Jan. 4, 2010 (#484)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 4, 2010:

A Rose is Still a Rose -- Anti-Communist Prose:

"The Last Few Freedoms are Under Attack
By the Internationalists Behind Barack,
Naming those who Believe in the Constitution
As Obsolete Extremists Bent on Revolution,
While U.S. Communists, with Total Makeover,
Use the Same Old Plans to Control and Takeover,
Science of Confusion Makes Wrong Seem Right,
How Dare Lovers of Country Declare they'll Fight,
Everyone Should be Happy in the 'No Rights Prison,'
With the Equality of Poverty Called Communism"
© Alan Watt Jan. 4, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 4, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 4th 2010.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, scroll down, see all the other sites I have up there, bookmark them for future use because when the big sites go down as they have in the past, you can always get the latest shows if you have these other sites bookmarked.  These are the official sites:  [listed above].  As always, in starting off the New Year with the right foot of course, I always tell the people the TRUTH right off the bat, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  No one sponsors me here.  Iím not fronting for any company that sells stuff.  The ads you hear on the show are paid directly by the advertisers straight to RBN for their air time and for broadcasting this particular program.  It pays for their bills and their board men, their operators and all the rest of it.  So itís up to you to keep me going by buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com or donating to me.  You can find out how to do it on the web sites.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those that get the disks burned and passed to them and listen to the talks at meetings and so on, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Itís amazing as times goes on, youíd often think that you wonít be around in the next year or 10 or 20 years and these years do roll along.  Here we are, 2010.  At one time, especially when you are small and silly and naÔve you kind of look forward to the new year but now, after experiencing all the things that are happening and you know the agenda, you tend to cringe and say oh no, roll it back because you know darn well the next year is going to be worse than the last one since there is a big agenda.  Still, weíve got to be stalwart and face up to it and face up to the awful people with their combinations and monopolies that are all working together to bring in this brave new world scenario through perpetual war.  Thatís what it is, perpetual war.  No one put it better than Professor Carroll Quigley who was the historian for this particular world group, the Council on Foreign Relations.  He said that basically corporations will bring in a new feudal system with the CEOs being the new feudal overlordsÖ and weíre really here, private/public partnerships.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  2010, I think the US government and the Canadian government and the Mexican government all sign the last part of the agreement for total merger.  I do believe this was the last year for it so that will happen some time in the summer.  Once everything is on the books they will implement more and more phases of total integration, through catastrophes of course, like financial meltdowns, terrorism and all this stuff to make it happen and seem kind of plausible to the non-thinkers out there and thatís about 87%.  Itís interesting that marketers did that study back in World War I and itís pretty well still the same today.  87% of the public will believe what they are told and go along with anything.  Sad but true.  Thatís why they like democracy.  See, they understood that when they gave us democracy.  Itís so easy to guide them. 


Perpetual war.  We saw it with the Bush regime and now itís into the Obama regime.  Itís the same regime as far as Iím concerned with the same people behind the front men going on with the same world agenda, perpetual warfare.  We found that from the mentor of Rumsfeld and Cheney and these guys who talked about perpetual war and how it was so necessary to keep the people in obedience basically, a man who taught at MIT.  MIT is a very important place for all of this stuff.  Itís the equivalent of Tavistock you might say for the US.  Leo Strauss was the guy who taught the different Bush regime and this present bunch, that perpetual war was needed to get to the end of the agenda.  You couldnít give the public a breathing space at all. 


If you notice since 9/11 happened, itís been one crisis after another.  Again, that ties in with a study done from World War I.  They realized that most folk can handle one or two main crisis or fear, or fears within their heads at the same time.  Itís kind of like a computer; you get overloaded with a third terror, fear, whatever it happens to be, financial chaos so you have to make room for one, so you throw one of them out of your head to make room for the new one.  You make space for it basically, like hard disk space.  Thatís why they adapt so quickly to each new crisis that comes along.  Thatís all they talk about.  They forget they just got over the last one, or nothing happened.  We are run by people who understand us.  What Iím saying here is baby language to them basically.  Methods and science and technique run the world.  They know exactly where they are going and they know exactly how the vast numbers of the populace will accept and adapt to ANYTHING they are told to adapt to. 


Itís interesting, I keep thinking of 1984.  It was so well done when Orwell said, when they changed their gun sights from one country to another, the people down below could be so easily convinced that they had ALWAYS been fighting the NEW enemy and they would forget all about the old enemy.  I gave an example of this many times, the same example.  When after the inquiry into 9/11 and what happened after it in the Iraqi war, George Bush was on worldwide television saying that heíd never claimed that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks.  Heís an utter liar of course because he had said it when he was drumming up the war drums for it.  But a study was done in Canada on the US.  Remember, they first attacked Afghanistan.  Thatís where supposedly the caveman was hiding that did all of this.  Then they swung their guns to Iraq.  The Canadian studies showed that the US press had, within a few months, convinced the majority of the American public that it had ALWAYS been Iraq that was the problem and not Afghanistan.  In fact Afghanistan was out of their memoryÖ that fastÖ just with repetition and propaganda from the mainstream. 


Techniques are used all the time on the public and they donít KNOW itís even happening to them.  They all adapt to the new stories, the new crisis at the same time.  Theyíre all FED the same crisis at the same time.  As I say, they throw out the old crisis because they canít handle too many in their heads at once.  This is exactly what Strauss was advocating with perpetual warfare and CHANGE.  Remember what Quigley said too, you can change so much; you can get more done in 5 years of warfare than you can in 50 years of peace on a SOCIAL change level and with adding more and more governmental departments OVER society. 


Weíve all heard this farce of this lone man who was going to blow up the airliner on Christmas day with his Calvin Klein underwear, whatever he was using.  Utter nonsense of course; the whole thing stinks.  As we all know, anyone who thinks at all knows it stinks completely to high heaven with all the security thatís out there, never mind all the strange surrounding circumstances BUT remember, they always say, who benefits?  Who benefits?  Well, immediately Brown and all the rest of the characters are in to weíve got bring in these full body scanners.  Thatís one.  WHO owns these scanners?  Go and check them out.  Find out who the owners are.  Itís fascinating to find that most of the cameras in Britain and elsewhere and these body scanners are all made by the same companiesÖ who are always lobbying government for more and more sales.  Apart from that, it dehumanizes us.  Each time that we bend over to get prodded, you are being dehumanized.  When you hold up your pants because you have to take your belt off, you are being dehumanized.  You are being TAUGHT to be subservient to your master, like any slave.  Now of course, they can see you fully nude, frontal, back, whatever.  Thatís another sign of the same thing.  How far will it go?  As far as you can bendÖ before breaking your back.  Itís up to you in other words. 


Itís so wonderful when you read the systems and the techniques that Carroll Quigley pointed out in his book, Tragedy and Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment, the companion to it.  He was showing you that they always use a crisis to their advantage.  In fact, they need the crisis to happen which obviously makes you think, well obviously they needed this to happen so did they actually make sure it did happen?  I prefer to believe that.  I donít believe in the ACCIDENTAL VIEW OF HISTORY.  These guys would have to win the lotto every month.  They always get what they want through crisisÖ always.  See thatís impossible by the laws of averages.  Itís impossible to always get what you want. 


From the Raw Story; Raw Story is quite a good web site.  Iíll put these links up on by site at the end of the show. 


9/11 commission chairman says would-be plane bomber Ďdid us a favorí

 By John Byrne / Monday, January 4th, 2010


(Alan:  This is what Iím saying about how they always turn it to their advantage.)


The Republican chairman of the Bush Administration's 9/11 Commission declared Sunday that the would-be-terrorist who tried to blow up a plane en route to Detroit "probably did us a favor."


The GOP chairman's quote raised eyebrows; by his logic, the Sept. 11, 2001 attackers may also have "done us a favor" by drawing US attention to extremism in Afghanistan.


Thomas Kean, a former governor of New Jersey, made the remarks on CNN's State of the Union Sunday talk show.


The onetime governor said Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian who failed to detonate an incendiary device on a passenger plane, probably did us a favor.


We had an administration which was not focused, as it should be, on terrorism and thatís understandable, Kean told CNN. They were focused on health care and global warming and the economy. Thatís very understandable.


"Secondly, we werenít really focused on Yemen and the terrible things that are happening there," Kean added. (A:  So, they werenít really focused on Yemen, like they didnít notice it right? Utter liars these guys are.  Utter liars.  Mind you, youíll see the photograph there and youíll see something above his head that is his master.  This is the master of this character in the photograph.  You can look for yourself.  Heís an utter liar because on the BBC news, they talked about this on the 24th of December BEFORE the bomber was caught.)  


Yemen: New frontier in US 'war on terror'

By Humphrey Hawksley / BBC News / Thursday, 24 December 2009


The increased violence in Yemen is a clear indication that military campaigns to crush al-Qaeda-inspired violence extend far beyond the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan.


It also shows up hostile fault-lines within the Middle East, pitting mainly Shia Iran against Sunni Saudi Arabia, who condemn each other for taking sides in Yemen's long-running civil war.  (A:  This is what Kean said they missed.  They didnít NOTICE what was happening here right?)


Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world with almost half its 24 million people living below the poverty line and an authoritarian government that has failed to win the trust of a substantive part of its own population.  (A:  So theyíre building up the reasons for attacking.  It also says here thatÖ )


The US has invested some $70m (£40m) in military aid in Yemen (A:  The one that Kean said they hadnít really noticed what was happening there.  Utter liarsÖ I love the jokes they give us in the news; itís a good tickle, as they sayÖ itís a good tickle.) 


Itís a good tickle.  It really is as we go into this incredible farce, this farce, this communistic worldwide, sovietized FARCE that we go through and it was a farce during the Soviet era if you lived in those countries.  You had to say that black was white and blue was brown and whatever they told you to say; you had to say it and pretend to mean it.  You couldnít even write poems without going up in front of the Politburo for micro-examination to see if you were trying to get a message across to the people covertly.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  They are really hyping upÖ They keep telling you that this is not a war on Islam, which is rubbish.  You see, there really ARE organizations out there that DO work with 50 year, 100 year plans, 150 year plans, to take down existing structures in order to dominate them.  They did promise to take down existing structures that held society together no matter what people thought of those structures, be they good or bad. 


They simply demolished Christianity in the West; incredible war against Christianity.  Again, itís inevitable because any organized group that has a tiered structure where people give allegiance to humans above them, instead of their deity, are going to be taken over and led astray, obviously, and used for other purposes.  Just like Bush put millions of dollars out to get what they called the Fundamental Christians on their side for the war.  So thatís a problem with any big group.  As Bernays said, the first thing you do when you want to alter society, is you get the phone book and you look for existing societies that are already there to be used


Now theyíre after Islam, as I say.  Thereís no doubt about it, they are STANDARDIZING the worldÖ in order to dominate the world.  It is a war on Islam.  Unfortunately, like every other target down through history, theyíve studied their enemy well and they know how to get the different groups of Muslims FIGHTING EACH OTHER.  They never learn.  Lawrence of Arabia talked about it too, how they used the same tricks back then in his day to split them up and get them fighting so that Britain could come in and take over, which they did. 


Here is a General on Fox News.


US general urges strip search of Muslim men

Sun, 3 Jan 2010


Lt. General Thomas McInerney spokes to Fox News about what he called pending terror attacks on US airliners.


A retired US general and member of Iran Policy Committee (IPC) (A:  These are the guys who obviously are all helping work toward demolishing Iran.) says all 18 to 28 years old Muslim men should be strip searched at airports as "one of these bombers" will explode an airliner in the coming days.  (A:  In the coming days, mind you.  I wonder if this is the same guy that said there was a nuke that was going to go off in New York harbor after 9/11?  I wonder.)


Thomas McInerney, a retired Lt. General with the US Air Force, told Fox News television on Saturday that within the next 30 to 120 days, "there is a danger of high probability"  (A:  Danger of high probabilityÖ thatís beautifulÖ) awaiting US airliners.


"If you are an 18 to 28-year-old Muslim man then you should be strip searched. And if we don't do that there's a very high probability we're going to lose an airline," he said.  (A:   I guess he meant an aircraft.)


The retired general went on to say that US officials should profile all Muslims. (A:  Whenever they say something and target a group, you know they mean to spread it across the whole population, as they already did with 9/11.  After 9/11 there were grey-haired, blue-eyed old ladies getting stopped, immediately, at crossings and airliners and stuff.  Hardly a target that youíd expect would you, coming from a Middle Eastern or Asian nation.)  "We have to use profiling.  And I mean be very serious and harsh about the profiling."


Asked if such a racial approach would not "generate more hatred and violence towards the West," McInerney said he did not want "a racial profile."  (A:  Of course it will, but they want this, you see.  They want hatred generated toward the West because they want to keep this going on as long as they can.  You see, if they donít get a backlash from people, and young people will, they will backlash, thereís no doubt about it.  If they donít get the backlashes, itís all one sided, the US and Britain and so on are Ďover thereí occupying their countries.  So theyíve got to get the public to forget they are Ďover thereí as an invasive force and make it seem all one sided that thereís all these aliens attacking you from Ďout there.í  Forget about the fact youíve got armies in their countries occupying them.)


"I want to profile on that group that we have enough evidence from 9/11, and other [high-profile] cases that we know what we are looking at," he said.


The suggestions made by the US retired general comes on the heels of a purported bomb attack on a US transatlantic airliner on Christmas Day by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian who allegedly received al-Qaeda training in Yemen.  (A:  See how they tie it all in?  How fortunate they could tie it all in when theyíve just spent $70 million fomenting trouble in Yemen by the US.  [Alan laughing.])


Lawmakers and congressional leaders in the US have echoed similar sentiments by urging President Obama abandon or suspend his plan to shutter the Guantanamo Bay Prison.


Around half of the remaining Gitmo detainees are from Yemen, and of those, about 40 have been cleared for release. (A:  The rest of them probably will be too, because we hear that theyíre just doing mass grabs of people and pulling them in.  If youíre just in the wrong place at the wrong time, itís just tough luck for you.)


As I say, this new Sovietized system, people forgetÖ and most folk have forgotten what communism was.  Towards the end of the Cold War, most folk didnít really know what communism was, just THEM with their system.  Thatís how it was given to us, them with their system and it was bad, we were told and that was ALL that we were told.  Iíll go on about this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how if you study communism you realize that they were to take over power by all means and every means possible and to lie and lie and lie to get everything that they wanted done to achieve their goals.  In fact, they had a disdain for the ordinary people because they were so easily talked into anything and led along by the nose. 


Communism was a system run by elitists, not by working people.  In fact NONE of them involved with the revolution - even in the Soviet Union - had probably ever lifted a spade in their life and dug a hole. Even for the people they had assassinated, they had other folk dig the holes for them.  The INTELLIGENTSIA were the ones behind it.  They believed in Darwinism and they often put Darwinís portrait alongside that of Lenin.  They believed that Darwinism gave validity to the whole idea of Marxist ideals and communism.  They taught in all their books and all their lectures to lie and lie and lie and here we are going through this farcical global warming nonsense, as Europe is frozen to a standstill with the LOWEST temperatures in Britain for 25 years and a massive thickening of the Arctic ice and the Antarctic.  In Canada here, it was literally about minus 40 yesterday and the last 2 or 3 days with the wind as well.  So itís an utter farce but lies are okay because itís to take over the world and its resources, and to take all your rights and freedoms from YOU, and to get you subservient to THEIR system.  We see the redistribution of wealth coming through it as well.  So they get what they wanted by lying.


Itís hitting different countries in different ways.  Hereís an article from Australia.  After this Iíll go to the callers.  This is from ABC News, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


Hundreds rally for hunger-striking farmer

Jan 4, 2010 / ABC News : Vivienne Nunis


Rally: Farmers are calling for a Royal Commission (A:  Good luck to them.  These things last for years.) into vegetation laws.  (A:  What are the vegetation laws?)


More than 300 people have rallied outside Parliament House in Canberra in support of hunger-striking New South Wales farmer Peter Spencer.


Mr Spencer has spent 43 days without food on top of a tower on his property at Shannons Flat near Cooma, in protest against state laws which stop him from clearing vegetation on his land.  (A:  In the US, they are so used to having the greenies - that are all paid for and given salaries and pension plans by the big foundations - going on land and saying that theyíve got a spotted owl and so on.  In fact, they are told to do this and to lie and lie and lie.  Then folk have land they canít use anymore by order of the government.  In Australia, they are saying to the farmers, you canít take the weeds out because they are acting as CARBON sinks.  This is the farce they are using there to put the farmers under.  Remember, in this brave new world, itís to be the big, international corporate farmers only.)


He wants the Commonwealth to compensate farmers whose land has been used as 'carbon sinks'.


Mr Spencer's daughter, Sarah Spencer, told the rally her father will not give up his hunger strike until he meets with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.


"He has strong resolve. He will hold true to his word," she said.


"He's short of energy, he hasn't got as much energy as he normally has and things like that," he said.


"But he appears to be hanging in there."


(A:  It goes down and down and down and it saysÖ)  Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce also addressed the crowd, calling for a Royal Commission into vegetation laws.


He says the state laws have robbed farmers across Australia of their assets.  (A:  Itís true.  Here you are, owning all this land, youíve got to pay taxes on it but you canít grow and you canít weed the thing.)


"It might have been legally possible but it was totally unjust," he said.


Senator Joyce says Mr Spencer should cease his hunger strike but the fight for justice should continue.


"This is obscene," he said.


 (A:  Now listen to thisÖ somebodyís actually got it hereÖ which gives me hope.  Somebody actually has got it.)


 "The Government became the thief of an asset and when the Government becomes a thief of an asset - when the individual is divested of an asset without payment - there is a word for that and unfortunately without being too dramatic the word is communism."


Thatís it!  Thatís it.  So hereís a Senator who actually understands whatís happening.  Under all the farce of greening and carbon offsets and global warming and ya-da ya, itís COMMUNISM because WHAT do they do under all this?  They TAKE all your property from you.  And what did communism do when they took over the Soviet Union?  They STARVED MILLIONS of people because they killed off most of the small farmers.  They always do that.  They did the same thing in the Ukraine; millions of them starved to death BY LAW.  They couldnít even keep enough seed to feed themselvesÖ BY LAW.  China did it too.  They killed off millions of their own, starved them to deathÖ BY LAW.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, YEP, itís the same darn duck.  It doesnít matter what they want to call it, global warming, climate change, carbon footprint; itís the same lying rubbish that theyíve been using for 100 years.  What did they achieve?  Look in there.  Look at the Communist Manifesto.  Look at the planks of the Communist Manifesto.  They have achieved almost all of them, including the destruction of the family unit thanks to their big culture creators in Hollywood. 


Iíll go to the phones now and thereís Lucas in Vancouver.  Are you there Lucas?


Lucas:  How you doing Alan?  I just wanted to thank you actually for bringing attention to the Lenin/Mao statue that was put up in my home town of Richmond which is a suburb of Vancouver. 


Alan:  So you and your tax money will to be paying for it.


Lucas:  Yep.  You know, thereís never, ever been any sort of outlet, public outlets for the arts in Richmond.  Itís just funny that this is the first art, the first thing that Richmond has to do with art ever and itís not even Canadian artists.  They are going to bring in another statue by the Gao brothers thatís Maoís jacket. 


Alan:  Oh really?


Lucas:  I donít know where they are going to put that one up. 


Alan:  Itís disgusting.  Theyíve got them in Toronto too.  Theyíve had them in Toronto for years.  Iíve seen some in the parks there.  You just stumble across them and you say whatís this doing here?


Lucas:  Right!  The one in Richmond is hidden out of the way.  Incidentally, itís on the same plot of land as the ICBC building which is the Insurance Company of British Columbia.  Thereís a little hint for you.† I also wanted to let you know that public reaction was pretty good.  I went down there and I talked to teenagers, a teenage kid who was working at Tim Hortonís.  When I was there taking pictures, a car with 2 older gentlemen stopped.  They stopped traffic just gawking at this thing in disbelief.  Let me tell you, they werenít happy about it.  People donítÖ people arenít happy about it.


Alan:  Well at least, obviously, it means that some people have an understanding of what it means.


Lucas:  Yeah.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The young man that I spoke to in Tim Hortons, I was asking for directions and he told me that he knew, he knew it was Lenin and that it scared him.  I said, good boy because it scares me too


Alan:  Yes.  Darn right.  Absolutely right.  What gets me too is that there is hardly a so-called Ė and I call it a so-called Ė artist, being a novelist or a scriptwriter for CBC or a sculptor that doesnít live on grants from the federal government.  Itís disgusting. 


Lucas:  Yep.  Well, Iíll hand your show back to you Alan and thanks for talking to me.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


As I say, itís just astonishing whatís really happening and how people donít even know what they are seeing or looking at anymore.  They are so brainwashed by the adaptation into ever increasing modernity of culture, as they tend to call it; they can change it every week in fact, up the spokes, push the envelope until you are into a NEW era of culture creation and we adapt and adapt and adapt. 


Here is what theyíve put out from Southern Poverty Law Center, which was labeled a communist group recently, you know, not so long ago.  It always was, always pretending to stand up for some minority.  Thatís what is taught to communists; always find a minority that you can stand up for to get them on board.  Once youíve got 1000 groups of minorities, you now have a big massive group to demand what YOU want, not what the minorities want.  Thatís what the Southern Poverty Law Center was all about, well funded by the big foundations too.  This article is from The Telegraph.


America's armed militia on the rise

Extremist "patriot" groups and other armed militias have undergone a dramatic resurgence in America, their numbers more than doubling in the past year amid growing Right-wing fears over expanding federal power and gun control.

By Tom Leonard in New York / 31 Dec 2009


(A:  Now they release this every year and this is just a release to the media.)

Such groups Ė a mix of libertarians, gun rights advocates and survivalists Ė appeared to be in terminal decline before the election of Barack Obama, according to monitoring bodies(A:  Monitoring bodiesÖ they call the communist groups.)


The Southern Poverty Law Centre, which tracks extremist organisations, says it has so far counted more than 300 patriot groups this year, at least double last year's total of 150. The real total will be much higher as many groups do not go out of their way to publicise their existence.


A similar wave of anti-government groups, (A:  Anti-government groupsÖ now thatís the term that the Soviets used on anyone who complained about any of the policies of their government.  Itís also the same term that the communized Economic Union Parliament is using, anti-government.  That must mean that every opposition party is anti-government since they do the most complaining about whoever is the majority.) some of whose members dress in camouflage gear and conduct military training at weekends, sprung up during the Clinton administration.


However, SPLC researchers said there was a new race factor reflecting President Obama's ethnicity and immigration fears.  (A:  Utter rubbish.  Utter rubbish.)


(A:  Thereís an article again in the Telegraph.


Those Evil Right Wing Extremists who would DESTROY America

By James Delingpole / April 15th, 2009 / telegraph.co.uk


Iíll put that link up as well to show you how this guy tears apart this whole farce of a handout Ė and this is a handout Ė to this particular newspaper.  He actually tears it apart and shows you how farcical all of this is.  How farcical it all is.  But in the same article here it saysÖ)


One of the new patriot groups is called Oath Keepers. Its members, like those in other groups, look for guidance from America's Founding Fathers.


Formed last spring, Oath Keepers' members Ė limited to current or former servicemen and police Ė swear to obey the US constitution rather than politicians.  (A:  Aaaah, ooohhhh!)


Stewart Rhodes, the founder, told The Daily Telegraph that the situation was a "potential powder keg".


He said: "The one thing that would probably lead [groups] to armed resistance is if the government did try to confiscate weapons, but that was what finally led to fighting in the American Revolution".


Mike Vanderboegh, a former militia leader and founder of a vociferous gun rights group called the Three Percenters, pointed to a huge increase in sales of ammunition, many of it to new gun owners.


"This is far larger than Obama. It speaks to an existential fear of societal collapse," he said.


He said group members were looking for "practical self-defence", whether from "predatory government or street-level crime".


If the government carried out "another Waco" Ė the 1993 storming of a cult's (A:  They keep calling it a cult; it was a church, one sect of many Christian churches.) Texas ranch, in which 76 occupants died (A: Were burned to death by the government) Ė "you'd see a reaction bloody beyond belief", he added.


Heidi Beirich, a co-author of the SPLC's militia research, said the groups were characterised by "a lot of conspiracy mongering, gun nuttery and fear of a new world order that they think is controlling the US".  (A:  No kidding. [Alan laughing]  I love how they call anybody who still believes in a country and a nation a Ďright wing extremist.í  Thatís standard communist prattle, STANDARD COMMUNIST PRATTLEÖ and the folk canít recognize it anymore.  Why?  Because theyíve been trained they need the media to tell them so.  If the media tells them so, theyíll suddenly get it.  But the media is not there to tell them.  The media is there to SERVE THE WORLD STATE.  Itís an essential arm of government.)


Many people have talked about the effects of Wi-Fi and microwave radiation.  Thereís actually a syndrome now to do with excessive radiation from cell phone towers and all those relay towers across cities that are everywhere you look.  Theyíve had articles on television in Canada showing you the spiky waves these things give off.  Incredible bursts of energy to all the passers-by down below.  People have gone through all different means to prevent them from being attacked by it.  Iíve always said what you really need is a faraday cage.  A faraday cage works very much like your microwave oven, if you have one.  You can see through the door in the microwave through these little holes.  Well, they are spaced the exact size that will stop that particular frequency of microwave from coming through.  So rather that have something thatís a complete solid piece of lead or something, they can actually use wire, hexagonal-shaped wires, just like honeycombs in a bee hive.  Hereís a great thing here thatís come out.  Itís a Wall Street Journal article.  It saysÖ


Culprit in Wi-Fi Failures: Chicken Wire

DECEMBER 31, 2009 / Bay Life / By GEOFFREY A. FOWLER


(A:  Chicken wireÖ very cheap too.)

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA - Two things beloved by San Francisco resident Galen Pewtherer just couldn't get along: his Edwardian-style house and wireless Internet access.


In 2008, Mr. Pewtherer tried to replace his old-fashioned cable Internet connection with a Wi-Fi network that he could share with other tenants in his building. "It turned out to be impossible," says the 38-year-old program manager at Cisco Systems Inc. "We couldn't get signal in or out of one room."  (A:  Due to chicken wire that stopped the signals.† Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning that chicken wire there that stops the microwave and the Wi-Fi stuff coming through.  Thatís from the Wall Street Journal.  Iíll put that link up too and you can read it for yourself.  Now weíll go to the phones again and thereís Sam from Sydney there.  Are you there Sam?


Sam:  Hi Alan.  Happy New Year.


Alan:  The same to you.


Sam:  I was just calling up about the article you were reading about earlier, about the farmer Peter Spencer.† Itís amazing the way the AustraliansÖ. People should actually go and have a look at this guy.   Thereís a video out by an ABC program called The Australian Story on a guy called Peter Andrews.  This farmerís been fighting the Australian bureaucracy for decades now.  What heís actually done was a way to rehydrate the land basically by using natural practices, basically by planting native plants, looking how the land retains the water.  One of the biggest problems we have in Australia is basically water.  The landÖ itís the way that common practices are practiced here.  The land doesnít retain water and basically the soil just tends to die.  You should have seen the dust storms here in the last 20 years.  In Sydney, I donít know if itís been in the international press, but basically they were predicting the end of the world for us, you know, itís just red, all the red soil.  Now, [inaudible] claim that itís global warming, which is absolute rubbish.  Itís basically due to the fact that we have the worst farming practices, enforced by the government.


Alan:  Thatís what happens.


Sam:  So itís amazing.


Alan:  They cause the problem and then they come down on the farmers and they say now you canít cut your weeds or anything because itís a CO2 sink.  Well itís the same con in Canada and the States.  Oh, weíve found a spotted owl that might be here on your land and you canít use it from then on by law.  You canít use your land.  Itís the same trick.  Thanks for calling.


Sam:  Thank you.


Alan:  Thereís Steve from Colorado there.  Are you there Steve?


Steve:  Yes.  Hello Alan.  I wanted to point out that you and I have talked before about your knowing the Olympians, the highest level of the secret society and they have just opened Monday, in Dubai, the Dubai Towers which is a spiral motif building very much like the Tower of Babel.  I believe it is their new Mount Olympus.  I believe thatís going to be the headquarters for anyone who wants to participate and live there at the New World Order Mount Olympus.  What are your thoughts?


Alan:  Itís very possible.  Theyíve actually got 3 major cities on the go right now with the same structures.  In fact, not only that, Maurice Strong has his own spiraled tower down at the Baca Grande Ranch in the US.  Heís got all the new agers there and different priests and monk sects and all the rest of it.  They do their walk up the helter-skelter.  Of course thatís what helter-skelter really means in the pop music industry.   Sure, they love these towers and the cycle of reincarnation and life and all the rest of it that supposedly make them superior people, and thatís what part of it symbolizes. 


Steve:  I hear the music.  I think at 2600 plus feet in height, I believe that is the new Mount Olympus.  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


They do love their symbology and in my first book I showed you the photograph of one of the oldest spiral ones and itís in Iraq actually and they are copying that one across the world; a very old, old, ancient religion.  And sure enough, itís the old Babylonian Tower concept. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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