabbling and fighting and we have no manners. We’ve got bad breeding. We've got junk genes and so they were talking about ways to bring us all down.


Africa was to go down quickly because they didn't have the wealth or even the media to get out to the Western world of what was happening and the Western world was to be brought down, depopulated slowly by other means so that the public wouldn't panic when more of them started to die off with various illnesses or cancers. What a coincidence. Cancer is now one in every two; infertility in the Western male is 75 percent lower and we're 25 percent fertile, 75 percent sterile and the United Nations announces these statistics every year itself. It never puts any qualification on it. They just announce them, and believe you me, if it was not meant to be, there would be a crisis. They'd say it was a crisis situation. When that happens in one generation, one generation mind you, and they don't say it's a crisis, then it's because it's part of the plan and we better all wake up to this agenda. It's ongoing. It's been going on all my life and what's even more important is the experts who take over your lives like the doctors are brainwashed. First of all, you must brainwash the people who then brainwash the public and the doctors in medical school today are being taught none of the histories of cancer or the inclines of cancers over the 40 years or so. They're taught it's quite natural that one in two gets it. Back after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm back with Cutting Through the Matrix.  I don't know if John from Texas is still on the line. Are you there, John?


John:  Yes, hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


John:  Alan, I have three quick questions. They're kind of yes and no questions. I'll ask them real quick.


Alan:  Go ahead.


John:  The first question is: Is the absolute truth darker than the elite's goal towards their Great Work?

Question No. 2: Does the absolute truth have anything to do with the history and/or age of technology or level of course?

The third and last question is: Does the absolute truth have anything to do with the ancient mysteries?


Alan:  It's darker than the elite themselves know. There's no doubt about it. You're looking at a category or a section of society which is interesting. I mentioned on a show last night that if you were to line up the old religious descriptions of people who were demonically possessed and you line up the scientific descriptions of the psychopath with their MOs, they're both basically the same. It's anti-human and they’re inhumane and so you definitely have a darker side to all of this at the very, very top. People who can plan wars and actually work out estimations of how many millions they'll kill off in advance and then all shake hands and agree now it's done, so it will be, that's what they say at the top, “so mote it be” in their big foundations et cetera, and they go off to parties and forget all about it and have a good time. That's not a natural human trait to have and so there's a darker side for sure behind it.


Technologically wise, you'll find it far back as Francis Bacon's time. That's when the sudden rush was on towards science. The Rosicrucians or the big movement that came out of the woodworks pushed science and they all became experimenters and Francis Bacon himself died of an infection. He had toxemia because he was dissecting a chicken to find out all of its sinews et cetera and draw it all down. These guys were into science in a big way and this is the same man, remember, Francis Bacon that wrote "The New Atlantis" taking a play off of the old Plato's Atlantis and he was talking about the United States. He said it would be run by a secret government in reality, but for the people they will have a form of republican democracy and that's exactly what you have.


Carroll Quigley came out in his book "Tragedy & Hope" and admitted that for 50 years (and this was in the 1960’s), he says for 50 years America has been run by a parallel government, and we now know who it is. It's The Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American branch of The Royal Institute for International Affairs, and that goes all the way back to Queen Elizabeth's I court, once again with Francis Bacon, John Dee and that little clique who came up with the idea of free trade, a global system and the British Empire. It all ties in together, so it's pretty well yes to all of those things.


However, the sciences were to be kept quiet from the public, hidden from the public, the higher sciences, and so from professorship down you're given theories on everything and professors themselves don't know that there's higher levels above them. Now some of them do suspect it in fact because I've had professors call me and they admitted that maybe one in 50 professors will be chosen to get access to certain archives and they cannot talk about them once they've been shown around these archives. There are higher sciences that are kept from the public. We know the CIA has a higher level of science, a higher level of weaponry. They were using gizmos in the 50’s that could put thoughts and voices into your head from a distance, line of sight, and you could put one of these little gizmos in your pocket. Nick Begich showed that on the Canadian Broadcasting Television (CBC) and demonstrated it on the host, Wendy Mesley, and she heard music in the middle of her head; and it could have just as easily been words and then you'd be locked up as being a schizophrenic. They've had this higher technology. Professors at universities didn't know about this stuff and it wasn't declassified really until Nick Begich came along and showed us all of this equipment, which makes me wonder how Nick got a hold of it because you can't but it at the army surplus store. That stuff had to have been not only solid-state circuitry but micro-circuitry.


Meanwhile back in the '50’s, everyone used the big tubes in their radios and televisions, these big glass tubes, and meanwhile they skipped the whole stage of transistors and all the rest of it and were actually using micro-circuitry and chips. They always keep their high sciences quiet and hidden from the public. Was there another question there?


John:  I think the last one was: Does the absolute truth have anything to do with the ancient mysteries?


Alan:  It is. It's tied in the ancient mysteries and also to do with godhood. Of course there's two versions of everything and you get the same thing with the ancient mysteries, where they talked about the whole thing was to become God or a god having power over all that your survey. The pharaohs had hymns written to themselves and they'd talk about climbing the pyramid as they marched up towards Orion, the constellation in the sky that represented them. Orion is the hunter and the pharaoh’s hymn said that “I have become Orion. I am a god. I own all that walks, flies or crawls or buries beneath the earth, everything is mine,” and that's basically godhood from the elites’ point of view. A god is something that had the right to decide life or death to a person, and that's what we have today. We have people that have people who literally are playing God and knowingly. They can order whole vast armies to conquer the planet. That's happening. They're also working towards longevity for themselves. They have broken the gene that is called "the time gene" or the "aging gene." They've broken that. That was admitted on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation by David Suzuki, who is a geneticist and who also is one of the big players for the UN and World Wildlife Fund.


He said we can make someone live to 500 years of age right now if we want to, barring accidents, and that was all he said. This was the same man who's a eugenicist too and he said we've got to kill off – I can't remember how many thousands of people per day in order to save the planet, so he's all for this whole agenda. Whatever we're given in the papers is either disinformation, outright lies, but it's certainly meant to keep us all in the dark and believing that whatever the scientific magazines give us is the latest. We're taught to believe we're on the cutting edge. No, we're not on the cutting edge. Everything we're given is antique. Even the information is obsolete. Okay?


John:  Yes.


Alan:  Okay. Thanks for calling.


John:  Thanks a lot Alan. Take care.


Alan:  Now is Kirk in California there? Are you there, Kirk?


Kirk:  Yes. Good evening, Alan. How are you tonight?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Kirk:  Good, good. I just wanted to talk a little bit about conformity. I've been reading a book – because ever since listening to you, it's really put me on a path to go find a lot of different books to read and this one is "An Anatomy of Conformity."  It came out of the University of Michigan and it was funded by the Ford Foundation, yes, those wonderful benefactors of society.  I wondered if I could read you a little clip of it real quick?


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Kirk:  It says:


"If one wishes to produce conformity for good or evil the formula is clear. Manage to arouse a need or needs that are important to the individual or to the group. Offer a goal which is appropriate to the need or the needs. Make sure that the conformity is instrumental to the achievement of the goal and that the goal is as large and as certain as possible. Apply the goal or reward at every opportunity. Try to prevent the object of your efforts from obtaining an uncontrolled education. Choose a setting that is ambiguous. Do everything possible to see that the individual has little or no confidence in his own position. Do everything possible to make the norm which you set appear highly valued and attractive. Set it at a level not too far initially from the starting position of the individual or the group and move it gradually toward the behavior you wish to produce. Be absolutely certain you know what you want and that you are willing to pay an enormous price in human quality, for whether the individual or the group is aware of it or not, the result will be Conformity."


Kirk:  I thought that was pretty factual.


Alan:  That's why they encourage groups and you always have the spokesman. Remember, every part of the chess game, this global chess game that's going on, every part of every move that goes out there, these guys have think tanks debating what the reaction will be from different segments and different personality types within a society. They start training certain people to go out and become leaders before they've even made the move that causes their reaction and they've been doing this for a hundred-odd years at least that we can trace. Lawrence of Arabia admits that in his own book, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom."  He was picked at university. They funded him heavily. They sent him off to own newspapers in Arabic countries and then they hired hundreds of staff to go round the bizarres listening to the gossip to see if people were parroting the news article and how the debates were going. Therefore, even the conversations and those things we argue about are all given to us, and then they come along and they shape the direction we are supposed to go in.  Then you have a counter reaction from some other group that's not happy or they're left out in the cold and they also lead those groups along as well. Through conflict they have resolution and it's the resolution or the synthesis, as it's also called, that they're after.


Kirk:  Yes, it's pretty amazing. Lawrence, he worked with Ronald Storrs pretty closely, right? Sir Ronald Storrs?


Alan:  He knew him. Again, these guys all belong to an aristocracy. Lawrence himself was brought up in a small castle. It was a form of a big mansion really but it was shaped like a castle and he was groomed from childhood for his position, as were many of the big elite players that went into Oxford and Cambridge at that time. He was only one of 20 students that were trained in all of the Aramaic languages and sent over there with money to start writing propaganda that would then affect the cultures of the Arabs and get different factions fighting each other.


Kirk:  Yes. Just all through this, various different forms of manipulation.


Alan:  Yes.


Kirk:  Yes, this book is pretty frightening because it's just cold, very scientific calculated to the point it tells you right there. I encourage anybody out there who seeks knowledge to look into as many of these types of books as you can in psychology and sociology and human behavior because they document it just like we’re animals.


Alan:  Yes they do and they've had plenty study time and thousands of studies actually they've done across the world in repetition to make sure it always works the same way every time and they do. It's like Albert Pike said, "We never start a premature revolution." Most revolutions are started by this mystic group at the top of the planet here. They cause the revolutions and most of them just mean changes in society, like the sexual revolution, the drug revolution and all the other revolutions. They're bloodless to an extent but they change the direction of society and it’s their revolution. That's why the biggest think tank that came up with a con game of global warming in the '70’s published in their own book called "The First Global Revolution."  They were so cocky about it. These are the guys that give the real revolutions. These are the guys who always win.


Kirk:  Yes it's amazing. I mean you have to be really, really mentally deranged I guess would be a word. There's no real word for the way these people are. Deviant class I like.


Alan:  Yes. They're psychopathic. There's no doubt they have every psychopathic trait. They have no conscience. They can plan the death of millions, the depopulation programs, give the okay to inoculations that would sterilize young men and so on and all the other diseases that men and women come down with later in life as it's all done to us. They go home and they sleep well. They go to parties. They're very sociable, very polite people, but they're psychopathic in reality. In fact, psychiatry, even though they can describe the symptoms, they class it as a personality disorder. They don't know what causes it, but what they do know from big investigations in other countries including the ex-Soviet bloc is that it can be hereditary, especially if inbreeding with psychopaths.


Kirk:  Yes, that's amazing because they don't class it as a mental illness. Like you said, a social disorder I believe.


Alan:  That's right.


Kirk:  Anyway, thank you very much for your time and for all you do, and speaking of books, I have not neglected you. I sent you a check last week and I encourage everyone else please help support Alan. I mean he gives us so much and thank you very much Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Brian in New York, are you there?


Brian:  Hey, I was thinking that all the various degrees of all the societies and orders are not only a way of preserving knowledge and holding knowledge but a programming of sorts; a proven program to keep a good amount of psychopathy from turning against itself.


Alan:  Yes.


Brian:  And just creating a bunch of lower orders and just stamping them with their symbols and just feeding them a bunch of garbage and giving them experience to justify it.


Alan:  Pike himself had derogatory terms for the lower Masons that were useful idiots and he said that they're no different from the profane. They think they are but they're still useful idiots and they don't get into the real mysteries until they come up through the degrees. It's a sifting process because psychopathic groups and aristocratic clubs down through the centuries have methods of finding their own people and testing their own. Who do you bring up and you want the same traits as yourself. You want someone who can do terrible things and yet never divulge it to anyone. You want people who will obey their superiors. A psychopath, because he’s sadomasochistic, worships the powerful ones above him, despises those below, so when you're given an order in high Masonry by a Senior Mason you are taught to obey it instantly and put all reservations of personal judgment to the side. They must not interfere. You must obey immediately without question and the psychopaths will do that because they have no conscience and they're showing they have "all the right stuff" as they call it to get up there. That's what the real purpose is of Masonry.


Brian:  Yes, and when you know that, it really shouldn't be hard to understand that the breeding programs have to be progressed big time.


Alan:  Yes. There's always a sifting mechanism. Special Forces has it too. The military has it, their own ways of testing and finding out who can be absolutely counted on in any situation and will obey any order. They find who they are and these are the teams they make up for assassination squads for instance. They pick the people, they test them well and they're proven and it's no different than any of these associations, but you always find crookedness and big crooks go behind charity and charitable works. It's hard to attack mom's apple pie. I'll be back after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, still Cutting Through the Matrix, and just to add on to this sifting mechanism, before I take the next caller, I should also add the politicians because politicians start in the “volunteer core” you might say of charitable works. That's how they get the little things on their resumes, helping in all the little established groups in your local areas. That's where they get their brownie points on doing. They don't care about what they're actually involved in. They get to know the head honcho who is one of the sorting guys. He looks at them all, all these newcomers with their tweed suits on and their briefcases, who are up and coming and who are doing regular jobs in business at the time. He takes them out on the golf course if you're worthy and that's where the real deals are made and he'll push you up the ladder and give you brownie points. You're being sifted right from those charitable works and the boards that you join. That's how they get up the ladder.


Once they're in politics they're immediately brought into the older politicians’ little groups who test them out again and see if they'll accept a little bit of corruption and keep their mouths shut; and if they don't, they're out the door or they’ll be set-up. They've already had politicians in Canada who have written books on this. They would not go along with the corruption and the rest of them, the psychopaths, gather round, set them up and try and get rid of them. That's the psychopathic system.


I keep telling people in the system that we live in, which is based on money, which gives you a fear of poverty. You wouldn't have a fear of poverty if you didn't have money and no one had any money, you'd live in tribes no doubt and probably have a much better life. You wouldn't need to know who Freud was either, it wouldn't really matter, or bombs, or atom bombs or anything else. We're living in a monied system so it encourages psychopathy to get to the top. It is their system. We are taught that there is winners and losers and you're terrified of being poor, so you're taught to claw your way up to the top, use cunning and guile and then you're called successful like Mr. Donald Trump and everyone worships you. You're up there on stage. You've made it and the psychopaths can't help but make it in this system.


Now I think we have John in Florida on the line. Are you there, John?


John:  Yes I am.


Alan:  Go ahead.


John:  Talking about in south Florida, we have Donald Trump down here which I don't like, but this goes back over 40, 45 years with Fidel Castro and why we trade with China but why – there has been an agenda and one of your previous callers talked about kind of this and you spoke on this. How come we still don’t deal with Cuba?  I'm an American, I'm Irish. Why don't we deal with the Cubans? Why don't we do that? We deal with everybody else but we don't deal with Cuba.


Alan:  Cuba has been left alone.  The CIA admits they put Fidel Castro in with his revolution and it was after he got in, oh my, my, then they found out he was a communist, like it was a big surprise, right?  Castro had affiliations with Oxford University and Rhodes Scholarship and we had a prime minister in Canada who at one time was the head of the Young Communist Party in Canada that became prime minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. He led the delegation to Moscow in 1952 on behalf of the Comintern Party (Young Communists of Canada). Every reporter knew it but they all kept quiet and when ran for election and he was best friends with Fidel Castro. The whole thing was a set-up. They always give you a Northern Ireland scenario right next to the big player and that's what they've done. It keeps you going. They can get them in motion and war when they want, or at least the threat of war. You've always got to have someone that you can say is “over there.” That's as much as I can say in this time.


From Hamish and myself, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)