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The Future -- Get Out of the Crypt and Read the Script:

"In Order for a Group to Be an Accepted Authority,
Takes Acquiescence on the Part of Majority,
Yet Most Modern Authorities are Unelected,
Took Repetitive Exposure to Have them Respected,
Yet These Private Groups Now Rule Our Planet,
With Repetitive 'You Can't, You Can't,' (Darn It),
You See, They're Really Fronts which Want to Rule Nations,
So the Wise Men Can Rule, Freedom's Not in Equation,
And Hollywood's Opiate Helps You to Bear
The Hell Coming Down, Hey, We're Almost There"
© Alan Watt Feb. 4, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 4, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


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Remember, donít sit back and wait for someone else to chip in.  Thatís what everyone does at the same time but the result is that no one chips in.  I donít charge for these shows as you well know.  Iíve given out hundreds of talks in the past for free.  It certainly doesnít help me on this end at all.  Believe you me, itís a big, big sacrifice, sometimes too much of one. 


Since 2001 the world has altered DRASTICALLY into, really, a world police state under the guise of terrorism and we all have to change our ways, not just for terror.  If you notice, the globalization boys are bringing in ECOLOGY, EUGENICS, POPULATION REDUCTION, all of these things are all part of this new world order.  This is called THE CENTURY OF CHANGE.  It was called that in the last century by those in academia who were working towards this very present system of totalitarianism, a system where SCIENCE and ACADEMIA will rule our lives.  We wonít have to think or make a single decision for ourselves.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I often mention whatís happened since 2001 because we ADAPT so quickly that we tend to forget it all and we go on to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing not realizing that all of this is nothing more, this whole part of this script that weíre living through, literally IS that.  Itís a script.  We are living through a planned script with implementation dates for new parts of the script to come into effect. 


When 2001 happened, immediately the media was on the streets, in every country Ė Canada, the States, Britain, everywhere Ė with the same questions.  Would you give up your freedom and your rights for security?  Thatís what it was all aboutÖ to try to get us used to the idea that THAT is what was coming.  Itís the oldest trick in the book of course, to give up all your rights and freedoms for that very thing, for security.  Whether itís the King who promises it or the government, the state, whatever, itís all the same thing.  Itís always an ulterior motive behind it.  The ancient Romans did it once in a while when a tyrant came into power. 


Here they go again and sure enough we adapt into it.  Weíve had so many crises since 2001 that you canít keep up with them.  Itís impossible by the law of averages to have so many crises happen one after another in such a span of FEW years.  Weíve had the so-called terrorists to begin with.  Terrorism, terrorism EVERYWHERE.  Weíve had countless stories of ships off New York harbor that could blow up with nuclear explosions and all this kind of stuff, and red alert.  All the stuff we saw in the Star Trek movies that got us used to that whole idea, amber, orange, and red alerts and so on, one after another.  Then we went through the bird flu was going to kill us.  Then it was West Nile virus; it was going to be a massive plague and then it just died off into nothing.  Then of course we had the bank crashes followed by getting plundered by our governments to pay the banks for their cunningness in crashing the economy.  Then immediately followed up with the flu, the coming flu pandemic that never happened either. 


Government was throwing money EVERYWHERE, everywhere this whole time.  Isnít it ASTONISHING that before 2001 they didnít have the money for good health care.  They didnít have money for good social security.  They just didnít have money for this, that and the other but as soon as 2001 comes up, boy, BILLIONS AND BILLIONS go into the war effort and all the different agencies that have been created since, in every country.  Trillions went into bailing out the banks.  Billions went into buying useless flu vaccines recently.  And we forget all this.  Itís astonishing and itís so true too, that weíve been called the most adaptable species on the planet and WE ARE.  Weíll adapt to anything, no matter how crazy it is, until everything becomes normal again, you see.  Normal is always a NEW normal and we take it for granted.  Thatís why you canít let things happen like this and just let it go.  You canít adapt and let it go or itís here forever and it will get worse.  Thatís the INTENTION of it. 


The Century of Change is to bring in the planned society.  The society where no longer will you or your families decide to even get married or to have families for that matter, everything will be decided by the state according to the needs of the state.  Iím talking about the world state, by the way.  How many laborers they will need in a particular century for particular jobs; how many workers in other areas and other fields?  Cloning and genetic engineering will come into to it to create special workers.  Thatís old stuff and the big academic papers and magazines are full of that.  Itís all about that.  Itís giving THEM the rights to rule the world being the ones best suited to rule it, according to themselves of course.  Thatís what itís about.


Every government is going into this transitional phase where theyíve got committees and members of these organizations ON BOARD with government with them.  They are UNELECTED.  This is part of the transition phase into this brave new world.  If you remember, HG Wellsí movie and his novel to do with the future that was coming down, he actually wrote it I think before World War I.  It was The Shape of Things to Come.  Eventually they found that the Ďscientists of the air,í he actually called them Ďa new Freemasonry of the airí in his book - and in the first old black and white movie - there is no democracy there whatsoever.  Itís a dictatorship of the air made up of the top scientists.  Youíll find that in so many movies. 


The messages are out there that basically we are post-political.  Weíre post-democratic, EXACTLY what the Club of Rome said in their book, The First Global Revolution.  They said they looked at ALL the different systems in the world of running and ruling people and they came to believe that Ďcollectivismí, as closest to the Soviet system, was the best means of RULE because in democracy there are too many conflicting parties, too many demands being made by different parties, that they couldnít get anything done.  Iíve mentioned this before, that Margaret Thatcher talked about belonging to this parallel government, that Quigley talked about also, which is of course the Royal Institute of International Affairs which is also the Council on Foreign Relations.  She said the same thing.  She said, I, as an ex-Prime Minister, know all the other ex-Prime Ministers of other countries and President and together we form a parallel government.  We have power.  We know how to get things done and they are not responsible to the public.  Exactly what Quigley had said.  He said, remember, this organization had ALREADY been running the US for 60 years and he wrote his book back in the 1960s. 


So weíre on a roll through a script.  A script where they know exactly, through the incredible studies theyíve done on humanity and human behavior, through the sciences, how long to give it between each HIT, as they HIT us with something new.  They even know adaptation times for different types of things that are coming down the pike.  Thatís how precise all this stuff is. 


They gave us the internet too.  I know theyíre talking about licensing it now.  Theyíve been talking about that for years.  That will come eventually.  Youíll be licensed and AUTHORIZED to be on there with a whole set of rules on what to talk about and not to talk about, etc.  However, we forget that they gave us the internet.  Itís been a fantastic tool for them.  The Military-Industrial Complex was using it for years and years and years before they decided to give the people the internet.  It was NOT a bunch of guys in their back sheds all communicating together that created the internet.  THATíS A MYTH!  Itís as much of a myth as Bill Gates creating the empire himself, all mythology making.  This was designed to come into being because everything in our system will be cashless.  Everything will be done through computers.  Itís also teaching you and training YOU to go further and further from just the basic computer, and then youíve got your iPods and your Bluetoothís and all the rest of it.  Everything is getting smaller, much more packed into it and eventually, theyíre going to say, we canít make it any smaller with all these things; weíll just put it in your head.  Simple solution, weíll put it in your headÖ and weíre being adapted and adapted right to that very stage of course. 


Itís also the greatest tool for watching the whole population of the planet.  DAILY they have access to whatever you are looking at.  Iíve read the surveys theyíve done already on clusters, how clusters of people are formed, why do you like these people, why do you communicate with these people, what do you all have in common, outside the obvious, whatís the other, underlying factors behind it too?  ALL massive studies done on us all the time, and personality profiles as well.  The Pentagon has a whole world, a virtual reality, with every one of us IN IT as a person with a profile and they update it accordinglyÖ because they must know that we are all perfectly predictable


This article is only one of many.  I get kind of fed up reading this kind of stuff because theyíve been watching us since they gave us the internet.  It saysÖ


Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks

By Ellen Nakashima / Thursday, February 4, 2010 / WashingtonPost.com


The world's largest Internet search company and the world's most powerful electronic surveillance organization (Alan:  Itís a spy organization.  It spies on the whole world, the NSA.) are teaming up in the name of cybersecurity.


Under an agreement that is still being finalized, the National Security Agency would help Google analyze a major corporate espionage attack (A:  What a great excuse.) that the firm said originated in China and targeted its computer networks, according to cybersecurity experts familiar with the matter. The objective is to better defend Google -- and its users -- from future attack.  (A:  So itís for YOUR good, you see.)


Google and the NSA declined to comment on the partnership. But sources with knowledge of the arrangement, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the alliance is being designed to allow the two organizations to share critical information without violating Google's policies or laws that protect the privacy of Americans' online communications.  (A:  Well thatís simple, because they do what they did in the government too.  When the law is in the way, they simply change the lawsÖ then itís legal.)  The sources said the deal does not mean the NSA will be viewing users' searches or e-mail accounts or that Google will be sharing proprietary data.  (A:  Well, the NSA has been spying on us all with all our data since it was set up - that was its purpose - an awful, awful long time ago.)


The partnership strikes at the core of one of the most sensitive issues for the government and private industry in the evolving world of cybersecurity: how to balance privacy and national security interests. On Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair called the Google attacks, which the company acknowledged in January, a "wake-up call." Cyberspace cannot be protected, he said, without a "collaborative effort that incorporates both the U.S. private sector and our international partners."


Thatís only one of the many articles and Iíll go on with more, where the police are going with it too, after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how the creeping powers certainly do creep.  Sometimes they charge but generally itís a creeping attack that they do over time, insidiously, until we adapt again, so quickly and easily to it once we know itís there.  A lot of people really donít mind.  Most of the public, mind you, honestly donít mind whatís happening in the world at all, as long as they get their paycheck, can spend money and buy little things to amuse themselves with, to reward themselves with, and watch television and play games.  They are egosyntonic, exactly the kind of culture that Bertrand Russell said that they would create.  He said that back in the 40s I think it was.  Egosyntonic and hedonisticÖ thatís what you have out there; a disconnected society where no one is connected to anyone else, except for personal predatory purposes which are transitory. 


Hereís another article from Cnet News and it saysÖ


Police want backdoor to Web users' private data

(A:  So why shouldnít the cops get in on the act as well.)

February 3, 2010 / by Declan McCullagh / cnet.com


(A:  At the moment apparently, there is a special deal that all the big servers give the police and someone actually sent it to me where it lists all the different prices and companies.  How much it takes to spy on each person for a week, for a month, and so on, and all the deals they have for police services.  Itís an in-house thing only but I got it sent to me.  So this is kind of like a rehash of this in a sense because they already have these, but they want a speedier, faster way of getting access to peoplesí mail and data.)


Anyone with an e-mail account likely knows that police can peek inside it if they have a paper search warrant.  (A:  Do you really believe that?  Do you really believe thatÖ that they need a paper search warrant?  Weíll let that pass.)


But cybercrime investigators are frustrated by the speed of traditional methods of faxing, mailing, or e-mailing companies these documents. They're pushing for the creation of a national Web interface linking police computers with those of Internet and e-mail providers so requests can be sent and received electronically.  (A:  What they really mean is automatically.)


CNET has reviewed a survey scheduled to be released at a federal task force meeting on Thursday, which says that law enforcement agencies are virtually unanimous in calling for such an interface to be created. (A:  There is nothing they donít want right?  There is nothing thatÖ the cops are getting the same equipment the military has got and all the rest of the toys and goodies.  Why shouldnít they go the whole way?  Thatís what they are now, a military forceÖ within.)  Eighty-nine percent of police surveyed, it says, want to be able to "exchange legal process requests and responses to legal process" through an encrypted, police-only "nationwide computer network."


The survey, according to two people with knowledge of the situation, is part of a broader push from law enforcement agencies to alter the ground rules of online investigations. Other components include renewed calls for laws requiring Internet companies to store data about their users for up to five years and increased pressure on companies to respond to police inquiries in hours instead of days.


But the most controversial element is probably the private Web interface, which raises novel security and privacy concerns, especially in the wake of a recent inspector general's report (PDF) [The link is on this site.] from the Justice Department. The 289-page report detailed how the FBI obtained Americans' telephone records by citing nonexistent emergencies and simply asking for the data or writing phone numbers on a sticky note rather than following procedures required by law.


Some companies already have (A:  This is what I was talking about.) police-only Web interfaces. Sprint Nextel operates what it calls the L-Site, also known as the "legal compliance secure Web portal." The company even has offered a course that "will teach you how to create and track legal demands through L-site. Learn to navigate and securely download requested records." Cox Communications makes its price list for complying with police requests public; a 30-day wiretap is $3,500.  (A:  Iíve got the list price for all of them actually here, Google and Yahoo and so on, all the biggies.)


The police survey is not exactly unbiased: its author is Frank Kardasz, who is scheduled to present it at a meeting (PDF) of the Online Safety and Technology Working Group, organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Kardasz, a sergeant in the Phoenix police department and a project director of Arizona's Internet Crimes Against Children task force,  (A:  They always use the children for all this.  Weíll have no rights at all because they claim itís for the children.)  said in an e-mail exchange on Tuesday that he is still revising the document and was unable to discuss it.


So everything is on the cards but most folk honestly, truly Ė as you know this yourself too, you listeners out there Ė most folk that you meet who are outside the loop really donít mind what happens at all.  They really, really donít.  You know, when they put these shows on television where they bring couples on and they discuss their incredible family problems and start yelling at each other, on public international television, of whoís having affairs with whom, is my wife a prostitute, and itís up to the host and them to find out.  When you see this kind of stuff happening, you know itís game over for the general public.  Theyíve never really ever been here to be lost.  Thereís got to be another term for it, but they certainly have never been aware or sentient creatures.  So they donít care that the government knows everything that theyíre watching on the internet.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Going back to the Council on Foreign Relations which is just one branch, itís the American branch - although other countries that are non British Empire or Commonwealth countries, as they like to call it - also have its departments on the Council of Foreign Relations.  They couldnít very well say the Royal Institute of International Affairs for America; it wouldnít go down too well, so they called it the Council on Foreign Relations.  This article is in the Indy Truth who took it from I think the August Review or Ďaugustí review.  Itís on the Council on Foreign Relations.  Itís a brief, very, very brief, very condensed kind of history but it saysÖ


Council on Foreign Relations


Writes The August Review,


Prior to the founding of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was the most significant body of global-minded elitists in the United States(A:  Actually, they go much, much further back.)  As far back as 1959, the CFR was explicit about a need for world government.  (A:  Long before that, even during World War II they were calling for world government.)


They did so claiming,


The U.S. must strive to build a new international order... including states labeling themselves as 'socialist'... to maintain and gradually increase the authority of the United Nations.  (A:  And that was the purpose, one of the main purposes, of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR.  It was to bring IN the United Nations.  They created it.  It was to bring in a global system of government and destroy nationhood.)


Since its founding funded by the Rockefeller family, the CFR has been "a Who's Who of the elitist eastern establishment."


The CFR's mission statement scratches the surface of what they are about:


Founded in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, national membership organization and a nonpartisan center for scholars dedicated to producing and disseminating ideas so that individual and corporate members, as well as policymakers, journalists, students, and interested citizens in the United States and other countries, can better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other governments.


The wording of this mission statement is very interesting. Examination of the CFR's actions and documents shows that the "foreign policy" described is in fact Globalism and the loss of national sovereignty. The methods carrying out these policies hardly allow for "choice" as they describe, at least not in respect for the democratic process.


The CFR is a leading contributor to a movement to build an international infrastructure system of SuperCorridors through America (see their document, Building a North American Community). (A:  You can get links right from this site to it.)  This has involved selling public roads to foreign corporations, utilizing imminent domain laws to take land from American citizens, and forming a new secretive policy organization set on stripping America of its sovereignty, the North American Forum. (A:  The link for that is on there too.)  Thanks to the involvement of mainstream media in organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (see list below), Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg, the borders are being erased without the input, approval or even knowledge of the American people.  (A:  Thatís very true.  The bulk of the populace havenít a clueÖ and donít really care whatís going on.)


The CFR has also advocated Globalizing Currency, arguing that eliminating monetary sovereignty will stabilize the global economy.  (A:  Which, by the way, the big bankers that are on the board of the CFR also run as well.)  The plan is flawed however, as it abandons the gold standard. The U.S. dollar has become unstable and suffered heavy inflation since it has been printed without the backing of gold. Abandoning the gold standard puts the value of currency solely into the hands of those who print it, who are of course the bankers who have funded and continue to influence (see list below) on the Council on Foreign Relations.


(A:  There is a list here of the CFR Board of Directors.  Itís really interesting.  Itís just for the US that is.  All the biggies, anybody whoís anybody is on this board of directors here.  Thatís not all the members, just the board of directors.  Itís interesting, even Madeleine Albright is on it too, of course.)


ēMadeleine K. Albright, Principal, The Albright Group LLC


(A:  You look at what else Madeleine Albright is on.  Sheís on one of the director boards for NATO for the war-making boys and all the rest of it.  They are ALL intertwined with all world affairs and policies, all the characters here.  There is a long list and you should go through this.  Iíll put the links up on my site at the end of the show and you can go through them at your leisure.)


Now, from their own site, the Council on Foreign Relations, theyíve got an international advisory board as well.  Iím going to put this link up too.  Once again, itís astonishing to see this list of the whoís who across the world and all the big corporations that they run.  Theyíre into all the big things too, the Food Industry, they own it all.  All the big boys who own it are all on the board, stuff like that.  Itís quite fascinating really.  Thatís what they meant at the Club of Rome, that democracy, the democratic governments were of no use and thatís why Thatcher said, she talked about belonging to the parallel government and thatís what she was referring to.  Here is an example, again from the Council on Foreign Relationsí own site of one of these foreign directors.  His name isÖ


Council on Foreign Relations



Syed Babar Ali

(Pakistan) Chairman, Interbank; Advisor, Packages Limited; Former Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Planning, Pakistan


Mr. Ali is an advisor to Packages Limited, Pakistan's largest paper and board mill. He is also chairman of Aventis Pakistan Limited (A:  Thatís the big pharma company, remember, that gives all the shots.); Bayer CropScience Pakistan Limited (A:  Bayer Corporation, the Rothschild company that GMOs, the food crop sciences.  Theyíve been in trouble recently. One of their boys, remember I read recently, said that theyíve contaminated all the crops now and they canít stop it.  That was from Bayer Corporation CropScience.); Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Limited; and Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited. From 1972 to 1996, he served in various capacities at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) (A:  Again, you think itís all the little greenies with their tin cans at the bottom that are making the shots.  They are just the idiots that are following.  They are the clones that just all go and follow the boys at the top.  These guys RUN the World Wildlife institutes and so on.  So this guy was the head of the WWF.  They make the rules.  They want the Ďconservationí in because itís nothing to do with what you think it is.  Itís for a CONTROLLED population and society.), was international president from 1996 to 1999, and is now vice president emeritus of WWF International. In 1993, he served as Pakistan's minister of finance, economic affairs and planning.


Thatís the sort of characters theyíve got on their international board member lists.  Itís quite fascinating really.  And you think you live in democraciesÖ you really do.  You really, really doÖ astonishing. 


Here is an article; Iím going to put the link up for this too.  Itís from Wiley Interscience.  Itís about, I mentioned neuroscience the other day that brings in the neuro-linguistics and psycho-linguistics; itís all part of it.  Itís to do with understanding the brain and actually stimulating and controlling the brain.  This article is about Neuro Law. 


Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science



Neurolaw Ė also known as law and neuroscience or legal neuroscience - studies legal issues raised by recent developments in neuroscience, including cognitive and social neuroscience. Some proponents of neurolaw think that neuroscience will soon be used widely throughout the legal system and that it is bound to produce profound changes in both substantive and procedural law. In contrast, other leaders in neurolaw employ a less sanguine tone, urging caution so as to prevent misuses and abuses of neuroscience within courts, legislatures, prisons, and other parts of the legal system. Regardless of perspective, neurolaw studies not only the descriptive and predictive issues of how neuroscience is and will be used in the legal system but also the normative issues of how neuroscience should and should not be used within the legal system. There are several topical areas where neuroscience potentially enters legal discourse, which we outline below.  (A:  And what is it about?)



 (A:  Here we goÖ mind reading.  At the top theyíve got Ďthe abstractí and Ďwhat is on the horizoní and so on.)


One of the most controversial topics that sits at the nexus of these two disciplines is the application of neuroscience for mind reading or detecting mental states. (A:  Theyíre already using primitive ones in the airports.)  One important type of mind reading is lie detection. Traditional lie detection (polygraph) is not admitted in any legal jurisdiction in the United States other than New Mexico. Recently, some companies have claimed success in detecting lies using neuroscience-based methods. One such method, Electroencephalography (EEG), measures brain activity via small electrodes placed on various areas of the scalp. This noninvasive, widely accepted method of measuring brain electrical potentials is employed in two forensic techniques that have made courtroom appearances: Brain Fingerprinting and Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature (BEOS). Brain Fingerprinting purportedly tests for guilty knowledge (memory of a kind that only a guilty person could have) rather than directly for deception. This method was admitted into a legal proceeding in Iowa in 2001 that was followed by the release of Terry Harrington, who had been serving a life sentence for a 1977 murder.  (A:  Then it goes on and on about the different types of detections they are using, using what they are now calling neuroscience and neuroscientific methods.  Quite something really, the way itís rampaging ahead.)


What happens when youíve got chips in your brain?  Well, theyíll go directly to the chip and they wonít need to put any wires on you at all.  Mind you, they wonít have to really wonder what youíve done because there will be central computers GUIDING what youíve done every day for the last few years that youíve had the thing implanted.  That came out, remember, at the 2001 Loyola Meeting.  Iíve talked about it before.  It was a World Science Meeting with top scientists in the fields of microchips and biology and various other sciences.  They said that they HAVE the chip ready to go.  A 600-page report came out at the time. Theyíve had meetings ever since.  Newt Gingrich was put in as the chairman of these particular annual meetings now; he of all people.  It really gave impetus to some movies that came out immediately following it too, with chips that could store your memories.  I think it was The Final Cut they called it, which came out later to do with funeral directors who would be able to go into the chip, take out your memories and put a nice little collage together for the people to see before you are getting buried at the funeral.  That kind of stuff. 


they are dead serious with this.  They said the chip was ready to go, all they have to do now it put enough movies out there, novels and so on, propaganda, and get the public to accept it.  They also said that this would be the END OF INDIVIDUALITY as we know it.  One of the guys from Japan, a top guy who had experimented in implanting these chips, which BIND on to the neurons by the way; you canít just remove them in some back alley surgical unit.  He said that you canít think of yourself as the individual; think more of Ďthe hive.í  He said, youíll hear the whispers through your head Ė exactly like you saw that the Borg had in the Star Trek movies Ė Youíll hear the whispers going back and forth from the central computer to them and back and forth Ė thatís what he said you will hear Ė and you will be UNABLE EVER† to even conceive or perceive of yourself as being a distinct, separate, human individuals once this chip is implanted


None of these thingsÖ Why do we bother having governments because it really is just a show isnít it, the governmental aspect of things.  They never, EVER touch on the big, big ongoing things that are planned and gradually implemented.  What governments are, really, is a rubber stamp for institutions that plan this kind of stuff.  They just say itís time you went ahead with this, get the stuff on the table and stamp itÖ and announce it to the public.  Thatís what governments are really there for.  Weíre not supposed to know that the governments havenít been running us for an awful long timeÖ THINK TANKS and PRIVATE COMMITTEES HAVE BEEN RUNNING OUR LIVES for an awful, awful long time.  Thatís the reality of it. 


Nothing is ever done in the open.  Itís the same with the STEALTH technique of combining the EU into one big conglomeration, not just of a meeting place where they would work together for trade, but actually to create a new entity called the EU Parliament, a SOVEREIGN power, a NEW sovereign POWER in this day and age.  A new sovereign power, thatís a big, big deal that something this size, bigger than the Soviet Union was, and still bringing in more clients all the time, members.  And nobody at the start said either, that youíd give up your sovereignty.  They said, no, it was just a meeting place to deal with trade.  They kept this lie up for 20-30 years as they worked towards it steadily since 1948.  Then once it was all up and running and the Parliament was established, they declassified some of the first papers they put out there and it said right in there that THE PUBLIC WERE NOT TO KNOW and THEY WERE NOT TO BE TOLD THE TRUTH THAT THIS WAS FOR A TOTAL AMALGAMATION and loss of sovereignty UNTIL IT WAS COMPLETED.  And that is exactly what they did.  Thatís how the world runs with everything. 


They donít ever tell the public any truth, on anything.  If you go into the writings of the advice given by Francis Bacon in one of his books to the King, they loved write these rťsumťs, very Machiavellian, to impress the King on how to be cunning and how to handle the public.  He said that it is best that the public never know the true machinations of government.  This has always been this way.  This article, it saysÖ


EU commission 'embassies' granted new powers



(A:  What are the new powers?  Well you see, these embassies are real embassies.  The EU now has its own embassies to take over from sovereign embassies, from all the participating countries.  Thatís the eventual end goal of it all.)


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The EU has converted 54 out of the European Commission's 136 foreign delegations into embassy-type missions authorised to speak for the entire union.


The move follows the coming into force last year of the Lisbon Treaty, which has the creation of a new EU diplomatic corps as one of its main provisions.  (A:  If people canít realize thatís to do away with your own independent one, then what do you think itís for?  Why would you need 2 of them?  Itís to take over all those countriesí embassies and BE those embassies, for the union.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to the phones and there is Jeff from Massachusetts there.  Are you there Jeff?


Jeff:  As far as the internet is concerned, the technology and where things are going towards, with global government and the CFR and all this other stuff, let me bring it down to a very, very low, low and primal level which is the stomach.  People in America, when the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan and people are starving and they canít get their beer, and they canít watch the football game and American Idol, theyíre going to simply say, we have to get rid of all these vermin that caused this mess.  All these right-wing yahoos down south, the Midwest flyover country, I mean, if theyíre going to rid of them, good riddance to them and all these Christians that caused these wars in Iraq and so forth and the Jews that part of this together into the war with Iran and these other countries.† People in America are going to make the Nazis look very tame in comparison, if I may use that term.  You see, this country has lost its foundation.


Alan:  Thatís the key to it.


Jeff:  We have completely lost our foundation and this country is a prime target for a French Revolution style downfall.  No different than Lebanon, when Yasser Arafat and his thugs went into Lebanon and tore that country apart and the Muslims used the liberalism of Lebanon to take over.  No different.  And this has happened all throughout history and the only difference is, weíre going to have this on a global scale.


Alan:  Actually, thereís a huge department within the UN and all the big security companies, the agencies, that plan and deal with that very thing.  They call them Ďcollapsed nations,í where the internal structure has collapsed, the internal structure is a mess.  Their job is to go in and regain control through massive, and rather brutal, martial law.  So the US would also be under that if it should happen.  You are quite right, it can happen anywhere now.


Jeff:  Exactly.  You know, whatís funny is the American people for the most part are very unaware of this.  There are very few people that are privy to this kind of information and I donít think the American people want to know this information.  There is a person that I knew a long time ago and he says to me, Jeff, I do not want to talk about religion and geo-politics; all I want to talk about is sports and pornography.


Alan:  Yes.  Absolutely. 


Jeff:  He said that to me FLAT OUT and Iím going to close with this.  There are people ready, right now, who feel that Christians in China deserve to be in the gulag because Christians are pushy.  You see the seeds for holocaust are already being planted to where the fetus is a parasite.  And everything has to do with cost.  Cost, cost, costÖ dollar signs, dollar signs, dollar signs.  I thank you for having me on the broadcast and have a good one. 


Alan:  And you too.  Itís all down to dollars and cents and thatís what our lives supposedly are valued at by governments.  How much is so and so worth?  If not enough, well, you have to goÖ and thatís as simple as that, for the new world system.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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