Feb. 11, 2010 (#512)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 11, 2010:

Government's Song "In Praise of Con"
Keeping the Slave in Plato's Cave:

"We're All Trained Through the Tunnel, Reality's Just So,
In Order We Betray the Lack of Knowledge We Don't Know,
Oh, We All Agree the Sky was Blue, Stars Shone Bright at Night,
At Least Before the Chem-Trails Obscured them Out of Sight,
We're Suckered Over & Over, With Many Times to Come,
As We Grope Inside Our Plato's Cave, Too Busy Seeking Fun,
Government is Jack the Ripper, Jack's a Happy Lad,
Always Ripping-Off the Public, He's Mean, He's Tough, He's Bad,
Jack Deserves an Oscar, for Speeches, Voice of Honey,
Repeat Straight-Faced Performances, Demanding All Our Money"
© Alan Watt Feb. 11, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 11, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 11th 2010.  For the newcomers, I always suggest you go right into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, scroll down and look at all the other sites I have up there.  Bookmark them for future use because when the big ones stop me from uploading again Ė that happens once in a while and they can never figure out why for about a month supposedly, but if you have these other sites bookmarked you can always pull down the latest shows.  Itís a good idea too, at the end of the night or even first thing in the morning to try these alternate sites when you want to download a show because everyone seems to go into the .com site at the same time and that kind of jams it up a bit.  The official sites are:  [listed above]. 


Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  Itís a kind of tough thing to do this because I donít get backing.  I could have lots of backing, believe you me, by sponsors and then Iíd have to start pushing products and bringing guests on who may be informed in certain areas of the economy and different things but then theyíd have to push their products and you are really listening to an hours advertising.  Itís well paying, believe you me, for those that do it but I donít do it that way.  Itís up to YOU to keep me going because Iíd rather have a free hand to go the way I want to go, say what I want to say and that way there are no strings attached to the information that Iím giving out and I can give an honest opinion.  You must keep me going and itís up to you to do so.  Go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com or the other sites, see how you can donate to me or buy the books, CDs and DVDs I have for sale.  That will make me just trickle along.  Believe you me, it just trickles along here.  Iím certainly not in it for the money or I would take all these sponsors on and be way up there with a huge business on the go.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disked burned and passed to them of the talks Iíve given, who prefer to play them on CD players and actually donít use computers Ė there are lots of people out there who donít like computers and I donít blame them Ė you can get in touch with me at [address above].  People should remember too, if they send me letters or anything make sure that you have the postal code correct on it or it wonít get here.  Back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix I refer to is the one where itís your whole reality.  Itís where all your reality since you were born really comes from.  Itís really pushed and promoted from so many different sources AT YOU, even beginning with your parents who think itís all real because they have lived in Platoís cave and they donít know that there is a big, other, alternate reality out there.


There are many alternate realities actually.  Iím not going into sci-fi.  Iím talking about levels of knowing and understanding.  Even within government and way above government there are levels of understanding.  If you think that government is the top of the pyramid here, youíve got another thing coming.  Governments, really, as far as I maintain this and Iíve maintained this my whole life.  Governmentís jobs are simply to keep the people happy.  Theyíre also a Punch and Judy show; you throw tomatoes at them.  They take the heat for all the bad news and they do what they are told.  Iíve gone over so many bills in the past that have been passed in different countries and they are ALL the same, all the SAME.  You get Omnibus bills with thousands of pages that really will affect everybody in the country concerned and not one politician could possibly even read them, but they all vote yes or no on them.  What they get is a summary of a half-page or something telling them that itís a good thing for the party and they must go with the party. 


This party system is such a joke isnít it?  Really.   Iíve always maintained too, we should have a party leader and thatís all you have.  No other candidates beneath them, because the rest of them simply are trained seals that clap for the guy at the top, with their fins, standing on a little tub in the circus.  Thatís what they are.  The whole idea of democracy, supposedly, supposedly Ė itís never existed Ė was that you sent off your local representative, who represented you or your town or your area, your county or whatever and he took YOUR complaints and YOUR concerns to the debating table in government and was heard and came back and reported to YOU.  He worked on your behalf.  But they brought this party system in and yeah, heíll pretend he knows what his constituents want but then heíll come back and tell them, I know that but I had to go with the party.  Why bother having him for a representative?  Öif he must go with the party?  Öor the party boss? 


It would be a lot cheaper too.  Just have the two dictators basically, at least the appearance of dictators, the puppets as they say, and it would save us a lot of money, an awful lot of money.  The media wouldnít be happy because they love to have all these other ones to write about, who said what and all the rest of it.  Iíd prefer just one person there, maybe two.  The one who writes his scripts could get an Oscar for politics; have their own Oscar shows for all the best speeches.  That would be quite a good show for the public as well.  Then eventually you could phase out the guy you pick as the party boss and just have the scriptwriter there since heís the guy thatís giving the information to us.  Thatís all we really need.  Iím talking about cost cutting here, something government doesnít know much about.  But it would be very, very practical.   In the Soviet system, they just had Politburo member 1, 2, 3 or 4 as candidates to choose from.  So they had a one-party system basically.  You had to vote.  It was the law.  You had to vote.  Itís kind of like Australia, Holland and a few other countries; youíve GOT to vote or you get finedÖ because itís such a sham folk donít even go and vote anymore.  Politics is a scam pure and simple. 


As I say, what guy, what person could possibly be handed a bill to peruse for a few days, containing thousands of legalese pages and then go and vote yes and no on it, when really it would take a bank of computers to analyze the legalese to see what they are really getting at and the hiddenÖ whatís it really after in other words.  But they do what they are told and vote yes and thatís all there is to it.  Thatís ONE reality.


Again, there are the realities that are around them, because where is it written in democracy, or any democratic constitution, that governments will listen PRIMARILY to private organizations like the foundationsí boys, for instance?  The World Wildlife Fund or the so-called greenies that are all social movements but theyíre not, supposedlyÖ supposedly, they pretend theyíre not political movements but really they are, using the greenie agenda to bring in the same old Marxist system.  Where does it say that?  Well, go back into the writings in the 1800s and the early 1900s about democracy.  Big players wrote about it and told you what it was.  It said eventually the system will be that which will give power to the biggest GROUP of voices out there.  Now, since the general public doesnít have the finances, theyíre not backed by multi trillion dollar private foundations that are owned in turn by the biggest CEO or corporate magnates on the planet and bankers on the planet, you donít have a chance of being heard.  These NGOs have full time lobbyists working for them because they all get paid through the big foundations.  Itís astonishing.


There IS a PARALLEL GOVERNMENT at work there, the ones who really make the agenda and pressurize governments.  Governments are IN the know. They get the nod and the wink from the guys like the Rockefellers to listen to these pressure groups. These are the ones you listen to, nod and a wink, and if youíre very wise you say Ďa word to the wiseí Ė lots of Masons say that Ė and youíll get your cue and youíll help put their recommendations into law that will affect all the rest of the people who believe they are living in a democracy.  Thatís the short and simple of it.  Thatís what it is.


We live according to a plan, lots of plans.  There are lots of plans on the go at the same time to do with the future, what kind of society they HOPE to bring in, or PLAN to bring in down the road.  The whole idea of a planned society in a post-democratic society system was mentioned 60-70 years ago and then reiterated through a lot of academic works and through again, private foundations like the Club of Rome.  They said that the system they were bringing in is a post-democratic type because democracy was too slow, too cumbersome, too many conflicting opinions all battling to be heard, to get anything done.  Well the whole point of getting anything done is to wait and see what the people want to be done.  Thatís what democracy is supposed to be about.  What they are telling you is we have the plans, democracy is in the way, and therefore, we have to train the public to stay out of it all together, donít even take an interest and let the lobbying groups be the new type of Soviet democracy.


Remember, we forget that other countries called themselves democracies too.  Totalitarian governments called themselves democracies because whether they were single party or not, it didnít matter.  When you have a unified, greenie agenda and a depopulation agenda, an agenda to eventually eradicate certain gene pools from the human species, and all those with supposedly possible defects in their genetic make up, all that kind of stuff, then you have, really, a one-party totalitarian system.  If you notice, no one elseís voice is being heard.  But worse than that, itís an INTERNATIONAL system, going through the United Nations, and they all work together through their own governments, signing treaties with the UN to accept these recommendations by this ONE PARTY GLOBAL, GREENING, SOCIALIST SYSTEMÖ backed by the bankers, by the way. 


The bankers like it because, donít get confused about the Capitalist versus the Communist idea.  A collectivist society, a socialist, communist type society is well suited to the bankers.  Iím talking about the BIG bankers.  Itís far easier to get governments to take on debt and pay off the debt and leave it to the governments to ENFORCE the collection of that debt, than lend out private sums to little individuals throughout countries and then have to send in your own teams in, your heavies, to try and get the cash back.  Itís FAR easier to get the governments to do it for you.  So the big international bankers prefer lending to governments.  Itís been like that longer than Iíve been alive and way beyond my parentsí time and so on.  That system, itís been here for an awful long time. 


Thatís why the big international bankers backed a planned society.  A planned society also ensures that those same bankers and their families, this club you might say, I could go further and say with even a clan.  They are really a clan of elitists you might say, who are intermarried, massively intermarried - all the big top banking families - and have been for hundreds of years.  They prefer that kind of system, a collectivist world would suit them far better where the same laws are passed that affect the whole world at the same time so they donít have to do different calculations, etc, for different countries.  It will all be the same worldwide and eventually they will go through the International Monetary Fund or whatever that morphs into, for the United Nations, to do the collection of the cash worldwide. 


Weíve already seen it too, with this bill going forward for supposedly financial transactions that will help the poor across the planet.  Well, my whole life Iíve heard about different taxes that have come and stayed that were going to help the poor but Iíve never seen anything happen with it.  You never see the RESULTS of it.  In Canada they brought in the General Sales Tax when Brian Mulroney was the Prime Minister.  At first he tried to bring in the Value Added Tax, the same as all the Europeans have got; thatís up to 18% on every purchase you buy as a tax.  They wanted to copy that too.  The whole world, by the way, is to get that Value Added Tax eventually and it doesnít matter if they call it that or anything else.  Itís a full tax on everything that you purchase.  This new international transaction fee charge is supposed to go to help the poor across the world; REDISTRIBUTION of your wealth, but itís not going to go to the poor.  Itís going to go through banking systems, especially the Rothschild bank, the same bank thatís collecting carbon credits.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, mentioning that Brain Mulroney was only one Prime Minister who brought in a particular tax.  Supposedly it was going to help the pay off the national debt.  Everybody of course had no option but to pay it.  These taxes by the way, are like Value Added Tax.  Every stage of the production of any particular item from raw ore, say Ė if you are making steel Ė would pass from the guys who dig the stuff, the guys who eventually smelt it down and extract it, make the iron and all the rest of it, mix the stuff together, get the steel, send it off to the other factories who then splice it up into cut layer or whatever else they are makingÖ all the way down to the consumer; from all the middle men to the shop and then to you.  At every single stage, that tax was collected.  Can you believe it?  Itís like a rollercoaster that snowballs all the way down to that little pen knife that you buy to peel your apples.  You are saddled with the final outcome, the roll off that is all hidden inside of that, and the ultimate cost of it is all passed on to you.  Then when Mulroney left office, when he was asked about it he said, well, actually not one single penny went to pay off the national debt.  Then the same government started off various provincial and federal gambling facilities.  That was going to help all the school systems.  It was going to help the charities.  It was going to help the hospitals.  Well, how come the hospitals are still begging yet and cutting back and cutting back on their services because they canít get enough cash coming in from the government? 


We just accept these things.  It was like the tsunami a few years back, remember?  Every single government got in on the act and said, for every dollar that you donate to charity the government will match it with a tax dollar.  BILLIONS were raked in from every country.  Then at the end of it, who did they appoint to be in charge?  It was I think Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, the two most trusted guys on the planet and thatís the last you heard of it.  That was the last you heard of it.  They were doing documentaries back in the most disheveled countries that were hit by it and sure as I said at the beginning, theyíll be finding bits of corrugated iron, sticks and knocking old shacks back up again and thatís exactly what they were doing. 


Everything on any high, major level is a con.  Weíve been living through the most gigantic scandals to do with a flu that never was.  Multi billions of your tax money Ė thatís borrowed by the way and youíre put down to pay it off and the children that you might never have also are put down to pay it off Ė and the pharmas are bursting at the seams with cash.  That was an utter con.  Some top newspapers in the world luckily, eventually, had to come out and say this is the greatest scam weíve ever seen.  But it isnít the greatest.  Itís only one of many that happen all the time. 


Remember what Hitler said, if you are going to tell a lie make sure itís a big one.  Because the public are used to the little white lies that they will give in their own personal lives.  They can understand the little con.  But when something is so big and so huge and so brazen, itís UNBELIEVABLE that someone would try and pull that offÖ and therefore they get away with it.  Itís the same with the big, topÖ You try to tell me that all these academic facilities that churn out people specializing in economics and finances can NEVER GET IT RIGHT?  And every few years we have a bank crisis and crashes?  And the money goes to money heaven, weíre toldÖ money heaven.  Where is that?  Which GodÖ is it Mammon you pray to?  Is it that one?  Weíll have to look into this act and see where the Temple of Mammon is; and it just goes WHOOFFF, just gone!  But guess what?  Once again, youíre going to pay it off.  Who do governments go to get the cash to pay it off?  They go to the International bankers.  Who is put down as the creditor, the guarantor?  YOU.  YOU ARE THE GUARANTOR FOR IT and your childrenís great grandchildren, down to the seventh generation.  Thatís pretty well how it works. 


The biggest scams in history are happening all the time and the public never catch on.  They still want to believe in the nice humanity of people helping people.  Thatís why charitable foundations have the biggest crooks in them.  How many exposťs, even by mainstream once every few years, show you how much of the dollar that you put into any charity actually gets there?  Itís about 10 centsÖ if theyíre lucky.


You could go on about every area of the scams of this existence that we are living in because we are living in Platoís cave.  They guys that run it are outside the cave basking in the sunshine.  We breed another generation to grow up in Platoís cave and then of course the school system will make sure that they truly believe that they really know all that there is to know about that cave they live in and there is nothing outside of it.  We are trained like Pavlovís dog, so often and in so many different areas, with automatic responses, even when it becomes ludicrous. 


Police, the history of policing really came out from Britain in a sense.  The King always had the Kingís men to do his own policing work but that was mainly to keep the King and his establishment safe and protected.  They had to know everything that was going on in their land so that no one would rebel and they were unprepared.  Policing came out as such and they were called the Ďpeelers,í by John Peel in England.  It was really a private company and the local residents of a rich area would pay into this company and these Ďcoppersí - because they wore copper badges - would walk around their area to patrol them.  That eventually became incorporated into the City of London eventually and it spread out from there.  Their job used to be, to protect.  Now theyíre called Ďenforcersí because they wear ninja outfits and they all want to be in the military.  Iíll be back with more of this when I come back from this break, hang on.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím talking about the different systems we take for granted without ever questioning how they got there or what they really are at times and how the police have changed over the years.  Iíll tell you how things work.


When youíre really pushing forward a global society you need the countries of the West to go through and work in their rotten little factories and you give them cheap booze and you promote clubs and booze and all that kind of stuff HEAVILY for the culture.  The Culture Industry makes sure thatís promoted.  You make sure that the ordinary guys at the bottom can get cheap transportation, their own car, which is generally an old banger.  When I first came to Canada, I was so impressed, I was SO impressed that so many people living in a big city like Toronto for instance, were going around with these old bangers with rust on them and holes in the bodies and stuff like that and they never got stopped.  The cops left them alone because they were producing, they were creating things Ė there were lots of factories outside of Toronto Ė and stuff like that.  They needed that because they were taking the massive taxation base from all of those workers and all of those factories and the products that they were selling to build up the system for internationalism.


Every federal government built up departments to distribute that money abroad, across the planet, alreadyÖ long before the latest scams to redistribute your wealth were going on.  You all have your overseas economic department of development and so on built into your Parliamentary or governmental systems.  So once youíre over, youíre post industrial, guess what?  Just like Britain.  Britain had already been deindustrialized then.  Then the cops were told to clamp down on all bangers and they got pulled off the road.  Initially itís for the really bad ones and then it works down and down and down until youíve got a pin hole somewhere and carbon monoxide gas MIGHT get through that pin hole, which is so crazy because here you are sitting and talking to the cop with your window rolled down, on a highway with cars pumping gas all over the place.  But they want YOU off the road.  You donít HAVE to travel now, in a post-industrial era.  All the goodies that you liked and enjoyed, your cigarettes Ė well they want to get rid of cigarettes now Ė and all the little things you have that kept you going and made life bearable are going to be taken from you, you see.  Now folk donít even travel to the bars or the clubs.  They stay at home with their cases of beer, watch their sports, and just get sozzled.  Thatís what they do, post-industrial.


Thatís why in China right now they donít have all those laws. Theyíre giving them all the breaks.  They can get the cheap smokes.  They can buy the cheap old bangers that are a 3rd, 4th, 5th cast down.  So theyíre given those freebies.  THIS IS A SCIENCE we are talking about.  THESE ARE SCIENCES.  Every era that they bring up, and plan to bring up, and what they expect to get out of it, must have certain concessions to the public to keep us fairly content and going along with it.  Then they use the police to enforce the takedowns of it once that period is over.  Now theyíre into the business of TRAINING the public.  Training the public.


Part of this road watch stop, when the RIDE programsÖ It was so funny because the woman that they used for Ontario, Canada was given all the credit for starting this, to save people from getting killed and children and stuff.  Eventually she was given a board, for doing such a good job, a seat on the board of the LIQUOR control board, with a salary and the whole bit; the liquor control board, the ones that sell the booze to the public.  Thatís how itís done.  Itís quite fantastic because the real intention was to get the public, for the first time, used to getting stopped, en mass, or even singly, under the suspicion, just to see if you have been drinking even though there was no sign that you had.  Thatís the real intention of it. 


In Britain, here is the Mail Online.  Britain is the flagship for all of this remember.  It saysÖ


Police who play burglar in the middle of the night

By Jaya Narain / 11th February 2010 / Mail Online


A shadowy figure lurking in the garden in the early hours. A rattle on a window latch. It must be a burglar.


But don't panic too soon and call the police. That could be them outside.


Officers have begun testing windows and doors at night as part of a campaign to increase home security.  (Alan:  So they train you on the roads to do what you are told.  Now theyíre training you that basically youíve got no peace at night or day from them.  Now youíve got to be afraid of them rather than burglars.  God help anybody that takes a two-by-four or a bat or something and clobbers one of these guys on the headÖ which will happen.)


If they find one open, they are under orders to knock on the door and drag sleepy residents from their beds and lecture them. (A:  See, weíre all children now.  Weíre all just wee children.)


The move is part of an initiative called Operation Golden which aims to slash burglary rates in Macclesfield, Cheshire.  (A:  This will catch on across the country.)


Police say their actions are necessary as almost 40 per cent of all burglars gain access through an unsecured window or door.


But some residents have condemned the plan, saying it could cause alarm and increase the fear of crime, especially among the elderly.  (A:  Well, the elderly donít count any more do they?  I mean, they are taking their health care and everything from them.  After all, theyíre not producing anything; theyíre consumersÖ but not producers.  They are bad global citizens.  Then they go on to tell you the different complaints by elderly residents, that are getting scared of this and so on.  But it wonít matter.)


In this world people donít really matter, especially if youíre not a producer any more.  We live in a society thatís been taught to have DISDAIN for the elderly because a long time ago they made sure that the generations were split.  What they knew by sociology and history was that the elderly were the ones who could pass on information of the great big scams and cons that happened in their lives and then teach the young to watch for them in theirsYou couldnít have that.  People have forgotten there was literally a generational war CREATED to separate the generations, starting in the 1960s, promoted by the Communist Party of the USA.  It started with ďDonít trust anybody over 30Ē and it actually got down lower than that eventually.  Thatís why they also put younger teachers in school, so the children would identify with THEM and listen to and believe THEM. 


We live in a vastly different world than the one we are taught to believe really exists.  Thereís always a game on.  Itís an agenda.  Itís a world agenda.  There are literally thousands of organizations specializing in different parts of society working together and GUIDED from a COMMON HEAD, for this agenda.  Itís amazing that all the different groups arenít even in conflict, if you notice.  They never complain when the other groups gets the extra funding for their part of the agenda; they know it must be necessary.  They also have instant access to every politician in Parliament or Congress.  They have access to all the news media to get their points across.  They also have their agenda taught in school, sometimes even in Kindergarten. 


You walk into any Kindergarten and you have for years, or youíll see it on television and youíll see ďWe are the world.Ē  WE are the worldÖ everything is starting right off for a global society.  It sounds really wonderful until you realize, as you grow up, there is a much bigger and different agenda behind all of this.  Itís not because they like all of us, wherever we happen to be across the planet.  Itís rather disgusting really, how to an extent people also can WANT to be conned into the fake reality.  They want to believe that everything is being taken care of.  They want to believe that these politicians really have their best interests at heart, which you can look at from a hundred angles by the way Ė that statement Ė and itís never done.  They want to believe that all the big services out there are out to help them when they need them.  They truly want to believe in that.  Thatís why they get conned time after time after time and never learn.  They never learn.


There is a caller from Vancouver, itís Cat.  Are you there?


Cat:  Yes.  Terrific show today.  I want to thank you for all of the information that you are giving out.  I have a quick question for you.  The Colonel who was recently arrested on murder charges, do you find the way that this is being handled somewhat different from in the past?


Alan:  Well definitely.  Itís being handled differently too.  They must try and pretendÖ This is about a top Canadian military official who was right up there, right up there.  He was the commander of one of the largest Air Force bases in Canada.  He flew politicians around across the world.  Theyíve found out that heís killed, murdered at least 2 women and molested others.  In other words, he is a serial murdererÖ would appear to be.  I think what they donít want to go into is that this guy has been stationed across the world and they donít want to bring that up.  If they look into those countries where heís been stationed, since this isnít a recent and sudden attack of serial killing - heís probably been at it for his whole life, you see - they wonít want to give Canada a bad name by saying this guy has killed elsewhere, outside of Canada.  They donít want to look into that and they donít want us to even think about it. 


Cat:  Okay.  You know, typically when there is a case like this, the individual lawyers up and the case goes on forever and it costs the taxpayer millions of dollars and we find out that the man has confessed.  Itís just very different from previous cases. 


Alan:  Itís different to the extentÖ It will still go on for a while because it will depend on if they go ahead and dig up all the rest of the victims, or if they want to brush it under the carpet and save the good name of the military.  There are politics involved here.  Heís been all over the world in charge of big, big bases for Canada.  As I say, it wonít be a sudden, recent thing that he got up one morning and decided to rape and murder women.  It will have been happening down through his lifetime and his career.  His career too would be a darned good shield for it.  What you will find out too, is that a lot of other people around him had suspicions or knew about it.  That will also eventually trickle out. 


Cat:  Okay.  Thank you very much and have a good evening. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


It says here, this is the WashingtonPost.com. 


Top Canadian military official charged with murder

By ROB GILLIES / The Associated Press / Monday, February 8, 2010


~~~[Alanís audio cut out and the broadcast put on canned music during the interruption.]~~~


Hi folks.  Iím back again.  We got cut off when I was talking about Canada.  I was telling you that I am already censored by XplorNet in Canada and Iím reading this thing about a top Canadian military official of one of the largest Air Force bases who has been charged with murder and so on and BINGO, the telephone connection cut me off, which isnít new.  Iíve had these things done to me before but here it happens live for youÖ just to show you what really does go on.  To carry on with this story, it saysÖ


TORONTO -- The commander of Canada's largest Air Force base, who once flew dignitaries around the country, has been charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of two women.


Ontario Provincial Police Det. Insp. Chris Nicholas said Monday that Col. Russell Williams, 46, was also charged in the sexual assaults of two other women. Williams was arrested Sunday in Ottawa.


The charges left Canada's military in a state of shock.


Williams, a 23-year military veteran, was appointed as the base commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton in Trenton, Ontario last July. Trenton is Canada's busiest Air Force base and is providing logistical support for Canada's missions in Haiti and Afghanistan as well as support for the Vancouver Winter Games.


Williams is charged with the first-degree murder of Jessica Lloyd, 27, of a Belleville, Ontario, resident whose body was found earlier Monday, and Marie Comeau, a 38-year-old corporal found dead in her Brighton, Ontario, home in November.


Authorities said Williams came to the attention of police during a roadside canvas on Feb. 4, six days after Lloyd was deemed missing.  (A:  That means they already had an idea, right.)


Williams is also charged with forcible confinement, breaking and entering and sexual assault after two women (A:  This is another 2 women I think.) were sexually assaulted during two separate home invasions in the Tweed, Ontario area in September of 2009.


"We're shocked by the connection that has been made with a leader in our Air Force," Maj. Gen. Yvan Blondin, the direct commander of Williams, said in Trenton.  (A:  Itís quite astonishing.  This guy has been in charge of bases for Canada across the world.  Heís flown the biggest dignitaries to Canada across the world, personally.  Obviously the highest of clearance and Canada will not be wanting to go into the other bases heís worked on across the world, obviously, to find out if heís killed other women, which he no doubt has.  Serial killers donít suddenly start like that; there is always a history of it.)


So much will have to get swept under the carpet with this one because they will say the Ďgood nameí of the military is at stake and how much they will disclose to the public will depend on how much they want to cover-up as well.  Thatís the real world, once again, in which we live.  There is a lot more to this story but it wonít be fed to us for a long time. 


Hereís another article.  You know, going around the internet right now is about hackers shutting down the government sites in Australia.  Itís quite interesting but not quite all there, the stories that are coming out.  In the Science and Technology section of the Winnipeg Free Press it saysÖ


Hackers shut down Australian government Web sites to protest compulsory Internet filter


(A:  A year ago I read about the filters bringing down Christian sites in Australia.  They donít want Christian sites that are advocating anti-abortion, for instance.  No one else outside in the world or in Australia really protested that particular thing happening.  The biggest protest right now, apparently, is that the government is using pornography to bring in the next step of shutting sites down and THAT gets a response.  Thatís what got the response.  Of course it wonít end with pornography, it will obviously be meant to go into anyone who, they claim, is Ė the new term is Ė ANTI-GOVERNMENT.  If you complain about government at all, you are Ďanti-governmentí.  Which means that the opposing party, the party opposition IN Parliament must be the biggest anti-government guys out thereÖ obviously, using logic.)


Hackers shut down Australian government Web sites to protest compulsory Internet filter

By: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS / 10/02/2010 / The Canadian Press


(A:  So they all got up in arms about their pornography sites were going to get closed down.  Remember too, you guys who quite rightly know itís going to go further, donít get confused with the big business of pornography, who might even lead you at timesÖ you understandÖ lead you and use youÖ for their own ends as well.  Why didnít you back up the sites that were against abortion?  Öat least putting their point of view out, they werenít making you believe them.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how some people, the hackers actually did this but it also says that there were so many that folk complained about the filtering systems being put in by ISP providers to cut out pornography that so many people flooded the government web sites complaining, that it actually crashed them for a few days.  Which makes you wonder, it tells you where peopleís values are, eh?  The people will only stand up for that which they valueÖ so they will stand up for pornography.  I wonder if they will stand up and stop this $1,500 mandatory home inspection fee for eco-friendly housing?  Nah, donít hold your breath; it wonít happen. 


You know the only time Canadians stood up en mass and flooded Parliament with anything to object about was when the elderly - they call them the snowbirds - were complaining because the cable TV industry was deregulating and the companies were going to double or triple all charges including the elderly; before they got a break as pensioners.  Thatís what they stood up for.  That was their valuesÖ TELEVISION!  Thatís what they stand up for, the things they value.  Health care getting cut, thatís okay, Iím healthy at the moment; someone else might not be but Iím okay.  Itís the same thing with Australia.  Where were all the people backing the people standing up for the rights of those to give birth


Listen to ĎThe Future;í the song The Future with Leonard Cohen.  We donít like children anyhowÖ he tells you.  Itís all laid out there, in that.  The whole future was laid out in that song.  The future is murder, it says.


Thatís the reality of life and here again, in a free society you have to let ALL views and all sides have a say.  But donít allow the crooks also, that are into big business and shady stuff and some awful stuff as well - I mean awful physically and torturously and etc and exploiting - donít let them use otherwise good movements that are standing up to protect the freedom of other sites.  Youíve got to make a distinction or you have no morals at all.  Therefore, if you have no morals, why shouldnít someone shut you down? 


In the States they use to have these laws that people complained about because sometimes the crooks got free because of the rights that they had and the procedures they would have to go through.  However, that also ensured that the ones who were probably innocent went free as well, you see.  When they start treating you all the same, a lot of free innocent people go inside when they take away those rights.  Youíve got to allow freedom of speech by all sides regardless of how it really upsets youÖ because if you close down one, the peopleís rights to speak and their venue for doing so, they will close down yours eventually as well.  Thatís the world we live in.  Itís give and take. 


Donít allow an industry thatís known to do some rather evil stuff and I mean it.  The porno industryÖ theyíve wrecked so many - a little bit further than just wrecked a lot of peopleís lives and the use of drugs too, to get them into that state to go along with everything - is just astonishing.  Itís the lowest life form out there, to be honest with you. 


Thatís the music coming in for tonightís ending of the show.  Excuse my sermonizing but thatís how I feel about things.  So from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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