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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November 23rd, 2007. I always mention my website at the beginning for newcomers. You should go into it and download as much of the material as you want. It's free and that's what counts these days, isn't it? Everything is free, so they say. Look into for transcripts, which you can download and print up and hand around to your friends in the various tongues of Europe. As you go through this November it's pretty cold up here in Canada, at least the part I'm in, and I've had a busy day with splitting wood and so on and I'm pretty short I'm short. I'll have to get more in before it snows even harder.


To kickoff tonight, I was always sit down and I think for a minute then I decide what I'm going to talk about. Tonight I was thinking about something I'd mentioned earlier this week and that is how video games affect people. It affects the children because that's who it's designed to affect primarily, at least initially, to wean them on it and make them grow up with this ability to just kill that target on command. That's what it's all about. It’s designed. These were designed these programs by the military-industrial complex and they came out really as far back as the 1950’s and '60’s and definitely stepped up in the '70’s. Before they gave the internet to the public they had meetings in the main war departments in various European countries but mainly in the United States and Pentagon to do with how they could keep prolonged warfare going with generations of youngsters who are growing up, who are perhaps dis-inhibited towards going to war; and they saw that with the problems with Vietnam.


Some of the present players that also belong to the New American Century organization are now in power. The same players back then were involved with think tanks and ways to encourage youngsters to get back into a war type mode, to breed up generations who would be gun ho for war and who would be desensitized enough and kept immature enough basically they wouldn't see those enemies as targets, and they also wouldn't think of themselves as being killed. Now if every young person that went into the military with a guarantee they were going to be killed – I guarantee you you'd have nobody in the military except someone with an extreme death wish. Therefore they came up with video games as a way for desensitizing the public, because they foresaw this war against movements, big movements that were forming, the first scattered movements independent from each other to do with rights and civil rights and human rights and so on. They saw this ongoing war against these groups and if they got their own way eventually they'd take down this kind of system and bring in a different system, and they slapped everyone with the label of communist, because in reality we've been run by an oligarchy for a long, long, long time. An oligarchy as Carroll Quigley said in his books "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment" who have been in control of us for a long time.  I'll be back with more about this after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm talking about how video games were designed to create generations of people who would eventually become soldiers, because the games were initially used to desensitized recruits in the military long before, long, long before we heard of computers and so on. In fact you can go back into the records of the training manuals of the U.S. Army as only once instance. They'd already done it in Europe for centuries and they just copied their methods. However, they were using methods long, long ago to desensitize recruits so that they'd kill more efficiently, because they found out even as far back as the Civil War that in some of the major battlefields maybe only 17 out of every 100 actually fired their muskets (the ones who were dead), and they'd pick up these muskets on the field and check if they were fired or not.  They were deciding ways they would actually train people and create a war type of culture so they could always recruit ongoing, if need be, with every generation. This was stepped up especially after and during the Vietnam Era.


It's no news today that they're going into using drugs on the military to create the new type of drug-induced aggressive solider. They've tried that out. They tried that back in Vietnam with particular drugs. You should see the movie called "Jacob's Ladder."  It's well worth seeing because the drug they mentioned in there that they sprayed from helicopters was actually used in Vietnam. It was designed initially to make them very, very aggressive and they tried it on monkeys first of all before they tried it on soldiers and the monkeys literally ripped their limbs off of each other. This is the sort of thing the military is into because they don't care about the average trooper. That's just to get them in as recruits. They just want you to go off and kill people and if you get killed on the way, you're just a number anyway. There's always another one to come in behind you.


They used video games, initially created for the military, put together by psychologists and professionals and tremendous understanding of the human mind with histories to back it all up too of warfare techniques and so on, and what gets imprinted on your brain. Imprinting is very important with games and with other things too. Ask the advertising industry. Sex sells, for instance, and you mix sex with violence and you certainly have got quite the combination there, because all the primitive aspects in the limbic system come to the surface and manifest themselves. This is all really well understood in the high sectors of the military in all countries.


Now I had a letter from a woman who's trying to help a youngster who was addicted to these video games. I'm going to read it and keep the names out and it says:


             "Dear Alan Watt: If anyone knows this, you do, I need any info that shows that violent computer games and films and music produce unbidden flashbacks or visions of violence."


The answer to that is: it's a fact, yes. This is known. The problem is most of the information although it's out in the higher psychological circles at universities, most of it's kept from the general public. They don't talk about this in the general media.


She says:


             "As you know too well the current generation has been reared on violent video games formerly reserved for military and police training to help the trainees overcome their natural aversion to killing. Today's 18 year olds were introduced in preschool to stalking people with weapons."


That's what it is. They're getting taught to stalk people and to hunt them down with weapons.


             "The full array of books, TV and music by constant connection to either the internet, the iPod, radio, cell phones is what they are offered when they become teenagers. Along with this are pop psyche courses on mental pathology. Health courses on pathology. The pathology of the environment. Along with that are do-it-yourself mental health assessments and parties for teens to fill out these questionnaires to see if they are psychotic, obsessive-compulsive or something else pathological. I'm trying to help an extremely gifted young man who spent many hours playing video games and who had sudden visions of violence out of the blue. It concerned him. He never acted on violence and in fact has been known for his compassion and willingness to help others, even doing sacrificial things to help others. He recognized the game playing as an addiction when he was 10 years of age and gave the games up for a year almost. He played them sometimes he said with his stepbrother but he decided to go back to the games a year later. He avoided things like Grand Theft Auto and believed he was exercising some prudence but he virtually admitted this was an addiction. A year and a half ago he got into heavy metal music in several bands with names like Incubus and Succubus. He began watching Nip Tuck and CSI--


I've talked about these types of programs before.


             "…which both dissect bodies while playing almost--


Listen to this and it's true. Listen to this.


             "…hymnal music. Just like hymns in the background if you listen to it. It's almost like a sacred act to dissect these bodies. He began going to films with killing sprees in the movies. He took tests to see if he was sociopathic or psychopathic. I told him sociopaths and psychopaths have no conscience, feel no remorse or shame. Have no compassion. Have no sense of justice. This boy was said by teachers to have these two abnormally developed degrees. It's truly a statement on our times when a child can be said to be abnormal for having these qualities of compassion and so on. The traits still exist although the boy is trying to override them. He recently demonstrated great remorse for a time and redirected his actions. He's in touch with friends and chatroom associates and has been raised on these psychological diagnosis as well as a psychotic culture fare. These contacts reorient him to that disorienting world. As I look back on my own teens years I recall the surprises my generation got when our free choice, supposedly free choice, to take LSD turned out to be not so free. First people learned they couldn't do something as simple as go to sleep when they wanted to because the drug kept them up. Then they found the flashbacks would come out of nowhere. Later of course we found that the drug that was supposed to help us make an anti-establishment statement had been delivered to everyone by the established government…"


That's true. That's who was behind it, actually your security services working for the government. That's who was behind bringing the drugs in.


             "So I compared that with the computer game violence that this generation as been absorbing since preschool and these visions of violence and wondered if like LSD these produce flashback experiences out of the blue. Because they aren't game story related, children that have them believe these are their own personal visions of violence and conclude that there must be something sociopathic or psychotic with them. Have you come across information along these lines in your research? I've read that people find themselves addicted but have not seen anything about violent visions spontaneously happening in children or teenagers or anything relating to computer game residue. How can it not happen that way? If a person is mugged, he or she will have flashbacks of the event. Anyone who has experienced a violent assault or disruptive experience will have them. These so-called games are an assault on children's tender minds and on teenagers developing minds and the experiences take place for hours at a time day after day throughout their formative years."


That's one of the many types of letters I get to do with people who understand and see what's happening to the youngsters and, as I say, what they might not know is that there are people, lots and lots of people who are employed by government agencies who are working hand-in-glove with the makers of these big violent video games, mainly from Japan. Japan is a big player. They lead the field in altering the cultures of people. They have specialists in all different mental health areas working on these things and really it's U.S. and British companies and other international companies that are based in Japan that take the lead and then market it to the children. What do you tell relatives and friends when they do what everyone else does, and that's buy your child one of these games for birthdays or Christmas? What do you do? Do you accept it and let them do it, or do you ignore what your child does anyway? Most people just simply ignore it thinking everyone's doing it so it must be all right, but these games are literally meant to desensitize your children from killing and the acts of killing.


Now I think we've got Steve in Burlington, Ontario on the line. Are you there, Steve? Hello Steve?


Steve:  Yes. Hi, Alan. I'm here.


Alan:  How are you?


Steve:  I have to say I thoroughly enjoy the information you're bringing out and I appreciate what you've been doing. Just a question that's been bugging me. It's probably pretty trivial but I want your insight on this nonetheless. I recently bought a copy of Bertrand Russell's book and I believe it's the original '53 publication and on the inside flap inside of the cover there's a label of the owner. Just picture a window frame and the outside of the frame is grapevines and some birds and a ram on top, and a man and a woman on the left and right respectively. The man's holding an open book and the woman is holding a closed book, and at the bottom near a flask and an open book it says ex libris and below that is the owner's name typed in on the label. I thought that was just kind of curious if there's any insight you could share on that. It's trivial. It may be. I don't want you to spend too much time.


Alan:  You'll find that with all of the Masonic groups in fact, because the man is the open book, meaning he's allowed to grow higher in spirit. We'll talk after the break here.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm talking to Steve from Burlington, Ontario who's described a picture, an inner page, the starting page of a book to do with a man and a woman with books. One book is opened. One is closed and so on. The vine is on the other side. That's the Tree of Life and in the higher orders especially, the things that Russell and so on were into, the woman was inferior. In fact, that's always been the case in the mystery religions and Pike himself talked about side degrees given to the women, like the Eastern Star, where they pretend they were members of the higher mysteries but they could never be allowed into them. They believe that women don't have spirit basically. That's what they believe. They're extremely sexist at the top and woman is also the end of everything.


You'll find that too even in the Hindu religions with the female goddess who is both the giver and destroyer, meaning mother, earth, et cetera. You're born into the world of matter and you die, your matter simply disintegrates back into matter again, it joins the rest. Whereas man with spirit can go on to higher and that's why Pike and others said that the wife can only reflect the light of her husband. She's the moon in other words. He's the sun. The moon reflects the light of the sun. This is what they teach them in the higher degrees. Incredibly, incredibly sexist and yet they have all the women joining the lower orders thinking they're going to get taught stuff, only to be used. The vine is the Tree of Life, meaning he has a chance through his intellect and proper selection for breeding to join the Tree of Life. He's grafted onto the tree, becomes a scion, which is SCION. It's no coincidence it sounds the same as SION or ZION, the same old thing. It's also alpha and omega, the spirit begins and it ends with matter; and the open book, closed book again.  Does that help?


Steve:  Yes, very much, Alan, and outside of this window and the image there's an obelisk and at the top of the obelisk is a shining sunlike silhouette. It makes a lot of sense now.


Alan:  Yes, they're very illumined indeed.


Steve:  Thank you very much for explaining all that.


Alan:  Bye now. We've got Rick in California. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Oh hi. I just wanted to talk to you. Back like when you were on Sweet Liberty you did a very good job of dismantling or cutting through some of the superstars in England who spin us off into the reptilian new age and all that and I've become concerned lately. I've got this video and it's really good. It's got sound bits for the masses. It covers all of your material (it’s from Texas) in it. It covers the stuff you've been teaching about eugenics really well without crediting your name. I watched this thing and I was going to play it – considering playing it at a college or a coffee shop to open up peoples minds, but then I realized I couldn't play this video to Mexicans because this man calls them illegal aliens and so I became concerned. I started thinking about counterintelligence and what the intended effect would be, where they take certain things and they start spinning them off into divisive camps and so I was wondering what your thoughts on that were, Alan.


Alan:  You see, I have so much of the inside scoop. I know so much of what goes on and I generally don't talk about it. I've had the offers from the big boys themselves and in fact I was promised lots and lots of money if I just joined them; and I'm talking about all those who run the whole New Age and all the rest of it and even those who do the videos for them. There's always a connection between the person who does the mainstream big videos for these characters; and he phoned me up and talked for two hours and was going to do a documentary for two hours on me if – at the very end he'd asked about the alien agenda, what I thought about it and I told him what I thought. In other words, I wouldn't go along with it; and if I had I would have been on every major talk show across the planet on a weekly basis, one of the biggest shows. I got that from other guys who put out books as well. I said I would not join them. I would not mislead the people and then they threatened to get me off different radio stations if I didn't go along with them. That's just happened by the way with Red Ice. You have no idea what really goes on because this whole agenda of the New Age causing disrupting and so on of different races of people et cetera is all part of the big one agenda and it's been in the planning for a long, long time and they don't like people who come out with the straight facts. It's called intelligence gathering; and when you want to counter it, you take the same intelligence, you tack on your spin and then you'd have counter intelligence. They counter the intelligence.


Rick:  I just wanted to say, Alan, that what I really like about you is that you don't belong to any group, like you're not part of any camp or philosophy, that you're not shackled by either nationalism or whatever, or you know what I mean, or Marxism.  A lot of people I meet they get at the truth and they know the truth but they're still loyal to their party or their race or their country and it kind of like spins them off. It takes them away from the truth basically.


Alan:  That's what counterintelligence is all about. I've always told people. Now I don't know the video you're talking about but I've seen other ones. I also know people who pump me for information privately over the phone over the years and it would end up in the next book of the big stream authors. Some of them admitted they were doing this eventually. Eventually they fessed up to it. Hold on and I'll talk to you once we come back from this break.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through more of this matrix that's very, very long indeed. I'm talking to Rick in California about some of the things that actually happened and I can't stress enough the society is always shaped over generations. Changes are shaped over generations and directed by departments of culture creation; and to create myths or create religions, for instance, it can take many decades and just gradually step it up, step it up, until, like Bertrand Russell said, people can be made to believe anything. Adam Weishaupt said the same thing. It wasn't because they suddenly realized it. It's because those guys had archives of information where they saw it happening down through history and how it was actually done and introduced into the people, reinforced and the people believe.


I think it was Charles Forte that said in every age in every era the proper authorities saw to it that the proper religion was taught properly to the people and it was done properly and the people believed properly. That's how simple it is, and because the vast majority come to believe something doesn't mean it's true, but the vast majority can be made quite easily to believe anything simply by repetition and the more people who all agree about it and the minority eventually join them. However, the dirty tricks that goes on in counter intelligence is no different from big business as well, as businesses take over businesses. It's a constant war between all these things and truth and reality. We have a lot of radio stations, for instance, that start up when they see something works for someone else, they'll start something up; and in the business of imagination there's no better one to follow than the original Art Bell Show, which is called Dreamland, remember. Dream land. That's why it was on late at night. That's why your late night news is on at 11 p.m.; it’s to keep you up, modify your behavior. You don't go to bed early. You're in a hypnotic state between sleep and awakefullness and you can get downloaded more easily. That's why these things are on so late and other ones copy that.


Now if you want to get into business and make a go of it you don't want the truth to be spoken. You want to just fascinate the people, mislead them and so on, as long the money comes in, so you have a moral problem right off the bat if you catch on to the fact that the information you're putting out is really disinformation or it's having negative effects on people.   I'm sure they all know this because first of all they do twinge the psychotic fringe who jump into real psychosis when they get into all this stuff and they'll get plenty of mail from those people telling them what's happening to them, so their conscience then has to make a decision. Do they carry on with the same format and deceive the people for the dollar, or do they tell the people the truth?  I try to stick to telling the truth, but I've had people literally over the years pump me for hours and hours and hours and I used to do it, give out information, only to find out they were passing this information on directly to certain authors. Whatever intelligence I give out with facts and so on is going to be grabbed very quickly by all sorts of groups and you might think it's main figures that you see or hear about publicly. It doesn't have to be so, there are teams of them working who put the stuff together for a lot of these characters and that’s called counterintelligence.


Rick:  Can I say something? The name of the video is "Endgame" and you know I really enjoyed it. It's very well done but I have a lot of Mexican friends and he used the term illegal alien which is a dehumanizing term.


Alan:  It is. It's a smear. It's a smearing term and don't forget they do not only expect clashes eventually. The big boys want clashes eventually as two cultures meet and not by gradual integration but by literally enforced migration. That's what it is right now and we know that the big foundations fund lots of what's called illegal immigration. They fund it south of the border from the U.S. side because that is the agenda and the more chaos they can create amongst people and tensions the government has to come in with new laws that affect everyone. They don't care about you, me, or what country you come from. They don't care about that at all, but they love the conflict because it gives them a reason to pass laws.


Rick:  Yes, I feel like his show and everything – I think it can cause conflict. It could be counter productive in that way.


Alan:  Absolutely. To be honest, you see I'm above even countries and it's very, very true what Socrates said when he had to drink the hemlock supposedly. So we're told by Plato and because these guys were aristocracy didn't mean they were complete liars. They often said incredible statements of truth. He said, "I die not as an Athenian or a Greek or an Attican basically. He said, "I die as a citizen of the world," and that's the term that the Rockefeller Foundation used when they give the citizenship awards to all the big players, including some that are running to be your next president. They've all been given citizenship of the world awards by Rockefeller. It's all a game to them at the top. Even nations and the creation of nations is all a game.


Rick:  I hope you didn’t mind me bringing this up and I just want to thank you.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling. Yes, I haven't seen that one yet.


Rick:  All right. Have a good night.


Alan:  And you too. That's what we're dealing with. How can you separate business from profit and fact from fiction, when in this day and age it's all working together and the only system we've been given is one really of commerce and business. We’ve been given no alternative in what we call this modern era and with that goes a lot of morals and moral principles that are all dropped and left behind in the attempt for everyone to survive and be what they call successful. That's everyone's dilemma and I try to say that the best we can do in this world is trying to get through it and harm the least amount of people as possible. That's all we can truly do. However, behind the scenes as I say with people like Weishaupt talking about it before and Pike talking about it later on and others down since then, they always tell you we shall give the people their leaders.


For every mentality type out there, they've got a leader already out there for you to join.  I find this with people who go into chat rooms. They phone me up and tell me about the battles they have in chat rooms, and I've never gone into a chat room because that's all it is. It’s all egos and people with causes trying to fight the other bunch or try to persuade them to join yours and see reason. This is all intentional because Brzezinski talked about this formula that would be given to the public, long before the public were given the internet, and here it is and everyone falls for it. They forget who they are when their ego is on the defensive or they themselves are on the offensive and they've got to defend their ideals at all costs, so they attack each other in these chat rooms and become rather vicious.  I stay clear of it and you cannot make someone understand or believe the truth. You can't make that because most folk live in belief systems, not fact. They don't want fact. Fact is rather boring. It can be frightening too. It's much easier to go through life and simply live in imagination and look for aliens to come and rescue you, and they have good aliens or bad aliens, or there's a god that's going to do it for you, or Jesus is going to come back, or you can get a chance in the next lifetime. Christians get born again once and the reincarnationalists get born again and again and again. I mean it's the same kind of thing: Cop out after cop out; I'll do nothing; it will all happen in the future.


Therefore, people like myself are trying to give people a chance, maybe for the first time, by giving them just plain facts, not offering them some quick fix solution, not telling them they're going to get anything back, any system back.


How can you get a system back that was corrupt 10 years ago, 20, 50 or 100 or 200 years ago?


What part of the corruption do you want to go back to?


Do you want to go back to the days of open slavery where some other color was given the chains on them or do you want to go before that when they were bringing in the white slaves but they found they were just too weak? They died off too quickly.


What point of the history do you want to go back to?


Who made the borders?


Why are there Masonic obelisks along the whole of the border from East to West Coast of Canada and the U.S.?


Who are these Masons that agreed upon that border?


Look at your history books. See the photographs yourself. See the placements of them. They're all Masonic.


Did you vote for Masons? Did any generation vote for Masons?


We're living in a fantasy. After World War I and II, Britain and the Allies divvied up the Middle East and Asia by drawing lines on maps and telling folks that had already lived there for centuries you're now called this and your bunch over that way are called this and we're going to get you fighting each other, which they do. That's the sort of games that go on on a big, big scale. Big scale, massive scale, all the time, all the time and the public float through their lives never knowing what's going on. Most never really caring what's going on as long as they're okay and that's the sad thing. A sad comment to realize that as they said thousands of years ago, even pre-Christian, "let the dead bury their dead."  You could only be conscious or alive if you were conscious and aware of what was happening. If you were not conscious of what was happening around you, you were classified as the dead, the walking dead.


Now we've got Debra in Maryland. Are you there, Debra? Debra?


Debra:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello. Go ahead.


Debra:  You know I like the fact that you are not part and parcel of this group or that group. I can say thankfully nor am I, other than to try and awaken those who want to be awakened. But yes, you do run and I know you do run into this and I run into it people that will fight you tooth and nail and want to remain in the coma and there's nothing you can do about that.   I ran into a lot of people that are constantly fighting that battle, and I tell them well why are you bothering? Why do you bother with people that don't want to be told what the real deal is and that it has nothing to do with their own concept of what they've been told. I don't remember exactly who said it but they said religion was – organized religion is the opiate of the masses.


Alan: That was Marx then Lenin said it. 


Debra:  And that was a brilliant thing to say because I found that like early on in my life because none of it made sense and I was fortunate enough to have parents that allowed me to opt out of that and even though they practiced their religion and whatnot as a child they're fine. We understand that you don't see it our way and we're not going to force that upon you and it's a shame that so many people don't see that.


Alan:  I know, but the indoctrination is pretty intense and again whatever becomes tradition becomes the norm and it becomes almost sacred. Culture, everything all becomes sacred to an extent because the masses remember – see you're living with people, 80 percent are called the mass-man. They enjoy the masses. They like all to agree on the same major things and they don't like anyone that's different than themselves and if we’re all told to wear orange pajamas tomorrow in the streets and it became the normal they'd start stoning someone who--


Debra:  Had to wear black.


Alan:  Exactly. This is what works. It's the same thing. In pre-Christian times the people in Greece when they worshipped the goddess and so on used to kill often their first-born child and that was the normal thing. Then Christianity came in and the first generation suddenly you have to love your child and they were stoning the ones that were going in the old tradition by killing their first-born, so anything can be made normal and Plato said this thousands of years ago. He knew the art of creating culture and altering culture and he said that anything can be given to the people, even a completely different morality in one generation and the last ones to know it's happened are those who lived through it. They just adapt and adapt all the way through it and never question.


Debra:  That's what is so astounding to me that people go through life and never question anything.


Alan:  That's right.


Debra:  I mean they don't question religion. They don't question the so-called news. They don't question anything.


Alan:  They don't and Brzezinski said that. He said in his own book "Between Two Ages," it's worth reading, because this was a man who was working with the NSA, the National Security Agency. He was at the top of all the big major institutions. He was into the high technology aspect of mind control, psychological control and propaganda and he said in his own book, "shortly a technique will be unleashed on the public which they'll be completely unaware of," and he says, "shortly they'll be unable to think for themselves or reason for themselves. They'll expect the media to do all their thinking and reasoning for them."


Debra:  That's exactly what has happened. People turn on their 6 o'clock news and that's well I was told this on the news, whether it was Fox or CBS or MSN or any of them and they're taught don't question it, don't even look into that story or why they're saying what they're saying.


Alan:  It's true because that's why they hire people and keep them until they're 80 years of age because you grow up with them and he becomes like a father figure, a paternal figure starring you in the eye every night at 6 o'clock or 11 o'clock or whatever time. You never suspect this man, this father figure that you've grown up with could lie to you. That's why they paid him such big money to stay there.


Debra:  But, you know, Alan, I guess I was lucky. My father worked for Naval Intelligence and he told me from the get-go it's an oxymoron.


Alan:  Yes, I know.  I've known people even in Naval Intelligence in the lower orders that were given stuff to do with a sort of form of programming that came across their desk to make them believe in things because the first person you must convince who's going to go out and convince the public later on are your operators themselves. They must believe they really have a cause or what they've seen is true.


Debra:  Yes, and I don't think my dad ever bought onto it, and thank God because he was the one that kept me awake.


Alan:  Yes. Well thanks for calling.


Debra:  Thank you.


Alan: I’ll be back after the following messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and trying to point out some reality to people – reality that's beyond your conditioning. We're all conditioned from childhood onwards to be patriotic, to do the normal cultural things everyone else is doing, including, if need be, to grow up to be nice little soldiers and stuff like this. We don't realize that this is planned. The future is always planned ahead by those who are in power. That's what George Orwell talked about in "1984," ongoing warfare, and you must remember even revolutions are part of the big structure of this plan – ongoing eternal revolutions to this ultimate superman image, this godlike creature that will supposedly evolve. We know they're going to make it evolve by scientific means, but it's not going to be a free society at all. It's going to be a society of an elite, which has been talked about again going back to the days of Plato. He called them The Guardian Class. We have Charles Galton Darwin in his book "The Next Million Years" talking about the elite themselves not altering themselves or dumbing themselves down like they will the public; and he talked about that too, by the way.


He talked about keeping the elite sentient because they will be steering the ship, planet earth, to the future through society. The masses of the public wouldn't need their ability to solve problems because the state would be doing it all for them, right down to the individual, that's what he meant; and it's happened with most people. They live under Big Brother and they don't mind. I've said for years that most folk will love socialism. They already do. It's nice to think you can be Peter Pan and live forever and never grow up and deal with the problems of being an adult. That's what people really prefer, because being an adult means you have to understand things and make decisions and act upon them, even moral decisions. That's something people would rather cop out of. It's a heavy burden in your personal life or even to do something for others that you might not ever meet in your lifetime.


If you have no empathy for those you never meet who are dying in other countries, courtesy of your taxpayer money, then why should anyone care about you when the big eating machine comes around to your door? That's what it's all about because compassion for others is a survival mechanism. People survive in groups through massive disasters. That's when they help each other. If you don't care about other people they won't care about you, which means your survival instinct has been destroyed and that's also what big writers like Arthur Koestler talked about in "The Ghost in the Machine."  This wonderful man who worked for MI5, coupled with the CIA by the way, and gave you your culture all through the '50, '60’s, '70’s and still do today. That's now exposed. It's been declassified information. He worked with Bertrand Russell on books and unfortunately with Blair as well (George Orwell). They all worked together and they didn't always get on, mind you, because they all had tremendous egos. At least Russell did and so did Koestler, and Russell was always hitting on Koestler's wife so they couldn't make a good working team.


I'll talk about this perhaps next week more of it when I come back. On a cold winter night up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night from Hamish my dog and myself. May your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)