Jan. 6, 2010 (#486)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 6, 2010:

The T.V. View Becomes Degenerate You:

"International Degeneracy, How Far Do We Fall?
When Wrong is Right, Is There an End at All?
As We Adapt into Newspeak and Doublethink,
Prattling Global Warming with Never a Blink,
As Europe's Under Worst Snow for Twenty-five Years,
Same as with China, All Frozen and Tears,
While Eco-Fees Added to Every Buy,
For Deep Corporate Pockets, the Sharks are Sly,
Round and Round, this Great Circus Merrily Goes,
Of Porn, Sports and Booze, World Reality Show"
© Alan Watt Jan. 6, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 6, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 6th 2010.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have up there for future use because the big sites go down once in a while and that way you can always download the latest shows for free.  These are the official sites:  [listed above].  As always, I keep reminding you that I am probably the only person out there who isnít paid directly by the advertisers.  The ads on this show are paid by the advertisers straight to RBN to put the show out on satellite and so on.  Itís got nothing to do with me.  That pays for RBNís air time, staff, board operators, bills and so on.  So itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by going into my web site.  Everything up there for download in the audios and transcripts are free and you can help me by buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale.  Thatís about all that keeps me going.  It just trickles in and I trickle along, believe you me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can always get in touch with me at [address above]. 


What a brave new world we truly, truly live in.  I was on a show today, Alex Jones, and he asked me if Iím ever shocked about whatís coming down.  I say, no Iím not shocked because when you have studied the agenda and youíve studied their books, they always tell you years in advance what they want to implement in this world society, this new global managed, reduced society.  They pretty well tell you every single part of it.  I can remember watching so called experts from Israel talking to the US governmental officials on a program on television back in the 80s.  They did the same thing at the same time in Britain from Israel, because they were the worldís experts on terrorism and airline traffic and ways of searching and monitoring people and all the rest of it.  So they told us then that in the future because the way of war was changing, that would be the way of the future.  We are simply living through it right now.  Back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how really nothing shocks me because I expect each part of the implementation scheme to work out according to some kind of schedule in some kind of system, which it always does. 


Years ago they talked about the changing face of war.  Why did they know it was going to change?  Because they were talking about a global society that would be here NOWÖ 20, 30 years ago they were talking about it in think tanks.  AS we got into this global society, the structure of the world would change, the powers would change, and youíd have - recently-emerging nations that would have to be suppressed or guided into the global system.  They already had it designed then who they would ALLOW into the global system and who they would allow to go through the period of national liberation, as the communists call it.  You see, there was no real difference between those who already ruled the West and those who ruled the Soviet system.  Through the two of them and through their conflict and the dialectic, become the third way; they come to the merging of the outcome, the resolution, the synthesis.  Thatís what they were always after.


How do you get the world to go from here, with this kind of morality, this kind of cultural structure and so on, to there?  How do you do it?  You get up all the minority groups, you fund them to the hilt, give them lots of publicity and they demand to be heard and they have the ear of governments.  Then governments change the laws and all the rest of it to suit them.  Then the structure of society is suddenly changed.  Then they go for the next phase and the next phase.  Then the government literally is in charge of every facet of your life.  They destroy the family unit in the process; thatís one of the big intentions because you must be on your own.  HG Wells mentioned this back in the early 1900s that the government wonít be happy, WE wonít be happy, he said, until government can literally talk right down to YOU, one on one.  There is no one around you to stand up for you.  Thereís no minor clan or family to step in between and give you support.  That isolates you.  It terrifies you when government comes down to you.  Itís much easier for government too because they donít have to go through the niceties of placating family members or extended family members before they can get to you.  That used to make them back off you see, theyíd get bad publicity.  Now itís straight down to the individual and no one cares.  No one cares.  That was all part of it.  There is nothing new. 


They talked about the emerging nations.  You can see why Chechnya for instance, has been hammered.  Theyíve not been allowed to have a country of their own mainly because they are Muslims.  They donít want Muslims in that area having a power base.  Donít kid yourself for a minute that they havenít had a war on Islam.  For all their PR (public relations) and public perception distortionists and experts they come out with, this IS a war to destroy one of the biggest, strongest religions in the world.  You canít have strong religions in the world where the people follow a particular dictate outside of their governmental system.  You canít have that if government is to be all powerful, especially world government.  They wrote about that over 100 years ago too, in their own books.  We are just living through a long-term script, as were your parents and your grandparents; they didnít know it either.  Long-term script. 


Iíll tell you why you know itís a long-term script.  Apart from the fact their old books are still out there for collection and reading, if you care to read through dusty old books.  You canít predict all this stuff and have global meetings where they want this and this and this, then have it all happen over a period of 50-100 years, by chance.  It doesnít happen by chance.  Itís done by human work.  Foundations, as Quigley and others have explained, foundations can work in CENTURIES because they are set up with a MANDATE.  They hire and work and retire and hire and work and retire generations after generations ALL WORKING on the same agenda.  They can work in CENTURIES and pull it off.  Thatís exactly what they have been doing.  The foundations are really the big part of whatís called the Parallel Government.  The CFR is part of the parallel government.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs, the parent body, is part of the parallel government, the one that Carroll Quigley talked about, and the one that Margaret Thatcher even referred to.  She said, I belong to a parallel government now that Iím retired.  She says, I know all the old politicians, all the heads of state, and we who are all retired form a parallel government.  We can get things done and not be responsible to the public.  For democracy to work, thereís too much arguing that goes on, it takes so long to get anything done, whereas they can get their jobs done behind the scenes, carry it through, thereís no call back from the public, they donít have to answer to them, and they have more POWER than elected politicians that are really just there to throw tomatoes at.  Thatís their job. 


Carroll Quigley mentioned this parallel government that had been on the go he said, and running the US Ė they had already been running Britain for a long time Ė but it was running the US in his day - when he wrote his book Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment - for 60 years and those books were printed in the 1960s.  They knew exactly where they were going WITH a global government and not just a global government where they would share an American system with the world.  No.  The US was to be USED as basically the big engine to force the rest of the world INTO this new socialist system and then they would force what was left of American into it as well, at the end.  Thatís what we are living through right now. 


They printed lots of books about this.  It wasnít to be a great liberation of the world where people for the first time would have some property of their own and maybe have a little farm of their own with very little government interference.  No.  It was to be a planned society for the entire planet.  The boys at the top came out of the most elitist circles you could ever imagine.  They believed in Darwinism.  They believed that they were the offspring of people who were highly evolved, more evolved than all the peasants at the bottom.  Eugenicists, all of them. 


They planned also to bring in ways to bring down the generations at home.  Thatís why 85% of all males in the West are pretty well sterile.  Itís not by accident.  They donít say my goodness, hereís the statistics for this year, the male is down by 85% of the sperm count of 1950; oh dear, this is a crisis.  They would say oh dear this is a crisis IF it truly was out of their hands.  There is no comment on itÖ at all.  Except, itís a good thing actually; itís just nature working its way out so that we donít have too many people.  Utter rubbish. 


Weíve been run by sciences; weíve been run by big pharma for 100 yearsÖ working closely with government departments that are NOT answerable to the public.  Now we are going in for the big kill of course, because not only when they were talking about ways to modify food, to genetically modify it in the early days, they harped on about how they could alter it to produce drugs.  Of course that wasnít a new idea.  Where do you think opium comes from and some of the most powerful drugs in the world?  From plants obviously.  Under the guise of getting bigger crops and yielding greater crops, they could literally drug the population, one of the REAL purposed of GM, or grand master, genetically modified foods, discussed at high levels of the United Nations in fact, back in the 60s.  Also at the United Nations they talked about ways of putting something in there that would also sterilize the males, in certain crops.  I think rice was one of them.  Rockefeller himself came up with his Golden Rice project to feed the world. 


Here is a man who has talks up on YouTube, at 94, about vastly reducing the worldís population by every means possible, wanting to help feed the world.  You know, any idiot who can watch these people talking - going further than Hitler or Stalin even went in public - and then think at the same time that they are out there as benefactors to the world, well you need your head looked at.  In fact, check first and see if youíve got one.  We have heard speeches in the past few years from these guys Ė actually many years with Rockefeller Ė that should curl the hair on our heads.  These arenít just little nobodies making a speech in Hyde Park on a soap box.  These are guys who are INVOLVED IN the CIA; that came out in the book, Americaís Cultural Cold War.  Everything happening in the CIA, the Rockefellers know whatís going on.  They funded part of it.  When these guys speak and they have their big foundations with multi-trillions of dollars at their disposal, with thousands of non-governmental organizations - which is just their land army - they can pull this off. They can DO what they want. 


We hear them talking about drastically reducing the populations and it doesnít penetrate.  Because why?  We are taught that we are so civilizedWe are civilized now; nasty things happened in ancient times.  Since World War II, we all became civilized, just like that.  A great leap forward in evolution or something must have happened because NOW we are civilized.  No, no, no.  These same characters and creeps like the Rockefellers are alive today.  The same Rockefellers that had pushed for mandatory sterilization throughout the US for years and got their way and many states followed suit and sterilized THOUSANDS of what they called Ďthe unfit.í  Iíll be back with more after this break.


I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, when President Wilson was put in there as the little puppet man on behalf of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and his handler was Mandell House, they also had, later on, Bernard Baruch join them.  Very powerful people because Mandell House had the full backing of the British Empire you might call it.  This CLUB that ran the British Empire, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, no one elects them; they are a PRIVATE organization with a Royal Charter, a very elitist organization, all funded by private bankers, international lenders.  They are not just a little local bank, but international lenders.  They became the Royal Institute of International Affairs with the CFR as the American branch.  They have run the US ever since.  You find when Presidents get in trouble, just like Bill Clinton; he doesnít go in front of the public and apologize, he goes FIRST to the Council on Foreign Relations.  Check it out yourself.  Thatís what he did.  So they are answerable to the CFR before they are to the public, the electorate. We know itís all a farce, the elections and that.  Iím just saying what happened. 


Baruch was very important because he used to talk to everybody in a park.  He was so weary of being bugged - and this is BEFORE the tape recorder as we know it was even in vogue - that heíd meet people in parks and on park benches. He was called ĎThe Park Bench Politicianí although technically he wasnít in politics, he just told the politicians what to do.   Baruch was a guy who got a lot of the big bankers in the US to put money together to give massive loans to Japan back in the early 1900s.  That built up their army and their navy in time and told them, part of the agreement was to attack Russia, the Sino-Russian War.  The stress of that war cost so much that the communists were fomenting revolution because of the heavy taxation there was in fighting this war.  Then after that they were told to go into China, which they did.  Thatís all come out in the Fugu Plan and thatís in the Congressional Records.  The Japanese kept records of all these loans and all the stipulations that had to go along with the loans.  Baruch was the top man, living in the US, and that funded them all up right into World War II. 


Itís no coincidence that Carroll Quigley said about this group that put in Presidents, he said that they were all powerful.  They always made sure, regardless of the party, that they put their own men in at the top.  So it didnít matter who you were voting for, which party Ė the party game nonsense Ė you would get one of their boys; therefore the same agenda would continue intergenerationallyÖ which it did.  Baruch also said, for everything you hear in government and politics and policies, thereís always a good reason Ė meaning a PLAUSIBLE reason for the public Ė and then there is the REAL reason.  Thatís the reason the public are NEVER told about. 


Iíve mentioned the GM food.  It definitely has more functions than just feeding the people.  If anything, our health is going backwards since it was introduced and they know this at the top.  They will not make it a crisisÖ as folk die off left, right and center with cancers and become even more sterile.  But it does make people VERY EASILY MANAGED because of the various chemical drugs IN them.  Exactly what youíd want when youíre taking down the planet and taxing people into the dirt.  You donít want them rebelling.  No.  Weíve never had such a great population across the world.  Even the people in utter poverty have got masses of entertainment, free entertainment, cheap entertainment, and cheap gadgets to watch it all on and PLAY their games.  And so much porn, everywhereÖ porn, porn everywhere.  And sports.  Another tactic you see.  Beautiful conception isnít it though?  To give them all of this while you are taxing them into the dirt and putting out agencies every week, new agencies that are going to control more facets of their life, right into their home.  They donít mind.  Itís like the pied piper and the children following him, happy as can beÖ all drugged or something.  Thatís what theyíve created right now.  Beautiful warfare strategy.  Thereís always the real reasonÖ a plausible reason for the public, a good reason, but thereís always the real reason.  This GM food nonsense is the same as the global warming nonsense.  It all covers for other things. 


The Guardian Newspaper in Britain is awfully politically correct.  In fact it talks on behalf of the Guardian Class basically.  Theyíre all for the global warming agenda, etc., but theyíre also a PRÖ Newspapers are PRIVATE remember.  They get paid big bucks from big corporations for advertising.  A lot of their stuff is really nothing more than advertising and getting paid for it obviously, especially when it comes to GM food and stuff like that.  Theyíve been pushing and pushing and pushing for that, never mind the lobbyists.  The lobbyists pay as much money to the newspapers as they do to the politicians, as a payoff to get what they want.  This article is from January 6, ĎBritain must launch GM food revolution, says chief scientist.í


Again, how they word it, itís all done in advance by ghost writers.  In fact, I think we live in a virtual world.  We should do away with politicians since they always tell you what theyíre going to announce the next day and then they read it verbatim.  You can read it beforehand or stand and watch the goof actually read it on television.  So we should get virtual politicians and virtual scientists; it would be a lot cheaper.  Back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just reading an article from The Guardian newspaper which is just a promo for the GM food industry and how they government, who are all in bed with Monsanto, etc, want to plug their stuff to the public, all the stuff that kills you, sterilizes you, and makes you very PLIABLE.  It says hereÖ


Britain must launch GM food revolution, says chief scientist

John Vidal and Felicity Lawrence / The Guardian, Wednesday 6 January 2010


Britain must embrace genetically modified crops and cutting-edge developments such as nanotechnology (A:  Theyíre already putting nanotechnology in the foods.  Iíve got articles going back to the Nanotechnology Food Association for the last few years.  Quite interesting to see what theyíve been putting in it already.)  to avoid catastrophic food shortages (A:  Another catastrophe.  Now theyíre flogging everything as crisis.) and future climate change, the government's chief scientist will warn today.  (A:  All ghost written probably by Monsanto for them.)


In the clearest public signal yet that the government wants a hi-tech farming revolution, Professor John Beddington (A:  Heís one of the main ones.  Heís going to be an awful rich man if heís not already.) will say UK scientists need to urgently develop "a new and greener revolution" to increase food production in a world changed by global warming and expected to have an extra 3 billion people to feed by 2040.  (A:  Even though the population is dropping like a stone.  He says, in a world changed by global warming, here they go, global warming.  This is out today, this newspaper, right; itís out today.  Here is The Mail OnlineÖ right.  Youíre in double-think.  Youíre in la-la land and schizoid land.  We all are.  The Mail OnlineÖ)


Extreme Weather Warning as the MET Office Forecasts 16 inches of Snow across Southern England Tonight. 

[Article unavailable as of 1/7/10]


-Fears Britons could run out of gas after a surge in demands to heat homes.

-Entire bus networks suspended. 

-The garbage men diverted to gritting duties. 

-Truck drivers killed. 

-Thousands caught up in tailbacks. 

-Two people die in frozen lakes. 

-Men are missing. 

-Shoppers begin panic buying winter food and salt to clear paths. 

-Thousands of people are told to stay home as snow shuts schools.

-Business leaders warn of economic impact as staff fail to turn up. 


An extreme weather alert was issued for Southern England today as snow and ice brought transport networks to an abrupt halt.  Heavy snow fall is expected across Southern areas of England that have not seen snow so far during this cold spell as freezing conditions persists across the county.  (A:  Itís the coldest itís been in 25 years by the way.  Iím just contrasting this with this hype, fear, nonsense that I read before from The Guardian of the reasons for bringing in GM food because of the global warming, it says.)


The heavy snow thatís affecting Scotland and Northern England is moving south and the heaviest falls over the next 24 hours are expected across parts of central and southern England and southeast Wales.  (A:  It brought the country to a standstill.  A standstill.  Amazing eh?  But global warming...) 


What did I say a long time ago?  I says, I donít care if you are up to your eyes in SNOW, I donít care if Jesus Christ comes down and tells us itís all a con, they will carry on persisting with the nonsense because they canít turn back.  They never turn back from their propaganda.  They canít.  Theyíve got everything counting on this global warming scam to make you pay and pay and pay and change your whole way of living, your WHOLE WAY OF LIVING.  I mean that, your whole way of living. 


Ontario just passed a thing called Frugal Canadian Living, A Canadianís Guide to Living a Frugal, not Ďcheapí, Life.  Itís got Ontarioís Eco Fee Charge.  Theyíre going to put ECO fees on all products that you buy.  This is actually from June 7th, 2009.  Itís a private corporation apparently that the government is in bed with to pass another tax Ė which they have done Ė on everything that you purchase called an ECO FEE.  An eco fee.  Now, donít forget youíve still to get your carbon FEE on top of that yet, for all the energy that goes into making that thing that you just bought.  STEWARDSHIP Ontario, they are the stewards of the planet because they CARE about you and they love money more than anyone else on the planet; thatís how you become a steward.  Iíll put all these links up on my site at the end of the show.  Stewardship Ontario. 

Ontario's Eco Fee Charge

Sunday, June 7, 2009


What private bunchÖ Who even gives local governments or state governments or provincial governments the right to just pass these laws like that, that are going to whack us all for every penny weíve got, what weíve got LEFT, as weíre getting taxed to the hilt for all their bank bailouts and everything elseÖ and their stinking high salaries?  Iíll put these links up for you to see for yourself.  Whatís HERE is coming out across the whole of the Americas.  Weíre all ONE now, you understand.  Weíre ALL one.  I wouldnít call it one big happy family, be weíre supposed to THINK that weíre one big happy family. 


I mentioned too, how they start with abortion.  They always start with a minority group, funded to the hilt for the rights of somebody, and these ones at the top; the Soviet style always did that.  Pick some minority, pick lots of minorities, stand up for their rightsÖ you donít give a darn about their rights, it was to CHANGE society that you were really after.  Then you would be an order over society once youíve done it all.  That was the tactic.  It worked.  We have agencies now over every facet of life.  You dehumanize the human being in the process; that was part of it.  How can we complain about Hitler?  Iím only picking Hitler because heís the one most folk know about.  Stalin was worse.  They did the same thing in Mao Tse-Tungís China.  MILLIONS and MILLIONS were slaughtered to bring in these regimes.  But Hitler could never have dreamed of all these chimneys, in every major hospital, popping off baby smoke every darn day as just a matter of course; itís normal.  Itís normal to do it.  So how can we be hypocrites and criticize Hitler when this is normal fare?  Weíre all paying for it.  That was to dehumanize us, not to help some poor girl in distress.  It was to dehumanize all of society.  Now they end up selling baby parts across the planet. Theyíve got baby cells in cosmetic creams and different stuff like that.  Money, money, big bucks.  Thatís how you dehumanize life.


Then you go to the other part.  Remember, the United Nations has a definition, an official definition Ė Iíve read it on the air before Ė of a perfect world citizen.  A world citizen, under the UNís decree, is a good PRODUCER AND CONSUMER.  It means youíre in the workable age.  You pay taxes, you CONSUME but you see that means when you retire, you are only a consumer.  You are bad, youíre not a producer AND consumer.  So you dehumanized the young and you can just kill as many off as you want and call it abortion.  And you are going to see not only full term abortions shortly Ė and I mean that, Iíve read on that Ė you are going to see POST birth abortion, as theyíre going to call it.  In fact thereís been a group pushing for up to 2 YEARS OLD.  Theyíve been pushing for that for a few years.  I know who they are.  I know ALL about them.  Very powerful group.  But then they go for the elderly. 


Theyíve already destroyed the family units and sure enough, the governments have taken over all the jobs that the family used to do.  We donít take care of the elderly anymore.  No.  You throw them in an old folks home where they can get drugged with Halidol, they start to salivate, excessive salivating, they last a few months if they are lucky on the rotten food they have there, all that packaged stuff, and they die of inhalation pneumonia, from breathing IN, inhaling the excess drool that is created by the drugs.  The government, by the way, GRABS their property to pay for it all.  Thatís standard in Ontario and across Canada and all the British Commonwealth countries.  They grab everything that you worked for to pay for it.  Hereís an article today to do with something similar, how far they are going with dehumanization.  Once more itís from the flagship for the world global society, itís the Guardian again in Britain, the UK. 


Care homes forcing elderly to have feeding tubes fitted

(A:  If you want to get in to a home, youíve got to have a feeding tube fitted.)

Thousands of dementia sufferers told they must have surgery to gain entry

Sarah Boseley, health editor The Guardian, Wednesday 6 January 2010


Many care homes will not take a patient until they have a feeding tube fitted.  (A:  For admission.)


Thousands of elderly people are being forced to have tubes fitted so they can be artificially fed if they want to be admitted to a care home, a major report warns today.  (A:  We get lots of warnings, nothing is ever done.)


There is no evidence that tube feeding prolongs life, and it deprives patients of the pleasure and social contact involved in normal eating and drinking, (A:  No kidding.  Oh, theyíre bright at the top.  I can see that.)  says a Royal College of Physicians working group which recommends that artificial nutrition should only be used as a last resort.


The report found that many care homes across the country are making it a condition (A:  Oh, itís our policy, you see.) of residence that people, often in the advanced stages of dementia, have a tube fitted into their abdomen(A:  How would you like that?  How would you like that?  You work and pay taxes all your life and they just want to put you on the cheap and get you out of the way as fast as possible.)


"This is an invasive procedure with a risk, so it should not be undertaken lightly,"


Well believe you me, itís NOT going to beÖ once it startsÖ itís already startedÖ itís not going to stop with just dementia.  Itís for ANYBODY going in.  I call them EXIT homes; thatís what these places are.  They are EXIT homes.  Disgusting!  Itís DISGUSTING!  Doesnít it tell you too, how they know how dumbed down and degenerate we are now as a people?  To even see this stuff printed in major media?  You know something?  Folk will turn on their TV and go goo-ga-ga-ga and forget all about it, just like that.  Sick.  Sick, sick, sick!  But thatís the agenda.  If you donít care about things like this, believe you me, one day YOU will be stuck in there with a tube stuck in your abdomenÖ as they dope you upÖ and leave you lying in your own feces and urineÖ until you die.


Now there is Kevin in Ontario on the line.  Are you there Kevin?


Kevin:  Yes I am Alan.  Iím down in North Bay, just down the road from where you are.  You know, everything that we talk about, everything thatís been done, all the pharmaceuticals that are out there, the mind control, the propaganda, the fake terrorism and everything else, itís all leading to one thing and thatís this one global government.  Itís not a bunch of conspiracies, itís just one conspiracy and itís one for world government. They are using every trick. These global elite are using every trick at their disposal to sell this world government to the people to get the people to beg for it.


Alan:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.  Iíve read articles here FROM some of the elites themselves who have said we shall use fear and terror to make the people comply and demand that we come in and help them.  Thatís exactly what theyíve been doing all along, for ages now. 


Kevin:  Alex Jones, he talks about the scientific dictatorship and they are using science too.  They are using this HAARP technology now.  In a forum on a [inaudible], Iím one of the administrators of one of the rooms called the Wake Up Project.  Iíve been doing a lot of stuff with the HAARP system.  I did a lot of broadcasting of that and Dr. Nick Begich, his documentaries on that and how that could be used also to get people to be complacent.


Alan:  It is being used.  It is being used because I did articles a long time ago about that with the HAARP technology and went back to even Brzezinskiís own book.  He was the head of the NSA in the 1970s.  In his own book, Between Two Ages, in the chapter the Technotronic Era, he said, shortly techniques will be used on the public.  He was talking about HAARP technologies where WHOLE CONTINENTS could be bathed in waves basically that would make the public very compliant, very complacent.


Kevin:  Not only that but you also get into the pharmaceutical science also.  I actually attended our college, Iím sure you know where that is.  Iím a student there of radio broadcasting.  We were in the psychology course.  They started getting into pharmacology and I decided Iím going to speak up on this here.  I told them, look at these pharmaceutical companies.  The one pharmaceutical company bankrolls hundreds of billions of dollars just in 2008 alone.  I looked at them and I said, do you seriously think that these people who produce the vaccines, the same people that produce the cold medications, the same people that produce the anti-depressants and the cancer medications, do you think that these companies really want you to get well?† Do you think they really want to prevent you from getting sick?  One of them called me paranoid and said that I didnít know what I was talking about.  You know?  I had a couple of them, they started nodding their heads.  Itís like yeah.  You know?


Alan:  Itís true.  We donít realize that the whole medical establishment for the Americas and Western Europe was established by the Rockefeller Foundation. The format for medical training, their belief, their merger with the whole pharmacology industry was all from the Rockefellers who were one of the biggest players in the foundations for running this world government and helping get the United Nations set up as it is.  A very powerful family.  Trillions are at their disposal, literally, just through their foundations, tax-free foundations, to get all of this through.  Here is the same guy whoís got a share, controlling interest, in every major pharma industry across the planet.  Do you think this man, who TELLS us weíve got to drastically reduce the population by BILLIONS, wants to help you at the same time with his pills?  You see?  This is DOCUMENTED stuff of whoís running all of this stuff.


Kevin:  Also whatís documented with the Rockefellers and their monopolization of the pharmaceutical industry is they were alsoÖ JD Rockefeller was also the one that was instrumental in making a lot of the natural medicines, very potent natural medicines, illegal in the early days of pharmacology. 


Alan:  Thatís right.


Kevin:  Hemp oil, like the THC in hemp oil, ingestible or as a topical ointment, is one of the most potent medicines out there.† And what happens?  The THC is made illegal.


Alan:  Meanwhile all the opium and opiate derivatives for painkillers, in your terminal phases, go through the Rockefellers companies.


Kevin:  And yet opium, what kind of medical benefit does it have other then make people stupid.  It does kill the pain but it makes you dependent on that drug.  You do not get any dependence on the hemp seed oil.  Thatís why they canít use that, of course. 


Alan:  The reason they donít want you to use it is because anybody can grow it.  [Laughing]


Kevin:  That too.  Anybody can grow it, which means that thatís not going to make the pharmaceutical company any money.  Itís not going to make the medical industry any money either.  So if people can cure themselves without ever having to see a doctor, without ever having to go to the pharmacy, good lordÖ


Alan:  Youíve got to understand too, illness and medicine is to do with keeping people dependent.  When you have people who are sick you now have authority over the people.  When you stand up there and say weíve got the antidote or weíve got some kind of medicine that will alleviate the symptoms, you have POWER over the people and medicine is a powerful institution, an authority now remember, a health authority over the public.  Back with more after this break.


I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to Jeff from Massachusetts now.  Are you there Jeff?


Jeff:  Yes.  A powerful image I saw was a 51 second YouTube video on the movie A Scanner Darkly where itís a fictional movie.  Alex Jones was doing what Alex Jones does which was speaking on a bullhorn and this black van pulls up and 3 people dressed in black come out and one of them tasers Alex and takes him away.  That image is very powerful though itís fiction.  That image stuck in my mind.  You could do a whole movie just on that image alone and thatís the new world order in a nutshell. 


Alan:  It is, actually, it is.  Youíre right.


Jeff:  No trial.  No jury.  If I was to do that movie A Scanner Darkly, it would not be a black van; it would be a white van where you have a surgeon in the back of the van removing the body parts.


Alan:  Youíre right.  Itís just like China.  Just like China, thatís right. 


Jeff:  And then discarding the corpse, no trial, no jury, no body and thatís it.  And then I would add that the secret police would have a list of dissidents to pick up during the week and ship them away and thatís the new world order.  Thatís where the elites, the communists, the neo-cons, where everybody wants to do, and they are just licking at the chops for some sort of false flag attacks to be able to do that, with body scanners and totalitarianism and thatís what this is all about.


Alan:  Youíre right.  I mean, just study the Soviet era and thatís exactly what they did.  Even when they went into a new country to take it over, when they were expanding the Soviet Bloc, traditionally, even from the beginning, the very beginning, they come into another country, they already had the records of every citizen of that country and their histories, their personal and family histories, they already had it, and they called all the main people or people with leadership abilities in the community, one by one, into a basement and each one was shot in the head.  They knew who they were going for and this time itís going to be worse.  Theyíve got complete tabs on everybody that they want out of the way.  The time will come, you are quite correct here, where these guys will be unleashed on the general public and weíll just get snatched off the streetÖ Which one of these?  By the way, those vans where they do that in China, they whisk you off the street, they kill you in the van, execute you in the van and remove your organs.  I noticed in a newspaper article, those vans are now up for sale by China. 


Jeff:  Wow. 


Alan:  Remember, China is THE MODEL STATE FOR THE WORLD according to the United Nations.


Jeff:  And you know what?  Iím not surprised with that because I do security work for a living and I also took an EMT course so I know a little bit about both worlds and you know what?  In the security world, the computerized security will be so sophisticated that you wonít be able to go through the grid.  Remember, in Nazi Germany they identified every single Jewish inmate and the non-Jewish inmate that came through the concentration camps.  Thatís why you have the number of 6 million Jews that got killed in there because we provided the computers to the Nazis to do it.


Alan:  It was IBM.  It was IBM that did all that.  They came up with the numbering system and the tattoos and all the rest of it.


Jeff:  Yeah.  We in American provided that to the Nazis and you know what?  The computer systems today are 10 times more sophisticated than the Nazis and the communists. 


Alan:  Absolutely.


Jeff:  And we provided their technology for them.


Alan:  And were any of these guys taken up and tried for crimes against humanity, these big corporations?  None of them. 


Jeff:  Of course.  Theyíre immune.  Thanks for the call Alan and have a good one.  Bye.


Alan:  Bye now. 


Well thatís it from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




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