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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. You can also check into my website and  We’ve just been watching this fiasco in Quebec while another part of the amalgamation process takes place. We don't really know all of that which they've signed. They make sure that we know that they are signing something towards integration and peace and prosperity and security, but they never really elaborate on all the details. It's quite amazing because there's more details given in Canada than in the U.S. They don't want to upset the U.S. citizens too much with the repetition of the European amalgamation taking place here on our own continent, and yet, it's been going on for years in actual fact.  Since 2005, the first open meeting, they've been publishing more and more about it, but in reality, the whole deal was drafted up at the end of World War II and the idea had been around long before World War II among certain aristocracy in the Americas.


The agenda for a tri-parted world, a united Far Eastern Pacific Rim area, a united Europe and a united Americas and that also includes Africa. That's Mandela's job was to unite Africa and get them into the European group eventually. It was discussed in the 1800s by Karl Marx and others who lived in London at the time and were kept by the aristocracy and the bankers to write their manifestos, the dialectical process that leads us to amalgamation down the road because all opposites which fight end up compromising into the third way, and we have a new way, which is actually is the new thesis for the next part of it. Ongoing science, ongoing changes, changes which are planned by a dominant minority because they can't allow changes outside of their grasp to take fruition. Therefore, they actually form the group who will become their own opposition which we fight and they even have wars over them.


The fastest way to amalgamate many, many different cultures in Europe was found to be communism. The Soviet system, the empire it was called, took many countries under its wing, dominated them, standardized them with the same education and the same political system and apparatus. Therefore they knew 70 years down the road they could take down the walls and they'd remain the same, because to change people, according to Skinner and others, you alter their immediate environment around them and they adapt to it. I'll be back after these upcoming messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows


Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died

Everybody talking to their pockets
Everybody wants a box of chocolates
And a long stem rose
Everybody knows



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, just describing how we are altered by alternations within our environment. I used to wonder when I was small why there were so many branches of psychology so heavily financed. Why governments and big institutions would be financing them because the whole purpose of government is to maintain power over people. That's when the light goes on. You realize that's the very purpose of it. They have to understand how we all tick and one of the main areas of alteration of large groups of people is to introduce things into their environment like the television. The television stops society acting the way it had before when people talked and conversed and went for walks and met their neighbors and chatted more about what concerned them.


It literally silenced the family and then indoctrinated them too. That was the purpose of giving us a television. I would never been given out there if it wasn't for that purpose. If it was a free agent to begin with and people put on whatever programming they wanted to, we would have gone off in different directions and maybe they'd have lost control. Therefore, they made sure we had the particular type of indoctrination programming. That's why they call it programs, from television such as detective shows and law and enforcement and lawyers and hospitals. All the main agencies which eventually were decided to take over the parts of your life under authorities – these health authorities, these law authorities and enforcement agencies. That was all propaganda because all fiction is actually propaganda.


Now I think we have Rick from Virginia on the line. Are you there, Rick? Hello, Rick. Are you there?


Rick:  Hello. I want to know about Jesus and his relation to freemasonry. I've been enjoying your excellent ancient history and religion lectures but it's not clear whether Jesus was an agent of the freemasons or was he acting against them?


Alan:  What we do know is that regardless and really that's all we can go by is what we know, not suspect. However, we do know that bibles have always been rewritten down through history. Even the first one that was compiled as an official bible by the Vaticaness version, which even the New Testament from King James was copied form with more alterations. Each one has had alterations to try and keep the power into the right authorities’ hands and make the people obey. So there's very little you can go by because all holy books have been given out for political purposes down through the ages, and we know that King James and his court were Rosicrucian, the precursor of what they now call "freemasonry" and they did put an awful lot of symbolism in there. However, most of the freemasonry you'll find is taken from the Old Testament. Even the system that we live in is contained within the Old Testament and the rules for those that want to succeed above all other peoples. Slavery is okay. Being very cunning and breaking the rules is okay as long as you get away with it and you do it craftily, and so Jacob fools his own father and gets the blessing. So it's all the rules of getting ahead in this system contained within the Old Testament primarily.


The New Testament is almost the antithesis of the old. The old one is a godfather, a mafia type deity which could be very benevolent or ruthless and sometimes very moody like a drunken father after a hangover the next morning. They were never quite sure if he's going to hit you or hug you. The New Testament has a god of forgiveness and a personal god that you could talk to, so there are two opposing systems, because the New Testament was brought in with a lot of Greek Gnosticism brought into it from the deists and from the stoics from Greece. The old mystery religions are contained within the New Testament if you compare them with the old philosophies of Greece and ancient Egypt, whereas you've got a personal journey towards higher levels of consciousness and manifesting into a form of godhood; but, unfortunately, the ones that are alive today and believe in this they think they can be gods or they're still walking around and no mortal can handle godhood because we've got too many flaws. I hope that helps answer your question.


Rick:  Yes, thank you so much.


Alan:  And there's also Sal. Are you there, Sal from New Jersey?


Sal:  Yes, Alan.  How you doing? It's such a pleasure to speak to you. I thank you for all your -- you know I listen to your things and all and great, great knowledge there and I have the up most respect for you. Could I respectfully disagree with you for a moment?


Alan:  Sure.


Sal:  On the thing here when you say concerning Jacob and Esau and you said that Isaac – you  know they were acting like Mafioso’s. I just was reading from it and this is 25 where Esau here came in from the field because he was faint from hunting out in the wilderness. You know do your brother before he does you, and he was faint because he wasn't doing to well because our father's not going to bless that. So Jacob was starting pottage and Esau says to him, what good is this birthright doing me now, I can't even feed myself.


Alan:  Remember, these are not real people. These are allegories. They're all allegories for a system. Now the high Masons are taught the inner meaning, where they call the profane, those below actually see them as real people and you visualize them as real people and get caught up in the story without realizing the meanings behind them; and it is a form of hoodwinking, regardless of a person's faults or flaws. Stealing is stealing. Do you understand? However, if it's done craftily with good cunning, then it's allowed into the top by those at the top. That's what they mean from the Masonic side of it. Now the other ones who believe they're real people and real stories will argue about the story forever. Do you understand?


Sal:  Yes. I'm not talking about Masons. I'm talking about Christianity.


Alan:  Christianity. These are stories that were repeated long before Judaism as moral teachings and every country had them. A lot of the Old Testament was borrowed from India, even the characters in it. Even the names are from old India.


Sal:  Right, but I don't want to drive you nuts because, like I said, I respect your opinion immensely. Earlier, if you rollback a little bit forward in that chapter, Rebecca is asking the Lord, she said what’s going on? She’s pregnant with two babies in the womb and the Lord said to her, there's two nations. He says it's not two people. It's two nations and what I see is that makes up America and Russia today.


Alan:  It's a dialectic. It's the dialectical process and right in there it's telling through not just that story but many other stories of the technique of the dialectical process towards power, dominance over others and warfare and to use those particular – that part of the knowledge towards your goal, which is enslavement of others eventually. I mean if you really look at the Old Testament, you're looking at a eugenics program because that's where all the begetting is about, who breeds with whom all right down through there. It's a eugenics program and we’ve got to keep that in mind. It's a belief that through eugenics physically you have superior people and that's exactly what all aristocracy the world over since the days of Darwin had publicly come out and admitted to.


Sal:  Right, right. I appreciate that. I was just trying to thoroughly understand, which I feel I do because I feel that our Father blesses Christian nations and communist nations he won't bless and that's to me what I get from Jacob, Esau.


Alan:  If you go by that. However, with the New Testament, which is always thrown out the window because in America they tend to take the Old Testament before the New, which is rather strange. However, the New Testament was the only way for personal salvation. Not to go to heaven like a big herd or a posse.


Sal:  Okay. I appreciate that and one last quick question because I know you have a lot of callers and I appreciate your opinion and your time so much. On Jacob – you know how they call Jacob Israelitism and as far as what I've been studying, if you look at the Union Jack with the cross and the axe I don't know. Maybe there might be a Masonic thing but to me in the later part of Genesis where Jacob is blessing Joseph's two boys, Ephraim and Manassas, which to me make up Great Britain and America today.


Alan:  No. That's old teachings. Actually that was born in society inside London to make the British Empire believe they were the lost tribes. It was born literally in a think tank in the 1800s and promoted, but Jacob means "heel catcher." It means someone who steals or catches and pulls someone else back to get to the front.


Sal:  Or he's contending for the bait too. Our fathers' favorite too. That's the way I look at it.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows




Hi folks. Alan back here with Cutting Through the Matrix, and the last caller was talking about the Old Testament and Jacob or ‘heel catcher’ or ‘usurper’ as they call it. What it really is showing you is the power of intellect and cunning over nature. That's really all that it meant and that those with intellect and cunning have the right to take over from those of nature. Those who are slovenly act silly, go by the laws of nature the untruths et cetera. In other words, a very elitist decision. That's all that it really means because the 12 tribes, if you look at the blessings bestowed upon the different tribes, supposedly, are just the members of the zodiac in the sky. The eternal story that's re-circulated over and over down through time, which contained deeper meanings, of course, for those in the know. It's to do primarily with human nature and an agenda, the heavenly plan. If you understand the zodiac – I don't mean magical zodiac as it's promoted for the New Age, I'm talking about the basic understanding of what it means – you understand the agenda, because it starts with Virgo and ends with Leo the lion. That's how the precession of the zodiac. That's why the sphinx has the body of a lion and the face of a woman is Virgo in the front ending up with Leo behind, the lion. That's a complete cycle of the zodiac. That's nature.


That's how it goes and we live in different countries with different religions. The people who follow the religions are generally good people. You find that good Christians who have been brought up in a good Moslem country with good Moslems. In India, the good Hindus. You eventually test your environment around you by the religion that's given to you – that which answers all the questions. You don't have to figure things out in religion because all the questions have been answered for you. Your growth is stunted to an extent, and yet within those religions is a stairway to things above for a very few who could understand it. Most don't see that stairway.


I'm not talking about Jacob's ladder, either, for the Masons. The Masons are really no higher spiritually than anyone else. If you can't get a spiritual life by following formula and doing rituals and having someone explain very basic stuff to you that should have been obvious in the first place. You can't get it that way. The real higher Masons are just those who've always had control of the material world because they gave us money. They gave us the system of law, which is their system, which is based around the laws of economics because they run the economic system. This is the war between spirit and matter going on right here. This is the ‘middle earth’ as they call it, the real one, not the hollow earth that they go on about written by Bullwer Litton. None of that stuff. I'm talking about the actual middle part. The hell below, the middle is the earth, and the spirit is above. That's what they mean by that. The middle earth, this is it right here.


In the bible you don't have any word really for hell. That was a Nordic word. It meant hella. It meant the dirt, the earth, and when you died you went into hell. We are here folks, welcome.  Someone said to me once, are we possibly the fallen angles, and who knows? Maybe that's closer to the mark than anything else. We do know that those in charge of us give the appearance of being a different species almost.  The fringe groups run off and chase all kinds of weird stuff to do with this fringeness, this alternate type personality because they don't understand the psychopathic nature of the people at the top that just like pedigree poodles have been bred through thousand of years not to have the same emotions as the rest of the public. That's what the difference is. They're very clinical in their approach to analysis of things. They're very cunning as well and that's a gift of the psychopath.


If you take their DNA samples it's just the same as everyone else's. They don't turn into fish or tadpoles or anything bigger and stranger than that. They are the deviant creation in that they are radically different. They're anti-human as we know it, what humanity is. They have no caritas or love for all within them. They lack those qualities. They live through their progeny because they're egotists. They truly do like to bless their sons. They see their sons as almost a reincarnation of themselves, knowing that they can pass on the power and wealth over the public, over nations and countries and now the world through their own offspring. In a form they live forever through their offspring, through their progeny, and they do believe in selective breeding. The big question is who keeps the genealogies to match them all up? because they don't pick their own wives. They're not just marriages of convenience where wealth marries wealth. They also really go into the personality types of the families in great detail to match them up and get specific qualities from the outcome from the child that will be born; and, just like animals, you can breed qualities in or out of a human. That's the real agenda behind it. We live in a eugenics program and it's all around us. I hear the music coming up and I'll be back after these following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi. Alan Watt back here with Cutting Through the Matrix. Just going through some of the realities that have been presented to us, which many people swallow at birth, they never question because the answers have been given to them through their holy books and their teachings. Everything that happens therefore in life there down the road to them they compare to their teachings to see if it's proper or in God's hands or the deity's hands or whatever it happens to be, and that's their guidepost down through life. All the holy books have similar qualities in them of basic rules. Basic rules to make society at least get along with each other without killing each other and killing your neighbors, which is really the purpose of religion.


However, religion has always been usurped by those who are a bit more cunning, as I say, the psychopathic that gravitate into it.  We forget that before parliaments and governments were established as such, not so long ago the religious bodies were the governments of those countries. The same noble families would either put sons into the military to become knights and commanders or they'd send a son off to the church and he'd become a bishop or an archbishop or something, and that's how they controlled the world, so did the ancient Egyptians. Nothing really has changed.


If you go into ancient Egypt you'll find that a pharaoh would give his sons out to other knights in the area. They had satrapies, areas which they'd conquered and taken over and put in their princes, and they put their son in charge or under the charge of one of these knights, these princes to raise the child. That was his apprenticeship into the system, apart from his family, raised inside the same kind of conditions of that system, the noble system. That was to ensure that he’d take on the qualities of the system, because a son sometimes will not respect his own father. This same system was brought into Europe much, much later with the Norman invasion because they did exactly the same thing. They would send their sons out to other lords to be raised as squires and eventually they become knights; they knew he might not respect his father, but he tended to respect someone who was related but not of the same exact blood or DNA stock. Nothing changes down through the ages.


We tend when we read the average history book that's presented to the children in school, this very thin thing they call a "history book" with dates and titles and names of people who killed and dominated over other peoples. We tend to think that history just evolved piecemeal along the way, but nothing can be further from the truth. Even if you look into Alexander the Great, you see that Aristotle of all people was his mentor; and Aristotle was married himself to one of the biggest money lenders in the ancient world from the Middle East, even in those days. They're all tied together. They always have been tied together and they all belong to the same families ultimately.


Alexander the Great was raised in the philosophies, which used to be a religion kept for a minority and taught in secrecy to a minority, because it was a wisdom collected down through the ages which gave power to the individual who understood the wisdom. It gave power over other peoples. It gave understanding into the natures of peoples that you would rule over; and it came all the way from ancient Egypt and before Egypt in fact. It wasn't until, as I say, the stoics eventually came out as hermits and traveled across land that they began to teach this to other peoples just before the Roman invasion of the Middle East; and that's where the whole idea of salvation and personal salvation came from. It came from an actual ancient philosophical society and not just through a Christian society. Much of the Christian version is repetition of the old stoical outlook and mystery religion.


I think Mike in New York is on the air. Are you there, Mike?


Mike:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello Mike.


Mike: Good evening Alan. A lady called into one of the other RBN shows recently, very distraught it seemed at the fact that you appear to be undermining if not destroying the early held belief systems that she and probably many others have built their whole lives around. I would guess especially in the areas of religion, democracy, patriotism, et cetera without providing realistic alternatives and I have to say although I tend to agree with most of what you say. It's fascinating stuff.  I think she might have a point, regardless of whether these belief systems are myth or not.


Alan:  Yes. These are structures you're talking about.


Mike:  Exactly.


Alan:  They're structures and I'm well aware of that. However, here's the problem. The problem is these structures are falling apart even though people are clinging to them like a life raft and they have not been given a replacement, therefore they turn rather murderous when you're showing them they must pick another way to overcome drowning.


Mike:  That was going to be my next point. You said yourself, and correct me if I'm wrong, that Nietzsche made a statement that God was dead. The powers that be didn't provide any alternative apart from Nihilism, hedonism et cetera. In a similar vein when people have to get through the day in this system, you know like they've got to make money. They've got to provide for family et cetera, what realistic pragmatical alternative are you proposing that doesn't entail completely throwing up one's hands heading for the hills until it all comes crashing down?


Alan:  It's going to crash down regardless. See that's what I'm trying to tell people. Here's the thing. All the old paradigms are gone. We have repertories. This is what they call it in behaviorism in psychology. We have repertories of behavior in our minds and in our memory banks, and when an environment changes and the system changes, we automatically go through these repertories for something in the past that fitted and we grab it hoping that's going to save us and this time we don't have one. That's just it; and because the public have been kept in the dark about what's really happening in such an incredibly immense fashion – this generation has been totally kept in the dark as the big movements around them were happening. The real purpose of integration and not just integration, that's not the end of it. You can't bury your head in the sand and say I don't want to hear this. If you don't want to hear it, switch on something that's familiar that gives you comfort, and that's what most of them do, but for those who can come through this and who will come through this, they will have to face it squarely and understand what's coming down the pike and start to make ripples around them in their own environment. This is already happening with a lot of the teachings I've given out. There are people meeting all over this world discussing these topics for the first time openly and actually asking questions for the first time. Rather than have someone in a fancy frock giving them the answers according to a book, they're actually asking questions for themselves and discussing it, and that's how you start movements off that alter the course of the world, because we can't keep this system as it is. It's not ours anyway. We're helpless in it. If one man gets up at the head of the Federal Reserve and tells you your dollar is worth diddly-squat one day, which can happen, how much power or how much does your holy book save you there? It won't save you.


Mike:  That will probably happen kind of quite soon in fact.


Alan:  Yes. What we must do is not react the way that they expect us all to react, because people are going to be faced with two choices. That's to do exactly as they're told as they're herded along into the big cities where they're run by authorities from birth to death, or to start turning around and doing something they haven’t tried for thousands of years – and that's helping each other.


Mike:  I guess – I mean could it all sort of be boiled down to the pure form of Christianity, you know when you say to help each other?


Alan:  Do you realize how scared people are today?


Mike:  Without the religious aspect?


Alan:  Yes. I mean there's no choice here. We literally have no choice because the big boys have planned what they say is the future and they have all the techniques ready to make it happen. If the public can't turn around and help each other right off the bat when this all comes down, then they will do as they're told like robots. They will go off into the camps as they're told. They will be separated from their own children. That's already been discussed if you look at some of the high priority papers that have been published, and so we're looking at an absolute hell which is part of the next millennium for the global control, and we have the choice of going along with them where we have supposedly safety or security but no freedom.


Mike:  If you had to make a guess is it more likely to be a gradual process or will it be sort of a catalyst in the near future that really pushes things?


Alan:  The catalyst is already here now. This stuff is being discussed and it really is taking off fast and that's all it has to do. It's not a matter of me saying what must happen. I leave that to other people. However, I can always point the way.


Mike:  I mean there's talk of possibly like another 9/11 type event in the near future.


Alan:  I have no doubt they'll bring something on.


Mike:  In the near future?


Alan:  Yes. Probably that or I imagine it's more like to be plagues because they've discussed this. They've conditioned us through television it's going to happen and it will be the ideal way to corral people into the new habitat areas or the overcrowded cities.


Mike:  Okay, Alan. Thanks a lot.  Appreciate it.


Alan:  Yes. That's what's happening. As I say, it's not to me to dictate to people how to live or what to do. I can just show a way and leave it to others, because we have no choice except to start discussing and debating all these points quickly. It is happening. It's a different way. It's the only way which doesn't point fingers at the other people for all the problems in the world. If you want to know who the problem in the world is, look in the mirror because we're all the same problem. We love to blame others and project onto someone else all our failures and misgivings, but really we are in charge if we want to take it up -- the banners down. Each banner is your own. You lift it up and you raise it high. That's what we're here to do because you are your own champion in the end.


People who are terrified of their own lives, once you understand what's really happening and look at it, as I say, squarely in the face, your terror gradually subsides. We're all going to die one day, hopefully not all at the same time. However, the way it's been in the past, they have one here and there down through the years. That's the natural way. When you get over your fear of death – an immediate death, which is what the elite are always pushing, immediate annihilation, you start to reason for yourself and start thinking things through, because it's your quality of life and how far you can go with life that matters ultimately. Living life in fear and panic is not living at all. That's not living at all. That's the walking dead and that's what this abusive system has given us. It's a system based on abuse. We’re kept on edge from birth right through schooling, right through the competitive market of employment and what they call success or failure, or marriages and all the other stuff that falls apart because all the old institution has been under attack by those who ruled it and gave it to us in the first place. They're bringing down the old structure as they build the new. They will not allow both to co-exist together; and people have to, as I say, stop looking in their repertories for what worked before.


Those things which worked before only worked in their own sphere in their own time. Each age has a new paradigm and you have to adapt to a new one. You've got to find it first and make it work and this time it has to be from yourselves and not from those that you bow down to. You've got to stop bowing down to these creeps at the top. It's about time, isn't it? It's time we got up off our knees and stopped admiring these people that strut around arrogantly and pretend to know a lot more than we do.


You don't give your will to someone else by voting for them over and over and over again when you see what they've done through past experiences. Politics is a con game, always was a con game. It's a Punch and Judy show for the public to believe in because the public can't think past the guy they love and the guy they hate. That's nature and it's played up in politics. The media tells you who to hate. It's a wrestling match for the public. “Giant haystack versus the mountain man.” That's all it is. The mountain man is going to steal your pensions. The other guy is going to keep them. That's how it's done. You're told who to vote for ultimately and the public are very obliging with this.


The Royal Institute of International Affairs is a parallel government. It runs the show, and then at the top, the presidents, the prime ministers are all picked members from The Council on Foreign Relations, which is just the American branch of The Royal Institute of International Affairs. The prime ministers of Australia, same thing, they're members of the Australian Institute for International Affairs. New Zealand, same thing again, members of the New Zealand Institute for International Affairs. This has been here for over a hundred years, and the politics beneath them is just a show for the public and a little contest for the different parties that want to get up to the top. This limited competition really in politics. That's the reality of the world.


That's the world that goes on around us and the media gives it the spin. The media is the middle-man to keep us all in this menagerie of fantasy they call politics. You'll find it in the writings of the Founding Fathers and Thomas Jefferson said it. He said, when you see an agenda continue when the Houses are changed (meaning from different sides of the Congress), when you saw the agenda continue, he said, you know you are under a secret form of tyranny. That's been happening for a long time. I'll be back after these following messages.



"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows



Hi folks. It's Alan Watt back here again with Cutting Through the Matrix, and I think we have Gary from Illinois on. Are you there, Gary?


Gary:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Gary:  I know you're running out of time. I have two quick questions. The Book of Revelations, who wrote that book? I don't think it was that guy named John.


Alan:  No. It is in a sense, if you understand the meaning of John. It's to do with meanings, not with people, and John of course is also EON, the age, and so you have basically the book of the age. It's also astronomical once again. The meanings contained within Revelations are purely based on the astronomical rotations of the zodiac. Once more, it's the same thing all through the bible in fact, even with all the characters. Even with Jesus with the 12 disciples, is Jesus and the 12 constellations and the sun traveling through them at different times of the year, and Scorpio stings them in the fall. That's the kiss of death and then he hangs on the cross for three days in mid-winter and rises again. It's all the same stuff down through the ages, including the 12 tribes of Israel. However, Revelations is a revealing. It was written by the mystery religion. The ancient and pre-Gnostic really who lived along that whole region and they were philosophers. They knew the religions of the philosophies that came in to that land from Greece during the times of Alexander, because Alexander brought a lot of them with them and they stayed. At the same time, you had the Essenes and Nassenes who moved in who were pseudo-Egyptian priests who brought the same mystery religions of Pythagoras with them, and they're written in a clouded language for the profane not to understand and that's why the profane argue and kill each other over even today.


Gary:  No kidding, and this is a really odd one. Who created the Rothschilds', because when you read about that guy in Houston you get one date, his name and all of a sudden he's a big banker. Who backed him?


Alan:  The thing is you have the grandmother's version from the Morton book. That's the authorized version by the grandma Rothschild who really is the big boss and it’s a fictitious story. These characters were picked in Hamburg. They trained in the best banks in Hamburg. They were not peasants at all. All this stuff about them being rag collectors – rags to riches, that's the joke. That's where it came from; and ‘coin collectors’ is nonsense. They were the best-trained bankers trained by a European aristocracy who owned those banks and always had done, and they trained them to manage the other banks, and therefore the five sons from old Amschel were sent across to take over those banks. Not one of those five sons was assassinated. That's all the evidence you need to know. They were brought in by the aristocracy to manage the affairs.


Gary:  You know, Alan, great show. Great job and I'm really getting your books as soon as I can get that check up there.


Alan:  Well thanks very much for saying so.


Gary:  Thanks. Have a good one.


Alan:  That's really how history is. When things don't make perfect sense you've got to go deeper and figure things out for yourself, then you'll start to find the answers. Now I hear the music coming along, so, for myself, Alan Watt and Hamish my dog, may your god or your gods go with you. I'll see you on Wednesday.



(Transcribed by Linda)