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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 3rd, 2007. Newcomers, look into and download as many talks as you want to, and for those who speak other tongues, the tongues of Europe, look into where you can download transcripts in the various tongues of Europe for free and pass them around to your friends. It's quite something to live in this present time where all the speculations of previous generations could go all over the roadmap and yet we're going through times where you have evidence of where the future is going because so much has been published by the various institutions that are bringing it all about.


There's really no conspiracy out there. In fact as far back as the early 1900’s H.G. Wells published "The Open Conspiracy" and he said the same thing. He said there's no real conspiracy. He said everything's been published. It's just the public don't bother to read the books and that's so true because the books that the public do read are generally pushed out there to fascinate them, to intrigue them. Something that Adam Weishaupt talked about. He said the best way to confuse people or even recruit people into working as useful idiots, he called them, is to give them a great mystery, a great mystery and intrigue them into your organization and then you can use them, and hasn’t that ever being done and still going on today. There's no amount of people who are willing followers because we love to be fascinated.


In fact, this present culture has been reared on entertainment, so much so that they can't really tell the difference between fact and fiction and that's has been helped by the mainstream media whose job of course it is to blend fact with fiction. You have that all the time and you have your main libraries and also the booksellers who no longer really label everything as fiction and non-fiction. Everything is lumped into certain categories. Very broad categories and Joe Average can't really tell the difference often when it comes to fact or fiction.


The facts are that we're going into a totalitarian regulated system, a system much talked about in fact at the beginning and before the beginning of the 1900’s but definitely after at beginning they published a lot of work of how this democracy idea would never work and this came out from London and they planned to create big institutions. Institutions that would guide us into the real future, the future they'd planned and how democracy wouldn't work because there were too many conflicting parties in democracy to get things actually done; and the boys at the top who run their world love to get their own way and plan things and follow it through. Democracy would always hinder them as people haggled about points and fine points and so on and politicians battled with each other for brownie points and so they set-up a parallel government. This parallel government would be based at least initially in London, England, and it was given a Royal Charter to exist, so it speaks on behalf of the Crown you might say and that which the Crown stands for, which is an aristocracy of wealthy elites who realize this is their world. They've created it so and they want to plan their future. I’ll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I'm just mentioning now big meetings were held in London and other major centers in Europe because they were all connected with same people at the top who are all related actually and they said a democracy had too many conflicting parties. Parties which could never be reconciled in any way and the bickering would go on forever and this would stagnate culture. Something they really hate at the top, stagnation of culture, when they have an agenda to put forth. The agenda has always been how to control people, to make it happen actually, by studying them, putting incredible amounts of money out on studying human nature and finding ways to ultimately control all of it and then to bring the population down to keep it in check, to have what they call a manageable level. Since everything at the top is run on economics we forget that our little lives here, you and I and all the rest of the people, we're all part of an economic system and when the herd is too big it becomes unmanageable for them. It's not productive enough and they plan to start knocking it down and they were writing about that part as early as the 1700’s. You should checkout Thomas Malthus's writings on population. It's quite interesting.


Now before I go onto this next topic, which backs up what I talked about last week with the types of scanners they're using for the brain now for the video games, this follows on from it. I have Jason in Pennsylvania on the line. Are you there, Jason? Hello Jason.


Jason:  Yes, I'm here. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and I'm actually an artist trying to helpful the blanks of the Great Work for people visually and I was just curious if you had time for a quick off topic question.


Alan:  It depends how far off the beat it is.


Jason:  It has to do with actually the science of altering humanity through women to create the perfect man I guess, the perfect worker, which I believe is symbolized through the use of “Y” with two dots over top of it [Ÿ]. 


Alan:  That's within the range because I've talked on this before. You see they've had many, many meetings about creating new types of worker bees for a future society that would serve an elite, an intellectual elite, very well without all the problems. See we presently need to be entertained. We need to have money left to reward ourselves with and buy things from China every month like trained little animals and it's using up what they claim is their resources, so they did target women and brought down the fertility rate actually through different means. One was simply by encouraging them to go out into the workforce (it doubled the tax base, too, of course), but also to have smaller families because they start wanting things. They want money to buy things and maybe they would shelve having children or postpone it indefinitely and buy the actual items themselves. That's what Charles Galton Darwin talked about in his book "The Next Million Years" and he was the grandson of Charles Darwin.


He said if we can entice them to get a better house or a better car or something like that or to own things and constantly buy, buy, buy, they won't have children. They'll give that up. He was right in that extent. That's true in the Western world; the families tend to dwindle right down. Most of the population is rising simply because of massive immigration. That happened in Britain and was admitted to by Margaret Thatcher. They also went another road and that was to introduce various bisphenols from plastics into so much of the things that you drink from especially and it mimics a female hormone and it can re-upset the hormonal balance as well. Then when you see how they've gone into the massive investigation into a birth control pill and all the effects that that had, the side effects and so on, this was even noticed by Carroll Quigley who noticed the changes in structure of the male and the female in a very rapid succession. That doesn't happen in nature by chance. It happened very quickly. Women's hips are becoming narrower and men’s shoulders are becoming very, very narrow, too, within one generation and this is all to do with the excess female hormones now. They're actually synthetic too so they have side effects outside of the normal estrogens et cetera. Those side effects are also reengineering us; and who knows what the food does to back this up? Now they knew about the plastics and what plastics give off. They even encouraged – they made a whole fad out of drinking out of plastic bottles. That's not by chance because they knew in the 1930’s exactly what it did to the human body.


Jason:  Now in your book you stated that the end goal was to almost create a complete hermaphrodite race. Am I correct on that?


Alan:  That's right. Even NASA put a two-hour documentary out a few years ago and David Suzuki narrated it and they were talking about long-term space travel to go off and mine. That was the first or the major purpose of going off into space if one day they had to, and I'm sure too it will be a way for the elite to escape if they have to as well. However, they knew, they went through the different problems – this has all been discussed at major NASA meetings: interpersonal conflicts onboard a ship with male and female as they all compete for the women, the women compete with each other for the men, there'd be chaos and they thought of other ways of getting round that. They thought of even creating a human type that could be born and the whole process of coming together, sperm and ovum, would take place in a machine on route to their destination and the being that would come out of it would neither quite male nor female. In other words, you'd have no gender problem at all if you create a whole bunch of them. These are the things which they've actually discussed and talked about. Essentially you could create a being, and this has been discussed about too, which is neither male or female and basically sexless all together. No sexual drives or impetuses and you could initiate hormonal reactions to self-generate by inoculation of certain things into them at a certain time.


Jason:  Now are they trying to make this being almost asexual? Is it going to reproduce or is it just solely for work?


Alan:  I think it will be able to reproduce only as I say if the ones at the top give you an added hormone or a chemical or something that will set the process in motion; and perhaps one day, if you're a good model, that will be how they reward you is to allow yourself to be reproduced like a clone.


Jason:  That's pretty much answers it all.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling in. Yes, it a whole incredible amazing thing. You don't have to even imagine this stuff. It's been discussed at high, high level science meetings the whole future and the “problem” as they call it – they always call it down through history the problem. They had the Turkish problem at one time. They had the Jewish problem they called it at one time. That's what the British government called different factors of society that were standing in the way of something, of something that they had planned and so problem by problem they work on it and get rid of it, move it to the side and go ahead. The gender problem is the other one because in this perfect world for perfect slaves they want a society with no conflicts whatsoever amongst the workers, because all conflicts detract from the work at hand and cause problems. If you have home or domestic problems and so on, you can't concentrate on your job so that's classified as basically as unproductive. It detracts from production.


Now we've also got Ryan in New York. Are you there, Ryan? Hello Ryan.


Ryan:  I used to wonder why there would be so many changes throughout the decades in America and why things would be changing so fast by the decade and there's so much access and even though we were worried about ethnocentricity in like high school. We wouldn't even know that we were like the most ethnocentric people around and I just can't help but think that we were set-up to totally finish off these wars.


Alan:  You're correct. In fact that's the most amazing thing because you'll find that some of the big authors that were involved in a lot of the culture creation. They talked about this very thing how the United States was actually created – the culture was created via the media through external forces to the people and the people adopted everything that came from the advertising industry until that was wrapped integrally with the whole culture itself, so you're quite right.


Ryan:  It's like the war on drugs was just a sifting process to beef up police for the war on terror.


Alan:  They had one war on something for 50-odd years. It's an ongoing state of war and it's interesting, too, that there are clauses within the Constitution where a president becomes de facto a dictator or a tyrant, depending on how you want to view it, during times of war. When you've got ongoing wars it's just like revolutions. Most revolutions are bloodless like the cultural, the sexual, various revolutions. They're all pushed from the top, though, and we adapt into the new culture. It's the same with the wars on things. They pick a topic, soak you with more taxpayers money, give you more militarized police and more rights for themselves to invade your home et cetera and it's ongoing war. This is what Orwell was talking about. Ongoing war can viewed from many different aspects. Most people think of the word and they don't go beyond what they see on television or men in uniform over in some other country. Most wars happen at home.


Ryan:  When they kill they think they're evolving I guess and programming is just specialized killing I guess.


Alan:  Yes and there are books out about Hollywood talking about Hollywood and the Pentagon from the earliest days and how billions of dollars have been spent on making movies.


Ryan:  Well "Jarhead" says it all.


Alan:  Yes and that's all intentional and that becomes, right down to the video games, you rear a whole generation who don't think much and they go into a war without asking questions. Hold on until after these messages and we'll talk on the other side of this break. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and I'm back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got Ryan from New York on the line. We're talking about the culture itself and how the U.S. was pretty well designed to take up its role in the world and we certainly do know that it had strange beginnings when you go into the presidents and even the first president really of the United States that was related to the British royalty that came out with a new country with no history. The couldn't use European countries because they everyone else knew that each country had in turn plundered all the rest for a small aristocracy, so they gave us a knight in shining armor and that was the United States that step-by-step has fulfilled a role of creating a Novus Ordo Seclorum, a New World Order. A new secular type of order and that's its role. It was openly freemasonic from the beginning and it still is at the top, if you watch all the signals given off during major speeches, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. It's always been that way. Most people have to have things pointed out to them because that's what they think the media is there for, to tell them what to think. They can't think for themselves and that works very well. Do you have anything more to add to that, Ryan?


Ryan:  No, thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. He's quite right. We know as far back as Rudyard Kipling that wrote a very good book called "The Man Who Would Be King" and they made that into a movie with Michael Caine and Sean Connery. Excellent book, it had a Masonic tale added to it. Kipling himself was also a propagandist for the British Commonwealth. He was brought up in India but he was staunchly in favor of Britain leading this world into this new British system worldwide. He came over and gave a speech to the Senate, being a High Mason you're allowed to do that, on the Senate floor and he quoted is famous poem where he said, "we pass the torch on to you. The white man's burden," and that was their role from then on. Then the Royal Institute for International Affairs created its American branch, The Council on Foreign Relations took over the job of directing the world because it had a massive tax base and plenty manpower to bring off this job. They said that the U.S. would take over and become the policemen of the world for a while. Eventually it would falter. It would rally again a couple of times and falter at the very end and then China would take over as the policemen of the world. That's how it's all set up. We're living through the theatrics right now at the moment as they finish off their job of standardizing the planet.


Now we've also got another caller there on the line. Hello, Maggie?


Maggie:  Yes. I was just thinking in this brave new world of perfect control of everything, reproductive control, just everything that you've been talking about and they've been planning, don't you think that once they've achieved that they might become a little bit bored and start to turn on each other? Secondly, do you think they foresee that problem at all?


Alan:  Yes, they do foresee it.


Maggie:  What do they think they're going to do about that or will they cross that bridge when they come to it?


Alan:  No, they're going to use technology to stop themselves eventually.


Maggie:  Really.


Alan:  Yes and it's interesting because I've got an article I'll read in a little moment that backs up this whole thing about using video games and how they affect your brain, but they've already got a little ring they can put round a brain which will monitor each other’s thoughts basically and keep them all in check at the top as well. It will be on a higher level than those down below and less intrusive, but it's an actual ring; and Arthur C. Clarke, I wondered where he came up with this idea but I knew he belonged to The Futurist Society and every book he's written has been about the agenda and so he was given a story obviously because this has been reported in major magazines and I'll be reading about that in a little while. They think they can actually keep themselves inter-scanned everyday on a daily basis and they won't be able to hide any nasty details from each other at the top.


Maggie:  It still seems to me like some foxy individual among them is going to try to find a way around this.


Alan:  I'm sure you're right because these characters are so devious and even in their own little games with each other at times and they have the ability to think outside the box and see unique opportunities to alter anything technological-wise that's made. If you made a machine that you couldn't break into they'd find a way to do it, so I'm sure it will be a power play for a while as different ones try to get into this failsafe type system they want to set-up and then conquer everyone else's mind. See the thing is – the goal itself is going to give the ability of one person eventually being in charge of everyone else on the planet. The main programmer, the one who designs all the programs for all this stuff that's coming up will be – they'll probably call themselves God or gives themselves an old deity's name. That's what we're setting ourselves up for and most people will go along with this step-by-step in the bottom levels before they get to the final stage of this. They'll go along thinking it's going to entertain them all the more and it's quite amazing to see it all happen now even in your own lifetime.


Maggie:  Yes. Now once they've reach this perfect state of perfect numbness, which is what it sounds like to me, what will the pleasures of the people at the top that they still enjoy. Will it be fine music and art and food and racehorses and that sort of thing? Will they still have the capacity to?


Alan:  Yes. In fact that's pretty well what Arthur C. Clarke foresaw.


Maggie:  That's about it, okay.


Alan:  I'll be back after the following messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through this Matrix. I've been talking to Maggie there in Texas about how the elite themselves plan to save themselves because generally they battle each other towards the end of empires and so on for the position of top dog. Arthur C. Clarke mentioned this in his last novel "3001" where they all live in these big spiraling towers, all the wealthy elite, and they all just play themselves and have amazing experiences with all the new types of ways to amuse themselves, this ideal rich. There's no real mention of what happened to all the old type, you know the Class B, and C and D and E and F type humans that had existed because the elite see themselves as being the chosen people to come through all of this. They’re the naturally evolved types with the higher intellects and this thing called virtue that of course every other class can't have apparently and he wrote about it. Sure enough, here's a document here and people should look into this one that came up and was sent to me by a listener. It backs up what I was talking about.


It's from and this was published on July 24th, 2006 and it says:


             "SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0 Magazine) -- Two years ago, a quadriplegic man started playing video games using his brain as a controller. That may just sound like fun and games for the unfortunate, but really, it spells the beginning of a radical change in how we interact with computers - and business will never be the same. Someday, keyboards and computer mice will be remembered only as medieval-style torture devices for the wrists. All work - emails, spreadsheets, and Google searches - will be performed by mind control. If you think that's mind-blowing, try to wrap your head around the sensational research that's been done on the brain of one Matthew Nagle by scientists at Brown University and three other institutions, in collaboration with Foxborough, Massachusetts based company Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems."


Alan:  This is where it all is, Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology.


             "…The research was published for the first time last week in the British science journal Nature. Nagle, a 26-year-old quadriplegic, was hooked up to a computer via an implant smaller than an aspirin that sits on top of his brain and reads electrical patterns."


Alan:  It reads the patterns, the languages, the languages of the pulsations throughout your brain from and to your eyes, your ears and so on. It's mapping your brain.


             "…Using that technology, he learned how to move a cursor around a screen, play simple games, control a robotic arm, and even - couch potatoes, prepare to gasp in awe - turn his brain into a TV remote control."


Alan:  It chats on and it chats on and now this is quite interesting because this device and this experiment was done by DARPA. Now DARPA is a branch of the Pentagon and Homeland Security. They are not in the business of helping paraplegics or quadriplegics but this is how they always introduce technologies into the public. Get the idea implanted and then it comes out in reality we take it for granted. Very simple. We don't think about the consequences for the real purpose of them, because this is going to be linked up with computer games. Computer games which will not only do EEGs on your brain (electroencephalographs), it will also use a form of transmission to and from your brain. Read your patterns. Get the ideal you, the personal you by using ultrasonic technology. This is all underway and the Pentagon is behind it. Now that should rattle us all and get us all suspicious.


What's taught at all military academies including the ones in Canada?


Every officer training corps is taught that the way to have peace is to basically eliminate all the causes of war. The big think tanks have already blamed the general public in every country for the causes of war, even though it’s the guys at the top from the elite who declare wars you see; but no, they want to reduce the population step by step by step.


It says:


             "Stu Wolf, one of the top scientists at DARPA, the Pentagon's scientific research agency…"


Alan:  That's who's behind all these games.


             "…which gave birth to the Internet..."


Alan:  It gave us the Internet, the Pentagon. They had it for years before they designed and gave it to us. It's a step-by-step process and we adapt, we adapt like rats following through a maze picking up the seed and we adapt so quickly.


             "…is also without implant. Stu Wolf, one of the top scientists at DARPA seriously believes we'll be wearing computers in headbands…"


Alan:  Headbands. Right from Arthur C. Clarke. That came out in the '90’s, Arthur C. Clarke's one, because he was in on the know.


             "…within 20 years. By that time, we'll have super fast, super tiny computers that make today's machines look like typewriters. The desktop will be dead, says Wolf, and the headband will dominate."


Alan:  Right out of Arthur C. Clarke's "3001" novel. Isn't that quite amazing? Mr. High, High Mason, Arthur C. Clarke and you can read that particular article for yourself. I think we've got Kevin from Texas on the line. Hello Kevin?


Kevin:  Yes sir.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Kevin:   Just had a couple of quick questions. They may not be quite on the subject but I guess everybody takes it for granted. We know about the chemtrails. I mean we know that's going on.


Alan:  The ones who look up do. 


Kevin:  I think everybody now knows what's going on, but it gets me a little bit thinking these people that are doing this have to know that they are doing this to themselves because they are not spending their entire lives indoors.


Alan:  If you’re thinking in what we think is real time, this is the kind of logical question we ask is why would they do this to us and not harm themselves? It isn't until you realize that science is so far ahead of anything we are told about. It literally is dished out on queue when it's necessary. They have portable machines that can literally filter your blood and you can put it in your pocket in the high levels. They can be doing this on a daily basis. There's many ways that they themselves will not be affected because their first concern is always to save themselves, always. They don't get the same inoculations that you get. They don't eat the same food that you eat. They don't eat the modified stuff and you can bet your bottom dollar that whatever they're spraying on the public will not affect them and there's some way to filter this out of their system in a very easy, simple, portable way that we don't even think of or know exists.


Kevin:  I would think that they're – okay, I could understand that. That makes a little sense now to me. I mean if they're processing themselves like that, that would explain a lot of their low mental capacity. 


Alan:  They don't need a high IQ. They need the psychopathic ability. They hire the scientists that come up from the ranks of the general public, the certain ones that are exceptionally talented in some area, maybe a mad genius even, and they hire these characters to do all their thinking for them. They hire the think tanks to do all the their thinking for them too, but you can bet your bottom dollar these guys have methods to neutralize the stuff that we're breathing in and as I say they don't even eat the modified food that we do.


Kevin:  That kind of leads into my next question, which you may or may not want to answer. First I had one little comment to make before I ask my last question and I detect a Scottish accent, I may be wrong but I do, and that's fine with me because I'm a Scotsman. I'm an American, Texan, but from Scotch descent. My mother's maiden name was Rhodes. We all know about that, don't we?


Alan:  Yes we do. 


Kevin:   My last question was: What are you, Mr. Watt, going to do when they knock on your door?


Alan:  If they knock on my door it will be my own fault for staying too long and I generally have a good intuition as to when things have gone far enough and it's time to move and I preferably won't be here. I think really by 2010 we're going to see the start of more chaos as the Kyoto goes into effect and they start cutting back on your power, your gasoline. Making you pay extortionist sums for fuel, for heating oil, for all the things that you take really up to the present for granted. That's going to be the start of the first perhaps riots because they predict we're going to have them for the next 20, 30 years. They didn't tell us when they'd start but you can pretty well say it's when the Kyoto – it's already signed into law when they start to implement all of these things and all of these high taxes that are going to be added on to all your fuel and energy consumption and people start losing even more jobs and you start seeing the credit cards being pulled in and money controlled even tighter. That's when they're going to start seeing riots. That's when they'll come out and get the people.


Kevin:  I understand that, but for whatever it's worth I mean I'm in Texas now and you're up there in Canada and if I'm anywhere nearby let me knock on your door and I'll be happy to come over and stand next to you.  


Alan:  That's good to know that. I appreciate that.


Kevin:   Take care, Mr. Watt.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Andrew in Victoria. Are you there, Andrew?


Andrew:  Yes. Hi Alan. How are you tonight?


Alan:  I'm keeping out of this awful snow. It's a whole week everyday in the snow, just clearing the snow.


Andrew:   I hear you. Here in Victoria I can tell you that yesterday we're probably the only place in Canada that didn't have snow. We just had the rain mixed with snow and we're the only place without it.


Alan:  Really. That's because they made up for it. They dumped it all here right over my house, over my house. I've getting about eight inches per day averaging.


Andrew:   Eight inches a day?


Alan:  Yes.


Andrew:  The start of a new ice age, right?


Alan:  Well whatever they get. I was on another show today and I was mentioning the publication that came out a couple of years ago when the Pentagon said they'll shortly own the weather. Whenever they announce that they do own the weather and we're seeing it because I had so many emails from New England and Maine and all over the eastern seaboard talking about the most intensive spraying they've seen leading up to the storm. I've seen them do this before even in my area in previous years, so they're doing it. They've got to convince the public it's all to do with the melting polar cap and all the rest of it. They make it happen and they come forward with the solution, which is your life is not your own and we're all interdependent and you'll have to do what we tell you and follow what the scientists say.


Andrew:  Well that's it. You hit a major word there, interdependence. It's a new word that we've been fed on in the New Age and what I'm teaching my daughter is skip that. Stick with independence. That's where we want to be.


Alan:  Maggie Thatcher pushed that out when she escorted Mikhail Gorbachev around the world on a tour and she was the first one to really use that publicly at least on television. Although there were books published. Even Manley P. Hall, high freemason, published that in one of his books that they'll be bringing in a world of interdependence where everyone will be dependent on the whole system for every need they have and that's the point. Independence is bad. Interdependence is good and so you’ll all have to play the game.


Andrew:  Yes and if you don't fit in then well you must have a psychiatric illness and off you go.


Alan:  Yes. In China they use it already. They call it social and antisocial behavior. Even down to having a second child is now termed as being antisocial. You're taking the food away from the rest of the people by having that second child and you're antisocial, so this has been used now across all societies this kind of terminology. If you don't want to give up independence in a specific area you have to – see in an interdependent society you have to work in a system, get your money or credits because credits eventually will be dished out by the government and you have to pay rent. There will be no private property in the new system and therefore you must work, so that guarantees that you work for the system in the way that the system is designed. You won't be allowed to choose what you work at and you'll be dependent for every need for your own personal survival on the system. That's the world they're talking about. They create social approval and social disapproval, that's the term they use in China.


Andrew:   Wonderful. The model state according to the United Nations.


Alan:  Exactly. That's the model state for us all to follow. A controlled society and even in China the population will be brought down drastically because they won't need a big manufacturing system to supply a much reduced population in the world, so they will be brought down too.


Andrew:  That's right and China is creating their work camps. I mean you look at [FoxPawn]. They're the people that make Apple Computers. You go by an Apple and it says designed in California, assembled in China.


Alan:  That's right, and you know that Eve started the whole thing by eating an apple. What a coincidence, eh?


Andrew:  Yeah, taking a bite out of the apple.


Alan:  And the best apple there is is a red rosy one called a Macintosh. Everything is in front of us. It's all a big joke and the gatekeeper’s in control of it all.


Andrew:  Yes, and then they create an illusion of competition between Jobs and Gates.


Alan:  That's right. Here are the top companies in electronics that the public think is an entertainment business like SONY and all the rest of them are hand-in-glove, the same agenda to do with brain implants et cetera, because all the biggest corporations in the world are actually started up by the Pentagon or the CIA or by MI6. They're real corporations and they bring in money and they do make other products but their main thing is to make sure they're always in control of the future and technology. They could never allow a competitor to come up and come out with something drastically different and that's why the big ones are all joined together at the hip basically.


Andrew:  And here as I stare at an Apple computer there's a little television camera right in the middle at the top and when it's active there's a little green light that comes on beside it to say hey you know this camera is watching you, but anybody who knows anything about computers knows it's a simple matter of just to send a signal to say turn off that light, so for all I know as I'm standing here somebody's watching me without my knowledge. It’s 1984, right now.


Alan:  It's right there and they've already admitted it. Some of them they can activate the microphones in the laptops anytime that they wish to and hear everything that's being said in rooms.


Andrew:  That's why the computer is on or off.


Alan:   That's right. In fact the biggest producer – they're made just outside Shanghai. Most laptops of all companies are made by the same company. One factory makes them of all brand makes and that's your other clue that they're all one. They've given out one to the United Nations. It's called the $100 computer and they're giving them out to people in Africa and different countries. Over here they cost about $300 and that buys supposedly two other ones to give away to Africa and it was invented at MIT and funded again by the big dark forces at the Pentagon and they're so far advanced to anything that you're given here it's staggering. They could even work on cell phone technology; you don't even need to be hooked up to the regular internet. The sound cards are more superior and you get antennas with them as well. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I've got race through another two callers. I've got Vera from Missouri here. Are you there, Vera? Hello Vera?


Vera:  Hello. The scientists who work for these elite, the super intelligent people, aren't the elite afraid of them?


Alan:  No. You'll find that if you study – you see the thing is to study as many previous systems as possible. It gives you an idea of how it works and so much was written about the Soviet system and what they've found out and many books have been published about the Soviet system. It was an experimental system that's now used worldwide and the most monitored people and spied upon people were bureaucrats who work for the system and the scientific intelligentsia. They had more taps on their phones, in their rooms and so on. There was so much data collected daily on every single one of their main employees that they couldn't miss one when they went kind of haywire. They'd catch them before anything happened and it's the same here, same system. 


Vera:  Kind of scary but I've been studying this for a long, long time. Well not studying it but been looking at it. I have a very old book here and I'll read this really quick and I'll shorten it but it says: "There will always be individuals more intelligent than the average who will not consider themselves bound by the social laws imposed on others. They will be so intelligent that not being restrained by any moral break they will end by developing a civilization similar to that imagined by Aldous Huxley," and that was written in 1947 by a French physicist.


Alan:  Yes and it's true when Huxley wrote his book "Brave New World" in the 1930’s, 1933 and then followed it up.


Vera:   He was talking about his colleagues.


Alan:  Yes, and now we find out all these major characters worked for the British Secret Service. All these mainstream authors that really changed our ways of thinking and took some fantastic voyages and so on, they were all employed and MI6 took over that role and even big poets were even employed by the culture creators to get ideas into our minds and shape our minds as we went along with the agenda, thinking it was all quite natural.


Vera:  It never looked natural to me.


Alan:  Oh I know. If your mind is awake you understand what's happening all the time.


Vera:  Well it's quite depressing I'll tell you.


Alan:  I know. Well thanks for calling.


Vera:  Thank you.


Alan:  I've got Dave in California. Are you there, Dave?


Dave:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hi.


Dave:  I just have a couple of questions about chemtrails. I live in the Bay Area and I've noticed the last couple of years what I call "HAARP clouds," really bizarre shapes and formations, geometric almost in the clouds and I had a couple of facts which I don't know if they're real or not. I'd like your comment. Over the last couple of years, every now and then, maybe three or four times I wake up in the middle of the night and it’s almost like I’m connected to an electric current and I'm just wide awake for about an hour and can't go to sleep until after that. I have no explanation for it except possibly they're doing experiments.


Alan:  They are using HAARP on top of the spraying and I think it was Teller that came out with all that technology back in the '50’s and you're probably getting the side effects of that.


Dave:  I see.


Alan:  I have to go. That's the music coming in.


Dave:  Okay, thank you. 


Alan:  From Hamish and myself, up in a very snowy Ontario, Canada, there's a lot of shoveling too, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)


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