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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on November 30th, 2007. Newcomers, look into my website and download as much of the free talks as you wish and pass them around to other people. For those who speak in the various tongues of Europe, look into for transcripts you can download in the various languages which are used in the world today and there's more to get added to that shortly.


Now I've been giving people basically almost history lessons including what's been happening in recent history that's not in the major media, because the major media has a job to do and its job is to steer you, to guide you into a type of planning. A planned future really. That's what it is. A planned future which they keep fairly quiet about but it was designed a long time ago in fact by very big foundations and organizations intermeshed with high governmental bodies and your secret services, those characters who run about spying on people and so on, but really the guys who take care of them who look after them at the top, because you must always try and hold onto power. That's what it's all about is holding onto power and ensuring that the same people who have power today can pass it on to their own grandchildren down the road. That's how it's done because society doesn't evolve and we can go into the history of this when we read the big writers that came out after World War I and science fiction began to get pushed heavily for the first time.


In the 1800’s science fiction was being funded by foundations and often backed by people like Rothschild family in England who paid authors to write along certain lines that would steer the thinking of people, so that eventually when these things actually happened in life and became part of culture, things they thought were impossible at one time, they'd adapt to it very quickly thinking it was quite a natural progression; and that's called predictive programming. It was taken over by the high establishments of Britain and heavily funded since World War I and it still is today. Shortly I'll be reading a book that is published, probably the first one of its kind, which goes into the culture creation industry admitting, admitting that the CIA and MI5 and 6 and other organizations gave us the whole culture of the 20th century. They funded all sides of cultures of political parties and steered us to where we are today.


Now whenever anything is released to the public to buy, to purchase, to use at home, it's technically obsolete and yet we've been taught it's the latest gadget, whatever that gadget happens to be. I've gone into the video games for instance and I've asked you to think why, why on earth would games that were designed for the military establishment be so heavily funded, incredibly heavily funded by government institutions using your tax money to bring up more and more vicious games and to make children really want to enter a different world of reality. I'll be back with much more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through this matrix. It's very important we cut through now because we're going into it big time and I have a feeling that once into it most people will be just like characters in the "Matrix" movie, they will think that's real life. They won't know the difference. The transition won't be that gradual, gradually enough but they’ll actually go into it and they're aiming at the young as I say. Always at the young and in many of the writings put out by Aldous Huxley and others they talked about creating a world and this wasn't Huxley's idea. He just worked for the establishment that planned this future. He said most people are unhappy, therefore we'll make them happy. We'll give them a type of big brother type society where everything is taken care of for them and we'll use drugs and so on and various scientific methods to control the people and keep them happy.


Keep them ordered because the greatest thing they fear at the bottom happens to be independent thinkers. They're not worried about weaponry because they have such high-tech weaponry at the top and chemical weaponry and various types of weaponry. They don't worry about weapons at the bottom. Everything we have is obsolete but they really care about thoughts. They can spread like wildfire. That's important so they want to extinguish those with that fire inside of them and bring everybody into a matrix type society with the use of drugs and psychological techniques and advanced sciences; and here is where the games are going, the games, and this is from "The Sunday Times" to do with the virtual reality games.


Now remember as I say everything that's given to the public went through the military establishments first. Anything that can be used to change or alter society in any way at all in culture is tried, tested and approved and when we get it it's almost obsolete. They're onto the next phase.


"The Sunday Times", November 25th, 2007 and it's in their news tech and web news gadgets and gaming section. This is by Alex Pell and Christopher Goodwin. It says:


             "Think carefully before you answer: is a device that is capable of reading people’s minds fact or fantasy? We knew you’d say that. But scientists at an American laboratory have been brainstorming the same question for more than five years and have come up with a mind-blowing different answer. They call it Epoc, but when it is launched early next year in Britain and the US it will probably be known simply as the “mind-reading helmet”, capable, supposedly, of knowing what users are thinking. The device is being hailed as a revolutionary breakthrough in the way that humans will be able to interact with computers."


Alan:  This is the interfacing. They're getting everyone trained to go into the interface, but the young will adapt to it very quickly and then the next bunch will go even further.


             "Its implications are massive, opening the possibility that one day people will be able to control everything from light switches to the cursor on their computer screen simply by thinking about it."


Alan:  Yes, but they don't tell you, you won't be programming it. Someone will be programming you.


             "However, for now, the technology will be used as the ultimate gimmick: to play computer games simply by thinking your screen character into action. Emotiv Systems…"


Alan:  Now ‘Emotiv’ refers to emotion and there's more to this and I'll go into it later.


             "…the San Francisco company that has developed the technology, says Project Epoc could mean the end of joysticks and keyboard bashing. Instead games players will be able to visualize a move in their head and that move will be replicated on the screen in front of them. So, for example, Harry Potter could be ordered to cast exotic spells, or a jedi might exert “the force” to fling his enemies around – all through the willpower of the gamer, with no buttons pressed."


Alan:  They go on and on to tell you more about how this actually works. It says:


             "The fact that such an advanced system has been developed for something as apparently frivolous as computer games should come as no surprise. The industry is one of the most innovative and competitive, with each company attempting to move a step ahead of its rivals…"


Alan:  That's nonsense. They all got the same technology at the same time from the top. It's given to them.


             "…through cutting edge technology (witness the success of the Nintendo Wii, with its wireless controller that reproduces physical movement on the screen and has resulted in a huge sales surge). The industry is also one of the biggest: sales of computer games and hand-held consoles have exploded over the past five years with some analysts predicting it could soon be “bigger than Hollywood” in terms of turnover."


Alan:  Then they go on and on about the costs and the factors and so on. It says:


             "…So how does the helmet work? In simple terms it relies on the fact that every time a human thinks about something, electrical impulses are triggered in the brain. This has been known for years in the medical world and is the basis of an electroencephalogram (EEG) – the technique that measures the electrical activity of the brain by recording from electrodes placed on the scalp."


Alan:  Now this is interesting because you see there's also another article came out at the same time. This one is using EEG technology - electroencephalographic technology. However, what I mentioned about a month ago was the Pentagon and the British counterpart had also set-up virtual worlds with every human being that's registered in these virtual worlds and they're gathering data on your personality. Now here they're going a step further. They'll get much, much more to get your brain pathways et cetera, how you think as an individual and that will be added to this virtual world, this matrix they're setting up you see. Even though this one here is using EEG technology, there's another one coming out which is using ultrasonic type technology to go even further and try and record the pathways of your brain as well. That's going into what they call engrams, engrams or pathways where your memories et cetera are stored. They want a virtual copy of you. That's what's coming and this is what all this is for. It's nothing to do with amusing little Johnny. It's about getting to know little Johnny better than he knows himself and to create a duplicate world, which one day most people will all be in without knowing it eventually.


It says here:


             "…Emotiv claims to have refined the technique to isolate and identify the electrical patterns that are given off when humans think about a given course of action, such as moving their arm to the left or right or depressing their right thumb or index finger. The Epoc helmet recognises these electrical patterns and translates them into “real” movements on the screen."


Alan:  Now that was done about eight months ago if you remember that DARPA. DARPA is not there to help you. DARPA is a big part of the National Security Agency to do with Homeland Security and they gave a PR blurb out on the media when they said they'd put a chip in a paraplegic's brain that allowed him to send emails to people by simply thinking about it. So here you go. There's no competition here. Everything is already done at the top and dished out to the ones down below.


It says:


             "…To look at, the helmet resembles nothing so much as a novelty head massage gadget with several spidery arms curving around the head and meeting at the top. The arms are fitted with a total of 16 sensors positioned so they are in contact with the relevant part of the head and pick up electric signals in the brain. The system’s software analyses these signals and then wirelessly relays what it detects to a receiver plugged into the USB port of the game console or PC. Emotiv says it has mapped 12 specific actions that the helmet will recognize and can be reproduced in standard games."


Alan:  Now you know that back in the '90’s, in '95 I think it was it was announced on all major media, it's definitely here in Canada, that all communication devices, all communication devices, phones, faxes, computers and so on had to be accessible at all times. To be made to be so by the manufacturers to be accessible at all times by the security agencies, your governmental security agencies, and there's no firewall sold to the public or any other gadget that will stop them having access. They’re built that way with backdoors in them and you can bet, you can bet and take it to the bank, as long as they're open, that they're going to store all the data on a whole generation of children who are growing up and have their complete personality profile put into this matrix system they’ve already put up and built and have operating. They'll know, as I say, little Johnny better than Johnny knows himself. Predictive programming indeed, because for total control in the world everyone must be completely predicable, “getting to know you” indeed.


That's the world we're going into at a gallop, not by chance. Not because they want to entertain you. Not just for bucks at all. It's to control a society to do with control. An ongoing never ending journey where man is the material, the base material that's going to be remade, remade and perfected, perfected and used as the masters see fit. That's what it's all about. Long, long term agenda. It's interesting that Huxley and others talked about this coming world and movies were made about it where they showed you the interfacing in Star Trek series too. They had the Borg there and from an adult’s points of view the Borg were horrific creatures, robotic creatures in a spaceship called the Hive. The hive, by the way, is being used in the military to talk about the general public. All public locations where people live, habitat areas, are called hives in the military now and they get documentation and in their army base as to where to go in the hive, general populations and libraries and so on. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're with Cutting Through a Matrix, which is surrounding us all the time step-by-step and one day people will think they wake up. They'll be in a different world. They won't notice it, most of them, because they've been brought with the fantasy of it. Now they’ll live the fantasy thinking they're in a real world and will do real jobs in the physical world. They'll be doing something rather nasty like cleaning out a barn or something, but they'll think they're on the moon with James Bond in a skyrocket or something like that. That will be the fantasy in their head. As I was saying before the break there, this was shown; the Borg mentality was shown in the Star Trek series. They had the cyborg characters as Borgs where they were part machine but mainly human and they were all interconnected to a centralized queen or computer, a mind, and they called it the Hive. The whole ship was called the Hive. That's what they're bringing into play.


Now if they can map your psychomotor patterns for the uniqueness that is you, remember they can then reverse that flow and command your brain to act in certain ways and you get up and maybe walk to where they tell you to walk to. You’ll walk into a police cell and sit down and you won't even know you've done it. That's where it's all going, you see, the controlled society. Quite something and people will flow into this without even noticing. Most of them won't notice. Many will actually enjoy it because they enjoy entertainment. They enjoy fantasy and they won't be able to tell the difference anymore. They're almost at that stage today.


Aldous Huxley in 1961 said and it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it because they will distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. That kind of ties in with a statement that Mr. Rockefeller made when he talked about coming catastrophes and so on, and when he was asked about the people, how will they behave, he says they will come to us. They’ll come to us with perfect docility. Absolutely certain that they would and no wonder because we're all being drugged at the moment with all this spraying and we're getting dumbed down by a thousand different methods the general public are unaware of.


Now we've got Dan from California on the line. Are you there, Dan?


Dan:  Hey Alan. Boy it's great to talk to you and your subject is right on. I'm a video game developer in California and when I started at Atari back in the '80’s we always used to joke because Atari was right across the street from Lockheed Missiles and Space.


Alan:  Coincidence, eh?


Dan:  We made games like Missile Command and Battle Zone and we always used to joke that there was a secret tunnel between Atari and Lockheed and if anything ever happened they'd just hook these kids up to these games and the gamers would control these devices at Lockheed. We thought it was a big joke. So the last game that I worked on was "Call of Duty 4," right. It's for the Xbox-360. It's one of the biggest games out there. This Call of Duty game and I can't even believe – you know I'm listening to your show. I'm working on the game and the game's a first-person shooter, all takes place in the Middle East you know with all the overtones and political overtones that you can think of coming from the Middle East.


Alan:  The propaganda.


Dan:  And the server that we're working on for the whole game it's called Huxley 6.


Alan:  Oh really.


Dan:  I couldn't believe it and just before the game starts on each of the intro levels they have little quotes and quotes from who? Bertrand Russell, Plato. I'm surprised they didn't throw in Albert Pike.


Alan:  He'll come. He'll come down the road.


Dan:  I couldn't believe it. I'm listening to your show, working on this game and as we're working on this game we're getting a parade of these politicians coming through. The mayor of Los Angeles. The governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger's coming to the company to see how the game is doing. I mean this is a game.


Alan:  It's very important to the ones at the top and it's not the only company that's giving the information. They're doing this to all the major ones. They don't know it but they're all working together. They're all working together because information is fed to higher levels and then fed down to you.


Dan:  I never wanted to believe this. I always defended video games that they were outside of the control of that system you know but this last game – I mean parts of the game just made me sick to my stomach. Playing it triggers all of those psychopathic psychological triggers. You don't get points for staying alive. You just survive. You don't get points. You get points if you kill. It's designed this and just the effects of the game was just wild. Anyway, I just was so shocked making this game and listening to your show and I bookmarked your Cutting Through the Matrix on all the computers at the development company. I won't say the name but everybody knows Call of Duty, if they're listening to your show, they're going to be affected by that game and I guess my question is you get all this stuff coming at you--


Alan:  Hang and we'll finish this after the next break.


Dan:  Thanks.


Alan:  Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we're talking to Dan from California who's involved in the making of some of these types of games, and you had a question you wanted to ask.


Dan:  Well I guess the question is – I've been listening to the show for a while and everybody calls in. You have all this information about everything that's coming down. It's all true and people ask me where's the future of video games going? I say go to and you'll learn all about the future of gaming and people want – the question is well how do we stop this? What do we do about that and as I began to think about that I thought well okay I'm going to study Karate because we've got the Blackwater guys moving in right down the street from us, so I'm like okay I've got to get my kung fu together and then thinking well these guys have got bullet proof vests and M16's. You better start going to the firing range, right? So then you start going to the firing range but in order to fight these guys you have to shoot first. You can't wait to counter shoot.


Alan:  See, this has been the problem all down through the ages. You always get the people at the bottom fighting the organized army from the people at the bottom because they're just the offspring of us, you see, who are trained and brainwashed and the guys at the top sit back and laugh at this because they don’t take part in the actual physical stuff, but what they do need and this is the big trick to everything. They need us to acquiesce to everything they want us to do in the society they lead us into, so in other words, they need our permission. In fact they want us to be enthusiastic about going into this Brave New World and we've got start and turn around now in our private lives and start saying no to different things that they demand from us, regardless of how many people in the majority go along with it. Those who have functioning brains have to use them and simply say no and you'd be surprised how that starts to grow.


Most people are followers. When they see someone standing up and saying, no, that's enough, in this particular direction or that direction, then they feel a bit more courageous and they'll change allegiance to those who are standing up and saying no. That's what we must do in a peaceable way because they need us to acquiesce to every part of the agenda or they lose it.


Dan:  Well that's the big question. How do you fight the psychopath without becoming a psychopath?


Alan:  You can't just become one and you must use the traits they don't have. They don't have love for their fellow man, for instance, so you have to be real with yourself and if you truly feel the caritas, as they call it, for humanity, you must show it and let people know that it's all right to show it. See the society that has been created has made us isolated and so we're afraid of showing about how we feel about other people. It's time that we regained that and brought it to the surface.


Dan:  Alan, did you say caritas?


Alan:  Yes. It's love for your fellow human basically.


Dan:  It's pretty scary to love one of these Blackwater guys coming through and saying you've got to have the chip.


Alan:  I'm not talking about – I'm talking about the general public that you want to help. Not these characters. These guys are conditioned and when they've had enough slaughter and all the rest of it, it's only then the shock sets in and they go to pieces. That's what conditioning does. It's very scientifically done to them. They're like robots and that's why in all the Star Wars movies that you had, the series of Star Wars, they're always portrayed almost like robots. They're faceless numbers. They're just uniform. That's what a uniform is. It all becomes one. They're not individuals anymore. They're uniformly made so you've got to bypass them and go to the ones above and it's the ones who lead them and demand that you give allegiance to this system that you must stand up to and say no we're not going along with this because we know what's happening. These are the guys we must go to. The soldier at the bottom has got to be bypassed or you simply have the guys at the bottom fighting the guys at the bottom, as always.


Dan:  You're really starting to go beyond, like you almost go into spiritual occultic type of a war that's happening beyond the physical sometimes, I think.


Alan:  We're in it. There's more to humanity than – at least than there used to be for most, than simply the basic instincts and it can be brought out again in people. You see this in times of real disasters. Not the man made ones. The people naturally want to go and help each other. They do that naturally because it's the survival instinct, by helping others you help yourself.


Dan:  I think you're absolutely right. That's the only way with this kind of humane kind of empathy that you talk about on your show as almost like a weapon against the psychopath.


Alan:  It is a weapon because what they have tried to do and been pretty successful is to get everyone into a psychopathic culture of dog-eat-dog until we are isolated from everyone else and we walk past people on the streets without helping them if they fall down. That's the society that's been created. It's all wrong. It's not human or humane and it's time that we regained that because we are capable of doing it.


Dan: I mean when I run into these guys especially these politicians coming through with their security guys into my little game company and they've got real guns and my shackles go up and I want to stop them from hurting people.


Alan:  Yes and we've got to do it now before it gets to the stage where they will start hurting people and that's what we see happening all over. They've made the super-structure. They're getting everything in place for something they know is coming step-by-step as they unleash a form of hell on us and then offer us the solution. That's why the Department of Defence in Britain the top think tank projected nothing riots by ordinary people in all countries for the next 20 to 30 years.


What on earth do they have planned that's going to cause such chaos?


This is a 100 years war according to Rumsfeld and others and they plan to have their whole brand new system of the new Borg all complete by the end of that 100 years, so we've got to say, no, we're stopping it right now. That's unacceptable.


Dan:  Sometimes it makes me sick that I've been part of this. I made these games.


Alan:  You know this again is a system we're in, this darn thing called money, they've given people no other way to get through this system without money.


Dan:  I had to do that to buy your DVD, you know?


Alan:  People get compromised. People become sharks themselves because they're terrified of poverty. That's what money does in a monied system. You're terrified of poverty and that's what makes you inhumane to your fellow man.


Dan:  Well I'm really happy that you have this show. It has the reverse effect of those games. When I listen to your show somehow I calm down and I begin to think differently and read differently.


Alan:  It's deprogramming and that's what we need is lots of deprogramming to regain that which we're capable of having. It's innate within us. It's time it woke up and regained its right in this world.


Dan:  Anyway I hope that a lot of my co-workers are going to your website and looking at it because we're in the belly of the beast.


Alan:  Yes and a lot of people are compromised. A lot of people are going through problems at the moment with their conscience at the moment as they understand what they're actually involved in. Thanks for calling.


Dan:  Yes, thanks Alan.


Alan:  Bye now. We've also got Steve in Ontario. Are you there, Steve? Hello Steve.


Steve:  Yes I'm here, Alan.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Steve:  Good evening and another example of what I think would be predictive programming, I know you touched on this last weekend. There's a game called "Shattered Union" which is forecasted in the future. I think it's probably 2015 or somewhere around there and it talks about heroism in the U.S. and marshal law is the theme of the game and how some of the states succeeded from the U.S. Very interesting if you're to search on Shattered Union. You can see a flash video of the video game. I think it came out about a year ago and it's almost like I said a predictive program of what may be to come, which is interesting, and it may be a game that was released from the big game developers.


Alan:  Yes. Before that even came out, some years ago there was a movie that came out. I think Bruce Willis was in it and I never went to see it because I knew exactly what it would be all about. Sure enough, it was a lockdown of the entire city by the military long before 9/11 came along and it was getting everyone ready for what was happening today with the military in charge and marshal law and all the rest of it. All of these things together are parts of the same predictive programming so that the generations who grow up in it – do you realize shortly that young people will think it's always been this way that you go into a subway and there's guys there with machineguns and all this and searching people? They'll think that's the natural way because it's all they will know. It's all they will know and that's why we have to stop this now before this generation gets to that stage, because once that's happened the following generation it will be even easier with them. That will be the natural being searched and scanned and all the rest of it everywhere you go and that's what they intend to do. They're on their way and we've got to stop it now and it's all predictive programming. They're giving these games out to the children getting them ready for it and they'll think nothing of it. It will seem quite natural as we go into a totalitarian form of existing.


Steve:  I have another question but I don't want to stir you off topic so maybe I'll call in another show.


Alan:  You can go ahead. There's time I think.


Steve:  The three stars pointing to Sirius December 24th, one thing I would like information on. I've been trying to do my research on this. The rise of the sun, which basically is parallel with the southern crux, which is not seen in the Northern Hemisphere. I can't find an accurate answer to that, if you can maybe talk about that in a later show. 


Alan:  The three stars of Sirius and I talked about this ten years ago. I know there's even videos out now with that in it. Well they got some of it wrong, but that's the three wise men of course and 2,000 years ago there was a perfect alignment of the three stars and Venus was there in the middle of the horns of the moon exactly at midnight on that particular date in December and that's where that came from. The rest of it is the dog that follows, which is Sirius, so the three wise men 2,000-odd years ago were following actually Venus and that's the Belt of Orion. That was the perfect alignment and it only happens every couple of thousand years, but Sirius follows on and in Egypt Sirius heralds the coming of the floods of the Nile that brings life to the land and brings down all the rich, rich soil and its water. It nourishes the land all the way from the mountains of Uganda. At that time of the year, too, Orion would rise and Sirius was seen in the morning rising up towards the sun, trying to become bright as the sun they called it, so they have little allegories about him, and then he was overcome by the sun.


Steve:  Does the southern crux fit in here or is this maybe some misinformation that's been out there?


Alan:  In mid-winter (remember their winter is at a different time) but in mid-winter the sun goes its usual east round south wise to the west again and in mid-winter it would appear to hang there in the early morning and you'd still see the southern cross there, so the god, the sun, the S-U-N, the son of the sun, or SEN in Egyptian, would actually hang on that cross for three days before and would never go further to the north and west. After three days he started moving up again and that meant that the mid-winter was passed and life was coming; he was born again.


Steve:  Where would this be visible when you'd see the southern crux?


Alan:  You would see it in parts below the equator.


Steve:  Okay. Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  That's the world we live in where knowledge is hidden and most people go through their lives having extraneous knowledge, trivial knowledge and conditioning and sure enough, as Brzezinski said, their topics of conversation are given to them on the previous night's news and that's what they talk about at work the following day. They talk about affairs in Hollywood and the stars, not realizing there's whole departments of propagandists just churning this stuff out. It doesn’t matter if it's true or not, as long as you eat it up and talk about it. It keeps you from thinking about real things, or even your own personal life, or what life is, or what happiness really is. We're told in a commercial system happiness is having it all, which is an impossibility. In fact if all these things you buy worked out as the ads tell you, you'd given up buying long ago because you'd be so darn happy. How happy can you become once you're happy and exuberant? You can't go any higher.


Now I've got John from Texas on the line. Are you there, John?


John:  Yes, hi Alan.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


John:  Yes. I have a real quick question I wanted to ask you and I'm going to hang up and listen. I heard you say on an old blurb that they may have taken something out of the book "The First Global Revolution."


Alan:  Apparently on Google there's some free books and a caller got in touch with me and noticed that 30 pages were missing and they hadn't even hidden it. They just ended at a certain number and 30 pages on resumed, so be very careful when you look up some of the e-books.


John:  Can I still get a used copy?


Alan:  Yes, you can still get a used copy, but understand when I got mine I got it used for $0.75 and whenever I mention books they suddenly just shoot up in price as people go and get them. Someone complained that they're up to $80 now.


John:  Well I just got "Ghost in the Machine" and I paid 56 bucks for it.


Alan:  Really.


John:  Yes but I mean it's not the money. I really want to be able to try to convince people. That's why I'm buying all the books that you recommended on all your blurbs and I've been writing them all down and I'm just trying to – I'm not checking you out. I believe what's going on. There's no doubt in my mind about it, no doubt at all. It's just that I'm looking for good information I can put forward in front of peoples faces and say here read this. My one last question is and I'm going to hang up and before I do that, I'd like to say I really appreciate everything you're doing. My question is I'm halfway through the book "The Grand Chessboard" and I was looking for the part where they said they were going to go into Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Syria and I can't find it but I'm only halfway through.


Alan:  Yes, you'll have to keep going and you'll find to it's scattered. They don't sit down and you see these things are written for the exoteric and the esoteric and so for the big boys who are involved they know – it's like reading the bible. You have to read through all the boring stuff where you're almost falling asleep and then you catch something that's important. That's how they write these kind of books where the actual laws or real details are put in there or you'll find politicians’ memoirs or something or some high bureaucrat. They tuck it in amongst the boring stuff. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


John:  Bye. Take care.


Alan:  Bye now. Hi. Alan Watt with Cutting Through the Matrix. Another place to find the countries that they wanted to go through, if the website is still up, is this little club that was formed by those who are in power right now in the U.S., at least who appear to be in power, and that's "The Project for the New American Century," because they also went through different countries they wanted to get “involved with” shall we say. In the old British Empire they use to call them “problems,” like the Turkish problem and so on, and that's how it's referred to in the writings of today. It's always a problem, a Middle Eastern problem or an Iranian problem et cetera. That's what they mean by that. When they have problems they want to fix those problems, which generally means they want to take over the entire structural system over there, wherever over there happens to be at that time; and believe you me, the boys who plan ahead the decades and even a century perhaps, they'll have many wars lined up after that. We're living through a schedule right now as they go through their formula, but they already have their targets after Iran and Syria and so on to standardize the whole planet for “peace” you understand. For peace and then of course we'll all be in our little matrix and living in a fantasy world where we are totally predictable and as they hope and they know it's true, most folk will enjoy it. Most folk will actually enjoy it as they get gradually led into it.


More so when they step up crisis after crisis because we all need escapism now and then and we like a little bit of fantasy to escape from the harsh realities of life. The problem with the fantasies they give us is predictive programming, which leads into the next part of real life that they've planned for us. That's the problem and not so long ago families use to sit and discuss (before the television sets), they'd have little stories to tell each other and things like that and you had storytellers. People would communicate with each other and that was a healthy type of entertainment or they'd sing or play an instrument and so on. That's been changed. If you notice, all entertainment is done by professionals now outside of your control and when you get entertained by them you're actually being programmed by them and that's cultural creation as they call it, so I'm very careful about the books I recommend. I try to get it out quickly when I bring on another book I'm going to talk about before the guys who have all these books jack up the prices and really take advantage of the situation. There are also some groups out there on other radio stations and so on that actually own publication houses where they buy obsolete books, so I try not to go into what they've got to offer because they really soak you for reprinting these books. They’re obsolete, they don't pay any royalties on them so they can churn them out and often they can be made in China or India or something for peanuts and then you pay for it all.


For those who want to support me, look into my website because that's how you keep me going. I don't have a staff here to do all the stuff that most people do. I don't plan my talks. I sit down here five minutes before I start and it just happens to flow, which is only natural way to be. Otherwise it would be commercialized and I'd be entertaining you. I'd be in the business and time is getting short.


Now from Hamish and myself, up in the snowy Ontario, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)