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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the on November 5th, 2007. Newcomers, check into and download as much as you want it's all free, no ads and it's full of information on past histories and the present goings on. They’re leading us into this new New World Order. The new New World Order, lot's of New World Order's always going on when you have the big boys and their families and descendents at the top of it.


Look into for transcripts which you can download in the various tongues of Europe. I'll start of by mentioning now I don't get paid for what I do. For those who can afford to send something in to keep it going, please do so and also check out the books I have for sale, the ones I wrote myself and the DVDs and CDs on the histories and you can all keep me going.


I'll be going in tonight on some of the aspects of the personality types that run the world and probably always have run the world, at least since the invention or the con trick of money, which really came into use when cities were first created, because cities don't produce anything to keep themselves alive. It's all types of service-oriented work they do. They don't grow food. They don't raise animals. Everything comes in to the big city and so when the first city was created is what Plato referred to as the beehive.


In fact, they would use beehives to bring in this utopia, this republic, the world, and in that city the people themselves will be given a particular culture, they'd think it was normal after one generation and then they can go out and conquer the rest of the planet. You had city-states in ancient times all running with something called money. Money was the key to it and prior to coining money they used to weigh it out, and long before most of the histories are given to the public, we know that ancient peoples were mining for gold and mainly silver, actually it was much easier to get in those days, and the Phoenicians – strange people the Phoenicians, is really a Greek word for the Canaanites.


They were the ones who ran the ancient world to do with money and they ran the trade routes and the merchant ships and all of the bartering, the going on and the trading of money for a long, long time, for many centuries. Not only that, they had a brotherhood because they got their tin to mix with copper to make bronze. Weapons at that time were made of bronze and for about 300 years they kept it quiet from all the other countries where they got it from. It turned out they were getting it from a place in the south coast of England. A brotherhood in the Navy could not talk to anyone in any port where they were coming from, where they were going and where they got their goods. I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back again with Cutting Through the Matrix. I’m going through some of the histories of this old world and how the money took over from barter basically and the money boys ended up being the bosses and with that came a leisure class. The leisure class wants to maintain itself and so they hired the brightest amongst them or around them to be advisers to study the populations, to manage the populations and they also ensured they had a good religion that gave them the rules, the rules to follow for obedience primarily.  Once in a while these city-states would have wars amongst themselves because the guys at the top were different. They were different from those they ruled over. They were different in that they had certain tendencies, the inability really to bond with people naturally or have empathy. Today we call them psychopaths and these psychopaths that got to the top through cunning and guile and even murder. It was no problem. They killed their parents when necessary. That shows you the types that they were, where they couldn't even bond with their own families.


They got to the top and they interbred pretty well in all the Ancient World because they always got to the top using the same monied system. Interbred and eventually intermarried each other. Kings and queens would marry from different countries and the princes and princesses and they marry their cousins and so on. This went right down through the centuries and if you follow the histories of Europe and all of the internal strife mainly between England and France and a few other countries in Europe, you'll find really it was centuries of kings fighting other kings in other countries who were their cousins. Generally these kings never took part in the battles themselves or they were at the rear if they wouldn't go anywhere near it, but they profited from it and they also kept the populations down. They discussed these facts with themselves too because they found out that when they were at war that the populace were much more obedient, less likely to grumble and they'd actually cough up more in taxation. They could even take their pigs and their chickens and their hens from them to feed the armies with less grumbling, and this went on down through the centuries up until the present day.


These characters knew in the 1800’s for instance – they actually knew in the 1700’s that the time would come because they have all these advisers. As I say, they always hire advisers to keep the pulse of the populace to know what's going on so they can keep on top of things, but they always did studies. Today we call them “gathering statistical data” but they've always done this. They knew the time would come when they'd all be fighting for a global system and they realized too the fastest way to create changes towards something is to direct opposing forces; and if you don't have opposing forces you create them. You have conflict creation and out of the conflict you have resolution or synthesis, same thing.


The public who go through all of these wars and the depressions that are caused and all the rest of it never catch on because the rulers make sure that their top universities publish the histories. Therefore, the winners always write the histories in a very flowery fashion and they always give you very good reasons for having these wars but never the real reasons. It was always an amazement to me to find that Britain for instance went into World War II under the guise of speeches to save your culture and your freedoms and your way of life, which really wasn’t far removed at that time from the old feudal system. There was still an upper elite that everyone knew ran the country, even though you had this strange thing called voting that was fairly recent from the World War I.  When Britain emerged from World War II they were a nationalist socialist country because the government had taken over all of the functions, all of the main what we call infrastructure of society. That's your farming. That's your industry. That's your transportation. They had taken all of this over and created massive bureaucracies to deal with it.


They went into the war to fight supposedly national socialism, which was Natziism, and came out of the war as a national socialist country at least on the outside, but in reality the top clique at the top, Winston Churchill and others and it's now been disclosed by his personal secretary during World War II who is now a Sir I believe. It's called "The Fringes of Power," the book, you should read it. It's about the memoirs and the notes he took while he was the secretary with Winston Churchill and how Churchill told the public to go off and save their way of life, their culture and so on, and at parties at night he was telling his own peer group as he go happily sozzled, which was pretty well every night, that this is the greatest thing that had ever happened to Britain because they, the elite themselves, would have their age long dream of a United Europe.


Now a United Europe obviously meant you were going to lose your culture and your way of life et cetera, but these characters have no problem of lying to the general populace whom they really see as dumb stupid animals. However, nothing has happened since then. At that time, this particular clique signed a deal to de-industrialize Britain and other countries of Europe and eventually to bring in the system they have now. Britain was the first country to approach France and together they worked on the integration of Europe, all quietly all through lies and deception. They lied to the public for almost 50 years and now they've declassified the documentation from the British government admitting all of this; and at the end, it said that the public must not be told anything of this or the truth until it's all completed; and the same thing was to happen to the Americas.


These psychopathic groups they all know each other, this Anglo-American Establishment which also goes beyond England and beyond the U.S., it’s worldwide now, have formed a club over the last 50 to almost 100 years knowing that they could get this global system into place. As always, down through the ages, when the top psychopaths, these interbred people and they do have a big difference because they don't have a part of the brain functioning or even possibly even there that gives them normal decency and empathy for others. They're unable to feel the pain. They can say that they feel the pain like some have said recently, but they don't actually feel anything at all, they're born actors and we're seeing it manifest today with the one who are in power across the world.


They had all signed the same anti-terrorism deal, which tells you this deal was set-up years and years before to go into operation before 9/11 happened, because bureaucratic departments do not work quickly, and yet after 9/11, suddenly almost every major country across the world had signed the same deal. That takes lots of negotiations and working with bureaucratic positions. Today we're going into it with the psychopaths in full control with an agenda which is not pleasant whatsoever. They're not starting to kill off populations. They've been doing it for a long time, because after all, they don't ask for volunteers to bring the population down and therefore they had to do it very quietly and they've been doing it since at least the 1950’s and probably prior to that. They were working on bacterium and viruses as far back as the 1800’s and there is now documented proof on that too, stuff coming out of the woodwork. If you read the histories of even the Rothschild family, big economists too remember.


Remember what Bertrand Russell said and H.G. Wells. They'd have to bring the economists onboard because they understood money and debt and population numbers need to payoff debts et cetera and ideal population numbers. If you read the histories of the Rothschild's you'll find that the children of the Rothschild's and these are authorized books – the children of the Rothschild's were into writing books themselves, male and female, on the transference of disease with the use of bed bugs, ticks, lice, that kind of thing, and they published these works back in 1904. These children were about 10 and 11 years of age. Now why on earth would children that age be so into the transmission of disease by this method?  It's because obviously they heard their parents talking about it too because it was not a new idea.


Malthus himself talked about the same techniques in the 1700’s, even how to space the beds in the poorhouses apart, what distance it would take even fleas to contaminate the person next door with typhus and various diseases. These characters who were into economics understand these sciences. Right now we're at a crisis stage because the big boys who have all accepted the same philosophy very easily because they're all psychopathic, they do understand each other, want to bring the population down in a hurry. They've also taken over 100 years to build up sciences to enable them to create global warming, freezing, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes. Read the United Nations Weather Warfare Treaty that they all signed. They can do it. That's why they signed the treaty. You don't sign a treaty unless you can actually do it. It’s proven science.


It's happening now as they terrify the public of the world and it is a worldwide agenda and spray them like bugs, which is I'm sure is tranquilizing them as well and we'll see the long term effects start to emerge with strange diseases and early deaths and so on. That's what we're up against. We're in the middle of a war that's been going on and most people are completely oblivious to it because they've been trained and brainwashed from birth not to see it.


There's a book people should really try and get their hands on and it's called "Political Ponerology".  I don't know if I hear music or not. I guess I do, so the break is coming up. I’ll be back with this book after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and discussing a book which people should get a hold of. It’s probably the first book where scientists, people who have gone into psychology who have lived through tyrannies pondered the problem of psychopathy and noticed that all of those main characters at the top in the present day and down through history have all the psychopathic traits. The book is called "Political Ponerology" and the author is Andrew M. Lobaczewski.


This is an excellent book. It's written obviously from someone who is truly searching. Sometimes he goes off too much into the psychological aspects and even the physical aspects of possible brain defects, which still is mainly theoretical, but at least all the signs and the symptoms are in this particular book. The ISBN # is: 1-897244-18-5. Excellent book written initially by a fellow who came out of the Soviet system, who had some persecution in his life there and whose fellows have been persecuted for trying to get to the bottom of why the leaders in all idealistic systems end up at the top after a very short time as being all comprised of psychopaths. The same MO. "Poneros" is the Greek term. That's where they got the name "poneros" for evil and "ology" for doctrine or science.


Ponerology is the name of the book. It's probably the first one to really go in to this in any depth and tie a lot together and put it across in such a way that the average person can try and understand how these people are different from ourselves.  He also accepts the fact that I've said for many years those who are psychopathic cannot but help get to the top in this particular system, since it's a system that was designed by psychopaths for psychopaths in the very first place. Winners and losers, those who claw their way up in guile and con their way up and destroy lives in the process without conscience are called "successful".  You'll see lots of it in the business world and this author goes through a lot of that and how this is their actual system we're living in and how they always get to a stage where they come to fear the people and they want to depopulate. They've got examples of that down through history. He goes into it in a little detail anyway. Try and get that book.


Now we have Jeff from Vermont on the line. Are you there, Jeff?


Jeff:  Hey Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Jeff:  I've been listening to your program for a while and I'm trying to figure out leaders throughout the American history, I'm kind of focusing on that, that were ingenious and they were you could say on the dark side. I find Thomas Paine as probably one of the better like models of pure genius and just for our founding fathers I really can't find hardly anything in what he says about the rights of man, age of reason or any of his books that would indicate that he would be nothing but true, just the way he talks and the way he puts stuff down and just look how he died and what he thought about the French Revolution.


Alan:  You've got to remember too a lot of what we're given and this is the problem with us.  When we're told something and read something really nice by a person we form an opinion and we've got to get in further depth. Thomas Paine was a professional revolutionary that came over from England from a society and this society had already formed. They'd been there for a while. They trained in Geneva in fact a lot of them and then they went to England and Paine came from [PAYEN] and Hugh de Payen was one of the founders of the Knights Templars, one of the knights that founded it, so these characters belong to societies. He certainly seemed to say all the right things and it is true that he went over after the American Revolution to help with the French Revolution. He believed in it initially, but when the slaughtering got too excessive, he complained and he was put in prison himself for complaining. He didn't go along with all the mass beheadings that were just getting out of hand and eventually they had to send other ambassadors over to help bail him out and get him out of there.


Jeff:  Ben Franklin was one.


Alan:  It was actually Jefferson came after Franklin on that.  What you've got really is professional revolutionaries who often fight for the right things, but where you always lose is you'll find that in every popular movement or righteous movement and many – the State Department have given out their books over the years where they admit for instance that they misinterpreted Vietnam because it was a civil war. It was not a Communistic war, according to the books now. We know for a fact too the same thing happened in El Salvador. They tried to blame – you know the guys in the military and intelligent agencies, they're pretty well psychopathic themselves and they wanted to call it a Communistic war but it wasn't really. Wherever peasants tried to get a peasant uprising for a civil war they were called Communists. We have to realize the guys at the top that gravitate towards power after people have championed a popular cause, the ones who get in and hold on to it, then are psychopathic in nature, unfortunately they take over. I'll be back after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix.  I'm just trying to show that after popular revolutions a coterie will get in at the higher end of it and eventually take it over and gradually they take the real characters who were idealistic and push them off to the side and suddenly all the goals that they had planned would suddenly change and the ones who hang on to the old system, the old Constitution, whatever was pushed initially, are pushed off and out into the outer circles.  Psychopaths always go into popular movements and sometimes they even lead popular movements. That's another problem because they sniff the winds. They look to see where the populace is going and they become champions and we’ve got to always beware of that because they can start the trouble or the riots when they want to. That's happened down through history as well. So just because a person says the right things doesn't mean their heart or their brain is in the right place. You have to really check them out.


Now I think we have Vernon in New Hampshire here. Are you there, Vernon?


Vernon:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Vernon:  Yes. How you doing this evening Alan?


Alan:  It's pretty wet up here. There's a storm going on.


Vernon:  Okay, all right. I've just got one comment I would to make of what you were speaking about. Since individuality is like the single biggest threat to the system, do these psychopaths fear that we are becoming individuals again will connect us to our spiritual self and it's like they really want to stop us from making that connection?


Alan:  Strangely enough, even the harden psychologists that try and go into this ponerology I was talking about, even they go into that because you can't help but being human trying to figure out what is it that’s so different from you. How are they so different and you go into all the aspects including the soullessness. At one time they were called "soul eaters" because they tend to drain people around them. You don't know why you get drained and tired when you’re around them, but you do. They suck energy from you in a sense. It's because your brain is racing trying to keep up with the strange mentality that they have and some of the things they come out with. Your brain begins to race and you feel tired. You're quite right and they do have MOs. They have no conscience and in this book "Ponerology," they do go through the histories of the present bunch in the U.S.


It wouldn't matter if the next bunch come in because all the ones who are waiting in the wings we've seen, the Hillary's et cetera are from the same crew, they're all of the same type.  We know that George Bush for instance loved to blow up frogs with firecrackers when he was younger and stuff and this is the sort of things they do in their early years.  There's different signs and symptoms of these characters and they grow up really with no conscience but a huge ego and they tend to disdain all the lesser people beneath them. I'm not worried about George Bush. It's the ones around him. It's the Kissinger type, the life long ones, the real technocrats that set-up the world system and are answerable to nobody. They don't get elected. These are the guys, the Maurice Strong's that do all the leg work in the setting it up the negotiations that sign us all to our doom. These are the characters I worry about.


Vernon:  Yes, and all the decades of all that chemical imbalance they did to the human population. It's like they have them where they want them to be right now, so those few sentient beings who are about to make that connection to their spirit, it's like they're on a race to try and stop this from happening.


Alan:  I think that's right. They are. There's no doubt about it. They're pushing the “oneness” of everyone. Everybody is “one,” but they're talking about different kind of oneness than people in the New Age even think. It’s a oneness where you're all interlinked through computers and through chips in fact through body implants so that you'll be no more problem in the future. That's what their oneness is all about.


Vernon:  It's like the beehive mentality you talked about. Like you can hear like a humming going around you right now, like everybody is a part of that hive and then you seem to stand out from the hive, so they have a serious problem with that.


Alan:  That's right and now they've even released – I don't know if you've seen it now, the FBI signature portraits with facial expressions that could be suspect.


Vernon:  Yes, I seen that once.


Alan:  It's amazing. Creases around the eyes, anything can pull you in to being interrogated and this is the old eugenicists all back in power. They can't help it. It's like any disease. They always come up with the same symptoms. You know the ear lobes, the length of the ear, the space between the eyes. All of this stuff has resurfaced. This is what they used in the Natzi era. It shouldn't surprise us. It's the same bunch of descendents that backed the Natzis are in right now, not just in the U.S. but Britain too.


Vernon:  The U.S. seems to be like the test population for all that stuff going on too.


Alan:  Yes it is and the taxpayer of the U.S. has been funding all of this into existence. They knew they'd do this at the beginning of the 1900’s when Britain handed it over to the U.S. to become the policemen of the world, but the average person who heard that happening in the U.S. never thought they'd actually be treating the peasant of the U.S. as the same as the peasant of China and that's where it's all going. We're all to be equal peasants here, because psychopaths only can appreciate other psychopaths and their cunning. They have no respect for the peasant of any country.


Vernon:  Yes and they seem to keep wanting more and more and more power, like they're never satisfied with not having enough power. They crave for that stuff, the power over others.


Alan:  That is a fact. The ego, you see they live on ego. They are pure ego. The world revolves around them and this insatiable desire for power again is so far from the normal that we can't – normal folk can't understand them. That's why they get away with it. We make excuses for them. We'll say they're just very keen.  No, these characters are power hungry. They live on power. It's like a kind of ethereal food that they suck in and they love to dominate. Power and dominance is all part of it and they always, at the end, they tolerate no opposition and I mean they're ruthless. They're ruthless.


Vernon:  They have that agenda they've got. They're going to do whatever it takes. They don't care if they've got to kill at least 90 percent of the population. They will do whatever it takes to get to that stage they're after.


Alan:  Yes that's a fact too. I know that's the imperative in all this is we've got to stop it, because see they have been doing it through inoculations. When you go into the big players who came up with the vaccines and you find out my goodness these guys were the top eugenicists. They wrote books on reducing the population. They championed reducing the population and suddenly here they are like wolves with a sheep's clothing on here to help you overnight. Then you look at all the diseases and sicknesses that have broken out. HIV, if you just speak it, it's called "THE HIVE," and these guys don't miss a trick in anything that they do. We know that Kissinger during the 70’s said that the main thing, the main enemy to the state was over population and he put it into the works. He started off the ball rolling to get the grants for autoimmune disease viruses and these are viruses they have been working on already since the early 1900’s and look at everyone today. Everyone is immune compromised. Everyone who has an inoculation has a vastly reduced immune system.


Vernon:  Can I ask you a question? Alan, I don't know if you've experience this in your life, but since you've been like studying that system have you never sat down and kind of like stared this thing right in the eye and see it right in front of you, everywhere you look around you can see it?


Alan:  Yes.


Vernon:  That happened to me a couple of times. Like my body started feeling funny and stuff. I see this stuff right in my eye. Everywhere I turn I walk it's right there.


Alan:  Yes. Psychopaths as I say they not only give you a system, the culture that you live in and think is normal because you've been born and brought up in it, it’s their culture. They've given it to you and so we take on the traits of the psychopath. The whole culture is buy, sell, produce, consume and don't fall in the street. That's all they say and so we adopt those same principles. We're all terrified of falling on the street and so we tend to exploit other people. That's called good commerce and a good system. It's not a competitive system. It's a psychopathic system.


Vernon:  It is. It's almost hard trying not to live in the system and not emulate them, it's like a force all around you trying to make you become like that.


Alan:  Yes and when everything goes up, everyone wants to keep a standard of living that they're used to. When everything goes up and prices go up, then the guy above you passes it all down to you to pay off. You've got to exploit someone beneath you to keep that standard of living and that's how this whole ball of wax goes round in circles, round in circles.


Vernon:  Yes. It's like we're going around in a circle. We’re not moving. We just keep going round and round and round. That's how I see it. We're not evolving.


Alan:  Yes that's right. We have an abnormal system that's been taught as the only one that could naturally be. That's what Lenin said too. He said there are a thousand directions the society could go but the public must not know it, and so they must believe that the one they live in is the only natural one that could have possibly evolved; and there's nothing further from the truth. This is an inhumane psychopathic society.


Vernon:  It's not like a humane system. I could see it all around me. It's like when you grow up, you're born, you think you’re growing up and that's how life is supposed to be, not a system. They switched the system around now, so now we tell the difference because of our age, but it's all their system. They gave it to us. It's not ours. We can't try to save what's not ours.


Alan:  Turn on the television, whether it's Olympics, sports, all you cheer is the winner. Cheer the winner and boo the losers and tough luck, and that's what's been encouraged in life.  We have winners and losers and for every top of the pyramid because only a few get there, the rest of them down below are called the base. That's the base people. That's the majority of the population and we call this normalcy.


Vernon:  I call it prey and predators. Like they're the predators, we're their prey.


Alan:  That's exactly what it is. They are predators. They're prime predators and they're very proud of it.


Vernon:  Yes, the top of the food chain and to them we've just got to be just like – we're like their food source.


Alan:  We are. We’re the only ones who really make or produce anything and they live off us. They also, like any farmer, if there's too many in a herd or even like the Department of Agriculture farming here – of agriculture in Canada, they'll kill off excess deer. They'll kill off the excess herd and they see this as farming. They see it as farming.


Vernon:  I think honestly deep inside we each being individual could like at least on a personal level at least deflect this thing a little bit, although we don't have much time, we’re like ahead away from this whole thing coming now and I still feel deep inside we've got an opportunity left.


Alan:  Yes we do and we've got to connect quickly too.


Vernon:  Like really quickly we've got to connect or it will be all over.


Alan:  It will be all over. These guys are moving fast now and it's worldwide. People in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and all across the planet are seeing all this stuff coming down and it's in the air. We feel it in the air.


Vernon:  You can feel it all inside your body. You can't see with your natural eye but you can see when you perceive deeper you can see it ahead of you.


Alan:  A great scheme is unfolding. We're living through it and it's like with bated breath because there's a hush of expectation. We know there's more going on we're not being told. We're quite correct in that. They won’t tell us until the very end.


Vernon:  Okay, well I'm going to let you go. It was nice talking to you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Vernon:  All right. Bye bye.


Alan:  And Joe from Florida. Are you there, Joe?


Joe:  Yes. Hello Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Joe:  I heard you on disc that my son has and another friend had copied from the computer and I like the depth of your conversations which I'm involved in deeply as well.  I have to let you know that I am a food waster as well and I like the [Creighton] organization and so forth and so on and so forth. You talked about the lodge knights and so forth and how powerful they are which you are deeply involved as well and I do appreciate the depth and able to hear you as well, as I listen to other ones on talk shows in the morning up in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, USA and Florida, USA. Anyway, I know you knew where I was calling from. Anyhow, I was concerned. Are you a born again Christian?


Alan:  I wouldn't go by any of the terms that they use today since I've watched every group and I don't see the tops of any born again association warning the public of anything. You've got to understand that the whole born again phenomenon is fairly recent and primarily in the U.S.  Across in Europe if you ask them if they're born again, they give you a stare, even a hundred years ago. It's almost like a new phenomenon given for the U.S. for a particular time and it separates so many people on these little parts of doctrine that they're always arguing about. There's so many hundreds now of Protestant sects that on the surface will claim that they're all the same, but they all became sects because they differed on minute points of details. I don't go into religion because I don't need the rules and the laws that are given. I don't think a book is necessary to know what's right and wrong.


Joe:  I hate to interrupt but if you were more or less what they call, we call or say born again, the holy spirit wouldn't give you the knowledge and the depth and how to proceed to get the depth of information and facts.


Alan:  What I mean is I don't need a formalized doctrine of man, or the acceptance of others either, to say what I have to say that comes from the heart and my brain and what I know.


Joe:  I gather you. I gather you, but still he has to be there for you to accept it and to ask questions and knowledge and so on and so forth.


Alan:  I'll say that there's something out there like everyone has always known. There's something.


Joe:  With you I get the facts from the joshing portion of many subjects of presidents and vice presidents and all the garb that they hand and fear here. You can segregate it without other problems. You know the depth. You know how to dig into it. You know what questions to ask and put on your computer and so forth. I really do enjoy it I'll tell you. Not many people can sit back and talk of knowledge of what you have and when you speak of one on the computer and so forth in which a friend of mine puts them all on discs then I get them and I listen to them. Very, very good and I was concerned with what we call born again Christian and I could say you were a Christian. I don't know other than that.


Alan:  Always remember that in the days of Christ there was no word for Christian. It came much, much later.


Joe:  Hey, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you. I may get back with you some other time again. Thanks a lot, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  I do these talks too, I don't have staff. I don't have people punching up things on the screen for me so I can sound very important and knowledgeable. It's all in the brain or it's nowhere at all, and there's no tricks with mirrors here at all. No tricks – and a lot of shows do this these days. They have staff who will punch in any conversation, any caller. The topics come up and the host sounds as though he was a genius, but here it's the real thing. It's from the heart and I only say what I know. I'll be back after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about the psychopathic types, just scratching the surface here about the psychopaths who run the system that we were born into and they control it at the top. They love pulling it over on people.


Here's a little quote from this book here talking about the business world itself at the top.


             "Concern here is that the costume for the new masked sanity of a psychopath is just as likely to be a three-piece suit as a ski mask and a gun. As Harrington says, "We also have the psychopath in respectable circles, no longer assumed to be a loser." He quotes William Krasner as saying, "They - psychopath and part psychopath do well in the more unscrupulous types of sales work because they take such delight in 'putting it over on them'…"


Alan:  Actually, they like hunting. They're predators.


             "…getting away with it - and have so little conscience about defrauding their customers. Our society is fast becoming more materialistic, and success at any cost is the credo of many businessmen. The typical psychopath thrives…"


Alan:  They thrive.


             "…in this kind of environment and is seen as a business "hero".


That's what we have today. It's the same with these characters, these family dynasties the people keep voting in. It's often that's all that's presented to you and even you'll find that oppositions are generally related to them too, including the wives. They're all interbred. These are the monied powered elite who now lead you into the New World Order, this new system and they've taken such a long time in the planning. They've taken control over everything that you've taken as normal, your schooling system, education system, national education, which is an international education system. Everyone is getting the same propaganda culture pumped in them from birth. UNESCO talked about this. I quoted it last week from the man who is the first CEO of UNESCO and that happened to be Aldous Huxley's brother, top eugenicist and he talked about the ability to control the minds of billions of people through a common education. Education doesn't mean you're given the truth. You're given a scientific indoctrination so you'll perceive the world in a specific way.


When they went into Iraq the first group that went in once the whole area was cleared was UNESCO to get the first generation trained to get the youngsters. Train them in a different system and they will grow up to be the leaders in a democratic – we know what democratic means now. We're all living under it as we use our passports and ID cards and so on like that. They want the same democratic system the worldwide and they also are giving them inoculations as well through United Nations. We know the history of the UN with their inoculations series. Ask Africa.


That's the kind of world we're living in. It's a dangerous world run by these psychopaths who literally will justify whatever they do. Whatever they do, a psychopath must justify, not to please you but to soothe themselves. They've got to save their own ego at all costs. If it meant destroying the world to save their ego, they would do it. That's their nature and they can rationalize anything at all. They also have conversive speech. Conversive speech is double-speak where they say one thing. The general population thinks that's a nice word. It sounds good but it's got an opposing meaning.  Orwell said, "Freedom is slavery. War is peace." That's what he was telling you, it's conversive speech. We're seeing it all there today, so study this book "Ponerology". I don't get money for these books. I just push the ones that are good.


From Hamish and myself up here and a rainy night in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)