Jan. 14, 2010 (#492)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 14, 2010:

Modesty has No Meaning Now Perverts are Leading:

"Modesty Used to Triumph Over Blatant Lewdity,
Now we're Told by 'Experts' we Prefer Nudity,
Which Fits Right in with Security Plans,
As the Borg are Trained for X-Ray Scans,
'It's So Liberating' say Privacy Trashers,
They Encourage Society to be Perverts, Flashers,
Everyone's a Porn Star, Throw Off Frigidity,
Watch Out for Suspects Who Use the Word 'Dignity,'
Just Goes to Show what Persuasion Can Do
In this Degraded Society, this Human Zoo"
© Alan Watt Jan. 14, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 14, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 14th 2010.  For the newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, scroll down and look at all the other sites I have up there, bookmark them for future use because sometimes the big ones go down and that way you can download the latest shows.  These are all the official sites I have; anything outside of this isnít mine.  I often get complaints that they canít get audio and so on.  I go through all my audio shows and I find out itís not my site and someone else is rebroadcasting it.  These are the official sites:  [listed above]. 


I always go right into the pitch at the beginning because I donít like to do pitches throughout the show, although it would catch you unawares and youíd have to listen right through; most folk miss the first 5 minutes.  This is the tin can 5 minutes where Iíve got to say to you that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I donít get backed by sponsors, etc.  The ads on the show are paid by advertisers that I donít even know and it goes straight to RBN to pay for this air time, their staff, their expenses, and their bills.  So itís up to you to keep me going and you can do so by going into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, buy the books, CDs and DVDs I have for sale and you can also donate if you want to.  [Ordering and donation options listed above].  The US can go to the post office and get an INTERNATIONAL postal money order.  Thatís the PINK INTERNATIONAL one, the communist one; weíre all socialist now.  The green one is for internal US only so donít walk out with the green one.  For those that get the disks burned and lots get the disks burned and passed to them because they donít like the computer, and I donít blame them, itís an awful hassle, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  Well, thatís my tin can shaking away there.  Itís very, very tinny indeed, thereís not much in it so itís up to you to help fill it up a little bit and I can get some better equipment on the go if thatís the case. 


Remember too, keeping informed about the feed, I know that some people are on slower speeds and they get breaks on this live feed.  I get it with XplorNet although Iím paying for high speed.  Theyíve cut me back deliberately and theyíve told me so.  Anyone who wonders why or that itís all my fault, or that I havenít looked into different programs, NO, they have actually told me so, that theyíve cut me back.  They said it was unfair use even though I actually put up less today than I have done in the past.  So, if you are on a live feed and get breaks and your buffer canít keep up and it drops, itís maybe because you are on a lower speed.  If thereís anyone on the higher speed and gets the same problem, let me know and Iíll try to figure out what the problems happen to be.  Iíll be back in a moment after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  This is the century of change.  I keep reminding people that academia and higher politics have been pushing this for an awful long time, that the 21st century would be the century for change.  Those in academia and the social sciences and the different disciplines as they call it, knew what it was all about.  It was to bring in a new worldwide social system, a planned society, with all the better people running the world and telling everybody else what to do, how to live, and if you should breed and shouldnít breed, and all the rest of it.  It really is coming into a dictatorial type system.


We see that already in various new articles.  In fact theyíre releasing more and more news articles all the time so that we get the message.  We do adapt to whatever weíre given.  We gradually adapt and everything becomes normal in no time at all.  Itís quite surprising.  Itís true enough that we are the MOST ADAPTABLE species on the planet; we really, really are.  Those at the top know this.  The big social movements, if you want to call them that, even though theyíre generally funded by the biggest bankers on the planet, planned all of this an awful long time ago and to bring in what they thought would be a tidy system with a REDUCED population.  They use what we now call Ďfuturistsí to guide them, people who look at trends and where the world could be going and how the economy could be going, and all that kind of stuff, and they even analyze what society is for, what do the populations of the countries really have in common, whatís their purpose. 


Everything in academia must have a purpose.  At one time you could be alive just for the sake of being alive and that was good enough, but not anymore.  Now you must have a social purpose in the big machine.  That really is what socialism is about.  Many people follow socialism and they still think thereís a Ė they do, they really do Ė think thereís a war between left and right and because of that they never clue in to the big picture or the dialectic thatís being used to guide us along this path towards a conquered planet, from one point of view, and from another point of view, a tidy planet, all tidied up and neat. 


If you go into the writings of Karl Marx for instance, he went into all of this, all the different disciplines of economy, economics and the purpose of humans IN the economic system, even working out to an industrial age from an agricultural age, feudalism, all that stuff, all the way up to the industrial times.  Then weíre into the scientific times, the technological times now, and right down to what kind of populations should be sustained on the planet.  People canít quite get it through their heads that there is NO left and right wing on this.  Itís all one big movement because of the funding they get.


Why would the biggest foundations on the planet, that are owned by the big boys like the Rockefellers with trillions of dollars to dispose of to their NGOs Ė Non Governmental Organizations Ė why would they be funding what seems to be left wing NGOs?  Why?  Why would multi trillionaires fund left wing NGOs?  Itís because with every law that they get passed, and itís all to do with laws.  (The people who run this world are FANATICAL about all kinds of laws right down to tiny, minute laws and almost sub-laws and all the rest of it.)  A world run by laws and rules, going back an awful long time; itís in the NATURE actually of the organization that runs this.  They are very good, very, very good today and have been through the 20th century of ALTERING PERCEPTION. 


Bernays, who did propaganda and who was supposedly Ė I donít really believe that he was solely responsible Ė but he certainly was big in showing the US Presidents and the commerce how to motivate people through unconscious desires and he helped create the consumer society.  Why was that?  They had to build up American to be great for a while, while they conquered the world before they were brought down into the system that they helped create.  He liked the name propaganda; the term was okay with him and eventually it went into marketing and public relations.  You still see today, when they have spokesmen from the police societies or whomever, they always go through a public relations officer, which is just a propaganda officer, someone who can spin it off into an acceptable form for the publicís ears.  They also call it perception management.  If youíve got some kind of product that you cannot sell or move, or even an idea in politics, you bring in those who deal with perception management and they will alter how the public will receive THAT perception of whatever it is you are trying to sell to them.  Be it an idea or a product, it doesnít matter. 


Very old sciences come into play because knowledge is never thrown away down through the ages.  Itís COLLECTED by academia and people study it in the sciences today and they USE it on the public.  They think thatís okay.  Itís like politics, I cannot believe that people sit back and truly believe what they are being told by ANY party.  They all use perception management, every party does; they are run by specialists.  There is not a politician out there that will give an off-the-cuff speech anymore.  All they can do is read the scripts written by professional scriptwriters.  And theyíre interchangeable; the politicians in front are interchangeable.  I think it was about a year ago Steven Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, came up on the carpet because his scriptwriter Ė supposedly, this is the story they peddled to the public Ė his main scriptwriter was short of time and so he borrowed a speech given by the Prime Minister of Australia.  Up on YouTube they have a split screen there where you can see both Prime Ministers, the one of Australia and the one of Canada, going through the exact same speech.  People really still look for honesty and direction from politics.  I cannot figure out why; I really, really canít.  This is the norm across the world, this kind of management of politicians. 


Our perceptions can be altered gradually or quickly.  War time is the best time, as Carroll Quigley said, we can get more done in 5 years of warfare on a social change scale than we can in 50 years of peace using propaganda.  During war or this war on terror - itís the same thing; itís a worldwide war Ė then the governments can EXPAND and EXPAND and EXPAND, which they have Ė if youíve notice theyíve been doing Ė until there is so many different departments youíd have to spend a career going through them all just to learn them.  That again falls right in line with what Iím talking about with Marx and Engels and all these characters, a planned society where there is an agency dealing with every part of human interaction.  Thatís what itís about. 


From not so long ago, people had for an awful long time believed they had rights. They believed they had rights because they came from a God or a deity or something, whatever they believed in, whatever their religion happened to be.  Mainstream religions couldnít back off because it was the main tenants of their belief system that human beings were spiritual beings and therefore you couldnít just walk around as Nobility and slaughter folk, which of course was often done.  Often too, the religious people turned a blind eye because they were into politics themselves.  But at least the IDEA was there where you had rights and freedoms and people couldnít shove you around. 


The idea of having private property was pretty novel for the ordinary people.  It was a novel concept that came out really during the American Revolution.  They knew from going over history that if you didnít have property then you are at the mercy of landlords who can boot you out at any time and put you on the street, or let you starve, or whatever it happens to be.  But if you had property, technically no one could put a lien on it.  If you own something, then you own it.  You either own it or you donít own it.  You canít own something AND pay taxes, actually own the house, having paid off your mortgage, and then get kicked out because you canít afford the taxesÖ you donít own it the first place then.  So that was got around as well because there didnít used to be property taxes.  That was your safeguard in life.  Through depressions you could feed yourself if you had a bit of land and survive and no one could kick you off.  Now during a so-called Ė they call them recessions now, they donít like the D word, depression Ė now they just kick you off anyway, whether you happen to have paid off the house of not; it doesnít matter. 


Folk can still hold this double-think in their head at the same time.  All the real estate merchants keep saying, do you want your own home; oh, look at this wonderful home.  Itís always ĎYOURíÖ well, itís not yours is it?  If itís yours, itís yours outright, bottom line.  The government now of course, through all the greening movement Ė very good con, that one Ė can come in an inspect, through the United Nations agencies, and every country now has a United Nations agency that goes around areas and inspects rural homes and other homes in suburbs, for upgrades into the proper codes.  And they keep changing the codes so no one could possibly get up there.  There are a hundred different ways they are using to get you OFF the land. 


The future they promise to bring in was always to do with no private property.  NO PRIVATE PROPERTY.  Only the elite would technically have the USE of their big castles and their big mansions and all the rest of it and the public would pay for the upkeep of it.  Itís a great deal.  So they wouldnít have to worry about paying the servants or replace things getting stolen or broken like Plato said all that time ago.  They all quote Plato on this, with his book The Republic and the Guardian Class.  They can simply live like Kings and since they are ruling the public, part of their payoff is to have their massive homes, maybe 2 or 3 across the world, maintained for them.  Thatís the future they are bringing in.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Our perceptions are managed and we adapt into new systems all the time, all the time.  Fashions, music, how we perceive the world, and the fact that we all know weíre global now, although no one really thought through the whole process of what it meant.  You just gradually adapt to the repetition that they keep giving you. 


We listen to all this stuff about the new society, as they call it.  The new society.  We watched them put up the cameras in all countries.  We watched them, in fact they tell us they monitor everything on the internet and really thatís why they gave it to us, so everyone is predictableÖ everyone is predictable.  Thatís Googleís main function is to collect data on everyone.  We adapt to the new norms of everything.  At one time people used to get married to have children and now we donít.  Children are killed; thatís what abortion means, you kill something.  See again, something really is what it is or it isnít.  How could it be what it is and itís spun off into a different viewpoint by perception management?  Thatís what done it, perception management.  It suits the elitesí plan, going back to Marx and all the rest of it, about planned societies, planned populations.  Nice and tidy. 


Folk jump even at the socialized medicine.  I know itís a great idea.  If we lived in a real world with decent people running it, sure, absolutely, it would be darn wonderful, but it was never set up to be that.  You canít mix medicine with politics.  When politics is involved, youíve got a social agenda and we know what their social agenda is.  They always start off the social medicine in countries, and theyíre often very good to start, but within 10 years they cut back and cut back and cut back until all you can get is the social policy ones like vasectomies, abortions and tubal ligations.  Now theyíre pushing in the socialized countries for end-of-life termination, theyíve got all different kinds of nice phrases for it, because itís cheaper that way.  Itís all economics.  Thatís the hard truth, itís economics. 


We also, again, through years and years of Hollywood distorting and altering the cultures Ė that was part of what Hollywood was set up for, that was the main part of it Ė we view everything in a completely different way when it comes to sexuality.  Everything, completely turned upside down on its head and weíre supposed to see it the NEW way.  Why should we see it, why should anyone want to see a new way?  Why shouldnít you see it by your own conclusions and perceptions?  Weíve been trained not to believe in ourselves.  Weíve been trained to believe the experts, exactly what Brzezinski said in his own book, his last book they printed.  He said that the people will be unable to think for themselves, they will only be able to parrot what the media gives them from the previous dayís news


Hereís how a good spinÖ It shows you how perception management is put across.  Itís from the Toronto Star.  Now, the Star always took the part of the con game, the left and the right.  They were the left because the Ďrising starí is the left.  It used to be the Sun because the sun, as the brightest light, was the right.  Everything is symbolic and it plays a game.  Thatís why you had a white star on American aircraft up to the present time, the white star.   Then you have the red star on the communist ones.  Both 5-pointed, by no mistake either.  So itís the Toronto StarÖ

Take joy in the liberation of new airport scans

(Alan:  What a good spin this is, isnít it?)

Some see an increment of human liberation in new airport security

(A:  Do you understand what Iím talking about, how your minds are bent and twisted and all the rest of it.)

January 10, 2010 / Sarah Barmak / Toronto Star


It's an ad any young lad who read superhero comic books before the 1980s will remember fondly.


A boy wearing thick black glasses gazes at a lady, lines going from his eyes to her body. Outside his field of vision, the lady is dressed; within his field of vision her clothes have magically become see-through.  (A:  This is a standard technique by the way, imagineÖ, pictureÖ  They use this in all kinds of cognitive lecturing and motivational courses that they do.  ImagineÖ  Itís like in the realm of fantasy and theyíre talking about something thatís going to affect you.)


"X-Ray Specs! See the bones in your hand, see through clothes!" a slogan would say, alongside an order form.


The glasses didn't work; the x-ray effect was an optical illusion. But perhaps fuzzy, warm memories of the ad surfaced in the minds of some this week as the federal government announced plans to install millimetre wave body scanners in Canadian airports.  (A:  Is that what you thought?  You went back to being a child reading a comic book and seeing through a womanís clothing and you remembered it very fondly?  Is that what really passed through your mind?  Theyíre giving you a concept and a precept to begin the whole thing.)


Some have seen the technology, which produces a three-dimensional image of passengers' naked bodies, including an outline of their genitals, as overly intrusive.


But many others don't seem to care.  (A:  Many donít seem to care.)  Isn't nudity an ingrained part of our culture, after all?  (A:  Well it certainly is now with TV and everything.  It didnít used to be.  Iíll read some more of this particular article to show you how the spin is done in perception management after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Someone just told me that there is crackling on the phone line but I can hear nothing on my end at all so itís not here; itís the one thatís being broadcast thatís crackling.  Getting back to this article here, it says here about getting us used to nudity; nudity is a good thing now.  It saysÖ


Isn't nudity an ingrained part of our culture, after all? 


A number of naked-friendly phenomena (A:  Ďnaked-friendlyí, you see the terminology thatís used here by marketers?  Hereís one thatís naked-friendlyÖ) Ė YouPorn.com, low-rise jeans, nude beaches, micro-bikinis Ė have arguably worked to demolish old angst about private parts. At the very least, the angst has shifted from the question, "Does this show too much?" to, "Will I look hot?"  (A:  Who gave you all that?  Remember what Plato says, the culture industry uses drama Ė thatís Hollywood now of course Ė it also used, and Plato called it, the fashion industry.   All that time agoÖ INDUSTRY.  He says, the people emulate, they imitate, what they see.)


The American Association For Nude Recreation has already endorsed the body scans with great enthusiasm.  (A:  I wonder how much of a kickback they got for that, or is it just bare-faced liars, I donít know.)  A press release they sent this week declared that security is "more important than parochial concerns over a scanned image of a clothed body."


"We here think that it's a great idea, and not because we're nudists," elaborates Carolyn Hawkins.


But you are nudists, right? "I think it's going to change how (people) think about things," she says.


Indeed. Or maybe the scanners are already at home in a more body-conscious era.


"My neighbours get a better show from (us) changing with the curtains open . . . clearly we don't care about nudity much," said one Facebook user on a discussion thread about the body scans.  (A:  They can make this up about anybody canít theyÖ to get their message across.)


Some feel that getting a body scan would be less invasive than other security measures that already exist. "At the end of the day, isn't an agent (and other passengers) seeing all your personal effects on the x-ray just as intrusive?"  (A:  Thereís a bit of a difference between seeing something in your pockets or a womanís purse than your BODY getting shown off isnít it?) says Ben Rowlandson, who logged 100,000 kilometres last year in air travel for his work in the technology industry.


Even if many Canadian fliers shrug at the idea that an anonymous government drone will see a blue-coloured facsimiles of their genitalia, many certainly will not.  (A:  Really?  Really?  I wonder where the poll was for this.  It hasnít been done has it?)


"There may be younger people who feel, `Who cares,' but older people, they may feel uncomfortable," says professor David J. Brennan, who researches eating disorders and body image at the University of Toronto.


Others with stricter standards of modesty, such as Orthodox Jewish and Muslim women, may also balk at the technology.


"Knowing and understanding our community (A:  Here we go again.), there will be those who will feel very uncomfortable, and will opt for the pat-down if necessary," says Wahida Valiante, chair and national president of the Canadian Islamic Congress.


For others, however, this may just turn out to be another incentive to break out the bikini wax.  (A:  Itís all fun isnít it?  Maybe theyíll all strip offÖ  Why bother with the machines when you can just strip off and have a laugh at each other?  But there you go.  Thereís one last thing Iíll just read hereÖ)


Perhaps the good Government of Canada is unwittingly inspiring whole new genre of porn.  (A:  Yeah, well, what else is it?  But itís okay; itís all just good clean fun.)


Iíll go to the callers now.  I think thereís Justin from Washington.  Are you there Justin?


Justin:  I was calling you tonight to inquire a little bit about the origins of vaccination.  Iíve been doing a little bit of research and itís taken me, so far, back to the early 17th century.  I was wondering if you know anything about where it was originally used.  I understand Cotton Mather got the idea supposedly from a slave who said that heíd been shot up with the smallpox virus in his home country, and came from it. 


Alan:  If you back even further youíll find that it was the Moslems, it was Islam that were the most advanced people in all sciences for hundreds of years.  They found out the people who had different kind of plagues, if they got a pustule for instance, in the healing phase, when they were recovering, then for some reason Ė we know now why it is.  Youíve got white corpuscles in there fighting the bacterium and youíve got the bacterium dying and some dead living tissue.  They knew that if they scraped that, they could actually scratch someone else with that particular stuff.  They didnít know why.  They just knew that someone in recovery had these particular types of pustules or the recovering medium was in their blood and if they took a little scratch of that and scratched it on someone else, that could give someone protection.  You find this if you go into the writings of Benjamin Franklin.  He was the one who introduced the concept to America.  He also backed that up, that it was Islam that had been so far ahead, even hundreds of years before that, that gave them the idea. 


Justin:  Alright.  That is interesting.  So for hundreds of years they were actually using it?


Alan:  They knew that.  If you go into the era in Islam where there was a massive renaissance in the Middle Ages, they were the leaders of the worldís medicine right up into the 19th century.  In fact many of their operations, even on cataracts, were done in the Middle Ages.  They gathered data and education, learning from all over the world; it was called the Great Learning Period.  They spent incredible money on scribes and people who would get foreign books, translate them Ė they actually call it the Translation Period in Islam Ė and they had the most advanced knowledge of all kinds of medicines across the known world of that time.  They did use this scratching of the skin method on people who had recovered after fevers or illnesses or plagues and they knew that for some reason there was something in that personís system now that could help immunize people who hadnít got the disease.  Thatís where Franklin got his idea from.


Justin:  I did a little bit of research and he was keen on a person namedÖ I canít remember the name; the research was a while back.  From what I understand, it seems to me when I was looking at it, that you know how vaccinations and our food and water supply is all used to nullify our higher consciousness.  It was my understanding from what I was looking at, that they have been using this practice of vaccination probably as one of the primary ways of achieving this, even going back to the original inoculations, seeing as how they were used in combo with the curing regimens where they feed people mercury for weeks at a time. 


Alan:  Thatís the difference.  That is the difference from taking someoneís white corpuscles right from their body to another person.  They had the KEY of the antidote you might say to that infection.  When pharma gets involved thatís in a different genre all together.  Pharmacology goes into its own way of doing things and with its mercury and various other things.  Big pharma definitely is a big part of the dumbing down process.  You cannot look at autism and all the other diseases we have today and look at the charts of introduction of the different inoculations, they skyrocketed from the 50s onwards.  Autism from the 70s onwards, skyrocketed.  It goes along with the more inoculations they get, the worse and the more problems we end up having.  So you are quite right.  It definitely is pharmacology as opposed to the oldest methods.  The problem with the old methods too, is that supposing you wanted to inoculate an army by this scratch method, if someone had syphilis, you could pass it on to them all. 


Justin:  I understand that during the Civil War the South actually got hit pretty hard because they had a contaminated vaccination supply. 


Alan:  Yes.


Justin:  They ended up giving some 20,000 total soldiers syphilis.


Alan:  Iím sure that happened in every country.  Big pharmacology, as I say, is such an incredibly big, big business.  To be honest with you, I cannot see where health mixes with big money.  It just doesnít go togetherÖ or politics for that matter.  Itís a thing on its own.  Itís a sacred thing, health care.  You canít mix one or the other without it being corrupted.


Justin:  Which has been the case obviously for a long time now.


Alan:  Absolutely.  Especially when youÖ Thereís a video up there.  I might still have the link.  It was on the CBC a few years ago.  You see Dr. Salk in it with his team on the polio vaccine AND the staff that worked with him.  They interview Salk and the staff.  They all admitted that they KNEW, they knew that the simian virus 40, its only purpose is to cause cancer; thatís all they could find out about itÖ that it causes cancers.  They knew it was in every shot.  What they claimed was they thought the benefits outweighed the risks.  Now, how could you possibly say that after giving millions of people cancers?  How could you possibly say that?


Justin:  Itís like you said Alan, they obviouslyÖ You canít let them say that, or play off like well, they just made a mistake or this is the science of today and things like that.  They knew that they were going to be killing people and in significant numbers.


Alan:  Again too, see there is always a tie-in.  We must go into these guysí histories.  Dr. Salk was a member of the World Eugenic Society.  All of his papers, before he came out as the big hero for polio, had written so many papers on the need to depopulate the planet, drastically with its numbers.  He was also into the fittest should survive and all this kind of stuff; he was a total Darwinist.  Suddenly, he becomes the champion, he wants to help youÖ he wants to help you.  He actually gave interviews because people quizzed him on that.  How come you come from the guy who is advocating killing off all the weak and all the rest of it and the infirm and depopulating the planet, to becoming the worldís savior?  Of course, he hums and haws around that particular question.  But itís the same with them all.  We donít quite get it; there IS a eugenics program AT WORK.  Bertrand Russell was a part of those teams and he also said the same thing, that we shall use the needle, as well, to make a compliant, obedient population.


Justin:  That is interesting.  I had no idea that he was a part of the eugenics society but it makes perfect sense obviously.  I basically presume that anyone who is into the vaccination industry in general, at the top, is big on eugenics.


Alan:  Absolutely.  Absolutely and Iím certain, to be honest with you, we wonít see the effects of all these flu injections for maybe 10 years and suddenly there will be another plague of big cancers and unknown cancers and new types of cancers and they will put it down to well, weíre just stunned, we donít know whatís causing it.  But they will know darned well.


Justin:  Itís just interesting.  There are so many levels that they hit us on.  Youíve got the fluoride in the water thatís known to cause bone issues and then look at all the people who come down with arthritis and osteoporosisÖ


Alan:  Exactly.  Arthritis now, you even have juvenile arthritis as one of the highest climbing diseases of the youth.  It never existed before, now itís common.  In fact, once it becomes common, no one questions itÖ oh, itís common.  You have people getting asthmas in their 40s, all kinds of lung disorders because a lot of these inoculations, especially the adjuvants that are put into them, attack the alveolar tissue especially towards the edge, the outsides of the lungs there.  Young children, they donít even mature those outside parts of the epithelial cells, they donít even mature into full-blownÖ so theyíre always short of breath, etc.  This is from the shots and itís known.  IT IS KNOWN about this.  That is a known side effect of the adjuvants.


Justin:  It really justÖ  It blows my mind, the level on which they are hitting us through these vaccinations presently; it just gets bigger and bigger.  I was looking at papers online and they mentioned, canít remember where they mentioned it.  It was for a patent for a infertility vaccine, an injection deliberately designed to cause infertility and they said that 2 of the ingredients would be a polysorbate-80 in addition with the squalene and then what do you have today?  Well, youíve got these 9-year-old girls getting their shot of the Gardasil which has the polysorbate in addition to whatís in the other vaccines and then you get these new flu shots that have squalene in them.  Thatís one plus one and youíve got 2 which isÖ


Alan:  How could you possibly see a coalition of big pharma and the government Ė which weíve had our whole lives by the way Ė who have a policy of depopulation but at the same time they want to keep you healthy.  Personally, I think we should be a little bit suspicious. 


Justin:  They found a balance it seems, because obviously their agenda isnít or hasnít been to kill us.  Itís mostly just been to kind of cut off a little bit of our higher consciousness and capacity to take in a lot of data and remember it and then put it together and then form action out of that. 


Alan:  Although, when you look at the studies of cancers nowÖ  See at one time you could categorize cancers; there werenít SO many of them.  Today there are new types of cancers all the time.  In fact the surgeons donít even bother giving them names; theyíve never seen things like it. Every day there is something new.  This again, is part of the process so there are people dying off.  An awful lot of people are dying off because of all this stuff.  Iím sure itís right on queue.  They probably knew exactly how many years that they would take to die and itís bringing down the population.  That is part of the plan.  The World Health Organization screams every year, too many people, got to depopulate.  Then they tell you how infertileÖ thatís another side effect of it by the way, is infertility of males.  Not just the bisphenol-A but also the inoculations as well, which the big boys talked about using for sterilization 60 years ago. 


Justin:  It really does, all of this, itís just mind bogglingly intelligent, the forces behind it.  Itís sad.  I try to understand itís a little bit of abstract, almost, appreciation for what has occurred over the past couple hundred or since the beginning of time probably, is how itís working out butÖ


Alan:  Again too, see, when they have wars on terror, wars on poverty, wars onÖ these guys mean it.  They have a war on somethingÖ When they had the League of Nations they said that the greatest threat to the world Ė and their plan by the way, which was to be a socialist ordered society Ė was overpopulation and they set up the Department of Population Control back in 1919.  That blossomed into the United Nations and they still have the same department.  What do we think that they are there for?  They donít meet all the time, full time employees, making wish lists of how to depopulate the planetÖ Itís more than a wish list, you see. 


Justin:  Itís absurd.  It really is because here we are, all these humans, and our leaders are saying openly that they are trying to kill us but we just go about our day to day, whatever, just going to watch TV and try to calm down andÖ


Alan:  Well, Bertrand Russell did say that, that they would use the needle and they also said they would make a compliant, obedient population.  And every child who gets the measles, mumps and rubella and all the other injections they get at a very early age, they come down with a fever.  The fever is centered in the head Ė in the head is your brain Ė and when you get a fever somewhere that means that brain cells, the cell tissue is dying off.  Now they admit from Porton Down, the big establishment of warfare in Britain, that they can target any part of the brain, through chemicals or bio-warfare viruses, etc, they can target ANY particular part of the brain that they wish to and theyíve had that knowledge for years and years.  See, itís our inability to accept the fact that people would actually go ahead and do it, even though the evidence is all there that allows them to carry on.  Back after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím sure the buzz around all the different stations is on about President Obamaís regulatory czar, the guy who is in charge of the Department of Information.  We actually have a DEPARTMENT of Information, just like Big Brother, Orwell.  So this Cass Sunstein is the new czar and heís quite a character.  You can look him up on Wikipedia and all his theories.  Iíll put up a link on my site at the end of the show where you can see a paper he wrote for Harvard a couple of years ago about conspiracy theorists and how they would have to take down all the conspiracy theorists.  This article that Iím going to read now is by Aaron Klein, World Net Daily.


Top Obama czar: Infiltrate all 'conspiracy theorists'

Presidential adviser wrote about crackdown on expressing opinions

WorldNetDaily Exclusive / Thursday, January 14, 2010 / By Aaron Klein


In a lengthy academic paper, President Obama's regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, argued the U.S. government should ban "conspiracy theorizing."   (A:  To ban it.)


Among the beliefs Sunstein would ban is advocating that the theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud.  (A:  So I guess theyíd lock us all up.)


Sunstein also recommended the government send agents to infiltrate "extremists (A:  Now, isnít that a conspiracy in itself?  A conspiracy?  Hereís a guy up with Obamaís groups, he recommends the government to send agents to infiltrate extremistsÖ) who supply conspiracy theories" to disrupt the efforts of the "extremists" to propagate their theories.


In a 2008 Harvard law paper, "Conspiracy Theories," Sunstein and co-author Adrian Vermeule, a Harvard law professor, ask, "What can government do about conspiracy theories?"  (A:  Can you imagine asking government what to do?  They are the guys who dream them all up.  How do we get the public to do this, how do we get the public to do that.  It goes on to sayÖ)


"We can readily imagine a series of possible responses. (1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories."


In the 30-page paper Ė obtained and reviewed by WND Ė Sunstein argues the best government response to "conspiracy theories" is "cognitive infiltration of extremist groups."  (A:  Iíve told you, they always, through conspiracy, infiltrate groups.  These guys are the biggest conspiratorial characters on the planet.  Of course, what theyíre doing is banning or eliminating all competition of any other source of information or ANY other point of view.)


Continued Sunstein: "We suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups (A:  They use the internet galore, chat rooms, all that stuff.  Iíve warned folk and warned folk about that before; theyíve been doing it for years.), whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of believers by planting doubts (A:  You see, these guys did this with religion too by the way.  This is an old technique.) about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity."


Sunstein said government agents "might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action."


Sunstein defined a conspiracy theory as "an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role."  (A:  Just like Mr. Sunstein here.)


Some "conspiracy theories" recommended for ban by Sunstein include:


"The theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud."  (A:  That will be illegal.)


"The view that the Central Intelligence Agency was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy." 


"The 1996 crash of TWA flight 800 was caused by a U.S. military missile."


"The Trilateral Commission is responsible for important movements of the international economy."


"That Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by federal agents."


"The moon landing was staged and never actually occurred." (A:  Etcetera.)



From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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