Feb. 18, 2010 (#517)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 18, 2010:

Cultural Creators -- Sentience Destroyers Turn People to Voyeurs:

"Julian Huxley, First CEO of UNESCO,
Well-Versed in Agenda, In Fact He Said So,
Take Down the Cultures, In Family Cause Strife,
Dethrone from its Pedestal the Sanctity of Life,
Destroy Male-Female Bonding, There's No Peril
In Promoting Promiscuity in a Society Sterile,
Having Fun and Variety Would Replace Family Values,
Multiple Shallow Encounters Means You Fall, There's Clues,
When You're Alone in Trouble, or Hounded by Creditors,
And Your Address Book is Full of Hedonistic Predators,
Turn to Social Services?  You, They'll Manage,
Yet They Can't Undo Culture Creators' Damage"
© Alan Watt Feb. 18, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 18, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 18th 2010.  For the newcomers out there and there are always new ones coming in, you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have up there.  That way if you ever find sticking on downloading, try these alternate sites and you should get through much easier.  Everyone uses the .com site the following morning after the talk has been broadcast and apart from that sometimes I canít upload to the main sites because even though Iím on unlimited disk space, somehow they donít always get it automatically put up when it has to.  The official sites are [listed above]. 


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A while ago I said it doesnít matter when the big boys make their decisions for their long-term plans, their far-reaching plansÖ it doesnít matter what happens, they carry on regardless.  I said before too, it wouldnít matter if you are up to your ears in snow, theyíll still harp on about global warming.  If you notice in the news articles that are sneaking out, amongst all the incredible scandals that are bursting about the climate change nonsense, they are still prattling on because they have no other big plan made.  This is all part of population reduction, altering our way of living until we are ALL third world country status, taking away Medicare, all that kind of stuff, gradually, across the world, for those who are in the masses, and sickness and death, disease and famine even will start killing us off.  Itís a FAR-reaching plan because thatís what the socialists dreamed up when they first set up the Fabian Society.  Look into it.  Listen to the speeches by George Bernard Shaw, the co-founder of the Fabian Society.  Remember, thatís just ONE BRANCH of the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Itís fascinating study when you get into it.  The music is coming in so Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and what a matrix it is, isnít it, as we are given our realities and our perceptions are distorted and altered and directed for us.  The big boys make long-term plans, long-term goals, 50 years, sometimes 100 year plans.  The Fabians themselves said it might take them 100 years to control the world through their international affiliations.  Well, weíre pretty well there.  Youíll find every government across the planet seems to be Fabian, regardless of the party symbol they use because the same plans are put into place through treaties, through the United Nations, exactly as the Fabians and the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR wanted to happen.  Thatís why they set up the United Nations in the first place, not as a debating table but as the embryo really that would grow into a world governing body. 


The IPCC, this Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that the United Nations has, has really been exposed.  Itís incredible theyíre still there.  They should be disbanded.  Itís disgusting the lies theyíve told and have been exposed for telling, and all the cohorts they had from the professors across the world who were getting millions of pounds and dollars and grants thrown at them to ďsave the world.Ē  Thatís what you do to priests who terrify you and say the sun wonít come up tomorrow, youíve got pay them and theyíll pray and do their voodoo and then voila, up it comes.  Itís the same sort of idea. 


This article is one of the latest scandals and itís from Fox News. 


The Next Climate-gate?

Updated February 10, 2010 / By John Lott  - FOXNews.com


(Alan:  Itís interesting how they first preface this.  Itís misleading.  They GIVE you how you are going to think about something and they leave you in a double-think.  So this first little paragraph is to leave you in double-think.)


A new report points to a sharp reduction of weather stations by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (A:  Thatís NOAA, they call it.) in cooler locations around the world since 1990. (A:  So theyíve been closing down these weather stations in cooler parts around the world since 1990.  Now, listen to what they sayÖ)  Could that be why global temps have seen a steady rise over the last 20 years?  (A:  In other words, there hasnít been a steady rise, if you understand what Iím saying.  When you close down all of these different stations, across Russia alone after the Soviet Union fell apart, or was dismantled, I think there were over 1,000 of them that were closed down, all across Siberia and everything.  That wasnít taken into consideration for the real temperature of the world, you see.  He goes on to say hereÖ)


The global warming scandal keeps getting worse. Revelations over the few weeks show that many important assertions in the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were based on misquotes and false claims from environmental groups, not on published academic research as it was originally presented. This is on top of the recent mess regarding data, where the three most relied-on data series used by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2007 assessment report still have not been released. Other data simply never seem to have existed or cannot be provided to other scientists.


But probably the most damaging report has come from Joseph DíAleo, the first Director of Meteorology and co-founder of the Weather Channel, and Anthony Watts, a meteorologist and founder of SurfaceStations.org.


In a January 29 report, they find that starting in 1990, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began systematically eliminating climate measuring stations in cooler locations around the world. Yes, that's right. They began eliminating stations that tended to record cooler temperatures and drove up the average measured temperature. The eliminated stations had been in higher latitudes and altitudes, inland areas away from the sea, as well as more rural locations. The drop in the number of weather stations was dramatic, declining from more than 6,000 stations (A:  See how they fiddle everything.) to fewer than 1,500.


DíAleo and Watts show that the jumps in measured global temperature occur just when the number of weather stations is cut. But there is another bias that this change to more urban stations also exacerbates. Recorded temperatures in more urban areas rise over time simply because more densely populated areas produce more heat. Combining the greater share of weather stations in more urban areas over time with this urban heat effect also tends to increase the rate that recorded temperatures tend to rise over time.  (A:  They were eliminating them across fields and forests and stuff like that, or hillsides and putting them in the cemented, concrete jungles of the cities.  So of course they got what they expected to get.)


Their report provides examples of how the systematic elimination of stations and unexplained adjustments in temperature data caused measured temperatures to rise for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. Many adjustments change what would have been a drop in temperatures into an increase. (A:  So they reversed the reality.)  Take New Zealand, where DíAleo and Watts note: ďAbout half the adjustments actually created a warming trend where none existed; the other half greatly exaggerated existing warming.Ē


DíAleo and Watts also criticize how these data adjustments are often unexplained or poorly documented. In one case involving James Hansen at NASA a Freedom of Information Act request has been unanswered for over two years.


The report details other fascinating temperature biases. For example, Siberia has experienced one the greatest increases in recorded warming. A large drop in the number of stations and the some missing data can explain part of the change, but apparently during the Soviet-era areas with lower recorded temperatures received more fuel and money, creating a real incentive for weather stations to lie.


The DíAleo and Wattsí report also helps answer some puzzling questions about the report. One of the major ones questions has been the divergence in temperature data recorded by satellites in space and down here on the ground. That difference was very small when satellites first started being used during the 1980s but has grown over time, with ground observations showing a rise in temperature relative to the satellite data. The urban warming effect may not only explain this, but also why land warming has been so much greater than ocean warming.


All three terrestrial global-temperature datasets (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/ National Climatic Data Center, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and University of East Anglia) really rely on the same measures of surface temperatures. These three sources do not provide independent measures of how the worldís temperatures have changed over time. The relatively small differences that do arise from these three institutions result from how they adjust the raw data.  (A:  And by God, do they do some adjusting, and fiddling, and exaggerating as well.)


Flawed data leads to flawed conclusions.


But, itís in line with the agenda and it really wonít matter much because all the socialists are truly on board, across the world, and theyíve got their governments to sign on and be goody-two-shoes to outdo each other to show theyíre all on board to save the world and all the rest of it.  Apart from that, about 5-6 years ago they were already trading carbon.  Itís a done deal with the multi trillionaires that run the world and so theyíve already got this carbon thing.  I call it the Ďsin taxesí because itís like collecting sacks of sins.  You open it up and there is nothing in it, but thatís how it is.  Itís absolute nonsense.  It will take something like oil or the manufacturing of something and we can convert that into carbon that was used to create it and they make this GUESSTIMATION, big guesstimations, then they come up with, really, what the carbon output would be if you burned it, which you are not going to do.  Itís an absolute BOGUS SCAM but itís this scam that all the big boys have planned to rule our lives with.  Really.  They donít even need the sacks to gather the sins, you know, the CO2.  They just have to claim itís there and work it out on paper, or build a special computer that you feed in fake data, just like they do at the IPCC, and youíll get what you want.  Itís great.  There is no outlay.  Thereís no outlay, you donít have to buy the sacks to contain the CO2 that you canít see.  When you fold them up anyway thereís nothing in it right.  But thatís the cons that go on in the world and this is to rule our lives. 


There are articles coming out now on climate change and how they are going to have to put it through and some governments are already doing it, with the far, far, left - left of Marx in fact - politicians that are on board.  Iíll put a link up on my web sites to show you the one thatís been introduced for Ireland to sign.  Itís a voluntary thing but itís totalitarian.  It was done on the 28th of October 2009. 


Oireachtas Joint Committee on Climate Change and Energy Security

Climate Change law necessary for Ireland to demonstrate its commitment to become low carbon economy

Oireachtas.com / 28 October 2009


That will give you an idea of whatís to come here including the setting up of law forces to enforce it on the ordinary people who are not IN the carbon trading business.  In other words, punishment crews.  Theyíre going to rake in lots of money off you if thereís a little draft coming through your window, believe you me.  This is a whole new area of infringement of your rights and lack of privacy and all the rest of it.  And theyíre going to give themselves, of course, more rights to come into your home because theyíve been teaching us for years now thatís itís not yours anyway.  You have no privacy and you donít DESERVE privacy.  Privacy is a sort of privilege, if you obey all the laws, pay all the fees and licenses and all the rest of it, and let every agency come into your home when you demand it.  This is the Fabian way and I kid you not.  I kid you not, thatís what it is.


Politicians are just low-level psychopaths that are picked by the big boys to front for them.  They get funded IN to government.  I watched one on Cameron recently, for Britain, who was pretending he was a conservative, going around getting fund raising from EVERYBODY you can imagine, even from Israel, the Israel lobby.  Heís promising them everything if they just back him financially.  Every group thatís out there, heís saying, Iím your man; Iím YOUR man.  The left are even worse.  The program I watched Ė it was a disk that was sent to me Ė showed you the different politicians and the Labour bunch going around doing the same thing.  Theyíre just low-level con men that will say whatever they are told to say to get IN to power and have a good time.  Thatís how they are, low-level psychopaths; but they donít run the world, the ones above them do.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, these politicians that are SELECTED are just yes-men to whoever backs them and theyíve got terrible records in their personal lives when you look into them, of how many of them are on charges for one thing or another, lots of drunk driving charges, personal bankruptcies, credit cards run to the limit and over, all that kind of stuff.  These are the guys who generally get into politics.  The psychopaths smell which way the wind is blowing basically, and they suddenly become an advocate of whatever is popular.  They are so immature; I think itís because of all the booze they take all the time, at least the British Parliament.  Here is an article to do with what they are all about. 


Ministers (A:  Thatís politicians.  They call them ministers over there.)  lavished £9m  (A:  Of the taxpayer money, right.) on climate change stunts... but public opinion is left cold by global warming 'propaganda'

By Steve Doughty / 18th February 2010 / Mail Online


A disastrous series of failed climate change publicity stunts cost taxpayers £9million, it emerged yesterday.


The projects paid for by the Governmentís Climate Challenge Fund did next to nothing to change public opinion, a Whitehall report found.


It said the initiatives were almost entirely preaching to the converted and that trying to drum up interest through sensationalism only put people off.


Schemes included a £40,000 DVD (A:  Thatís quite a lot.  You can make a hit record with that.) in which schoolchildren explained that in ten years everyone will have to wear sunglasses all the time, because the sun will be shining more.  (A:  These are the kind of stupid things they do.)


A tent set up in shopping centres and labelled an Ďexperiential climate domeí was subsidised by Whitehall (A:  Thatís the taxpayersí money again.) to the tune of nearly £400,000; a computer game cost £47 every time it was played; and a series of Ď challenging pub quizzesí about climate change cost more than £85,000.


Large grants went to councils, schools and youth groups for (A:  Listen to thisÖ) Ďattitude modificationí programmes and to assure the public that man-made global warming is an established scientific fact.  (A:  So, once you brainwash the children, they donít have much of a chance to be honest with you because itís a real indoctrination they get and lies.  Quite interesting, Ďattitude modificationí programs, did you think thatís what your schools were about?  Pavlov is alive and well!)


And £200,000 went to Oxford University to Ďtake climate change into the communityí.  (A:  To get it into the community, with little posters and little handouts and stuff.  £200,000, thatís not bad work if you can get it, eh?)


Details of the projects and the report for Ed Milibandís Department of Energy and Climate Change Ė which was never published Ė were unearthed by the TaxPayersí Alliance through Freedom of Information requests.


Matthew Sinclair, the groupís research director, said: ĎThe Government has clearly crossed the line from public information to propaganda on climate change.


ĎMany of the Climate Challenge Fund projects are utterly bonkers (A:  That means crazy.) and misleading, and come with a huge price tag.


ĎDespite a fortune having been spent on these projects, the fund has failed even on its own spuripeopleous terms. It is infuriating for taxpayers to see their money squandered on attempts to scare and indoctrinate the public.í


The report by consultants Brook Lyndhurst said the projects largely failed to produce any changes in the opinions among their target audiences. It judged that Ďthe aggregate picture is one of neutral or very modest positive shiftsí.


Future programmes should Ďavoid sensationalist or shocking imagery in climate change messages, since respondents are likely to find this off-puttingí, it said.


The report added that those attracted to the projects were Ďalready interested in climate changeí. (A:  Meaning theyíre already brainwashed.)  It suggested that in many cases organisations viewed the funding as Ďa way to secure additional resourcesí (A:  Of course they do.), and said the running the projects often did not have Ďnecessary skillsí.  (A:  Of course they wonít.  What do you need to lie?  What skills does it take?)


The money was paid to public organisations and voluntary groups between 2006 and 2008.


Details emerged after several other high-profile climate change failures in recent months.


The Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (A:  Which were getting millions of pounds in grants.), which received £16,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund (A:  Öas well, on top of that.), has come under fire over leaked emails which show scientists attempted to hide data from sceptics.  (A:  Professor Jones himself already admitted, and I read it yesterday from the paper, that the earth has actually been COOLING.  And he goes for 15 years; he wonít go for 20 yet, but heís getting better than he was.)


And the UNís Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been found to have made exaggerated and ill-informed claims, for example over the rate at which Himalayan glaciers are melting. Its chief, Rajendra Pachauri, has faced calls to resign.  (A:  But heís too busy writing his pornographic novels.  Thatís a fact; thatís what he does to pass the time.  Delusions of grandeur, isnít it?  Power goes to their little heads.)


Thereís a caller from Alaska and itís John.  Are you there John?


John:  How are you today?


Alan:  Iím hanging on here.


John:  Iíve heard you mention on a previous show on how they are creating this world culture thatís world government indoctrination and they are pushing it through schools.


Alan:  Hold on and weíll come back on that topic after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to John from Alaska about the school system.  Carry on, John.


John:  My journey to awakening to how theyíve been trying to create this world culture, Iíve come across UNESCO, its Purpose and its Philosophy written by Julian Huxley.  Iím sure you are probably familiar with that.


Alan:  Iíve read some of his stuff on the air, in fact, from his books. 


John:  Okay.  Of course, you can get this for free online, if any of your listeners would like to look through this.  Would you mind if I read a few of the quotes?


Alan:  Sure, go ahead.


John:  Okay.  On page 57 it says here,


Not much remains to be said in conclusion, but what remains is important. It is that the task before UNESCO is necessary, is opportune, and, in spite of all multiplicity of detail, is single.  That task is to help the emergence of a single world culture, with its own philosophy and background of ideas, and with its own broad purpose.


On page 13 he says,


The moral for UNESCO is clear. The task laid upon it of promoting peace and security can never be wholly realised through the means assigned to it-education, science and culture. It must envisage some form of world political unity, whether through a single world government or otherwise; & the only certain means for avoiding war.


Let me see, in closing here he has in interesting reference - this is on page 21 - to eugenics and how they were going to push eugenics through UNESCO.  It says,


Thus even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.


Alan:  Thatís right.  What he was talking about there was terminating children, sterilizing the ones that they would claim were inferior.  Remember too, UNESCO is the United Nations, again, Educational and Scientific organization.  He was the first CEO for it.  He was also the top character who helped run the Margaret Sanger abortion clinics across the world.  He was all for reducing the inferior quality type of peoples.  Carry on.


John:  Yes.  UNESCO was also investigated in California for being charged with pushing internationalism.  A lot of people arenít aware of that.  Thereís the United Nations right there pushing internationalism and world government and a world culture.  From what Iíve seen Alan, it seems like they are pushing this hip-hop style culture on the entire planet.  Iím up here in Alaska and when I got here I was astonished to see the Native Americans here with the sagging pants and the wild music and things like that.  I figured I was getting away from that.  But it seems like they are pushing that on the entire planet and they are using that to dumb down the language.  They are using that to also break down the family.


Alan:  There is no doubt about it.  The content of the wording, when you can make out what the words are, what they are actually saying, or mumbling I should sayÖ thatís intentional too.  The parents, they close their heads off, they donít listen, they canít hear it.  Itís intentional for the children to understand it and itís to bypass the parents.  If the parents knew some of the stuff they are actually chanting away there, itís pretty grotesque stuff, you know.


John:  Exactly.  I just want to thank you for making me aware of how they push these things, the entertainment and things like that.  You know, the entertainment is, like you say, itís over a lot of peopleís heads.  Itís kind of under the radar and a lot of people donít realize that they are BEING programmed, under the threshold of consciousness through the entertainment.


Alan:  Absolutely.


John:  Itís just amazing when you look into the little messages that they implant in this entertainment.† Iíve put together a little forum.  The address is thcforum.ning.com.  Weíve just been trying to analyze this disgusting culture they are hitting us with.  This entertainment, this music, itís very sinister what they are pushing. 


Alan:  The thing is too, they really did come out in the culture industry and those at the top who control the culture industry Ė and it is controlled and itís directed Ė as to where they were going to take it.  Linguistic minimalism was one of their goals.  This is from the big scientists at the top, they said, if we can reduce the vocabulary then eventually they will be unable to even exchange opinions or ideas and they would be obedient.  Because if they were angry - you couldnít get people stirred up to rebel or whatever - because you literally couldnít express your feelings to them.  Thatís part of it.  The other part was also to create a common culture, a youth culture that would be so separate, so different from their parents that they would be in complete control of those who led them through the culture industry and the educational authorities.  This is not just happenstance. 


Back in the 60s you had a variety of music to choose from.  Varieties.  You had all kinds of folk, traditional, old stuff, new stuff, you had classical playing too.  You had jazz.  You had the early pop music and so on.  Gradually they eliminated everything until there is just THIS way and thatís Much-Musicís TV and thatís ALL you get now across the whole planet.  Itís even in Africa; youíll see the guys in Africa Ė they donít even have shoes Ė but theyíve got the hat on backwards and theyíll try to even make their own baggy pants.  Because everyone wants to be the same, as what they see as these stars.  Iíve talked to a lot of the guys in the rap industry and some of them actually admitted to me that they go into the studio with a plain little kind of song and in would come the big boys and start changing this, changing that, until they are killing copsÖ  Itís all about - I canít even say - having relations with women any more; itís beyond that.  Itís what DOGS do in heat.  They just use the words for it now and the parents canít even hear this stuff.  They donít understand what the words are.  It literally is debasing, debasing humans, both male and female, down to a lower status than animals.  Animal breed when they have to.  This is literally, itís like teaching them to have a rutting season perpetually.


John:  I donít know if you heard, but one of the forerunners in the hip-hop community, his name is KRS-One and heís actually what you could call a sort of a darling in the alternative news circuit.  Heís actually created whatís called ĎThe gospel of hip-hop.í  He said that hip-hop is actually divine.  What he is doing, heís released this sort of Bible and heís actually turning hip-hop into a religion. 


Alan:  Well, he wonít be just the one thatís doing it.  There will be bigger boys than him.  All these guys at the bottom are puppets you know.  They do as they are told, guided, directed.  But the whole idea of just have sex at all time with anybody, blah, blah, blah, was to stop bonding because they donít want people breeding and having families.  That was what Julian Huxley at UNESCO himself said.  He said that in that book you are reading, in fact.  He said, weíll find so many ways of contraceptives.  Weíll alter the family way of life until there is no family at all.  He says, the people could be living in very poor conditions, world wide, but at least they can have sex all day and all night long with no consequences, no offspring.  That was the main thrust of it, but no bonding. 


John:  There isnítÖ and you can chalk a lot of it up to also our dependence on the nanny state.  Iím a black man and itís sad what theyíve done to the black community and what weíve allowed to be done to ourselves through this dependence on the nanny state.  What they do is they offer them these child support, welfare benefits, and such.  But what they do is they encourage the man not to be in the house.  And with the child support, the government garnishes his checks.  They take half of the money out of what the woman gets in the form of child support for themselves. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  See, they use those communities.  First you make them dependent on the social service division.  They have total control over you then.  They love this.  Itís a test group, you understand.  Itís a test group and what works with one group will work with any group.  They did a lot of experimentation in those communities once they have them dependent.  Youíre quite right. 


John:  So, the man is like well, is she trying to sleep with me so she can get child support money?  Then the woman is like, well, is he just trying to sleep with me because heís trying to be some rapper or something like that.  You have these two people who are suspicious of each other and the family is going to break down before it even starts.


Alan:  Youíre right.  That was the full intention of it.  Theyíve been awfully successful across the board.  Very few people know how to bond anymore.  And the next generation growing up, that are maybe 12 right now, are going to be worse because theyíve had far more scientific indoctrination.  They think nothing of oral sex, when you look at all the studies in the newspapers and from the schools themselves.  The teachers are even saying they come back on a Monday and they were used to how they used to chat about what theyíd done.  The children are all literally chatting, 12 year olds, of the partners that they had sexually.  Thatís standard now.  However, theyíll never bond with anybody for their lives and THATíS exactly why they introduced this kind of system. 


John: Exactly.   And people ask where the cervical cancer is coming from.  When you actually look into it, where the cervical cancer is coming from, a lot of it is actually caused by chemicals in the condoms.


Alan:  And also various anti-spermicides they are using as well.


John:  Exactly.  Thatís what really blows your mind when you look into this because a lot of it just goes back to problem-reaction-solution and things like that, that the medical industry, the FDA, is profiting off of.  The culture creationists themselves, they are profiting from this breakdown of the family.


Alan:  You understand that this is literally is a SCIENTIFIC and itís a MILITARY strategy plan to destroy all that was to bring in the new.  Thatís what they said themselves.  The main target was to stop all bonding.  Stop all bonding; create incredible promiscuity until no one is happy with anyone else except for one-night stands.  Then there would be no offspring and plus it destroys the culture that held people together.  There is strength in numbers.  There is strength in the family.  Even one person, just one person, your wife with you, gives you that extra strength in you with her.  When you have nobody to stand up for you, the government then is in charge of you with all of its fear tactics. 


John:  Yep.  Alan, I appreciate it.  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Hereís a quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski and itís from his book, Out of Control, Global Turmoil on the Eve of the 21st Century.  He says, Television gives the young viewer a first glimpse of the outside world.  It first defines and does so compellingly by combining the visual and audio impact, the meaning of the good life.  In other words, it gives you FANTASY to follow.  Thatís all they see is these guys that have got diamonds and gold bracelets dangling off them.  Thatís wealth, eh?  It sets the standard of what is to be considered achievement, fulfillment, good taste and proper conduct.  Now, proper conduct can be debauchery nowadays; theyíve reversed it.  It conditions desiresÖ  If you get nothing but girls dancing on TV that look like strippers, thatís what itís intention is, if you are so dumb you donít know that.  Thatís to stimulate desire and make you rather disgruntled with the person you are living with, your wife.  It defines aspirations and expectations and draws the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  With audiences around the world increasingly glued to television sets, there is nothing comparable either in the era of enforced religious orthodoxy or even at the high point of totalitarian indoctrination to the cultural and philosophical conditioning that television exercises on its viewers.   Now, heís a guy who should know.  That was part of his job, was how to control the minds of millions of people and create this planned future that we are now in today. 


It isnít just that.  Youíve got to understand, they go further in some countries than others.  Britain is the spearhead for the rest of the world to follow.  People are FLEEING Britain now.  I read the report recently about a Scottish couple that had to FLEE to Ireland because the Child Services wanted to take her child from her.  This is all part of the depopulation program, by the way.  That was to raise up the so-called SERVICES into AUTHORITIES over the family and split up families until people wouldnít want a family.  They would be scared to have one.  This article is from the Mail Online with another case.


Pregnant Briton who fled to Spain to prevent social services taking child, gives birth to son (A:  while in Spain.)

By Andrew Levy / 18th February 2010 / Mail Online


A pregnant British woman who fled abroad to avoid her child being taken into care by social services was recovering last night after giving birth to a son.


The woman and her fiance secretly moved to Spain in December after their first child, a daughter, was taken away by social workers and put up for adoption.  (A:  There are your choices in a totalitarian state.  Family is bad, family is bad, family is badÖ thatís the message.)


Their case has been taken up by Tory MP Tim Yeo who accused Suffolk County Council of 'child kidnap' because the couple were declared unfit parents despite no evidence they would cause the girl physical or emotional abuse.  (A:  What do they mean by FIT?  This is EUGENICS, folks.  This is the terminology they use with eugenics.)


The mother originally came to the attention of social workers after her former husband successfully fought for custody of a son they had together. Mr Yeo said 'spurious' concerns had been concocted about her parenting skills.  (A:  ĎSpurious,í thatís what they make up during lawsuits in court.  Their lawyers tell them to lie.)


Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail yesterday the couple - who cannot be identified for legal reasons but are referred to as Carissa and Jim - said their happiness at the birth in a hospital on the Costa Brava was tinged with sadness by being separated from their daughter.


Lorry driver (A:  Truck driver.) Jim, 41, said: 'We are over the moon about our son but it's impossible to forget how these people have ruined our lives.


'Throughout this process we have been thinking about how our daughter should have been with us to share our joy. (A:  Before the authorities kidnapped the daughter.)  Instead, we lost her and then had to escape here with hardly any money in our pockets.'


Mr Yeo used Parliamentary privilege in November to raise the issue at the House of Commons and accuse the council of 'actively seeking opportunities to remove babies from their mothers'.  (A:  Back with more after this break.)


HI folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just to end that article, it mentions thatÖ


Carissa's first child, he said, was taken away after her ex-husband's girlfriend, who works for Essex Social Services, contacted a friend in Suffolk Social Services.  (A:  So you understand, they set it up through this little mafia, the social services organizations.  Thatís how they do each other favors.  Quite amazing.)


Alan:  Thereís another caller on the line.  Thatís Dave from Arizona.  Are you there Dave?


Dave:  Just to continue and go along that line of predictive programming.  There is something Iíve noticed.  In the last, say the last 8 years, the horror genre is one of my favorite genres growing up.  Itís just like the movies now and Iím talking about movies like Hustle and Saw are just garbage.  They are just junk.  You can tell that basically itís just to remove humanity.  Itís very impersonal.  Itís not like a shark or itís not like something from outer space.  Itís like movies that highlight people who are sadistic and they like to torture and they like to murder.


Alan:  Youíre right.  You see, the ones at the top who run the world, the psychopaths, they are deviant and they are sado-masochists and all power structures you find, really, are formed after the sado-masochistic tendencies.  You find this with those who worshipped Lenin and still do.  Those who worshipped Stalin, a guy who killed everyone close to him, people literally worshipped him.  The people who worshipped Adolf Hitler, his close officers around about him, even at the trails and so on, had absolute glorification for him.  Here is the thing with sado-masochists, they worship the one with more power above them but they hate and despise the weaker one beneath them, of a lower rank.  The culture industry today is FULL, absolutely full of sado-masochism.  Absolutely, youíre right. 


Dave:  Two more examples and I didnít see this movie but Iíve seen this highlight.  I mean, you couldnít pay me to see this movie.  There is a movie called Inglorious Bastards.  They actually show some buy beating some guyís brains out.  Youíve got to ask yourself Alan, why exactly, why do we need to see that?


Alan:  You know why you are seeing that?  Because itís a process of desensitization and the devaluation of human life and so are all those CSI programs on TV.  Hereís another Ďstiffí in and they start ripping the body apart like it was just a pound of meat, itís not a person.  You are being DESENSITIZED constantly, constantly, constantlyÖ right down to our relationships between male and female.  Thatís been the biggest war of all.  They canít bond anymore.   All the male is and all the female is, are sexual objects and they will discuss how good it was in the sack that night.  Thatís all itís about today, not bonding at all.  If bonding comes along, there is a power there with the two of them and then you have offspring.  They DO NOT WANT OFFSPRING but they DO want us desensitized.  That way too, when the big trouble starts and the riots start and you go through periods of chaos, when you see the brains at the side of the road that the cops just bashed out of somebody, it wonít effect you quite as much and youíll go along like a robot and pass them by. 


Dave:  Right because it looks like the Western society is now a male-hating society. 


Alan:  It is absolutely a male-hating society.  The main target was against the male.  Theyíve been very successful about it.  Guys today donít know what they really, truly are anymore.  They canít be a man anymore; they canít stand up even for their wives sometimes. 


Dave:  Thanks a lot Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Sad but true; but this war has been long and vicious, subtle and scientifically organized and pushed from the top down, as always.  Weíve got to fight backÖ itís worth it. 


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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