Jan. 20, 2010 (#496)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 20, 2010:

Parliamentarians are Totalitarians:

"Some Call it 'Progression,' Some Say it's Fate,
As We're Bullied and Fined into Nanny State,
The Collective Doesn't Mind, They're All the Same,
Downloaded by T.V. and Each Internet Game,
Elite Count on the Brainwashed to Drown out Speakers
Who Know and Study, the Reality Seekers,
The Authoritarians are Openly Out on a Roll,
Over Every Life Facet, Demanding Total Control,
And No Tolerance for Resistors, Just Instant Obedience,
Totalitarian States are Not Known for their Lenience,
People Better be Firm and Learn to Say 'No,'
Freedoms Lost, to Regain, is a Tough Road to Go"
© Alan Watt Jan. 20, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 20, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 20th 2010.  I always suggest newcomers to the show go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Look at all the other sites I have up there.  Sometimes the big ones freeze on me, they stop me from uploading and if you have all these sites bookmarked for future use you can always get the latest audios for download… and they are for free remember.  All the shows I do are up on the archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  The official sites are:  [listed above].  It’s customary for me to rattle a tin can at this time and remind the audience that you bring me to you.  It’s something that most folk will forget because they hear all the different people coming on and they think everything is for free.  That’s the way things are today.  We are going into the big free trap and we WILL be in a big free trap down the road, believe you me, where governments will know everything about you and monitor everything you are doing, but they will give you lots of fun as you’re giving all your information out there.  So it’s up to you to keep me going and put some coppers in that tin can there.  You can buy the books, CDs, and DVDs I have for sale on cuttingthroughthematrix.com or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  A lot of people in the US don’t like banks anymore and no wonder.  None of the like them anywhere and you can go to the post office to get an INTERNATIONAL postal money order.  That’s the orangey/pink one for international communism and that gets to Canada.  The green one is for internal use only.  Those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can write to me at [address above]. 


It is a new world order.  Most folk are going into it without a clue as to HOW we’re going in to it or WHY we are going into it.  It’s so easy to say it’s a bunch of fascists at the top, there’s a bunch of communists at the top, or internationalists, but really it’s got such a long, long history that no one touches on and if you don’t understand the history of what’s happened, you won’t understand how we are the way we are today and where it’s supposed to all take us.  The social sciences certainly do know because social scientists have been studying us for such an awful long, long time.  ‘The crowd’ as they called it back in the 1800s, was widely studied; how mass man works together, right down to the affiliations of mass man.  That’s what Bernays – if you want to peruse his books – will tell you; that he looked through the phone books for all existing organizations to find out what connected people inside an organization and what their common interests were.  The same thing they are doing today on the internet with your data.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  This system we live in has a long, long history where private organizations were already taking over and bypassing the functions of government back in the 1700s and the 1800s.  It started off really with so-called philanthropists.  An interesting term because you think of them as people who go around dishing out cash to charity.  These philanthropists were extremely rich men, they wanted a way to also avoid various taxes, but they also wanted to have control over the reins of power in their own countries and even abroad where they had investments and sometimes factories.  That has never changed today.


They also combined their attitudes with Karl Marx, believe it or not.  They claimed in fact at the time, that Karl Marx took over from Christianity.  If you read the writings by the big boys themselves, they will tell you that in their books, like Brzezinski.  Really what they are trying to say is that everything is an evolution and that therefore Marxism was an evolution of Christianity, according to these big guys at the top.  They’ve got nothing but praise for the Marxian philosophies… or theology because it IS a belief system in itself.  What’s also interesting too is that Adam Weishaupt talked about philanthropists.  He said that by the creation of foundations and philanthropy we shall gain power over the governments.  He said that in his own writings.  That was also echoed by the Pope, as they call it, of Freemasonry Albert Pike.  Since then they have certainly been involved in creating HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of foundations.  Sometimes they have a hundred foundations funded by one single one.  So they are all front ones but they are specializing in special areas of society.  A long time ago they decided that eventually their own organizations that are networking together would form a parallel government. 


This was solidified in Professor Carroll Quigley’s time when he, as the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, admitted in his own book Tragedy and Hope and his other book The Anglo-American Establishment.  You have to read both of them, where they fill in all the blanks in history that they don’t tell you in school books.  He admits that this parallel government has been behind all the major events that happened in the 20th century, including wars.  They were heavily involved in various kinds of machinations and scheming and also trying to sway different dictators to go certain paths AND their own governments.  They also put their own members into government.  So they INFILTRATED governments, under the guise that they were a private club basically.  And there has never been such a POWERFUL private club as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the parent of the Council on Foreign Relations. 


These organizations were set up in Britain, such as the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, both private organizations.  They were set up by bankers.  Not just bankers who lend to you from a till at the counter in some shopping mall or corner street building, but INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.  They lent money to governments, even for warfare purposes… ANY government, ALL governments, and even opposing governments in warfare.  They decided at the time that they’d also network with the philanthropists and FORM A PARALLEL GOVERNMENT.  Well that has been done. 


If you notice over the last few years, they bring on board the so-called speakers for the non-governmental organizations which are RUN by the foundations.  They’re really fronts in a sense for the foundations and their policies.  It’s a form of Sovietization.  ‘Soviet’ means ‘rule by councils’ and technically and on paper at least in the Soviet Union, for every trade there was, and workplace there was, or factory or whatever it happened to be, there was always a non-governmental organization with a selected spokesman who was always picked by the Politburo.  We have the same system now on board with all the world meetings at the United Nations, funded by the foundations, but these leaders are PICKED by the foundations.  Often, in fact, they’re set out to set up the non-governmental organizations to get all the followers - you know the sheep - into it; the ones who stand behind and shout the slogans they are told to shout, like George Orwell had in Animal Farm for the sheep. 


These heads are given incredible salaries and pension plans and they have office buildings and office blocks and all the rest of it, these so-called little grass roots organizations who now pretend to speak for YOU.  You don’t even know them.  Many of you have never even heard of all these different organizations.  Their leaders get into the big international meetings.  They sometimes get brought on board with various government policy sectors and advise governments and yet you don’t vote for any of them.  This is the POST-DEMOCRATIC ERA which they talked about in Quigley’s talks AND the Club of Rome. 


The Club of Rome actually stated in one of its own books [The First Global Revolution] that they’d looked at all the different systems in the world of ruling the people and of all the systems, they preferred collectivism, which is a form of sovietization.  They admired the Soviet system, for the way the government literally kept track of everything that happened across the land.  Everything was under observation.  Everything was planned that way.  Mind you, nothing worked the way it was supposed to on paper BUT they admired that power the government had over the entire country or countries which they ran.  This was echoed again by even Margaret Thatcher.  When she left politics she said that she would not be retiring from influencing decisions on the world.  She said, I’ve now joined the parallel government – that’s the Royal Institute of International Affairs/ CFR.  She says, WE all know each other, all the ex-Presidents and Prime Ministers across the world, and we work together, we have our own meetings.  She says, we ARE in essence a parallel government.  We can get things done without having to be responsible to the general public.  They don’t have to answer to anything. 


Going back to Carroll Quigley, the historian for the CFR, he said the same thing.  He says, these people become what are called TECHNOCRATS.  He says, politicians can get all the boos or all the accolades, but we can give the real power to those behind the scenes, like the Maurice Strong’s and these types of characters.  Technocrats, the Kissinger’s, the Brzezinski’s, they get things done without democracy.  They said democracy has TOO many factions all competing for power that there is nothing but chaos and it would never work.  So we are post-democratic, but they have given you something to stand in FOR you and it’s the show of the non-governmental organizations, special interest groups as they are sometimes called as well, who pretend to speak on behalf of the general public.  They demand things from governments and the governments are only too happy to hear their demands and sign it into law; in fact they are waiting for it.  That is how the world really, really works. 


Getting back to Bernays; Bernays studied the world.  He studied the people.  He wasn’t getting taught by Freud.  He was the nephew of Freud, but he didn’t glean this stuff from flipping through Freud’s book on just the subconscious and its motivations.  He was trained from a very, very early age on how the masses work basically.  He looked through phone books in different cities.  He says why set up an organization when one already exists?  All you have to do is to start funding it with money, get in on the work angle and then come up to the top and take it over.  Now you’ve got thousands of followers already there.  They are already there for you, why start up something new?  They’ve been very, very good at this for the last 100-odd years.  Very little out there has any set resemblance to what it started out to be, today.  That’s where we are today with it, post-democratic, an ORDERED society. 


You have the Fabian Society, another branch really, of the same group of Royal Institute of International Affairs, all working towards this same goal.  It’s not be a nice, wonderful world where we can go to Africa and live if we want to, and Africans can come here if they want to live and all this kind of stuff, and we’ll all be one big happy family.  Far from it.  It’s to be a world set up into regions.  The regions are all ready… in fact they published the regions of the world during World War II… of a post World War II world.  They published the maps – I have it here somewhere; I’m sure it’s up on the internet – and it had all the different regions for a European region, North American region with the Caribbean.  That’s why we’re down in Haiti actually, part of the reason, apart from the oil.  They also had one for the Far East, the Pacific Rim region.  Everything was split into regions.  


Brzezinski, in his own books, once again…  Remember, Brzezinski was a big, big player; he still is a big player.  He admits himself he is still involved in stirring up people to revolt within Iran; he’s got a hand in it.  These are big, big players.  He also worked with the NSA.  He worked at departments of futuristic weaponry, all that kind of stuff.  He talked about using technotronic warfare upon the general public and EMP type waves, HAARP technologies that can literally be used like tranquilizers to tranquilize a whole continent if need be.  These aren’t little guys at the top giving wish lists with no real experience to draw on of what they’re talking about.  This guy was up there and he still is up there.  The world they’re bringing in is a totally controlled society run on socialist/collectivist principles, right down to birth control, who will get born, who won’t get born and so on.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just giving a little brush-up on to how we got to where we are and where it’s supposed to go.  The complete nanny state, some call it, especially in Britain, where the government is into your very home checking your refrigerator to give you lectures on how long to store meat and so on, and maybe go off meat all together; that’s part of the reason… even putting cameras into your homes.  Cameras in thousands of families’ homes now, by order of the government. 


That doesn’t surprise me though because I read years ago and I’ve mentioned it on the air before.  Back in the 70s, I think it was in the American Psychological magazine, they said at the time, they wouldn’t be happy until every family was monitored by professionals to look for signs of aggression.  Even family arguments were to get phased out completely.  You wouldn’t be allowed to get angry about anything.  You can see the world that they’re bringing us into is one controlled by pharma as well, just like that THX 1138 movie.  It had all of that in it, where you get drugged all day long and they test your blood and your urine all day long to see if you need to up one drug or another or if you’ve missed some altogether.  That’s the kind of society they want to bring in.


It’s very odd.  They say that all conflict must be abolished.  All conflict.  That’s why part of the reason they wanted to abolish marriage or anybody mating with anybody for any length of time because there will always be some kind of conflict.  As two different personalities try to merge together and cooperate together and get along together there are always little conflicts that come up.  Look what any school situation.  Look at even Kindergarten and watch the conflicts there.  Conflicts are quite normal, obviously, but they don’t want conflicts.  They want to alter society in such a way that everyone is completely manageable by the governments. 


I’ve gone into it before where Wells and others talked about this as well.  That was also put in to the movie 1984 by Blair; I always call him Blair because that was his real name.  In 1984, he had a television camera in every room and a TV screen everywhere so that Big Brother really is watching you, just like Britain and like it’s supposed to come to Canada and the States and everywhere else in the world, given time… once they break down the barriers, as they call it, to opposition so that they can watch you and monitor you.  If you notice in 1984 the movie, everyone lived on their own.  No one lived with another partner; that was taboo. 


Then you go into the books again, by the big boys like Charles Galton Darwin in his book, The Next Million Years.  He outlined the plan on behalf of the elite and he said the same thing.  He said that WE, we who rule the world, we who guide the world must retain our wild capabilities because man is a wild animal with survival instincts, etc.  WE must retain these, so we must remain unaltered, but the rest of the public, he said, they won’t NEED those particular survival capabilities because the State will be making all their decisions for them.  We’re living through this.  When these guys write these books and they belong to the biggest think tanks in the world – some of them secret, some of them semi-secret – and they’re attending world meetings at the United Nations, then you can take what they’re saying to the bank.  They MEAN this.  This is an agenda they’re talking about.  It’s not their private wishes.  We are living through that very phase now.  They have accomplished much of their goals already. 


We’ve read recently where in France – because they are so socialist now – they are the first country to pass laws that a man and a woman having an argument, anyone shouting at someone else is going to be charged under the law, just for yelling.  It’s all coming to pass.  These guys never go ahead without really publishing it and telling you where they are actually going to take you.  They won’t always tell you the methodology of introduction of the scheme but they DO tell you where they are going to take you. 


It’s so bad in Britain.  Britain is the flagship for the world remember; that’s where they test all of these things out first.  The government is in your refrigerator; they’re putting cameras up in folk’s homes, thousand of families… as a trial for the whole planet.  Why do you think they are giving you reality shows?  Why do you think that?  Everybody wants to be on camera.  You are getting TRAINED to be domesticated.  TRAINED… as you think you’re actually getting more freedom.  You’re COPYING what you see on TV.  This article is from the Sunday Express, UK news.  It’s about this nanny state, they call it, the nanny state in Britain.  It’s so interesting too because you have this Fabian - it is a Fabian Labour government - all belonging to the Fabian Society of England that run Britain right now.  It says here…



(Alan:  They’ve gone down through the generations and now they’ve got to the grandparents.)

Wednesday January 20,2010 / By Nicola McCafferty for Express.co.uk


LABOUR has launched a nanny state guide to teach grandparents how to care for their grandchildren.  (A:  Fascinating really.  Fascinating because those grandparents were the ones they first attacked to destroy the family unit, give them a totally different culture, the drug culture and so on.  Now they’re telling them how to treat their grandchildren.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the totally controlled society that’s coming in and where they always test everything out, in Britain first.  They are so beaten down I think in that country after centuries of a very authoritarian type of society, a rigid kind of society, that that’s why they use Britain to do all of this stuff.  I’m reading an article here from the Express.co.uk.  All these articles I mention, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and I’ll put the links up at the end of the night if XplorNet graces me with the speed to upload again.  They’ve been cutting me back because they’ve been told to.  It says here…


LABOUR has launched a nanny state guide to teach grandparents how to care for their grandchildren. 


In an insult to Britain's pensioners, Children's Secretary Ed Balls (A:  What a name.  What a name!)  hailed a new Government-funded website BeGrand.net which offers "tips and advice on getting involved in grandchildrens' lives."  (A:  It’s astonishing.  Here are the Fabians at work literally reorganizing society.  They worked through the 60s, 70s, and 80s to help bring in this kind of nanny-state socialist system and here they are telling grandparents how to look after children.  The same Fabians that had population control as TOP of their agenda since they were founded.  In fact they were terrified that the lower classes would outbreed the elite and therefore they’d have some chaos and they were working hard towards taking care of that as well.  So now they’re telling grandparents how to deal with children.)


But the site - which is part of an initiative costing taxpayers (A:  Oh that’s okay.) a staggering £60 million - instead offers a series of bizarre and unnecessary tips on childcare for worldly grandparents, most of whom have already spent decades caring for children.


Grandparents, according to the site, often have "strong and sometimes strange opinions".  (A:  See, they don’t want your opinions or your view of the world passed on between the generations.  I’ve gone on about that so many times in the past.  That was part of separating the generations.)


Among the information is nutritional advice, including a suggestion that teenagers can be "bribed" to eat their greens with a plate of chips.  (A:  French fries… can you believe this?  £60 million from a country that’s supposed to be bankrupted so many times over and the last budget was more than all of the accumulated budgets they’d ever had in history put together.)


Other indispensable tips include a guide on what a burn is...and why it might be a good idea to ring an ambulance if your grandchild collapses.  (A:  So if you burn yourself or if your child collapses, they tell you what to do, to phone an ambulance.  £60 million… is this jobs for the boys or what?  Are the elite having so many offspring they’ve got to create all these government departments to put them in, for life?  Is that what it is?)




1. Choose a name your grandchildren can call you

"Grandparents, who have strong and sometimes strange opinions, should settle on some names that satisfy all.


"Also, if you have ethnic roots, it could be fun to "try out the terms they'd have used in the old homeland, i.e. Babushka (Russian) or Abuela (Spanish) have a ring to them.  (A:  Can you believe this!  Can you believe this?)


"Pretty much any noise your new grandchild makes can be claimed as the word for you, even if not in your own language. Try 'Zulu,' or Thakur-da’, which it's Bengali for Grandad."  (A:  Ah, gee… political correctness gone to extremes.)


You know something?  There is no expense spared when it comes out of the taxpayers’ purse.  Isn’t that something?  There are still folk in England losing their homes because of the crash in the mortgages.  The hospitals are still grabbing your house if you’re elderly and you end up in hospital, even for a brief time.  They grab your home and sell it.  This is a prototype for the planet by the way.  Amazing isn’t it?  It’s amazing how we are run.


There’s a caller there, Kevin from Ontario.  Are you there Kevin?  I’ll take you now before I read the next article.


Kevin:  Hello.  It’s Kevin from North Bay, Ontario, just down the road from where you are.  We spoke a couple of weeks ago, Alan.  I’m also a member of We Are Change.  We are finally starting to get some political action going on here in northern Ontario.  When we last spoke they were pulling every trick they possibly can to set up this whole world government thing.  Of course they do like to have testing grounds for certain countries.  I’m sure you’ve read about Bill C6 right, here in Canada.  Where now this Codex Alimentarius program is where they are able to come into our homes pretty much without a search warrant, just to make sure that we don’t have any illegal natural medicines.


Alan:  That’s right.


Kevin:  It’s sad… but you know there are some people that are starting to stand up for their rights especially here in northern Ontario, like I said with the We Are Change group.


Alan:  I noticed even in Sudbury… See, a few years back Canada and the rest of the world was told that the main cities, the other cities that were around, should all amalgamate and become Super Cities.  This came from the United Nations.  Then they would get a common tax base, common inspectors and all that, common laws for all the lands outlying in the different areas.  Well, Greater Sudbury is having a meeting, by the government, inviting all the people and they bring in their change agents to convince the public to go along and how to lie to the public in a nice way.  What it is, is a talk about what you now can and cannot do with your land, how you can use it and how you’re not allowed to use it anymore.  They’ve changed drastically your own rights on your own property.  Well, this is happening across the whole country.  It’s coming from the United Nations, by the way.  It’s going the same way as Australia where they will just confiscate your land and say your land is now a carbon sink, for Canadians’ carbon output, and you get no compensation.  They just seize it like that poor guy in Australia that’s only one of many that it’s happened to.  This is all coming from the United Nations. 


Kevin:  Absolutely.  Another program, a presentation is going on about the Project Nanuke which was about the Northwest Passage up in the Arctic.  Of course, in classical Orwellian double-speak, the Canadian Navy commander that was the guest of honor there, he was Alexander Grant.  He was talking about how we were trying to fight for Canadian sovereignty… yeah, right.  Then it was classic Orwellian double-speak later on.  He said that the Americans were going to be helping us, help policing the north and helping with military stuff up in the northern arctic.   Then I started asking him if this was something having to do with Iran and Russia, setting up a military perimeter around North American and being part of the North American Union.  Oh boy, he didn’t like those questions. 


Alan:  No, but that was in the papers remember, in 2005 when it came out in the Canadian papers, it was called Fortress America, when the Prime Minister of Canada, the Prime Minster of Mexico and the US President met together to sign the first part of the OPEN AMALGAMATION Treaty for the unification of the Americas.  They said at the time that this terrorism has been a Godsend to them because they wanted to go the same way a Europe and they get too much resistance and they could use terrorism as a way to integrate all forces, police forces, intelligence forces, the military and all the rest of it.  Well, they actually said in the rest of the articles and I’ve even got the tape here from television.  I kept it, I played it on the air because the Americans had never even heard this was even happening and their President was signing this into law.  It said that already bureaucrats on the federal level in Canada can apply for equivalent positions in the US’s department and vice-versa.  It also said that as of then, 2005 - actually it was 2003 that it started - they were amalgamating all the intelligence services and lo and behold in 2005, FBI offices started opening up in places like Barrie (Ontario) and across Canada.  We are already integrated, they haven’t just told the public all about it yet.


Kevin:  Yeah.  Here in Canada also, we’re pretty much now under a flat-out dictatorship with Stephen Harper after he shut down parliament.  By the way, this Codex Alimentarius Bill, that’s what I called in about.  They call it C6, I call it the Codex Bill.  When they passed it, Parliament was shut down when it passed.  That tells me there is a little bit of a symbolism here, that now we are in control, we are going to pass these Draconian laws now.  They are going to be testing these on Canadian soil, like I’ve been trying to warn people about and We Are Change North Bay.  We are going to start bringing more awareness about this to the whole community.  Hopefully we’re going to be able to get somewhere.  Of course, since you are also in Northern Ontario and you are welcome to join us at any time.  It’s just amazing that people aren’t waking up to this. 


Alan:  Well, you know yourself.  You take the average newspaper that’s out every day and you get the front page, right on the front page their main stories are sports or they will pick some one person that something has happened to, she found her purse and blah, blah, blah, some trivia that doesn’t affect anybody else’s lives.  They don’t tell you what they are really up to, what they are really going on about and neither will Harper tell you that this year he signs into law the FINAL integration part.  This is the year for it, 2010.  In the summer they sign the last part of this total amalgamation bill.  So expect to see an awful lot more US troops and so on up in Canada.  I spoke to guys who work for the Canadian military who actually patrol the northern parts of Canada and they told me they were already working with them. 


Kevin:  I’ve got a friend of mine who is also in the military here.  He told me a few things also, some of the programs and that we are going to be working more with the Americans too.  Not only just Bill C60, it will integrate both of our militaries of the United States and Canada.  It’s pretty much going to be the North American Army itself.


Alan:  It is.  Absolutely.  They’ve discussed a totally amalgamated force.  I’ve got the articles here about the complete integration of the European forces, just the same thing.  We are just taking after them.  The prototype again was Europe, we were to come second and the Pacific Rim region was to come third. 


Kevin:  Indeed.  Is there any other method nowadays?  …short of like Max Decon’s idea of global non-compliance that would put an end to all this?


Alan:  It is very, very difficult… as you know in Canada, it’s much like Britain.  The people have never been an active people, getting involved in their own lives and what’s happening to them.  I notice when the gasoline goes up now they don’t even complain about the prices any more; they always used to.  I think they are so mind-bombed in an expertise way that they can’t think very clearly anymore.  Their attitude is, oh, so what.  They’ve got lots of entertainment; everybody is stuck on television with hundreds of channels.  It isn’t until it hits them personally that it comes down to the crunch.  People haven’t a clue how things are really run in Canada.  For instance, if you have a parent here in Canada and I found this out from a listener in Sudbury.  You are supposed to report if your parent shows any sign of Alzheimer’s TO THE COPS.  The cops come into your home with the combat boots and so on and treat you like a suspect. 


Kevin:  Yeah and when I lived up in Iroquois Falls it was starting to get really bad up there too.  I know in Cochrane it was getting really bad with the police forces there, pretty much acting like Gestapo. 


Alan:  Yes.  That’s right.  People are terrified now to speak to them.  I mean, these guys are wearing their full combat gear here.  Even the ties and their shirts are black; that’s the sign of the executioner.  You see, we’re not IN a democratic system any more.  You’re in a totalitarian system of authoritarianism and THAT’S the message we’re seeing all around us now.  Thanks for calling.  I’ve got to read this other article too, but call in again.


It’s astonishing what’s happening but as I say, most folk haven’t got a clue what’s actually happening.  They say nothing until they personally are hit by some new law or agents coming into their land or confiscating their property or whatever.  They just don’t know what’s going on… and they don’t care unfortunately because they’ve been so fragmented amongst themselves.  At one time people really had communities.  Everybody knew what had happened to everyone else in the community and they’d stand up together.  Now everyone is sitting inside that little house of theirs with the glowing EYE - the big eye, you know, Lucifer’s eye - flickering away there and they don’t even know who their neighbors are and they don’t really want to know what’s happening around them.  That’s a fact of life and this did not happen by accident either folks. Nothing does when it comes to micro-management and control. 


We’ve all heard about Climate Gate that is to change our lives, this Climate Gate fiasco with all the lying scientists getting massive grants by churning out more lies and the United Nations putting everything into it because that is one of the main techniques they are using supposedly to bring in laws over all commerce, economics, industry and even your house as well, how you are going to live.  You’ll need a permit eventually to buy fuel to heat yourself.  I’m not kidding about that.  That’s the world they plan.  IT’S ALL A SCAM, A GIANT SCAM.  The elite’s emails that we saw exposed all of that.  This article here is from the National Post.


Lorne Gunter: First Climategate, now Glaciergate

Posted: January 20, 2010, by NP Editor / Lorne Gunter


Hot on the heels of Climategate — the leaking of thousands of emails and computer files that show many of the world’s leading climate scientists fudging the results of their global warming research and contriving to keep skeptics from being published in academic journals — comes what could be called Glaciergate.


Prominent among the claims of impending environmental disaster in the UN’s fourth report on climate change, published in 2007, was the prediction that all of the 15,000 glaciers in the Himalayas could melt away by 2035. That’s just 25 years away. Now the Times of London has discovered that this claim was not based on scientific enquiry, but rather on speculation. And old speculation at that.


In 1999 the magazine The New Scientist interviewed an Indian climatologist named Syed Hasnain. He told reporter Fred Pearce that it was his “speculation” that the Himalayan glaciers would “vanish within 40 years as a result of global warming.” Dr. Hasnain cautioned that the data on which his speculation was based had neither been published nor peer reviewed, Mr. Pearce noted his in his article.


The Hasnain interview, according to the Times on Sunday, remained largely dormant until 2005 when the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) (A:  That’s Prince Phillip’s bunch.) cited it in a report it prepared as a lobbying and fundraising tool. (A:  I’ll read the rest of this article to show you how they are scamming it again.  Out of speculation we’ve got to change our lives.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article to do with another con game and to show you how the cons, these lies, these scary lies, are grabbed by the big foundations and organizations AND the United Nations and stuffed in their fake reports that are supposed to get us to change our whole way of living.  Mind you, they will all be in charge of how we live.  That’s what the United Nations was set up to do, not to hand out chocolate bars to people who are starving.  It says here…


The Hasnain interview, according to the Times on Sunday, remained largely dormant until 2005 when the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) (A:  Picked it up because they were going to…) cited it in a report it prepared as a lobbying and fundraising tool. (A:  So they picked up on this scary story.)  The WWF report was not peer-reviewed either (A:  And checked out.)  (nor need it have been since it was produced by a special interest group to advance its cause). Nonetheless, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — the UN’s official climate research branch — picked up on the WWF’s untested claim and, apparently without doing any further checking of its own, stated in its 2007 report that “glaciers in the Himalayas are receding faster than in any other part of the world and ... the likelihood of them disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high,” above 90%. 


See how they just grab any lie that’s in with their agenda and use it and run with it and repetition… What is it that Bertrand Russell says, with repetition we can make the people believe anything.  They keep repeating the same stuff.  It’s also in another article too.  I’ve got the Mail Online.  I’ll put that link up as well to show you the same report basically on this particular story.


UN report that said Himalayan glaciers would melt within 25 years

was all hot air

By David Derbyshire / 18th January 2010 /


Now there is a caller on the phone from Ohio.  Are you there Jason?


Jason:  Pretty good show.  I liked your Fall of the Republic documentary; you did pretty good in that.  Since you are talking about a controlled society, I had written down some things about my geometry teacher and how she… I just wrote a few things down.  It says, I know the best way to teach kids.  I work for the Ohio State Department of Education and I know more how to teach than you do.  I’m here to teach you critical thinking skills for an employer.  One of the kids started arguing back and she yelled at him and I wanted to get your take on that, about the education system.


Alan:  Well the education system, as you know, was one of the first tools to be used to standardize society for behavioral alteration purposes and to make them fit in to a preexisting system of being good taxpayers and good producers/consumers.  If you go into the writings of Webster, the great speechmaker back in the 1800s, the guy involved with Webster’s Dictionary and read his article there about the creation of the educational system for America, he says to create GOOD, OBEDIENT citizens.  Then you take it up from there to John Dewey.  John Dewey came from the Frankfort school to introduce what was to be a communistic type of indoctrination that would enable the US, and Canada too by the way, to merge with the rest of the world in a Sovietized system in maybe 100 years he said.  You have to go into the history of the education.  Then Lenin said it too, that it is an essential tool for indoctrination and it still is, definitely.  So you’re quite right.  You probably do know more than your teacher does because you’ve studied more about what they’re all about. 


That’s it for tonight folks, the time flies in here.  From Hamish and myself, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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