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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 30, 2009:

Bretton Woods 2 Cure, to 'Help the Poor':

"Bretton Woods Part 2 Announces a Cool One,
UN-IMF to Start Minting Gold Bullion
So First-World Countries can Buy then Lend
To Third-World Countries who Know how to Spend,
First-World Citizenry Down as Guarantor
Should Third-World Default, says IMF Law,
Third-World is Now Picky, so we are Told,
No Faith in Greenbacks, Prefer Gifts of Gold,
In Past when Defaulting, their Loans are Forgiven
By Western Countries, then New Loans are Given,
But Taxpayers, Guarantors, get Nary a Thank,
Since They Pay it Off through the UN World Bank,
This Con Scheme of Bankers is Ever so Cozy,
With Compound Interest, Eternally Rosy"
© Alan Watt Dec. 30, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 30, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 30th 2009.  I always suggest to the newcomers to look into; that’s the main web site I have.  Scroll down, bookmark all the other sites for future use because sometimes the big ones go down and this way you can always get the latest shows for download.  These are the official sites:  [listed above].  I always start off the show by doing the pitch because it’s the only time I really find that is the best time to do the pitch, rather than do it all through it like some sort of money hungry fiend which I’m not.  I’m just someone trying to get by.  So I always remind you that you are the listeners that help me come here tonight because the ads you hear on the show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN to pay for the air time and their staff, equipment and bills.  So it’s up to you to keep me going and you can do so by buying the things that I have for sale on my web site – books, CDs and DVDs.  You can donate as well.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned of the talks I give and passed to them to play on their CD players at home, you can always get in touch with me at [address above]. 


I’ve mentioned so many times how people email me and ask me when I think the new world order is coming down, like some grand finale.  That’s how we are trained to think.  It’s like some sort of Armageddon scenario and a final clash of good and evil and then hopefully good wins over evil, and it doesn’t happen like that at all.  The new world order was going on your whole life long, incrementally.  It was going on through your parents’ lives incrementally and their parents’ lives before them.  THAT’S the technique that was decided to be used on a lot of the Western countries by the Fabian Society; the Fabian Society that was funded by the big foundations especially the Astor family that came over from the States to run it and fund it.  The husband became LORD Astor eventually and knew back then where they were going to take it and how long it would take to change the US and Britain.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I haven’t really talked about this latest scam of a supposed terrorist coming in to the US without a passport apparently and having explosives strapped to his thighs.  That’s what they’re telling the people.  He was photographed the whole way; someone made a film of him the whole way.  Nothing makes sense here.  It sounds like one of these training exercises that the CIA told us they were doing at the very beginning of 2001.  It doesn’t make any sense at all except, except for the new equipment they want to install everywhere, the type that sees through all your clothing and all the rest of it, also to give them more powers to subjugate you and train you into being a good, subservient slave.  All these things that they are doing to you are humiliating beyond belief.  There is big money behind it too, big, big money.  It’s the same with the CCTV cameras that are all over the countries now and all over Britain.  Big, big money involved in all of this so it’s to their benefit to always make sure that something always appears to happen once in a while.  As to the validity of this latest one, it’s sounds too crockey to be taken seriously by me and I’ll just leave it at that. 


I’ve often talked about Canada being basically a communist country for a long, long time.  It certainly took off in the times of Pierre Trudeau who was in 1952 the HEAD of the Comintern, Communist International for Canada.  He led off the delegation of Canada to Moscow.  Again, that was omitted by all the newspapers because they are all in on the big, long agenda plan being in the CFR and everything but they didn’t bother telling the public.  Things really radically changed after the time that he was in as Prime Minister of Canada.  Even before that you had Lester Pearson and others that helped draft up the United Nations Charter, with the help of Alger Hiss, and they were all technically communists.  Don’t forget the CFR will consort with communists, dictators, whatever, according to Carroll Quigley, as long as they are all on board with the same world agenda, they don’t care who they mix with or who they take on board.  They’re often mistaken for communists because it’s the same agenda basically.  It’s the same agenda of a world run by an elite deciding how many shall get born, running it to the needs of the world society with population numbers and literally a planned society.  It won’t just be school to work; it will be from the womb to work basically once they get into high tech and can program you for different jobs and actually breed you for different jobs.  That’s the real vision of the utopians like HG Wells and others that belonged to the Fabian Society. 


In Canada they’re so wonderful here and they’ve had such a massive campaign, for many, many, many years from the CBC and all the other news radio stations, how wonderfully multicultural we are.  Even though all the different cultures tend to live in their own segregated areas because they tend to like each other’s type basically; they like their own culture.  They have statues of Lenin up in different parts in Ontario for instance - I’m sure he’s elsewhere – and Mao Zedong.  I saw one of them when I was given directions to a house in Toronto.  I had to pass through a park to get to it, as a shortcut, and there was a statue to Mao Zedong in the park, paid for by the city.  I thought… that’s different… I suppose, you know.  This guy eradicated millions of people, millions just through starvation alone.  They always do that when they come into power in communism. 


Today they’re on about another one being put up in Vancouver.  This is from the Vancouver Sun.  It’s also a PR for a couple of guys who are getting hand-outs from the government under the guise of being artists.  I should mention too, everything in Canada, for its culture industry, runs on grants from the government.  Whether you’re a novelist, a screenwriter, you make little widgets or gadgets for home craft, anything like that, or you’re a painter, you take grants from the government.  It’s totally socialized.  That way too, you are always politically correct and you are told what to produce.  Even the novelists are told what to wrap up in their stories.   Now of course, it’s the greening agenda and how bad the parents were.  They are all guaranteed sales because the government is backing them with the money.  In Canada, if you are in a radical group – and you must be classed as radical, for radical change – you can get grants from the government to be radical.  So you can protest the government to demand the very changes that the government wants you to demand.  How is that for a deal!  Isn’t that wonderful?  From the Vancouver Sun…


Giant statue of Lenin and Mao the talk of Richmond

By Randy Shore, Vancouver Sun / December 27, 2009


 METRO VANCOUVER - A public art installation depicting Russian Communist leader Vladimir Lenin and a feminized Chairman Mao Zedong in the heart of Richmond's business district has the whole town talking.  (Alan:  Well I’m sure they are not talking that much because it’s mainly Chinese that live there.)


“When I went to the gym at 5:30 this morning it’s all people were talking about,” said Richmond city Coun. Derek Dang, who saw the piece for the first time Wednesday. “People just can’t believe it.”


The large stainless steel sculpture (A:  It must have cost a few bucks as stainless steel.)  is part of the Vancouver Biennale, a city-wide celebration of public art. (A:  It will be funded by the taxpayer.)  The piece — Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head (A:  So you’ll see a little statue on top of Lenin’s little cap – which is interesting – trying to balance herself there.  This is what they call art, of course.) — was created by Beijing-based brothers Zhen and Qiang Gao. Their highly political installations, which include provocative depictions of Chairman Mao, are sometimes shut down by the Chinese government and their studios have been raided.  (A:  But it’s okay; they can get grants to do it here because the tax payer is so kind and generous and doesn’t have a say in where their money goes.  So they put this piece up there.  Mind you, they’ve put up worse in the past to be honest with you.  Again, it’s great publicity for them no doubt.  Interesting little depiction.  It’s interesting they’ve got the wife of Mao Zedong balancing on the head, standing on a little cap of Lenin.  Interesting.  I’m sure there’s a lot more symbolism there than people will ever understand.)


Also, because of that nonsense that happen with that supposed terrorist coming in and waiting to blow up the plane and never, ever did it; maybe he wanted a safe landing first or something.  Everyone going to the States now for a holiday or to visit their relatives is getting held up because of the extra, even extra security rules.  That’s under Yahoo News in fact, today.


RCMP may speed pre-flight screening but new Ottawa rules cause havoc, holdups

Tue Dec 29 / By Susanna Kelley, The Canadian Press


Now the carry-on luggage has to be either totally thrown away all together or put down to very, very small bags that are all searched and if your bags are too big they send you back into other queues and you miss your plane and so on.  They love this stuff going on.  But I really don’t believe this guy was a true terrorist at all.  It will bring in all these super duper… you’re already getting x-rayed there.  So you’re getting bombarded with x-rays which they tell you are safe even though x-rays are accumulative in their power; the more you get, it just accumulates.  You’re getting bombarded with electromagnetic radiation and now they’re going to bombard you with the next thing that will look through all your clothing.  Meanwhile they still want to pat you down, between the thighs mind you.  Mind you, they can get folk for that these days; there are a lot of strange folk out there and I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. 


It’s interesting too to see how they can makeup jokes about Mao Zedong in China and get raided but come to Canada and get rewarded and get grants to put up their little statues and live off the public purse.  Why not?  That’s what Canada apparently is for.  Here is what they are doing in Britain.  It used to be at one time in China you’d get your head off for saying anything at all about the leader.  Here’s Britain.  This is the Mail Online. 


Photographer questioned by police under anti-terror laws... for taking 'too many' pictures of town centre Christmas lights

By Daily Mail Reporter / 2nd December 2009


(A:  Christmas lights...  Which is the totalitarian country?  China or Britain?)


An amateur photographer taking pictures of Christmas lights was questioned by police under anti-terror laws.


Andrew White, from Brighton, was taking pictures in a busy town centre in nearby Burgess Hill when he was spotted and followed by two Police Community Support Officers.


They stopped him and asked why he had been taking pictures (A:  What a dumb thing.  Here he is taking pictures of the lights and WHY are you taking the pictures.)  and if he was a professional photographer.


Mr White, 33, asked why they wanted to know and was told it was to do with counter-terrorism legislation.


Police said he was stopped for 'taking too many photographs in a busy shopping area'. 


So I’m just comparing it with China and what’s happening in Britain.  Remember, those two guys who were making their money by getting grants from the Canadian government to put statues of Mao Zedong up, however with a little joke on the top as well?  But here’s what they’re doing in Britain.  You can’t take photographs of Christmas lights!  How do they put up with this nonsense?  And now they’re sacking DJs who didn’t want to listen the Queen’s speech and cut it off on their show, all getting fired.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how at one time they’d off with your head in China if you criticized the leader and here’s what’s happening in Britain.  This is Yahoo News. 


DJ sacked for pulling plug on 'boring' Queen

Wednesday, December 30 11:47 am / Yahoo News


(A:  I guess her speech.  She gives it once a year.)


A Birmingham radio presenter has been sacked after he pulled the plug on Queen Elizabeth II's traditional Christmas Day speech, telling listeners it was "boring."


Tom Binns has lost his job at radio station BRMB after a number of listeners complained over his interruption of the monarch's traditional December 25 broadcast to Britain and the Commonwealth.


"Two words: Bor-ring," he said on air as he stopped the broadcast, before quipping "from one Queen to another..." as he put on "Last Christmas" by pop duo Wham, featuring openly gay singer George Michael.  (A:  He’s a comedian too obviously.)


Binns explained that the incident occurred after the Queen's Speech -- a decades-old tradition still watched by millions of Britons and others every year -- came on at a point when he had expected a regular news bulletin.


"I was working on my own on Christmas Day; I'd even had to let myself into the studio. After the guy before me finished, we should have taken the news from Sky, and then my show would start," he told the Chortle comedy website.


"But instead of the news, we got the Queen's speech. I knew it shouldn't be there, (A:  Not all the stations play it.) but having never heard it before, I didn't know how long it was going to go on for.


"I'm not trained to make editorial decisions, but I decided to get rid of it and make a joke. I said, 'Two words: bor-ring'.


"I then went into an old riff about how people say the royal family are good for tourism, but the French beheaded theirs and people still visit France," before cueing up the Wham song, he said.


He added that one listener got really angry, "he sent me a message saying I should be sent to Basra and hoped I'd get killed by a roadside bomb... but other than that almost all the texts we received were in support of what I'd done."


The radio station's parent company, the Orion Media Group programme, said the DJ's comments were "inappropriate," adding: "We do not condone what he said in any way, whether said in jest or not.


"Tom will now not be featuring again on our radio stations," said its programme and marketing director, David Lloyd, quoted by the Birmingham Post.  (A:  So the guy is fired.  Fired for basically saying something was boring… which I’m sure it was.  I’m sure it was.)


That’s what they do in Britain now if you just make a comment on something that you’re not supposed to.  All this strangeness about Britain, things you’re supposed to be and things you’re not supposed to be, it’s so politically correct it’s unlivable to be honest with you.  If you can’t joke about the craziness of things then you have nothing left.  You’ll be utterly despondent if you can’t at least joke, at least joke about how crazy things have become. 


It’s interesting that at the United Nations that remember, was set up to become world government, is now going to go into GOLD production, bullion coins… as they’ve helped crash the rest of the world’s economy, on cue, with the cooperation of all the big world bankers who basically ARE the guys that comprise the World Bank.  It says here…


UN to produce bullion coins as world currency

December 15 /


The announcement by the United Nations this week that it will license the minting of silver and gold bullion coins bearing the UN logo may be the button that launches metal prices into orbit.


In its wide-ranging report this fall, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) stated that the system of currencies and international banking practices within today’s economies were inadequate, and responsible for the present economic crisis. The report advocates that the present monetary system, wherein the dollar acts as the global reserve currency be re-examined “with urgency”.  (A:  Then they floated different ideas of what they wanted to do to replace the American dollar as one of the main trading currencies of the world.)


It’s interesting that this falls in line with George Soros’ statement.  (I’ll put these links up on my web site at the end of the show.)  George Soros also talked about that when he was in Copenhagen, that the International Monetary Fund would start printing currency to loan out to the supposed poorer countries.  Interesting.  They also said this was PART of the ONGOING Bretton Woods Agreement.  Remember, I said that never stopped; we’re in Part 2 now, as they eliminate the OLD currencies and bring in the NEW.  The UN with the IMF and the World Bank will be in charge of it all.  It makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Getting back to this gold idea and it’s from the where they’re talking about the United Nations coining gold and silver bullion.  They have a picture of a coin that the Russian President Medvedev handed out at the last G8 meeting.  It was actually minted by Belgium. 


World currency coin handed out by Russian Pres. Medvedev at G8 meeting.

Royal Mint of Belgium


(A:  It’s got ‘unity’ and ‘diversity’.  I’d look at the ‘dive’ part… it’ll take a ‘dive’ eventually, diversity.  Then it says ‘united future world currency’ on it.)


The UNCTAD Report was the first time a major multinational institution had forwarded such a suggestion or measure, although a number of countries, including Russia and Brazil have supported replacing the dollar as the world's reserve currency. (A:  Remember, let’s jump back a bit when they were doing the GATT Treaty.  It was all decided then that the dollar would take a dive and be replaced eventually with some other currency.  They also mentioned the total unification of Europe with the Euro coming into the play for oil, would also replace the dollar.  So nothing is a surprise today, except to the general population.  This is all done by the collusion of your leaders over the last 3 different governments that have been in.  Nothing is a surprise.  It’s all planned this way.)


China's central bank chief Zhou Xiaochuan has mentioned that the dollar could become a basket of currencies instead.


The UN commission dismissed such a widening, saying a multiple-country system "may be equally unstable, and not transparent."


The panel is seeking more monetary balance for developing countries, and a means for them to retain their reserves and domestic savings independent of foreign agencies and arrangements.


Panel Chair US economist Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel economics laureate, has made plain that there was "a growing consensus that there are problems with the dollar reserve system. Developing countries are lending the United States trillions dollars (A:  Developing countries, right…) at almost zero interest rates when they have huge needs themselves," Stiglitz stated.  (A:  Well, if that’s the case, why is the US then giving BACK the money to the developing countries?  …through all these different green treaties and all the rest of it?  It’s such a farce isn’t it?  As they pass your cash around.  Ha!)


"It's indicative of the nature of the problem. It's a net transfer, in a sense, to the United States, a form of foreign aid."  (A:  So technically, the US is on foreign aid and they’re getting foreign aid to give out to third world countries.) 


A report contributor, Detlef Koffe, concluded that "Replacing the dollar with a bullion currency would solve some of the problems related to the potential of countries running large deficits and would help stability,"  (A:  Why doesn’t the US just cancel all the debt and do what it was supposed to do in the beginning and coin its own?  Hmm?  Oh, you can get killed for saying that.  Sorry, forget I spoke.) 


US Fed spokesperson Patrick Paulsen acknowledged that there could be some strong reaction in the US to the global currency, and that it would “…be viewed as a step toward a New World Order.  (A: Well, no kidding.)  But those same people have probably lost patience with the money-changers as well.”  (A:  Oh, really?  It’s made up of the money changers because the IMF is the same boys.)


He clarified that he would “…nonetheless anticipate that the western currencies will continue to depreciate, given Asia’s ascendancy in trade and manufacturing, to find their own value (A:  In other words, the dollar is to plummet and find its own value somewhere down the hill somewhere.) and enable their economies to compete. (A:  So once we’re down to about the value of the Peso, we can then start competing with China I guess; that’s the idea.)  This is a UN perogrative we cannot and should not control, it’s returning to what we had with Bretton-Woods.”   (A:  That’s when they took everybody OFF the gold standard in the first place.  This is Bretton Woods Part 2… when the UN will be the only country that will then mint a united currency for the planet and to be dished out by the IMF…  the World Government.)


The UN decided to provide a “public option” savings currency, whereby currency mints will be licensed to mint two kinds of bullion coins the size of the 1€ coin - the Uno (silver ~$5) and the Oro (gold, ~$500). The names were adopted from the book “The Humanist”, which foresees the UN being better funded by 2015 via its licensing fees, expected to be 10-15%.


The coins have a marker chemical in them that enables their authentication and processing by modified retail ATM and exchange machines in Europe, which will be distributed globally. (A:  They’ve got it all planned out don’t they?  They always do though.  They probably had it planned out at Bretton Woods agreement, the first one, during World War II.)  Any licensee, public or private, can produce such bullion coinage under contract. The United Nations is doing no more than what most countries do already, except that the value of its coins will reflect their bullion weight.


So there you go.  Everything is always arranged in advance and it’s never done by the people; in fact we are the last to hear about it.  It’s done by the special people who are presented to be elected by us all, who belong to the CFR and a whole bunch of other international organizations.  This is from The Telegraph with George Soros mentioning the same thing. 


Copenhagen climate summit:

 George Soros urges use of IMF gold for green loans

(A:  Now he’s just a front boy for the Rothschilds; that’s who set him up.)

George Soros, the billionaire investor, has suggested that the International Monetary Fund should use $100bn (£62bn) of gold reserves to back green loans from rich to poor nations.

10 Dec 2009 / The Telegraph


Mr Soros waded into the Copenhagen climate change talks this morning, explaining that the “not sufficient” money offered by developed nations to help out developing countries is threatening to “wreck the talks”.


He claims to have “found a way to bridge the gap” (A:  Oh, HE has found a way to bridge the gap.  Sure George.) between the two sides, calling on the 192 governments at the summit to listen to his proposals.


Mr Soros believes that developed countries should hand over (A:  Listen to this…) their “special drawing rights” – international foreign currency assets distributed by the IMF – as loans to help poorer nations tackle climate change.  (A:  Just hand it over as loans.)


Developing countries would pay interest and eventually the whole loan, but in the event of a default, the sum would be backed by the IMF’s gold reserves.  (A:  Do you ever wonder where all the money from Fort Knox went to?  All the gold?  You know it was never explained to any public what happened to the gold.  Then they took everybody off the gold standard.  It was amazing to watch that documentary a few years ago when the bunch that found the Titanic used the same equipment, took the North Sea route from the US and Halifax, Canada and across to Greenland and then to the Soviet Union.  This is a trip they did to supply the Soviet Union all through the war with arms and equipment.  They also took ships of gold bullion.  They actually found a couple of the ships and they found these massive crates of gold bullion, some still intact, some of the crates were bust, but they were just pulling bar after bar and whole crates of bars up.  That was never mentioned to the public.  That’s where your money all went to, to the Soviet Union.  That’s why a few thousand people could flee the Soviet Union as it was changing into its next part of the phase to merge with the rest of the world, with multi millions of dollars and billions of dollars.  FDR too, he made it illegal to use gold coin at the time.  He told you, you have to hand it all in.  Then eventually of course, he shipped it off to Russia.)


“Developed countries’ governments are laboring under the misapprehension that funding has to come from the national budgets but that is not the case,” Mr Soros said.


“They have it already. It is lying idle in their reserves accounts and in the vaults of the IMF”.  (A:  By the way, the IMF is a PRIVATE CORPORATION that works with the UN.)


The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, (A:  The other Fabianist.) has suggested a $10bn emergency fund for developing nations, rising to $100bn a year by 2020.  (A:  I guess it will come round because by that time what’s left of us in the Western world and especially in Canada and the States, we’ll be a third world or called a developing nation maybe.  Maybe they’ll allow us to be a developing nation instead of just a stagnant nation.)


But China and the 137 emerging economies want up to 1pc of global GDP – or $600bn a year starting as soon as possible – causing tension at the summit.  (A:  Why are they still classing China as an emerging economy?  It’s producing everything in manufacturing for the entire planet.  It was set up by the Western governments through the GATT Treaty.  Every taxpayer funded for their own factories to go over and set up in China.  As part of the treaty, the taxpayers of each country of the West would FUND the setting up, the transportation and setting up of those factories in China AND pay the losses, any losses incurred during the first 10 years!  The public were told nothing at the time, nothing at all.  There are probably more billionaires being created in China at this very moment than were ever created in the history of the US.  But they’re still calling them a third world country, so they get $600 billion a year from the first world countries, because they’re an emerging economy.)


“The $10bn fund is more than nothing but not much more because of the magnitude of the problem,” Mr Soros said, criticising Mr Brown’s proposal.


“It’s not sufficient and it’s already becoming apparent that there’s a gap between the developed and developing worlds on this issue that could actually wreck the conference."   (A:  Why?  When did they put it into anybody constitution, except the Marxist ones, about the redistribution of wealth?  See, that’s the Communist Manifesto.  We’ve all lived through it but only a few saw it happening.  When the US and everybody else was over fighting in Korea and Viet Nam and everywhere else, they shouldn’t have been; it was all happening within their own governments back home… and they’re still there.)


The billionaire investor was met with a receptive audience (A:  Of course.) among non-governmental organisations, (A:  That’s all these parallel government ones that are funded by guys like George Soros and the foundations.) but the US is understood to be reluctant to consider such a plan because it would need Congressional approval.  (A:  Well hey, that will be no problem.)


“I did have some informal discussions with the US and while there’s sympathy for the plan the difficulty of getting Congressional approval has been emphasised,” he said.


He suggested the best use of the money would be to look at reducing emissions from agricultural, forestry and land use, because they offer the highest potential for cuts.


When is any of this ever mentioned when folk are running for elections?  When?  The big things are never mentioned.  They talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, social security, health care; that’s what you hear.  Interesting.  This one too at the Wall Street Journal. 


Despite Subsidy, Cobra's Bite Still Stings for Many

Government Benefit for Uninsured Fails to Cover Rising Cost of Premiums; Unemployed Often Remain Ineligible for Program.



The government is expanding a massive safety net to help the unemployed buy health insurance, (A:  Now they’ve got to BUY it in the US.) but millions of people can't access the aid because of the way the program was designed.


As a cornerstone of the economic stimulus plan, the administration of President Barack Obama allocated $25 billion to pay 65% of health-insurance premiums for workers laid off this year. Earlier this month, Congress extended the program for people laid off through February 2010 and expanded the aid to 15 months from nine.


But the program is eluding many people in need. That is because it is tied to the narrow parameters of Cobra, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, which President Ronald Reagan signed into law to help people cope during layoffs.


Cobra requires companies with more than 20 employees that already offer group health insurance to continue the insurance for former employees for up to 18 months. But insurance costs under Cobra have gotten so expensive that many people can't afford even their unsubsidized 35% portion. Meanwhile, millions of workers don't qualify for Cobra in the first place, because the law doesn't cover the self-employed or those working for companies that abruptly shut down or are too small, or those who didn't offer health insurance to begin with. The subsidy also is off-limits to individuals who have been unemployed the longest; only those laid off since October 2008 are eligible.  (A:  You know what it is too?  It’s Wall Street taking over the last part of an uncovered industry.  Health care, Wall Street is doing it; the insurance companies are taking it over.  Who do you think lobbies the government for insurance, mandatory insurance, for say cars?  At one time it was voluntary to have car insurance.  Then it was lobbied by the big insurance companies and Wall Street and bang, they got the law passed.  Then what happens?  Up goes the insurance.  Well, you’ve got to have it, it’s the law… and there’s no hold on it, they just keep upping it and upping it.  It’s the same thing with the health care.  Believe you me, it’s the same con that’s going on right now.  Same con, the takeover.  When they bring in the socialized health care and I’ve seen the RAND reports to do with how they can cut back from the present cost.  What the RAND Corporation did was look at Britain and to see where to cut all corners.  You don’t get all the tests that you get in the US for different diseases, for a start.  You don’t get those.  You don’t get a lot of the operations available that you can get in the US, can’t get them in Britain.  You can get a vasectomy quite easily or an abortion or you can have your tubes tied quickly because it’s a POLITICAL AGENDA when politics runs your health care.   Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll go to the phones.  Is Lark from Texas there?


Lark:  Hi Alan.  I must say, this is the first time I’ve called into your show.  Tonight I heard you mention for the second time Pierre Trudeau and his affiliation with the Third International.


Alan:  He was the leader for Canada. 


Lark:  That’s interesting.  I’m about you age and I recall the British invasion in 1964.  I remember as a little kid, I said to myself - of course this came on the heels of the JFK assassination - I said to myself, you know this really IS a British invasion.  I’ve been working on a theory for a long time that the USA has never been a sovereign republic. 


Alan:  You’re pretty well close to the truth.


Lark:  I think if you go back to… I’m curious.  Have you ever heard of the book, “Legions of Satan,” Jonathan Williams 1781? 


Alan:  I think I’ve heard of it; I haven’t read it though.


Lark:  I don’t know if it’s even available but you can of course hear references on YouTube, key words ‘regions of Saturn’.  You know, a man of your obvious knowledge and brilliance… I’ve studied branding and marketing and Memetics for a few years.  This is the only reason I called.  I know you have to wrap your show up but I would just love to get involved in some kind of a mastermind for this.  It seems to me that there should be a way to be able to truly drive a message such as you posit, such as many people posit.  But I suspect that Americans in particular are so brainwashed that they have difficulty assimilating so much information and so many words that they get…


Alan:  You’re right.  I think it was last week where I read a report on a study done on DATA, just the data, and how the average American, probably more than any other person of any other country, is bombarded with more data than anyone else on a daily process and it literally confuses them and it stops them from really thinking in depth on any particular area. 


Lark:  You know in marketing circles, they have little buzz words - much of marketing in America emanates from Edward Bernays of course - but those words are ‘sticky.’  But what fascinates me about Memetics is that we can think of Memetics in terms of a meme being a unit of cultural information, and we can think of its propagation in nature and in comparing it to genetic transfer of material in nature or biological transfer.  It seems to me that a person like you would be so invaluable to a group like that and I must say that I really think that there has to be a way to be able to cut like a knife, as you say cutting through the matrix. 


Alan:  I’m actually working on stuff to do with that very area in fact and hopefully I’ll have that out this year, this coming year. 


Lark:  If you ever need someone to collaborate with, I would love to if that was ever possible.


Alan:  Sure.  Give me an email and I’ll get back to you.  That’s the music so I’ll really have to cut it short now.  Thanks for calling. 


Lark:  Thank you.


Alan:  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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