Jan. 22, 2010 (#498)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 22, 2010:

Darwinian Thriving Means 'The Fittest' Surviving:
"Who Planned these Changes So Long Ago?
Using Ignorant Fronts who'd Never Know
They were Useful Fools in Long-Term Plan
To Enslave the World, Each Woman, Man,
Using Democracy, Freedom, to Destroy the State,
Now Post-Democratic, Our Guided Fate
Is Post-National Too, World's Interdependent,
Generations were Used by those Unrepentant,
Psychopathic Elite, who Believe, to Survive,
Most Must Perish So their Own Can Thrive"
© Alan Watt Jan. 22, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 22, 2010
(Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on Friday the 22nd of January 2010.


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We adapt in our lives to all the new things that come along. Adaptation itself is a very old science but we’re so studied as human beings. We’re the oldest and most studied species really on the planet. It wasn’t until about the 1800s they started to go into the deep study of even insects. They already knew how humans behaved especially to do with nations, keeping the people occupied, keep us busy working, producing and obedient. Ancient sciences and yet it took off with the various humanitarian and social studies that broke out, more openly, in universities round about the 1800s and onwards and more so than ever, ever today.


Really, academia is a big part, a very, very big part of helping plan the future on behalf of their masters; the ones who fund them, the big foundations and the government itself. They’ve always been in beds with planning the future for society and really, we’re in an age, we always think of technological advances and electronics and so on that we forget about psychology itself and behavioural psychology.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix just talking about how we’re the most studied species on the planet and never more so than in modern times when incredible money goes towards even more intricate studying of human behaviour on individual levels, on group levels and societal, and even the coming world level. They’re already studying the international types themselves, the ones who are the crème de la crème in their own areas, who travel internationally, work internationally for the new society that’s to come up in the future. This is already underway and we tend to forget that we’re always managed in some way or another, by many different techniques, never mind the beginning of your indoctrination, at school especially, where they say they must get you in early by a law, to socialise you. What they really mean is to standardise you. That’s what school’s about; standardisation and again, more so today than ever before.


In the 1800’ and early 1900s it was really individuality really that was stressed at school and how well you could work up to the best you could be on an individual level. Today it’s all groupthink to make you more sociable. See, we’re being managed now more so than ever. This tied in with what Charles Galton Darwin said, and others have said in the past, that the public won’t need to retain their ability for self-preservation because the state will be making all their decisions for them. We’re at that stage. We’ve been at that stage for an awful long time in actuality.


For everything you can imagine there’s a government agency looking over it, especially looking over you. We don’t live in a static society. We don’t live in a society where things just evolve by chance. You have 10, 15 maybe a 100 major world projects to do with bringing in a planned future, on the go at the same time, in any moments of the day. We forget that.


We’re taught at the level of the media indoctrination that we get, we’re taught that things just happen by chance and sporadically, and governments go off and deal with the problems at the time. Hence you have sudden terrorism and you suddenly have to go off with massive armies over to those countries, and dominate those countries to pacify them. We suddenly have to change our whole ways of living because of terrorism. It’s everywhere apparently and it can go on for as long as they wish it to go on for. A hundred years if need be.


Society’s being changed all the time in a planned direction. We never really see; most folk don’t see where they’re going. We live such short life-spans. We’re consumed often with just getting by, getting through the day, getting through the week for work and we’re consumed as well with our own little personal problems, your family interactions or whatever it may be. These basically eat up your time, worrying about money, worrying about rent or mortgages or taxes or whatever. This is how you’re kept occupied through your entire life and the big boys like it that way.


When you go back into the history books, you’ll find that before people could get an 8 hour day, they could work 12-16 hours a day. That was normal, in fact, right through the industrial revolution in countries like Britain. And when the ‘Chartist Movement’ and other movements came forward to try and get more rights for the people, who were living in awful squalor, at pittance wages, no welfare there if you were injured, no social security or benefits at all. In fact, often your family would have to go down the mines, for instance, if you were off sick to keep your job open. Otherwise you lost it until you recovered. It was the same in factories too.


The elites at that time wrote lots of books about what would happen if they went through with this. They thought it was a ridiculous idea to give the peasantry such time off because they might get up to ‘no good’. Because, you see, that’s the class system that truly did exist and it still does exist today. People don’t like to talk about it but it’s still there.

They’ve always looked on the bulk of the populace, the working groups, as villeins, and that’s where the term ‘villain’ came from and it meant, a ‘peasant’ really, a ‘serf’. So if you had time off you could maybe communicate to other people in your spare time and you might start thinking of ways that you could start getting some power into your own hands.


In the old ‘laissez faire’ liberalist, capitalist societies that they had, that was a ‘no-no’. It was a rather ridged, fixed society. In those days there were also other groups that had planned a particular type of future, such as the Marxist types and so on and through all the propaganda that they put out, in reality, they’d stand up for anybody’s rights only so that they could gain more power for their organisation for themselves, to overthrow the existing structure which was pretty bad and technically to bring in an even worse system. Because, who cares, to the guy at the bottom, who your master is really? A master is going to be a master.


So never you fall for the groups that say; “Yeah, we’re championing your freedoms for you”. Unless you’re involved, you see, don’t give your power to someone who’ll say; “We’re doing it for you”, and do your homework as well, because it’s a very old technique.

It’s for the psychopaths to come forward in a time of crisis and say; “We’ll do it. I know what to do. I’ve got the plan”.

You back them up and find that you’re often in a worse state than you started off; pretty well standard as I say. But these movements, especially one of them, did succeed in staying behind the scenes and promoting the big Marxist movements. It was odd to me to find that Marxism was taught across the whole world as a good thing because it can only be a good thing if you take half of the rest of the writings away and only read the other half. In other words, it’s been censored, because Marxism was to be a totalitarian type system. It also had within its context, Darwinism, pure Darwinism and the survival of the fittest and they did believe in Marxism (and Karl Marx said this himself) that Darwin was one of their champions.


He said that eventually, a ‘super elite’, an ‘elite’ of intelligentsia would rule the world and rule everyone else. And part of their problem, they saw at the time was overpopulation, even back then, in the days of Karl Marx.


It’s odd to see that this combining of overpopulation, this fear that the previous elite already had always, was combined into Marxism. What they really meant by that was the wrong kind of people were becoming too numerous; the wrong kind, and the wrong kind were just ordinary folks who were uneducated and were pretty poor, the working types themselves.

It’s hard for most folk to imagine that Marxism was an elitist organisation that went into the Soviet Union eventually, which in itself, was a totalitarian organisation with a small clique at the top, living very high on the hog, in a very rigid, conservative manner, very conservative. Everybody had to adapt into this rigid, monolithic system that had been created.

And these were the same guys remember who had blasted previous organisations and helped fight against them, like the Catholic Church. They complained that the Catholic Church was a monolith that couldn’t be moved so it’d have to be destroyed and they became the very same thing themselves once they were in power. It became a rigid society.


All you had to do in school in the Soviet Union was to keep ‘learning’ what Lenin said and what Marx said and eventually what Stalin said, just learn what they said and parrot it and parrot it and it became static.

Most movements, in fact, all movements become static and rigid and ruthless when they’re questioned in that static phase.


However, in universities across the world today, they’re teaching it was a good thing. They say it took over from Christianity, which is a bit of a nonsense because there were many movements on the go, back in the 1800s, to do with giving people more freedoms, and they were outside of Marxist philosophy or theosophy, and it is a religion really, a belief system and we’ll never ever know what would have happened if these other systems had risen to a good height.


We find the same thing with the Fabian Socialists that were set up by multi millionaires, in Britain, and big players like George Bernard Shaw. They always hire the authors because the authors, through fiction, give you your ideals. They alter your behaviour and perception of things through emotion. They tie emotion with hard political facts, and they’ll put it in such a way like a computer language that you follow to the end, and you will have the very opinion at the end they want you to have. In fact, they know you’re going to have it.


Wells and Shaw and many other writers, novelists of fiction and non-fiction were hired by the hundreds to write the stuff that they put out for nearly 50 or 60 years to shape the minds of the public.

The Fabian Society had direct (and this is from their own writings) they had a direct line, communications, to the Kremlin for years and years. And the only problem they had at the Kremlin, with the Fabian Society, was that they were always waiting for the time for revolution as Fabianists, because Fabians believe in doing a slow takeover from within. You get into every organisation. You gradually take it over, including government itself, and that was done very successfully.

Fabians agreed with all of the Soviet system in fact that they had in place. They were going to take a longer time to get there, thinking that if they could change the whole structure and perception of society, in a way that those living through a 100 years, wouldn’t even notice. They’d simply adapt and adapt. They’d have nothing to fight against.


Back with more after these massages.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, just going over a little bit of history and a little bit of fact to do with the real world, the real society in which we live and how it’s not a happenstance society just fumbling along but it’s actually planned in the direction it’s going.


The Fabian Society was funded by the Astor family and many other big foundations at the time. You’ll find that the big foundations, these private; private non-profit they call themselves, organisations, that are really owned by either international bankers or international industrialists, and sometimes both, and who fund other front foundations, hundreds of them, (who) run the world.

They’re unelected but they get the voice of every news media across the world, generally because their owners also own the media and they get on television whenever they need to say their latest, and it becomes the facts of life to us all and they’re not responsible to the public. We don’t vote them in. They run all the non-governmental organisations that are out there, the big ones that are funded.


Look into the United Nations and look at its umbrella organisations and try and count them and I’ll talk to you in a month’s time, after you’ve added them all up. These are the organisations that attend the international meetings, in the exotic, faraway places that most folk can’t attend, but they’ve got the cash to do so, these poor grassroots organisations.

They don’t go round the doors with tin cans. They get paid salaries from these foundations. They have pension plans. They have office towers some of them and floors in the office towers and stacks of computers and staff. And we think that we have power when we vote politicians in. It’s such a laugh.


Rockefeller himself said years ago, when he was thanking the media, after one of his big meetings, I think it was a Bilderberg meeting, and he said that; “we couldn’t have done this without you”, without the media’s help keeping silent about what the big agenda was and he said it was far preferable, and I’m paraphrasing here, he basically said it was far preferable to have the world run by bankers and financiers and intelligentsia than have the direction of the world run and go along the road directed by national, sovereign nations.


Private organisations run us. If you notice since before 9/11 happened in fact, the public/private started to be mentioned for the first time. I think Prince Charles was one of the first guys to make this new term known to the public where basically, private companies, they said, were far more efficient in handling the big institutions we’ve set up like power companies.


Canada, for instance, had a lot of its own taxpayer-funded power companies, same with the roadways, all these kind of things, but it was just all too inefficient and it would be far more efficient if we sold them off, for peanuts obviously, to selected organisations, private companies. And then you find out that departments within governments have been doing the same darn thing for years, giving them off to private companies.

We find that parts of the military are run by private companies.


Technically, you see, we’re already run by private companies. The new system that Professor Carroll Quigley talked about was to be a new ‘feudal’ system where the CEOs would be the new feudal overlords. That’s where we are today and they want a world society to rule over in their feudalistic manner.


I’ve mentioned the movie, quite a few times that ‘Rollerball’, James Caan was the actor in it. But it was one of the first movies to come out and show you a system in the future, techniques that would be used to keep the crowds happy, how information would be limited to the general public, who would not really have much interest in getting information, even if they had access to it, as to what reality was. And the whole point to the movie was to destroy individuality. Everybody had to be a team player in this world run by corporations. That was the whole point of the plot of the movie. It’s worth seeing.


It’s astonishing, as I say, how we’re given so much predictive programming from Hollywood and through novels but then again not so when you go into the writings of various books I’ve mentioned, such as the one ‘America’s Cultural Cold War’ where the CIA, and this is declassified stuff that went into the book, the author got access for the first time, and said that the CIA had run American culture since its very beginning of the set up of the CIA, at really the end of World War II, right through the whole pop/rock nihilistic art phase, all that stuff, the pushing of promiscuity. It wasn’t the left that was doing it, it was the CIA.


Who does the CIA actually work for? What is their mandate? What’s their long-term goal? You think you know because you never question it. You never question it.

These societies, these organisations all work towards a common global agenda with other services or secret societies across the world like MI6, MI5, Mossad and many, many others.

It’s completely different from the people the bottom from their perspective and it’s onboard with a unified world in a particular type of unified world which is under an authoritarian managed control. That’s what it’s about.


Back with more after this break, but they funded all the authors.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix talking about how the world really, really is and how nothing’s left to chance when it comes to managing the direction of the world, either in the economy or banks and where they’re going. And don’t believe for a minute that no-one looks after the banks and the bubbles in the stock market. Of course they do.


When Greenspan came out in the ‘90s and told the stock market to cool it and they did, it was because it wasn’t time to crash it. That’s why he came out. It wasn’t time to crash it then. We’ve been through the planned crash and what it does to governments is give them far more power over the public who now owe even more and more and more and their children and grandchildren down to their seventh or whatever are going to pay off this debt supposedly; supposedly. And they can bring in inflation. They can make things so expensive that you stop purchasing, which is part of the agenda, because we’re over, we’ve gone past the age of consumerism. They’ve told us that over and over again. Consumerism is bad. Production is bad.


The guy in charge of NASA who’s an activist for all the ‘greenies’ who has got a political position obviously in NASA, said they should destroy all their existing factories, blow up the dams he actually said, and advocated violence by all the greenie groups to bring the US back to a state of what was called its ‘natural state’, its pre-human state, you might say. These are the fanatics that are used, on a lower level; mind you, not the high ones, the lower level. He’s maybe the top at NASA but it’s still a lower level from the guys who plan it. So be very careful what you push for and be very careful who leads you.


There’s a movie called ‘Land of the Blind’. It’s a good exposé on this very thing where a totalitarian regime runs a small country. You will see the psychopathic personalities and how they behave amongst themselves at the top and how they control the public. And then they get overthrown by the revolutionaries who end up being exactly the same once they’re in power. As I say, there has been a group going down through the centuries, which have stood up as the champions for many other groups, but always kept themselves quiet. However, once systems are overthrown, they move in and occupy the top positions.

That’s what happened with the Bolshevik Revolution too in Russia. There already had been a revolution. The Bolshevik was a really a coup, an overnight coup, by just over a dozen specially trained people, in the middle of the night and they and their offspring ran the Soviet Union right up to the recent times.

Be very, very careful.


And getting back to this public/private deal, where: How can you have a ‘democracy’ when so many of your institutions now are ‘farmed out’ to private companies? It’s beautiful in a sense because, you see, in the feudal times, you didn’t have any recourse to rights of any kind. You really didn’t.


When governments came along, and so-called democracy, the sham of democracy, with a glimmer of hope once in a while over the last 100 years, but not very long, people had to answer to the public for their actions, for their governmental actions and politicians could be tossed out eventually or voted out the next time when you got in a new government. And of course politicians themselves will play to the crowds and they’ll play to the gallery at the same time. Politicians will grab anything that seems to be popular. They’ve got pollsters on the go all the time. They’ll grab a topic and run with it. They feel nothing themselves because they are themselves psychopathic. Personally I think that’s the only kind who go into politics in the first place, judging from my own experiences and watching them all my life.


However, they know where they’re going at the top level, the ones who rule all of this. And the public/private deals are better because, as I say, they can do certain things and you have no complaints department. The general public has no-one to complain to. If they complain to their governments, they’ll say ‘well, we don’t deal with that, it’s farmed out to so and so’, and they leave it at that. Well maybe if you try to get a lawsuit against this big multi-national corporation, and borrow your country’s savings, to take them on in court, then you don’t have a chance of getting addressed at all. That’s why they’ve done this, you see. It’s part of the reason they’ve done this.


It’s funny to think, and I’ve read the articles before, to do with game theory and how each one of us that had ever been mentioned on a census or had a birth certificate in the world, was put through the Rand computers as a number, for predictability purposes, with all the information they had on you at that time and they tried to limit you down to an organism who played games and you only played games where you could possibly win and benefit personally. We’re all reduced to a psychopathic level which shouldn’t surprise us, because the guy who dreamed it up, was a paranoid schizophrenic with massive psychopathic traits as well. That’s what was used during the whole Cold War to run the Western world via The Rand Corporation.


Now, who is the Rand Corporation? It says on its own website:


“The RAND Corporation is a non-profit...”


(Alan: Here we go, non-profit.)


“...research organization providing objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world.”


(A: Who do they work with? Well, I’ve got the PDF here for Obama’s ‘healthcare system’. It’s all about copying the British system and where they can cut back on all expenses for the basic minimum care. But they also do all the projections for how the government should run its security for the next 100-odd years or more; this private remember, private, non-profit research organisation. Now, do we vote them in? No.

Do we have access to what they’re really up to? Not at all!  In other words, they’ve got a free hand to work out these manipulative techniques to get the whole world to go along with that plan that they’ve sold the government on.


This document here too is a PDF, now I’ll put this link up for you to download it yourself, about their latest one, or one of their many latest ones actually. They’re doing ones all the time for the governments and it’s for the creation of a ‘Stability Police Force’ for the United States, a ‘stability police force’. It goes through all of reasons why they’re going to justify it, the justification and options for creating US capabilities. And if you go through it, it’s about the fact that the US is going to be for a 50 to 100 years involved in going into countries, we can call them invasions, they’ll call them policing, to standardise them basically, to totally destroy the old culture. So there’s going to be a lot of flak and comeback. It’s what they call ‘insurgency’, for a long time to come. So what they want to do is get this big police force, a rapid response police force, based in the US, using US troops and different departments of security and policing to work together in this. They’ll always be on standby.


It says they can also work with similar organisations in other countries, but it can also be used at home as well and I’ll put the link for this one up. You can peruse it at your leisure. It’s the usual dry, boring stuff and you’ve got to glean from it what it really is. This, remember, is available to the public, which means that a lot of hard stuff is taken out, harsh stuff I should say, is taken out. It’s made more palatable but you can still read between the lines. It’s what they’re hinting at all through it. So I’ll put that one up as well.


They’re a private, non-governmental, organisation that advises. They’re one of the top think-tanks that works problems out on behalf of the governments; quite something. And that’s how all the governments are run by the way.


See, in the old days they used to go to the astrologer and courts used to compete. Different courts or kingships and kingdoms used to compete for the best astrologers who could command incredible, high salaries.

You can take it from two points of view. You can take it from the fact that (when) a king is in power, he’s always afraid of his position. His courtiers around him are all living high on the hog and they want to keep their positions too, for themselves and their families and so in those days they got the magic guys in, the guys who would read the stars or read crystal balls or do your charts and all that stuff and say “well this is a good time to attack Spain”, or it’s not and all that kind of stuff, you see, because governments love to be pretty certain about staying in power. That’s what it’s all about, staying in power. Now they use these Rand-type think-tanks to do the same thing. What do you project for the next 50, 80 or 100 years?


So these private think-tanks, they’re paid incredible money, by YOU, the taxpayer, that most folk are oblivious of. They have one project after another to look into, like crystal gazers doing projections on current data, media trends, world trends and all this kind of stuff. But they also know obviously, the kind of world their masters want to be brought in.


We’re so far, so far out of the loop at the bottom, because we work through our lives, we’re worrying, we’re scurrying, we’re kept up and down through price increases, high taxation, everything goes up every year, the quality goes down and we’re running all the time.

The more that we’re kept running, you see, the less time we can sit and think and converse with each other on any recourse to do with what’s actually happening. That suits the big boys quite merrily and that’s why they love this terrorism stuff. If you’ve noticed, whenever you get a lull and nothing much happens, suddenly they have a threat of terrorism. Or remember when Bush was in. Each time his poll rating would drop or nothing happened?


They’re changing the whole of the United States of America. They’re trashing the constitution and the rights of the public and nothing’s happening. Then bingo, a fuzzy video, supposedly of Osama Bin Laden, would come out of nowhere. Then the CIA would translate it and then nationals from those countries would then give us the correct translations, which were totally different from what we were hearing from the CIA translations.

They were always on queue for when the polls for Bush were dropping and it’s the same thing with Obama because Obama is no different. He serves the same masters. He proved it by the way. Did he change anything to do with the banking laws? No, he made sure that the guys who claimed they’d lost all this dough were given your tax money to bring their kitty back up to what it should be and now they’re giving each other big fat salaries.

Then you look at the string of socialists behind him; that should scare the blazes out of us, because these are hardened, hardened Fabian types, who truly believe in the rule of the elites over the masses, the intelligentsia over the masses to do with a planned society, depopulation, for this Orwellian; it’s not even Orwellian. It’s H.G. Wells’ vision of the future that he wrote about in ‘A Modern Utopia’.


And all of this is put through predictive programming through movies; everything through movies often years before the actual thing will come out in reality in your real life. You’ve had maybe 10 different movies about the same kind of thing which imbed in your brain the possibility that this could be normal, so when it does happen, it is normal to you.


Hollywood and novelists have always been used and that’s what it said in ‘Americas Cultural Cold War’. They mention lots of the novelists, and even poets and the guys who were doing all the art, in the US, Britain and France because they had offices all across Europe as well. They ran the culture. Everybody, as I said, thought it was the ‘lefties’ that were doing it. Everyone thought it was the ‘lefties’ that were pushing promiscuity and all that kind of stuff.


Meanwhile, we knew darn well who was bringing in all the LSD and pushing it all over the place. Bags used to appear over university walls, garbage bags of free LSD, thrown out of limos, to get it all going. Then the BBC, the Etonians, it was all staffed by Etonians, promoted the use of it. “Aren’t we naughty, tee-hee-hee”, program after program after program, as they’d interview pop stars who were falling off and out of their seats, and that was happening literally, and the laughter, “isn’t this fun”, and the promiscuity, and everybody thought it was the ‘lefties’ that were doing it; quiet fascinating really.


You have to really look into reality to find it and it’s not an easy thing to find, and even when you find a lot of information, you’ll never have all of it; you’ll never, never have all of it. How can you have all of it when the main countries have official secrets acts? When they can sign anything they don’t want the public to know, into law that it won’t be spoken about, for 50 years, and, they can reclassify it at the end of 50 years?


We’re kept in the dark; as they tell us, in Russellian style, that ‘you’ve never had it so good. You’ve never had so much openness. You’ve never had so much freedom and such access to communication.’ Yeah, we get lots of data but how much fact are we given in anything? That hasn’t changed at all and often people get confused between facts and data.

99.9% of all the data you’re bombarded with daily is totally irrelevant to you.


Part of the plan too, years ago, was to start using communications data, television especially, not just to change the culture through comedy and shows, and propaganda like detective stories, making you think that that’s what the police are all about, or hospital stories on how the hospitals really are, as they dramatise it in fiction. It was also to make you see aspects of other cultural values across the whole planet to bind you together, across the planet. In the mean time, what it leaves you with is a feeling of disassociation because you can’t relate. You see it on television but you can’t relate to people over in Iraq getting bombed, or people getting blown up, or Afghanistan, or all the previous wars before it.


Vietnam was a TV show, a TV dinner time show. That’s what is was to the average person across the world who’d come home and eat their fast foods or whatever they were forced to eat at that time, a la Bernays style and they’d watch this stuff.

Initially, they were kind of shocked when they saw some real graphic stuff over in Vietnam, but eventually they could see bombs going off, napalm burning people and they’d sit and munch away. It became surrealistic and unreal to them, as everything on television must.

Desensitization, desensitization.


We’re never given the open books to anything at all. In Canada for instance, when Gouzenko, the first Soviet to cross over to Canada, actually the whole Western world, the first Soviet to come across, with whole lists of operatives within the Canadian, US and British governments, in high bureaucratic positions and in the military, when he came across, the Prime Minister of Canada told the RCMP to ‘leave him out in the cold. Maybe the communists that are looking for him will pick him up and whisk him back home’, because at that time it was the end of World War II. We were still great pals with Uncle Joe. They hadn’t turned him into the ‘bad bear’ in the dialectic process yet.

Eventually he managed to write some books himself, but they said they wouldn’t declassify his stuff for 50 years, and Trudeau put another 50 years on it.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.

I thought I’d just let that guitar wail on there because sometimes you feel like wailing and this is the end of the week, so I’m doing my wailing stuff.

It’s so important really, to understand that we’re living through a script and all the fallout and chaos and all the personal chaos that’ll hit us too, because of the changes. We’re all considered and factored in before we’re even born and how to deal with the chaos was factored in before we were born. Even the timetables of the integration of different parts of the world into this United Nations system, was all predetermined, again, before we were born.


If you were to take a company of strategists, say like, the Rand Corporation, or the one who advises the Canadian military or government, same with Britain’s department of defence, they will propose a plan when they’re told; “This is what we want to do. Your job is to find out how to implement it”. And they’ll do studies, all these studies on how the public will probably react; different sections or factors of the public. And on paper, they’ll figure out ways of overcoming the reactions that will come against them, and remember, they haven’t even started rolling out the process to start it yet, to begin it.

So they’ve covered every possible base before it even happens.


Britain was famous for this; famous for it. It would even train some of the leaders for the top of unions, before they created the unions, and then they’d promote the creation of the unions, knowing their boy at the top was their own and the people all followed them.


The techniques of manipulating the public are endless and very old. So be careful as I say. You know, if you stand up, you should really stand up for yourself. It’s the only power you really have. You can only really be responsible for yourself, no-one else.


I’ve mentioned it before about the Milgram experiments to do with obedience and obedience to authority. So many books have been written over a 100 years on obedience to authority. That’s also what those who advise governments go by; all of these studies and experiments they’ve done.


The reason that the majority of the public go along to get along is because it’s almost through osmosis, as Jacques Ellul said. That’s how they’re downloaded, through osmosis, they learn through osmosis, through vagueness, through all the little things that come filtering through their mind, from radio, television, newspapers and magazines, because they’re all telling you what is the standard way to be and everyone knows it. This is the authorised way to be, to behave. Here are the authorised dresses for the different age groups. Here are the authorised topics of conversation and so on.


If you were to ask them, “Why don’t you talk about other aspects of society?” you’ll see them getting a bit scared at times and they couldn’t explain to you why they’re nervous. It’s because it’s outside the authorised media induced and promoted norm, and even that is changed and updated when it suits the masters, and you update with it, until you’re all normal again together.


From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



Link: Rand on Domestic Police Force-PDF




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