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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November 28th, 2007. Newcomers, look into my site for as long as it's up there and download as much of the talks and information I've given out free over they years as you wish and pass it around to friends. You can also download the transcripts in English both there and in where you can download transcripts as well in the tongues of Europe, thanks to a whole bunch of very dedicated translators.


People are coming forward in this time. People who have been questioning for many years, sometimes for their whole lives as to what's really going on because we're going through this massive transition phase at a more accelerated pace. This doesn't happen by chance. We live in a world that's always planned like any big corporation plans its agenda for the company. The largest organizations plan investments and where they want to be in 50 or 100 years time and it's no different that the CEOs as they call them of the world they plan the future. It's been that way for a long, long time especially since the first international corporation was set-up officially. The first one we have in the Middle Ages, there was ones prior to that even back in the Phoenician days, but in Britain when they set-up Britain to be a financial leader for a while and invested heavily in London and they brought in the merchant bankers. They owned the merchant lines, the shipping lines, the trading routes and they owned the banks as well, so they did both. They didn’t go out and sail on the boats themselves. They sent off the hirelings to do it for them and that's what bankers do.


Out of that came Crown corporations as they merged with the royalty and eventually put their own royalty in in fact and they ran the world and still do run the world in fact to this present day. Corporations rule the world. The CIA and all these, MI6 and Mossad and so on and so on, they're all in bed together, interlaced, interlocked and have been since at least World War II and probably before with most of them, by other names that is. They keep changing their names down through the ages. However, these secret societies and that's what you secret services are. You're sworn to secrecy organizations at the very, very top, not just the little boys at the bottom going down on their knees for the Grand Master in Masonry, but right up the top, to the big guys who plan wars and massive wars and world wars and they run by deception. The world is run by deception. These characters work really for corporations and your country is a corporation. Your country is registered as a corporation. Now the whole world is registered as one big corporation under the United Nations and they've been giving us our marching orders for a long time. The United Nations only works again for these big, big royal bankers you might call them. I’ll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just mentioning the fact that we've been under a system for an awful long time. A system that always hired very intelligent people, good advisers who specialized in understanding the minds of the populous. They ran the show. They ran it on behalf of those who owned the countries. Countries were owned you understand by royal families. They owned them and they often gave them away as dowries in marriage, with the people in it too, and during World War II Crown corporations were formed in all the British Commonwealth countries. Crown corporations is something that even the CBC Canada, the Canadian National Television that's also a government owned project couldn't get an answer to, because it's some kind of private investments involved in it but they're not allowed to tell you or find out who actually owns them but they're called Crown corporations. These Crown corporations deal with big things like energy, et cetera and technology. In the U.S., the CIA put out big, big companies real companies because technology was supposed to win the Cold War, so rather than let independent businesses grow up and takeover, it's much better if you set out the business and you own it from scratch, plus you get all the financing from the taxpayer to build it. Pretend that it's private and you lead the industry. You decide what the public will or will not be given in technology and so most of the big corporations that you know of, the big brand names, are actually run and owned by this high elite group, including your secret services that supposedly work for you but they don't work for you. We know that, it’s a joke. We know that isn't true.  


Here's the push that's going on right now and we're all living through this massive push towards RFID, Radio Frequency Identification. We're all eventually going to be chipped but it's a step-by-step program. It's like getting animals and you train them step-by-step not to be scared of walking into this little entrance way and then once they're inside this little labyrinth you train them to go down the labyrinth; and it takes time to get them used to it step-by-step. You don't want to spook them too much. There's been many programs even on television that I saw (before I stopped watching it all together) concerning this RFID and shows were put out there like Wendy Mesley show on Canadian television where she interviewed some of the heads of the corporations – the CEOs of these corporations in the 1990’s that were making these ID cards with the active chips in them that we’re all now seeing on the pretense of 9/11. It happened much later, but in the '90’s they knew it was coming and when she asked one of the heads of this why they'd accept it, the public would accept this sort of ID-ing, the man said quite matter-of-factly, because they'll be given no option, and that's what it is you see.


This is a mandate, a must be. Here's a little article from it's called AIM Global. It's a big corporation that deals with RFID and they’ll be heavily backed I'm sure and even their logo, if you look at their logo it's got three pyramids really. It's the three pyramids, the Orion’s belt stuff again, and in the middle is an obelisk, that's the eye for the AIM and you have the sun above it but it's really a disguised Saturn, because it's got the loop there, the scythe loop which is Kronos, Saturn, the order of misrule, and they love these little logos. They're all over the place. This is from November 13th, 2007 and it was sent to me by Mark Baard of Parallel and it says here:


             "The Leading International Industrial association unveils Outreach Initiative to Educate About Consumer Benefits of RFID Technologies, Applications."


Alan:  Listen to the terminology they use here. This in an in-house type thing, the terminology they use to make us all chomp away at the cud and not look up from the grass and think everything is just wonderful.


             "WARRENDALE, Pa. — November 13, 2007 — Recognizing the need in the marketplace to dramatically increase positive public perception…"


Alan:  So there you are. Everything is done by the way you perceive things and they want you to perceive things in a certain way – the way that they're going to sell it to you. That's what they want and they distort perceptions.


             "…increase positive public perception of radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, AIM Global, the worldwide industry association and advocate…"


Alan:  So they're an advocate. This is their business that they want to make mandatory, right?


             "…for supporting innovation and growth in automatic identification and mobility technologies, today announced it has launched an aggressive and proactive…"


Alan:  Proactive, it's all the in word today.


             "…RFID outreach initiative in the United States to educate the general public…"


Alan:  They're going to brainwash the public. That's what educate the public means. They call it raising public consciousness or awareness. That means you're going to get a thought implanted in your head that they’ve arranged for you to perceive in a certain way. It's all like a packaged thought.


             "…and policy makers about the myriad consumer benefits of RFID technologies will bring to the public. The campaign will also provide relevant, timely examples of consumer-oriented RFID applications, dispel myths promoting public concern…"


Alan:  In other words, eradicate the truth.


             "…about the technology, and correct inaccuracies…"


Alan:  In other words, they're going to lie.


             "…and misperceptions about the usage of RFID in society today."


Alan:  They're going to completely turn it upside down and make you think it's just wonderful.


             "The outreach initiative, already underway carries the overarching theme of "RFID: Making the World a Better Place,"…


Alan:  Making it a better place. Better is a good word, a positive word, comfy word, so we'll like this terminology.


             "…and focuses on the convenience…"


Alan:  Convenience is good too.




Alan:  That's good.


             "…and security…"


Alan:  Oh, that's all the rage.


             "…that RFID brings to consumers’ daily lives. AIM Global executives are overseeing the orchestration…"


Alan:  Orchestras are nice. Music is nice.


             "…of the campaign…"


Alan:  Campaign is a war word. We should rethink that word.


             "…with execution…"


Alan:  That's bad too.


             "…handled by Abelson Group, Inc., a New York, N.Y.-based marketing and communications firm specializing in the technology and telecommunications sectors. The RFID outreach initiative includes the involvement of members of the organization's education and public policy committee…"


Alan:  So the guys who work for the advertising campaign and their policy is going to push this and silver will cross many palms. Many palms will have their palms crossed with silver handshakes, including guys in government if it's not already done, because this is a must be operation so we become to love the RFID and you won't want to leave home without it.


             "The important program, which entails extensive media relations…"


Alan:  You buy off the media, you see.


             "…outreach and contributed article and op-ed placements…"


Alan:  That means they’ll put big things in newspapers that will really be ads for it or stories about how wonderful it is. That's what that means is to make it sound like it's wonderful but it's really big ads to brainwash you.


             "…spotlights a wide range of RFID applications, consumer benefits, and ongoing industry activities for self-regulation. AIM Global intends to showcase the viability and versatility of RFID technologies in familiar environments, and illustrate how RFID is already improving consumer quality of life through such innovations as the automated payment of toll road fees…"


Alan:  In other words, when you're getting shafted you don't feel it so painfully. It's automatic.


             "…and public transit fares, the authentication of prescription medications…"


Alan:  Oh.


             "…food safety…"


Alan:  What do they care about food since they've altered it all for us?


             "…and homeland security enhancements…"


Alan:  Enhancements. Homeland security is an enhancement and that sounds wonderful. Home and enhancements all in the same little phrase there. This is how you do psycholinguistics. It's all in the way it's worded and most people read this stuff and it sounds like wonderful. It's like a little novel you're reading and how these altruistic business people, the top business people are going to make their lives better because they care about them and they think of them all the time. That's what this is about. It's psycholinguistics.


             "…the quick check-out of library materials…"


Alan:  No one goes there anymore.


             "…and the tracking of the locations and progress of participants in marathons and other races.


Alan:  We really care about that, don't we?


             "AIM Global has an important role as an industry educator…"


Alan:  Do you realize that industry is all there to educate us and to educate all the other industries too?


             "…and advocate, and serves as a strong, positive, and proactive…"


Alan:  Here's proactive again.


             "…voice on specific challenges confronting its diverse international membership," said Dan Mullen, president of AIM Global. "From its inception, AIM Global has been committed to worldwide leadership…"


Alan:  Oh my goodness. I wish they'd get something new. These terms are becoming antiquated with overuse.


             "…within the RFID industry by providing factual online and offline materials, and by delivering unbiased knowledge and understanding for all things RFID. This awareness initiative is simply a logical extension of that role and commitment."


Alan:  Now this is one of the big, big companies including the PR companies and this has a lot of PR in it, public relations, in its write-up here. They always bring out the big ones at the top of the pyramid to oversee all the lesser companies and this one is really giving the other ones their orders, because the world they're bringing in has been shown to us in probably about a thousand science fiction movies to do with how we're all going to get chipped and watched and followed and tracked and they know where you are at all times and it's all for the general good. The good of all, you see, but the ones at the top won't have this kind of surveillance, it’s for your lot down there, because the world that they're bringing into view is going to be a radically different world than the one you know now. Not that the one we know now is that great, because it's completely dysfunctional. It's getting to the end of its stage or its age. It's been made to be dysfunctional with the massive indoctrinations we've had, with the massive changes going on so rapidly and with the big changes to do with even money itself.


What on earth is money today?


It's a bunch of numbers in someone's computer – numbers that you have no say over as to the value of.  I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about how psycholinguistics, the way words are formulated and put together to indoctrinate you and make you slumber through vast changes, tremendously vast changes.


You know they used to start up these encounter groups (and Masonic organizations actually started them up, encounter groups) where they'd take leaders and executives from corporations and get them all together and they'd give out their hidden hostilities towards each other and so on, and they'd tear up pillows and bash them and all that, then they'd hug each other and have affairs and all that kind of stuff. These characters themselves had a mind job done on them, but the idea was to get them to think in a new direction. That was the whole point of it. Not to think logically, sentimentally or even humanely in a sense, but to end up coming out there with ways and formulas to get what they wanted out of life from people that they wanted. It's a type of indoctrination and it went much, much higher than that because they went into psycholinguistics and the higher organizations especially in advertising they use this science of how to string words together for specific effects and public relations people. Everyone hires public relations specialists today, even the police forces. Even your local police forces will have one. His job is to lie about something in such a way that he can't be done in being caught in a lie and also to put you at ease when the police have done something wrong.


Therefore, everybody that works supposedly for the public has a public relations adviser and office that will run you in circles and never admit to anything. That's their job, but they do it with the use of terminology that puts you to sleep and makes you think everything is fine and hunky-dory. The advertising companies that are really the leaders in this; the marketing companies are fantastic strategists with this particular way. The advisors and even scriptwriters to presidents and prime ministers also take huge courses on this how to string words together in such a way that the general public never catch on to what they're really hearing. They use comfy little terms and phrases.


These characters could get Dachau the prison camp and make it sound like Disneyland and make you want to go there. That's their job. That's their job and everything now to do with Homeland Security and where the world is going in this big wonderful “we are all one” business, this big world prison camp where we're followed, tracked, traced and eventually we won't even get to be born unless they have a function for us in the big world corporation. They can make it sound so wonderful and there's lots of advocates from the general public too who swallowed the propaganda their whole lives and actually volunteered to work for them towards this wonderful global world where we're supposed to sit under palm trees and discuss philosophy and read poetry. That's what they think, but that's not really what it's all about. It's about a controlled world where everything and everyone must have a function. Everyone must have a function.


I can remember when all the propaganda was going on about Free Willy, they even made a movie about “Free Willy” the whale, and everyone was chatting about it as they always do. It's marketed into the heads of people and they chat about it like Brzezinski said. Whoever is popular in the media is what they chat about. That becomes their topics of conversation.   I was in Toronto at the time and a little blonde girl came to the door with a tin can for Green Peace and big blue eyes and everything and innocently asked for donating money to help the whales, save the whales; and I looked at her and I said should I burst this little girl's bubble or just throw a few coppers in there and let her go on her happy oblivious way? Well, I did the latter. There was no point in shattering her ideal. She had no idea of the corruption in this world including the corruption of Green Peace and who even set it up.


Again, the big agencies at the top set up Green Peace. They set up all these big foundations and organizations that eventually demand that certain laws get passed, which just happens to coincide with what governments want. That's what happens. Anyway, I let her go on her own sweet way dreaming about freeing Willy; and that's the kind of world we live in. It's a world where ideas with the use of terminology and massive indoctrinations through our schooling and through media, carried on by media, they call it "continuing education."  That's what they mean by the media, the television set and so on. That's your real continuing education and most folk go to their deaths never ever knowing they've been conned their whole lives long.


Now I think we have a Tim in California here. Are you there, Tim?


Tim:  Yes I'm here. I called you a few months ago. I was talking about how I was being harassed with small planes and large jet aircraft and things like this. You said that the reason why it was probably happening was because when I was younger all the psychological you take in elementary school and so on they use that kind of as a guide to see who's average. I got to thinking about it and I started realizing that even when I was at that young age for some reason I realized those tests were not just to be used for them for their purposes, so I think what I did was kind of in my own head try and score as average as possible, because what you were saying they look for the most average and the average person will be tested.


Alan:  Hold on and we'll talk about this when we come back from this break. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we're talking to Tim from California that had some kind of harassment going on. Are you still there, Tim?


Tim:  Yes, I'm here.


Alan:  What you'll find is that experiments have been going on for over 100 years and longer, by picking individuals who never know what's even happening to them and using technologies on them. You know Alexander Graham Bell was trying voice-to-skull technologies back in his day, and he didn't start it because is father before him started up the same organization for the deaf and so on and he wanted to find a way to electronically produce voice-to-skull technology. This is where all this stuff came from. It was with these big experimenters and the big military boys, as always, catch on to it and think about it as a weapon. However, the best way to test these things out is to use it on people who have no idea what's happening to them. I often wonder how many people down through the ages have ended up in mental asylums because they've been hearing voices; and this is out in the open now. This is old technology, very old technology.


They also put people in certain situations and then with hidden cameras and so on they observe their reactions and how they work. Psychology classes will show you a lot of these experiments on classrooms; school classrooms were fantastic ways to put a perfect little laboratory where they have no idea they were being watched and observed by their every movements as certain situations were introduced into classrooms; and then even waiting rooms in doctors places and so on. This is old stuff. It's been done on a massive scale to watch ordinary peoples’ reactions in specific circumstances and it's used now on a mass scale on the public.  I know of a group in the U.S. and it's primarily women who lived on naval bases and they were getting voice-to-skull and various things happening to them and it turns out that the HAARP technologies, the frequencies that they were using back in those days worked mainly on young children and women. It all ties together eventually when you get the evidence gradually leaking out as it becomes almost obsolete and the governments are – whenever they release something that means they're way beyond that now onto something even bigger and they won't tell you about that until 20 years or so has passed, what they're doing today.


Tim:  What I wanted to say was I remember all the psychological tests I would take in elementary school like do you like to work with other people? Would you like to be the leader of the group, so on and so forth, and when I think back about it it took me a while but I started realizing that I don't know whether it was my willingness to conform or I realized that these tests weren't just for the school. I think I kind of in my own way just wanted to be as average as possible and as a result I inadvertently kind of set myself up to be a guinea pig like you said before for these types of tests. My question is if I don't represent the average person because I lied on all these psychological tests, why would they continue on since at least age 12?


Alan:  Because they'd follow you in other areas of your life and they'll know you better than you know yourself. You can't fool them. You can't fool these characters because they don't take one simple sample. They follow you down through your life.


Tim:  You always talk about predictability and how they want everything to be predictable because that makes them feel comfortable and we're like computers and basically if you can control input then you can also understand what the output is going to be.


Alan:  That's right.


Tim:  This is no more evident than in my own life here. I like most people have a schedule and I do things in a certain way. Like let's say for example normally I wake up and I have breakfast first and I take a shower. Now let's say I take a shower first and then I have breakfast I get more harassment, lower flying planes, jets different types of things just because I change one little thing in my daily activities such as that. I mean it could be something even smaller such as maybe I wakeup and I hear some music and I dance a little bit in my house and I can actually sense the different types of harassment going on just because I'm changing my routine. Pretty recently, I live kind of mountain community here and I like to climb the trees and stuff so I can go off and see a better view because my view is pretty obstructed, so I was climbing the trees and sure enough, I see part of the operation here. What I saw was a massive white jet type aircraft painted all white no windows and trailing slowly behind it no more than 100 yards was a little single engine type Cessna type aircraft. If there was any question in my mind that all these things are working together it's sure been answered, because I used to think that before that it was just a little single engine type and double engine type planes and now I see all these things working together. I mean if you understand anything about how these guys are supposed to be able to fly, they're not allowed to fly that close so you understand it's some type of military operation. Most recently I've been seeing Chinook type aircraft flying over my house pretty low and when I go to different places I see these same Chinook type aircraft circling over me, so it's a whole military thing.


Alan:  You're probably living too – there will be something in your area that’s of high security as well.


Tim:  Could be.


Alan:  It won't be on the surface either.   In Area 51, I remember Cooper did videos down there to show you these military craft coming out from military installations that looked like flying saucers. They're built here and not by guys from Mars. They're built here and you saw a helicopter that literally disappeared into a mountain. I mean part of the mountain was a hanger.


Tim:  So if I'm seeing these white massive jet aircraft, what am I to assume they are from? Who uses all painted white jet aircraft, no windows and they're flying around sometimes no more than 600 feet to 1000 feet off the ground over my house?


Alan:  I know that the guys who are doing the main spraying fly these massive planes too. One came across my house very low. It was after I talked about it on the radio for the first time and it was only about a couple of hundred feet up and then it let loose with a spray right over my house and went right across my house and so I ran inside pretty quick. I didn't want to breathe that stuff.


Tim:  Do think it's better to be inside sometimes when they're doing this heavy spraying like that?


Alan:  If you've got everything closed, sure.


Tim:  Definitely with the windows shut and everything.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in and I'll have to go on to the next caller.


Tim:  Can I ask one more question, Alan?


Alan:  Very quick.


Tim:  Okay. I just wanted to know someone like Bob Marley what his influence was and what his effect was on the whole culture creation industry and what was his purpose here?


Alan:  Marley was a bit of a loner really in a sense. He was rejected by his own community and rejected by his father as well. His father was British officer in the military and Marley when he became a bit more popular he got money up to travel over to England and he eventually found his dad, who was married by then, and knocked on the house and his dad in astonishment when he told him who he was didn't want to know him, so he was very depressed and all the rest of it, but you saw that his life was in his music basically. It was kind of a happy go lucky, kind of bluesy downish kind of music at the same time. That was where he was. He was between two cultures and not really a full member of either.


Tim:  Do you think he realized what his job was like kind of like, to get people smoking marijuana?


Alan:  Oh yes.


Tim:  …mind control and stuff, and do you think he knew what he was doing?


Alan:   Yes. You'll find all the best marijuana and cannabis was all altered back in the '50’s and '60’s by the military establishment. They hybridized the stuff then and made it very, very potent, then they gave it out to the public.


Tim:  All right.


Alan: Everything has a purpose and everything has been done by the same characters at the top. Same with LSD, they were experimenting with that in the 1950’s and Victor Rothschild was head of the laboratories at the time, Porton Down military establishment, and he was testing it out on agents of MI5 and 6, and that's in Peter Wright's book. He was a member of MI6, a real one, because he was put into court for talking about it by Margaret Thatcher and that's what he said. Victor Rothschild was the guy who was using the stuff before they gave it to the public to see the effects on the young, coupling it with what they call the "pop industry", pop for father. The rock came later. The rock is the foundation, the foundation of the high brotherhood, masonry. Then you've got heavy metal following because it's injected into you with all the inoculations. They give you mercury who's the messenger that brings you the message. You get the message. That's your heavy metal and then the IQs all dropped and it's got worse since then. Everything has another purpose and it's always done in a mocking form because they love to mock the victim. That's how it works.


Talking about the spraying that's been going on, and I've been talking to so many people over the years and I get a good sense daily of what's happening to them psychologically and you find so many callers are tired, very tired when they're getting heavily sprayed from all over the U.S. and Canada. Other days they're rather calm, laid-back and almost tranquilized.


Here's a piece here that was sent to me by Robbie in Scotland and it's from the Defense Technology International, November 2007 issue and it says:


             "Researchers say drugs could sap an enemy's will to fight."


Alan:  Interesting little blurb this.


             "About 90 minutes' drive from the medieval spires of Prague doctors and 20 macaque rhesus monkeys are hard at work at seemingly the most exhaustive study into the weaponization of the rave drug ketamine. While Russian, Chinese and American scientists may have similar lines of study, the Czechs are brazen enough to go on scientific record. Aggressiveness and violence are spreading throughout the world. This is comparable to the epidemics of infectious diseases in the Middle Ages..."


Alan:  They're equating aggressions now with a disease. That's the one part. Again, psycholinguistics.


             "…says Ladislav Hess, a scientist at the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Prague. Hess, with researchers Jitka Schreiberova, Jiri Malek, Martin Votava, and Josef Fusek, is looking for a medical solution. Pharmacological modulation of emotions…"


Alan:  Pharmacological modulation of emotions.


             "…has been used for decades."


Alan:  There it is right there, okay, and then they go on about the different types they've used in the past with the Valium groups and so on. Remember the aerosolized Valium that was mentioned by one of our top guys after the 9/11 incident he said they could spray over large cities?


It says:


             "Ways for pharmacological suppression of aggressors threatening victims are sought. The drugs used for these purposes are called calmatives."


Alan:  They're calling it calmatives now. It’s sounds very nice as a drug and dopes you.


             "calmatives, producing calm, non-violent behavior."


Alan:  He goes through what these guys are doing and all the drugs they're using, but later on, it goes on to say in the same article that they're also calling it anti-calmative and anti-bellicosity agents. Anti-bellicosity agents that they're admitting later in the paper. This is old stuff and the West is way ahead of them.


             "The first I heard about anti-bellicosity agents was late in 1950’s, half a century ago says Julian Perry Robinson, a former chemist and an expert on chemical weapons law at the University of Sussex..."


Alan:  Did you know there was a chemicals weapons law organization? Did they ask the public? No.


             "…Science and Technology policy research wing of ligands which can interfere with receptors, how those receptors affect behavior–a vast amount of knowledge is popping up."


Alan:  No kidding.


             "The use of such agents in combat is generally prohibited. But riot control agents like tear gas, for example, are permitted during police actions. What constitutes a police action, or a chemical weapon, is becoming fuzzy."


Alan:  Hmm, really. That's because they're spraying us, we can't see for all the spray. It's getting fuzzy.


             "Robinson and others think the Chemical Weapons Convention needs to be clear about banning behavioral agents and monitoring compliance. He's drafting such a proposal. The CWC which includes the U.S. has its 10-year anniversary review conference next spring."


 Alan:  I'm going to skip over all the other stuff that they talk about that they've admitted they got and all the compounds of drugs they have already to go. I'm sure they're using it.


It says:


             "What the Pentagon has at its disposal is extensive archives as well as robust research into airbust munitions…"


Alan:  Airbust munitions.


"…and other delivery systems."


Alan:  That's the air, folks.


             "General Dynamics has even worked on a non-lethal artillery projectile. When an agent comes along its ride will be waiting."


Alan:  Further down is says:


             "Revolutionary advances in psychopharmacology and neurology promise wonders in treating mental ailments and nervous disorders says Steve Wright, an ethics lecturer at Leeds University (UK). He's just worried about the dark side. The goals behind artificially changing human behavior matter as much as the ability to do it."


Alan:  Very good article. It's hiding a lot, exposing a little and that's how it's leaked out to you, under the guise that they're just getting into it at the very beginning of the story and then there's admissions throughout the story they've been doing this for about 50 years and they're way ahead of anything we're told. That's November 2007, Defense Technology International. Look it up for yourselves and have a read with it. It's quite, quite interesting.


Now we live in an age where so much is happening and this is all the rage at the top. The “in thing” amongst government and all their workers and employees is that the public are getting so aggressive. Well, who gave us the culture? Remember Bertrand Russell: he said that the state will eventually give the children their culture and their morals, whatever morals they decide to give them and morality could be anything they decide. That's what morality is. It's a set of values you're given for your generation and up can be down. Down can be up. It can be completely reversed in one generation like Plato said and the people don't even notice it. They just adopt and adapt to it quite easily.


Bertrand Russell said the state will give them their values and that's happened. He said if we can get them into kindergarten in four hours of indoctrination scientifically done, like you're training an animal, then whatever values the parents try to instill when the child goes back home will just wash off the child; and that's happened. A whole generation has grown up like this. The state has given them their values of moral relativity. The state gave them the martial arts programs and series that they watch and they used to go around kicking each other in the playgrounds after watching this stuff.


They gave them the video games that were designed for the military and the big boys at the top running the Pentagon and so on are still involved in the making of these games for children because they want a race of warriors, for a temporary period only, that they must use on their own people. We've all lived through this. At the top they're all worried about the aggressive culture that they've created, this tremendously aggressive culture, the dog-eat-dog culture. The ones who go to see the wrestling and say “tear them apart. Tear them apart. Kill them. Kill them,” and they get carried away. I'll say what the antidote to this is after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix.  The antidote, as I was saying, to the aggressive culture that they’ve created deliberately for a particular period – they want a generation of soldiers to finish off and standardize the rest of the world and then they're left with a problem of an aggressive culture, so what do you do? You tranquilize them all. Tranquilize them all. Then you ID them all and they won't mind so much if they're tranquilized and they're being looked after by big brother and they'll float through life and not complain or object and they'll pay up their death duties so that they can get buried and they won't be a burden on society. That's the perfect slave you see.


As Charles Galton Darwin said, "there's always been slavery," and he was telling the truth. It's all in the perception. He says, "but there's always been slavery in one form or another and we're just creating a new more sophisticated form of it." Well, it's happened. It's actually happened and they're just at that last road really of perfecting it, perfecting it so that the slaves don't revolt. The slaves don't mind. Most slaves today don't mind the predicaments they happen to be in because they have bread and circuses like Juvenal talked about. They've never had so many circuses given to us on such a basis as now. The television brings you all the entertainment you want. All kinds of crazy entertainment and most of it is simply downloading you with new ideas. It's programming you but you've got to enjoy your programming and most folk do. They don't realize they're being given little downloads along with even their comedy shows or their dramas or their soaps or whatever and the guys act like buffoons as they watch the sports and guzzle their beer and pretend that they're all macho and have some road rage. It's the only place they have any power. They have no power at home or in their work places so they vote or they support their local team, their tribe who either wins or loses on a battlefield and they sit back and pretend they're with them.


It's all a world of pretense of perception and distortion, but with the complete understanding of human nature both male and female, and children, all ages, right down to the time they're born. They market ideas to every age group and that's why marketing is in bed with the management of the populations, this “governance” as they call it today, governance. Most people think of government and have never looked at the definitions and have never looked at the histories of government down through the ages. They think it's something there to help them and take care of them, look after them. That's the way it's promoted and marketed to you, but government has never ever been in that business of being there to help you.


Government is there to ensure its own survival of a system, on behalf of those that own your government. That's what it's there for, to protect the elite, always, in all ages and that's the way it will be until the sun doesn't rise anymore the way it's going. Millions and billions of people in generation after generation have lived, fought wars and all the rest of it and died, never knowing they were conned their whole lives long.


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, with the southerly wind blowing pretty cold right now, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)