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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November 16th, 2007. Newcomers, look into my website and download as much information as you wish. It's all free and for those who want the transcripts in the tongues of Europe, look into where once again you can download them for free.


However, remember I don't have sponsors here. I run on the wishes of the people and when the people stop me from running and talking I'll simply stop, so it's up to you. This is brought to the people by the people and I could have other sponsors, mind you, but I would have talking ads as I bring guests on and that's they generally are. I prefer to come straight out and give you the basic information that matters in this world and trying to keep the commercial side separate.


We live in this commercial system and everyone depends on it and it will be that way until we either change it through some miracle or the big boys themselves that run the entire system change it, which they plan to do of course eventually. They’ll give us tokens of one kind or another, like Bertrand Russell said, that will be deposited into your bank account by the government, which is just an arm really of the big institutes that run the real system behind the scenes.  I've gone on about that so much in the past and I will keep doing it because these big institutions are completely interlocked; completely interlocked with their own branches melding with the ones next to them interlaced and that's how they can keep this agenda steamrolling ahead at one incredible pace right now. In fact it's never been so out in the open, but they also know too they've never had a population so dumbed down, drugged down, inoculated down and sprayed from the skies and mind-bombed by television as the present generation. That's why they can afford to be so open.


It's a form of boasting, really, when they present evidence to you knowing that the vast majority of the public will completely ignore it. They have created a hedonistic society as they said they would do. Hedonism is where each person lives in their own little bag of cotton wool and they like to feel nice and warm and fuzzy and they don't want to know the bad news because they're technically selfish. They're disassociated from those around them. They have no interest in what happens in the world outside their cocoon and all information is piped into them via that crazy mechanism of television, where fact is blended with fiction until it's surrealistic and completely bizarre.


Now even when you read mainstream horror stories and there's so many out everyday, I get lots coming in here and you don't know which ones to pick really from mainstream news. At the side of their sites they have all the bizarro ads next to murders and people getting slaughtered and people getting tortured. You have these ads to buy things all jumping out in flash players and so on, all flashing these ads at you, which makes what you're reading surrealistic again, not real in a sense, bizarre, and that's intentional. That's all intentional because Bertrand Russell himself said they'd bring the big advertising agencies, Madison Avenue, into this to help control the minds of the public. I'll be back with more of the horror show after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I’m talking about some of the horror stories and which one to talk about, because really we're at the stage where the vast majority of the public as I say are so mind-bombed they can't tell fact from fiction, or games that they play on the internet with real events. Everything looks much the same to them. They're desensitized.


About a week ago I talked about a man in Canada who was tasered with these high-voltage guns the police are now using on the public. He was tasered at the airport in Vancouver and he was from Poland. He had been held behind by a security I guess or put in a special room for hours now it turns out to be. Hours and hours, maybe up to 10 hours. They actually sent the man's mother home who went to meet him and they told her that he hadn't arrived. They're very good at this kind of stuff. They lie all the time. That's why they have public relations teams to do all these great institutions including the police forces and security. That's what public relations are meant to do. They distort perceptions and they decide what perceptions you're going to end up with by altering events and reality to protect themselves just like the criminals do, same sort of thing.


There's now a video of this man being taken down by the taser up on Google and those who can stomach it should watch it because the police walk right in there. Four of them, RCMP's, you know the best that they have supposedly, and they just pull out this thing and shoot him with the taser. The man was unarmed. He had his hands was up and down he went, and that wasn't good enough, because once he was down and unconscious, they land on top of him and one of them puts the shinbone over the back of the guy's neck and when the cop gets back up the man isn't breathing anymore.


That's what's happening now on almost a daily event all over the world and these little people go down as statistics you see and are forgotten amongst all the hype of Tom Cruises' latest mishap or whatever they give you in Hollywood to dwell upon. So many statistics have gone down on this old planet especially in recent years that if you strung them all together they'd go out into Zeta Reticuli and back again. That's what the world is becoming, just numbers and figures and mishaps you see. There will be investigations about this that will end up going nowhere and exonerating the police because the police now are being hyped up and hyped up and have been for years against the general public. They view the public with suspicion. You're either in the fraternity or you're not. You either wear the brotherhood uniform or you don't, so it's them and us and it's been intensified because of all this terrorism hype, plus they're given new toys and you have a generation who's grown up playing video games and wanting to wear these uniforms. It's all preplanned that way. They're desensitized themselves and only the bully types that love to dominate go in for that particular kind of job.


Now here’s a similar story that's just been put out in the "Daily Mail" in Britain the 15th of November by Chris Brooke.


             "Police shot diabetic in comma with taser because…"


Alan:  Again, here's the excuse right away. That's misleading but the Daily Mail is a good friend of the government.


."…because they thought he was a suicide bomber."


Alan:  That's the sort of thing you put in a court inquiry: “because they thought he was a suicide bomber,” an excuse right away.



It says:


             "A diabetic in a coma and in need of urgent medical attention was shot with a stun gun by police who feared he was a suicide bomber. Nicholas Gaubert's bizarre ordeal happened just six days after the July 7 bombings with the country in a state of high alert. But apart from wearing a rucksack and being on a bus, he is bewildered as to how he could be mistaken for a terrorist. Last night he accused police of using him for "target practice".


It goes on to say:


             "The 34-year-old bistro owner and son of a magistrate has been dependent on insulin for 20 years. He was on his way to meet friends for a drink after work when he fell into a diabetic coma on the top deck of a bus in his home town of Leeds. He says he was the only passenger on board. He does not remember any more until he woke up in the back of a police van in handcuffs, initially fearing he had been kidnapped. It appears armed police had been called to the bus and shot him twice with a Taser gun after he failed to respond to their orders."


Alan:  Well of course because he was in a coma you see, a coma. Check up IQ level; IQ level.


             "Yesterday, after discovering the two police officers involved would not be prosecuted, he spoke out about his shocking…"


Alan:  This is British humor you see.


             "…shocking experience on July 13, 2005, nine days before the shooting in London of Jean Charles de Menezes. "I am disgusted that no action will be taken," he said. "The only thing that could have made people suspicious of me was that I had a black rucksack with me."


Alan:  It goes on and on again. They'll do their own inquiry of the police of course and you know nothing will come out of it. This particular victim's said I think they just saw an opportunity to try out their toys, and he's lucky he woke up in the back of the police van. He could have died and if they had thrown him in the jail, no doubt he would have died because he was in a coma.


Now there's more on a lot of these victims of the tasers as the cops go crazy and it's called Also called "World Taser News" and you can find a lot of these stories on there. They're keeping tabs on this it looks like worldwide because this is the up and coming thing with the bully boys. Now after saying that, I should advise all visitors to Britain, all visitors coming into Britain, Canada and the U.S. to learn to say this when you're confronted with these characters.


You know a gang comes up to you wearing uniforms. Learn to say this: "Yeah, suh massa boss."  Right. That's what you learn to say. Yeah, suh. And then massa boss and look at the man's feet as you say it. Don't look them in the eyes and you might humor them that way. They feel less threatened when they think you're rather simple and you're submissive, but if you look them in the eyes and try to declare you have some kind of rights you've just challenged them and they'll take you down. They might kill you.


So "Yeah, suh massa boss." Everybody learn to say that and look at their feet as you say it, okay, because the blacks had to learn that years ago when they brought on for slaves and that was the first sentence they were taught. They had to learn that to keep themselves safe or get the whip. In the old days it was the whip. Now they taser you or hit you with clubs or shoot you, so this might save your life.


Now I think we have a caller on the line. Are you still there, Mark? Mark from Pennsylvania.


Mark:  Hi. I'm here Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Good. Go ahead.


Mark:  My family wanted me to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on TV right now and I said I had more important things to do, which is to talk to you. Tell us about Thanksgiving. Everything is a lie. Is Thanksgiving a lie too?


Alan:  Well pretty well. Of course it's a lie. All these rituals and days they give you, even though they rehash the reasons for them, they're all occultic dates going back into the ancient past and there's nothing – giving thanks for what and to whom? To whom?  You see, in ancient times, too, even the Catholic Church took over the old pagan festivals and added on their own festivals as well because they knew that holidays, HOLY DAYS. That's what holiday means, Holy Days were essential to keep the peasants happy because they were slaves most of the time and so you give them this day where you could all eat their hearts out and meet each other and actually have time to talk and relax and maybe get drunk. That's how they relaxed them once in a while with all their different days and Thanksgiving is much the same, even though gave all the different stories to the U.S. citizens as to how it started.


Mark:  So the ships coming over, that's a lie too?


Alan:  Oh yeah. You look at the ships. I mean the whole farce of history is just that. People should read Professor Barry Fell, F-E-L-L's books such as "America BC". This is a Harvard professor who unearthed artifacts going back thousands of years showing that ancient Iranians and Egyptians and other cultures, Phoenicians and so on, they found coins even the Romans had visited these shores a long, long time before Christopher Columbus and this was always known. The Knights Templars knew that. They made a base on Oak Island off of Nova Scotia in Canada in the East Coast and they even found a Knights Templars temple down there in the U.S. in the East Coast. It's still standing there yet and no historian has ever explained why it was there and it's made of stone.


Mark:  I have one more question that's kind of related to that. So then can we also assume that the earth is round is also a lie also?


Alan:  All you can really prove is what you can figure out yourself by your perceptions. Your own perceptions and it's true all we can tell is when you look at the surface of say a sea. You go to the seaside and you look at the sea, you certainly do see it taper off like a meniscus on fluid towards the edges, the east and the west, so you can pretty well say it's certainly not dead flat.


Mark:  But I understand. I actually spoke to Dr. Deagle off air. He says that he thought it was a dihedral. Is that possible?


Alan:  Anything possible but that's the world of theories you see and the beauty of theories is that any theory can be proven or attempt to be proven by convincing, convincing but not by actually proving. That's why it's a theory and NASA's the only characters as we know who's ever given us all the pictures of the earth. NASA is the only ones to that supposedly has all the high technology to show a hole in the ozone. No one else has that, or that the earth is warming and here's the proof from satellites.


Mark:  And speaking of holes, they also like to take out the stars also when they take photos.


Alan:  Yes they do.


Mark:  Let me say and I'll let you run. I've learned more in the last four and a half months that I've listened to you than I have in my entire 40 years of living and I appreciate it. Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Mark:  Thank you.


Alan:  I'll be back after the following messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm trying to show you some reality as opposed to your indoctrinated false perceptions. They're not your perceptions really. They've been given to you. You had no option but to come to certain conclusions by the way information is fed to you coupled with indoctrination then repetition and it becomes custom and then you never question the custom, you simply go through it, just like Thanksgiving.


I always laugh really at the story of the Mayflower and the may flower in high occult is the high day of May. It's the may flower like the Mayberry. The berry of May and the old maypole flag, the ceremony they had as they ran around the maypole before they had the old orgies in the Middle Ages. They had red and white colors for the maypole, red and white also were the colors of the two hats of Egypt; red and white. The pharaoh wore them. Sometimes there were two pharaohs. One in the north and the south, and one would wear a red one and one wear a white one. When it was one pharaoh for both they wore the tet as they called it, and that was the red and the white hats together. Same colors as Canada was changed to after the red, white and blue, not so long ago in fact.


However, the Mayflower came there and then you have the whole story of leaving Plymouth. Plymouth means "many," "ply". Ply is many, many mouths came over and then they came over supposedly with a form of constitution written with a type of democracy amongst the members that had all chartered supposedly this boat and they split up the land between them. In a sense, they had certain things in common.  I found an old book going back to the 1800’s. It was an inquiry into the scandal that happened with the man who led the whole team and was in charge of it when they landed, because apparently he’d been confiscating everyone else's property along the way over the many, many years and acquired vast amounts of money. This book I got for about $100 in a junk store, not a book store but a junk store, and it's a fascinating read and very thick too with lots of real history in it written by those who participated at the time.


Getting back to the things that are happening in the world, there's a very good story that came out on News12 KSLA TV-DT it's called here and its got:


             "CHEMTRAILS: Is U.S. Government Secretly Testing Americans 'Again'?


Alan:  “Again” is in there. It's posted November 9th, 2007.


             "Could a strange substance found by an Ark-La-Tex man be part of secret government testing program?  That's the question at the heart of a phenomenon called "Chemtrails."  In a KSLA News 12 investigation, Reporter Jeff Ferrell shows us the results of testing we had done about what's in our skies. "It seemed like some mornings it was just criss-crossing the whole sky.  It was just like a giant checkerboard," described Bill Nichols.  He snapped several photos of the strange clouds from his home in Stamps…"


Alan:  That's S-T-A-M-P-S.


             "…in southwest Arkansas.  Nichols said these unusual clouds begin as normal contrails from a jet engine.  But unlike normal contrails, these do 'not' fade away. Soon after a recent episode he saw particles in the air.  "We'd see it drop to the ground in a haze," added Nichols.  He then noticed the material collecting on the ground. "This is water and stuff that I collected in bowls…"


Alan:  He put this in a jar.


             "...I had it sitting out in my backyard in my dad's pick-up truck," said Nichols as he handed us a mason jar in the KSLA News 12 parking lot back in September after driving down from Arkansas. KSLA News 12 had the sample tested at a lab. 


Alan:  There was also the live show you can look to. I'll put the link up on my site, too, just so you can see it and it shows you the test results that came back from the lab and at the top there's actually arsenic as well. They don't talk about the arsenic, even though it's on the form if you notice with the parts per million.


They go on about the barium:


             "A high level of barium, 6.8 parts per million, (ppm).  That's more than three times the toxic level set by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. Armed with these lab results about the high levels of barium found in our sample, we decided to contact the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.  They told us that, 'yes,' these levels are very unusual.  But at the same time they added the caveat that proving the source is a whole 'nother matter."


Alan:  Of course it is because they're all hush, hush about it.


             "We discovered during our investigation that Barium is a hallmark of other chemtrail testing.  This phenomenon even attracted the attention of a Los Angeles network affiliate, which aired a report entitled, "Toxic Sky?" There's already no shortage of unclassified weather modification programs by the government.  But those who fear chemtrails could be secret biological and chemical testing on the public point to the 1977 U.S. Senate hearings which confirmed 239 populated areas had been contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969.  Later, the 1994 Rockefeller Report concluded hundreds of thousands of military personnel were also subjected to secret biological experiments over the last 60-years."


Alan:  And here they have you worried about Iraq or China.


             "But could secret testing be underway yet again?  "I'd rather it be something inert and you know something that's not causing any damage but I'd like to know what it is," concluded Nichols. KSLA News 12 discovered chemtrails are even mentioned by name in the initial draft of HR 2977 back in 2001…"


Alan:  I'll be back with more of the story after the messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and cutting through all these contrails that are up in the skies. I'm reading a story from KSLA News 12 which talked about the chemtrails and had them analyzed and I was reading about how they've tested it on hundreds – hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of tests over the years on the general public without your knowledge and admitted it later on.


He goes on to say here in the story:


             "KSLA News 12 discovered chemtrails are even mentioned by name in the initial draft of HR 2977 back in 2001, under the Space Preservation Act.  But the military denies any such program exists."


Alan:  It exists because I copied it all down from the government at the time it happened and it certainly does exist, but why should they tell you the truth? You're just the commoners. You’re the people, you see.


             "It turns out, until just nine years ago the government had the right, under U.S. law…"


Alan:  They still do obviously.


             "…to conduct secret testing on the American public, under specific conditions…."


Alan:  Now “specific conditions” is a hayfield for lawyers to decipher.


             "Only a public outcry repealed part of that law…"


Alan:  That's part of that law.


             "…with some "exceptions. Mark Ryan, Director of the Poison Control Center, explained that short term exposure to barium…"


Alan:  Now this is only one of the things they found in this test. You can see the actual video. I'll link to it.


             "…can lead to anything from stomach to chest pains, with long-term exposure causing blood pressure problems."


Alan:  It's good for business though for the pharmaceutical agencies.


             "…Ryan addressed concerns by chemtrail researchers that barium could be meant to wear down a person's immune system."


Alan:  If you wanted to eventually release pandemics which would otherwise be fairly harmless viruses your body is used to, you'd have to knock out your immune system then release it and these fairly harmless viruses would kill off those who have had their immune systems destroyed. He's quite right on about that one.


             "Anything that causes ill effects on the body long-term, chronically, is going to affect your ability, it's just constantly working on the body.  So from that aspect yeah it's a potential."


Alan:  That's from the disease poison center itself.


             "Ryan told us he's conducted research of his own about secret government testing on the public."


Alan:  This is the poison control expert, so he's getting paid by local government.


             "…But he's still a bit skeptical about chemtrails at the moment, especially considering that his Poison Control Center has seen no calls about barium exposure."


Alan:  Well now he has one, so maybe he'll start looking up and admitting he actually sees them because these trails are all over the skies and they have been for years now. That story was by Jeff Ferrell from this News Center television, News 12 KSLA-TV-DT.


Now we've got Mike from Tennessee on the line. Are you there, Mike?


Mike:  Hello Alan. I just wanted to touch on the chemtrails. I'm a paraplegic and here lately I've had some problems and had to have home healthcare come in so they do my vital signs including blood pressure. Well my blood pressure went up. The nurse asked me why and I said probably because they sprayed the sky. The next day it went down when they didn't spray. So they sprayed again, my blood pressure goes up. I thought it was kind of ironic or coincidental they spoke about that in the little article that you were just reading. I touched on it today.


Alan:   It definitely is affecting lots and lots of people, apart from the bronchial problems they all have. It's also causing cramping of muscles in some people, too, and in pets.


Mike:  Oh yes. My pets also get sinus problems. The older dogs I have too. After I told the nurse you know she was skeptical. It just so happened when she showed up they were laying a chemtrail across the sky and right next to it was an ordinary aircraft with the condensation trail dissipating behind it. After I pointed it out to her, she started to notice that she had a lot of respiratory problems for home healthcare every time it happened. So maybe people are starting to take notice.


Alan:  It often takes – again, it's like everything else. It's when it hits them themselves they have to face something is going on and they see it for the first time. They truly are so dependent on the 6 o'clock news, especially the mainstream federal type news, the big stations, and if it's not on there then it can't be worth thinking about really. That's how they decide what's important and what's not, but at least it's starting to come out now on mainstream television here and there and hopefully it will pick up if they don't get silenced.


Mike:  I thought my next job I'll save the video from YouTube of that newscast and I plan on showing it to the nurse tomorrow. Just give her a little reinforcement.


Alan:  That would certainly help.


Mike:  All right. Well thank you, Alan, for letting me tell my little story.


Alan:  It's a pleasure. You take care. Bye now. That's what we're facing. We're facing incredible deception and people should look into all these bills that were passed over the years that gave governments and the Air Force the right to test out all of this secretive stuff and who knows what else on the general public. This has been going on steadily from World War II actually this kind of testing. We know that in 1948 the City of Winnipeg was chosen by the Canadian government in league with the U.S. government and they used flying fortresses to fly at low level for over I think it was a week to a month over the city spraying a substance at low level. Then they followed the inhabitants over the course of their lives and it's much easier once you brought in a sort of national medical database to see what's happening to the test victims. We know too that they've been testing on many other towns and cities over the years.


We had the big fiasco back even in the '60’s I think and then in the '70’s with the war ships in the San Francisco Bay Harbor releasing gases that blew in across the Bay onto the inhabited areas and people were coming down with all kinds of respiratory problems. And here they have you worried about the guys over there like the Russians or Chinese or people who are different you see. However, we are the rats. We're the test rats for everything and this is a war on the world. It's not a war against certain nations. They'll have to buckle under and adapt to the same system, but this is a war on the entire world. This whole program and it's a multifarious program interwoven, including depopulation because your body can only withstand so much toxic substances before it breaks down and it can't cope anymore.  I'd love to have the statistics coming from the guys who have all this information, the federal governments, on the people who've died already through bronchial problems and pneumonias and you'll find no doubt it will be mainly in the young and the very, very old but it's also spreading into other age groups now.


Ask any pharmacist what their main products are for sale and it's the massive aisle now that contains all the bronchial pills, bronchial dilators, antihistamines et cetera. These are the biggest sellers because of all this spraying.  It's interesting, too, in that television report is the man if you see it, the man holds up the jar with this yellow substance in the bottom. That's exactly what I showed on my own little video on my site if you look into it about a couple of years ago when they sprayed here in the spring and everything turned yellow. The puddles were yellow and I've got samples still here yet with that stuff in it, and it does certainly contain these particular substances and others, too, which it did not mention on that television show.


Yes, we're being poisoned, folks, and that's just it. That's just the way it is and there's not a government going to come out and admit that. Anyone who's tried to get the government to explain anything they're simply told that they're not doing it and it's not them that's doing that. That's what they said in Canada, “It's not our boys that are doing it,” which meant it was someone else's boys and that's why they signed the Open Skies Treaty to allow foreign pilots to fly across Canadian air space. These are military vehicles and they're bomber types. They're very big vehicles. They generally spray about 30,000 feet but at night they come lower too and they also spray over clouds as well so that the clouds have mixtures of this stuff. When it rains it comes down and in bad situations as I say it will cause yellow puddles and yellow streaks on your cars as well. They try to blame pollen for it, but pollen does not contain barium. You don't get pollen in the spring, certainly not here in Canada where I live.


That's what we're living in. It's all deception. There's so much going on and I'm sure if I were at the top of the military as a strategist I would say yes, lets destroy the immune system before we hit them with pandemics and you give them a simple virus that normally they could withstand and it will end up killing them. It makes perfect warfare strategy, doesn't it?  It really, really does.


That's the kind of world we live in, where governments give themselves permission to poison the people. By what? By laws and we're trained that somehow laws have a magical quality. This came from much older times when the only law that came out for 1,500 years came from the Vatican in Papal Bulls. That was law and we had this strange, strange foreign judicial system taking over and we're given this new type where they make laws and they train us all to think that they're somehow holy. Just as holy as the Vatican's laws used to be and we're not to break those laws or even question them. A law is an order. It's an order. That's all it is. Someone orders something and you obey. That's what law is, but they give themselves the right to poison and experiment on their own peoples.


Back in the '70’s it came out on the BBC that big tractor trailers had gone into small towns in some U.S. states and released millions and millions of these specially bred mosquitoes during the night and the people woke up to find the outside of their homes were covered in these mosquitoes. Now they're bred actually in Belleville, Canada. It was set-up as a laboratory during World War II to alter and create these excessively big mosquitoes that would carry what they called “loading doses” of bacterium or viruses. That's why they were so big. To get an infection by the mosquito, it depends on the amount of viruses or bacterium that's injected into you in one particular go. They've been bred here and then they're put down to the U.S. especially Plum Island, one of the big testing bases that works in conjunction with the Canadian ones and they release them. Now I don't know what they were carrying but I'm sure the government has all the data on the physical effects it would have on people down through the years, because all data now as you go into doctor's offices is fed into central computers ultimately. That's been admitted in Canada.


A few years ago there was a big scandal because they set up a supercomputer in Ottawa that had all the data on every single Canadian citizen. Every part of your life was in there. Banking, everything, health and you name it, and the hullabaloo was about giving one person the power, that kind of power over everyone and so they had a debate in parliament about it and to satisfy the public they said “okay. We’ll stop it. It should not be in all one computer. We'll make two computers instead,” and that's how they solved their problem because you see they have no respect for us whatsoever. No respect whatsoever.


We have no rights in reality. You find that out when you try to exercise your rights as they did out in British Columbia a few years ago when they were signing one of these big, big international deals and all the big boys, all the presidentios and dictators were lined up wearing new leather jackets and having their photo opportunities taken and they kept all the protestors back a long ways off and then the police sergeant told his men to start using this particular spray on them. The one that burns your eyes, your lungs and all that and they had sprays the size of fire extinguishers and they just sprayed this mist over all these people that were just standing yelling and that was the only way you can demonstrate your democratic rights is to voice your concern about something. So their answer was to get dosed with this stuff that burns your eyes, nose and lungs. That's what democracy is all about you see.


We're living in fascism, fascism plain and simple, and look into the definition of fascism. It's the combination of government and big business working hand in hand. It all works together, business and government. The people are at the bottom of the heap. That's where the people are. That's what the symbol on the dollar bill represents. The wasteland happens to be the general population. That pyramid is built on a wasteland and everything at the bottom that's the heap. That's the commoners and all the real establishments and institutions go upwards floor-by-floor on that particular pyramid. That's what it means. That's what it stands for.


Now we've got Tim on the line. Are you there, Tim?


Tim:  Hey Alan. Great to hear you, man. I've been really enjoying your radio shows and I ordered everything on your website. I hope you get the order.


Alan:  Thanks very much.


Tim:  I had a stupid theory because I learned to question everything now. You know I enjoy smoking cigarettes and all of a sudden they came out with this big thing on smoking, but that happened at about the same time as the chemtrail thing was hitting and I have a stupid theory about that. You reckon they wanted to get people to stop smoking because it would somehow affect the absorption rate they're putting out?


Alan:  Yes, I've done talks on this in fact. I did my own surveys over the years and I've found the people who were awake first and stayed awake and were more awake were all smokers; and that was the theory I came up with was the nicotine and the tar literally will somehow neutralize the effects of this chemical spraying. They don't care about your health when they're testing poisons on you from the air. They don't care about your health, so it's nothing to do with getting people to stop for their health. I think it's because it literally neutralizes some of the substances and probably traps a lot of it. This stuff is obviously meant to go through the small alveolar sacs inside the lungs and the smokers – the tar, the nicotine will actually trap this stuff and you cough it up and swallow it, so the micron size of what's ever in this stuff is so small it's meant to go right through the alveolar tissue and it can't get through those of the smokers.


Tim:  It makes perfect sense, Alan.


Alan:  They don't care about your health whatsoever or they wouldn't be spraying us like roaches.


Tim:  Yeah, it's the same thing I thought. That's the same exact thing I thought. Well I'll let you go. I'll let somebody else get on. Thanks, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Tim:  Okay buddy.


Alan:  I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi. Alan Watt back cutting more of the matrix and we are cutting through it. On the line we have Adam from Kingston, Washington. Are you there, Adam?


Adam:  Yes, I'm here. Can you here me?


Alan:  Yes I can.


Adam:  Alan, I listen to your podcast every day and I've very grateful. I want to sincerely thank you for your work. I've got a quick question and then I'll get off the line and you can answer it on the air. I have two questions. First question is I've got a family and I'm obviously concerned about the welfare of my family as I consider becoming more active in activism. I'm curious how you deal with what must be a huge amount of terror, fear of what might happen to you. I'm also curious what your take is or why do you think you are allowed to do this or why do they allow you to persist, even the other very active people in this field, so I'd appreciate your thoughts on that. Thank you.


Alan:  That's true. I mean I don't have family so I don't have that problem. Actually, no one would live with me. That's basically the problem. Women generally want safety, peace, security, comfort and so on, and that's again been used down through the ages against men. Even the ancient Romans would often tell the slaves or their wives not to have anything to do with their husbands. Don't give them any sexual ways and so on until the men buckled under and did what they were told and be more obedient. They did the same thing with the black slaves in the U.S.  Women by nature want peace and security and that's what Adolph Hitler said. He said, all propaganda is aimed at the women who want security, food and so on and so on, so the big brother overrides the husband and the husband becomes ineffectual. That's why George Bush is now the new Big Brother. The image he gives for peace, safety and security. Women tend to go along with it and men have a hard time trying to get active because for fear of wrath within the home. However, we're at that stage today where we've got to understand how this game is played and everyone, men and women, have to understand to that you cannot keep your head down anymore because of what's happening.


This is a war, remember, on the whole world and it's a war to eradicate all that was to make way for that which will be new; and that means your whole society, your whole way of living, even the family itself is to go. The family as you know it has to be totally destroyed and they've been working on that for many, many years, long before this and now they're on a roll for it all, and you cannot keep your head down because they're going to come for you anyway. We can tell they’re going to have crisis after crisis. There's going to be water crisis that they'll make sure happen. We're going to have floods et cetera as they step up the weather warfare. That's the "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" that was published years ago and they have all this stuff in operation and it's going to be crisis that's coming along the road.


We cannot plan as we used to do for a comfortable future. Those days are gone. It doesn't matter where you live pretty well and electricity and all the rest of it is to go through the roof as they get on a roll with Kyoto. We're to be priced out of using so much and actually you'll get very little eventually, a trickle and you'll be paying like you've never paid before. Your whole world is going to change and the Big Boys have said that themselves. They're going to make us all grovel and obey as we get headed towards the sheep pen and that's when you’ve had it. Once you're in that big sheep pen into the new system you've had it. They don't want you around anymore, so there's no point in keeping your head down. You can't do it. This is war on the people of the planet by a few – well instigated, well planned and we have to tell them we know all about it and we're not going to put with it. We've got to create a public opinion that becomes so strong we can delay all of this and divert it off into a different direction. A different direction – not what we had, it wasn't ours, but into a different direction.


Now from Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your go or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)