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To See Future, He Looks, in Old Dusty Books:

"In the Realm of High-Power Geopolitics
Are World's Greatest Chess Players and their Tricks,
Long-Term Strategies Cause Wars and Upheaval,
Causes of which are Banned from Retrieval,
So Many Incidents which Come and Go,
Few Detect Events as a Directed Flow,
We See Victims of Wars, Earthquakes, Tragedy,
All Used to Advantage by Masters of Strategy,
Such Micro-Control, Synchronized and Directed,
Staggers Credulity, So Goes Undetected,
Living Through System's Methodical Advance,
Accepting Theories of Accident, Blind Bouts of Chance"
© Alan Watt Jan. 19, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 19, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 19th 2010.  For newcomers, I suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Look at all the other sites I have up there and bookmark them for future use.  The official sites are: [listed above].  As always, I start off my tin can rattling because you are the audience who brings me to you.  Most of the hosts out there are paid by companies to advertising things and so on.  The ads you hear on this show are paid directly by the advertisers right to RBN to pay for their air time and their board ops, their staff, and their bills.  Everything is bills these days.  So you have to keep me going by going into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and find out how to buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation option listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me by writing to [address above]. 


I never really set up what I’m going to talk about before the shows because as I’ve said so many times before, the media’s job is to just throw out masses of data at us, most of which we can do nothing about, if you notice.  It’s generally declarations about what governments are passing, laws that they’ve passed, what they’re thinking of doing, things that are happening across the globe… it’s completely outside of your reach and there is nothing you can do about it.  Or else countries are going to war with each other and all of this kind of stuff.  We are bombarded with data and it overloads you, so much so that you lose sight of what’s really going on and what will really affect you personally.  This is a technique that is used on the public and guys like Brzezinski wrote about it as far back as 1970, that this would happen and around this time.  That we would be overloaded to such an extent we would be hard pressed to even keep a hold of basic reality and to things which really affected us personally.  Back with more on this topic after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s quite something to get bombarded every day with so many things going on.  We’ve got keep sight of the fact that we are living through a big plan, a big plan that big players wrote about copiously in the past in rather dry books.  We tend not to like dry books.  Once we’re finished with college or university or school, we don’t read very much at all.  In fact we prefer visual things and television and internet.  This again, was predicted back in the 70s, that this would happen. 


The big boys, the big players, the Huxley’s, the Bertrand Russell’s, the Brzezinski’s, the Kissinger’s churned out books on the workings of this coming global system, how it was all working together, the different departments, the special areas of psychology that would be used upon the public to bring them through a period of apparent shake up, you might call it chaos to an extent, while they refigured the world into a new world order and the first truly global system.  There have been many new world orders in the past.  Adolf Hitler called HIS term in office a new world order, to bring in a new world order.  During the Cold War we had a world order and that was the so-called balance of powers between East and West. 


Now, in the post Cold War era it’s the push to get everyone together under a standardized system.  You’ll find, say Brzezinski for instance, in his two major books, one of them was Between Two Ages.  He was talking about this transference of the old system into the new, the period we’re going through now.  He mentioned the countries too that would be involved in it.  He claimed that the countries, who all have communications now regardless of how poor they happen to be, would be incredibly angry or even jealous of the West, especially the US.  He said it made the elite of the US feel very uncomfortable.  What he didn’t mention of course, was the fact that the US and the Western powers, especially Britain, already had agendas FOR all of those countries that would be upset.  They also agreed a long time ago to keep those countries poor.  So if they are poor and they are being kept poor, then it’s no wonder they have animosity towards the West.  Mind you, his books were really written for recruits from the Ivy League Universities who had studied those particular books, so he couldn’t very well tell them that he was a major player in geopolitics. 


Geopolitics is probably one of the dirtiest games that you could imagine because it’s long-term strategy aimed at taking down countries in order to dominate them.  They call it, again with their psycholinguistics, hegemony.  Hegemony to THEM really means the domination of an area.  That’s why we’re going through the turmoil today as the last few countries that lived in a SEPARATE system - which served them very, very well up until now - are being standardized whether they like it or not, through warfare practices and techniques.  They also knew that because they’d have to go into these countries to standardize them, that there would be comeback across all the countries into which immigrants had moved.  Therefore they’d have to bring in a police world state basically across the whole globe to counter this.  It means that everybody becomes a suspect.  


Then he goes even further, in Between Two Ages and The Grand Chessboard (that’s another book he wrote too) and he mentions that the elite – this elite, stressed over and over – who basically run the Western countries and he’s not talking about politicians by the way.  He said, the elite become very NERVOUS at the gap, the widening gap, between the rich, extremely rich, and the poor.  They also mean within their own countries.  Remember, these guys at the top believe in the sequence of events that happen under MARXIST THEOLOGY.  It is a theology; it’s a belief system.  That you come from an agrarian age into a form of slavery, feudalism, and then you get into the industrial age.  Then you demand rights and so you have big movements for rights going on, into a democratic age.  Now we are POST-democratic; we’re really post-industrial and we’ve become post-democratic.  We get used to specialists and agencies of governments guiding our lives for us. 


The idea is to keep everybody managed – MANAGED is the key – as we go through this long lasting crisis up to about the year 2050 while they hope to get it all rearranged, the whole world rearranged, the whole way of living rearranged and a reduced population and a COMPLIANT, OBEDIENT population at the very end of that term.  In the meantime they see riots coming up as they go through the takeover of all food supplies on the planet, all material goods that you really, really need, and as they tax you basically to pay for it all… for their exploits abroad.


This is all talked about in the books that they write themselves that nobody wants to read, except for students in Yale and Harvard and Oxford and Cambridge and places like that because that’s where they recruit them and they come IN to these specialized fields dealing with mass psychology and how to bring it all about.  They’re quite open about it in fact.  Brzezinski goes on about using other techniques and what he’s really referring to you might call SCARE TACTICS… in order to get the world to give up what were seen as personal and national rights. 


They are INTERNATIONALISTS at the top.  They’ve ALWAYS been internationalists and according to their own belief system; they were internationalists long before even the 1940s, these guys.  They all - regardless of you thinking of them as being right-wing or left-wing - they all BELIEVE in this formula set out by Karl Marx.  They also believe in Darwinism COUPLED with Marx.  Therefore BEING an elite, it’s only natural they’re going to safeguard themselves to go on into the future while the OLD type that are now super abundant and obsolete die off.  And I’m not kidding about that.  That’s really what it’s all about.  They’re managing us through the big period as they start to bring all of this about. 


The whole debate about weather and global warming and all the rest of the stuff, these are all PARTS of the techniques to give up your sovereign rights over so many areas of your own independent life, like heating yourself.  Getting you OFF THE ROAD is a mandate as well eventually.  In a totally controlled society, you can’t have people traveling anywhere they want to go.  You never have that.  So the first thing is always a lockdown on where you can travel and who can travel.  We see this happening now with air travel for instance, where the politician placed in charge of British Aviation came out publicly a few months ago – and I read the article from the mainstream news – where he said, we are here to DISCOURAGE people from traveling.  They don’t want NON-essential travel in the future.  It’s to be a world of bureaucrats traveling, CEOs and their employees traveling… and that will be that.  Everybody else will be locked down into their own regional area and they call them regions. 


Interestingly enough, Brzezinski said that it was the United States who first came up with the idea and helped to implement the startup of REGIONALIZATION.  The North American Union is a regionalization.  It’s a bloc like the Soviet bloc, just like the European system, the European Parliamentary system that’s turned Europe and the European countries into a new European Soviet type bloc.  They used the Soviet system as the model to bring it about.  Each region of the world has to get the same done to it.  There’s the one for the Far East as well.  Brzezinski didn’t dream that up because if you go back into Karl Marx’s writings in Das Kapital he talked about the same thing too, the great trading blocs, or regions.  He said there would be 3 of them probably and they would become provinces under a super government, a SINGULAR SUPER GOVERNMENT. 


Well, these guys have never changed their plans to date and of course no one is ever going to ask a man like Brzezinski, who is still running the show, whose son is involved in the military-industrial complex now in a big way.  They’re not going to ask him why he’s this true believer in Marxist theology or philosophy, depending on how you want to look at it or label it; no one will ask him that question.  Most folk will think he’s kind of right-wing but he’s not.  See, there is NO left-wing and right-wing in this. The guys at the top are INTERNATIONALISTS and they do believe in this evolution of man and these stages of man, including all through the Marxian stages up through POST-agricultural, POST-technological, POST-industrial, post-everything until here we are today and we have no real function, according to those at the top. 


The global warming is one big scam that they came up with.  Back in the 1920s you’ll see that the scientists then were doing the same thing.  They were screaming that all the arctic ice was melting and that around the Bering Straight they could sail from one country to another where normally there was ice.  Well, it came back in the late 20s and through the 30s and all the rest of it.  It came back so much that initially the same experts said we are coming into an ice age.  So we went from a warming period into an ice age.  I’ve read this article before.  It’s very important to show you that this is part of an agenda of chaos really, to get you to give up your rights. They mentioned some of the things they plan to do to offset it, including taking over the food supply of the world… because they thought there was going to be an ice age.  I’ll read from this, it’s a very good article, when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’m just talking about the cons they’ve tried over the last century in fact, to get us to give up so many rights but it’s also training us to listen to experts.  Remember what Bertrand Russell said?  He said, we are training the public now so they will be able to do nothing by themselves; they will need the ADVICE of an expert.  When he said that, it was an awful long time ago.  He said, eventually mothers won’t be able to change diapers without expert advice.  That happened… that has happened.  Even on weather channels now they will tell you WHAT to wear because it’s going to rain, like you’re a little child or something.  And we get used to this… being perpetual children, that we can’t think for ourselves. 


Getting back to this article.  Here’s what they said and I’ve read it before; it’s such a good article.


Scientists Considered Pouring Soot Over the Arctic in the 1970s to Help Melt the Ice - In Order to Prevent Another Ice Age

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 / WashingtonsBlog.com


On April 28, 1975, Newsweek wrote an article stating:


Climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change, or even to allay its effects. (Alan:  The exact stuff you are hearing now.)  They concede that some of the more spectacular solutions proposed, such as melting the Arctic ice cap by covering it with black soot or diverting arctic rivers, might create problems far greater than those they solve. (A:  This is what they thought about, diverting the rivers and everything.)  But the scientists see few signs that government leaders anywhere are even prepared to take the simple measures of stockpiling food or of introducing the variables of climatic uncertainty into economic projections of future food supplies. (A:  Now we see them doing the same thing as they take the seeds and put them off to islands that are inaccessible to the general public, because of global warming supposedly.  Any excuse will do to get their way.)  The longer the planners delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality.


Here is a reprint of the article in the Washington Times, and here is a copy of the 1975 Newsweek article.


Why were scientists considering melting the arctic ice cap?


Because they were worried about a new ice age.


Newsweek discussed the 1975 article in (A:  Again… in ) 2006:


In April, 1975 ... NEWSWEEK published a small back-page article about a very different kind of disaster. Citing "ominous signs that the earth's weather patterns have begun to change dramatically," the magazine warned of an impending "drastic decline in food production." Political disruptions stemming from food shortages could affect "just about every nation on earth." Scientists urged governments to consider emergency action to head off the terrible threat of . . . well, if you had been following the climate-change debates at the time, you'd have known that the threat was: global cooling


Citizens can judge for themselves what constitutes a prudent response-which, indeed, is what occurred 30 years ago. All in all, it's probably just as well that society elected not to follow one of the possible solutions mentioned in the NEWSWEEK article: to pour soot  (A:  Black soot… carbon.) over the Arctic ice cap, to help it melt.


Newsweek was not alone. Some scientists and the press have been warning about an ice age off and on for over 100 years.


For example, on February 24, 1895, the New York Times published an article entitled "PROSPECTS OF ANOTHER GLACIAL PERIOD; Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again", which starts with the following paragraph:


The question is again being discussed whether recent and long-continued observations do not point to the advent of a second glacial period, when the countries now basking in the fostering warmth of a tropical sun will ultimately give way to the perennial frost and snow of the polar regions.


In September 1958, Harper's wrote an article called "The Coming Ice Age".


On January 11, 1970, the Washington Post wrote an article entitled "Colder Winters Held Dawn of New Ice Age - Scientists See Ice Age In the Future" which stated:


Get a good grip on your long johns, cold weather haters--the worst may be yet to come. That's the long-long-range weather forecast being given out by "climatologists." the people who study very long-term world weather trends. 


And it goes on and on and on, as they try to get us all to give up our rights and put all foods and the handling and the growing of food into the government’s hands because of a coming ice age, just like they’re trying to do with the coming warming age that seems to have gone back to an ice age again according to this winter.  So that’s the farce that we certainly do live through.   It just goes on and on and on doesn’t it?


I’ve also talked about the incredible way that we are being TRAINED TO THINK IN A LINEAR FASHION, which is really an unnatural way of looking at things.  Animals think from all kinds of directions, literally.  I’ve talked about this before here; if I’ve got a tree down and the local fox is coming along and that path that he normally follows has a tree down, he will sit and study it from different angles before he decides to pass by.  If it was a human being, we just say, oh there are trees down, you go right up to it and try and move it or cut it or something without checking anything else out.  For an animal, they must think from different directions FOR ITS OWN PERSONAL SURVIVAL.  We’ve been trained we don’t really need that because experts are always working things FOR us.  We don’t have to think too much about anything, just sit back and be happy.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve mentioned often about how we are given this linear pattern of thinking where things just go together, falling like a trail of cheese and we come to the mouse trap at the end and we think that’s all there is to it.  That’s how we are trained to think.  When you get into the minds of the big boys who run the world, being the good psychopaths that they are, they think from ALL different kinds of directions, all kinds of ploys, things you’d never dream of.  They can take any situation and see how to make a profit out of it or how to turn it to their advantage, any situation at all, all directions; you have be BORN with a technique like this.  You can’t just learn it, you are BORN with it.  That’s what they say psychopaths actually are; they are born with psychopathy. 


Unfortunately the normal folk can’t think that way.  We don’t see the cons coming and we are trained, literally are TRAINED from childhood into growing up thinking that those in charge, those who have somehow worked up to the top positions of authority and government are somehow more altruistic and more honest and better then ourselves.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Psychopaths are the ones who claw their way up.  Psychopaths NEED the power; they have a craving for power over other people.  They have a craving for status, incredible craving for status.  They like people calling them ‘sir’ or bowing to them and all that kind of stuff.  They really, really get off on this. 


Who knows, maybe that’s the natural order?  I’ve often wondered about that in society, down through the centuries, if the big man in a tribe ends up conquering the tribe next door and becomes the hero and starts to get treated like royalty and his offspring are the same, then his offspring marry the enemy’s daughter and you’ve got 2 basically aggressive types marrying each other - the ones who got to the top within their own tribes - and they have psychopathic traits that they then pass on to their own children and then they rule all the rest of the people beneath them.  That seems to be the way in society. 


Getting back to this respectability factor, we should know by now that there is more criminality going around the world in suits and ties, very expensive suits and ties, as opposed to street crime.  It’s an area that’s seldom touched.  It’s almost a taboo area for the police because politics are definitely involved in it.  White-collar crime, regardless of the billions some of them will rip off the public, generally ends with them, if they get caught at all and they get sentenced and they get put into some kind of halfway house where they can play golf, and they’re only in for a few months and that’s it, over and done with.  It’s ridiculous but that’s the reality.  What they will say in court is well, they didn’t actually physically hurt someone.  Now, if they clean the banks out and people lose their homes and maybe commit suicide or starve to death, technically, technically within their legal system, the person who caused it didn’t kill them.  That was a consequence of it; it was out of their hands.  That’s how they would phrase it in the legal system.  So they get very, very little punitive punishment whatsoever. 


We are taught, again, through all the ads on television which gives us a fake impression of medicine, the police, everything else, never mind all the dramas they give you, IT’S ALL PROPAGANDA.  We get a fake idea of what they are really all about.  You would think something to do with the medical industry is there to help you.  That’s what all the propaganda tells you.  That’s what every ad on television tells you.  That’s what every ad for a new product tells you; smiling faces, white coats with the stethoscope around the neck, and DOCTOR recommended, and they wouldn’t do anything to hurt YOU would they?  Their job is PURE, pure, pure profit.  That’s their job… PURE PROFIT… for the drug companies. 


Johnson & Johnson Facing Federal Suit for Paying Kickbacks to Nursing Homes

2010-01-15 / www.corporatecomplianceinsights.com


(A:  Nursing homes now are like chain stores and there is a lot of money involved in them, big, big money.)


News is breaking today that the United States government has slapped a suit against Johnson & Johnson and two of its subsidiaries for allegedly paying kickbacks to nursing homes in an effort to boost sales for a new antipsychotic drug.  (A:  You know what they do when they get them in these homes?  They put them on antipsychotic drugs where they sit and drool in a chair, a chair they can’t get out of by the way.  That way they’re not walking around, it takes fewer staff to take care of them, so it’s bigger profits for the companies of the nursing homes.)


J&J has not spoken publicly on the matter as of yet, although they are expected to do so later today. The news of the U.S. suit against Johnson & Johnson comes on the same day it is being reported that the company is broadening its voluntary recall of certain over-the-counter medications that have a “musty, moldy odor”.


 From the Wall Street Journal’s story on the federal suit against Johnson & Johnson:


Federal prosecutors alleged that Johnson & Johnson paid one of the nation’s largest pharmacies serving nursing homes “tens of millions of dollars in kickbacks” to increase sales of drugs including blockbuster antipsychotic Risperdal.


A press release issued a short time ago provides even more detail on the kickbacks that Johnson & Johnson is alleged to have paid:


The United States has filed a civil False Claims Act complaint against drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson (J&J) of New Brunswick, N.J., and two of its subsidiaries, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc., the Justice Department announced today.  The complaint alleges that these companies paid millions of dollars in kickbacks to Omnicare Inc., the nation’s largest pharmacy that specializes in dispensing drugs to nursing home patients.  In November 2009, the United States, numerous states, and Omnicare entered into a $98 million settlement agreement that, among other things, resolved Omnicare’s civil liability under the False Claims Act for taking kickbacks from J&J.  (A:  It’s quite astonishing.  This is quite common, this kind of stuff, isn’t it?)


According to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, paying kickbacks at nursing homes as J&J is alleged to have done is a particularly egregious offense:


“Kickbacks in the nursing home pharmacy context are particularly nefarious because they can result in excessive prescribing of strong drugs to patients who have little or no control over the medical care they are receiving,” U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz said in a statement. “Nursing home doctors should be able to rely on the integrity (A:  Here they go again… integrity in the pharma industry.) of the recommendations they receive from pharmacists, and those recommendations should not be a product of money that a drug company is paying to the pharmacy.”  (A:  This is across the board you know, this kind of natural corruption.  It’s commonplace.  They’re all at it, all the big companies are at it.  Never mind the fact now that every country in the world that bought all the millions and millions of doses of the useless swine flu vaccine are desperately trying to give them away to any country that will take them because they don’t want to be left with all these multitudes, these mountains of syringes.  It doesn’t look too good on them for the next time.  But that’s the way it is, isn’t it?)


The con men, the psychopaths run the world and they can whip us up into a frenzy over global cooling or global warming or plagues or whatever else they want and they always seem to get their way because the politicians always go along with them.  What do the politicians have in common with the big boys?  PSYCHOPATHS, you see.  They do recognize each other and they see no problem in making deals with each other.  Quite something. 


We’ll go to the callers now and there is Rico from Toronto.  Are you there Rico?


Rico:  I wanted your opinion on something.  Immediately when I saw it, when it happened last week, the first think I thought about was like a Teutonic weapon, or HAARP, when the earthquake happened in Haiti.  I just wanted to get your thoughts on it because it seems it’s too well coordinated.  Clinton is like, she cancelled her trip.  She was going to go and stay… and I know these people don’t do nothing for nothing, you know what I mean?  And it’s a military operation.  It’s so well coordinated too, the Pentagon to the rescue people; it doesn’t make sense to me.  It doesn’t jive, that something is fishy, you know?  Like my mom was there and she’s back now and she just said, the bodies and stuff like that.  I know those people, who won’t do anything for nothing.  So, I just wanted your opinion on it.  Did you that that could have been…?


Alan:  There are a few things it could have been.  In fact, again, I flipped through Brzezinski’s book Between Two Ages today and that was printed I think in 1970 and he does go through the weather warfare techniques that would be employed maybe a decade, two decades from now, he said.  He said it’s a great covert way where any country could literally USE such covert weapons that would be undetectable.  You put it down to natural disasters but in reality you are using them for military purposes.  What did get me was the US military seemed already prepared to go in there.  You know yourself that even before they invaded Afghanistan, before 9/11 happened, it took them 6 months or 7 months that they were building up troops for going into the area.  The military doesn’t work so quickly.  What amazed me too reading through the newspapers, was some of the big staff that had to go over with the military just happened all to be in Miami at the time… so they just hopped aboard the ships and away they went.  We’ll never know.  This is the beauty of weather warfare, we will never know.  When the tsunami hit remember, there was talk at the time of US military being in the area.  In fact, they tried to land in one country and bring in the Marines, right away, they were there.  The country, it was a Muslim country, refused to have them in.  It was in the papers at the time.  They said no, out you go.  So is it being used for military purposes?  I would say why not… since they’ve got it and they can use it. 


Rico:  Yeah.  That’s the first thing that came into my mind when it happened.  I said it’s just too well coordinated.  The response time was too… it was like a grand theater.  Clinton saying she cancelled her trip.  I’m like, for a little island that 200 some years ago, it took some people and did a revolution and took some people out… said nobody cares that much.  You know what I mean?  I’m not trying to be cynical.  I’m just saying…


Alan:  Now they’re saying that part of the Southern Command for the whole of the Americas, went over there… What they’re claiming is because it’s a geopolitical area of important strategic importance and that’s why the military has gone in first, to take it over.


Rico:  I got emails like within a few days and that’s what the people were saying.  They were saying that they got shots of cams of [?], the Dominican Republic, it was the way it shook.  It didn’t shake like a normal earthquake and how Cuba wasn’t affected and the other places.  But the way things…  I got sent things, like 13 reasons why this is probably HAARP and it had all the news, breaking it down…. and I thought that before I got the email.  I got an email on Saturday and Sunday and before that, I wasn’t thinking this isn’t right.


Alan:  I know too, I think it was 1978 at the United Nations, all the big countries signed an agreement NOT to use Weather Warfare against each other in war purposes.  Now that means they CAN also use it INTERNALLY on their own people by the way.  Under the North American agreement and the Southern Command Agreement, then those little islands in the Caribbean come under American jurisdiction.  So technically you could use it on them.  It’s just too… it’s too fortunate to happen just at this time, they were all ready to go, it’s a big show, demonstration.  We won’t know YET what the true purpose of it is either.  We won’t know yet what the true purpose is. 


Rico:  Well, I have a friend who basically, his family members live in Haiti, he had a lot of family members.  What he told me is that this is when Clinton was going in and out of there because the last year he was in there like 7 or 8 times, Clinton.  I’m interested.  They are like doing a whole bunch of stuff.  Supposedly, what my friend told me, his uncle who lives there saw a whole bunch of military American troops within the region and they barred the Haitians from going there and supposedly they found something, whether it be oil deposits – I know there is oil there, large oil deposits – whether it be minerals, whether it be gold, something.  They weren’t allowing the people to go.  I talked about it with him and said these people, these mobs don’t do nothing for nothing, these psychopaths don’t do nothing for nothing.  And when he saw Bush laughing on national television, when they’re supposedly doing a charity event and they’re asking for money for it… It didn’t make sense, you know what I mean?


Alan:  Yes.  Once again too, I can guarantee you the money will never get to where it’s supposed to go, with Bush Sr. and Clinton in charge of it.  That’s what happened with the last tsunami victims, they’re still waiting for the cash. 


Rico:  How would you suggest a more proactive way to donate?  …a smaller organization.  I already know the Red Cross usually keeps the money, 70% of it gets eaten up.  How would you suggest another, a better way?


Alan:  I tell you it’s very difficult to do now.  People don’t realize that, remember, when the tsunami hit and the President of the US got up and he said there are only 2 charitable organizations that we are promoting.  That was the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.  Lots of other little charities went in there, the same thing happened with New Orleans.  And right away when they went in, these little charities WITH the active teams to help, all the money was going into active teams going in there and the IRS came down on them within a couple of days and stopped them.  The IRS!  Meaning no one is allowed to compete with the authorized ones at the top, for the big boys. 


Rico:  That’s exactly what’s going on.  I’m hearing they’re not letting us, people who want to help, come IN.  They are monopolizing the aid.  If it has to do with helping people, what does it have to do with only YOU doing it?  And something else, what the hell does the military have to do with RELIEF?  That’s an OPERATION.  It has nothing to do with relief.


Alan:  That’s right. 


Rico:  What does a big M16 have to do with helping somebody clean up their country?  You need people… relief workers.  You don’t need the military.  It’s an invasion; you don’t need the military.  It’s a military without firing a shot. 


Alan:  I know.  They’re already fencing off the areas for the food and putting up big walls and all the rest of it.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just before I take the next caller, I’ll just mention that the Sovereign Independent has got an article on Haiti.  France apparently has accused the US of putting in an occupational military force as well.  So there’s kind of bickering over it between the French and the US, over I guess territory there.  I’ll put this link up on my site at the end of the show.


US accused of ‘occupying’ Haiti as troops flood in

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Now we’ll go to the phones again and we’ve got Dan in Massachusetts.  Are you there Dan?


Dan:  Thank you for having me.  Alan, I was calling on the previous show and I love the radio Republic Broadcasting Network; I love it.  I have donated and I wish other people would.  I was listening to you for the last hour or so and what bothered me was you went from psychopaths to being taxed more.  Yeah, people in America are being taxed more.  I don’t know about where you live.


Alan:  You’re right, here too.


Dan:  I don’t know where you live but we are being taxed more.  There is an economy down turn in America.  Now, to go back and I’ll flip flop like you did, Johnson and Johnson.  They are trying to save people.  It’s a company, I believe, in America.   They are trying to do research and so forth, save people.  I don’t know why they were mentioned on the show.


Alan:  It’s to show you that they are not just there to save people.  There are there to make a lot of money.  When it comes to massive profits, there are a lot of dirty things that are done to get that kind of money.  They are giving backhanders, or kickbacks, to people for promoting their particular medications over other medications, NOT because they are better medications.


Dan:  Okay.  So there are people like you and me, and we live today, we don’t live in the future or live in the past, and what do we have to make ends meet?  Can you give me one… you know, you have a family, what can we do to make ends meet?  We work.


Alan:  You work and you do the best you can.  The problem now is they are telling us we all owe so much money because of the bailouts, your governments are telling you and they are not only telling you, they are jacking up your taxes in the meantime. 


Dan:  Yeah.  I agree with that.  The government, you know… do you live in the U.S. or do you live in France. 


Alan:  It doesn’t matter which country because every country got hammered by the banks at the same time.


Dan:  We’re not getting hammered by the banks.  We are getting hammered by the government.


Alan:  The governments… and they want more because they’ve got a big world agenda to pay for and we are all paying for it right now.  Thanks for calling.


For Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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