November 2, 2007 (#33)





"Ode To A (Super)Mouse,

by Robert Burns:
But Mousie, thou art no thy-lane,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!



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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the on November 2nd, 2007. Newcomers, check into my website for lots of information concerning this big New World Order that is coming down. Look into for downloadable transcripts in the tongues of Europe.


We're going through so many changes but most changes that come our way are through the media. That's how we're informed of them and most of the media is just giving you predictive programming, little bits and bites of information, not the whole story on anything, which is meant to brainwash you really into thinking that everything is progressing along some strange path willy-nilly and we're just evolving into something else – a new system, a new type of people. Everyone's heard recently about this super-mouse that's all over the newspapers and the internet no doubt.


This super-mouse that's been genetically enhanced, it can go five miles at a trot and all that kind of stuff. This is just a leakage they put out there to get you all thinking of modification, being modified yourselves and maybe even thinking that you want to be because they always put a little catch, a little plus on it that this will help people in the future, such as athletes for instance. Athletes can run faster and jump higher and all the rest of it. You have to go behind the whole idea of the Olympics to find out what they really mean by that, because the whole idea of Olympics in the first place is to get the one at the top of the tree – the survival of the fittest, the strongest, the one who could come through.


The ancient Olympics were just the same. The winner was allowed to have offspring, generally with the prince's or the king's daughter and that's how they were chosen in those days. Modern athletics is really all about drug enhancement. Forget all the racing stuff, it's about drug enhancement to see who can get faster and faster and it gets us used to watching them change and get stronger and put all these muscles on through the hormones et cetera they take. They all take them. It comes out every year in little drips and drabs that they're all into the drugs, the changing of the human body from what was to what will be. We're being conditioned that eventually we're going to see types of humans who are enhanced. That's what everything is about really these days.


This little mouse I hope they make a good trap for it because there's a plague of mice up my way right now. Everyone's complaining. I don't know why they are so profuse but they're all over the darned place and they're selling plastic mouse traps now, plastic ones that won't even stay open. Then if you can get one to stay open, you go down the next night and they're all tripped but there's no mouse. It's just quite amazing. Other ones that you get that are plastic ones it would take a Japanese Sumo wrestler to trip the thing the springs are so strong and so are the catches, so I hope they invent a new mouse trap for these super-mice that might be all over the place shortly munching through all your possessions.


As I say, that's predictive programming. All of the genetic enhancements, it has nothing to do with mice. They don't care about mice. It's all about getting you used to the thought of incredible changes. Sometimes, mind you, you get the thought going through your head I wouldn't mind having some of that energy, especially when you're burning the candle at both ends. You burn much brighter but you don't last as long, and I found that out this morning when I got up at noon and almost missed my whole day. I'll be back with more after these following messages.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, just cutting through some of this matrix and showing you that even in little news quips that are put out there are put out there intentionally and every media has got the same stories. That's why you know it's intentional. If they're all independent, why don't they have so many other stories since this is a big, big world out there, but they have the same stories.  This is so you will get used to the idea of changes, big, big changes coming along and you'll accept them as new types of species and even humans are presented gradually in your lifetime, especially the young who are growing up they'll definitely see them.


There's a movie called "Gattaca", a very good movie to do with this very thing of a two-tier class system: Those who are genetically enhanced and who had all the bad genes, you know the nasty common genes removed and replaced with superior ones from the aristocracy, those with “virtue,” people with “virtue,” and how they become much healthier. They get all the top jobs and you have the commoners down below. Excellent movie to watch because that's also predictive programming put out years ago, in fact, that movie, but it's also the truth. There's one thing you can take from science fiction – they always make it happen to be, because all the science fiction writers get their stories from The Futurist Society, which is funded by the big think tanks that plan the future and that's who gives them the ideas.


I also find that I get questions to from people who will email me and ask me something like, “I've read the Agenda 21 and it seems quite nice. It's about the environment,” and you can imagine I don't bother going any further with that kind of email. People out there are so brainwashed through their education and the media that anything green at all is beautiful. They have no idea and once they see the cozy, buzzy, fuzzy words, like environment and green and yah-de-yah-de-yah, they just go into this salivating state of la-de-da where they're totally brainwashed and therefore they can read things without realizing the consequences of what they're actually reading. What would all of that lead up to? The habitat areas on the UN's website for the habitat areas, they tell you right out there's no private property to be had. There will be no private transportation for anyone. You'll have all these street committees, this new politburo going around examining everything and where you live and your home and all the rest of it; and you couple it with the ideas of Lord Bertrand Russell where he says eventually money as you know it will be phased out.


Money has taken on many attributes. Many different types and forms. It doesn't matter what they give you, porcupine quills or beads or whatever, as long as you accept it as money, then they can make it into anything they want.  Eventually he said the governments will issue everybody credits on a Monday and you'll have to spend them all by Friday because it will go right back to square one on the Monday again. You can't save up your credits. That's so that the lower level majority can't get ahead. They can't rise above each other. They'll all be equal.  As George Orwell said, "some are more equal than others in such utopias," and that's the way it is with man. We saw this in the Soviet era where the Soviet – this was published in newspapers in the '70’s and '80’s. The Soviet bureaucracies and the technocrats were living a comparable lifestyle to any bureaucratic position in a similar place in the West, a similar bureaucratic position.  They had all the goodies, all the toys, all the stereos, the cars, the chauffeurs et cetera, so that's how such utopias work. It's only a utopia or an equality for the majority of the public at the bottom.


Now I always tell people to be careful how you guard your mind.  You are the guard of your own mind.  No one else is.  When you let yourself be downloaded without censoring what's coming in and filtering it, then you're being brainwashed. Most people get all their ideas from the media, which they've been taught and trained to believe is some kind of altruistic special Big Brother that just is out there to keep them right, on the right track. They truly, truly believe that, whereas their grandparents were brought up to be suspicious of the media because they had the histories of the big moguls and how they'd always use propaganda and disinformation to bring brainwash people before. Now they don't question the media. The media is some sort of altruistic special type of people who get up and worry about the general public. They worry that you're not getting the right information or all of the information and they fret and fume, and cry a lot apparently, because they really want to have you informed of everything you have to know – and that's how the general public perceive it.


There are private companies and information is everything. These are information wars, widely publicized in the '80’s and in fact in the '70’s in some parts of Europe they talked about the information wars to come, long before the public heard of computers or internet. Even though Zbigniew Brzezinski, and check him up and see what he was into, top adviser into the military and all the rest of it and presidents, a man into technetronic warfare ideas and he wrote books in the '60’s about this up-and-coming communications form that would eventually create a universal culture. That's what he said. That's what the internet would be for, long before we even had a computer.


Nothing is given to the public without a purpose. It doesn't arrive on the shelves without a purpose and even when it was happening and being pushed in Europe as a must-be, all the unemployed youth at the time were being put through computer training as programmers until I think most of the country was unemployed and going through the training as programmers. You had an overflow of programmers that were obsolete very quickly when they upgraded the computers. However, it was a must-be when you saw all that was being pushed towards it and they even used the terminology that you better get into it now or you'll be left behind. The same terminology of the ads they used to join the European Unions and all the countries. They said you've got to join it. You've got to join it or you'll be left behind. They never said behind what or what you were going into. It was just to create a fear type reaction so the people would just jump into it, as people unfortunately tend to do.


Al Gore, the allegory of Gore, is out there doing a job that he was picked to do long ago I'm sure and his ghostwriters writers write all his books for him and his speech writers write all his speeches for him. As long as he can follow the lines and he doesn’t foul up he'll do a good job. It's all fake and all show because the world was planned hundreds of years before in advance, step by step by step, and for those who doubt that, look into the histories of the British Diplomatic Society, Diplomatic Corps. The diplomatic corps hired men to go out and help design ways to conquer whole nations. It might take them their whole lifetime to do it. Stir up and foment trouble. Get tribesmen fighting against tribesmen, knowing who would win because you knew who you were going to back and then once you'd won over them, you'd have someone else fighting them. This went on and on and on, and that's what Napoleon meant by “perfidious England,” it kept changing sides all the time and making treaties with new ones. Those diplomats would work their whole life in the diplomatic corps going across the world fomenting these revolutions.


A good movie to see is called "Burn". It was not pushed very highly. Marlon Brando starred in it and it showed you some of these techniques being used in some of the slave colonies in the Pacific and how it worked, how everyone was getting used for an agenda they didn't realize until it was too late. Britain was a master at that. They could often go through two or three generations of bureaucrats all looking towards the same agenda before they reached their goal and that's how the world is planned. It's a long, long-term business plan with every step of the implementation being put down and working exactly as planned. People say, “oh, they're behind in their agenda.” No, they're not behind whatsoever. They had it planned that 2001 would be the spark to unite “Fortress America” as it's now called and get us all together. I knew they'd have to use a different technique than they did in Europe because in Europe they'd been working since 1948 surreptitiously joining all the countries into one. 


In the U.S. it was different. They knew they needed a different technique because most of the citizens of the U.S. had some memory of something called freedoms and Bills of Rights and stuff like that, and there'd be objections. However, you overcome the objections in a state of war and martial law, so we've got to all bond together. We've got to unify all our security agencies. That was announced in the CBC Canada back at the end of 2001 that it was being done already. Now it is done. It's complete. There's even FBI offices across Canada and we're all one big happy family now, except they keep the pretense of the border going because they want us all to have ID cards which are chipped. That is the reason for it.


Jacques Attali who was the top man really in France, he was an adviser to the top presidents like Mitterrand. No one could see Mitterrand without asking this particular guy's permission and he wrote the book it was called, "Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order."  Jacques Attali said – now he works for the United Nations so he's a big player. He helped unify Europe. He said eventually much of Latin America will flood into the U.S. beginning with the southern states and he said even hordes of barbarians will come in, the gangster groups, and they will cause mayhem for about a generation or two. Eventually they'll be assimilated after about two or three generations; and to use the words of Mr. Rockefeller, "you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs," so all the mayhem that's caused as everyone rushes to the streets that they think are paved with gold and all the mayhem that results with the clashes of opposing cultures, different cultures is just tough luck, isn't it? That's how they view it. Their agenda is rolling forward and I have Mr. Rockefeller talking about that in a meeting. I'll be back after the following messages.


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix and giving you little tidbits on how this system works and how we've all been brainwashed our whole lives really to try and see a world as it's been presented to us since birth and how we've got to see through it and see how it works. See how it all works. It's very clever. It's complete. It's called scientifically designed according to Bertrand Russell, and Huxley and others, a scientific type of dictatorship.


An odd term to use because that was really what Francis Bacon talked about when he wrote his book "The New Atlantis," and it was published in 1602 although it was already out in 1599.  Bacon talked about this place in the Atlantic, which of course is the Americas, where it would have a form of republican government on the surface basically, meaning exoterically, but in reality would be run by a secret group of scientists; and those into the high occultic stuff have always been into science.


We found that with the alchemists of the Middle Ages, the Rosicrucian types and how they tried to use various means to gain powers or release powers from innate articles and metals and all the rest of it, and that led to the rush towards “science understanding nature” as they use to couch it.  Bacon talked about The New Atlantis and he even called it Solomon's land after Solomon, and how it would be run by a secret society in other words with different rituals, customs and degrees, and how it would come up to appear to the world to be a champion of the free and it would not get involved with other countries affairs – a sort of Monroe Doctrine. Something that maybe they should have held to, but of course they couldn't because the Anglo-American Establishment that got together under The Council on Foreign Relations in America had decided that the U.S. should take over as policemen of the world and they've been bashing about all over the place ever since and they still are doing it.


Nothing is new at all. Things were planned a long time ago and we can find the histories leading up to The Council on Foreign Relations formation, its formation to do the job it's actually doing and how they plan to get most of the major media as members. You can't ask to join it. You must be asked to join it if you have the “right stuff” as they stay and masons love angles and the right stuff is their right angle. They give you the right angles on stuff, not really the true angles, but they give you right angles all the time.


We live in a psychopathic system and unfortunately it's been that way since the beginning of at least money creation where those who sought after it and wanted to live high on the hog like kings and comfort above the rest of the people took over. Unfortunately in a world like ours where people are fairly decent, fairly nice, those who are very aggressive tend to take over. We've got to be very careful with those who oppose them because the dialectic has been used again down through the ages and you'll find often those who oppose them are simply psychopathic themselves who are just as bad once they become the top cheese when they take over and they're in power. That's again the history of the world. It's really battles between psychopaths at the top.


Now here's an article from "The Guardian Unlimited". It's says here:


             "Hiroshima Pilot Dies Aged 92.


Fred Attewill and agencies
Thursday November 1, 2007


"The pilot of the US bomber Enola Gay…"


Alan:  Nice name that, Enola Gay. It's supposed to be his mother, which is a Masonic code actually in there.


             "…which in 1945 dropped the first nuclear bomb to be detonated in wartime, died today at the age of 92.


Alan:  Obviously he didn't die of radiation poisoning.


             "Paul Tibbets was in command of the B-29…"


Alan:  That's 9, 10, 11 and B is AB, so there's 13 in this, unlucky for some according to some of the Knights Templars.


             "…B-19 aircraft, which dropped the five-ton "Little Boy" bomb over Hiroshima as the US tried to end the second world war without a ground invasion of Japan. Up to 100,000 people are estimated to have died in the explosion. Mr. Tibbets requested no funeral or headstone because he feared they would attract protesters. In 2005, he said he wanted his ashes scattered over the English Channel, where he had enjoyed flying during the war."


Alan:  During the war he wasn't out joyriding. He was over there bombing over in Europe, so he enjoyed that.


             "He always maintained that his conscience was clear over Hiroshima. "I'm not proud that I killed 80,000 people, but I'm proud that I was able to start with nothing, plan it and have it work as perfectly as it did," he said in a 1975 interview."


Alan:  You see that's a psychopathic talking there and I'm sure he was chosen for those particular traits. He didn't reflect on things, didn't have a conscience, didn't do things that would break normal people and he was able to have a happy, happy life afterwards and you see that's the psychopaths we're talking about. There's lots of them out there within all strata of society. They're born every day, some of them, and we see more of them of course in the inbred families at the top where that part of the brain just is missing. You can breed parts out, breed parts in – traits in, traits out, just like domesticated animals according to Plato and they certainly bred out that part in these characters long, long ago. Still you always have the normal catching out or breaking out in the lower strata of society as well and they tend to be recruited by military. They go into Special Forces. They go into hit teams and they tend to enjoy their job. However, Enola Gay is just an anagram if you look at it.  I think I hear the music coming in. I'll talk more about this after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I think we have a caller on the line. Vernon from New Hampshire, are you still there?


Vernon:  Hey Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Vernon:  How you doing tonight?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Vernon:  Okay. I've been listening to your show, man, you're totally on target. I'm telling you, you have this thing like all locked down. I'm sorry about my language; this is how I usually speak. I'm trying to be individual too. But I've just got one comment I want to make to you what I really understand about what’s going on is like those people on the top, the elite, the guardian class, is that they fear unique individuals. They fear us and like they're trying to get rid of us and that's like the single biggest threat to their system, people who are going to be individual and be their true selves, know who they are deep inside and connect with the spirit part of their self, and that's what they really fear about us. That's why they're trying to get rid of us.


Alan:  Even the United Nations in its mandate said that they would have to destroy individuality. This has always been a prime motive that they've got and so you're quite right. They fear the individual. They don't mind the masses who are all mass-think. They do the same things and all smile at the same time and watch the same television, but the individual is what they want to extinguish.


Vernon:  They're really trying to get rid of us. They've been trying to do that stuff like really, really long like hundreds and thousands of years ago and it's like they're at that point where we possess like a serious threat for them and they're going to do whatever they've got to do to get rid of us like burying the needle in the haystack. 


Alan:  They've often found in the past, this goes back to the ancient Greeks, they knew when the peasantry were getting upsy or annoyed about things or when poverty was becoming extreme and they would always have little arrangements. They'd talk about wars and get them into wars because suddenly they can get more people into the military. It takes down the population. They profit from the wars at the top and so their problem is over for a little while. That's been the standard routine down through the ages with all countries and kings and so on and it's still the same today. They don't how they could possibly allow people to be free, really free and still maintain their positions over the people. It's kind of like sheep grazing. You don't want to move from that field when it's happy grazing field and you get used to it, so they've got to keep you in constant panic and stampeding and moving along this path which they are directing and you're quite right. Bertrand Russell said it, too, that individuality was their main target and they’d have to destroy it. We have only had really a couple of hundred years of what we could think of as individuality; but prior to that, people were the mass man once again. They knew very little, lived and worked in communities or farm communities and they went to church and the church taught they were all brothers and sisters. They taught them a formula and a culture and so they never had a chance to develop their individuality until about 200 years ago. Most people today, the mass-man, still doesn’t know how to cope with individuality. You understand that?


Vernon:  Yes and what they're really trying to do how is like they're trying to force the tiny few that know what's going on in the matrix and the system whatever you want to call it. They're trying to make us follow the masses. People around you, they're so conditioned to the system that they always try to force the few of us to try to follow what they say. “We know what's right so you've all got to follow,” it’s like they’re trying to make you follow them and if you don't follow them they're going to snitch on you. They’re going to say “what's up?” like you're not a part of them.


Alan:  That's correct and they count on the general population to do it for them. This has been tried and tested in China with a form of what they call social approval and disapproval, where they've trained the masses to turn on someone who is different, and being different can be eating something different or even growing your own food. You're now antisocial, or having a second child. You don't need the military to drag off the women anymore to the abortion clinic. Your local people will do it themselves. That's called social disapproval and we see it here now. It's pretty well here now with the people being told to be snitches on everyone else and if you are you're a member of a good citizenry.


Vernon:  It's getting really hard for people like me and you and those other people out there who see what's going on. We're trying to tell the masses, trying to help people close around us, but it’s like a fight and a useless battle with them just trying to talk. I think a lot of these people they're asleep and we've just got to not even worry about them. They don't want to wake up. They like living in the system. They don't want to be told nothing that goes contrary to what the system tells them everyday, so me and you and other people, we seem crazy. I feel different living in this world. I feel alienated from all my friends or family. You feel different.


Alan:  That's the price you pay for truth and when people ask me for truth I always caution them. I say do you really, really want to know? I say because you'll end up a very lonely person and that's true. There's a price to pay for the truth and knowledge and you have to play two different roles. One to the rest of the public or your friends or relatives just to be accepted if you still want to be and keep the peace, and yourself that goes out with the knowledge looking for people that are asking for it, so you almost have to be an actor with those that you know and you have to live with.


Vernon:  Yes, but another thing I noticed, Alan, about the masses, I think that pretty soon no matter if they are your family, your friends, once they're still inside the system, the matrix, pretty soon they're going to start selling you out to the authorities and stuff, and say, I know this guy. He used to talk bad about the system. We’ll talk to him over there and he used to say a lot of stuff about the government and stuff like that.


Alan:  I agree. I see it happening now. You've got to understand the majority of the public always want the sameness. They don't want even individuality. Most of them are afraid even to think in quietness you know. They can't stand quietness where they have to think so they keep something, some noise on all the time or they watch television, or they don't to think for themselves. They've given up their ability to think and you will actually make them afraid because you're coming out with stuff that's not on the major media. It's not being told to them on the comfortable media and they'll start to be afraid of you and feel threatened in their complacency. It's also a time you see where people don't want to know. They are making choices. There's something else going on in this world that's much bigger than all of this and people are making choices right now as to what happens in the future and perhaps even to them.


Vernon:  A lot of people they fear knowing what's going around.  They feel if they've got to entertain thoughts like that, it’s going to lead to some other type of stuff and going to start affecting their DNA and all their genetics and all that stuff.  It’s going to make them start thinking and they put up a mental barrier to knowledge like that. They don't want to know it.


Alan:  Yes, that's right. You'll also find a lot of them I'm sure you'll see it. Whatever comes out next for them to take or try and enhance themselves, they will run for it, just like the free flu shot. They will want it.


Vernon:  Anyway Alan, I've got your three books. I know how you stay – we’re all in the same – I'm going to send you a donation and stuff, but I've got your three copies of them books. I'm still reading it, so it's nice talking to you.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling.


Vernon:  All right. Thank you.


Alan:  Bye now. So that's where we are folks, and yes, the masses will end up being the best friends that the elite ever had. That's happened down through history in all times where they think they're going to save themselves by being politically correct and being good. Good is only what the elite tell them is good and they will become good and they'll turn on those who don't go along. Those who even draw stares in their direction, you'll make them afraid because you're drawing stares from the authorities and will try and get rid of you or turn you in. That's what happened in the Soviet Union.


We have all the snitch programs going on here. We have COPS (Citizens on Patrol). Every want-to-be cop who has watched television all their whole life and buys detective stories now runs around in cars with little walkie-talkies snitching on everything that looks to them suspicious.  I also know some of the people who have been lifted because of these programs and almost shot by mistake because of them. One guy was going into a post office to post some chocolates to his mom and a woman was passing on patrol, COPS patrol, and she phoned in 911 and said this guy looked suspicious. He was straddled against a wall in the post office, gun at his back, the whole thing, and he was told the woman didn't like the look of his face I guess. He just looked suspicious. He wasn't her type. Almost killed the guy and that's what it comes down to when you're terrified of people around you and that's what they want.


They want to encourage that in fact, the terror that anyone around you can turn you in for the wrong statement, the wrong thought you've expressed, or maybe even just the way you look. That's a bad society and yet that's being promoted from the top down. The new Soviet system is all here. It's implemented with the NGO groups, the Non-Governmental Organization groups comprising the Soviet. That's what Soviet really means: Rule by councils. Unelected councils, by the way, and funded by the big foundations like the Rockefeller Center.  I know people in the Rockefeller Center who just sign checks all day for these groups. There's hundreds and hundreds – even the UFO groups will get funded by them. That's where they get all their money for their magazines and stuff. All the New Age stuff is funded by them as well because that keeps people off and happy in la-la land and that does them no harm whatsoever.


We're run by the big, big foundations, the big monied boys, just like Albert Pike said we'd be. That's what we find, that even illuminati's top men, at least the ones that were caught in one of the lodges, like Weishaupt said. He said we shall create these foundations, multi-leveled foundations, extremely wealthy and they will then fund through philanthropy certain organizations which will become the new activists, the government activists. The governments are only too happy to pass into law what these particular groups want and that's because the guys at the Rockefeller Center and all the other foundations are in cahoots with the politicians and they employ the heads of the NGOs.


Look into all the NGOs that belong to the United Nations. There's hundreds of them. Some of them might surprise you. Some of them you’ll actually think were on your side, but you have to go along with the tenets, all the tenets of the United Nations to be allowed in as a member. Remember that at all times when you're reading those lists of NGOs and that's the world we live in. The United Nations is French for one; UN is one. We're all going to be one you see and it's not a benevolent organization. It's had so much corruption stuck to it. They do great jobs, mind you, trying to get it all off. It's like tar and needs lots of petroleum to wash it off.


During the food for oil scandal that's been swept under the rug, where Mr. Annan was in charge of this, he was making lots of money through a corporation that was feeding food into Iraq during the time when they had the embargo on oil. Getting the oil out in exchange for the food and raking in millions of dollars, and the head of the United Nations didn't even know his son was doing it. It was such a surprise to him. That's how good their intelligence is at the United Nations, right?  No, they’re just the same bunch of corrupt sods that run all the other countries and they had to be taken over or they're going to take over supposedly the government of the world one day and they're tremendously corrupt. Tremendously corrupt and all corruption at that level always hides behind the guise of doing good and charitable works. It's just amazing how they've used this for thousands of years, this same scam, because it's very hard to attack mom's apple pie and say there is something rotten in the center. Charity works very, very, very well and good works works very well to cover up atrocities.


Now the Rwandans found this out very well. The Rwandans had that mass slaughter going on with the Hutus and the Tutsis and there was one general from Canada in there with a small contingent from Belgium, Belgium troops, to handle that whole fracas and that drove this particular general into a depression afterwards, almost suicidal, because the UN got all of these reports of the coming slaughter for weeks and weeks and weeks and nothing was done about it. It pretty well broke this man and he wrote a book about it, "Shake Hands With the Devil". Now the man himself, the general, now that he's recovered from his depression has joined an NGO group to work with the United Nations to try and stop future wars, so he's actually joined the very problem that caused it in the first place. He hasn't quite figured it out that this was intentional the Rwandans should have this big slaughter going on. They don't make mistakes like that. They don't make them at all like that; and believe you me, if they wanted to move masses of troops quickly they'll do it extremely quickly. When they don't they give you all the excuses. There's always another reason behind it.


It's interesting, too, that Rwanda is one of the biggest coffee producers. The last time they had that happen there the price of coffee went sky high and the big buyers and so on brought in millions of dollars until they were back on their feet because they raised coffee through the roof. There's always a reason for things and big business has no conscience. The whole purpose of big business is to get profit. Maximize the profit by any ways and means possible. I watched a program to do with Sierra Leone and it was about the European mercenaries and British mercenaries that were over there fomenting a civil war and training the natives to fight each other, and it was all on behalf of a gold and diamond corporation based in London. The big CEO of this corporation was asked, “Why do you have the right to start wars with people who are at peace, all for the sake of money and business?”  The CEO, this big guy with the three chins (they have generally three chins) looked astounded and he said, “All that wealth is sitting there and the natives are do nothing with it.” That was his excuse, like what a preposterous question to ask me. It's business. You see it's business and that's how it works in this world of ours. It's all business.


The same excuse was given by the little man in Toronto who was a purchaser for one of the big companies here that bought blood products from the U.S. during when Clinton signed the deal that prisons could sell tainted blood, and it wiped out a good portion of people in Canada who were hemophiliacs. Of course the little inquiry went nowhere and they waited about 15 years until most of them had died off before they came to the conclusions and the inquiry and the rewards. Of course, by that time, most of them were dead. That's what they always do. Anyway, the guy I think it was Connaught Laboratories that bought all the blood products, it was on television, interviewed on the steps, went up into his doorway and he just turned around quite casually and he said the same thing. He said, "What's wrong with it? It's business. It's business." That was his answer to it all. It's business and these little psychopaths are all over the place. It's business – psychopaths. See they have no conscience at all. They're not normal at all, but they're the most aggressive and successful in this system because they run the system and the ones at the very, very top are the king psychopaths of all. I'll be back after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just winding up really.  It’s a pity I’m actually winding up to go, to go and do more, but we're at the end of the show. I’d just like to remind people that I don't get paid for the shows I'm on. I don't ask for money and I depend upon people to order my books and DVDs and donate to keep me going here because I have to live like everyone else, perhaps not under the same circumstances. I live in the boonies and it can be pretty rough at times, especially when the winter is coming on, so if you enjoy the stuff I'm putting out there and all the information that I'm putting out there, you can always write to me or donate some money to me and my address is on the website to keep this going. Next week I hope we go through some books with you with certain quotes, very, very important books to give you an idea into the mindsets of the types of people who run the world, the ones who are incredibly clever and scheming.


They have a natural talent and gift for it because they're psychopathic. It's a book about psychopaths in fact and this particular type of dominant psychopath. It's a very interesting book I'll be reading next week on the air. Everyone should tune in and you'll learn a lot. You'll learn about the signs and the symptoms and how their minds operate. You’ll see the MOs [modus operandi] of these characters and you'll see why they club together because they recognize each other intuitively and form their clubs, allow each other in because they're all of the same type. No, they're not walking crocodiles. No, they didn't come from Sirius, and no, they're not from Mars, just an aberrant type living within our system and many of them at the top have been inbred because certain qualities were bred out of them.


When you want a king you don't want a lovey dovey king who's awful nice to the people because he might let the people keep most of the goods themselves that they produce, then you won't be living better than they are. When you want one who can be rather ferocious and nasty at times and ruthless, and that's what they've got you see. Not just kings and queens, but the myriads of the helpers down the ladder, right down to even your local policeman because it takes a particular type of personality to want to be a policeman. They like to see people quiver. They get off on it. That's part of the job. They get off on watching people being afraid of them. Those are the bully types and unfortunately we breed them too at the bottom level. That's where they're recruited from and there's lots of them out there. That's also been reinforced by all the TV shows, all the propagandic fictional shows on detectives and how conscientious they are, but in reality it's totally different. They like to wear a gun on the hip as long as no one else does and stop your car and maybe impound it, which is stealing your car, but anything to make your squirm makes them feel very important. They get off on power. Power, power, power. What a terrible curse on the planet.


They also rake a lot of money in for the governments that now depend on all the fines. When the Toronto police went on a work strike or a work-to-rule strike the city lost thousands and thousands of dollars per day which they bring into their budgets. They expect that money to come in because crime pays. It pays a certain few, a few people, plus it pays the lawyers in the court system, so crime does pay very much, very, very well. I haven't seen a poor lawyer.  I think I hear the music coming up.


This is a weekend coming up. I hope you have a good time. Enjoy yourselves. From Hamish and myself, up here in Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)