Jan. 7, 2010 (#487)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 7, 2010:

Organism Organizing the Body Organic:

"Sometimes Must Thoughts Go Off at Tangent,
For Those Who Know with Minds Intransigent,
So the Scheme in Time is All Laid Bare,
Bold Plans of the Powerful, Those Who Dare
Direct the Destiny of Every Nation,
Using Energy of the Faceless for Own Salvation,
'Historical Necessity's' Soil Covers the Graves
Of the War Generations or Working Slaves,
Building a Future which They don't Detect,
Inherited by Worshippers of Grand Architect,
Self Declared 'The Fittest,' Darwinian Evolution,
Masters of Crisis, Deceit, Progressive Revolution"
© Alan Watt Jan. 7, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 7, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 7th 2010.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Bookmark all the sites I have up there for future use because the big ones go down quite often.  If you bookmark them you can always pull down the latest shows from the alternate sites.  The official sites are:  [listed above].  As I say, I donít scatter my tin can - my tin canÖ I come out with my begging can - throughout the show.  I generally do it at the beginning and get it over and done with so I tell the public, which is true, you bring me to you.  You are the listeners that bring me to you.  No one sponsors me.  Iím not selling any products here.  All I sell is whatís on my web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and thatís my own books, CDs and DVDs.  That just helps me to trickle along basically.  Itís not a job.  Itís more than a vocation.  Itís a MUST BE.  Thatís why Iím doing it because believe you me, you donít get in the cash unless you are pushing advertising all the time.  The ads youíll hear on the show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN for this air time.  That pays RBN for their staff, bills, board ops and all the rest of it.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  Buy the books and disks I have for sale on cuttingthroughthematrix.com or donate.  You can do so by [ordering and donation options listed above].  Itís up to you how you want to do it.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them at meetings, who donít like computers and play them on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  And thatís the tin can part out of the way.


There are so many ways to see reality.  Very few people really see what reality is.  They see whatís presented to them. Every so often I go off tangent, from just reading what theyíre doing to us because I believe that if you just keep telling the public what they are doing to us, it tends to FREEZE us in panic and fear and in a sense that helps them do what they want to do.  So sometimes I take a break away from just that and mix in some other ways to view whatís really happening.  Because people lack, and no wonder we lack the knowledge, the facts of what is happening is kept from us.  Itís no wonder there are so many different theories out there as to whatís actually happening and weíll go into that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just going off on a bit of a tangent tonight just to show what we all go through, all the different tangents of thought we go through.  When most people wake up, itís generally because theyíre being hit personally by laws enacted, things like airport hold-ups, body searches, and stuff like that.  Most folk never complain until they personally are hit by anything.  Thatís just the way it is. 


Thatís why we also allow people to use our money and go off to wars across Ďthereí somewhere.  Itís always Ďover there,í like the song says.  As long as itís over there, itís too remote to be real to us; too remote, so weíre not really concerned, especially when they are using techniques.  They do use techniques in the media to give us such an overload of useless data coupled with entertainment that everything becomes surrealistic and bizarre and therefore NOTHING is really real at all.  One minute youíre watching a movie where the big, tall guy with the blond draped over his arm and the big gun is blasting his way through some city and killing everybody.  All the bad guys can never shoot straight, you notice.  And itís fiction.  The next minute, youíre seeing bombs go off or unmanned drones explode in some Pakistani village on the news and they tell you that 40, 50 civilians were just blown up and stuff like that.  It doesnít register to the public because itís not at your back door.  Thatís why big things like this are allowed to happen.  Even when wars have broken out in the past in Europe, as long as itís some other country and not your country, especially if there were one or two countries between you, you didnít take it too seriously.  It was again, over there somewhere.  But when it eventually came to your own back door and YOU become the refugee, then you start bitching and complaining and asking whatís been going on.  Whatís been going on is whatís always been going on.  Itís just that you didnít notice it.  Now itís come to you. 


People tend to panic when they first wake up because theyíve been given a set reality from birth.  Generally kicked off by their parent or parents, itís all different now.  You used to have standard families and itís all kind of strange families now.  They call them the nuclear family.  I call them the new clear family because the government knows everything about them.  A parent or parents will indoctrinate them with what THEY were given as reality.  That starts everything off.  So the child asks questions, whatís this, whatís that, what does it mean, why is this happening?  And theyíre told pat answers and that satisfies the parents.  The parents themselves think they are quite sane because those around them all get the same information given to them. 


This is the beauty of the information age; everyone gets the same downloading daily from the same Medias across the world.  So as long as you bounce off what you think is real and reality to each other, you all think you are sane and no one questions the validity of the information thatís been given to them.  They have no reason to suspect that that man on the news, itís generally an older guy, a father figure that they keep until heís falling off his seat because youíve grown up with him and heís a DADDY, you see, and daddy would never lie to you.  Every night at 6 oíclock, there he is, staring right at you, as you sit there munching away on whatever frozen foods you have or whatever fast foods, and heíd never lie to you.  Why should he lie?  It doesnít dawn on us, why would they pay sometimes $800,000 a year to someone to read a dummy board?  Thatís all they doÖ is stare at the camera, look very convincing as though they know what they are talking about but they really are just reading a dummy board.  Itís because YOU, his job is very important.  HEíS the big daddy that youíve grown up with.  Weíve seen it in the past, especially in the US, where people would give you the news and they say, thatís the way it isÖ and everybody believed him.  And when they retire, then it comes up - itís even up on YouTube - they all belong to the World Federalists Society.  World FederationÖ and yet theyíve been taken for generations as being the nationals, the ones who decided they are leading YOU as a national and a sovereign nation


Everything is deception, but theyíre not doing it by themselves, obviously.  It takes incredible coordination and organization to make this work.  This technique is not a new technique at all.  Itís certainly better today with instant communication between those who control and different departments that control.  You can go back into the 1700s especially, when organization was REALLY making itself FELT.  People were moving from the old feudal system into industrial systems with organization and managerial classes rising up.  With the managerial classes came DATA COLLECTION and statistics and planning, long-term planning.  It didnít take a lot of people, who were well educated and well indoctrinated into a particular agenda, to guide a country, often from behind the scenes.  It hasnít changed today. 


Itís interesting that the old sci-fi movies for instance, even the old Star Trek ones, and I have articles here from William Shatner who canít keep his mouth shut at times; heís pushing that ego as he always did.  He admits that many of their stories were taken from NASA and that Roddenberry, as Iíve said over the years, Roddenberry was a member of NASA.  Whatís NASA got to do with science fiction?  Well itís because NASA is part of the Military-Industrial Complex that works towards not exploring just space but controlling the whole planet through a series of communications satellites, tracking, all that kind of stuff.  Thatís what they are really all about.  Roddenberry was in there and they were working towards a global society, a post-sovereign nationhood type society.  Therefore they wrapped the stories IN to the Star Trek series.  We saw them always meeting different aliens and this was the multicultural society, thatís what they were showing you.  You always found out too, the Star Trek Enterprise, itís interesting they have the ĎGod Bless Us on this Enterpriseí on the seal.  The Enterprise, youíve got to wonder whose enter-prize?  Whoís entering for the prize?  Who?  Weíre all going along with it.  We wonít get the booty but somebodyís going to get the prize.  Weíll get the boot.  AnywayÖ In Star Trek, they would meet all these different kind of aliens and the ones who would eventually JOIN the great FEDERATION Ė which is the United Nations of course Ė were good guys.  Sometimes a bit odd and strange and humorous, but they were all good guys.  However, the ones who stood up for their own planet were always the bad guys, like the Klingons.  They clung on to the old way, so they called them Klingons.  They were self-sustaining.  They didnít need to be involved in somebody elseís trade system or I guess global or galactic taxation system for that matter either. 


Weíve been programmed all down through these years.  In some of the shows they showed you something that was shown much, much earlier and it came from an idea that did not come from HG Wells but HG Wells wrote about it.  What he was doing was telling people in a sense, that a group, a small group of men already ruled the world in the early days of HG Wells and had done before he came along.  We know this is so from the writings of the funders, just like today, that there were foundations back then that had already funded the revolutionary societies and coordinated the different revolutionary societies in different countries across the whole of Europe and the Western world.  Very wealthy people, often the same people, really descendantsÖ We have descendants today who own the foundations, who fund the non-governmental organizations that have taken OVER from these old revolutionary societies.  But still itís the same format. 


In the Star Trek series, theyíd often show you a planet where 3 or 4 brains were hooked up together, or maybe 5 brains of the elders, this kind of stuff.  Wells talked about it too; he called it The World Brain.  They talked about the world brain, how a small groupÖ and he inferred basically that through SCIENCE they would be timeless, ageless, and deathless basically.  They would be immortal but they could rule the world with all the wisdom of the world, hooked up to this global brain.  Then we see in all the futurist articles the same things coming out to do with the world brain, where everyoneís going to be hooked into this world computer society, this new virtual reality, and weíre going through a paradigm shift Ė they love that term paradigm shift.  What youíre going through today with the velvet glove off the iron fist, the gloves comes off.  They are using brute force and the threat of brute force to make everybody, to ENSURE everybody just goes along with this new totalitarian phase while they work out all the rest of the agenda of depopulation over a 50-year period to bring in the NEW phase where the ones that theyíve basically picked out, from their DNA, will be allowed to breed in the future, after the year 2050 and go on with a much smaller, more reduced population. 


Always remember, as they are hooked into this global mind you might call it, always remember that the big boys themselves, like Charles Galton Darwin who talked about things like this himself.  He said we the elite must never alter ourselves; we have to alter everyone elseís ability for self-preservation.  Because when the State is taking care of ALL the decision making, the people wonít need self-preservative abilities.  However, the elite who are guiding the ship of earth, we the elite, he said, must be natural, we must be wild, he said.  So they will NOT chip themselves.  In other words, you are looking at literally a complete takeover not of just the world and its resourcesÖ but during the process of this they are taking over the MINDS of every one who will work TOWARDS what they want before we are all killed off.  Iíll be back with more on this theme after this break.


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just going off again on a tangent tonight to show you how we can have our reality given to us, reinforced by school, and reinforced by ALL entertainment.  The is nothing you can watch out there for entertainment that does not contain politically correct messages of how you SHOULD perceive a particular thing, object, person or whatever inside of it.


Getting back to HG Wells, HG Wells was picked out of school.  He was a real people-pleaser.  He wanted to be UP with the elite but he was literally the son of a drunk who play professional cricket - they got hired in those days to play professional cricket - going around as an extra on the team.  His mother was a maid for a very wealthy family.  So he despised the working people that he saw passing, going on their way to the factories every day.  He was terrified of joining them.  That was generally the worries of those who played Upstairs, Downstairs and stepped under the kitchen tables; the helping classes, they were called, for the elite.  He was picked out because of this insatiable desire to get up the ladder.  He was made a propagandist.  He was picked out and he joined the Red Tie School class, for revolution.  He was picked out by Sir Thomas Huxley, the best friend of Charles Darwin.  He was personally coached by him and picked out to be a propagandist, eventually for the Fabian Society as a founder, and also as a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private Bilderberger type organization, very big, very powerful, with the CFR being the American counterpart, actually itís the sister. 


He talked about the coming new world order in a book called, The Open Conspiracy.  They tell partial truths.  It was an open conspiracy, the data is there if you want to go into the old books written by bureaucrats and high-level civil servants who retire and write their biographies, but they donít tell you all of the story of course.  It was open to an extent but all the details were kept hidden from the public.  He did say that thousands, thousands will die fighting the new world order, but, he says, itís inevitable that weíll win.  He also said in another book where he met the funder of the Fabian Society Ė maybe the founding-funder Ė and it was the rich people who came over from New York to live in Britain called the Astorís.  It was Lady Astor who invited him and many others to a party and she said, we canít fail.  She wasnít saying, we CANíT fail or my goodness sake.  She was saying we CANíT fail because they had already the sciences of controlling the minds of millions of people.  They already had made inroads into a World Educational Society at that time.  You condition one generation of people across the world, of children into the same format and really, youíve got them from then on; the same things that Lenin talked about. 


Itís an open conspiracy to an extent.  He wrote another book called A Modern Utopia; well worth the readÖ very boring but worth the read.  He tells you how theyíd get rid of all the useless eaters.  Not by just killing them off like Lenin and Stalin and the Nazis did, but by sterilizing them and allowing them to live out their lives.  That was more humane he thought.  The world would be a sort of controlled world society, everybody would have a function in it, and there would be a particular class system with the Samurais, of all people.  The Samurais, another name for the Guardian Class that Plato talked about.  That was his favorite book, by the way; Wellsí favorite book was Platoís Republic. 


So thereís nothing new under the sun.  Itís just that the public always think we are living on the cutting edge and things like this have never happened before.  Thatís what we think; thatís what we were TAUGHT to think.  Of course the last thing they want you to know is hey, youíre just living through a script here.  Now the big boys themselves who are doing everything they opposed during the Cold War, which wasÖ  During the Cold War, they expected the communists to try revolutions within the countries.  The communists hoped to start revolutions off.  They hoped that the governments would OVERREACT by being totalitarian on all of the citizens with security and Gestapo-like tactics or KGB tactics and that would FURTHER the cause of revolution and then the people would rise up and over throw their government.  Thatís what the communists hoped. 


Why is it that the governments ARE doing those very things - which they know about because they wrote about these techniques, they understood the communist technique - why are they doing those very things today?  Coming down with the iron fist on their own public?  Why are they bringing in an age of chaos?  Well theyíre bringing it in because itís TIME to bring it in and out of that GUIDED chaos, they will go through Ė they hope Ė into a new world order, into a global society, under initially the United Nations.  Once the vast bulk of the population are dead in about 50 years or so and theyíve brought in their transhumanist society and their better robots and all the rest of it, better cloning techniques, they will branch off into Super City-States across the world which will be very, very high tech.  Whatís left of the old man that didnít perish in the wars and the starvation thatís to come, dies off, out in the country side.  Back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Again, going back to HG Wellsí day.  He like many of the authors and novelists of his time, admitted to by the way in the book Americas Cultural Cold War where the CIA RAN the Cultural Industry for the United States and a good part of Europe too, through the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  Thatís where the book ends because everything was declassified up until then.  They never gave up, of course.  What people thought in fact with all the stuff that was coming out in the 60s and 70s to do with promiscuity, the strange art that was nihilistic and all that stuff, they thought it was the communists that were doing it then.  It was actually funded by the CIA.  Your own secret services were bringing you down.  Why?  Because they were working for their masters, not the public, to bring in a global society. 


They donít see the peasants of one country as being any better than the peasant of another, something that HG Wells already knew long before that.  He knew too that his masters funded the wars across the world.  The big bankers funded wars everywhere.  The big bankers funded the setting up of the Soviet system that could not have gotten off the ground never mind continued without its constant aid from the West.  We fed the Soviet Union right through the Cold War until the Berlin Wall symbolically came down.  Thatís all it was, was symbolically.  Remember, a wall divides two people.  It doesnít just stop people from getting in; it stops people from getting out.  The symbolism from the Soviet, the high Soviet side, as Gorbachev pretty well said, was to let them go OUT and expand into the next phase of JOINING with the West into this new system, not quite Capitalist, not quite Communist.  This new SOCIALIST order, exactly what the big boys always wanted, a regimented, planned society. 


Weíre just going through the chaos now and it will last quite some time, this chaotic period.  Even if weíre still on the airwaves in 4 or 5 years time, or allowed to be on the airwaves, weíll still be giving you latest Ďwhat they are doing to usí stories that are churned out all the time as we go through the changes and we are trained to go through the changes.  Until they have a generation, a young generation who are already 10, 12, whatever, who will be 15, then 20 years of age who will see things ENTIRELY differently from the way that we see them today because of their indoctrination; scientific indoctrination that Iíve gone on about many times over the years.  Then we are bypassed.  That was always the technique to be used.  Get the children, indoctrinate them, alter their view points and everything and then they grow up and bypass the parents.  The parents then are of no use, they are no threat, they are bypassed.  Thatís what we are going through, changes, massive changes.  Chaos.  To the person from the inside not understanding whatís happening or why, it seems to be a sort of a chaos but itís an ORGANIZED CHAOS.  Out of the chaos is the guided order, the NEW order of things, the THIRD WAY, as they also call it. 


There will be a vegetarian society who will be vegetarian.  Do you really think the attack on wiping out most of the meat industry of Europe over what appeared to be one cow and one scientistís opinion on things; do you really think that was just because there was a prion suddenly loose?  Öall over the place?  Itís only a few years ago but I can remember seeing the photographs from Britain and through the newspapers, pyramids Ė Iím not kidding you Ė pyramids of cattle and pigs and everything were burning.  Pyramids, thousands of them.  AS they flew in Ė in military operations Ė they flew in troops right into the farm yards and gunned down all the animals and took off and left it all to the farmer to deal with, one after another.  Then you get Alvin Toffler with his Third Wave, the book that Newt Gingrich was giving to every Congressman.  In the book it said, from Toffler who has always been a total communist, it said, that the system we are bringing in will be a vegetarian society.  Sure enough, a lot of people went vegetarian because they were terrified to eat meat after that.  Then you have the H1N1.  Oh, theyíre killing all of the chickens off across Canada, all the hens.  Hens have always had the H1N1, always.  So this is another part of your protein diet next gone.  In Holland a lot of people went there to breed goats instead.  300,000 goats were ordered to be destroyed recently because of another different kind of disease, they claim, that has broken out there.  They are telling you not to eat fish, Oh, itís full of mercury, they say; just eat our modified vegetables


Everything is going to a plan.  Everything is going to a very old plan in fact.  Just like I started off the show, these ELDERS, they always have the elders of a group running their part in their time of the world, just like they show you in the sci-fi movies.  Another movie to see is Millennium; I think Kris Kristofferson is in it.  Itís an older movie.  Itís the same sort of idea of a future society with elders living underground.   The elders are living in these sort of glass tubes; again, like the Star Trek episodes that they show you.  They are kept alive by high technology, very ancient minds with lots of wisdom; that kind of stuff, you see. 


The public havenít really a clue whatís behind what happens.  Theyíre told be worried, be very, very afraid.  Every day they are told that by the mediaÖ allegorically of course.  But thatís the message; be VERY, very afraid; the government has declared, the government has decreedÖ one thing after another.  Your bank bailout was all part of it too, to put you further in to LEGAL Ė this is the whole point about it; itís very legalistic, this system Ė legal debt where the next few generations probably wonít be able to pay off the interest on the debt, which means they are all going to be slaves and do what they are told. 


Iíve said form the beginning, any country that started off borrowing money from another or from a banker outside its own countryÖ  In fact why any country has to borrow money AT ALL when it has the power to tax to keep itself afloat Ė it should live within its means Ė but if it has to borrow at all outside of that, then you just lost your government and that happened a long time agoÖ everywhere.  Because the bankers want that; they encourage it.  I used to wonder why socialism, which is what the banking elite and the communist elite want, I used to wonder why socialism always wanted well, letís spend out way out of depression.  Now they mean spending it by using tax money and using money which is borrowed from the bankers to spend your way out of it.  How can you spend your way out?  Itís like having a temporary reprieve after youíve bought a lot of stuff on a credit card and then you canít use the card again.  This is so dumb and stupid. 


Slavery was defined by Jefferson when he said that when a generation is born IN to a system where they have to pay off a previous generationís debt, they are defacto slaves.  And yet itís taken as normal today.  Do you realize how small all governments would be if they had to live within their means just from their taxes only?  Öwith no ability to borrow from banks at all?  Why should they be borrowing from banks?  Öat all?  Itís because those who OWN the governments you see Ė and yes they are owned; itís not owned by the people Ė have their own agenda and as I say, itís a very OLD agenda.  They know where they are going.  They know where theyíve been.  They know where we are now.  They work through think tanks every possible reaction that we could have, and different sects of society could have to everything they introduce into society right now.  They know how our reactions will be and how to counter every one.  Itís all done through think tanks working with massive computer systems like the RAND Corporation. 


During the Cold War remember, everyone in the Western world, every citizen, with all the census reports and data and births, marriages, death, everything else, and places of work, was entered as a number into the RAND machines and they ran us all under Game Theory.  Iíve gone through Game Theory before.  Why?  It was for PREDICTABILITY purposes.  They know how every single individual will react because they have their TOTAL PERSONALITY PROFILE on them, on YOU.  For them to be safe at the top, everyone must be 100% predictable in ALL of their dealings and their actions.  Someone whoís NOT predictable is a threat to them.  Someone who understands whatís happening and can convey it to others is a threat.  Thatís why Lord Bertrand Russell stated in his own book and Iíve read it on the air, the actual pages from it, who worked for this global socialist system.  He said, we shall have to bring over those ones, those children that they catch at school, they CATCH you.  Thatís what he says, they catch at school and give them grants and give them scholarships to get into OUR system to work for us and once theyíre in it theyíll get used to the status, the fact that doors will be opened for them and they will belong to an upper elite.  He said, they will be ours; If we canít, if they will not go along with that and if they wonít leave their family and their own way, their old way behind them, meaning their bonding to a culture or a people or a class, he says, we shall have to annihilate them, eliminate them.  Because that person, that lone person could convey his knowledge to someone else or to the people in such a simply way they understand it.  Thatís the greatest threat that they have.  Thatís why Mao Tse-Tung said he wasnít scared about bombs or bullets.  He says he was scared of someone with an idea


Thatís why the United Nations has stated that INDIVIDUALITY is their greatest threat.  Thatís why they go on with all this terrorist stuff about THE LONE WOLF and they are telling everyone, if there is someone in your area whoís very solitary, please let us know; they could be a danger.  So a solitary person, a person who likes time to perhaps read and think is a danger.  Can you believe that?  You are danger to the biggest military forces on the whole planet.  Isnít that something?  Isnít that what you would call overreaction?  Or is it overreaction?  These guys know from previous experiences in theirs history along their course towards their unified, planned society, the planned society, weíre just going through the external phases of the PLANNED SOCIETY, weíll eventually go into the planned BREEDING system and all the rest of it.  Thatís still to come.  But they know from previous experience that ITíS THE INDIVIDUAL THAT MAKES THE CHANGES and upsets them, throws them off, delays them here and delays them there in their actions.  Therefore they have to demonize people by saying, yeah, theyíre ANTI-SOCIAL, they donít want to join in the communitarian events. 


George Bush Sr. was the first one to tell the Western world that the way of the future was COMMUNITARIANISM.  He didnít say communism.  No.  Just changed it a little tad, just like Orwell talked about the constitution of the animals in Animal Farm; just change something at the end or a word or a vowel or a letter here or there.  CommunitarianismÖ  If youíll notice, all your local TV and local newspapers are all going on about community events.  Everything is a community event.  One day if you donít turn up at these silly community events they will be around to see you, to see if you are ANTI-SOCIALÖ why arenít you coming to the community event?  This is all still to come as big brother gets harder and harder trying to get us all under the same system so that we are 100% predictable. 


Therefore all the stuff that the media churns out every day and I read a lot of it here too, others do as well, without understanding where it came from, where itís been, where we are now and where we are goingÖ without understanding that, all the data will do is further terrify you.  When you understand whatís happening, the fear leaves youÖ because you can PREDICT where they are going to go and what they would do in this area next and that area next and that area next.  Thatís why Iíve said over the years what would happen next.  I said at 2001 when that happened, I said Ė I think it was even that night Ė you are going to see everything that you see in a normal warfare, ID cards, totalitarian sort of movements by the government for security, but I also said youíll even see your rationing coming in, food rationing, all those things and even people getting moved from one area to another will happen.  And folk would think oh, thatís crazy; all it was, was the towers went down, the whole country isnítÖ  Oh yeah, really? 


Look what happened at New Orleans.   FEMA came in and for the first time people were disallowed from HELPING each other; it was VERBOTEN to help you neighbors in distress.  You had to wait until FEMA came in to deal with it.  The reason they gave is youíre not trained in rescue.  So during that period waiting for FEMA to get moving, God knows how many folk died and drowned and came off the roofs and all the rest of it, into the water.  That was also a training exercise for the public.   Day after day we saw helicopters going past them and over them and no one was dropping them food, water, or anything.  That was all designed that way to make the viewer ALSO feel helpless.  Helpless.  All the school buses from all over the state traveled there routinely in practices to get people out.  They were stopped by FEMA from taking people out.  They were turned back 3 times.  And what did they do with those people?  They moved them all over the US; thatís refugees, folks.  Thatís refugees. 


If they could have gotten the ball rolling with their fake flu, and they wouldnít have to have a real flu, just a fake fluÖ give you a few pictures on the television with someone in those white suits with the oxygen masks carrying a stretcher off with some plague victim.  Show that a few times and just like that ONE mad cow they said was mad.  The same cow they showed time after time for over a year, going across the same farmyard.  The same photographs of someone on a stretcher and say my God, itís a plague and everybody would do exactly as they are told.  Seeing is believing.  Watch Wag the Dog


Perceptions.  Bernays talked about propaganda.  He liked the term propaganda.  He gave America its culture of consumerism for the whole of the 20th century.  He was taught this by much higher forces than him, much, much older tooÖ of how people can be manipulated EN MASSE using techniques that appeal to UNCONSCIOUS DRIVES.  Well, they are still doing it today and it works very, very well.  Back with more after this break.


This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Tonight I didnít know where I was going to go at all.  I had all these stories up and I thought, theyíre all scary stories as always put out by the mainstream, which is meant to terrify us into stasis and immobility to an extent.  So I thought Iíd give it a bye and then I went off on a tangent because we have to go off on a tangent at times to see an overview of things and realize we are only living through one generation of an ongoing designed system that knows where itís going.  Guys wrote about it in the times of my grandfather and before.  They are still working it today.


They know themselves that out of thisÖ this is why they love the symbol of the phoenix.  Out of this chaotic period as the OLD system dies off - donít think for an instant that this is all just to keep the system and those in power - all this security stuff and totalitarian measures, itís not just to keep THAT system in power.  Far from it.  Itís to manage the public as they bring us THROUGH into a new system.  Thatís what itís about.  Itís not your own sovereign governments doing this.  They are doing this across the whole planet in concert with each other.  Planned chaos, thereís always a guide who comes THROUGH the chaos.  They have many names for the guide in esoteric stuff, just as allegories basically, but THEY are guiding us through the chaos.  They know where weíre going.  Of course out of this the new phoenix will be born, their lovely utopia with a decimated population, a good genetic stock to breed with or else clone as workers, and high, high technology.  They have total faith in science that they will have so much science then they wonít need all of the types of human labor they have in the past.  So WAR was declared on the public an awful long time ago.  An awful long time ago. 


It was so odd to be brought up in a socialist country like Britain and to fathom out for yourself that these socialists actually Ė when you read the intelligentsia of the socialists Ė were nothing to do with the working people whatsoever.  They used all the minority groups they could as an excuse for revolutionary purposes and to complain and bitch about the old system.  But they really wanted to bring down the populations.  As I say, HG Wells is a classic figure for that.  One of MANY of these classic figures who wrote openly about the need to drastically reduce the population, the Ďuseless eatersí as LORD Bertrand Russell call them.  I think he was a 3rd or 4th or 5th generational Lord, Bertrand Russell, and here he is, a PEER of the British realm, a blueblood, who was supposedly socialist.  Why would he, with all his dough and his loot and his castles, be interested in the workers?  Well, he wasnít.  He wasnít at all.  He had an incredible disdain for the workers and for most other peoples, other classes.  The elite also HATED the middle class by the way, and still do.  Thatís why he came out with so many comments and said people would rather die than think; in fact most do.  Thatís another comment that he made; so many different comments. 


These were the socialistsí leaders, the guys who went over to watch Ďthe experimentí as they called it, their other one.  The US was one experiment and the Soviet system was their other, their second experiment.  In Doddís Commission, Norman Doddís Commission for the Reece Commission that Congress put together, said that their job was to bring both systems together, the Soviet and the West.  They have done it.  We are going through the mayhem into the next phase of the plan. 


So if that makes any sense to you, itís off the top of my head as I say; nothing was planned tonight.  I havenít read the articles I was going to read but I hope that gives a little break to see an overview of whatís really going on.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



Transcribed by Diana



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