Aug. 17, 2009 (#387)

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"Fabian Agenda is Quite Clear, Succinct,
To Create a Socialist World by Increment,
Gradual Adaptation, Intergenerational,
Feeding Changes Up and To What They're Capable,
Never Too Slow, Never Too Fast,
Trained to Look Forward, Obliterate Past,
Almost Complete, We've So Far Survived,
Only a Few Ask, Have We Arrived?"
© Alan Watt Aug. 17, 2009


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 17th 2009.  For newcomers, I suggest you look in to web site and when you’re there bookmark all the other sites I have up there because once in a while the main servers go down.  It’s becoming a bit more common actually.  That way you can always download the latest shows for free. [listed above] is the European site and this also has the same audios as the rest but it has the addition of transcripts of these audios, some of them, which you can download and print up written in the various languages of Europe.  


Remember too, I always say this at the beginning - I should scatter it throughout the show - that this is probably the only show that is brought to the people BY the people themselves.  I don’t front for any non-governmental organization and I don’t get money from advertisers.  That’s how hosts run their shows.  It’s up to you to keep me going.  Believe you me, I put out probably as much as I take in on repairs and everything else.  So it’s up to you to keep me going and you can find out how to do it by going in to the web site.  There’s PayPal buttons.  There’s personal checks within the US and Canada.  There’s Western Union and MoneyGram for those outside of the Americas.  For people who can still think for themselves, they can send cash; it still comes through.  For those who simply get the disks passed around, burned by guys with computers - there’s a lot of people out there who don’t like computers or they’ve gone off computers all together - and they play them through their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [listed above].  You can also buy the books and so on I have for sale on my web site.


All the shows and all the topics I mention during the broadcast, you can go in to the site again and you’ll see the links there at the end of the show every night.  It’s up within an hour generally.  You can check the stories out for yourself.  I try to use the original material, not stuff ABOUT something.  I prefer it coming from the sources themselves and it’s up to you to decide what they’re really saying.  That’s part of the problem today, as most people can not decipher what they’re even reading.  It’s almost like they’ve been trained, in fact from school onwards, to go into a coma when they start reading something.  They only remember something which titillates their senses, like sex and so on.  Or something really scary.  They watch so many movies, they like to get scared and so on.  But things that really matter in our own lives simply goes through their head.  It doesn’t stay there.  It doesn’t get retained there.  I think that’s part of the conditioning process that Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley talked about.  I think it’s been very, very successful.  Scientific indoctrination… works very well.  The media is all involved because that’s what they’re about.  The media, remember, survives on advertising.  It’s not the stories they want to get out, it’s the advertising, so they understand what makes you tick.  It’s essential.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just before I continue, I’ll mention that the satellite when down in my house here last Wednesday right after I mentioned the company Xplornet, the provider.  I wasn’t too happy with their service and bingo, bang, down it went.  Therefore it took the whole weekend on a temporary wi-fi system to upload this stuff about 2 or 3 times the speed of dial up.  That’s why the web site’s back up to scratch.  The repairman for the satellite system just left the house about 10 minutes ago and my wallet’s an awful lot lighter since the visit, believe you me.  This costs a lost of money.  It costs money to keep just going because it’s one thing, literally, after another.  Monday to Monday.  There’s no weekends here for me.  There’s no weekends off EVER for this.  I appreciate your help.  It’s always the same people.  Always the same people who donate. 


I know for a fact if I started to put out the mystifying stuff that intrigues them, because they love entertainment, they’d be throwing the money at you… and telling them what they want to hear… to titillate your senses into a land and a world where it doesn’t matter what you think you learned, it won’t change anything right here.  Not a darn thing.  …except to make it easier for the controllers to control you.  They love it when you’re off in some la-la land, looking into metaphysics because you’re not involved IN THIS LAND, this world.  They love this.  Who do you think promoted all the new age stuff in the first place?  …and why?  Why?  Look at the old books by the masters of this system, the guys who helped design the present day that you’re living in today.  The Bertrand Russells of the world.  The Huxleys of the world.  The Wells of the world.  They knew exactly where they were taking the world and they kept saying they’d have to destroy the last vestiges of existing religion, but they also knew it was extremely helpful for rulers to HAVE people believing in a particular religion, so they would create one. 


In the 1950s, in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’s own magazine, which was called The New Age, put out by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the rite of so-called perfection.  Just like the Albigencis.  They said they would bring in a new age.  I’ve mentioned before that Gorbachev, who was brought over from the Soviet Union, as the President of the Soviet Union, to be a nice green man for the world.  Don’t forget, the Green Party was set up in the Soviet Union by Madeline Albright’s grandpappy, a great pal of Stalin, to be the NEW religion-political system of the planet.  They knew they’d have to create a religion that would go along with what they wanted to give us as socialism.   A system where an elite live like no other elites in history have ever lived, on the back of all the minions beneath them.  That’s what socialism is.  With a massive bureaucracy of well-paid fat cats and sellouts who will do anything they are told to retain their positions.  Massive bureaucracies world wide.  For the masses there’d be a religion that would couple, like Gorbachev said, a form, A FORM of earth worship where, as jumping back to what Huxley said, that man would have to be dethroned from his special position as a special type of life form and you’re down amongst the animals.  What do you do when there’s too many animals?  What does the Ministry of Natural Resources do?  They kill off the excess.   Well, that’s what socialism today is… coupled with the greening agenda.  Where does the new age come in to it?  Everywhere.  It’s in it everywhere. 


People need religions.  When you take one away it just pops up in another form.  Therefore, the masters knew to give us the one.  They designed one for us which has been very heavily promoted since especially the 1960s onwards until it’s now a part, it’s the AUTHORIZED WORLD RELIGION.  The New Age, the greening of the planet, coupled with the idea that the world is coming to an end if we don’t obey the new Gods of science.  Scientists ARE the new Gods.  And they’re all rip off merchants too.  They exist on grants.  That’s how they live their entire lives is on grants.  If they’re wrong in their theories and so on, they’d have to disband all of those groups, especially the United Nations, that live off the back of us.  Maintaining this hype about global warming, well that’s all coupled with this big gimmick that we’re living through as they change society from one form of living TO another.


Under the guise of the greening agenda, it’s a totalitarian worldwide system called GOVERNANCE.  GoverNANCE, not governMENT.  Because it’s a new type of ruling the people.  That’s where panels of experts and scientists, etc, etc that are UNELECTED will simply tell the politicians what to do.  That’s happening.  They’re all appointed to every board, every Parliament, every Congress across the planet.  These unelected scientist with NGOs to back them… non-governmental organizations.  That’s the new system.  Governments have had the same problems all down through the millennia.  Whether it was kings or queens or tyrants or whatever, it’s how to get the people to work for free, their entire lives, and how to stop rebellions and how to make the people slave for free and be HAPPY with that. 


Now, Huxley was a guy who said himself, that the people, if they use pharmacology on the public coupled with psychology, that’s propaganda VIA the marketers, who understand the advertising, who understand the media.  In fact, they are the media today.  Everything out there in the media has a political agenda.  They call it ‘raising public awareness’.  When you hear that term, you’re being TOLD that this is the mandate and that you’re going to parrot that one day, whatever the mantra happens to be.  It’s going to become part of your conversation and you will accept this mandate because your consciousness has been raised.  I call it ERASING.  Because if you think for yourself, you’d realize it’s all a con.  When they go out and tell you they’re raising public consciousness, they don’t give you a choice do they?  To give a choice to people, you have to give them the whole story with all of the facts on any particular topic and let the person decide for themselves.


We have a mountain of one-sidedness today.  A mountain.  No other opposing mountains.  Just one megalithic mountain.  It’s giving us all the spiel that comes across the mainstream media that parrots all back to us until WE’RE all parroting it as well.  This is the techniques, they call it, techniques of indoctrination which are used perfectly today… PERFECTLY… by mainstream media.  It’s been that way for an awful long time.  Coupled with the fact that every new raising of public awareness starts with the school children.  That’s called INDOCTRINATION and IDEALISM for those who don’t know that.


When governments are indoctrinating children into a form of idealism, that is not what you normally take for granted as being given an education, that’s being given an indoctrination.  When you’re putting politics and agendas into the classroom, you are no different than any totalitarian society in history.  No matter how you try and justify it, no matter what nice phrases you use, like it’s for the common good, and the welfare of all, etc… EVIL is always dressed up as a beautiful thing.  Most folk, 80% of them, believe that the front façade of the cake as soon as they see it.  They can’t get any further… unfortunately. 


When Bertrand Russell said in the 1950s, he said, ‘we shall have to bring Madison Avenue on board,’ because they understand the techniques - the Bernays techniques - of making you do things you wouldn’t normally do.  Or making you want things you normally wouldn’t even buy.  Advertising is a faith system, A FAITH-BASED SYSTEM.  That’s what they sell you is HOPE.  Hope.  Everybody goes up through the same milestones in life.  At certain ages you hit the certain milestone and you worry about this and you worry about that, and there’s the marketers ready to hit you and clean you out by selling you hope.  For every fear they can drum up, they’ll sell you a bunch of hope to go with it… and it never fails.  Today it’s the whole greening agenda.  Everybody in the media is on board with it.  We’ve got to save the planet… but it’s going to cost you.  We’ve got to make sure it goes green and stays green.  We’ve got to stop global warming.  We’ve got to stop terrorism.  But you’ve all got to give up all your rights in the process to do so.  It’s the mantra. 


Government is taking us where government has always wanted us to go.  That’s why Orwell mentioned it in Animal Farm, where the humans say to the pigs, ‘We’ve been trying to get the animals to work forever for free.  You’ve done it successfully.  Congratulations.’  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, there’s very few programs out there that don’t have a spin or some other object to take you to.  I’m not taking you into a religion.  I’m not fronting for a non-governmental organization.  Believe you me, there’s lots of sites out there, web sites, well-funded web sites, where if you simply look at what they’re doing and what they’re complaining about, often using the same kind of topics that I bring up, their goal is socialism.  So regardless of it, they’re all on the same path as globalism and socialism.  It can be very deceptive for people who don’t know what they’re getting in to when they look up all of these different web sites.  Just look at where it would take you.  That’s all you have to look at.  And look at who funds them and who their contacts are in their fellow NGOs and all the rest of it.  It will tell you all you need to know. 


As far as I’m concerned, you can’t trust any of the big religious guys out there because it’s been well publicized in ALL major media and exposés since the Bush regime got out, that they brought them all on board.  Their top pastors and ministers were all on board with the war agenda.  Their job was to bring their flocks along.  That’s why it’s so beautiful.  I remember reading a lot about communism and how they loved existing organizations with lots of followers because all they had to do was put someone IN as a helper who’d work their way to the top and now you’re in control of thousands, maybe even millions of people.  Followers are that.  They’re exactly that.  They’re followers.  They used the big religions MASSIVELY, trying to convince the public and their followers that this is God’s will.  All these ongoing wars, etc is God’s will.  I’ve seen Christian, supposedly Christian sites where people are talking about going to war for Jesus.  Can you believe it?  You wonder why, outside of the US, the people are scratching their heads when they hear that kind of stuff?  How on earth can people be so brainwashed? …by politics?  …and leaders?  …that they bypass, supposedly, their ONLY leader and ignore what their only leader ever had to say?  It’s astonishing.  And it works. 


On the weekend, I watched a disc.  It was called Control Room.  It went through the… I hate to even call it the War in Iraq because to me it wasn’t a war.  If it was a war, it was awfully one-sided.  It was done from inside the control rooms of Al Jazeera.  You saw them speaking with the PR man for the US government and all the rest of it, the military guy.  How they explained propaganda and how it works on both sides, etc, etc.  You see, the first thing that struck me was the way it was presented to the Iraqis to just… for Saddam to just step down.  Now, if you’re  a bunch of…  Supposing you went in to some… Because folk recognize movies today.  They can’t think because they don’t read history books so they can’t think about history except what comes from movies.  So, let’s liken this to ancient Rome.  Have you ever seen people going in to bring a democracy into a people and telling them they’re going to get bombed all to hell if they don’t give up the guy who’s dominating them?  It’s like saying, we’re going to slaughter all the Romans if Caesar doesn’t run away.  Yet that’s exactly what Rumsfeld and Bush did.


Remember, Rumsfeld and Cheney and some others were students of Leo Strauss, who actually was a Nazi, a Nazi Jewish guy.  Lots of them came over before the 40s who believed in eugenics and they truly believed…  I’ve got a whole bunch of names of the people who were involved in eugenics who simply left Nazi Germany when they realized that THEY were also on the list.  They didn’t expect to be on the list, these guys.  Strauss came to the States and taught at MIT.  He taught guys like Rumsfeld and Cheney into, basically, Nazi type socialism.  Remember, Nazism is socialism doctrines.  Strauss believed that things were very clear cut, black and white.  He loved Gunsmoke.  He loved to watch Gunsmoke because here’s the bad guy with a black hat and here’s a good guy who wears a white hat.  It was that simple to him.  When you get back to what happened in Iraq, this New American Century group that they were all members of, with Strauss man at the top as the big guru, they literally said and they broadcast this on the air.  You’ll see a broadcast in that movie Control Room.  Saddam’s got 2 days to get out of town.  Right out of the westerns.  Right out of the westerns. 


So here’s a people, supposedly dominated by a guy who will slaughter them if they don’t obey…  So they’re going to free these people and bring them democracy by telling the guy who’s dominating them, to get out of town.  If he doesn’t, they’ll slaughter the people.  What ridiculous….  There’s no logic involved in this at all.  Then I transposed it and the idea hit me.  I said, now look what’s happened since 2001.  This very fortunate event with 9/11 and the towers because they never could have kicked off this totalitarian phase of the agenda without it.  Couldn’t have been done.  And by God, have we really gone along with it… as we get entertained to death.  Back with more about this after these messages.


This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just explaining after watching the Control Room video to do with how it was in the Al Jazeera headquarters during the Iraqi invasion - the invasion of Iraq I should say - how things really went.  What was interesting too was when they talked to some of the Americans troops that were captured.  They were young guys of course, who are all gung-ho to go off and play soldier.  That’s what they are because young guys don’t mature until much later in life.  One minute they’re chasing around trees and going bang, bang your dead.  The next minute they’re dressing up, just like the video games and just like their heroes in the movies, the tough guys, with real weaponry and that’s as far as they think.  They don’t think beyond that.  So they asked these POWs, why are you here?  Why are you over here killing us?  One guys said, ‘well I was told to come’.  I thought, what a great excuse.  I was TOLD to come here.  It kind of made me think of the bulk of the population, in all countries, that put up and go along with everything that’s done to them by governments.  Who just tell you to go, GO.  And you go.  Why were you here?  I was told to come here.


Another one who’d learned his lines well through the very fast indoctrination they get, he said he was there to spread democracy.  This is what they guy said to him, ‘you’re killing people’.  So the option for democracy is, we’ll kill you unless you accept democracy.  I thought about it too.  This young soldier obviously hasn’t a clue about democracy because he would have asked a simple question.  Do we have that back home?  The answer would obviously be no.  So a form of indoctrinated madness and that is what you HAVE in brainwashing; it works very well.  Incredibly well.  That’s what you’ll hear coming out of brainwashed people in controlled situations.  It’s their downloading.  They’ll answer you according to what they’ve been downloaded with and they haven’t thought beyond that download, believe you me.  To all the other ears around them it will sound weird, their answers and their excuses; but to themselves, because of their indoctrination, it sounds correct. 


We’ve heard this before, this same kind of stuff, at the Nuremberg Trials.  ‘I was just doing my duty.  I was just following orders.’  You know, even Martin Luther King said something, a few things actually, that were poignant.  He said, ‘no one should obey an unlawful order.  No one should obey laws that were unjust‘.  Unjust.


As we go deeper and deeper into this very well planned, worldwide socialist agenda that’s been worked out for a long, long time by the Fabians and all the other foundations that work with them, the parallel government as it’s called by those inside of it, sometimes openly.  As we go deeper and deeper into it, a strange thing happens.  Those who are more easily conditioned by propaganda will immediately succumb to the propaganda.  They’ll start parroting global warming without even checking a thing out for themselves.  They’ll start spying on each other.  If a neighbor’s watering the grass… because they’re saying in America and Canada where it’s poured all summer long, ‘Do you know there’s people in Africa who don’t have enough water?’  And you’re supposed to cut back watering your lawns in Canada where it’s rained all June and July for the second year in a row. 


What I’m saying is logic doesn’t work; it doesn’t come in to the equation of brainwashing.  Doesn’t come in.  People will literally… That’s why they could write thousands of years ago when they wrote Revelations in the Bible - and believe you me, it was the Gnostics that wrote that part in typical Gnostic language - when they talked about how people would turn on each other.  Why was that?  Even children would turn on their parents.  Why was that?  It’s because it’s been done BEFORE in ancient times.  These techniques were KNOWN in ancient times.  The world is a very, very old place you know.  Kings and tyrants have been around for an awful, awful long time.  When one tyrant goes down, there’s a whole staff of bureaucrats and advisors that MOVE to some other tyrant and give HIM the inside scoop on how to dominate the public even better


These are old sciences.  Old, old sciences.  They understood and understand today how the general public think.  Terrible isn’t it?  Most folk don’t know they’re brainwashed.  That’s the beauty of it.  The ones who are brainwashed, don’t know they are brainwashed.  There’s ads on Canadian television now from the greenies - paid for by the government though - who come on and tell you, as they stand next to a lake, the world’s running short of water, and with the massive increases in population expected by 2050, there’s going to be massive problems.  You look at these young people that have come straight through school into college parroting this and all that’s missing is the swastika on the arm, the arm band.  That’s all that’s missing.  Or the hammer and sickle.  You see, they’ve already had the ideological indoctrination and it works.  It works perfectly well. 


One day, one day perhaps after they’ve slaughtered enough people on the planet to satisfy the blood-lust at the top, of those who pretend to care as they want to kill us off, and they ADMIT they want to kill us off, perhaps one day there will be other trials and these people who are on the ads today saying, I was only doing my job.  I was only doing my job.  How may surgeons out there, paid for by the United Nations and all the NGOs under their umbrella group under family planning, how many of them could stand up one day in court and say, I was only doing my job… as they sterilize thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people.  The sad part of it is it doesn’t seem to matter what time of history, there’s always plenty of them will go up there for the job.  There’s no end of people who’ll do anything for a paycheck, if it’s authorized.


I’ve talked to you about these experiments before and they’ve proven it in the States.  It’s up there on my web site, the links to the videos on the guys who tested out the electric voltage shocks on supposedly ‘volunteers’ to find out that those who will administer the shocks will give them lethal doses, if it was real, as long as someone in authority tells them to do it.  Takes the can, you see.  They’ll do anything.  Someone asked me years ago, aren’t you scared of ghosts, Alan?  I says, I’m more scared of the living.  Ghosts never hurt anybody.  It’s the living you got to be scared of.  By that I mean people that seem to be classified as normal, decent people…  What does that mean?  They follow the present cultural norms.  They’ll offer you a second cup of coffee.  They’ll ask you if you’re okay.  These are the same people that can be turned so quickly into ratting on each other like they’re doing in Britain and elsewhere, because they’re brainwashed and they can not think for themselves.  They can not think through any particular problem or topic and they will never check up on any topic for themselves.  They’re quite content with the media and political opinion.  That’s the scary part of the world. 


The only hope there is, the only hope, to be honest with you is WITHIN THE U.S. ITSELF.  That’s why I think it’s going to get hammered more than any other country.  They still have a memory, A MEMORY at least, of having rights.  The rest of the world, really, doesn’t have that, but in the U.S., people are less complacent.  They’ll complain about things if things are wrong.  Right down to service.  Right down to what they buy in stores.  They’re not afraid to get in the face of someone and demand to get a decent product or whatever it is.  In places like Canada, people stand in lines like cattle and never complain about anything. 


The only time in Canada folk complained en masse is when the pensioners found out that when they were declassifying their TV through cable, they would lose their cheap systems, a benefited system, because they were elderly.  That was the only time in Canada that I remember.  There was massive emails, letter, phone calls going into Ottawa, the Parliament, on a one time basis.  Nothing’s ever happened since.  I think they could do anything to Canadians and they’d just grin and bear it.  It’s almost like they’ve got more of a colonial indoctrination of the British system than the British people themselves.  And they just accept it.  Because they tried out the system of socialism with little variations across the British Empire.  Little variations to see what works the best and easiest.  Canada has been used as one of their main tools and examples for an awful long time. 


After getting on about Bush and his crew, don’t think there’s a difference between Obama.  Obama is just the one who takes over and carries on the same agenda and NOTCHES it up a little bit, pushes the envelope, that’s his job.  This agenda is only ONE agenda.  There can ONLY BE ONE.  That’s what they say in all their sci-fi movies.  There can be only one.  There’s only one agenda.  It was decided an awful long time ago.  As professor Carroll Quigley said, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the top boys all belong to the Council on Foreign Relations.  Doesn’t matter, you see. Guaranteed.  That’s why they’re PRE-SELECTED, the characters that are put up for you to vote for.  It is no different than the Politburo system of the ex Soviet Union.  Who do you want to vote for?  Politburo member one, two, three, or four?  Here you have world socialist, one, two, three, four, how many?  It’s the same thing.  There’s ONE world agenda. 


It’s not going to be a nice happy place where we’re crossing hands across the sea and we shake them all and accept each other.  That’s got nothing to do with it.  It’s a dominated system.  Dominated by a FEW.  Designed a long time ago.  And the whole world is to be standardized; no favorite countries.  No favorite countries.  Any President or Prime Minister since they signed the agreement in California to do with the United Nations, about 1946 or so, no one has stood up for the people.  They all KNEW what was signed back then.  They’re all briefed on all the treaties that have been signed through the UN.  The UN was set up to become a front for global government. 


It’s amazing how they can trot out the flags and the symbols of the tribe during election time to make you feel like you’ve got a leader of your tribe.  Once it’s done and they’re in, they’re off signing agreements for the integration of the Americas… and throwing money across the planet to other countries, etc.  It’s astonishing.  It works so well.  So easy isn’t it?  The tribal emblems.  When the tribes were sold out at the end of World War II under the treaties of the United Nations, any country that backs out of it is called ‘a rogue state’ by the UN.  Every Prime Minister and every President since then know this.  They know this.  That’s how it works.  There’s tribal emblems.  The only other time they trot the emblems out is when they want you to go off to war.  When they tell you that your freedom is being threatened by somebody you’ll never see. 


I’ll take some callers now and there’s Shawn from Utah.  Are you there Shawn?


Shawn:  Hello, Alan.  I just wanted to call in and put in a plug for you.  I don’t donate as much as I should but I do donate when I can.  I just want to encourage everybody to donate and that’s all I have to say.


Alan:  I appreciate that.  I appreciate that, because it’s the same people that do it over and over again.  The same people.  Again, that’s symptomatic of the world we live in today where 90% will take and take and they wonder why everything they have eventually is taken from them when the big boys come down.  They will come down.  There’s Dan from LA.  Are you there Dan?


Dan:  Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes.


Dan:  I’m going to make this a little bit personal.  I’ve been listening to you for a while now and I’ve read Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike and about 6 months ago, my sister told me that my grandfather was a 32° Mason.  I went to my mother’s 80th birthday party and I asked her directly if she was Eastern Star and she said yes… as if she was in the girl scouts or something.  I just…  my jaw… I couldn’t believe it.  I still can’t.  I’m still in total shock that I’m of this system.  Not on the outside, not the UN or anything like that, but this close.  I’ve always, I don’t like them.  I don’t like what they do.  They kill.  That’s what they do.  My mother and father were always for every war.  It didn’t matter what war, they were always FOR the war, just perpetual.  So I guess my question is, do you know how somebody who was raised Masonic could be deprogrammed?  Is there a process?  It’s so involved, what they do.  Their rituals… how do I get out of this?


Alan:  Hold on and I’ll go into that when I come back from this break.


Hi.  I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just to answer the caller there, I can only suggest you do what I do and I can only use myself as an example.  I don’t mix with any relatives at all, that are totally under the brainwashing program.  You have to cut yourself off. 


It’s worse actually on a lot of the women who are brought up, the young girls who are brought up in these systems, especially when it’s in Rosicrucianism or something like that because they actually USE the masters to give them indoctrination courses at a very early age.  If you’re the grandson, 3rd generation in Freemasonry, you’ve had more work done on you than a 2nd generation.  3rd generation definitely gets a lot more work because they can go up higher in the degrees much faster at a younger age.  That’s allowed to the 3rd generation.  That’s 3rd generation where dad’s a Masons and mom’s an Eastern Star.  Three generations in a row.  So I wouldn’t worry about it. 


Personally, I don’t think I have to mix with relatives who are stuck in this totalitarian agenda and gung-ho for wars, etc.  What’s been used on the public NOW across the world…  I was thinking about watching that Control Room.  When they gave an ultimatum to a people, supposedly, or a leader of the people, started bombing the blazes out of the people… You’ve got to understand the lives of the people were irrelevant to the mission.  Irrelevant.  They were just in the way.  It doesn’t matter how many… As they guy said at the end of the movie, I think the editor for Al Jazeera, he says, at the end of war, people have a short memory and the victors never have to validate, after they’ve been victorious, what they were doing there, to the public.  It doesn’t work that way.  It’s true.  Most of the public have already forgotten. 


I thought, you just turn that technique on what they have with the world agenda they’ve discussed for years and when they say they want to depopulate and they want to sterilize, from the Optimum Population Trust and Prince Charles who’s an advisor to them and all these top leaders and Prime Ministers and so on, you’d better believe they’re using…  They mean what they say.  It’s like they said they’re going to bomb the hell out of Iraq.  They mean it.  They mean it when they say they’re going to turn every country upside-down into a base, socialized, communistic system for the masses with so-called health care and everything else.  They mean it.  And depopulate.  And give priority to abortions, vasectomies and tubal ligations.  They mean it.  When they say they’ve got to bring you down, there’s too many folk living too long, they mean it.  In your food, in your water, through the inoculations, they mean it. 


It’s not until you’ve been through a war you understand it.  The same governments that go off to slaughter and see minions beneath them, beneath the aircraft they drop the bombs on, see us the same way.  They mean it.  And we allow it. 


Now there’s Joshua from New York.  Are you there Joshua?


Joshua:  Thanks for taking my call.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen the movie Control Room but there was one part and I think you were just kind of touching on it there that I found to be the best example of us, the Americans, spreading democracy.  That was when the America war plane was directly overhead and the brave camera man who lost his life and you saw the plane nose down directly over the building that they guy was filming off of.  I think that’s the best example of us spreading democracy.


Alan:  That’s right.  As they said themselves, the headquarters of the newscasters was deliberately targeted by Rumsfeld.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada after an awfully busy last few days, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




Transcribed by Diana