Feb. 5, 2010 (#508)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 5, 2010:

No Alchemical Schism with Cap-Com-Ism:

"Countries Demolished through Internal Subversion,
Programming of Children with Communist Immersion,
Fabian Envelope was Pushed, a Little at a Time,
As We Drift through Years into New Paradigm,
We the People, Bred Up and Then Culled Down,
Depending on Agenda of Elites' Golden Crown,
Third Way is the Wedding of Rothschild and Marx,
Now the End of Nations Creates No Sparks,
Cultural Changes from Top, Nothing's Incidental,
We Adapt En Mass, Technique Incremental"
© Alan Watt Feb. 5, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 5, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 5th 2010.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Thatís the main web site.  Look down the front page, bookmark all the other sites youíll see there for future use because sometimes the big ones go down and if you have them bookmarked you can always download the latest shows.  Remember, these are the only official sites that I have and that I am in control of:  [listed above]. If you find you are getting stickiness on the download, itís because everyone is going into the .com site at the same time so you can try these other ones and you might get through much easier.  This is the minute for shaking the tin can.  The tin can is where you throw your pennies in, because I am probably the only person out there who doesnít take money directly from the advertisers, agencies, companies and so on.  So itís up to YOU to keep me going and you can do so by going into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and see what I have for sale, the books, CDs and DVDs.  I would be churning out books if I had more time but I donít have that much time.  You can also donate to me as well.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Some people just send cash.  That cuts out a lot of podgy fingers of men in very expensive suits.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers straight to RBN.  Iíve got nothing to do with them.  That pays for THIS air time.  It pays RBN for its broadcast, their staff, and their bills and their technicians and all the rest of it.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  I get a free hand basically to go into other areas and answer question a bit more truthfully about certain things, where I couldnít do so if I was getting backed by certain corporations or sellers.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them to play on their CD players because they donít have computers, they donít want computers, you can get in touch with me by writing to [address above]. 


And that about covers the usual.  I run through this quickly where most folk would be pushing it every 10 minutes throughout the show because I need the money to keep going on this particular show.  Iíd like to get another form of upload to my sites because I go through XplorNet.  XplorNet has deliberately, and have told me so; theyíve cut me back by 2/3rds speed.  Thatís because theyíve been told to get at me.  The music is coming in so Iíll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is an interesting concept because basically itís where everything comes from, if you like.  Your whole reality with all of its sources that GIVES you and reinforces that reality.  It updates you all the time, in reality, and keeps you absolutely ignorant of the fact that your opinions are given to you. They are giving you opinions all the time to suit the particular month or the year in which the big boys are manipulating events.  We simply adapt.  We are very good at adapting into anything really. 


If you take the peasant of the Middle Ages, the SERF who was on the land, he was bought and sold with the land.  If he was a third, fourth, fifth generation serf, he would think that was all quite natural.  He didnít know any better.  He hadnít heard any term, which was given much, much later on, about democracy or social injustice or anything.  Heíd have an occasional rebellion.  A rebellion always against being taxed more through the food they were growing, so much so that their own food for their families had been taken from them for some war effort or the Kingís wars or whatever.  Thatís when they would revolt and all they asked for really was to go back to the way things were.  Thatís what they demanded.  Thatís the only thing they could think of.  They didnít know there could be any other way of living.  Everybody was taught a very basic line; it was still used right up into the 20th century in Britain, for instance, and that was Ďmind your place.í  Mind your place and most folk did.


We donít realize that culture is given to us.  Itís shaped constantly.  Whatís right in one era can be totally wrong in the next and vice-versa, upside-down.  We are very, very plastic as a species and those who control and rule know that too.  Quite a few years ago, there was a KGB defector who came over to the West who specialized in psychological warfare.  He is up on YouTube and I mentioned it about a year ago and gave the link; I donít know if that link is still working.  His name was Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov.  He gives a four-part talk, in an interview style, on how you take down a country.  Whatís really interesting is that he goes through the ideological subversion that started in the US especially and Western countries around the same time, about the late 50s early 60s.  Now, when Iím talking about this particular subversion method, think back to another article I read recently where the Pentagon and the big boys up with Obama were using academia, certain guys in academia who specialize in subversion, to infiltrate what they thought were radical groups or patriot type groups and basically alter the ideology, destroy their ideology from within.  Make them unsure of it until they had nothing to hold on, to fight for.  Thatís a very important part.  When everything that you held as a belief is taken from you and youíre not sure anymore, then youíve been conquered.


The first step to taking down a nation, as this man Yuri said, was ideological subversion.  That was done.  That was completed in the 1980s in the Western countries.  You had demoralization.  That also came in with the ideological subversion followed by demoralization.  That was already complete too.  Then you have destabilization through upheavals in monetary systems and unemployment, all that kind of stuff.  You create crisis.  Then you bring in a new government which is actually Soviet, or communist, without using the term communist.  Then you bring in a period of normalization.  Normalization generally means you are under a totalitarian, strict, military type, police style rule. 


If you think for a minute that you havenít already gone through all these stages into a form of world systemÖ Remember, communism was to be a world system.  Youíve missed it all.  Youíve lived through it and you didnít know it.  Part of it was to totally degrade all society on the way down.  You do that by attacking all the things that keep society together as a cohesive unit for survival purposes.  What keeps people together?  What are they willing to fight for?  It goes all the way down to the family unit.  Break up the family unit, promote incredible promiscuity Ė they will not bond Ė and then the state has everyone under their thumb.  They can talk directly down to you.  Yes, YOUÖ YOUÖ YOUÖ just you.  NO one else is going to stand up for you.  Thatís what they showed you in George Orwellís 1984


Itís interesting that Sunstein was the guy who was chosen to head the teams to subvert the Patriot movements by the same tactics.  Make them unsure, thatís ideological subversion.  Make them unsure of their cause and that is followed by demoralization.  So this technique, this Soviet system, is STILL being used by those at the top.  Youíll find, if you were to go into all the big boys behind Obama and so on, they were basically communists.  And thatís just a fact.  The thing is that the Western world has gone that way without knowing it.  They were subverted a long time ago. 


Academia STILL pushes the Soviet globalist system.  Remember, weíre supposed to blend in - in the dialectic - with the Soviet system.  Thatís why the wall supposedly came down, to blend in the Soviet system worldwide now.  It was time for the next move and they merge with the Capitalist system of the West.  Youíll find the top Soviet people who were and are still in the West, work in Universities, they are professorsVery, very important point I just made there.  Certain countries are absolutely more full of them than others, like Canada for instance, but they still teach in the US.  Youíll find they are very good at radicalizing students.  Students have nothing in their head except what they are given, even though you canít tell them that because their ego is out of control at that age.  They are given their causes and now itís all INTERNATIONAL causes, if you notice.  Itís been like that for a long time because the next step is internationalism.  Thatís why destruction of the nation-state was imperative. 


Canada, through the CBC, thatís the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which is our version of the BBC.  It is government run and funded.  You wouldnít believe the basic, very primitive, communist style plays and made for TV movies that they create.  Itís astonishing.  Itís done in the crudest, straightforward fashion with the enemy blatantly portrayed as a redneck who believes in his country.  There was one on last night.  I watched about 5 minutes of it with my little rabbit ears up here on the television set.  It was about a woman running for politics in British Columbia I think it was.  I watched 5 minutes of it to get the gist and thatís all I needed.  The votes came in and she lost.  Then she said, it was the ethnic vote in Vancouver who stopped this from happening.  She said that ethnic voteÖ it went against her because she wasnít interested in the countries that they came from.  In other words, all politics now are supposed to be global.  You see.  You canít just go for your own country.  This woman was portrayed as the real nasty, obviously a dinosaur from the past somewhere. 


Weíre already communist and we just donít know it.  Socialist is another term for it as well.  The big boys that run the Western world really are the Fabian Socialists that work and are part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  Itís all actually HAPPENED.  Thatís what Iím trying to say. 


I mentioned The Soviet Story, a great documentary.  It was put out just about a year ago or so.  I put up the link for that too but I donít know if itís still up there on YouTube or if itís been pulled.  I heard there was tremendous furor within Russia by high-powered people.  Some of them now are members of the European Parliament for Europe and they demanded that it get pulled down.  Hereís an article about it in the newspaper.  This is the first time Iíve seen any newspaper mention it in fact. 


No refuting the hard truths in the Soviet Story: Worthington

By Peter Worthington / 3rd February 2010 / TorontoSun.com


Those who are concerned that once history is distorted, it often never gets corrected, can breathe easier after a startlingly accurate documentary was premiered this past Sunday at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Toronto.


Even so, The Soviet Story, made two years ago and shown mostly in the Baltic states and Europe, has resulted in angry protests in communist quarters. (Alan:  Communism is alive and well for those whoÖ you are in communist countries now.  We really are.  Of course the commies are shouting itís Fascist but itís actually communist.  If it was Fascist, your country would only be concerned about your own country right now.  How can we be Fascist when weíre going totally global at a GALLOPING pace?)  The documentaryís young writer and director, Edvin Snores, a Latvian, has been hanged in effigy and denounced as a liar by some in the European Parliament.  (A:  These are these Soviet boys that are there now.)


One Russian historian publicly regretted having taken part in the film ó a film in which he did not take part. (A:  I guess that was for publicity for him.)  Such is the outrage.


The Economist urged ďthose who want to ban it should try refuting it first.Ē


Iíve seen the film (it premiered in the U.S. six months ago) and, put bluntly, it cannot be refuted. Rejected, maybe; offensive to some sensitivities, perhaps; horrifying, undoubtedly; painful, without doubt. But refuted? Impossible.


The core theme is the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin was mentor to Hitler (A:  Thatís a fact. Hitler and his boys during the Stalin/Soviet Pact went to them to find out how to take over the country, how to eradicate all opposition and how to eliminate MASS amounts of people because the Soviet system were the EXPERTS already at that.) and the Nazis.  (A:  Thatís in the movie.  You see them collaborating together too.)   Until Hitler turned on his ally, Stalin and the USSR were Hitlerís partners in war, with a treaty to divide Europe once the pesky problem of defeating Britain had been solved. 


Most people do not realize ó or have forgotten, or never knew ó how closely Nazi propagandaÖ (A:  Iíll be back with more on this story, itís an excellent article, after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Toronto Sun thatís about 6 months late in publishing this kind of stuff.  I mentioned it last year and gave the links when this actual documentary was up on YouTube, [Google Video, etc].   It says hereÖ


Most people do not realize ó or have forgotten, or never knew ó how closely Nazi propaganda emulated Soviet propaganda (A:  You should see the posters.  They show you them all in it.  How they are identical posters.) ó similar images of muscular men in posters, smiling young women, all working for the improvement of mankind by eliminating human trash like Jews, Serbs, Gypsies, even Scotsmen!  (A:  Why Scotsmen?  Well, look at the list that was put out first by the Fabian Society.  They had Scotsmen on it too.  HG Wells was a lovely character.  The reason they had them on it is because they kept rebelling.  They didnít likeÖ they were allergic to slavery.)


The genesis for genocide to rid the world of the weak or unwanted, originated with Karl Marx who, around 1849, wrote: ďKilling is justified, especially if it cleanses society.Ē  (A:  Thatís a CORE BELIEF in Marxism, by the way.  Oh, I could go on about Marxism including some of the people who are running a lot of this stuff and putting information out that people pick up and repeat on Patriot radio.  AnywayÖ)


Lenin agreed, Stalin expanded the creed and Hitler copied it.


In the early days of the Second World War, Jews who fled Germany to the USSR were rounded up by the NKVD and turned over to the Nazis.


Where Hitler and Stalin differed in building a pure society and better human beings, was Hitler digressed from Stalinís formula of ďclass warfareĒ and introduced ďracial cleansing.Ē   (A:  Itís just a substitute for basically the same thing in a sense, when you understand there is a class system of groups that actually run the economy.)  Hitler watched with envy how the NKVD eliminated seven million Ukrainians (A:  That was all the peasant farmers and so on.) by imposing the worldís first man-made famine on Ukraine in 1932-33, confiscating all food and making record sales of Ukrainian grain to Europe(A:  They were exporting the stuff.  Youíll see them going around to the little farms there and taking out what was left for the peasants to eat themselves.  It was a deliberate, planned starvation process with a benefit of making money by exporting it abroad, but not for the farmers.)


The world paid no attention ó the few journalists who did (Malcolm Muggeridge) were ignored. The New York Times correspondent in Moscow, Walter Duranty, won a Pulitzer Prize for dodging the famine.  (A:  And they did.  They knew it was going on but they were all communists, these characters, and they were saying it was a great experiment in Russia.  It was very successful and they would not criticize it.  Including, they wouldnít criticize the SLAUGHTERING they were doing.  It wasnít until Germany and Moscow became enemies that these same people, to save Russia, started to talk about how bad the Germans were.)


The film footage is ghastly but persuasive. Mountains of skeletal, starved bodies are bulldozed into mass graves. (A:  This is for years.  This went on for years and years.)  Vivid photos of victims shot in the head and tumbling into mass graves. There is Katyn Forest, where 20,000 Polish reservists (A:  They were all officers, by the way.) were shot, (A:  Because that was ANOTHER thing.  Marxism believes that you always get the people who can teach or lead the rest and KILL them.)  some buried alive in mass graves, and our side pretended the Germans did it(A:  Yep.  Thatís true.)


The world remembers the horrors of the Nazi death camps, but we hunger to forget, if we can, the 20-plus million who died in the Soviet Gulag at the whim of our wartime ally, ďUncle Joe.Ē  (A:  20 million folk were slaughtered and starved to deathÖ in the Gulagís prison camps alone.)


Among Edvin Snoresí interviews are aging women who recall the famine, the massacre of their families, the Gulag. Painful, but essential to record.


With younger generations reluctant to believe history, itís important there be a source for unvarnished truth.


ó The movie can be bought at sovietstory.com  (A:  Iíll put that up on my site too.)


Itís WELL WORTH IT.  Iím not kidding you.  When you get these INCREDIBLE, fundamental, Marxist professors in your universities prattling on about the greatness of Marxist regime, which is coming in to view as far as they can see, then you can get them to see The Soviet Story.  Itís so important.  So important. 


Part of that thing that Yuri Bezmenov was talking about, the KGB defector, was, he said, towards the end, once youíve demoralized, destabilized, de-idealized a society and brought it downÖ again, he meant also through all techniques including but primarily though the Culture Industry, then all those who had promoted communism, and were thinking they were on a roll, when after the crisis came in, as financial crisis and all the other stuff - thatís why TOP communists go into economics and they teach in universities - They will become enemies of the new regime because they literally think they were fighting for these particular liberations and freedoms.  They donít realize the new system, itís more totalitarian than the one you had before.  Well, just look at whatís happening now, all you communists out there.  Look whatís happening now. 


We are losing our freedoms at incredible rate, absolutely incredible rate.  You have to see whoís in charge of your governments and all the people behind them.  The blending of the two systems, believe you me, has happened.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís interesting to go over the techniques used to take down countries and itís from WITHIN, always from within.  There are real hard-line Marxists still around because it didnít die off.  It was supposed to blend, remember, with the systems of the West according to The Reece Commission.  Senator Norman Dodd was sent out by the Congress to investigate the private foundations, these multi trillion dollar foundations that FUND all the NGOs, all the left wing groups, to ask them why they seemed to be funding communism.  The heads of the Ford Foundation at the time said, our job is to change the culture, alter it so drastically and radically in the West that they will blend with that of the Soviet down the road.  That has happened today.  Thatís HAPPENED today.  Itís already here, under the guise of liberations, freedoms for individuals and so on.   You have a particular chaos and you are also seeing the masses of troops and cops to DEAL with that chaos on the streets.  Thatís all part of it too, getting you ready for the next PHASE of it. 


Part of it was explained by SO many big players in the past that worked for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, like Lord Bertrand Russell, a KEY man who went through, along with Julian Huxley, the first CEO of UNESCO.  UNESCO was set up at the United Nations in order to create a common culture by indoctrination of youth, especially pushing promiscuity to STOP BONDING in later life.  That was a must be.  Russell and he talked about it quite a lot in their various publications.  Iíve read a lot of it on the air, from their books.  The whole idea of sexual education for pre-PUBERTAL children was really, them helping to advocate indulgence in sexual activity before puberty.  That was part of the experimental schools that Russell ran to see if it would work, so that they wouldnít bond in later life. 


Of course, everything thatís happened today you think just happens as happenstance but nothing is further from the truth.  Itís planned that way.  You see, Plato himself said in his book The Republic, the handbook many of them mention.  HG Wells said it was his most favorite of all books.  Plato said that all women eventually will be held Ďin common.í  That didnít mean they would round them all up and keep them in some big camp and pull them out for sexual favors once in a while.  It meant literally, you create promiscuity amongst them.  And thatís happened.  There are many ways to make all women in common and a woman who has had hundreds of partners for her whole life long is now held in common.  Thatís what they mean by that. 


So here is the outcome, as you see; we live through it.  Britain is the flagship for all this testing.  Thatís why the big writers like Bertrand Russell, Julian Huxley, HG Wells, all these boys, lived in Britain.  They knew theyíd tested certain things out in experimental schools before everyone else did, the perfect society to try it out on.  This article here is from the Mail Online.  It ties right in with this ongoing fallout that was predictable because it was desirable from those at the top.  It saysÖ


Fury at school pregnancy tests for girls aged 11

By Daily Mail Reporter / 5th February 2010


(A:  At age 11 now, age 11!)


Girls as young as 11 are to be offered pregnancy tests at school.


They will also have access to contraception, the morning-after pill and advice on sexually transmitted infections.


All of the services will be confidential - meaning the teenagers' (A:  They call them teenagers.  Youíre not a teenager when you are 11 years old.)  parents might never be told. The scheme is being piloted in sexual health (A:  They call it health, sexual health.  Just like family planning by Sanger, which is abortion.  They always love to alter the terminology.  Sexual health, ) drop-in clinics set up in state secondary schools in Wirral and Liverpool, an area with above-average rates of teenage pregnancy.  (A:  Itís a pilot project for the rest of the country.)


It is part of a Government strategy which could see sexual health clinics opening in every secondary school and college in England.


The pupils will be encouraged to tell their parents of their visits to the clinics, although their consent is not required(A:  Under the Laws of the Child that the wonderful UN put out not so long ago.)


Health chiefs have written to parents saying they are not obliged to inform them if their daughter has a pregnancy test or is prescribed the morning-after pill.


They claim that the moves will help cut the number of unplanned pregnancies


(A:  Now, when I was young, this really was an odd, odd, odd occurrence if anything like this happened.  You see, this stuff came out first in girlsí magazines, young girlsí magazinesÖ even before that they brought out the music to really enforce it upon them, too.  Parents donít read what young girls magazines are on about.  Iím talking about children who are in junior school and so on, stuff like that.  Then of course, it was backed up by the Spice Girls, you know, that kind of stuff where the whole idea is sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.  Youíre just a desirable sexual object basically.  Weíve had years and years of going down the hill, right down to the awful rap stuff thatís VERY explicit and I wonít even use the terms they use in the minimalistic language they manage to mumble.  But itís all out there and thatís what the youngsters have been brought up onÖ watching this stuff.  So the whole thing is telling them that THIS IS WHAT YOU DO.  Go and do it.  Go and do it.  Go and do it.  Reinforcement, psychic driving in a sense and they do it.  But that was a direction that those who plan the years, like 50 year plans, 100 year plans, thatís what they wanted and they have achieved it.  They say hereÖ)


They claim that the moves will help cut the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions among teenagers, many of whom will be under 16  -  the legal age of consent.


But critics say the move will encourage under-age sex.   (A:  Itís a bit late for that because unless you literally pushed the whole culture industry out, out, out of its house and kicked it into some ship on the sea somewhere, itís going to continue.) 


Thatís their agenda.  The music industry, the movie industry, it doesnít just go by trends that are making money, believe you me.  And because we are plastic and pliable they could take you off in ANY direction, any direction at all.  This is the one that was CHOSEN because it IS the direction where people, the more partners they have the very little chance theyíll have of bonding ever, for any length of time with any one person and then they will not have children, you see.  So itís all going to plan and thatís why itís happening. 


I remember reading - and I read it on the air too - it was just about a month before 9/11 2001 where the International Censor Bureaus got together.  Now, you think your censorship bureaus are there to safeguard your culture.  NO!  What they said was they keep a pulse on the public to see if they are ready to push the envelope to the next PHASE and they all agreed at that time to push the homosexual agenda, through movies and plays and comedies and so on, AT that particular meeting.  Then articles appeared in the paper the next day where professors actually, one in Canada and one in the States, stood up and said, weíve won the battle for homosexual rights, now we have to go for INTERGENERATIONAL SEX and BESTIALITY.  Thatís from your wonderfulÖ See, everything thatís out there that you think is there to safeguard you, NO, itís not there to safeguard you.  Itís to see if you are ready to accept the next part of the agenda.  They can bring you down and bring you down further and this is where you end up with it.  This is where you end up with it.  Itís no surprise.  It was designed that way. 


There is Jason from Ohio on the line.  Are you there Jason?


Jason:  I called in a couple of weeks ago about education.  This week, I was talking to one of my English teachers.  I was talking to her about a book called The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt.  She said she read some excerpts.  When I started talking to her and I was mentioning how forced schooling causes all these problems in society where, kids escape to the drugs and alcohol.   I started talking to her about that and I noticed how, you were talking about abortions, promiscuity and the whole culture industry.  I was linking everything together like financial problems lead to divorce, morals which the schools and mass media also add to that and the culture influences.  I also observed that every generation going from the generation before the baby boomers down to my generation, I noticed how disrespectful and how immoral people like me are.  My teacher said that public schooling is used to help solve family problems.  What do you think about that?


Alan:  She said that public schooling was there to help family problems?


Jason:  To help with, like solve family problems.  For example, family divorces.


Alan:  I tell you, recently I read an article and Iíll try and find it.  Itís an article to do with a speech given to the National Teachers Association and they say to them that they are part of the culture creation industry now and they are social engineers.  Thatís part of their job is social engineering.  Basically they have already taken over the role of parents. Thatís what Bertrand Russell said, that if we can use scientific indoctrination on the students then whatever the parents tell them regarding their old, antiquated morality will be of no affect whatsoever.  So, they know they are change agents.  They know very well that they are change agents.  I think thatís the term that Charlotte Iserbyt actually uses on the teachers.


Jason:  I was in the same class and I asked this one kid if they though that school was dumbing him down.  He says yeah, I think so too.  I gave this one kid the book from John Taylor Gatto called Weapons of Mass Instruction.  I asked him to look at that and Fall of the Republic which you know, thatís a great documentary that you were in.  I applaud you on that.  This is very wild whatís going on with the educational system.  Iím fighting against it.  Giving out Fall of the Republic DVDs with a little letter on it, trying to create essays and theses andÖ  What do you recommend?  What do you recommend thatís like the best way to take it down from the inside?


Alan:  You have to go and try and teach the students.  The teachers are too compromised. They are on a big fat paycheck.  Iíve talked to groups of teachers in the past. They admit, where else could you get $120,000 at the age of 27 and they are quite content to take their cash and be social engineers, even though they know that what they are preaching is not what they themselves personally would chose.  So they are change agents. They are compromised.  Personally, I think they are prostitutes.  I donít think anyone can stay in any job where they feel compromised and their own beliefs are being squashed, for money.  I really donít believe you can.  Thatís the problem with human nature though.  So go for the students because their minds are more open and they havenít been completely contaminated, not completely contaminated with the indoctrination theyíve got, although they already have that from even cartoons.  Someone sent me a series of cartoons.  I think it was Captain Planet, a whole series of them.  It starts off and Captain Planet is after all the big contractors that are cutting trees down, the guys who are drilling for oil across the world.  Itís save the planet, save the planet ALL through it.  Big money indoctrinating children before they even get to school. 


Hereís what Brzezinski said about this.  He knows.  Heís one of the players for this new culture.  He says television gives a younger viewer a first glimpse of the outside world.  It first defines and does so compellingly by combining the visual and audio impact, the meaning of the good life.  Thatís whatever he says it is the good life.  It sets the standardÖ It sets the standard of what is to be considered to be achievement, fulfillment, good tasteÖ and good taste can be utter promiscuityÖ and proper conduct.  It conditions desires - youíd better believe that - It defines aspirations and expectations and draws the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  Remember, itís all reversed as heís talking about this.  With audiences around the world increasing glued to the television set, there is nothing comparable either in the area of enforced religious orthodoxy or even at the high point of totalitarian indoctrination to the cultural and philosophical conditioning that television exercise on its viewers.  Believe you me, heís one of the boys who uses it to its maximum so he knows this. 


Jason:  One of my friends, me and this one kid were debating about the education system and I was telling him that George Washington, David Farragut, they didnít have very much schooling.  They did mentoring and everything.  He was debating saying all these people are stupid if they donít go to school.  I mean, he doesnít notice this.  He plays a lot of Call of Duty 4, the new modern warfare game that came out.  Heís saying all these people are stupid if you donít go to school, you become stupid and complacent and youíre dumb.† I was like no, thatís not true.  I heard from somebody that you can learn things on your own.  This kid learned calculus when he was 15.


Alan:  YesÖ And you can, absolutely.  Most schooling now is social indoctrination into utter globalism, interdependence, you donít think so much about your country.  Youíre on about countries that youíll perhaps never even get to see or visit that seem so far removed from you.  Weíre supposed to be concerned about everyone else across the world, even though we have no input on whatís happening there and probably never will have.  But keep trying on.  Go for the students.  Itís the best way to teach is through them and show them evidence.  Never use your own stuff, they will come at you, the teachers will come at you.  Use documented evidence if you are handing it out.  Thanks for calling.


Then weíll go to Shawn from Utah.  Are you there Shawn?


Shawn:  Good to speak with you again.  I just had a little story to share.  I was listening to one of these morning comedy shows, drive to work shows and they were talking about the 5 day after pill, on the line of abortion you were talking about.  Where instead of the morning after pill you can take the pill for 5 days after.  The conversation went to, the guy said why canít they just give young people a pill that will suppress the hormones? And the guy actually made a really good point but it was in a comedic setting so I donít thank anybody would have caught on to that but I just thought Iíd share that. 


Alan:  Actually, they have been doing it too because young men now - and Iíve talked to some of them - are losing their sexual interest by the time they are 25 and 30.  So you see, they are alreadyÖ  Iíve read articles even recently in the last week.  Not just the bisphenol A and so on, but there is one I read the other night where they were putting actually stilbesterol in the food supply.  That was from a high source as well; it wasnít guesswork from some conspiracy nut.  They actually admit theyíve been doing that. 


Shawn:  I was really blown away by it because thatís not part of the agenda to do something like that.


Alan:  Sure it is.  Itís all there if you want it but you just canít do it because you got stilbesterol.  Thanks for calling.  Back after this break.


HI folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  There is also John from Miami.  Are you there John?


John:  I had an observation.  I saw on one of your articles from yesterday.  One of them was on the Council on Foreign Relations on the International Advisory Board and that you used an example.  You showed an example of a guy and his name was Syed Babar Ali.  One of the things I saw also on the advisory board was a guy named Gustavo A. Cisneros.  He is from Venezuela.  The interesting thing about it, as an example for what you said, he is the leader of supposedly the opposition in Venezuela and he and Hugo Chavez, which Huge Chavez is not the greatest person in the world either.  But they show you how these two people that hate each other but they are basically working towards the same goal.


Alan:  Thatís right. 


John:  I thought that was interesting because he is the leader of the opposition and Chavez, heís the same thing. 


Alan:  Itís the same thing.  Itís the dialectic process for change.  To get change youíve got to have 2 parties pushing and pushing and then you have the compromise that comes out of the 2 of them and thatís your new thesis and thatís exactly how they do it.  Youíre right on.  Thatís how it works. 


John:  That was the only thing, the observation.  Thanks.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Thereís Cheri from Texas.  Are you there Cheri?


Cheri:  I wanted to share a quick story with you and itís good to speak with you again.  I wanted to talk to you.  I have a friend and this just boggles my mind but at the same time I understand how perfect mind control is so I know whatís going on here.  This is a friend of mine.  Sheís a 30 year old single mother.  All of a sudden she wants to join the military.  Iím just really trying to talk her out of it and she has her mind made up.  She thinks itís the way to start over for a second chance and she seems to know all the bells and whistles the recruiters are giving her, of course.  After several people urging her, why donít you check out the air force, something maybe a little less harsh, you know.  They told her, you know, sheís too old and the Navy she has to be in for 8 years.  You know, to me that would have come down to a maybe.  Iím a 30 year old woman and maybe I shouldnít be joining right now in the middle of a war, you know something to get her off it.  I come at her, what about the vaccinations that they give you?  She understands there is corruption in the medical industryÖ


Alan:  Iíve had a lot of women who were in the US military come back and write to me and they all have fertility problems now, with all the inoculations they were given. They were also given special pills every morning.  They didnít know what they were but they were forced to take them and the Sergeants made sure they did actually swallow them.  Theyíve all had incredible problems, uterine problems and ovarian problems.  They are only young women of about 25, 26 and so on.


Cheri:  Amazing.  Yes.  I keep telling her, with all different things.  You know, what about Henry Kissinger and kiss the boys goodbye.


Alan:  Kissinger actually said, remember, and Iíd quote this to her.  Kissinger said in his own book that ďthe American military are dumb, stupid animals to be used for foreign policy.Ē


Cheri:  Yes.  And Iíve told her that exactly and sheís like yeah, yeah, but.  She just doesnít want to accept what reality is and itís justÖ This is a girl who 5 years ago, she would have NEVER thought to go to the military at all. 


Alan:  Tell her there is nothing about it that is anything like whatís portrayed in the movies and so on and itís a very dangerous occupation, especially when you are fighting for a geo-political agendas which you are never told about.  You will never profit personally by it.  Thanks for calling though.


For myself and Hamish in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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