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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and an hour ago I just finished doing two hours filling in for John Stadtmiller. We did lots of cutting through the matrix and we had some good callers asking about different subjects that have to do with this reality of ours that we swallow so readily because there's all the experts, you know the big experts, those with the white coats and who use scientific terminology to bamboozle us, tell us that all mammals, all mammals including humans look towards their parents to inform them or warm them of what is dangerous to them. If your parents don't know then you'll never figure it out or very, very seldom do you do. You always know there's something wrong when you run up against the brick walls that happen to be invisible most of the time, but when you run up against them you find out really all these institutions that are there that you think are there to help you or to guide you or whatever, they're not what you thought they were at all. They're completely different. They have different functions.


This is the 12th of November 2007. For newcomers, look into my site for lots of free downloadable stuff on the histories of this system. It's good to see now there's videos coming out using a lot of my stuff even from 10 years ago on ancient histories and incorporating them, including the meanings that are put out there of the various words. That means it's getting out there, even though they don't mention where they got the info. Look into for downloadable transcripts in the languages of Europe and Scandinavia. I still call them two different places even though they are united now in the European Union.


The people really didn't have any say in the matter; but we never really did, did we? Even when they drew borders in previous times and said you lot now are called this and you lot are called that. That was done by kings and queens and sometimes they gave your lot away in a dowry, so your whole country was given away with you on it because you were just a commoner. Commoners breed commonly. They don't pick for specific purposes their mate. They run on hormones and that's quite natural, but the big boys you see they run on a different system and their system is to do with genealogies. Genealogies, everything starts with gene, Genesis and so on, Gene of Isis. Everything runs on genealogies and good breeding is what they used to call it in the old British system and you were told to “mind your place” if you were a villain. A villain actually meant you were simply a commoner and at that time, not so long ago, actually in the 1700’s, there was no laws in place in European countries to stop the poor old commoners being killed by noblemen who had a bad hair day and just lost it and killed you in a field or wherever you happened to be working. There were no laws whatsoever to bring that person to trial because you were a non-entity. You were just a thing, an object that was bought and sold with the land.


Here we are, watching the same system going on but out perceptions have been distorted by indoctrinations – indoctrinations that your parents had before you and the grandparents too. The grandparents were a bit more savvy on things. They knew the changes in their day. They didn't have all the heavy inoculations that we got to dumb us all down. They didn't have the intense indoctrinations in school either. I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and I'm Cutting Through the Matrix here, the matrix of your perceptions, how you've been taught to perceive things in a designed way. A designed way not designed by you but designed by your betters. Your betters are those the scientific class that's been employed for over 100 years to design a system where they could control vast societies of people, written about by Bertrand Russell and all the other guys I've talked about on these particular talks I give out over the years. They were quite blatant about it how they could control the minds of millions of people through a scientific indoctrination. That's a term that Huxley used, Aldous Huxley, who was a real winner, a guy who worked for Tavistock Institute. He came from a long lineage of the aristocracy, as did Bertrand Russell. I call them the “chinless wonders” because that particular strain had inbred so much together with the Galton's and Darwin's and all the rest they had simply lost their chin along the way, and I guess that's what you pay for brains, eh?


Anyway, that's what they did and this is how the system is run. It's run by inbreeding these people and the Darwin's themselves had for generations been practicing breeding with one other family and that was the Wedgwood family of England. The Wedgwood family who owned the Wedgwood pottery that you still see all over the world, the blue and white and different colors with the Greek styling and all that kind of stuff.  Charles Darwin's grandfather who really wrote the first book on the evolution of species and so on and "Origin of Species" and did get it published but it didn't go too far, so the Royal Society which was a freemasonic society of scientists, that’s official, decided to retry it with Charles the grandson. They put him up as the front man and basically set it off again and really built him up into being a superstar before the public ever, ever saw the book. That's how you do it today too. You build someone up into a superstar then you launch them. They're guaranteed to be a success because that's how easily we are conditioned.


We are taught that a person wearing rags and telling you amazing things and backing up the facts is to be shunned, but you put that same tramp on a stage in London Palladium and dress him in a suit and tie and build him up as a professor and he says the same stuff and you all believe him. There's a very good book called "Straight and Crooked Thinking," very old book too, and it's well worth the read. It shows you how our perceptions work and the elite know this. They use distortion in perception and we see the distortions thinking it's all quite real. We're taught this society just evolved up to the present stage that we're at, tripping over the occasional stone along the way, falling down and getting up and all of that, and that problems happen spontaneously, nothing is ever foreseen. Yet nothing is further from the truth because every major thing that happens in the world to do with wars et cetera takes years and years of planning before they ever start off the ball or roll the ball out and kick it around.


They plan everything years in advance and we can go back to even Teller, this mad scientist that wanted a lot of brownie points at the Pentagon, who wanted to spray the whole world with barium salts and aluminum oxide salts and use HAARP technology across whole continents to subdue the people; and lo and behold, we're seeing it done today. Meanwhile those who run HAARP, you know the military again, the military establishment, it's an industrial-military complex, claimed they just built them to admire. They like to take photographs of those big things that they build you see, big projects. They want to just admire them and just do little experiments on the ionosphere.


Meanwhile we're all seeing the spraying across the skies. We have been for 10 years, at least the ones who can still see. The blind will never see because they're too busy looking to la-la land and they look at the sidewalk and the pavement and at their feet, but they don't bother looking up and that's a surprise to most of us to find out there are people in the world that never in their lives have looked up. Therefore, they have no memories of how clouds used to look and the elite obviously knew this, but no wonder, they've had cameras in big cities for long before we were told about them observing the public.


Psychology departments use this footage over 40, 50 years to show you how people react in certain situations by covertly observing the public and that's what they do. They put cameras up and they record movements and incidences and so on and see how we respond to things, because they have to understand our behavior in order to modify that behavior and it's an old science. Most folk they knew would never catch on that they're being sprayed from the sky like bugs like you spray some roach killer on the roaches. That's what they're doing. That's what their doing and people are coming down with all kinds of aliments because aluminum oxide, apart from making you rather stupid, that's the stuff they also put in toothpaste and call it fluoride and affects your brains. That was in the medical journal in Britain in 1973, The Lancet. They talked about the fact that those with Alzheimer's always have large concentrations of aluminum in their brain, aluminum oxide et cetera.


They know exactly what they're doing, but it also has the other effect as the scientist Teller, the H-bomb man, the man who loved big bombs and big explosions and who was well paid to make them. He wanted to spray the sky with this stuff and then use HAARP, or scalar technology as it’s also called, to pulse across the atmosphere and with these metallic salts in the atmosphere – the atmosphere would be more conducive like an electric circuit with metallic particles and it would travel further and be more effective. However, there is another part to that, too, because the longer it's done the more that's absorbed by the people down below. You're absorbing these metallic particles and the HAARP can actually hit you much harder. You're like a walking antenna.


We're watching it done, at least the ones with eyes to see. The blind must be left in the land of the blind. You can't make people wake up that decide not to. It’s much more happy to stay in the la-la land and believe that your betters are taking care of you and making all the right decisions for you. That's the socialist system. That's what they meant at the top by socialism, not what the guys at the bottom thought. Socialism was designed really during the Industrial Era to deal with the mass-man and woman, the masses, and how to control masses of people, not to help any particular individual. The individual only finds that out it doesn't work when they need the help of the associations that they think is out there to help them; the safety nets. It's not to help people at all.


This system is about economics and control and power. It's control by a few down through the ages who interbred like crazy and even if they in the past got one or two offspring or about 10 that was half savvy, meaning not done under by intense interbreeding or deformed, they were quite happy because that one was pretty well guaranteed to be fairly physically fit and have the acuity of thought necessary to be a good psychopath; and psychopaths are not worried. They don't worry about things. They're very cool. In fact, they can't handle frustration. They must get rid of their frustration rather quickly, unload it out there. Unload it on someone else and make them work through all the hassles. That's what psychopaths are good at, but they do enjoy pleasure and enjoy power over people. Power makes them feel safe and some theories say that these people have tremendous fear in them. I don't believe so. I really don't believe that. They might have a natural fear, no more than the average person of other forces, other powers taking over or stepping into their little world and taking their power away, but I don't think they run on fear whatsoever. It's not a fear-based thing.


No matter how it's tried to rationalize, these psychopaths go on slaughtering campaigns in the past. They're doing it now, too, although they use other ones to do it for them. They do use the youth of today, the young guys who aren't too bright who haven't learned much in the world. They're too young to learn. It won't be until they hit about 30 or 40 they'll start thinking and questioning anything in life. Right now they're full of hormones. They've been brought up on video games and now they're given the real weapons to go off and bash people and they're doing a good job of it. They enjoy it and they get rather vicious when one of their own eventually is killed, so they go out and slaughter a bunch of those guys over there. The guys that they're taught are somehow subhuman because you always do that in wartime. You must dehumanize the enemy and bring him down to the stage of an animal. The footage that's now coming out of the Middle East of our brave young boys over there kicking and booting people out of their homes, children and women too, it wouldn't make you too proud I don't think. At least I would hope it wouldn't make you proud, regardless of what Uncle Sam does or John Bull. John Bull of course is just Britain's version of Uncle Sam for Britain.


That's what's happening in the world. We're living in a plundering society run by dominant elites and large families all connected – interconnected, intermarried and they have been for a long time and they run all major religions. They are at the top of all major religions and there are many, many guesses as to where their origins came from. What is interesting is that the main MO [modus operandi] all comes from Egypt, like pyramids and so on and obelisks and all that kind of stuff. It's true that they started to bring in the middle classes into their system to be the lower helpers to ensure their system would work, and that was called Freemasonry.


We're on a roll today as they go across the Middle East and they hope eventually to take on Iran this winter. If they do, your oil will go through the roof probably as planned. Mr. Rumsfeld himself said over a year ago, he says, when we can break the psychological $50 oil barrel mark, he said, the skies the limit, don't be surprised if oil doubles in a year's time. Now we're almost hitting $100 a barrel. What did he know that we didn't know back then? He's a good guesser, right? I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just going through some of the perception distortion that we've been fed down through the ages and how it's still going on and even bigger in fact because now we're being told in North America that we should rethink our definition of privacy, because in this Brave New World you see there can be no privacy whatsoever. That's the system they're bringing in. No privacy and it's their right to simply come in and look for whatever they want in your life and find anything that they want and that's really what their on is fishing trips. They must know all about you, in a society which is run in a totalitarian fashion everyone must be predictable. That's the point of all of this. You must be predictable. They don't want someone that's unpredictable because then you might bust the matrix, your little ripple there that comes through and so they want to know who you are, how you think, what makes you tick and how they can possibly win you over or eliminate you if need be. That's how it works and these guys mean business. They are psychopathic at the top and there's generations of them.


The problem is they've given us a psychopathic system and this is the culture we live in where it's dog eat dog and it's filtered all the way down through society and we unfortunately have taken on the traits of the psychopaths too. We have lost our natural empathy towards other people. We don't want to see them being tossed out their homes when they can't afford their mortgage or their rent or whatever it happens to be.  We don't want to watch the bad stuff about the news when they're killing people abroad and plundering their land and all that kind of stuff.  We are taking on the same traits and when we lose empathy for other people and people we don't even know and people we'll never meet, then you're actually showing that you're losing your ability for self-preservation because survival is a cohesive thing amongst humanity.


Now we've got Dan in California on the line. Are you there, Dan?


Dan:  Hello, hello.


Alan:  Hello. Yes, go ahead.


Dan:  Hi Alan. It's a real pleasure to talk to you. I'm a huge fan and I really enjoyed your DVD. I guess my question is I've heard in the past you talk about these Norse men or north men who showed up in Europe with red hair and blue eyes.


Alan:  Not so much that, we know all the stories we've been given down through the ages and this is in some of my older books too. I talked about the Vikings. The Vikings is coding for six kings. VI is Roman numeral for six, kings, and that's what it means; just like the Rothschild's were five kings sent out to take over. The Vikings were the same thing. There was five sons sent out from under their king to basically go into different parts of Europe, but no one's explained this particular branch because I don't think they came really from the northlands originally anyway. We know that for a fact the system is much, much older, came from the Middle East.


Dan:  It's fascinating because you know all the clichés about people with red hair and sometimes I wonder how true they are – quick temper, all of these things. My ancestors are from Ireland and sometimes I wonder if I'm exhibiting these psychopathic traits.


Alan:  Losing the temper is not a psychopathic thing. It's more temperamental. Psychopaths do it in a different fashion all together. They tend to have other people acting the tantrums and they sit back after causing arguments. They stand back and watch it. That's how the psychopath works, so it's different from the psychopath. Now we do know that even in ancient times and they've dug some of the buried tombs at Sumer and different places, Ur et cetera, and they've found that the kings and queens wore black wigs that were made from the hair of local people, but those kings and queens themselves actually had reddish or blondish hair. It's quite a mystery and you'll find that the same thing in some of the tombs of Egypt. There were many generations of people coming and going and being pharaohs in Egypt over thousands of years, but some of them had statues with blue eyes and green eyes and a lighter hair as well. The wigs that they wore were found in their tombs as well made from the local hair of the people they ruled over. It's an odd combination but if you go back into Egypt, you'll find that often the pharaohs, just like the Vatican, the main army around the nobility around their capitals, the army that they employed generally came from outside the land and they often employed blond-haired type armies and that's also in the old history books.


Dan:  That's just fascinating, this whole eugenics program that's been going on for a long, long time. Anyway, thanks for your show. I'll talk to you again. Thanks.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. We're living in quite the history indeed.  In ancient Egypt you'll find that even though it was turned to the red heifer eventually in Egypt and copied widely by those when Egypt moved out and the nobility of Egypt moved out of Egypt eventually, and before it was the red heifer they actually used to kill, sacrifice once a year a red-haired man to the god. The perfect looking young youth that represented the offspring, so they sacrificed to the god. Now I think we have Jeff in Iowa on the line. Can you hang on? I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix. This matrix is a very old matrix indeed, although they do update it like a good program every so often and that's what they're in the process now is upgrading everything and us as well.  I think we had Jeff. Is it Jeff in Iowa on the line?


Jeff:  That's correct.


Alan:  How are you?


Jeff:  Good. How are you?


Alan:  I'm surviving under this awful weather.


Jeff:  Yes. It's awful. I think I'm in one of the spray capitals of the world here. One thing I've kind of noticed is they're starting to bring it down. Last week, Wednesday and Thursday were real bad and I could have counted windows on the fuselage if it had had windows.


Alan:  They might as well because you see most folk they know most folk are not even noticing them.


Jeff:  That's really an amazing fact and I did a little – I was moving someone. I did a little experiment of sorts. I stood out and there was lots of joggers in this college town. Joggers and bikers and so forth and just knowing me from my past if I saw somebody out kind of curious looking at something I'd want to know what they're looking at as a natural curiosity. They were doing – it was just a big time job up there and so I stood out by the sidewalk very obvious with my arm at length with my hand in front of the sun and I'd look at people. Some of them would look at me. No one looked up and one interesting thing. One guy riding a bike started to look up and his head actually jerked down and he went on, so I'm kind of glad you mentioned Huxley's "Brave New World Revisited" because they could kind of rename that book “How We Brainwash The Schmucks” basically. There's one sentence in the second chapter. It's the first sentence in the book and it kind of tells the mindset of the people or at least of him and it's: "In the Brave New World of my fantasy eugenics and disgenics were practiced systematically."  You know he doesn't call it a plan, a hope. It's his fantasy.


Alan:  They do have wild dreams I must admit these guys, but unfortunately they have the power and the wealth because they are the wealth. They give us what they say is wealth and they own most of it so they have the wealth to carry it out and they certainly have been doing it.  I really do go into the inoculations. I've come to pretty well suspect that the inoculation process was a hoax from the beginning, especially if you go into the British medical records in the 1800’s and watch them experimenting with thousands of people and watching them all come down with the very diseases they were supposed to have been trying to prevent. Then when you read the fact that Mr. Salk, the polio vaccine hero, just happened to be the top eugenicist that worked for the Rockefeller Eugenics Society, the American Eugenics Society, before that. His main theme before he became famous was to bring the population down by every known method, and lo and behold, he dawns a white coat and is launched as a superstar to help dying people. I'm very suspicious indeed.


Jeff:  I would agree with that 100 percent. As a matter of fact, it kind of appears that when you get along polio and I haven't studied it that much, but it almost appears that all they did was rename the disease.


Alan:  That's right. Now you get meningitis and encephalitis.


Jeff:  Yes and there's AOS that mimics the symptoms and the end symptom is you suffocate because you lose that motor control.


Alan:  That's right and it has been published that what we do know was in that particular shot, the shots they were giving out, were over 100 monkey or simian viruses, live viruses, live viruses of all things.  We know that the Simian-40 virus is admitted and he knew it at the time because I've got the documentary here where he was talking about it. He knew that the only function that virus had was to create tumors, cancers.


Jeff:  Yes and I think basically and this goes along the lines of what a lot of people have said on the show that the best thing that anybody could do is basically just stop watching television, period, and you will – even though I never watch very much of it. I completely shut it down for two or three years and you can feel the difference and especially if you go back and watch it again you can kind of feel how it affects the brain. There's a quote, a gentleman wrote some articles. His name was L. Wolfe I think and he quotes Hal Becker who worked in the Futures Group in Connecticut. Have you read any of his work?


Alan:  I probably have.


Jeff:  He spent more than 20 years and his job was basically mind control and quote from him is he said: "I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television. The Americas are wired into their television sets. Over the last 30 years, they have come to look at their television sets and the images on the screen as reality" (which you mentioned). Put something on television and it becomes reality.


Alan:  It must be true. It's on TV.


Jeff:  Yes. "And if the world outside (and this is what people do) "if the world outside the television set contradicts the images, people start changing the world to make it more like the images and sounds of their television. Because its influence is so great, so pervasive, it has become part of our lives. You lose your sense of what is being done to you, but your mind is being shaped and molded."


Alan:  Always, that's right and Bertrand Russell said “there's no nonsense so errant that it cannot be made the creed or belief of the vast majority by adequate government action,” so they knew they could do it a long time ago.


Jeff:  Yes and I think when they basically had the sciences down that's when television was brought out. That's just my opinion.


Alan:  Talking about the spraying now and I was talking about the tranquilizing effect it has on people, too, and how they starting having memory loss and so on, people should check into "Defense Technology International," November 2007. It says: "New drug that stops the enemies will to fight on page 25."  People should look into that. "Defense Technology International," November 2007, page 25.


This stuff can be sprayed or whatever and you think they're not doing it, because Rumsfeld said that on television right after 9/11 when he was asked by a reporter: "What will we do if other cities get hit in the future and there's massive panic?"  He says, "We have aerosolized Valium and Prozac ready to spray over huge areas," and that's when it hit me they're actually doing it as well, amongst all this barium and aluminum oxide mix they're putting tranquilizers in too, and you would do the same thing if you were the military coordinators at the top. You would use everything in your arsenal to bring the public through an old system that's engrained in them, even though it wasn't really their system but it's what they were used to, into a new system, a new feudal system of serfdom where you are born only if there was a job for you and they need you to have a duty and to serve the state. That's what Huxley said and others said the same thing and that's also the tenant of The Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute for International Affairs. You will have a duty to serve and they're talking about the world state.


Jeff:  Yes and if people read "The First Global Revolution,” there's a lot more in that book than I thought there was. I won't get into it. Yes. You read the main quote about ecology and then you get into other things and they basically tell you what your world is going to be like. I won't go over that at this time, but there's a couple of things that I may do later, but the last thing basically is a couple of years ago I volunteered to try to be hypnotized at a Christmas party which was quite an astonishing experience and I learned a lot about that, because afterwards I read Huxley's speech and I had to read the rest of it. I never got past the hypnotism and the placebo, but I'd never been to a show so I envisioned you know how he's going to try and relax you and talk to you and so forth.  12 or 15 people got up there and sat down and he said okay close your eyes and then he didn't say relax and I immediately I started thinking well this is kind of funny. What's going on? Then he started talking to the audience and the wheels are just flying around at 100 miles an hour and I'm going what is this guy doing? How does anyone get hypnotized? I closed my eyes and he talked to the audience. Big deal and so about 15 seconds into that I looked around and there was a lady to my left that was just sitting up with her eyes open, then I looked to my right and there were several people that looked like they'd just passed out. Their heads were slumped. They were just mush and the interesting thing about that with Huxley's speech is that those are the people that wear their red and support the troops shirts every Friday. They have the buzz cut. They take whatever comes down from above them and execute it. They don't ever question it. They don't ever alter it you know and you can watch those people to see what's being pushed.


Alan:  That's right. You see they're showing they're wearing their indoctrination. They're wearing the suggestibility that functions within them and that's what Huxley said. He said, "60 percent of the public are instantly suggestible or hypnotizable. 20 percent more with a little bit more work will come under. It's the other 20 percent that can be the problem," and so they knew that test again from Tavistock Institute a long time ago and they've repeated it on vast amounts of the population. You've got to remember, too, that big psychological test they did at the United States when they did "War of the Worlds" over radio with Welles. That was Orson Welles the actor narrating it and they had people panicking in different American cities and some people even shot at big water towers thinking that was the aliens coming down in their spaceships and there was panics and people died smashing cars on each other as they tried to get out. It was announced only a few years ago that was a psychological test, a PSYOPS operation with the Pentagon funding it and the psychological staff at Princeton University who had worked it out and written the script.


Jeff:  It was amazing following those people that went under right away and basically what I think is I don't think you hypnotize anyone for the most part. They were already gone when they walked up on stage.  That's my opinion.


Alan:  That's what they say, too. For many people there's almost a wanting to go under or cooperate and you see most of the people are followers. They want to cooperate. They want to be goodie two shoes and they're the ones that bring teacher an apple. They want to be approved and accepted and they often are not too sure about themselves. They haven't a tremendous ego so they want to cooperate and that's the bulk of the public, and they know this. The CIA and FBI in high quarters can hypnotize people just by standing at a bar and talking to you and you don't realize you're going under, and they teach some of this in high advertising schools too. That's where a lot of this stuff really came out from is advertising schools. That's why Bertrand Russell says we must get the big advertisers onboard with this system because they understand the process of the mind and what people want and how to make them want things and how to do things and change their behavior. You'll find in advertising a good salesman will come up and he'll stand the same way as you are standing and he'll watch your gestures and he'll give you a mirror image of yourself and his hand will be where your hand is. He'll say the little things that you say like “yeah.” He'll copy these things or “ya know,” and he'll copy that and you'll feel that you've known this guy forever. He'll seem so familiar but he's copying you. That's what they do and it works.


Jeff:  That's amazing. The way he could tell if you were hypnotized is he basically went and looked through your eyes, because when he looked into me and you can tell by looking at peoples eyes a little bit if they're in that kind of a mode.  I have this one question and I'll let somebody else in there. You had a caller from California once that said he had overflights so he moved to the country and then he noticed high altitude anomalies and I've actually seen two of those because I'll read outside and then sometimes I'll just look up and kind of gaze and twice I noticed, one that I thought was a star moving. It was definitely an orbital altitude with a small white dot. It changed direction two or three times and it wasn't a curve when it changed directions. It was a sharp angle and I don't know what that was and the next time it looked like it was a plane. It was higher than the spray altitudes. Kind of hard to tell at night but I was following it and I'm looking at it and it was gone.


Alan:  It disappeared. These have been around at least since the 1950’s and it's very highflying stuff. Bill Cooper did a video on Area 51, the military complex where they test all this aircraft and he got footage of them coming out of the ground, underground hangers and doing just that. These things can move and stop on a dime at incredibly fast speeds. When you take the altitude they're at, that means they're very fast and rather huge as well and they can stop on a dime and do right angles and all the rest of it. It's quite amazing. I've seen them all my life those things and watched them because I study astronomy and they're made here on earth because the use advanced sciences and keep it quiet from the public. They roll the stealth bomber out every year a new version and tells us that's the best they've got which is how easy it is to fool us.


Jeff:  Oh I know. If you just go back and look at the articles that they talk about and even in "The Shape of Things to Come," he mentioned that just in business and manufacturing he said they have the technology 25 to 50 years ahead just in that area, and that was an admission in that book and I think that was basically a statement of fact. He was just talking about business. He wasn't talking about the military. He was talking about the high technology.


Alan:  Whatever the public is given or shown is completely obsolete at the top. That's how it is.


Jeff:  The oddest thing the second one did is I picked it up again and this bright light flash came out of the side of it. It looked like it was out of the side and I have no idea what that was.


Alan:  These things again are just above the ionosphere and they catch the sunlight hitting them even though its dark, they’re up there and they'll reflect sunlight down. They catch the rays and as they turn, they'll often give that flash from it. 


Jeff:  I just wondered what they're doing up there.


Alan:  They're advanced sciences. They're very quiet. These things are pretty silent and they've had them at least since the '50’s that I know of and probably before, because real science for total control is always kept from the public and from their knowledge. As I say, they roll out the stealth bomber and tell you that's the best. They give you a new machinegun for the troops and say that's the best we have, ball and powder for a thousand years, like ha-ha and so no. They actually have technologies they haven’t shown the public yet. I hope they never have to use them. If they do it will be on the public and even Tesla, the great Tesla that’s been made into a hero, his main job was to find ways of knocking out entire cities by using scalar technology for warfare purposes.


Jeff:  That kind of tells you that something was written down before, because they didn't discover scalar technology in the 1910’s I don't think.


Alan:  No they didn't and Tesla himself could not have jumped so many steps that hadn't been done yet on the lower level of science of creating capacitors and basically transistors to make this thing work.


Jeff:  You have to wonder about older civilizations because in the book by Bacon, "The New Atlantis," as you say he goes through genetics and so forth but there's one thing in there.


Alan:  You could not dream that up in the age of sailing ships, and canvas sails, and the horse and cart.


Jeff:  No, not in the 1500’s.


Alan: You could not have dreamt up that stuff.  


Jeff:  I've talked and I say the nuclear energy maybe it’s extrapolation with the sun, but there's one thing in there that there's no answer for. He describes the laser perfectly.


Alan:  Yes. He also describes something that gives off the light of the sun and powers the whole underground complex; that's nuclear.


Jeff:  Yes. That had been around before. Well thanks a lot Alan. I do appreciate it and just a note to everybody – buy the books.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Back after the following messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, and I've got three callers I’ve got to fit in very quickly, so I'll have to ask the callers to be quick. There's Mark from Massachusetts. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  Alan, hi. How are you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Mark:  Hey, good show tonight. Listen, I just wanted to follow up on something a caller mentioned earlier about television and its addictive properties where everybody goes to get their information now obviously. Intel came out with a chip, they announced it today, that's going to make the quality of Google and YouTube video, internet video is good as what you see on television now. Could you speak to that a little bit because of course like myself, so many people have watched your videos on Google and YouTube and I'm wondering how long it will be before your voice and so many other important voices are pushed aside?


Alan:  What I do know is that the big companies – now the big media companies you think they're all separate but really they're not. There's two types of shareholders. There's always Class A and B. The ones with the Class A don't sell their shares. They control and it's all the same bankers and all the rest of it that own it. The Class B shares are sold off to the general public and so there's no real separate media at the top, but they're playing right now and putting bids in to take over and actually own all the main servers, so they want to give you the same standard news over the internet and eventually control all the internet. That's happening right now.


Mark:  Do you think they'll hang on for a while to that kind of distinction so that when you go?


Alan:  All they have to do is put more bells and whistles to fascinate everybody, distract them so they can go oh and ah and give them a super wide screen and something like that and it makes everything else obsolete.


Mark:  It was good while it lasted though, right, the internet? Felt like something for rebels, didn't it?


Alan:  That's right.


Mark:  All right. Thanks Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now I've got Ken in Texas. Are you there, Ken?


Ken:  Al, this is Ken at Fort Worth. Hey, I'll be quick. Tonight on 360 Anderson they're going to be talking about some UFO stuff. They have some kind of a conference in D.C.


Alan:  The UFO stuff is Looney tunes. All that stuff is made here.


Ken:  It's going to be on Anderson Cooper tonight. Another thing is--


Alan:  Regardless, I don't want to hear about what you're trying to push here. The fact is this alien stuff was also an idea dreamed up by The Club of Rome to make you think it's out there.


Ken:  It was on CNN and it showed pictures.


Alan:  We've had lots of pictures. We've had pictures for years of them, and as I say, even the BBC did a documentary in the '70’s of them coming out of the ground at Area 51 and in the military establishment where they make them.


Ken:  Hey, are you following this Leo [inaudible] story?


Alan:  No.


Ken:  Hey, Google Christopher Story and he's got Christopher Story right now and you can read his reports about--


Alan:  Listen, I've got other callers. The lines are almost up here. I’ll rush off to James in Queensland. Are you there, James?


James:  Okay. I'll be quick. I'm just wondering about the chemtrails in Australia. Do you know of anything that's happening here because I can't see it at all?


Alan:  I know I've gotten reports from some of the big cities to the east there. They're getting sprayed. I've had a lot of photographs sent to me in fact from them and some of them are getting pretty worried about it, so some of them are definitely getting sprayed over there depending on your area.


James:  I'm near Brisbane and I haven't seen any planes. I'm actually very close to a major air base for the state and there's nothing I can see.


Alan:  Watch for them coming in early in the morning because they often spray outside the cities and let it blow over the main cities. You can see the shapes of them coming in before they all merge you can still tell.


James:  Thanks very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. For myself and Hamish, up in a rainy Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods to with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)