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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. I eventually got on the air. It was right on 8 o'clock when the first ring of that phone went off so did my power completely and it's been a mad dash to plug in the cordless phone into the battery backup and get a lamp lit, which is now done and hopefully the battery will last for the next hour. You'll hear this beeping in the background. That's the backup going and it's November 19th, 2007.


Newcomers should always look into for lots of free downloadable stuff and also some things for sale, which are not miracle cures or anything like that. They're just basically books on some of the histories and the coding of the system, a lot of the buzz terms you hear and what they mean that's put out by the media.  Look into for transcripts which you can download in the tongues of Europe.


Here's the matrix right now. The matrix is going into its next phase. The phase of getting everyone to go along like a herd, a herd of cattle or sheep into the next new world system that's been developed, not spontaneously, not by one particular master mind, but by big foundations all working in tandem for actually centuries now with unlimited financing from these big tax-free foundations and all headed and owned really privately by the big banking boys. The banking boys have always down through history been in bed with the pharmaceutical agencies. Generally, they own them as well. If you go all the way back to Egypt you'll find the same traits in them, the MO's [modus operandi] of their trail and it's no different today. That's why medicine with the medications et cetera are being pushed to the fore, inoculations pushed to the fore because it’s all methods of controlling the people. Not to make them healthier as a herd but to make them more controllable.


Environment, of course, is a big, big part of this whole game. The environment is now being bombarded on the public by the media. They've stepped into high gear now and all we're going to hear now for the next 10 years or so is “catastrophes.” Growing catastrophes, projected catastrophes, and the sky is falling every day, from the United Nations and the consortium that works with them and that's all of these professors. There's thousands of them. They get grants from the same foundations. They also give grants to the United Nations, so you know who the United Nations works for. In fact the United Nations was the brainchild really of the guys that put together the Royal Institute for International Affairs and from that they have different think tanks. Each one is specialized in a certain area and the one to do with where we're going and how to control the public is really The Club of Rome. They came up with the great fantastic ideas for the future and how to get the public to believe something; then they give these ideas to fixers, those who can put it into agendas that will work being propagated to the public through the media and train the children at school and sure enough, they'll all go along here. The children will grow up thinking that everything they're told by the experts is true. It's a religion. You see, science is a religion and it's being used in exactly the same way as religions controlled the people in the past.


The person in the Middle Ages was inside a kind of box, a mental box because everything that happened in his or her life had to be bounced off that boxed walls. The walls were the holy bible and what the priests were telling them and that's all they knew. That's all they knew and they didn't even question it. They thought that was true. It must be true, and it's no different today with the scientists with their global warming and CO2 emissions and now they're going back to 20 million years supposedly to check on what it was like back then, (like they know, right) and give us all this fake data and statistics and so on so that we will be terrified into carrying on the way we are and allow ourselves to go into the more managed society. That's what it boils down to.


It's a managed society. A society where you will not have a single right on what you do. It will all be made for you. All the decisions will be made for you, including what you work at. In fact including if you're even born, because they don't you if there's no place for you to serve the new world system and that was basically put into the foundations the tenants of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and its American organization called The Council on Foreign Relations. The world is a world to be of service – service to the world state. It takes years to set all this up. It takes years to propagandize it into our heads, to download it into us until we believe it all and now they're on a roll, so believe you me, it will be incessant now. Green, green, green until we all succumb and go moldy. 


Now on the BBC news on Thursday the 15th of November, the Foreign Secretary for Britain is now pushing for an expansion of the union. Now you've got to understand how you perceive things. It's all to do with terminology, the way terminology is used. At one time if you wanted to build an empire you were an empire builder; and again, don't forget the roots of the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and the Lord Milner Society that combined to form the Royal Institute for International Affairs which serves the old, old aristocracy of Britain. That's who runs it at the top. They have run Britain for a thousand years and this is what they’re pushing for now is an expansion of the European Union and it says here:


             "Thursday, 15th November, 2007. The "EU Should Expand Beyond Europe. Foreign Secretary David Miliband suggested the European Union should work towards including Russia, Middle Eastern and North African countries."


Alan:  Remember George Orwell's "1984" written in 1948. Remember that Blair who's pseudonym was Orwell; Blair said that he was raised and trained by this elite for their organization and he turned against it. He knew there would be eventually ongoing wars between three super states; three trading blocs, East Asia, West Asia and so on, and here we are moving along this way as they unite the whole of the Americas too.


Getting back to Miliband:


"He said enlargement was "our most useful tool" for extending stability. In his first major speech on the UK's relationship with Europe, he said the EU would not become a "superpower" but should be a "role model" for the world."


Alan:  There you are, a role model for the world.


             "…It could be a "model power of regional co-operation" dedicated to free trade…"


Alan:  All the way back to John Dee and Francis Bacon, free trade, a British system.


             "…the environment and tackling extremism. He said the EU must "keep our promises to Turkey", adding: "If we fail.... it will signal a deep and dangerous divide between east and west. Beyond that we must keep the door open, retaining the incentive for change and the prospect of membership provides. Mr Miliband made his address at the College of Europe in Belgium, where Baroness Thatcher…"


Alan:  Baroness: that's “son of oneness.” Baroness Thatcher, Maggie Thatcher, the iron lady.


             "…delivered her famous warning against "some sort of identikit European personality" almost exactly two decades ago in September 1988.  US 'only superpower. Mr Miliband said that speech had been "haunted by demons…"


Alan:  The speech that Thatcher gave.


             "…a European superstate bringing in socialism by the back door. But he said: The truth is that the EU has enlarged, remodeled and opened up. It is not and is not going to become a superstate. But neither is it destined to become a superpower."


Alan:  He's telling the truth there in a sense because the three superstates will be under the United Nations and that was written about by H.G. Wells back in the 1920’s.


             "…Instead he said the EU had the chance to be a "model power" which could develop shared values between countries."


Alan:  So they're going to create new values.


             "As a club that countries want to join, it can persuade countries to play by the rules…"


Alan:  Who makes the rules, eh?


             "…and set global standards. In the way it dispenses its responsibilities around the world, it can be a role model that others follow."


Alan:  He goes on to the security aspect.


             "Mr Miliband said new threats, like protectionism, religious extremism, energy insecurity, rogue and failing states and climate change provided a new "raison d'etre" for the EU. He outlined four principles for the "next generation" of Europe…"


Alan:  You should listen to this carefully because this is going to be the future. This is the future. It’s all planned already.


             "He outlined four principles for the "next generation" of Europe for it to remain open to "trade, ideas and investment", to develop shared institutions…"


Alan:  Shared institutions means standardization of your systems.


             "…to overcome religious and cultural divides…"


Alan:  Remember too, they wanted to eradicate all basic religions and bring in a new secular type system and where science will be the new religion actually.


             "…to prevent conflict by championing international law and human rights in and outside Europe, and to become a "low carbon power". He said a successful EU must be prepared to "deploy soft and hard power…"


Alan:  That's like basically blackmail, the threat of force, "hard power" is force.


             "…to promote democracy and tackle conflict beyond its borders".


Alan:  So they're going to go to war.


             "He said the goal "must be a multilateral free-trade zone around our periphery. This would be a "version of the European Free Trade Association that could gradually bring the countries of the Mahgreb, the Middle East and Eastern Europe in line with the single market, not as an alternative to membership, but potentially as a step towards it. And the EU should extend military support to places like Darfur, he argued, to help solve problems of unwanted migration."


Alan:  This is the future. These guys do tell you the future. It will be so because all these characters are members of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and I keep telling people to look in to the website for the Royal Institute for International Affairs. You'll see that they have specialized groups set up, well financed, very prominent members set up to tackle every area of society and life in general, including your food supply. I'll be back after these following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and cutting through the dark here because the lights went out right on 8 o'clock and I've got a battery backup that you can hear in the background, which is keeping a few things going here.


Now I think before I go on to anything else I'll talk to Morgan from California who's on the line. Are you there, Morgan?


Morgan:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Morgan:  Hey. How you doing? I just wanted to ask you a quick question. I'm having a little bit of trouble with my research finding anything about pre-Hindu India and the creation of the Caste System, anything that kind of satisfies my curiosity. Have you ever touched on that? Is that something that you go over in your books or anything like that?


Alan:  I've given talks on that in the past, but you can find some of that in the books of Durant.  Durant you have to remember he was employed by the Rockefellers to write a new history of the world, like a lot of these guys were, but he did go into some of the basics of how the Aryans they call them. Now the Middle Easterners call them the Hurrians and they did go into India and they created the Caste System. The Caste System literally was a shade of casting of your color, that’s where it comes from, and they were forbidden to intermarry with the Dravidians as they gave the name to the people already living there. Eventually over centuries some of them did and they got darker. However, we know that even in Sumer the Sumerians their main trade was in the export of wool through Bahrain that was set up as an intermediary landing stage basically and that was sent to India around even before the Aryans went in, so we're told, so it's very vague. I'm sure the histories will be unveiled one day maybe at the right time. They're sitting quiet on it now.


Morgan:  There seems to be so much confusion in the Hindu and the whole Yoga field and there seems to be a little bit of vital information in there, but it seems like you go in there to get it and you'll lose your mind in the process.


Alan:  You'll lose your mind. It's set up that way. It's one of the best matrices out. It's been a matrix that's lasted thousands of years and for a mind altering experience you can really get lost in there and go round and round in circles going ooh and ah but never being told much of any truth.


Morgan:  Yes, exactly. All right Alan, I'll let you go and I just want to say thanks for doing your thing. Just keep it up. Thank you. Thank you for talking to me.


Alan:  It's a pleasure.


Morgan:  Bye.


Alan:  India is a real mystery and most the religions you'll find really derived from India. They had their own version of Moses long before it was written down anywhere else. They have their various messiahs and everything is hidden behind very clever allegories in their gods. Their gods are all allegories for other things. It’s very interesting when you understand them. That's when you really wake up and you understand the depth of understanding that whoever put this stuff together and all the teams no doubt that put this stuff together, the religions, they had incredible information on which to draw to create new religions even thousands of years ago. Therefore, the world is far older than we're told and they're always digging up new cities even up in the northwest of India. They're still digging up new cities and we’re not told much about them. They're thousands and thousands of years old and they had astronomy. There were basically astronomical observations posts as well thousands of years ago, where you could get tours and go round them today. These characters were much the same as the Egyptians and I'm sure there's even a connection between India. If you look at the north of India, the Mustang area that's between Tibet and India, you'll find a lot of the people there I think were eventually exported to some parts of Latin America with some of that culture because the temples there, the headdresses et cetera, are very similar to the Incas and the facial features and so on.


Now we also have Garrin on the line. Are you there, Garrin?


Garrin:  Yes. Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Garrin:  Yes. I have a question. I like the logo on your website of you kicking the capstone off of the pyramid. That's cool.  My question is I live in Rhode Island. It's in the United States. It's in the northeast part of the United States and I've lost two jobs from them going overseas or closing and like literally – I mean I'm not even exaggerating but like every place around here, AMJEN and GTEC, they're all either closing or laying off.  Do you have any suggestions about what’s a good field to look into maybe, things like that, or fields that might be good in the future, or what to do or maybe even become self-sufficient? Do you have any ideas or suggestions about that?


Alan:  There's no doubt about it, the fields that will become important and they already have become important are the “green fields” as they call it. It's all to do with environment and so on, because the world we're coming into is to be a controlled system run by experts and institutions and education and authorities like health authorities et cetera. These are the areas that are on the rise and industry is on the way out, totally. Everything here is a service economy because China was built up to take over the industrial side of things and those who – I'll put it this way. The better sharks are already in the high service industries, especially to do with environmental products et cetera. That's were it's all going to be and the only alternative really is to get out of the country because we'll go through hell before we'll see any glimpse of heaven.


Garrin:  So you're saying get out of the country?


Alan:  If you can.


Garrin:  To where? Can I hold over?


Alan:  Hold over and back after these messages. Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we still have a caller on the line. Are you still there?


Garrin:  Yes.


Alan:  You were talking about what field to go into; and these are the only fields that are up and coming, really, are all these sort of green industries, all these things which are going to regulate the lives and dominate the lives of the general public. See, it's a war and they've already said at The Club of Rome when they wrote the book, "The First Global Revolution," right in that book they talked about the future that they were going to bring in – and don't forget they're only a part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the RIIA – and they said that they hit upon the idea, back in the 70’s, of using the environment to control the public. That's why they've launched this blitz now that will continue and continue until we're so sick of hearing it on controlling our way of life. In a post-industrial society, or even post-technological as far as the West goes, even all the technology is really based in China, most of it, what are you going to do with all the people?  Therefore you must create new industries and that's going to be all to do with green environment and so on, so unless you've got a gift in that area and you're a good shark you know you won't succeed.


Garrin:  Yes, well I'm not a good shark so that's what I was kind of getting at, like something, I mean maybe become more self-sufficient and learn how to – you know in the future the way things will be, maybe become self-sufficient and learn how to you know bartering things. Learn how to live off a system.


Alan:  As much as you can. You see even that they've already said and they're already doing it. They're starting to encroach upon all the rights of even people in the rural areas, so you have to do your homework if you want to move out to a more rural area, and go into all the councils – find out what all their plans are for that area during the next 20 years or 30 years before you buy anything or even moving into a small plot to start growing your own stuff and so on. You have to really check into what their plans are. Look into the local council types, all the associations in that area. Find out what their mandates are, their agendas, because you'll be surprised it's infiltrated every aspect of living. We're already in a totally controlled society.


Garrin:  Yes, it's becoming more and more apparent. Now you had said something before the break about leaving the country, leaving the U.S. Which areas, nations, places would be good?


Alan:  I still think that you can go into – if you can handle it, it depends if it's just yourself or if there's a family there, but you can go into places like Sri Lanka and so on into the highland areas. They're unaffected by tsunamis and so on and it's only the coastal areas you worry about, but they've already survived tsunamis in the highlands so there's no problem there. It's been tested, in other words, and therefore it's safe now. There's also even parts of Spain you can still go to as well.


Garrin:  So there are places you think you can go to more or less get away from the coming--


Alan:  Yes. There are some places that will be taken down later. At the moment it's the first-world countries that must get the heavy hand as we get retrained into this new dominant system, so we're getting the worst of it right now and all the laws and regulations. You see it everywhere. It's just forced basically, but the other countries that aren't geared up towards that – they're not geared towards high military visibility or high police visibility. They don't have all these associations right down to your tenant associations, the guys that tell you how to live and what color to paint your house. They don't have any of that system yet so they'll be the last ones to get it and you might just squeak through your life before they eventually get around to them.


Garrin:  Are there any places in South America like that?


Alan:  There are places. Once again, the problem with South America is that the U.S. has been in there with Special Forces for 50 years and so you're never sure when they're going to stir something up because the U.S. is very good at that. They've kept them in turmoil for 50 years unless they have the authorized dictator in, so you could be living quite peaceably and setting up a place and then by a judgment made in the Pentagon you're in upheaval.


Garrin:  Yes, I see. I see what you mean. How do you feel about where you live in Canada? Do you plan on staying there?


Alan:  Canada itself is going the same way. Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth. They're taking it a bit slower because we never really had an idea of what really freedom was. We live in this strange monarchy-democracy. You know that there's an elite running the world. You know that growing up and you take that for granted and Canada's not geared up for the heavy style military type system that the U.S. is geared for. I mean you can police the whole of the U.S. just with their military alone and they will do one day because that was the big argument was back in the Constitution days: should they have a standing army or not? Because the history of standing armies is that a standing army is always used eventually upon its own people. Always, always down through history.


Garrin:  Yes. That's why the founders of America were most of them in general were against them having a standing army. They believed in having a militia and then raising an army in a time of war because they didn't want a permanent standing army because they knew the oppression that a permanent standing army could bring against the citizens of that nation, that country.


Alan:  That's right. This whole thing, too, is they tried to create a system, as far as we can tell, at least with the first constitution they tried to get a system that was not centralized. They knew that centralization of power, the very Marxist policy, the centralization of power, would give ultimate authority to a handful of people, even with an army there at their command. That's a lot of power to give to a handful of people.


Garrin:  Yes, it certainly is.


Alan:  As we know, really the Civil War in the U.S. was the big battle for centralization of power. That was its main objective and Karl Marx actually telegraphed Lincoln (it's in the Congressional Records) congratulating him on keeping that because it was a tenant of Marxist philosophy to centralize power and actually encourage nationalism before you bring in internationalism. You must get nationalism, which centralizes power, then it goes international through treaties.


Garrin:  That was again absolutely true that that was the main element of the Civil War, of states rights versus centralized federal government.


Alan:  That's what's been happening. You know you can never give up – most folk after a war are so war weary they want to go back to what they think is normal way of life and it's when you're starting to breathe again and trying to have some fun in life that these characters are working behind the scenes insidiously, backed by heavy money, unlimited wealth, and by doing so, you don't notice how they sneak up on you. They do it intergenerationally until you wake up one day and you can't move without institutions or police authorities or some kind of authority breathing down your neck.


Garrin:  Yes, that's the way it's largely already become. Not much you can do without government interference interfering in your business.


Alan:  If you want to get a place to live and a place to grow your food and so on, really check out the area in detail and go into all the records. See what they have planned because it's so important. You don't want to get a place and then find out they've got big environmental plans for that area and then start losing everything once again as they come in to fine you for this and fine you for that, or fine you for polluting or a substandard this or that or the other.  See, all building regulations now come from the United Nations and they have for about 10 years now – that’s every part of building codes of all the building codes comes from the United Nations worldwide.


Garrin:  Then they're starting with the property, the water and all that water supply and all that which comes from the UN and now those policies are filtering into becoming policy in America.


Alan:  Now they're even going further now where they're going to claim that you're in a watershed. Well, the whole planet technically is a watershed. Anywhere it's ever rained in history is now a watershed and they can come in and fine you daily for a dented gutter or down pipe. That's how – and its sounds ridiculous because that's why it's ridiculous is because it's nothing to do with what they're saying. It's to get you off the land. That's the whole purpose of it.


Garrin:  Yes, it is, and that is the real purpose of it.


Alan:  Then, too, you have the incredible housing market. At one time the person who owned the house was the person who decided on the price. Now you have the big sharks too, the better psychopaths who come in and deal with the high real estate. They gouge everybody. They put prices way up so they can a bigger cut, then everyone suffers.  It isn't just the organizations; it's also the types of personalities that we have in a system that lives off other people like this.


Garrin:  The parasitic types?


Alan:  They are parasitic and they live very well, and good psychopaths can always rationalize what they do and they don't need sleeping pills or they don't need tranquilizers. They can rationalize anything they do to other people and that's the problem. We have enough of them in society, not just at the top. It's down through society and we have basically they've given us a psychopathic culture to follow.


Garrin:  I know it.


Alan:  A person with a lot of decency in them, natural decency, is not going to thrive in a sea infected by sharks.


Garrin:  That's the way I find myself. Knowing and studying and learning about this stuff for years and being the type of person who I am, I'm a little minnow I guess because I've been swimming around with all these sharks around me.  That's what I'm trying to figure out, how I'm going to survive as there's more and more sharks around me and what to do.


Alan:  If you don't belong to these organizations, you don’t belong to the various brotherhoods that run cities and governments all the rest of it and they do, they do. There's no doubt about it. They do. If you drive in any town in Canada or the states, look at the first big billboard you see and it's all the Masonic associations and Rotary Clubs and Eastern Stars and so on. Even going into Sudbury near where I live there's about 30 of them on the board and that's telling you who owns and runs that town, right there. Anybody who's anybody is a member of one of these organizations. They're on the boards of the schools, the councils, the ratepayers, of everything you can imagine; they run it all. That's their town and that's their banner right there.


Garrin:  Yes and I've seen even on TV when they're talking about a local municipality and they'll say the “Situate Corporation” referring to the town of Situate and they actually call it the Situate Corporation.  I've seen this where towns and cities are actually officially titled Situate Corporation, this type of thing. It's getting real bad.


Alan:  It's bad. As I say, wherever you do look you've got to go into the area; you go to the planning and development departments and see what they have scheduled and also look and see who is moving in. See if there's big building companies moving in. If that's the case, forget it because the prices are going to be jacked out sky high.


Garrin:  All right thanks a lot, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. I also have is it Big Toe in Florida is it? Big Toe?


Big Toe:  Hello Alan. Yes, I had one question for you and maybe a statement or two. You can enlighten the other people who are listening.  I've been listening to you for about a year now and you're very informative. My question is: I was reading the paper on Friday and in a very small print in the corner of the paper they had mentioned that they're storing now the seeds in the seed bank in the Glacier Mountain over in Norway or Finland?


Alan:  That's one of them.


Big Toe:  If you have any knowledge of this, they're not going to be stopping that with their hybrid or modified seeds, are they?


Alan:  No.


Big Toe:  They're probably going to try and use the old seed where that will bear the fruit and that seed from that fruit is fertile, correct?


Alan:  Absolutely. They have quite a few across the world. In fact you'll find I think it's one of the big foundations for Wildlife and so on, I think it's World Wildlife Foundation, they have three arks across the planet. They call them arks. These are huge facilities. One is in Louisiana, a documentary was made on it for Public Broadcasting Television, and it's run by professors who also teach at local universities. In this ark they have cryogenics, huge facilities, with every gene of every species in them, animal and everything else, and they say they could reseed the earth. In other words, regenerate the earth anytime they want to, and if one goes down, there's always another two left worldwide, so they have these things all over the world. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually the space station that they put up there or when it's completed will be another ark where they have a lot of this genetic material. All that stuff in Star Trek wasn't coming out of the imagination of Roddenberry or the writers. Roddenberry was a member of NASA and he was told to write stories around up-and-coming things in the future that they plan to do. The genesis project that they had in the Star Trek series, this is something that they talked about. They can reseed the world, even if they destroy it. They think they're so god-like now they can recreate anything from new and make new types too if they want to.


Big Toe:  Okay. I see, because I've not been informed or seen anything on the news other facilities like you've mentioned and like I say it was in real small print and they really don't want you to see what's going on but they're telling you.


Alan:  Yes, these are legalities. Legally they tell you everything that they do. They just don't make a big deal out of the things that they don't want you to dwell upon. 


Big Toe:  Right, I see. Now one statement was people are being scared as you say into this global warming, go green, and you have these idiots out there like Al Gore and his cronies, but the earth it goes through its phases. The earth makes its rotation in 24 hours, one day, takes 365 days to go around the sun. The earth does not follow let's say for instance a zero latitude around it like the Equator. It may wobble or divert 9 to 12 degrees at a time, therefore you're going to get periods of global warming, global cooling and this has been proven. I'm sure that you know it also.


Alan:  I've got all the books, all the books that were published to do with previous ice ages that they were publishing from the early 1900’s right through the '50’s, '60’s, '70’s and '80’s, and then suddenly they reversed it and made it global warming was going to be the problem, because it used to be taught in school children's books we went through these things all the time. Hang on the line. I'll be back after the following messages.


Big Toe:  Okay.


Alan:  Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I’m just mentioning the fact that we have history books, old history books, generally they've been dumped out in all the old used book stores and so on and to the dump, and that was taught in school that there has been many, many ice ages we go through. What happens between the ice age and the next ice age?  You get warming periods until you end up with another ice age. This history has been known an awful long time and the only reason we're hearing all the hype about it – and forget all the scientific data. It's all nonsense anyway. We don't need scientific data and logic to see how the world goes round the run et cetera. That's irrelevant. See, we're trying to follow logic here. The point of the whole green exercise is control of the public. That's what it's for, because they had to find an enemy in a global society and they're running out of enemies. The Club of Rome said they would make the environment and mankind enemies of each other and say the war would be a war of humanity on the environment and vice versa, so you don't have to use a logic to try and rationalize what it's all about. The evidence is there. It's just not taught in schools anymore. However, all the old books are out there. All the old studies are out there and some of the guys now are out writing about the coming frying pan in this global world of ours. They used to be writing books on the coming ice age – the very same authors.


Big Toe:  Right. They're just trying to scare us is all it is. Okay. I had more question.


Alan:  I have to go on to the next caller, okay? I've got three lined up here before we go out. I think we have Katherine here. I can't see because my screen is out now. Are you there, Katherine?


Katherine:  Hi. When it switches over it sounds like I'm being cut off. Anyway, I have a question for you. I know that you're very often into translating symbols and I was on the internet the other day and I was looking at British heraldry and I was looking at the Order of the Garter and there were two photos presented. One looked like a demonic gargoyle and the other one I believe is being or has been presented to the Prime Minister following Margaret Thatcher. I think it's John Majors. Anyway, it's a stag and he's holding a key and the key has two ends that are joined at the top and at the base of the key there's a circle with an X in it. Then there's sort of a ribbon banner connected from the bottom of the key that goes around the stag and it's in red, white and blue, and I'm just wondering if you understand any of the symbology of that?


Alan:  This goes all the way back to King John who started up the Order of the Garter and it was actually the Black Order and the Red Order to begin with. The garter itself used to be a symbol where they actually had the skin of the penis penetrated for a ring to be put on it and they did have a little chain that went there and around the leg. That was the initial version of it for the very high noble knights and they were tied – you might say they were “tied to their job” in a sense. A very long history. It meant that you were now initiated in to eligibility to intermarry with this particular elite which had served the system so well. That's what it means basically today; and the red, white and blue, again, these are colors. The blue of course is the open sky, therefore everything is out in the open. That's the Blue Lodge. That's for the guys at the bottom who don't know much. You have the red for revolution, constant revolution, culture et cetera. You have the white for high spirit because they have spirit and we don't according to themselves. The X-illumined man, you’re now illumined. I can hear the music coming up for the end, and here I am, sitting in the dark.


Katherine:  Well thank you very much.


Alan:  From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)