Jan. 5, 2010 (#485)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 5, 2010:

Secret Services -- Euphemism Ensuring Corporate Feudalism:

"Follow History, See How it Looks,
Start with O.S.S., European Spooks
Morphed into MI6 and the CIA,
Hiding Agenda from Light of Day,
Run by the Boys from Chatham House,
When Events are Big, they're Quiet as a Mouse,
Though their Propaganda Arm is 'Foreign Affairs,'
They've Much Higher Secrets, Layer-Upon-Layers,
Public Believe through Much Misconception,
The Agency Exists for their Protection,
With Snooping Branches of Every Variety
We're all Shepherded into their Planned Society"
© Alan Watt Jan. 5, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 5, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.   I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 5th 2010.  For newcomers to the show, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, scroll down and look at all the other sites I have up there.  Bookmark them for future use because the big sites go down once in a while and if youíve got them bookmarked you can always download the latest show.  These are the official sites:  [listed above]. 


You are the audience that brings me to you.  Iím probably the only person out there who doesnít live off advertising.  The advertising you hear on this show is paid directly from the advertisers to RBN for the air time and the broadcasting and satellite and so on.  It pays for their staff and their bills.  Therefore itís up to you to keep me going.  You can do so by looking into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, see the books and CDs and DVDs that I have for sale or you can donate to me as well; itís up to yourselves.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who just get the disks burned and passed to them who donít like computers - itís true enough, itís there to track us all and get personality profiles and all the rest of it Ė they play them on their CD players, you can write to me at [address above]. 


What a confusing world we live in.  Itís confusing by design, mind you.  Iíve gone over it so many times how mind control tends to work, at least on the superficial layers of it.  Itís very simple for the majority of the public because the tests theyíve done since about the 1917 or so, even before that in fact and onwards, have proven that 87% of the public really never question whatís happening in the big world around them.  They BELIEVE the media.  Since the media is there to give you crisis after crisis and they can only handle so many crises at one time in their head; and just like a computer it gets overloaded, they take out or delete the last crisis, as they go into the new one, so they can handle it.  They forget all about the last one, which happened say, last week or last month.  They do tend to believe the media.  They canít believe that anyone would go to such trouble to convince them of a different reality.  They canít believe it.  They can believe the small lies, the little white lies they tell each other, but they canít believe that anyone would do such incredible worldwide lies and back it with such moneyÖ but thatís exactly how you run the world isnít it?  Itís by deception, big money and paying a lot of liars to make sure that we all get lied to and we believe properly.  It works every timeÖ for most folk that isÖ 87% of the public.  Iíll be back with more with tonightís topics after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I like to talk about mind control often because itís everything.  Itís your daily nonsense from the media.  Itís the same media who got you into wars in past times, run by big moguls at the top.  Itís the same media who back up the pharma industry because they get a lot of advertising from pharmaceutical products and how they had us all pay through the nose for worthless vaccines just recently.  Itís the same media that covers up the tracks of politicians, except the ones that are safe to go after and theyíve been told are on their way out. 


The media is an essential arm of the government.  Itís the Ďmiddleí.  The media is the Ďmiddle.í  They peddle the nonsense from the top down to us, down at the bottom.  Therefore you can get a whole society, a whole world saying the same stuff from the media.  And because everyone has the same opinion as you, which is given to you by the media, you all think youíre sane. Thatís how it works on the basic level.  Everyone thinks the same thing; therefore we all must be sane in that case.  So anyone with any other opinion must be crazy. 


Iíve talked before about how in the world as spooks as I call them, the spies, the security services, the topÖ there are so many above even the ones that youíve heard of that you canít count them all.  Even the different ones are so compartmentalized that they donít know what the rest of the departments are doing.  Everything is run by secrecy and people who take oaths and higher oaths; they are tested all the time to make sure they can keep their mouths shut.  Their phones are bugged as well to make sure that THEY donít let anything slip.  They get tested in bars, with a few drinks and something slipped in it.  They test these characters.  So the ones who get to the top really are absolutely tight lipped about whatever they do because the public must never be allowed to know whatís really happening to them and whoís paying for it and whose governments are doing it. 


If you want anything to happen within the public realm and panic, you cause the panic to happen.  It was like the so-called bank crash that came on queue when George Bush Jr went on national television.  Now, hereís the President.  The number one rule in economics is never panic the public.  So they get the top man to tell you TO panic.  See, it was PLANNED that way.  He actually said that this is going to be a depression worse than the 1920s, he said.  The top man, the cardinal rule of economics, donít tell the truth, always pad it and make it soundÖ give them a soft landing, make it sound okay.  You see, all the stock market is, is trust and belief.  Itís a belief system that everything is going to get better all the time, so people gamble all their money in it.  You tell them itís going to crash and they all pull their money out of it and it crashes.  The same media kept it all going.  Youíll find the same big media in all major countries but some countries have smaller media associations and something slips out once in a while. 


Itís back to the world of spooks and spies and all the different things that they get up to.  They are famous for setting people up as patsies, FAMOUS FOR IT.   Thatís why, and Iíve told people over and over again, young people of all creeds and groups, DONíT EVER, EVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE TALKED INTO DOING A TERRORIST ACT; †youíre being set up by the authorities.  Every sting operation has been I think so far in Britain and Canada and elsewhere, itís always announced that someone was setting them up, someone who belonged to the security services.  If you have nothing happening, youíve got to get youngsters riled up enough, give them a leader whoís very persuasive and taught certain techniques of control and they will do anything for him.  They will believe him.  Then they get left holding the baby and they take the can. 


We saw this nonsense too.  They want to get all this new security equipment coming through. What do you do?  You create a situation, you yell, oh my God, there was almost an explosion and bang, everybody sits back while their government spends billions of dollars on further dehumanizing us all by saying well, weíve got look through your clothing now.  And you know itís not going to end there.  You know itís not.  Look at all the drugs that supposedly came in years ago, supposedly with guys swallowing condoms full of it.  They had them in their rectums and all the rest of it.  Whatís next?  Iím not kidding; Iím not kidding about this.  You KNOW whatís coming next. 


Hereís the sort of stuff that security companies and agencies do.  This is from Ireland, from RTE News, southern Ireland.


Explosive reached Ireland after failed test

Tuesday, 5 January 2010 / Ireland / rte.ie


A quantity of explosive, found in a flat on Dorset Street in Dublin this morning, was brought into Ireland following a failed security operation in Slovakia.  (Alan:  This is how theyíre presenting it to the public.  At least they present it over there.  We never hear about it over here, unless they just grab the patsy and point to him, oh my God, a terrorist.)


The explosive was one of eight pieces of contraband planted by the authorities in the luggage of unsuspecting passengers (A:  Wow.  Donít you have confidence in the airports now and the airlines?) at Bratislava Airport in Slovakia last weekend as part of a test of security procedures.


Seven were detected by airport security, but the eighth - 90g of research development explosive or RDX - was put in the luggage of a Slovakian electrician who lives and works in Dublin.


The 49-year-old unwittingly brought the material to Dublin when he returned from Christmas holidays.


GardaŪ (A:  The police.) were eventually alerted this morning following a call from police in Bratislava and the flat on Dorset Street was sealed off.


During the operation, the adjoining homes and businesses were evacuated as the Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit removed the explosive for further analysis.


Both Gardiner Street and Lower Dorset street were closed off for about an hour.


The Slovakian man (A:  Poor soul, eh?  It could have been any of usÖ any of us.  And believe you me, if they wanted to set you up as a patsy, there is nothing you could say or do that would convince the public otherwise.) was arrested at the scene, but gardaŪ are now satisfied that he is innocent and he was released from custody this afternoon. He will not face charges.


The Department of Foreign Affairs said the Slovakian Minister for the Interior has conveyed his Government's profound regret (A:  No kidding.) for this incident to the Justice Minister Dermot Ahern.


Minister Ahern said he was very concerned about the fact that the gardaŪ were not alerted for three days and has asked for a full report.  (A:  I guess they just thought it went missing.)


Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy has appointed Detective Chief Superintendent Martin McLaughlin to establish the full background to this incident.  (A:  They will never get it all.  In fact, this might be the last you will hear of it because obviously it took ALL of MI-6 and a whole bunch of European equivalents to be IN on this practice.)


The Slovakian Minister has told Minister Ahern that his government will cooperate fully with the Garda investigation.


So thatís what really happens and poor schmucks are caught.  The media generally points the finger at them, well, he was caught red handed; see, there it is, itís on him.  Youíre standing there sputtering it wasnít me, honestly and you knew nothing about it and then youíre in the slammer and some bigwig in some foreign country gets to sell his new equipment to all the airports.  Mind you, he greases the palms of the politicians who are in on the act.  Thatís how it really works in the real world.  Again, it sort of dehumanizes us as we get used to being dehumanized.  Weíre always being dehumanized.  Bend over and all the rest of it. 


Itís interesting too.  Total Recall was the movie that Schwarzenegger was in, where they can actually give you an implanted holiday in your memory but you donít go anywhere apart from the seat in the science lab.  In the movie they had some action in there where he runs through a security guard check at the airport and you see through his clothing then; you could even see his skeleton, meaning x-rays and all the rest of it.  This stuff theyíre dying to sell to all the governments and again, to train us further into humiliation and actually dehumanization.  I think that came out 20 years ago, that movie.  The movie itself came from a novel written in 1966.  It was called We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.  That was the name of the novel by Philip Dick, 1966!  That you would go through airports one day and be x-rayed and they can see through your clothing and all the rest of it. 


Everything programs you and believe you me, the futurists - as Iíve told you before - they do that with the sci-fi writers.  They bring select ones in and they say this is what you are going to write about, make it a good story, and make sure you get these incidents and these topics IN this story.  And youíre being programmed for whatís to come constantly.  Itís not because theyíve got great imaginations and they come up with good stories out of thin air.  Thatís how Wells worked too, HG Wells; he was given a lot of stories to write about.  Thatís how it is, really.  The world is really, really like that. 


Can you imagine being a patsy and being caught?  Because they could have just picked this guy and say you know, maybe they even had a little conference about, should we let this guy take the heatÖ because he could never, ever have convinced anybody that he was innocent.  In Whatís Up With That, thereís an article here about Viscount Monckton that spoke about the climate change.  Heís been heavily attacked.  Iíll read it when I come back from this break.


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley whoís been in the media quite a bit recently with his opposition to all the climate change nonsense, using facts of course, which makes him a very dangerous man because facts are not to come in to these arguments.  Itís supposed to be EMOTIONAL arguments.  They get upset when you bring in facts, awfully upset.  In Whatís Up With That, he puts a letter that he sent off to the Prime Minster of Australia. 


Climate change: proposed personal briefing

Whatsupwiththat.com / Jan 3, 2010


A letter sent from: The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley


1 January 2010


His Excellency Mr. Kevin Rudd, (A:  Thatís the Prime Minster and thatís what you say in British Commonwealth countries.  We are so far advanced in the 21st century, you call them ExcellencyÖ His Excellency Mr. Kevin Rudd.)

Prime Minister, Commonwealth of Australia.

Prime Minister,


Climate change: proposed personal briefing


Your speech on 6 November 2009 to the Lowy Institute, in which you publicly expressed some concern at my approach to the climate question, has prompted several leading Australian citizens to invite me come on tour to explain myself in a series of lectures in Australia later this month. I am writing to offer personal briefings on why ďglobal warmingĒ is a non-problem to you and other party leaders during my visit. For convenience, I am copying this letter to them, and to the Press.


Your speech mentioned my remarks about the proposal for world ďgovernmentĒ in the early drafts of what had been intended as a binding Copenhagen Treaty. (A:  Thatís true.  I have this initial draft and it does say world government TWICE.)  These proposals were not, as you suggested, a ďconspiracy theoryĒ from the ďfar rightĒ (A:  See, anybody at all who objects about anything going on in the world right now is called a far right nutcase.  Anything at all that you could object aboutÖ by the lefties and these are commies.  These are real communists, believe you me, and the Fabian Society, like Mr. Rudd there.  His name is red, rud, like Adam, rud, ruddy, they called it, Adam.  And he speaks Chinese.)  with ďzero basis in evidenceĒ. Your staff will find them in paragraphs 36-38 of the main text of Annex 1 to the 15 September draft of the Treaty. The word ďgovernmentĒ appears twice at paragraph 38. After much adverse publicity in democratic countries, including Australia, the proposals were reluctantly dropped before Copenhagen.


You say I am one of ďthose who argue that any multilateral action is by definition evilĒ. On the contrary: my first question is whether any action at all is required, to which Ė as I shall demonstrate Ė the objective economic and scientific answer is No. Even if multilateral action were required, which it is not, national governments in the West are by tradition democratically elected. 


Then he goes on to explain it all and heís got lots of facts and figures down below and you can go on and on with it.  He talks about carbon taxes and all the nonsense thatís taken over, and to replace basically all of the other economies, which it is.  That and security, I think the whole weather nonsense and security for the world are probably about the only 2 ongoing, working economic systems we have left at the moment, apart from whatís happening in China where they do all the manufacturing.  Remember, these links Iíll put on my web site at the end of the show and you can read them for yourself. 


Itís interesting, as I say, how things are really, really happening.  Thereís an article from the Boston Globe here on doctors and physicians who are really inÖ if you donít understand, itís true what Jacques Ellul said about television programs and fiction and dramas and movies where they glorify the police or medical staff.  Itís to get YOU to believe that they are infallible.  They are systems of authority, you understand.  Health Services started off as health SERVICES and now they are health AUTHORITIES.  So they must make you believe that they really know what they are talking about and they have authority to make you do or comply with what they want you to do.  So many of them are on the take; Iíve mentioned this for years.  Theyíre ON the take.  They donít go into medicine because they want to help people.  They go in to it for number one, the ego and the status along with the cash, the loot that it rakes in.  People will mortgage their homes and their grannyís homes to save little Johnny when heís sick.  Thatís why they go in to medicine, to get lots of loot.  Thatís the reality.  They make mistakes galore amongst the population.  Not like the TV stuff where they all seem to know what theyíre doing.  They can run along corridors and that stethoscope never falls off their neck - it must be superglue or something - and not a hair out of place.  Itís all farce and drama to brainwash you.  The Boston GlobeÖ


MGH parent curbs fees to staff from drug makers

By Liz Kowalczyk, Globe Staff  |  January 3, 2010


High-ranking physicians and executives at Partners HealthCare, which includes Massachusetts General and Brigham and Womenís hospitals, can no longer receive stock or unlimited fees for sitting on the boards of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, under new rules that took effect Friday.  (A:  Thatís how you pay them off legally.  You give them stock shares.  Itís the same with politicians.  I remember when Mulroney left Canada as the Prime Minister and I think it was Reagan too who did the same thing and then Bush Sr did the same thing.  They all got boards.  They all got seats on God knows how many corporations for ramming through the NAFTA deal.  Thatís how you pay them off.  They donít even have to attend and so many shares.  Thatís how itís done.  So they can no longer receive stock or unlimited fees, UNLIMITED fees for sitting on the boards of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.  And theyíre really ticked off about it.  They will only be able to get now $500 per hour for sitting on their gluteus maximi and fudging statistics.  Back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about how doctors and hospital executives get big payoffs for sitting on the boards of biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  This new rule is coming into effect in some of the US states and so now they will be limited, it says here.  Itís from the Boston Globe. 


Partners estimates that the policy affects roughly 25 vice presidents, clinical department heads, and other top executives who are directors for some of the nationís leading drug companies. The rules limit their pay (A:  Before that they were getting a lot more money for that.  Of course, what they do is make sure that those particular pharmaceutical products are sold throughout their hospitals and prescribed by the bucket load basically.  Thatís what they do.) to $500 an hour, (A:  Poor souls, how will they manage?) or $5,000 for a typical 10-hour day attending a board meeting; (A:  Of course they get a couple of good lunches there and a round of golf in between it as well.) the rules ban executives and high-level physicians outright from taking company stock as compensation.


The new limits at Partners underscore just how intertwined academic medical centers and pharmaceutical companies have become. (A:  Theyíve always been that way because it was the Rockefeller boys who set up the pharma industry and the medical industry in the US and decided what would be taught.  Itís still the same today in fact.)  They are part of a national push by state regulators, Congress, and hospitals themselves to make these relationships more transparent and to counter industryís influence over the drugs and treatments doctors prescribe.


Mass. General and Harvard Medical School, with which the hospital is affiliated, are among dozens of institutions and organizations nationally that have come under scrutiny from congressional investigators over their relationships with pharmaceutical companies.  (A:  They never say bribery and stuff.  Thatís left for the people at the bottom.  Ö and graft.  If you think thatís going to stop themÖ NO.  Thereís a hundred thousand ways they can pay them off, as they always have in the past too.  Holidays in the Bahamas, or on big luxury yachts and stuff like that.  There are always ways to pay them back; no problem at all.  But it looks good for PR.  Public relations, it looks good for that.   It makes us think that somethingís actually happening about corruption.  This corruption is the NORM.  Itís the norm.)


Iíve got to laugh too.  Itís got an article here from CBS News.  Crimesider it says here.


Do New Airport Body Scanners Violate Child Porn Laws?

(A:  Now, the TRICK of putting something new into your mind is to divert you from the natural argument into the SIDE argument.  Itís always done in the first sentence.)

Do New Airport Body Scanners Violate Child Porn Laws?

(A:  Technically, it should violate EVERYBODYíS privacy laws; but NO, they put it as child porn laws.)

 Brits Balking at US Security Demands

by Edecio Martinez  / January 5, 2010


NEW YORK (CBS/AP) British airports are largely in a holding pattern over the introduction of full body scanners, amid concerns the technology may breach child pornography and child protection laws, (A:  What about the adults?  Donít they care?  There is someone seeing you stark naked.)


You know something, weíve been so degenerated over the last 3 generations really, thanks to Hollywood and all the TV companies working together in the Culture Industry, knowing where they were going with it all a long time ago.  But they were not embarrassed about anything anymore.  There are people who just soak up what really is just mild pornography under the guise of entertainment today.  Nothing shocks us anymore so when they say, yeah weíre going to see you in the full nude, youíre sitting there chewing the stuff that makes you all fat and obese, well, yeah, you know, Iím used to that anyway, I watch all the TV and so what, whatís the big deal? Öthey will tell you.


You know 30 years ago, they could never even have attempted this.  They could not have attempted it.  There would have been a massive outcry and child pornography, they wouldnít use that as an excuse.  It would be PORNOGRAPHY PERIOD and the violation of human rights PERIOD, but weíre so degraded now.  These so-called reality shows, when they came out with them and they stick a bunch of youngsters in a house and theyíre wearing very little and telling them to have a good ole time with themselves.  Of course theyíre being directed, although the public is not supposed to know that.  The next thing you know, theyíre all having sex with each other.  This is entertainment now.  Nothing shocks them.  This is the same generation who has been taught that you donít need privacy.  Whatís privacy?  Itís an old-fashioned concept. 


Weíve been SO degraded step by step by step.  Iíve said this, there has been a war going on that knew exactly what it was doing and where it was going.  It was intergenerational and they published books and books and books about HOW they would do it.  Incredible.  This is radiation.  This is x-ray by the way.  Theyíll say oh, itís a mild x-ray.  it just bounces off the surface of the skin.  What utter rubbish!  It will penetrate the body.  Thereís no such safe limit for x-rays, no matter what they tell you.  Itís ACCUMULATIVE, to the damage.  Everyone is different.  Some people could take more radiation before the cancers break out; some people less.  Theyíve had documentaries on CBC in Canada to do with mainly young women who had lots of x-rays Ė more than the average Ė because of health problems when they were children and all the cancers they ended up with when they hit 20, 30, 40, multiple cancers.  And here they are, trying to tell us this is safe.  Never mind that, anybody who doesnít mind seeing themselves starkers, knowing darned well - Iíll guarantee you - they will sell this stuff across the internet and to all the sickos out thereÖ probably in Parliament and stuff like that, or law enforcement.  They will be selling all that stuff across the world; itís just inevitable. 


You know something?  Itís true to an extent too, the people GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.  Because guess what?  They bully will push and push and push until you are flat on your back and if you donít start pushing back you will be flat on your back.  I canít believe they just accept it and accept it.  Disgusting!  Tyranny is tyranny.  Look at your history books.  If you donít look at your history books, youíre done for, because this has been tried over and over again.  All these techniques to keep you safe as they humiliate you and train you to obey, obey, obey.  We canít go much further you know; canít do it. 


Itís started with again, a long time ago, with womenís rights they said, which is nonsense.  Communists always picked minority groups and pretended to help them.  Then when communism came in in certain countries those folk thought they were going to have a utopia and have rights were the first ones to get bumped off.  They donít want troublemakers in communist dictatorial tyrannies.  Years ago they started saying well, you know, you donít really want pregnancy; itís just a fetus; itís just like having a wart removed; thatís all it is; weíre all just here by happenstance; itís just evolution; we could have been monkeys or butterflies or something else but here you are; you are nothing special.  They dehumanized us, exactly what Julian Huxley said they would HAVE TO DO, dehumanize us and they have, starting with abortion. 


Now theyíve drugged all children pretty well who have an IQ worth noticing; they drug them because they donít want future leaders.  Itís okay for governments to DRUG them to almost death and some of them do die.  But here they go, a war on drugs for people who smoke marijuana and stuff like that.  Utter nonsense.  Utter rubbish.  Itís the psychiatric industry that wants to champion Darwinism - and championed Marxism and championed Nazism - go right at it again.  PsychiatryÖ  Lenin said the same thing.  He says, these services Ė like the health services, child services Ė will become authorities.  That was their PURPOSE in introducing them in the first place.  So when they are finished with all of thatÖ They are drugging the children, they are aborting healthy babies, as they tell us at the same time there are too many people, while they open the flood gates to immigration, and at the same time tell us Ė the same time, hereís for double, triple, quadruple-think Ė they tell us that the people in the West are becoming sterile and not enough children are being born to native Brits and native French and native so on and so on it goes and thatís why they have to open the flood gates.  Then they open the flood gates and then they say oh, there are too many of you.  This is BEYOND double-think, but itís not meant to be rational.  Itís meant to get emotional things going.  Then they go for the elderly.  They also go for the physically unfit.  You know thatís coming.  Theyíve already discussed it in many high levels. 


Thereís Obamaís social health care system which is not what the people think it is.  Itís NOT what they think it is.  Itís ways of cutting back on all the stuff the ones who canít afford it get for free right now.  It will be an utter authority.  Theyíve already worked out with the RAND Corporation how they can cut back on life prolonging drugs and stuff.  You canít get certain drugs in Canada or the Britain that you can get in the US that prolong your life for maybe 6 months.  They say itís not cost effective.  When governments run your health care system - and yet I know all health care systems that are private are corrupt as well and ridiculously expensive - but when governments run it remember, REMEMBER itís a political agenda.  Donít ever forget that. 


So from The New York TimesÖ


Montana Ruling Bolsters Doctor-Assisted Suicide

By KIRK JOHNSON / January 1, 2010 / NYTimes.com


DENVER ó The Montana Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that state law protects doctors in Montana from prosecution for helping terminally ill patients die. (A:  And thatís how they start it.  Thatís how they start it.  The same thing happened remember in Holland years ago.  Theyíve killed off a lot of people since then including nuns that did not want to be terminated.  Oops, it was a mistake.  There are lots of mistakes, believe you me, but theyíre not really mistakes when youíre going to cost the government money.)  But the court, ruling with a narrow majority, sidestepped the larger landmark question of whether physician-assisted suicide is a right guaranteed under the stateís Constitution.


The 4-to-3 decision, in a case closely watched around the nation by physicians and advocates for the disabled and terminally ill, was a victory for the so-called death-with-dignity movement.  (A:  Another front movement.)  But it fell short of the sweeping declaration advocates had hoped for.


And by avoiding the question of constitutional rights entirely, the court kept the debate in the Montana Legislature, where passions over the issue run high and where tinkering with existing laws is much easier than changing the Constitution.  (A:  Iíll put this link up as well for you all to have a gander at as they say.)


These things are all connected.  All connected becauseÖ and Iíve even mentioned it a few times.  Julian Huxley, I read from his own book.  He was the first United Nationsí UNESCO CEO put in to create a world culture and start brainwashing a WORLD generation of youngsters through National Education Associations all connected to UNESCO, a COMMON curriculum of SOCIAL CHANGE.  Dehumanize the peopleÖ until we accept that well, yeah, weíre just beasts; there are too many of us beasts and so what; whatís the point in keeping someone with palsy alive; letís get rid of them too.  Itís the same stuff that was done in the Soviet regime and in the Nazi regime and they were BOTH SOCIALIST by the way.  And here it is, under different guises and the people are so ignorant today they canít connect itÖ when itís never been so OPEN as today. 


Look at all the people appointed behind Obama.  Look at them all.  Look at the books they wrote in the past.  These are the same types of characters that were in the Nuremburg TrialsÖ even though that was rigged as well and pre-scripted by Hollywood by the way, by another Bernays.  These are the same characters too that did the slaughtering in the SovietsÖ and they think itís justified, to bring the population down by ANY AND ALL MEANS POSSIBLE, and make it economically feasible.  In other words, you only treat the people that you deem WORTHY to treat with medicine.  Itís amazing.


Remember too, when the so-called crash came that Iceland that was a haven for them.  They promised incredible return on investments.  Then we found out that gee, even little townships were investing your tax money in this Iceland.  No one knew that they had money to invest; they were always crying broke.  Lots of townships in Europe, especially Britain, had lots of cash invested there, so much so, that Tony Blair, before he left, said that they might even have to go to war to make Iceland pay up.  I read that article too.  Well, from the BBCÖ


Iceland leader vetoes bank bill

Iceland's president has refused to sign a controversial bill to repay

$5bn (£3.1bn) to the UK and the Netherlands.

Story from BBC NEWS: Tuesday, 5 January 2010 / By Ingibjorg Thordardottir, BBC News


Olafur Ragnar Grimsson: "The participation of the nation in the final agreement is the only viable outcome."  (A:  They are refusing to pay their debt of $5 billion or £3.1 billion to the UK and the Netherlands.)


President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson said he would instead hold a referendum on the bill, following public protests.  (A:  Itís amazing to see a little country like that where the public are demanding what they wantÖ to an extent that itís frightening the guys at the top.  It appears at the moment theyíre at least thinking of complying.  Weíll see how it turns out.)


The legislation was designed to compensate governments forced to bail out their savers with Icesave accounts following Iceland's banking (A:  Ömelt down.  I put that in there because thereís a good little joke in there.) collapse.


Opponents argue the terms of the payments will unfairly hurt Iceland and its recovery from economic crisis.


Some reports say those opponents form a large majority of Icelanders - some 70% are said to be likely to vote "no" in a referendum.  (A:  Well I wonder if itís anything like Ireland where they will just run over their heads anyway and get what they want.  Weíll see.)


It seems that the IMF is heavily involved.  You understand, these are the heavies who come in and take your country over when you are in debtÖ the IMF.  Theyíre putting the heat on Iceland as well to pay back their debts.  This strange private organization of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and by the way, all it is is the same bunch thatís in the World Bank.  Itís a group of international world bankersÖ PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS.  Thatís what runs the UN; itís a private organization too.  Iíll put this article up as well at the end of the show. 


Alan:  Weíve got Mo from California there on the phone. Are you there Mo?


Mo:  Hey, Alan.  First I wanted to say thank you for all youíve done for humanity while you are on earth.  I have a lot of respect for you.  You have opened my eyes definitely to a lot of things I didnít know.


Alan:  I tell you, hang on and Iíll get you after this break.


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix talking to Mo from California, so resume, Mo.


Mo:  Alright, Alan.  Weíve got about 5 minutes left.  I wish I had a little bit more time.  I know some of the questions that I have for you would definitely take more time for you to answer but Iíll cut it short.  First Iíd like to say that anybody out there that is listening to Alan that hasnít bought anything of his, the books or CDs, definitely to go to his web site and get them and listen to them.  Understand everything he is talking about beyond current events because thatís what itís about.  Itís about an ancient plan that is coming to fruition and I believe that we are at our end stages of this fruition and the new world order that I believe is here and has been here.  People claim that itís not because itís not on some type of constitution or paper or some type of announcements on corporate media news but I believe itís here and itís been here and nothing is going to stop it.  Something Iíd like to ask you in regards to media.  You touched on a lot of things that are really close to my heart.  Media is definitely controlled.  I am worried about the alternative media now, not such as yourself, but other people out there that are, I feel telling the truth but they are not giving more to the people that seek knowledge.  One of those people again, that I know youíve been interviewed and so forth and that doesnít mean that you are involved in his operation or anything, is Alex Jones.  I feel he is misleading people by not giving them information, half-truths, chaos.  You talked a lot about this in a show where itís all just this organized chaos and out of chaos comes order.  I feel strongly, 100%, with the investigations that Iíve done on Mr. Alex Jones, that he is part of this.  Again, you donít have to comment on that but if you can comment on alternative media, whatís going on there, the new world order being here, that would be greatÖ in the last couple of minutes. 


Alan:  The problem with me is that I never have time to listen to anyone else during the days.  Now years ago I used to listen to different ones mainly when it was on short wave radio.  I got into short wave radio and an article appeared in the Toronto Star back in the late 80s, early 90s.  It mentioned the history of the Patriot Movement in the US and how the CIA had started it up in the Cold War back in the 60s.  At that time they funded Christian movements as fronts against communism at that time.  The guy who wrote the script hinted at the fact that theyíd never let up.  Now itís true, all media, even if it starts off genuinely, will either be infiltrated or incredible offers will come to you and if you go for them you end up being a slave to a master.


Mo:  Correct.  Thatís what I want to say out there and again, itís nothing against you.  Youíve been in his videos and so forth but he knows a lot, more than heís letting out.  Itís obvious.  When someone has a little bit higher IQ than the norm, who is turned on to whatís going on, when they listen to him they obviously know after about 2 weeks, if they do their own research, that this guy isnít letting everything out there.  Itís just organized chaos.


Alan:  Itís possible too that thatís how he does see things.  I know heís far moreÖ how do you say itÖ heís far more upbeat than me and he covers a lot of topics.


Mo:  Yeah.  A lot of facts he puts out there and heís probably opened more eyes than anybody out there but you know if you look into his past, all his ancestors were Freemasons and he doesnít disclose it.  He does a video on George Washington who was one of the first Presidents of our country and he was a grand master Freemason.  So I just donít understand why he is not giving more information on the ancient history of the new world order and whatís really happening and why the United States was created.  Both you and I know, to bring in the new world order. 


Alan:  Iím pretty certain of it by the founding fathersí own statements.  Thanks for calling in.  It doesnít mean that I necessarily agree with it.  People have their different ways of putting things over.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.


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