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"We Wade Through the News, Mainly Pablum Variety,
Trying to Make Sense of this Directed Society,
Following Farces of Inquiries into Each Major Event,
Followed by Inquiries as to Where Evidence Went,
Don't Wait Expectantly  for Truth, Before You Retire,
You See the Only Right We Have, Is the Right to Inquire,
Those Under the Microscope, with Arrogant Confidence,
Give Short, Straight-Faced Replies 'It's All Down to Providence,'
Look at the Banking Inquiry, The Experts in Loan,
Confident in Mammon, Who Takes Care of His Own"
© Alan Watt Jan. 29, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 29, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 29th 2010.  For the newcomers out there, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, scroll down on the front page and bookmark all the other sites I have up there for future use because sometimes the big sites go down or they stop me from uploading the recent shows.  If you have them bookmarked you can pull down the latest shows if this happens again.  The official sites are:  [listed above].  As always, I start off with the tin can moment where I rattle the tin can to see if there are any pennies in it because Iím dependent upon you, the listeners, to support me and to keep me going.  I donít take money from advertisers.  I donít bring people on as guests that are often there just to sell a product.  Although a lot of their news is good, the end result is selling something.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN for the air time, their staff, equipment, and their bills and for their transmission.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  You can do so by looking into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, see what I have for sale there Ė the books, CDs and DVDs Ė or you can donate to me.  Itís up to you.  [Ordering and donations options listed above.] 


Its imperative you keep me going because this isnít just an hour a night.  Thatís how people seem to think about it, I do one hour per night and Iím off playing during the day and there is nothing further from the truth.  This is more than a 7 day a week job.  Itís not a job either.  Itís worse than a vocation.  Itís literallyÖ itís a drive.  Itís something that HAS to be done.  Itís a must be at this time in history.  Those that have information and have studied this through their whole life, this whole sort of mechanism of whatís called the new world order, the transition phase into the new, they have to share it.  Itís time to share it with people and while we share it, remember too, there is a lot of DISinformation getting put there.  There is a lot of good information getting put out there too by interested parties who simply want to replace the old system with the new.  So be very, very careful.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, who donít like using computers, they play them on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Reality is something I prattle on about quite a bit because itís the hardest thing to find, in all ages I suppose.  Ultimately, the only reality that can be is by going by your own experiences, your OWN observations and Iíll be on about that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about reality once more, something that we always think we are IN and we understand but we really, really donít.  Most people are born into a system - we are all born into a system - but most never really question it from birth.  If they do very early on, itís crushed out of them by the educational system which is really meant to standardize them and to produce a standard TYPE that can be depended upon by the government to basically obey and go along with the basic rules and so on. 


Thatís what education truly is for, more so today than ever, ever before. Iíve got so many articles in fact, from teachers associations in the US, Canada and abroad, ALL complaining about the political correctness.  Iíve got articles too, from their own magazines, from the top, telling them that their job really IS social engineering.  Their job IS to turn out a new generation equipped to handle the social changes in the new society.  In other words they are being engineered into being politically correct, to accept whatever has been decided from on high.  And because our lives a so short - they really are short - you grow up, you rush off once they let you out of school, you get a job, you have a good time, your hormones are raging, then you get stuck into the paying for debt for rent or mortgages, then before you know it youíre burned out or older and you canít be bothered participating in anything, you just sit and watch that TV every night.  That happens to millions and millions of people.  The life literally can be knocked out of you. 


Weíre given a carrot to chase after, you know, the old stick and the carrot idea.  Itís always in front of your face but you never get it.  Youíre never told that either at school; everybody is taught that they can be anything they want to be if they just try hard enough.   Then they give you all these examples of multi-billionaires of the past and how they came from rags to riches and itís always a confabulated story.  There is no truth anywhere in these particular types of stories.  It takes organization, organization and POWER, not just one person.  Organization to put ONE person IN power in any particular institution whether itís banking or whatever else it happens to be.  Takeovers require power, organization, and a lot of tough guys as well who will help implement it, and Iím talking about ruthless people. 


Other people think as they get older that they can go back to a nicer gentler time, but we really havenít had much of that.  I used to think that the most exciting time really, and nicest time to be alive, would be when the Americas were first opened to settlers who could get lost if they wanted to.  Bureaucracies and governments hadnít come in behind you, so far, and built all their offices, got all their rules set up, all the committees set up and church committees and all the rest of it.  Thatís probably the only time that man has had for an awful, awful long time, those few years, to really be free and decide his own destiny.  Outside of that, itís the powerful and the rich who have dictated the direction that every country goes, and everybody in the country for that matter too. 


Other folk think it was better after World War II.  It wasnít so bad, really, considering whatís happening today, when at least most countries in the Western hemisphere had industry; they made things.  Every economist knows that the country that actually produces the articles is the one that benefits financially; it spills down and it trickles down to the workers and all the rest of it.  Just prior to that, all you had to do was put up an occasional World War and little things like that.  There really is no great time to go back to, except those little bits after World War II, maybe a 20-year span where industry was still going. 


In Canada itself, Canada went into World War II with not so much industry.  All its industry was into raw resources; weíre now back to that again of course, since weíre deindustrialized.  But it was one of the fastest up-and-coming industrial countries right at the end of World War II because of all the factories that had been built to get us through the war.  Thatís all gone now too, by deliberation.  It was all sent off to China.  So weíre back to selling lumber and raw ore and stuff like that, a service economy. 


None of us participate in these decisions.  We are outside of the box; we donít know what goes on inside that box, that little room, and there are lots of little rooms where powerful guys meet and plan the future all the time.  Now, of course, itís up in the big think tanks.  Itís in the big foundations, like the Club of Rome, who advise governments what to do and advise them on policy.  In other words, they write out the policy and hand it to them and everyone knows this is the way you are supposed to go, at the top, if you want to keep your job.  Thatís the reality of the world. 


We are living through a symbiosis right now of the old system, where money still rules your lives because we have to obey it and those who run money can decide how much its worth, how much its purchasing power is worth, and they can increase the value of purchasing power or they can decrease it.  They can also tax us out of existence.  Theyíve got so manyÖ itís a great TOOL for controlling whole nations, billions of people.  Great tool, only because we believe in it of course.  Thatís why they put on it, In God We Trust.  They have their own particular deity, itís called Mammon, and we all believe in it.  As long as that dollar gets us something back weíre not too peeved, even when the dollar keeps buying less and less all the time. 


We adapt, we adapt and adapt and adapt into pretty well everything, at least a good portion of society does.  The majority simply adapt into everything.  Really too, we have this vagueness about who runs our lives.  There is a vagueness amongst the average people.  Not so much the people who listen to this show but in the average people who maybe glance at a newspaper once in a while.  All news guys know that the average person looks at the photographs and the headlines.  Thatís about it really; thatís what they go for.  Weíre living in an audio/visual world today so they go for the talking heads on TV mainly.  Thatís where they get their information from and they have no reason to question it really.  They donít understand it or the whys of it.  They donít think to ask why.  Theyíve been trained, you see, that there are special people above them, a layer or maybe parts, a whole pyramid above them of special people who are somehow brainier than they are and have the right to lead them, and lead them like a good shepherd.  They are never, ever taught that there are lots of nasty people up there running their lives along a different direction than they would ever suspect.  Thatís what reality is. 


So as I say, you have to go by your own experiences and what you need too, is to have memory.  Youíve got to have memory to go back in your mind to all the different articles written about different changes, the up and coming changes that now have all passed, remember what was said at the time, and then compare it to whatís happening today.  Youíll also see the same techniques - if you live long enough - that they use over and over on the general public as they rush things through that are going to affect all of our lives. 


As I mentioned at the beginning of the show too, not everyone who hammers the present system is out to hammer it because they feel there is no justice in it, or that they feel that itís just simply crooked.  There are also VERY interested parties in hammering the present system so that they can replace it with their own, which is basically Marxist.  People think that Communism just went fizzle, just fizzled out one night.  Just fizz and it was no longer there, just like that.  Just like that and you donít have to worry about it.  Remember the speech that Gorbachev made to the Politburo before he stepped down as the President of the Soviet Union?  He said to them, shortly you will hear that communism is dead; donít believe it.  To sum it up, basically he said, we are moving in to the next PHASE, where they were to blend with the West, with the system of the West, not quite Capitalist, the outcome of it, not quite Communists.  A NEW SOCIALIST, SPECIALIST DRIVEN SOCIETY; thatís what it really was about and we are going in to that today.


The ones who are still very organized as Marxists - they are generally through academia and theyíve been there forever - they are helping push us towards this goal.  They have to train the up-and-coming managerial force coming out of the Universities.  Theyíve got to train THEM into the PROPER mindset to take care of the public that they will be ruling over.  Thatís what itís about.  Thatís really what itís about.  Thatís whatís happening today. 


The world is run by secrecy.  To those at the top, itís the only way it can possibly run.  They really believe that.  When you go into the writings and the philosophies of many of the people who ADVISE governments and set down policy - in fact the heads of the governments run off to them for advice all the time - youíll find that they really are totalitarian in their mindsets.  Some of them call themselves philosophers.  Some of them basically still teach at universities today, like Leo Strauss, for instance.  He was a guy they all ran off to when Bush Jr. was in, for advice.  Leo Strauss believed that the world was very simple.  He loved Gunsmoke because in Gunsmoke the good guys always wore the white hats, literally, and the bad guys always wore the black hats and you just had a shootout with the bad guys and that was it.  It was very, very simple.  He also believed that in perpetual war, to bring about this utopian society, the scientifically run society, you would have to go through a long period of perpetual war.  War takes many fronts.  It isnít just what we see on TV, the occasional village getting blown up in Afghanistan or something.  War also takes place back home.  Iíll finish this off when I come back from this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning about Leo Strauss who lectured at MIT, I believe, and he was a mentor of a whole bunch around George Bush Jr. who believed in a form of perpetual war that the public must never be let in on whatís happening.  He also believed in the ĎNoble Lie.í  They all believe in that at the top.  Itís nicer for a psychopath to call it ĎNoble,í it makes them feel a little bit better and they always must boost their ego.  They call it the ĎNoble Lie,í whatever lie is plausible enough for the public should be used.  Itís always for a good purpose, you see, which is whatever their agenda happens to be. 


Thatís the reality of the world in which we live.  We are OUT of the pictureÖ and we are in the 21st century.  The 21st century - and when you think about it - youíve still got cabals of bankers running everythingÖ cabals of them IN SECRECY.  At one time you were called a conspiracy nut if you talked about the bankers, etc, and how they ran things in secrecy.  Even though there is official history books out there TELL you how they run things in secrecy, including how even the Rothschildís went in and took over the Bank of England.  They made a deal with the British government and wrote it into law that their books would never be opened; theyíd never pay any taxes and no one would have a look at what they brought in or put out.  That still holds good today.  What a deal eh?  Itís good work if you can get it eh?  Here is an article from Bloomberg on this topic in fact, of bankers.  The 21st century and weíve got secret cabals running whole nations. 


Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows

Commentary by David Reilly / Bloomberg.com / January 29, 2010


Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) -- The idea of secret banking cabals that control the country and global economy are a given among conspiracy theorists who stockpile ammo, bottled water and peanut butter.  (Alan:  Thatís what he thinks of people, I guess, outside himself, who talks about conspiracy.) After this weekís congressional hearing into the bailout of American International Group Inc., you have to wonder if those folks are crazy after all.


Wednesdayís hearing described a secretive group deploying billions of dollars to favored banks, operating with little oversight by the public or elected officials.


Weíre talking about the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, whose role as the most influential part of the federal-reserve system -- apart from the matter of AIGís bailout -- deserves further congressional scrutiny.


The New York Fed is in the hot seat for its decision in November 2008 to buy out, for about $30 billion, insurance contracts AIG sold on toxic debt securities to banks, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Merrill Lynch & Co., Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank AG, among others. That decision, critics say, amounted to a back-door bailout for the banks, which received 100 cents on the dollar for contracts that would have been worth far less had AIG been allowed to fail.


That move came a few weeks after the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department propped up AIG in the wake of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.ís own mid-September bankruptcy filing.


Saving the System


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was head of the New York Fed at the time of the AIG moves. He maintained during Wednesdayís hearing that the New York bank had to buy the insurance contracts, known as credit default swaps, to keep AIG from failing, which would have threatened the financial system.


The hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform also focused on what many in Congress believe was the New York Fedís subsequent attempt to cover up buyout details and who benefited.


By pursuing this line of inquiry, the hearing revealed some of the inner workings of the New York Fed and the outsized role it plays in banking. This insight is especially valuable given that the New York Fed is a quasi-governmental institution that isnít subject to citizen intrusions such as freedom of information requests, unlike the Federal Reserve.  (A:  See how itís all wangled outÖ so that they always do everything in secrecy?)


This impenetrability comes in handy since the bank is the preferred vehicle for many of the Fedís bailout programs. Itís as though the New York Fed was a black-ops outfit for the nationís central bank. (A:  Well, heís getting closer to it.)


Geithnerís Bosses


The New York Fed is one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks that operate under the supervision of the Federal Reserveís board of governors, chaired by Ben Bernanke. Member-bank presidents are appointed by nine-member boards, who themselves are appointed largely by other bankers.


As Representative Marcy Kaptur told Geithner at the hearing: ďA lot of people think that the president of the New York Fed works for the U.S. government. (A:  And thatís the impression they try to give you right.)  But in fact you work for the private banks that elected you.Ē  (A:  Private banks, thatís who they work for.)


And yet the New York Fed played an integral role in the governmentís bailout of banks, often receiving surprisingly free rein to act as it saw fit.


Consider AIG. Letís take Geithner at his word that a failure to resolve the insurerís default swaps would have led to financial Armageddon. Given the stakes, you might think Geithner would have coordinated actions with then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Yet Paulson testified that he wasnít in the loop. (A: Meaning, in the know.)


ďI had no involvement at all, in the payment to the counterparties, no involvement whatsoever,Ē Paulson said.  (A:  And they didnít waterboard him either; they donít get that.)


Bernankeís Denials


Fed Chairman Bernanke also wasnít involved. (A:  Nobody is involved, you see.)  In a written response to questions from Representative Darrell Issa, Bernanke said he ďwas not directly involved in the negotiationsĒ with AIGís counterparty banks. (A:  Quite something eh?  Whatís the point in having the hearing at all?  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article by Bloomberg on the Federal Reserve and the shenanigans that they got up to and are still up to, they get up to all the time, and how they keep everything so secret in this 21st century where they control trillions of dollars and we are all jumping at their whims and we all suffer for every action that they do.  Itís all secretive because we are SO progressive in this day and age. 


You have to wonder then who really was in charge of our nationís financial future if AIG posed as grave a threat as Geithner claimed.


Questions about the New York Fedís accountability grew after Geithner on Nov. 24, 2008, was named by then-President- elect Barack Obama to be Treasury Secretary. Geithner said he recused (A:  That means you cut yourself off from your previous affairs.)  himself from the bankís day-to-day activities, even though he never actually signed a formal letter of recusal.  (A:  Itís the same when politicians run for office.  You are supposed to leave all the financial dealings and stock shares and all that in the hands of a lawyer and not ever to discuss it with him until their term is overÖ but then, of course, they do.)


That left issues related to disclosures about the deal in the hands of the bankís lawyers and staff, rather than a top executive. Those staffers didnít want details of the swaps purchase to become public.


New York Fed staff and outside lawyers from Davis Polk & Wardell edited AIG communications to investors and intervened with the Securities and Exchange Commission to shield details about the buyout transactions, according to a report by Issa.


That the New York Fed, a quasi-governmental body, (A:  Thatís a public/private.) was able to push around the SEC, an executive-branch agency, deserves a congressional hearing all by itself.


Later, when it became clear information would be disclosed, New York Fed legal group staffer James Bergin e-mailed colleagues saying: ďI have to think this train is probably going to leave the station soon and we need to focus our efforts on explaining the story as best we can. There were too many people involved in the deals -- too many counterparties, too many lawyers and advisors, too many people from AIG -- to keep a determined Congress from the information.Ē  (A:  Thatís what the guy said.)


Think of the enormity of that statement. A staffer at a body with little public accountability and that exists to serve bankers is lamenting the inability to keep Congress in the dark.


This belies the culture of secrecy obviously pervasive within the New York Fed. Committee Chairman Edolphus Towns noted during the hearing that the bank initially refused to disclose even the names of other banks that benefited from its actions, arguing this information would somehow harm AIG.


ĎPenchant for Secrecyí


ďIn fact, when the information was finally released, under pressure from Congress, nothing happened,Ē Towns said. ďIt had absolutely no effect on AIGís business or financial condition. But it did have an effect on the credibility of the Federal Reserve, and it called into question the Fedís penchant for secrecy.Ē


Now, Iím not saying Congress should be meddling in interest-rate decisions, or micro-managing bank regulation. Nor do I think we should all don tin-foil hats and start ranting about the Trilateral Commission.  (A:  I donít see the connection.)


Yet when unelected and unaccountable agencies pick banking winners while trying to end-run Congress, even as taxpayers are forced to lend, spend and guarantee about $8 trillion to prop up the financial system, our collective blood should boil.


You know, Iíve got to laugh at inquiries because they go nowhere.  Iíve seen so many inquiries in my lifetime; apart from what they spend, a lot of tax money, they really donít go anywhere.  They copied this system from Britain and the British Empire because they still have these inquiries going on today.  Endless inquiries, some of them will take 10, 12 years and by that time everybody has forgotten what it was and nothing comes of it.  Itís just a farce. 


Right now there is one of these famous inquiries going on to with who was to blame for getting the Iraq invasion started.  Well, everybody knows - whoís got a memory - what happened.  But they have an inquiry about it now.  Itís so interesting too, that David Kelly who was one of the main witnesses there to testifyÖ  He was part of the group for inspections and all that in Iraq; they had NO weapons of mass destruction.  He was Ďsuicidedí in a field and the second autopsy proved that he did not commit suicide.  Now that that information has officially, by the British government, been classified under the Official Secrets Act for 70 years; so we canít know what killed him for 70 years.  And it happened just 2 days before Tony Blair, who was due to go up on the bench and give his part of the testimony as to what happened in the war.  How fortunate for Tony.  No wonder heís always smiling.  This article is from the Guardian. 


Wanted: Tony Blair for war crimes.

Arrest him and claim your reward

Chilcot and the courts won't do it, so it is up to us to show that

 we won't let an illegal act of mass murder go unpunished

George Monbiot / guardian.co.uk / Monday 25 January


The only question that counts is the one that the Chilcot inquiry won't address: was the war with Iraq illegal? If the answer is yes, everything changes. The war is no longer a political matter, but a criminal one, and those who commissioned it should be committed for trial for what the Nuremberg tribunal called "the supreme international crime": the crime of aggression.  (A:  Then they go on and on and on and they prattle out their venom, naturally, but the inquiry will go nowhere.  Tonyís career is made for him.  It was made for him before they made him Prime Minister and they do like to look after their own.  Thatís a given.)


There is another article about the same inquiry from the Telegraph. 


Iraq inquiry is being Ďgaggedí after secret documents withheld

Crucial evidence about the reasons Britain went to war against Saddam Hussein is being kept secret it has emerged Ė leading to accusations that the Iraq inquiry has been ďgaggedĒ.  (A:  Well, why have it then?)

By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent / Telegraph.co.uk / 28 Jan 2010


Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry Sir John Chilcot (left) and former British Attorney General Lord Goldsmith (A:  They ask:  Is the inquiry being gagged?)


In an apparent breach of the Inquiry terms, Sir John Chilcot, head of the probe, expressed his ďfrustrationĒ that he was unable to refer to key documents while questioning Lord Goldsmith, the former Attorney General, about why he gave the ďgreen lightĒ for war.


Lord Goldsmith also said that he was unhappy at being denied the opportunity to discuss documents including a letter from Jack Straw, then-former foreign secretary, about United Nations negotiations.


Gordon Brown has pledged that the inquiry team will have access to ďall Government papers,Ē but the exchanges over Lord Goldsmithís testimony make clear that they will be barred from discussing classified documents during evidence sessions.  (A:  Well, without that there is no evidence and whatís the point of having the inquiry.  But they like everything to look good for the booksÖ so future historians can always say, yep, they had an inquiry and found nothing.  Thatís really how itís done.)


Then again, Britain is the model state for political correctness and for Big Brother, absolutely.  Thatís why 1984 was published in 1948 by Orwell.  He knew then that Britain was the flagship for this whole new world system.  In fact, the whole UN agenda is based on using Britain and the Colonies - as they call the Commonwealth or the Empire - as the nucleus for creating it.  The US was to take over and pay for it mind you, and they have been for an awful long time.  Here is an article to show you how stupid it gets when you get all these laws and rules and regulationsÖ and itís coming here.  This article is from the Daily Record.


Motorist receives £50 on the spot fineÖ

(A:  They fine you on the spot there and youíve got to pay up on the spot.  Thatís just called extortion isnít it?  Highway robberyÖ when a guy with a gun stops you and says hey, you canít travel unless you pay me this.  Well, thatís exactly what this is.  Weíve got to stop and look and see what the actual events are, what are you seeing.  Extortion is extortion.  A heavy is a heavyÖ whether you want to call him a policeman or notÖ

 Itís a heavy.)

for blowing his nose in stationary car

(A:  Iím not kidding you.  This is how dumb it is there.

 Folk are petrified now to go outside.)

Jan 28 2010 By Craig McDonald / DailyRecord.co.uk


A BUSINESSMAN has been fined by cops for blowing his nose in a car.


Dad-of-two Michael Mancini pulled out a tissue while he was stuck in stationary traffic - with his handbrake on.  (A:  Over there youíve got to make sure you go by every single rule.  Youíve got to have the hand break on if youíre driving a standard vehicle, and he had it on.  So he wasnít going anywhere, he was stuck in traffic; all the traffic was stopped there.)


But he was given a £60 fixed penalty notice for "not being in control of his vehicle".  (A:  Because he took a hand offÖ to blow his nose eh?)


The cop who handed out the ticket was PC Stuart Gray - dubbed PC Shiny Buttons for his zealous approach to the job.


He was exposed last year after he issued a £50 fixed penalty to a man (A:  He was a pensioner, I read it at the time.)  who accidentally dropped a £10 note (A:  Some money.) in the street.  (A:  From his pocketÖ when he was putting a receipt in it he dropped his £10 note. So this prune, this idiot Shiny Buttons here, gave him a littering fine for dropping a £10 note.  I think it was £50 fine for a £10 note.)


Last night, Michael, 39, who's never been in trouble with police, said: "I was in total shock. I was stuck in traffic with the handbrake on and my nose was running.


"It's beyond a disgrace. 


Well, itís beyond ludicrous.  Thatís what I mean.  If you want to change a system youíve got to look at ALL thatís wrong with it and generally itís pretty well everythingÖ and you canít fix a system like that.  Iíve said before, if you wanted to get back, or at least back to a time when police obeyed the citizenry and called you Ďsirí and all the rest of it and went through at least a† formal set of rules when they negotiated with you on anything, youíd have to disband the entire police forces of the US, Canada, Britain and elsewhere because we donít have policemen anymore.  We donít have them.  Youíd have to fire the whole lot of them and start from scratch.  And YOU would have to give them sensitivity courses in dealing with the public.  And youíve got to stop putting out all these movies where they show the cops are the heroes, as they smash through doors with flack jackets on and Darth Vader masks on and all that stuff, and machine guns.  Thatís got to goÖ because this is hell and people are terrified.  This is what you end up with, these pinhead bullies whoíve got authority to back them.  Thatís got to be done away with all togetherÖ all together.


I know that Special Forces - Iíve talked to different ones in Special Forces - and what they teach them is basic medicine, in-the-field medicine, and basic, very basic surgery and stuff like that.  I know what they used to do was to put them into a field where sheep were.  They would machine-gun a whole bunch of the sheep with their sub-machine guns.  They theyíd have to go in and try and save the ones that werenít dead, by extracting the bullets and doing what they called field dressings and that kind of stuff.  Thatís also how you desensitize people from any semblance of normal behavior, as far as Iím concerned.  But thatís what they do with them.  This article is from the Telegraph.


Live pigs blown up in government terrorism experiments

(A:  Who hates pigs?  Whatís wrong with the pig?  Heís quite a nice creature.)

Live pigs are being blown up as part of a series of government terrorism experiments at Porton Down, the government's secret military research laboratory.

By Amy Willis / Telegraph.co.uk / 24 Jan 2010


Eighteen pigs wrapped in protective Kevlar blankets were blasted in a bid to help scientists understand more about the effects of bomb blasts on victims.  (A:  Do you think they donít have enough victims by now?  How long have we been blasting people to pieces?  You ever think about it?  I mean, there are people who read this and theyíll probably take the plausibleÖ well, you know, I guess they got to.  How long have we been blowing people to pieces?  They have to do it with pigs?  How many troops wear Kevlar and have gotten blown up?  Öover donkeyís yearsÖ and a donkeyís year is an awful long time.)


The animals were placed less than three yards from an explosive. Before being blown up, tubes were inserted into their blood vessels and bladders, and their spleens were removed.  (A:  Uuuhhh, argh.)


A wire was also put into a major abdominal blood vessel to ensure the vessel became lacerated (A:  Thatís shredded to pieces.) in the explosion.


The Kevlar blankets were used to protect the animals from minor bomb debris and the animals were anaesthetised throughout.  (A:  Well, thatís kinder isnít it?)


Scientists wanted to find out how long the animals survived when more than a third of their blood had drained from their bodies.  (A:  Ah, theyíve got a billion ways to spend the tax money donít they?)


Medics hope the experiments will help British soldiers in Afghanistan as well as casualties of terror attacks like the July 2005 bombing of the London Underground and a double-decker bus.


In particular these results should help them understand how to control haemorrhaging in bomb blast victims.  (A:  We had World Wars and everything you know?  WORLD wars and oh, weíve had everything you could imagine.  But no, theyíre going to blow up pigs.  Jobs for the boys, you know, for theÖ I guess thatís for the new scientists that are coming in; they are the relatives of the old ones.  They really breed all right and theyíve got to find jobs for them and something to do.  I guess pork is cheap right now too.)


But Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes, questioned the use of live animals in military experiments.


Talking to the Sunday Times he said: ďThese are revolting and unnecessary experiments. Sadly, we are too familiar with the effects of terrorism. It is perfectly possible to find out things we donít know without blowing up pigs to find out.Ē


A spokeswoman for Porton Down (A:  Thatís the public relations.  Thatís your PERCEPTION manager, they alter perceptionÖ and they are professionals; they are trained in this.) said anecdotally there was already evidence that the research was helping to save lives.  (A:  ALREADY EVIDENCEÖ it was helping to save lives.† Maybe they stopped eating pork.)


She said: ďThis work is part of our broad combat casualty care programme. Anecdotally, we are seeing evidence of people surviving because of this work.Ē  (A:  Oh, dear.  You know, they could rationalize anything, anything at all.)


The facility at Porton Down, in Wiltshire, was originally set up during the first world war to research chemical warfare.


No pigs survived the experiments.   (A:  ArghÖ It really does make you wonder doesnít it.)


Iíll put this up on my web site.  Remember, all these articles I put up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the show so you can go in there for the links and it will take you to them.  


You know, it was debated 100 years ago how long children should really stay in school.  I think John Lenin sung in one of his songs that you go through school and they expect you to make you mind up what you want to be for the rest of your lives, before you are 10!  And itís pretty well like that isnít it?  Then youíve got parents fretting over it, what are you going to be?  What are you going to be?  Here you are in this big, strange world thatís so exciting and massive and huge and you are supposed to decide what you want to be for the rest of your life.  Every year they keep upping the school leaving age, to keep people from the unemployment lists; thatís the reason itís done.  Itís also admitted from the educational authorities that itís also to give them more indoctrination on a higher level.  Now that they are more mature, you can give them more SOCIAL indoctrination, by the way.  Thatís also why they keep them in school.  The music is coming in and Iíll read this when I come back from this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article here about school, really, and how they keep upping the school years.  There is always a plausible reason for things and then there is the truth.  The plausible reason is that they have to get a better integration for a more bewildering and complex world.  The reality is that they want them off the unemployment figures; they donít want them joining the queues.  At the same time they want to use that time to give them a higher indoctrination into political correctness because they are more mature then.  You learn differently when youíre 18 or 19 and than you do when youíre 5 or 6.  When youíre 5 or 6 you can get a very FAST download, you donít question it too much, from an authority figure.  As you get older, you are a bit rebellious, so they have to put over more psychology, etc; thatís a fine art in itself.  They are paying children now in some countries to stay in schools.  This is from the Telegraph.


£35 million paid to teenagers to attend school

Teenagers were paid soaring amounts of taxpayersí money to stay on at school last year, with more than £35 million handed out in total.

By Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Editor / Telegraph.co.uk / 27 Jan 2010


About 39,000 pupils aged between 16 and 19 received weekly payments and bonuses for good attendance, under the controversial Education Maintenance Allowance scheme.


The total bill to the public purse of £35.4 million in 2008-09 represented a nine per cent increase on the previous academic year and included £7.9 million in bonuses.  (A:  So you get a bonus as well, for good attendance.  [Alan laughing]  Isnít that something?  Isnít that something?)


Here you go again with the childrenÖ because they love the children, you understand.  This article is from The Mail Online. 


Normal children's toothpaste (A:  You thought it was bad enough with the fluoride.  ItísÖ) not strong enough to prevent tooth decay, study finds

By Daily Mail Reporter / 20th January 2010


Parents should use toothpaste with stronger concentrations of fluoride to prevent tooth decay in their children, a new report says.


Researchers found that toothpaste that contained fluoride concentrations less than 1,000 parts per million were only as effective at preventing tooth decay as non-fluoride products.  (A:  So itís all been a waste of time, theyíre trying to tell you.  It does affect your brainÖ but they wonít mention that here.)


The study, carried out by the Cochrane Oral Health Group, based at the University of Manchester, has previously shown that fluoride toothpastes reduce dental decay by 24 per cent.  (A:  So theyíre back and forth like a ping-pong ball because thatís not the point of it at all.  After all, if thereís not enough in the toothpaste, you are drinking it in water all the time; thatís loaded with it too.  They donít mention that here.)


The group's latest research, which involved 79 trials on 73,000 children worldwide, also suggested that brushing a child's teeth with a fluoride toothpaste before the age of 12 months could lead to an increased risk of developing mild fluorosis.  (A:  Thatís when you get those little specks in your tooth.  Then it prattles on and on about more and more and why theyíve got to up the amount level, as I say, even though itís in all your water and your pop that youíre drinking and guzzling down and all that stuff as well.)


Everything is a farce really, but the US is now changing the way it cleans its water and itís starting off with Washington DC and Virginia as well.  Iíve got a whole list of ingredients and stuff they are putting in the water there.  Itís kind of terrifying when you look at it.  Maybe next week Iíll go into that and read it.  Amazing stuff that they are putting in the water nowadays. 


Well, from a 20 below zero Fahrenheit Ontario, Canada, from Hamish and myself, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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