Feb. 22, 2010 (#519)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 22, 2010:

Socialist-Eugenics -- Regardless of Name, Aim is the Same:

"This Tyrannical Agenda Will Not Stop,
Financed by Money-Masters From the Top,
With Their Equality Nonsense, All Hypocrisy,
They Dictate to Government, Parading Democracy,
Under Bioethics, a Professional Disguise,
It's Evolution, Eugenics, Superman Prize,
Marx and Darwin Both Claimed Inferiors Must Perish,
Leaving Spacious World for the Fit to Cherish,
Sustainability, Warming, Resources, All Scam,
It's the Authorized Agenda, The Only Plan,
Sell-Out Prostitutes from Hades, Nazi-Marxist Fanatics,
Global Socialist Threat, They Never Change Tactics"
© Alan Watt Feb. 22, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 22, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 22nd 2010.  For the newcomers out there, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  I say this at the beginning of every show to remind people that Iíve got a whole bunch of sites up there. So if you go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and bookmark the rest of the sites I have up, that way you can always download the latest shows when Iím unable to upload to some of the top sites that I use.  [Official sites listed above.]  Sometimes, for some reason, which they canít explain, they donít automatically increase my bandwidth when Iím uploading.  The tin can moment is very brief here.  I donít blow my own horn or rattle it too much, just keep my modesty you might say, or self-respect.  Some people have none.  I need you, the listeners, to back me up.  Buy the things I have for sale on the web sites Ė books, CDs, and DVDs Ė or donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Some people just send cash and that comes through just as well.  Itís very important that you do this.  Most hosts get paid by the advertisers.  Thatís how they survive.  In fact when they move to the other stations they take those advertisers with them often, so they are head-hunted by the different companies.  I have nothing to do with the advertisers, that way I donít have to bring them on and help plug their stuff.  That gives me a free hand.  The advertisers that you hear on this show pay RBN directly for the time. They pay for their bills, staff, board ops and their equipment which is always, of course, like mine too, is always needing renewed or fixed at the very least.  Itís very expensive broadcasting from radio stations.  So you have to help ME keep going.  You can do so by donating or purchasing the things I have for sale.  Those who get the disks burned and passed around to them can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Most folk skip the first 5 minutes and if I was a salesman Iíd really pester you; pester the heck out of you every 10 minutes by plugging the same stuff, as most of them do, but Iím not here because this is a job.  Itís worse than any kind of job, believe you me.  Itís more than any vocation.  Itís something that has to be done.  Iím not building a business enterprise by any means whatsoever.  If I was I would be getting paid by the advertisers and make quite a lot of loot in that kind of area.  This gives me a free hand to do what I want to do.  I think perhaps, hopefully, it gives a little bit more credibility to what Iím saying; there is no ulterior purpose except just to tell the people what reality is and show them how to try and get at least a little bit sane if nothing else.  Here is the music coming in and Iíll come back with tonightís stories after these messages.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Reality is a favorite topic of mine because itís the hardest thing to find.  I think John Lennon sang, give me the truth, all I want is the truth.  Well, that goes along in the same category but it starts with reality. 


Many LEVELS of what we think is reality will give you what they claim is the truth but the more you study into things you realize you truly are in a scientific type of dictatorship, the type that Aldous Huxley talked about.  Itís very precise.  It starts at birth really.  Youíre downloaded from your parents.  You watch cartoons.  Youíre downloaded with a thousand messages there, about the environment and all the rest of it, and things your parents donít even notice.  You then go into school where, again, through scientific indoctrination, you are programmed. 


Itís interesting to look at teachersí, what they call ĎToolboxesí that they put up for special courses.  How to PRESENT certain topics to the children and how to present it in such a way, itís a formula, that it will stop the child from really questioning what you are presenting to them by the FORMULA in which itís presented and by even emotive words interjected with the things you are talking about.  Itís actually a formula.  Itís not up to the teacher; thatís why they give them what they call Ďtoolboxes.í  On some of these teachersí web sites, theyíll let you see some of these toolboxes.  Most of them you have to pay for; thatís to keep the general public out.  They donít want you to know that they are using scientific types of indoctrination, which is indoctrination NOT education, to program children so theyíre all ONE in their thinking.  They all think theyíre quite natural and theyíre given their own Platoís Cave, so that whatever topics that they bring up in the playground will be understood by all the rest in the cave.  Itís all familiar to them.  Anything outside the cave, theyíll ridicule and probably give someone a hard time.  Thatís how it really, really does work. 


I was thinking back, from an article Iím reading here from the Guardian.  The Guardian UK, really, its job is to just to take the left wing idea.  Thatís what they do; they always give you right wing papers and left wing papers and youíre supposed to choose one or the other, just like you do in politics.  ALL newspapers today have an environmental correspondent, which really means they are failed journalists that go the easy route.  Pravda, under the Soviet regime, would have been proud to have them because they just spout off whatever is the politically correct theme that they are designated to write about.  In the Guardian especially, they have all their greenie ones, especially Jeffrey Sachs, for instance.  Jeffrey Sachs said the Ďclimate skeptics are recycled critics of controls on tobacco and acid rain.í  Well, Mr Jeffrey Sachs, what happened to your hole in the ozone and what happened to your coming ice age and what happened to your lakes that were going to be dead lakes all over the world because of acid rain?  What happen to all that, Mr SachsÖ now that youíre spouting the next roasting, frying period and all that rubbish?  See, these people are just little prostitutes.  They truly are prostitutes that take whatever is politically correct.  They smell the wind when theyíre young and they go with it for their careerís sake. 


It would be the same if they became a bureaucrat.  Bureaucrats allow horrible things to be done to the public because the public are to be reduced to numbers.  They are not people any more, theyíre impersonal.  They type of character that would go into that is Jeffrey Sachs.  Thatís how Hitler could, AND, by the way, he copied it from the Soviet Union.  As I say, watch The Soviet Story.  Thatís how both of those countries, which are socialist remember, the same as we are all now.  Thatís how Hitler could install the campaign to efficiently kill people, which he learned from the Soviets who had been doing it long before he came along.  They used a very, very specialized TECHNIQUE, as they call it, technique, again, within bureaucracy to reduce people to inhumane, actually NON-human status; just numbers and categories.  They just write them off the top.  They are given a list of numbers.  These numbers have to be eliminated, do it next Wednesday at so and so and thatís how they did it, very, very efficient.  So Iíve no time for prostitutes that truly are in it for their own benefit and they are fanatical.  When you get down to the bottom of whatís inside them, they really do hate humanity.  They hate it so much that theyíll take any recent lie thatís put from the top and RUN with it.  They just run with it no matter how ludicrous it happens to be and just name-call everyone that comes up with evidence to the contrary.


In the Guardian newspaper, with a different author here but itís still the Guardian of course, it saysÖ


Yvo de Boer's resignation compounds sense of gathering climate crisis

Despite his steady hands at the helm of climate talks, de Boer was losing his touch and navigated into rancorous territory

Mark Lynas guardian.co.uk, Thursday 18 February 2010


(Alan:  So theyíre all worried about de Boer.  See, the UN right now is chopping out some of its top people, just to give them a temporary fall.  They wonít be out of the UN; theyíre out of that position.  Theyíll replace them with someone elseís name that we havenít heard of yet, whoís a bit more keen perhaps, or been taught the latest techniques of lying.)


De Boer steps down as climate chief.  (A:  He was the climate chief.  Theyíve got so many chiefs there eh?  It just makes you astonished because youíve also got Pachauri, the IPCC climate chief for that one.  So theyíre getting rid of them just to throw a little sacrifice to their people below them, all their workers that are bit annoyed that things have gone wrong.)


UN climate chief Yvo de Boer at a news conference on the eve of the Copenhagen conference which ultimately ended in disappointment.


How can everything have gone so wrong so quickly? A year ago, the prospects for successful climate change regulation were bright: a new US president promised positive re-engagement with the international community on the issue (A:  I wonder where this international community is?  Iíve always wondered about that.), civil society everywhere was enthusiastically mobilising (A:  Did you realize that all throughout your society, your civil society because thatís what you are, you are all mobilizingÖ.) to demand that world leaders "seal the deal" at Copenhagen, and the climate denial crowd (A:  I like how they word it, Ďdenial crowdí.  Like Ďholocaust deniers,í you see. The terminology is very important in psycholinguistics.)  had been reduced to an embarrassing rump lurking in the darker corners of the internet.


Now there seems to have been a complete reversal. Obama is held hostage (A:  Oh, heís not changing his mind.  No.  Heís held hostageÖ) by a deadlocked Senate, which will agree to neither domestic climate legislation nor US participation in a new legally binding treaty. Copenhagen was a disaster from start to finish, and even the face-saving Copenhagen accord is winning at best lukewarm support even from the countries that helped draw it up. To add to the sense of crisis, the climate denial lobby is suddenly resurgent, (A:  I love their words, I really do.)  and the conspiracy theories (A:  ooohhh.) that underlie the hacked climate emails controversy are in danger of becoming popular received wisdom. 


Then they go on bewailing the loss of this great, high-level prostitute because the whole climate thing is nonsense and bogus and itís been exposed as a POLITICAL AGENDA.  Everything at the United Nations is a POLITICAL AGENDA.  Thatís what the UN was set up to BE, one big socialist world agenda, PURE POLITICS, in every direction and every facet of human life comes from the United Nations.


Here is another article.  This is from the Telegraph.


£60m bill for the CO2 of our political class

We pay billions of dollars to Asian countries for the right to continue emitting CO2 here in the West , says Christopher Booker.

By Christopher Booker / 20 Feb 2010 / Telegraph.co.uk


One could not want a better vignette of the gulf that has opened up between our ďpolitical classĒ and the rest of us than a bizarre little item which emerged last week on an obscure part of the European Commissionís website. The British Government, as revealed by the EUís (A:  That is their Parliament over there.) Official Journal, has allocated £60 million of taxpayersí money to be spent on buying carbon credits from the Third World for the use of government buildings and other official purposes Ė so that our civil servants can continue to benefit from the CO2 emissions needed to keep their offices warm and lit.  (A:  Do you see where this is going?  This is how they do everything.  They start with the government departments, they go along with it.  Then it comes down to YOU folks and they are going to take the last penny off youÖ for all this carbon nonsense.  This is to get you all used to it.  But this is what they are spending, just for Londonís civil service, £60 million!  Ö to buy nothings, nothingsÖ bags of nothings. Not even the bags.  Youíve got visualize the sack, empty sacks full of carbon, all folded up neatly but when you open them up thereís obviously carbon inside it, OBVIOUSLY, because they are labeled Ďcarbon credits,í you see.  Utter rubbish!   This is the best scam theyíve had in history, from all religions.  This IS a religion too that theyíve created for the lower classes to believe in, all their helping classes.  In the old days it was just sins, bags of sins and stuff that you had to pay for.  Now itís bags of rubbish, something thatís there naturally.  In fact weíd all be dead without it, so would all the plants.)


The Government has contracted to buy these credits, mainly available from China and India, through 10 British and foreign companies, including (A:  of courseÖ) Barclays Bank and a branch of J P Morgan rather oddly situated in a back street in Oxford.


Our entire Government machine Ė politicians and civil servants alike Ė is now obsessively dedicated to the proposition that we must drastically cut our ďcarbon emissionsĒ to save the planet, at virtually unlimited cost. But when it comes to the officials and politicians themselves having to make sacrifices, as our own fuel bills soar, they have quietly arranged for the rest of us to shell out £60 million to allow them to carry on much as before. (A:  Turning up their thermostats and all the rest of it.)


The story then becomes even more bizarre. The contracts with Barclays, J P Morgan and co Ė who will retain up to £9 million in commissions (A:  Not a bad deal.  OhÖ lawyers and banks.  Lawyers and banks run the world.  Donít they?  They canít lose no matter what they do.  Ah, a new form of slavery.) Ė will be used to buy Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) credits under the UNís Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) set up under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.  (A:   Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Telegraph about the con games as they sell this fiction back and forth that weíre all going to be having to pay for, for you own breathing, etc, very shortly.  Itís a whole political scam to bring in a brave new world.  Thatís what itís all about, AS the big boys, of course, make masses of bucks off it and all the prostitutes that jump on board and there are lots of them, believe you me, in society.  Lots of them will jump on board.  Thatís why the Soviet era worked for a long time.  Thatís why any totalitarian regime works for a long time.  There are so many people that get on board, learn the handbook and the political speech and the correctness and away they go.  They are fanatics, you see, especially when they are filling their own pockets. 


The largest and easily the most lucrative component of the CDM market (A: Thatís the carbon trading market.), administered under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (A:  Again, the United Nations, this strange entity that none of us vote for.), is a peculiar racket centred on the manufacture of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), classified under Kyoto as greenhouse gases infinitely more potent than CO2. The way the racket works is that Chinese and Indian firms are permitted to carry on producing the refrigerant gas known as HCFC-22 until 2030. But a by-product of this process is HCFC-23, 11,700 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than CO2. The firms can then destroy the HCFC-23, claiming allocations of carbon credits worth billions for doing so (A:  Not bad eh?  They make the darn stuff, they profit off it, then they can destroy the byproduct and get paid for doing itÖ BY US.  Isnít that a deal?  Boy, you know the mafia couldnít dream up this stuff.  This is more wily then them; itís beautiful.  Only the bankers could do this and the lawyers.) (while much of the useful HCFC-22 is then sold on to the international black market).  (A:   Isnít that something?)


According to the UN Environment Programme Ė a body set up in 1972 by a Canadian businessman, Maurice Strong, (A:  Heís not a business man.  Heís one of theseÖ Heís just a gopher; heís a technocrat for the Rockefellers who picked him up.  He never even went to college and they just put him right into the oil industry and other places to get the hang of things and then stuck him into the United Nations so they could run it basically.) who was its first chairman and also father of the UNFCCC Ė destruction of CFCs as of last year accounted for more than half the CDM credits issued, in a market which will eventually be worth an estimated $17 billion. (A:   Not bad.  Itís like when they came up with the scam for getting rid of fluoride, a byproduct of the aluminum industry.  The Bronfmanís in Canada and another group in the States worked together to get it lobbied and passed through governments AND the dental professions to tell you that it was good for your teeth.  So that we started to buy their WASTE PRODUCT and they told us that it was good for us.  Thatís how they did it.  Now theyíre doing the same thing with this HCFC 23, a byproduct of their very lucrative business.  They destroy the byproduct and we pay them for doing it, billions of bucks.  This is something else, eh.)  Less than 1 per cent of the 1,390 CDM projects so far approved accounts for 36 per cent of their total value.


Thus we pay billions of dollars to the Asian countries for the right to continue emitting CO2 and other greenhouse gases here in the West, including the £60 million contributed by British taxpayers to keep our civil servants warm. As a result we enrich a small number of people in China and India, including Maurice Strong, who now lives in exile in Beijing, (A:  Heís got a UN building there; thatís where they put him.  Mind you, heís very near, I think it was his aunt who was buried there.  She was an advisor and friend of the Revolutionary Mao Tse Tung. There was a documentary on TV where he went to visit the grave yard.  See, theyíre lifelong revolutionaries and lefties, these guys.) having been caught out in 2005 for illicitly receiving $1 million from Saddam Hussein in the ďOil for FoodĒ scandal. (A:   Thatís Mr Maurice Strong for you.  They CARE about people, these guys that fill their pockets all the time.  They really care.)  He played a key part in setting up Chinaís carbon exchange, to buy and sell the CDM credits administered by the UNFCCC Ė of which Strong himself was the chief architect. (A:   Oh, I tell you, I tell you.  They are still making money.  They are still making movies about Al Capone and stuff like that.  Hereís the real stuff here.  This is the real stuff.  Ah, beautiful.  Iím thinking about starting a company where I can just get bags that will sort of hold shape with nothing in it and sell it off as pollution holders.  At least youíll see something.  These guys wonít even see anything.  Itís all bogusÖ pie in the sky.)


Propaganda is astonishing.  ALL movies are propagandic movies.  They are EMBEDDED with messages all the time, preparing the mind, mainly of the young, for whatís to come without them even knowing it.  It makes certain topics familiar with them and even might give them a sequence of working through it until you agree with it IN the movie by following the heroes and then it becomes your opinion, so that nothing shocks you later on when it actually happens; you are familiarized with it. 


Here is the Economic Union, the Parliament, this great super parliament, this dictatorial system that runs Europe, the precursor of the North American parliament that we will have here.  It says hereÖ


EU superheroes solve a humanitarian crisis caused by an earthquake...

in a comic that's costing the taxpayer £200,000

By Daily Mail Reporter / 22nd February 2010


(A:   Thatís almost $400,000! for a novel Öto elevate them as heroesÖ for the children.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from the Mail Online to do with how the Parliamentarians now, this Super Parliament running the whole of Europe, this non-democratic institution where they actually make laws IN SECRECY at the top.  Thatís been in the newspapers.  They are now churning out novels about themselves, how wonderful they are, theyíre humanitarian and how theyíre really saviors.  It saysÖ


A comic book portraying two fictional European Commission bureaucrats as humanitarian heroes battling to save the world is being sent to schools (A:  Of course, get to the children first, brainwash them.) and homes at a cost of £200,000 to the taxpayer.


More than 300,000 copies of Hidden Disaster, which is printed in five languages, are being dispersed across the UK and mainland Europe.


The hardback graphic novel was written by Belgian author Erik Bongers.  (A:   I was going to say Bonkers for a minute.)


It follows Zana and Max, two employees at the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Department - or ECHO - as they try and raise money for Borduvia, a fictional state that has been devastated by an earthquake.


Beautiful aid worker Zana, who wears a safari jacket with a patch depicting the European Union flag on it, is sent to Borduvia to manage the humanitarian crisis.


There she meets up with local charity worker Tesjang who takes her to the worst-hit region of Kellow, an area in the Urgi mountains that is run by rebels.  (A:  Ooooh.)


Tesjang takes her to meet the rebel leader who at first refuses her offer of European Commission aid.  (A:   So they didnít get bought off I guess.)


But determined Zana delivers a spirited response that is sure to leave children across Europe enraptured.


She says: 'In tragedies like this, international solidarity is normal.  (A:   ĎSolidarity,í where we have heard that before?  I wonder.)


So here you are, writing novels, utter fiction and propaganda and taking your tax money to brainwash your children.  There is nothing new in this actually, to be honest with you.  There is nothing really new in this, at all. 


Iíve mentioned before about music and how there are sequences and every writer knows how there is actually sequencing in music and where you put your hook or your chorus type hook in there and so on and how long it must last.  They dictate at the top how long an album must last or a record must last.  Itís the same in the movies because scientists, because of its propaganda value, have been at this for an AWFUL long time with movies.  There is hardly a movie every churned out that is not meant to alter culture.  Thatís the real purpose of them.  In Hollywood, those involved call themselves The Culture Creators, not followers, not reflecting or mirroring society, but actually CREATING SOCIETY.  You see, like Plato said, monkey see, monkey doÖ and we do.  We copy what we see.  We dress the way they dress and we behave the way we think they behave.  So this article, itís actually from Science and Technology News. 


Hollywood movies follow a mathematical formula

February 19th, 2010 in Other Sciences / Mathematics / PhysOrg.com


(PhysOrg.com) -- Hollywood movies have found a mathematical formula that lets them match the effects of their shots to the attention spans of their audiences.


Psychologist Professor James Cutting and his team from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, analyzed 150 high-grossing Hollywood films released from 1935 to 2005 and discovered the shot lengths in the more recent movies followed the same mathematical pattern that describes the human attention span. The pattern was derived by scientists at the University of Texas in Austin in the 1990s who studied the attention spans of subjects performing hundreds of trials. The team then converted the measurements of their attention spans into wave forms using a mathematical technique known as the Fourier transform.


They found that the magnitude of the waves increased as their frequency decreased, a pattern known as pink noise, or 1/f fluctuation, which means that attention spans of the same lengths recurred at regular intervals. (A:   Did you know that?  That your attention spans literally come in cycles?)  The same pattern has been found by Benoit Mandelbrot (the chaos theorist) in the annual flood levels of the Nile, and has been seen by others in air turbulence, and also in music.  (A:   I love how theyÖ even the name, itís like Mr Dandelion is the guy who comes to mow your lawn.  Cutting, a cutter is someone that you use when youíre making movies; they cut the movies and paste them together.  Itís almost like theyíre laughing at us.)


Cutting made his discovery by measuring the length of every shot in 150 comedy, drama and action films, and then converted the measurements into waves for every movie. He found that the more recent the films were, the more likely they were to obey the 1/f fluctuation, and this did not just apply to fast action movies. Cutting said the significant thing is that shots of similar lengths recur in a regular pattern through the film.


Cutting believes obeying the 1/f law makes films ďresonate with the rhythm of human attention spans,Ē and this makes them more gripping. (A:   Actually, I find that itís all like canned peas.  Every pea looks the same now, the movies, if you notice, because theyíre using these kind of formulas and they become utterly boring, to me anyway.)  Films edited in this way would then tend to be more successful and the style of shooting and editing more likely to be copied. (A:   What he is not telling you here is that they already did this through cartoons for 20-30 years and studied the effects on children.  So he is not the discoverer of this whatsoever and theyíve been using it in the movies for an awful long time as well.)  Films of Cuttingís own favorite genre, the Film Noir, do not generally follow the 1/f law, with shot lengths tending to be more random. (A:   Thatís the old-fashioned black and white.)  By contrast The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and the 2005 blockbuster movie Star Wars Episode III (which Cutting considers to be ďjust dreadfulĒ) both follow 1/f rigidly.


The researchers concluded that over the next few decades film makers may take more care to follow the 1/f law to try to boost audience engagement.


More information: Attention and the Evolution of Hollywood Film; James E. Cutting, Jordan E. DeLong and Christine E. Nothelfer, Psychological Science published online 5 February 2010. DOI:10.1177/0956797610361679 . Full text of the paper is available here.


Iíll put these articles up at the end of the night on my web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can look for yourself.  There is much, much more to all this than what they tell us, of course.  They always have been at it longer, ALWAYS, then they ever tell us. 


There is John from Alaska there, Iíll try and pop him in before I forget.  Are you there John?


John:  Iím here.  How are you tonight?


Alan:  No so bad.


John:  I began listening to your show around 2007 and I have to say itís been quite a journey.  The entire time I listened I was pretty much writing down the items that you mention, the names you mention and itís connected a lot of dots to me.  Then reading your books, listened to your CDs and itís really helped me learn an appreciation for real history.  Itís cool to know 9/11 was in inside job but if you donít know your history you are still going to end up basically being a useful idiot serving one of the UNís agencies basically because, of course, all roads lead to the UN.  Now, one of the biggest obstacle you find when you try to mention these things to other people is the belief that people have where they think, you know, Iím educated so I know all there is to know.  The problem with that is that they leave out, in the public school system, they leave out the most notorious and the most destructive scientific movement in historyÖ namely eugenics.  Iíve heard you mention this a lot of times but basically if you donít know about eugenics you donít know anything.† You donít know anything.  The reason they donít mention eugenics is because then they have to tell us about how the British and American eugenics ideology was copied by the Nazis.  America had their forced sterilization laws in effect at that time.  These were copied by the Nazis and these were implemented in a kind of one-upmanship that the Nazis were trying to show the American eugenicists.  I have a quick article here if you donít mind me reading parts of it. 


Alan:  Sure, go ahead. 


John:  This one is from The New York Times, August 2nd 1933.  Itís very interesting.  Itís titled,


Reich Opens Race Study.

How university course said to be based on American models.

Halle, Germany /  August 1st 1933


The first lecture course on race hygiene for physicians to be given in any German institution of higher learning was opened in Halle University today.  Doctor Kerner who was in charge, told his auditor he followed the American pathfinders Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard.  He also regarded alleged race legislation in the United States as a model but the more drastic measures other nations have only proposed, the new Germany was actually carrying out.


If you look into the Nuremberg Trials, you find that the Germans or the Nazis who were on trail, they mentioned Madison Grant to pretty much show how we are not the only county who has had this ideology.


Alan:  Thatís right.


John:  Of course, they pretty much swept that under the rug.


Alan:  Iíve still got a clip of that; some of the Nazi officers and Eichmann also brought that up in his defense.  He said that we were only following what was already being promoted from countries like Britain and the United States of America.


John:  Yeah.  This whole idea of eugenics which was pretty much popularized by American and Britain, itís beenÖ I mean all roads leads to the United Nations and eugenics. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  I tell you what happened too.  Here is a very important thing to do with this and that is if you go into the book EcoScience with John Holdren writing an article in it for Paul Ehrlich.  Now, Paul Ehrlichís wife was a high-ranking member of the Club of Rome. The whole thing is about depopulation.  What John Holdren himself, who is the Science Czar for the US right now, he said in the book that they could probably sterilize and bring down the population drastically in the third world countries because the people were uneducated and ignorant, therefore, they will come in for inoculations which will sterilize them.  Iíve got stacks of stuff; they are still doing this with the tetanus shots, 5 tetanus shots they are telling people in the Philippines and they are sterilizing them.  Iíve got all the articles here and itís been admitted to, BY the UN actually when they did it in Africa and India.  But, Holdren said, weíll have to use a different tact in the US and the Western hemisphere.  He says, it will have to be done under some other guise.  Well, guess what this other guise is?  Itís called CLIMATE CHANGE, SUSTAINABILITY, etc, etc.  THATíS the method of depopulating the West.  This is what all this carbon nonsense and stuff is ALL about.  They had to use another tact then to simply say, come in and get these free shots; it will help you.


John:  Yep.  You just mentioned Paul Ehrlich.  Heís a very interesting fellow in his own right.  Iíve been looking into his name and I came upon this one document here.  This one is from 1969 and Iím going to try to read some of this real quick.  It is titled,


A Sterility Drug in Food is Hinted.  This is right before they wrote the EcoScience book.  It saysÖ


A Sterility Drug in Food is Hinted.

San Francisco /  November 24th, 1969.


A possibility that the government might have to put sterility drugs in reservoirs and in food shipped to foreign countries to limit human multiplication was envisaged today by leading crusader on population problems. 


The crusader, Dr Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University, among a number of commentators who called attention to the population crisis, as the United States commission for UNESCO opened its 13th National Conference here today.  UNESCO is the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, the 100 member commission appointed by then Secretary of State.


Thatís pretty much the gist of it but there is Paul Ehrlich again.  Like I said, that was right before they wrote the EcoScience book and here he is spreading this ideology and he is speaking before UNESCO and the United Nations. 


Alan:  Thatís correct.  Not only that, Iíve got articles here too from the United Nations where they have produced crops and tested them out on the third world countries which have the unexpected, they said, but very fortunate effects of actually reducing offspring.  Theyíre actually giving this stuff to the so-called third world in certain areas.  I think weíre getting it here too, by the way.


John:  I know you brought up soy several times and how they are putting the soy in the food and how that lowers the sperm count.  Me and my wife, we were walking through the grocery store the other day and we went to the organic section.  Iím just looking at the different products they have there and lo and behold, I discover a product thatís called esterol soy plus.  This is a product that they carry in most organic sections in the grocery store but itís called esterol soy plus.  Itís a medicine, organic medicine made out of nothing but soy and itís actually a menopause medicine for women.  Itís made from fermented soy.  A lot of people will say, well, you know soy itself isnít bad itís just that unfermented type, but here is a medicine thatís pretty much a estrogen replacement therapy for women and itís made out of fermented soy.


Alan:  We get high levels of estrogen, bisphenol A and all the rest of it in the foods, even the processed foods.  That goes right along withÖ from the early days where Holdren and even guys before him questioned how could they do it.  Holdren and Julian Huxley both said, and Julian Huxley was the first CEO of UNESCO, Julian said, we can do it; our only problem is should we put it in the water or in the food or in the inoculations?  Thatís what he said. 


John:  And they are doing all 3.


Alan:  Thatís correct. 


John:  Now, like you say, you got John Holdren, he is the Science Czar the Obama administration.   Heís got people like Paul Ehrlich in his rolodex, on speed dial.  Like I say, you have these educated idiots; they donít know anything about eugenics and they live in these cities so they view everything as being overpopulated.


Alan:  Thatís correct.


John:  You know, we have to eliminate some of these people but they donít realize that they are down as one of the people to be eliminated. 


Alan:  Exactly.  Exactly.  In fact, Julian Huxley said, we can sterilize them without their knowledge and at the same time break down - because one of the other things they had to do was to break down - the bonding of male and female so they wouldnít have children anyway.  But theyíd be allowed to have as much sexual promiscuity as they wanted to because they would be basically sterile.  That has happened.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  That was a good caller there, John.  You should look into, John, if youíre still listening, to do a scour of the Google Videos up there and look for Adam Curtis.  He did a documentary thatís never been shown, the parts of it, on Nuremberg and also how they brought Hollywood people in.  It was all worked out in advance.  They wanted a show trial to make it seem like the worst villains in earth were being prosecuted to take you away from the fact that everybody else was doing much the same kind of stuff.  It truly was directed and ran and set up, the whole idea, even where it would be, by producers from Hollywood that did movies.  They had to paint Germany as the only bad character on the planet and in true Western fashion, the black hat and the white hat and all that stuff.  They had to vilify them to say that now that this is over, weíre in a pure society now; and nothing was further from the truth.  It was the same old agenda, same old agenda.  Because eugenics got a bad name, they then called it BIOETHICS.  Every university churns them out now, bioethicists and they are actually eugenicists.  Same bunch.  Same bunch.  They are the ones who are now on panels in every country that advise governments on the next step and the next step and the next step and how far to go and if the public is READY to go the next step in fact; thatís really what they are about. 


We live in this new interconnected, supposedly, global community and itís Marxist in tone, exactly what they found out at the Reece Committee when Senator Dodd in the inquiry about the foundations funding all the left wing organizations because they couldnít understand why the multi billionaires that had the international corporations put out these foundations under charity and actually funded thousands of radical Marxist groups.  They were told by the heads of those foundations that their job was to blend the Sovietized system with that of the West so that we could come together completely with a mixture of the two.  That was the dialectical process that was set up before they gave us the Soviet system in fact.  They knew exactly what they were going to do, how long it would last, and bring it together towards the end of the millennium, which is exactly what happened. 


Now itís Marxism for the masses with the state running you with an elite FEUDAL system, basically, on top.  Thatís really what it is.  Again, all based on eugenics and Darwinism.  The best of the best of the bunch are the ones who have clawed to the top, got the money by the wiles of their cunning and they deserve to rule the rest of the lesser types.  Thatís really what itís based on. 


Here is how itís going in schools now too.  This is from the Mail Online.


Schools should not force girls to wear skirts - it discriminates against transsexuals, warns watchdog

By Arthur Martin / 22nd February 2010 / Mail Online


(A:  I think itís time this watchdog was put down.  Donít you think?  I think itís going a bit senile or something.)


Schools which force girls to wear skirts (A:  I think girls really generally WANT to wear skirts at a certain age and the guys like to look at them and thatís why the girls wear them.) may be breaking the law  - because the policy apparently discriminates against transsexuals.


Official guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission says the dress code may breach the rights of girls who feel compelled to live as boys.


In a 68-page report on the human rights of transsexuals, the watchdog says that 'requiring pupils to wear gender-specific clothes is potentially unlawful'. 


I guess theyíre going to give us all these boiler suits, these blue boiler suits all the Maoists had to wear, male and female, eh?  That will do away with the fashion industry; they wonít be too pleased in Hollywood.  Iíll put these links up on my site at the end of the show if Iím graced with enough speed by XplorNet which cuts me back all the time.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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