Feb. 12, 2010 (#513)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 12, 2010:

Ode to P.T. Barnum and His Modern Ilk:

"Ancient Past is Full of Myth and Confusions,
A Goldmine for Shysters with 'What If?' Conclusions,
His Imagination is Constantly Movin',
Claiming Things that Cannot Be Proven,
For Every Wonderful Thing We Like to Believe,
There's a Clever Shyster Ready to Deceive
For Personal Gain and for Aggrandizement,
'Cause Mystery is its Own Advertisement,
Historians Like the Past All Neat and Tidy,
Giving Too Much Credence to Rich and Mighty,
Optimists Say, 'No Aliens, World's Perfect and Bright,'
The Pessimists Fear the Latter are Right,
Take the Best from Belief and to All Good Luck,
Enjoy Glib-Tongue Shysters, But Don't Be a Schmuck"
© Alan Watt Feb. 12, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 12, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 12th 2010.  As always, I suggest to the newcomers - and there are newcomers coming in all the time - to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Scroll down and see all the other sites that I have up there.  These are the official sites.  Bookmark them for future use; that way, when the big ones stop me from uploading which they do once in a while, while they sort out their strange technical problems, you can always get the latest shows for download.  Itís a good idea too, to try these alternate sites sometimes if you find that there is a sticking on download; itís generally because everyone goes into the .com site at the same time.  [Official sites listed above.] 


This is the tin can moment.  I donít give you many all through the show; itís just this one at the start.  Iím different from everybody else.  That stops you from getting upset but it also unfortunately helps you forget by the end of the show.  But itís up to you to keep me going because Iím probably the only person out there who is not backed by a foundation, as you can tell by my web site.  Iím not backed by any big corporation to sell their products.  I donít get money from advertisers.  Thatís how most hosts rake in their cash; they bring them on as guests, they are backed by them, and they push whatever they sell.  The ads you hear on this show are paid directly by the advertisers to RBN to broadcast this show, to pay for the air time, to pay for their satellite upload, and their staff and bills.  We all get the bills coming in.  So itís up to you to keep ME going and you can do so by buying the books, CDs and DVDs I have for sale or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation option listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, because they donít like using computers but they play them on their CD players, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  People should be really careful with those postal codes because they are so sticky now.  Just one letter or number off and they get thrown into a frenzy of absolute dumbness; they donít know what to do about it even if the rest of the address is there.  Itís astonishing.  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  A lot of young people email me.  Every other day there is someone with so many questions and itís quite understandable naturally because theyíve gone through the intense indoctrination Ė socialization, they call it at school Ė process.  They are getting trained to be social creatures under scientific guidance, supposedly, yet a lot of the students know there is just something wrong with everything.  They canít really pinpoint any exact thing, just sort of everything.  Thatís generally the first thing that you experience when you are waking up to this world that youíve been trained to see in a certain way with all of its media and its educational system.  You just know there is something wrong about it.  You see the natural injustices. 


Children see natural injustices so quickly and easily but what they canít tell are the various reasons for those injustices; therefore, they can be given the wrong reasons for them and whoever gets the blame, those children will start blaming as well.  Thatís how they use the ecological indoctrination, their religion in school, to show that the big boys are the bad boys.  What they donít tell them is that the big boys WANT the controlled society, the controlled world.  The big boys never lose.  When the UN takes over a biosphere for instance, well guess what?  Under the UN treaties, the big corporations get the first dibs to go in and mine or whatever else itís supposed to do.  It actually cuts out all competition for the favorite ones at the top.  Itís like free trade too.  Free trade is not free trade for every little corporation or company.  Itís really a restrictive trade to do with the big boys that get to.  The BIG international corporations can have unrestricted free trade. 


Everything has a double meaning.  Itís double think in fact, that we live in where nothing really is as it seems to be.  Definitely, itís never as itís presented to the public.  So the idea to train youth for the upcoming generation, the upcoming life style that they will be trained in to with its changes, is started very early in school.  That was the old Marxian idea; bypass the older ones who have a bit of wisdom.  They have caught on to the cons that go on in life with politicians.  Theyíve found out eventually that it will take 20 years before the truth of any major event is given to the public, which is generally vastly different from the reasons given at the time.  So rather than trying to brainwash all the adults, you always go for the youth and program them for the changes they are PLANNED to experience in their lifetime and accept it all as quite natural and normal. 


Itís no coincidence they used sociologists and psychologists and behavioral psychologists to MINUTELY study the dictatorships of the past to see why it worked so well, and the types of people that it affected, who were the really ardent followers. They found the same thing with some religions, early religions.  It was the youth who were idealistic; itís those ones that you go for.  Of course, dictators also know that is what you go for.  You APPEAL directly to the youth and they will worship you like a movie star or a pop star, whatever.  Thatís what you do.  You build up an image of that person as superhuman and they are looked up to, admired. 


I watched a documentary not long ago that someone sent me on a disk because I canít watch anything on video here because of XplorNetís cutting me back all the time, until Iím crawling.  Iím paying the same price for high speed which I never get.  Anyway, some people send me disks of things and there was one of China, a very good documentary in different sections going through the phases of the communist regime in China with Mao Tse Tung and how he was worshipped by teenagersÖ when he was an old man.  It was the same phenomena where one young girl said that she shook his hand and they showed her - when she was young shaking his hand - and she said she never washed that hand for about a week because it had touched this famous God-like creature.  Itís the same phenomenon which was used with Elvis Presley.  He used to wipe the sweat off his brow and toss the handkerchiefs into the audience and theyíd fight to get it.  Theyíd FIGHT to get it.  I think there is one of them enclosed in a glass case so that it would always contain that sweat, you know.  Thatís what you see with people who want to worship people. 


This technique and this phenomena are USED to its maximum IN SCHOOL where the youngsters are given their ecological heroesÖ like Al Gore.  You elevate a person up; theyíve got to elevate a person UP on the world stage.  A stage, you must understand, in show business, is understood to be an ALTAR.  Itís an ALTAR; you are UP there above the rest.  You are ELEVATED on the altar.  A lot of forces come into play when youngsters and older people see someone elevated up on that stage.  They are UNAWARE of these forces but they stem from religious forces as well, and very archaic methods of behavior we automatically fall into. 


Therefore they give you the heroes to follow.  When that hero speaks, whatever he said will be taken as the ABSOLUTE, GOSPEL TRUTH by the youngsters.  Thatís why, as I say, Al Gore and others, an ex-Vice President who always reminds the children, Iím ex-Vice President.  Thatís like saying that I was the right-hand man to the messiah.  Literally, it is to a child.  That technique is used to the advantage of those who brainwash the up and coming youth INTO a stage that they will NEVER LISTEN TO ANY PARENTS.  They will never listen to any other opinion, any contrary opinion.  They will be DEVOUT and even FANATICAL followers that will come out of them to carry on the agenda. 


Beria talked about this.  Beria was the head of the NKVD in the Soviet Union in the early days.  In 1934 at the International Communist meeting - the Comintern, where the communist parties from all over the world went to attend - he said that it used to take a generation to indoctrinate what we call today Ďsetting a trend in motion,í like a meme, and it flows and flows and gathers momentum like a wave.  It used to take 70 years, he said, a generation Ė thatís how he classed a generation then Ė to introduce the planned change that would manifest like a wave in 70 years time.  He said, NOW Ė this was in 1934 Ė with scientific indoctrination through schooling, we can introduce changes every 5 years, major changes, because they had already worked in the categories of age groups in turn.  He said, eventually weíll be able to change them much quicker, introduce them every year, maybe even in months.  Well, we are at that phase today. 


With scientific indoctrination - like any big script where you introduce 5 year plans, 10, 15, 20, and so on - with every induction of Kindergarten children, what they are getting taught is a little bit more advanced as to what they WILL experience in their lifetime, than the ones who were inducted a year before.  Itís that PRECISE.  Thatís what Bertrand Russell talked about in Education and the Good Life, one of the books that he wrote for the world socialist controlled society.  Itís quite fascinating and people are unaware of it. They are unaware of - like Bernays talked about - the unconscious factors which motivate them, but those who understand those unconscious factors can manipulate you like a puppet to your behavior, your  mannerisms, the terminology youíll pick up and use automatically, to the opinions that you will get into arguments over and literally be angry - you might even fight over them - and they are not even your own.  You wonít even come to that understanding.  THATíS the incredible macabre beauty of these sciences.  Theyíre very effective. 


Most people donít get their opinions through logical, critical thinking.  If you use logical, critical thinking you will question ALL data given through schooling and elsewhere to see if it follows a logical pattern.  Very few folk will do that today.  We are downloaded.  Itís like an osmosis really; we learn by osmosis.  Itís given to us.  It sinks down the levels of propaganda IN to us.   We parrot and because we are a social creature - as they all know - people donít like to be different from other people.  Even the rebels in society, the youth who are trying to find their identity, youíll see the ones who want to adapt and go for the good careers.  They used to call them Ďmodsí many years ago.  The mods, the moderns, because thatís what they were called; those who believed in the modernistic view of society like HG Wells, long before the mods came along.  And the rockers, the ones who were the rebels and who didnít drive on scooters; they drove on motorbikes and wore leather and they were the bad boys.  Even the uniforms that you wear to be bad are given to you by the same people who design your culture industry; your drama, your entertainment, your music, and right down to the fashion and the fashionable way to dress to rebel.  I used to laugh when you see them with the baggy pants and hats on backwards.  Wherever you went youíd see this.  They showed you a documentary years ago on television, where youíd see the same thing all the way to Africa.  People were falling into the classification of how they identify or what they identified with.  They didnít realize this is all given to youÖ all given to you.  The same techniques, you understand, were used when dictators come into power.  Hitler had his brownshirts; they were the bad boys.  Everybody was terrified of the bad boys. 


Again, the Bernays of this world and different ones understand all these techniques perfectly and itís far deeper than even Bernays expounded to the public.  He knew far more.  Heíd been taught by experts long, long before him, from childhood by the way.  There are whole massive departments working for governments doing the same.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.   I generally donít plan anything to say at night; it just comes to me.  I had these ideas just tossing around in my head, just waiting for the call to start the show.  Itís so evident to me how generations are used in turn for the preplanned agenda, something that was written a long time ago.  You really do come to understand that you are living through a script.  Incredible propaganda powers are used and have been used my whole life long and long before me, to guide this world along a planned path to this sort of collectivist, socialist society run by the big elitists at the top, the richest people on the planet. 


Thatís whatís so deceptive for people whoíve been indoctrinated in particular doctrines such as communism and fascism and so on.  They donít realize that they are all funded from the same source.  The system that they are bringing in and Iíve got articles here from some of the big boys.  It is a collectivist system.  Look into the Club of Rome, they talk about it.  They preferred, after looking at all the systems that were used across the world in history, they preferred the collectivist system.  They are talking about a socialist system where the state makes all your decisions for you.  Some of them have actually said that, like Arthur Koestler.  He said that you wonít need to think anymore, the state will be making all your decisions for you.  Well, we are already there with so many government agencies and more expanding all the time and being created all the time to take more powers away from the average person.  From birth to death in a socialist controlled society youíll be run with a massive bureaucracy.  Above all of this collectivist/socialist system you will have the ultra elite living, the richest people on the planet, in a completely different lifestyle than you could ever even imagineÖ beyond your imagination. 


We have to understand that to see where we are all being led and for all the followers that help it along, without even realizing where itís going.  They THINK they do.  Thatís the beauty of indoctrination in the big con; you think you know where itís going because youíve been trained to think that.  You become the bitterest enemy of the totalitarian regime once itís there, as you find out that your utopia hasnít actually materialized.  Thatís when they come down and smash you.  Thatís how the Soviets did it.  They USED what they called the Ďultra liberalsí that are always talking about more and more freedoms, more liberty, etc.  They used them to bring down countries and once the Soviets took over, they eliminated those ones because they were the biggest problem.  They were the ones who were used to standing up and shouting and yelling for we want rights and so on.  Once they got the system in, it was all to destroy the idealistic system, the idealism that you have in you of what your nation is.  Thatís what the liberals were used FOR, to destroy ALL the premises that you stood for and gave you an idealistic idea of your country.  Destroy the idealism, destroy the culture and THEN you bring in the Sovietized, WORLD SOVIETIZED by the way, and then you destroy those liberals who led it because they wonít be happy when they realize they are going to be run by the big boot in the face, as George Orwell called it. 


There is a caller on the line and itís Charles from Toronto.  Iíll take him now.  Is Charles there?


Charles:  Yes Alan.  How are you this evening?


Alan:  Not too bad. 


Charles:  Iíve got a couple of questions for you on religion and mind control.  The first one, is there a book or series of books that describe the elitesí religion?  You have many times said that it is in some ways like Hinduism.


Alan:  It is in fact very much like Hinduism.  Remember, you canít put ALL of the elite into the same basket.  They are allowed to, really, believe as a side issue, in other areas or other types of religions.  Their main religion together is one of superiority through a Darwinistic determination.  Thatís their main one.  They are allowed to go further than that in their own little ways if they want to.  Itís a harmless distraction you might say.  But they believe firmlyÖ HG Wells wrote about this in his two books, The Outline of History.  He classified the different categories of people into eugenic settings and levels for inferior, mediocre, etc, all the way up to superior; the ones who have got up there through whatever means possible.  They donít care actually if they slaughtered their way up, like the old feudal families, or if they got up through counting the money, being very, very shrewd or ripping folk off, as long as they got up there and THEN became respectable and held on to that power that money bring you for at least 3 or 4 generations.  By Darwinian standards you have proven your right to rule the lessers.  Thatís what they mean by that too.  What theyíve said in some of their books is that the evolutions at the present state of or condition of humanity took place a long time ago and therefore THEY are obviously the ones who had jumped through the great jump, or they crossed over the great divide.  They jumped to a higher standard of evolution than the rest of the peasantry.  So they promote it.  Now, when you go into Darwinism, Darwin starts off with the amoebas, the slime and all the rest of it, with this innate need to evolve into something better and bigger and all the rest of it.  Thatís based on Hinduism because when you go into the religions of Hinduism, they also have the same philosophy that everything started with slime and eventually little living matter came out of it and evolved and evolved and evolved.  Thatís the whole theory of the Brahmanistic world view.


Charles:  Great.  Iíve got a second question for you. 


Alan:  Hold on.  The music is there and Iíll come back after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix talking to Charles from Toronto.  Are you still there Charles?


Charles:  Yes.  My second question is, religion, I agree, over the long haul is used to control people.  It goes back for many ages.  In your opinion, are the originators of the religions in on the scam or they divinely inspired? 


Alan:  I can tell you one thing.  From Madame Blavatsky in the 1800s onwards, thereís no doubt they were put there to create a new religion.  In fact she said in her own book that her job, or the job of theosophy, which is a blend of Freemasonry; and yes, she was given a Masonic charter by the way, eventually to exist as theosophy.  She said their job is to prepare the future for a blending of the Eastern religions Ė she meant India primarily Ė with that of the West.  She said also that their ultimate goal was to blend SPIRIT with SCIENCE.  Spirit with scienceÖ which is a very interesting statement because weíre in an age now where theyíre talking about brain interfaces and chips and all the rest of it; I think this is a very old plan.  They had incredible faith in science in the 1800s.  They really believed that they would become Godlike.  When you look at HG Wellsí Shape of Things to Come, and the movie especially shows that too.  In the movie there is even a race of scientists who see themselves as, again, more evolved than the peasants all down below.  Thatís all to do with the evolutionary theory of Darwin once again.


Now, people in all areas of the world have religions and always have had religions because we are as people, human beings, religious people.  Part of it is a need to reach out to something which you know or you suspect is there because no theory explains the wonders of everything at all.  There is no theory out there that can do it.  Even Darwin admitted that with all the knowledge that they had and all the theories that they had.  If they took books and books and books of all these theories, including his own, and throw them into a laboratory, an eye still would not make itself from all those books.  But that wasnít the intent of Darwinism.  Darwinism was a deliberate intent, preplanned again, to destroy the existing religion to bring in a secularized society where we would be obedient to the new scientific gurus as Gods.  That was what happened. 


Remember, Charles Darwinís grandfather also wrote a book about evolution.  His father did as well.  Darwin himself, belonging to the Royal Society, was eventually put forward and he used all of Wallaceís theories.  Itís now admitted, the Royal Society now gives Wallace equal credence with Darwin.  He should have been at the head because Darwin took all of his theories to put them forward.  But the intent, as I say, was to ELEVATE SCIENCE OVER RELIGION for an age of what they called Ďreasoní.  Also for an age where those with the proper intelligence, the proper breeding would guide society rather than this wishy-washy way that they claimed that religions had run peoples before.  Regardless though, people always have a need to look beyond this.  The scientist will ALWAYS come out and tell you, especially the Darwinists, that itís our inability to explain the phenomena of the universe and our own existence that forms the need in us to look for an answer within religion.  Thatís their way of downplaying it.  But with all their theoriesÖ


Itís amazing even with medicine, for instance.  A hundred years ago you would be bled for anything that was wrong with you; maybe even for hemorrhage theyíd bleed you.  Whatever was wrong with you theyíd bleed you.  It was all quackery.  Itís the same in veterinary science.  They had fantastic potions that theyíd brew in front of you and mix some copper sulfate and watch wonderful stuff fizz and change color.  Thatís what impressed you, but really what it did for you was pretty well nothing, although it might kill you.  We have seen marketing elevate pharmacology to an incredible degree where every drug that comes out is THE wonder drug.  Prozac did that too.  There were millions that went in to the marketing of it.  Every paper ran with it because they all look to the scientists as the new Gods to give us all the cures.  Well, they havenít given us a cure for anything. 


Charles:  Yes.  Itís just a lot of confusion.  Even the scientists, if you listen to them today, say that quantum theory is so complicated that nobody can understand it.  So itís beyond the realm of understanding. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  Even Stephen Hawkins came out and said that Einstein didnít even understand all of the theories that went up to make the quantum theory.  So in other words, itĎs how many angels can stand on the head of a pin.  Itís back to the same thing.  Thereís no difference with the scientists.  They go through their fads and then they leave their fads behind as they get a new theory or fad given to them.  This is amazing with science, and medicine too, as they keep changing their minds about things and tossing theories out but never saying they were wrong.  Itís like the IPCC at the UN.  They never say they are wrong, they just quietly stop mentioning one part thatís come to disgrace and carry on as though nothing had happened.  Thatís the nature of professions that take over. 


Now, any religion thatís existed in the past on a tribal level generally was part of the social structure as well.  It gave the people the rules so they could live with each other without killing each other, in close confinement often, and got them through the tough times.  When religion becomes formalized into institutions over generations, and you get the same generations of elite going into them at the head, then it become corrupt obviously, like any government.  Any government too, even if it starts off with great intentions becomes corrupt in about the second or third generation.  Thatís standard as well. 


Charles:  People, yeah, who want control.  The thing that always impressed me about spirit and science is I would suggest the 3 greatest scientific minds of the last 500 years would be Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein and all of them had a deep belief of God. 


Alan:  I wouldnít believe in them at all, to be honest with you. 


Charles:  Really?


Alan:  No.  Not at all.  Einstein was classified, and this is the history books, as a dummy at school.  His parents were VERY wealthy in Switzerland.  They got him a job in the patenting department.  The patenting department is there not to just put patents through but - as you know, the war industry runs everything and anybody that came up with a good idea - it was to actually STEAL their ideas.  His reward for being a good person in that department and passing stuff on to his bosses was to be, weíll make you a famous scientist.  He never gave a lecture publicly at all and everybody who interviewed him, including CP Snow said, all he ever talked about was International Zionism and a world run by scientific elitism and thatís how it should be.  He couldnít discuss anything without his notes there, on a scientific basis.  If you go back into the other ones too, Isaac Newton, the guy was quite the character.  He never left Cambridge you know.  He didnít like women at all.  He was bringing over, I think it was Fabio from Italy to live with, and he cracked up at the last minute in case of the scandal it would cause.  When he died and they emptied out his rooms, he was into alchemy and Cabala.  Thatís where he was getting everything from, all his ideas, the Cabala.  These guys were not Christians by any, any, any possible means.  I also think itís very, very true, like Jacques Ellul said, the idea of bringing forth famous people, whether itís actors or scientist, to give opinions on political venues, itís no different then bringing forth your plumber, your carpenter or the person who rings the till at your grocery store because they know no more about it than they do.  We are more enthralled by their STATUS than their knowledge. 


Thanks for calling and Iíll go onto the next caller. Thereís Vince from London.  Are you there Vince?


Vince:  Isaac Newton, Iíll have to disagree with you on that one.


Alan:  Thatís okay.


Vince:  He created something called laws and thatís the provableÖ


Alan:  He wasnít the first one to come up with these laws, you understand.  Itís no different than today, itís who grabs something first, who gets the acclaim for it.  The same scandal happened exactlyÖ


Vince:  He was denounced by all his peers, all his contemporaries.  He actually went back and became a bureaucrat.


Alan:  He wasnít a bureaucrat.  His reward was getting put in charge of the Royal Mint, which was a darn cushy job and very well paying. 


Vince:  It was a bureaucratís job though isnít it?


Alan:  He didnít do anything.  Itís like getting appointed at the head of some commission.  Youíve got to understand, every country will elevate the main characters they give you as famous people.  What surprises me too, is when you go into say Russia, they were teaching through the Soviet era that so and so, Popov, or whoever invented the television set.  Another guy was the first guy to fly an aircraft.  This character whoís Russian was a creator of electricity.  Every country has this sort of thing going on.  Itís like the future.  Letís take say 10 years down the road when they have this whole thing set up and steamrolling forward with the environment, population reduction, all of that kind of stuff, they will then elevate for future generations that Al Gore was the genius, the genius behind it and thatís what will be taught in the schools.  Writers will come out and write screeds of fantasy about them that become dogma and thatís the reality of the world that we live in. 


Vince:  They call Newton, his theories are called LAWS, the laws of motion, the laws of gravity.  But they donít call global warming a law.  Itís not science.  You shouldnít even really call them theories; in truth they are just hypothesis. 


Alan:  They are not even hypothesis.  Itís not even a hypothesis.  You see, itís an AGENDA.  Itís an agenda.  The idea of whatís happening today was dreamed up by commissions and committees by the Club of Rome back in the early 70s and they wrote about it in their own book.  They take a CLAIM for coming up with this idea. 


Vince:  I wouldnít throw out the baby with the bath water.  Science, there is hard science and thereís something, you have to discriminate.


Alan:  Youíve got to understand, science is like which witch doctor do you want to believe in, you see.  Thatís what it is.  Thatís what science is.  Right now thatís exactly where science is.  We havenít been a scientific society for very long.  We donít know enough to make these incredible statements.† However, what we do have are big, massive foundations putting up multi billions of bucks to bring in a planned society, a planned future USING the guise of global warming to bring it around and to make us give up rights, freedoms, and all the rest of it, to change our behavior.  The Club of Rome is a top think tank for the UN.  In their OWN book, the founders wrote their own book on it, called The First Global Revolution and they published it in the 1990s.  In there they said that they were given the task of finding a way to unite the whole world under a common cause, going in a common direction, into a collectivist society.  They said, they came up with the IDEA of global warming, ďWE CAME UP WITH THE IDEA OF GLOBAL WARMING, FAMINESÖ In other words, scary things.


Vince:  I know.  The things Iím interested in, that I wanted to bring up, the things that donít really get talked about, you know, things that bothered me the last couple of weeks.  There is actually something that you said about Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx.


Alan:  Well, thatís not my opinion.† Donít blame me for saying something thatís in the Congressional Records in the US.  That Karl Marx actuallyÖ


Vince:  It just triggered something else.  Itís just like, wellÖ


Alan:  Karl Marx DID telegraph Lincoln and congratulated him for defeating the south because one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto was a strong, basically totalitarian, CENTRALIZED government and Lincoln had established and achieved that.  Before Lincoln they didnít have this incredibly powerful, centralized government.  In fact, the Confederation had so many things written into the Constitution.  The ConfederationÖ


Vince:  Thatís what I wanted to talk about.  Iíll get to the nitty-gritty.  Itís this thing called the Constitution.  We know that everything is falling apart and itís happening here in Britain.  There is nothing here on the radio that I can find so I tend to listen to everything in America.  All I ever hear is the same thing, Constitution, the Constitution, weíve got to get back to the Constitution.  Oh, we get Ron Paul in and everything weíll get back and everything will be right and then it will be great again.  You know, all this kind of thing.  Itís winding me up basically.  Could we just talk about the Constitution because if you Google it, you get a picture of it.  It says there in massive letters, WE THE PEOPLEÖ is that a collectivist statement or what?


Alan:  Itís supposed to be a collectivist to the extent that for the first time in history, again this is the standard version Iím giving you, where theyíd actually sat down and wrote out a CHARTER of rights basically, along with the Bill of Rights.  The Bill of Rights came from the ordinary folk who protested.  Like I say, there is a difference between a rebellion and a revolution.  In a revolution, you have a preplanned agenda using revolt first but you also know where youíre going to take the revolt through stages into a new society which is then revolutionary, you see.  Most of them will rebel and then go back; thatís the history of even Britain with the Levelers and the peasantsí revolts and all the rest of it.  They wanted to go back to a time when things were better, a little bit better than the unbearable situation they had come to.  The founding fathers of America, once they had won or been granted their independence basically, wanted to copy, model it on almost a British system, including how much land you should have to vote. 


Vince:  Kick out the British and then put in a British system?  That doesnít make sense.


Alan:  Exactly.  So really, and people have really questioned that.  Did they simply bring in another appendage of Britain under a guise?  Initially Washington and these guys didnít think the ORDINARY person had the intellectual or educational capacity to make the CORRECT kind of vote.  So they wanted you to own X-amount of land before you even had the right to vote or run for congress.  There was a big lot of to-do about that.  People donít realize that there were rebellions right after that within the United States in some places, as folk saw what was coming and what was getting set up.  So in a sense the US went back, whereas the French Revolution, which again, was a collectivist revolution with an agenda and with people behind it, at the top, who knew they were going to bring it into a TRUE revolution, from a rebellion, into what became the basis of the communistic/socialistic system.  Thatís what Karl Marx studied.  The US, as I say, at one point they even wrote to the descendant of the Stuart dynasty who was in Italy at the time, asking if he was maybe interested in being the King.  They even thought of making him the King of America.  Thanks for calling.  Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and weíve got Maggie from Texas on the line.  Are you there Maggie?


Maggie:  Hello Alan.  The other day I listened to a guest on another program and he was combining space-age flying-saucer type technology with alien stories and wrapping it all in religion.  He went on and on about aliens, good aliens, bad aliens, real aliens, false aliens, robot aliens, you knowÖ


Alan:  And illegal aliens.  [Laughing]


Maggie:  [Laughing] No.  He did not mention those.  Anyway, he went on beyond the point where ordinarily I just flip the channel but because he was also talking about religion, Old Testament and earlier, I kept listening for while thinking maybe I could learn something of value.  I decided to ask you, since you are a scholar of religion.† First, what do you really think of this alien idea?  Who do you believe was the first to introduce it in religion, identifying them specifically as travelers from space or from the stars?  What do you think inspired that story?


Alan:  Ho, oh.  Iíll tell you.  Itís quite good because John Dewey was the first one to say that in a major speech. 


Maggie:  Really?


Alan:  John Dewey, yeah.  Remember the whole thing was collectivist world planned society, around the time of the League of Nations.  He said, if we could only show that we were getting invaded from an external, extraterrestrial enemy, the world would come together and unite as one.  Another person who said it was Lester B Pearson.  Lester B Pearson became the Prime Minister of Canada; he was also the head of the UN at one point.  He drafted up the UN Charter with Alger Hiss. 


Maggie:  Are you saying that there is no precedent for it in ancient religions because this guy was coming up with stuff about it?


Alan:  No.  Iíll tell you what they did.  They started with Eric Von Daniken that came out.  He was launched a long time ago by David Frost.  Eric Von Daniken eventually was exposed, with all his space aliens and stuff, and the guy on the sort of cosmic motorcycle, and all the stuff that he was churning out.  Chariots of the Gods was his first one.  He was exposed because of a British journalist sent, he went over to South America, Mexico, and found the guy that was making all these steles that Daniken was claiming were ancient.  He was only paying the guy about 10 pesos each for this and he was making a fortune, so he was a con man.  Theyíve never stopped this stuff. But here is what Lester B Pearson said, from the United Nations, 1957 and Iíve got it from the original paper here, by the way, The Globe and Mail.  It saysÖ


Perhaps there is a hopeful possibility here in the conquest of outer space.  Interplanetary activity may well give us planetary peace.  Once we discover Marian space ships hovering over earthís space, we will all come together and weíll say, how dare they threaten us like this.  We shall shout as ONE as a really United Nations


That was Canadian diplomat Lester Pearson, Noble Peace Prize lecturer, given in December 1957.  He drafted up the Constitution for the UN with Alger Hiss and became Prime Minister of Canada. 


Maggie:  Okay.  I gather you think that the people who are coming up with this stuff are disinformation agents?


Alan:  I would say absolutely so.  Plus itís a good way to rake in the cash from the people who want that kind of stuff.


Maggie:  I have heard some people suggest that the giants of the earth, of the Old Testament, might have been thought of as space aliens.  Is that so or is that not so?


Alan:  Well, when we see their big, massive skeletonsÖ  Remember, there is one born every minute.  The guy who said that made an artificial one and took it on his circus tour and made lots of money.  It was made of wax. 


Iíll be back Monday night.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



Transcribed by Diana



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