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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December 14th, 2007. Newcomers should always go into and download as much of the material on the histories of this world concerning the organizations that plan your future and who the good shepherds are and who the sheep are. Look into for the transcripts you can download in the various tongues of Europe.


Tonight I've just been rushing around stoking up the stove getting the wood burning, because the temperature is a-plummeting, so where is good old global warming when you need it? It will hit 20-below very, very shortly. However, this is the whole thing with this world we live in and the massive conditioning we go through. I just read an article a few minutes ago on the military admitting that they have a project called "Space 2020" to do with the military, the U.S. military, which has been authorized by Britain of course, to own space and the skies and the atmosphere by 2020 and all of the projects they're doing, including the aerial spraying, the weather warfare and so on; it's all admitted to in certain quarters. Now it's starting to leak out into the public, as they always do. They deny things for 10 or 20 years before they ever come out and tell you any kind of truth and even then they will spin it off into "we're trying to stop global warming by poisoning you and spraying aluminum oxide in the atmosphere," but they're also coming out and admitting that, which we all knew, those who have had separate independent analyses done to define the chemicals in these sprays. They're admitting there is barium in there as well and it's been used in conjunction with the HAARP project, which can also be used for weather warfare, but it can also be used to modify human behavior.


This is all being done and we truly do live in Disneyland. The Disneyland of the television and those famous faces that stare at you every night at 6 o'clock and tell you a lot of utter tripe and nonsense and indoctrination. Anything that really matters they won't tell you, but they'll tell you lots of trivia and they'll tell you about sports and politics and the stars and Hollywood, but they won't tell you what really is going on, because the media, the big media is an extension of this global government that's coming into view. Something we've been talking about for a long, long time and those who've been awake have lots of documentation. I have. I've been collecting it all my life to find out how the world is run. How our opinions are formed. How we're conned left, right and center all through our entire lives and the media never changes its method. Why change it when it works so well? Back with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm talking about this Disneyland that we live in, this Wizard of Oz scenario where millions and millions of people have grown up and been indoctrinated into thinking that we're all being taken care of by the experts. Exactly what Bertrand Russell said they make us all believe, backed up by people like Jacques Ellul who wrote about the media, especially television, it was the greatest tool of propaganda. He said everything on television, everything, all the dramas, all the soaps, everything you watch is propaganda and those that reinforce detective stories and series and serials or law courts and the hospital industry, it's all propaganda to elevate those professions above so you will bow down and respect them and do what you're told. It's all propaganda but they make you enjoy it. They always put a human story in with a who-done-it or something like that and you see all these saviors going into action to save the populace from some mad person. Or else you see the hospital industry fervently working to find a cure to save little Tommy and how they're all crying about it and discussing it in their tea breaks and coffee breaks. It's on their mind 24 hours a day. That's all they think about is helping little Tommy; and it's all propaganda.


A couple of years ago on the CBC Canada they did an expose on how the pharmaceutical companies, the big boys propagate this stuff to the public. How they get their PR, their public relations teams to write good write-ups on their products and they interviewed a lot of these guys. Professional guys, they do this sort of thing as a living and none of them would appear except behind a curtain or they shaded their faces out and they altered their voices, because these are the professional liars that are hired to tell you all these glowing reports about the drugs and how they can literally bend everything from one way to another and take out all the bad parts and bad effects and tell you all the goody, goody effects. Very, very simple and they're allowed to do it under the legal system because the legal system is tied up with the big boys and money and all the rest of it, so we should not be surprised.


However, here's a news items from "". That's an Australia news site and it says:


            "Hundreds get sick from Gardasil cancer vaccine."


Alan:  The big hullabaloo we've heard about this is going to be mandatory, Gardasil cancer vaccine. Even the term "cancer vaccine," you see they really hype up that part of it because this is all to do with venereal warts and venereal warts are found at the center very often of cervical cancer. Long-term irritation, even a low type of irritation, not necessarily a high febrile but a low inflammation over a long period of time can cause cancer anywhere in the body and this is certainly a cause of it. However, there's been no proof this actually works, this particular vaccine, but it's big money, it's big hype and the pharmaceuticals will go into overdrive to make sure that you get it because it's all profit all the way to the bank. If indeed it has anything to do with what they tell you is in it, because your general practitioner and your nurse cannot analyze that stuff. It's all taken on faith that that's what's inside that little syringe.


This story as I say is from "" is from December 3rd, 2007 by Kate Sikora and Kelvin Bissett. It says:


            "More than 17 girls a week have been experiencing adverse reactions such as seizures and numbness after taking cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil since it became widely distributed in April. But the Department of Health and Ageing…"


Alan:  Ha, the Department of Health and Ageing.


            "…while revealing the number of reactions, is refusing to release the details of them…"


Alan:  There's again your government department refusing to tell you the details of all these nasty reactions.


            "…despite growing controversy overseas, including links to at least seven deaths. There have been previous reports in Australia of young girls fainting, experiencing seizures, dizzy spells and paralysis…"


Alan:  Just "minor things" like paralysis.


            "…including 20 students at a Melbourne private school who reported being sick after having an injection in late May. The Daily Telegraph can reveal that as of November 30 there have been 496 adverse reaction reports filed to the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). Of those, 468 of the reported cases had the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine as the sole suspected cause. In the US there have been reports of up to 1700 women suffering adverse reactions after being vaccinated. Manufacturer CSL has dismissed allegations of associated deaths in the US, claiming the women died of unrelated thrombosis or heart attack."


Alan:  That's the exact same thing the same companies put out when they brought out the birth control pill and women were keeling over with strokes and thrombosis, clots in the brain and so on. The same kind of hit back at them.


            "…When Gardasil was released earlier this year its inventor, former Australian of the Year Ian Frazer, urged parents to vaccinate their daughters."


Alan:  In other words, here's the guy that's wanting to create a market, creating the market and getting the government to push it. What changes, eh? Don't you get bored with the routine? Don't you get really bored watching the corrupt sods get off with this kind of thing over and over again? It's quite something.


It goes on to say:


            "It would be a pity if that opportunity was lost because of fainting…"


Alan:  Well, we're talking about dying too here and paralysis, Professor Frazer.


            "The national HPV program vaccinates 12 and 13 year olds in the first year of secondary school, along with a catch-up program for women up to 26. Teenager Stephanie Kemp, 17, was vaccinated with Gardasil before it was distributed free."


Alan:  Here's her mummy who probably worships the white coats.


            "I thought it was important for her to have it," said her mother Sue. "To have these things available I think is fantastic . . . the pluses outweigh the minuses," she said. Dr Rohan Hammett, TGA acting national manager said the safety of Gardasil was being monitored by bodies in Australia and overseas with more than 10 million doses distributed worldwide to date. He added the rate of adverse reactions was consistent with those expected with any vaccine."


Alan:  What's the percentage that's supposed to be consistent with any vaccine? and why are they having it? 


"…CSL (the drug company) spokeswoman Rachel David said the majority of side effects were linked to people with severe allergies."


Alan:  So there you go. It's just an allergic response. Death is an allergic response to being poisoned, but there you go. That's what it is. Then underneath it they have some responses from listeners and it says here:


            "News articles never give you news anymore…"


Alan:  That is very true.


            "…The same company MERC said Vioxx was good for you."


Alan:  That was supposed to be for arthritic patients.


            "…Until they yanked it off the shelf because people started having heart attacks."


Alan:  They pooh-poohed that for long enough before they yanked it off the shelf. They did that for a few years. It killed lots of people.


            "These companies spend a lot of money to PR firms to falsely advertise their new drug. Gardasil only protects against 4 types of HPV (supposedly)."


Alan:  That's right, we have no really long-term tests.


            "…They do not test vaccines for more than 6 weeks in clinical test."


Alan:  Which is nothing.


            "…And this is the first vaccinations that has a live cancer virus in it. You should really look at what is put into these vaccines."


Alan:  People should really look into what they're putting into their bodies. It's incredible. It's incredible how we've been brainwashed to get this stuff stuck into us. All kinds of stuff and it's all taken on indoctrinated faith, from the doctor down. Everyone takes it on faith the guys above them have put into that little vial what it says on the vial. None of them can test it themselves. Blind faith, even though from polio on down, even before polio, we've watched the side effects. We’ve watched the autism and all the rest of it come up with the MMR vaccines given to young babies. We've watched all this stuff. The statistics are all over the place but they still want to keep pumping it into us because we're being bioengineered and this is part of a eugenics program. Bottom line, eugenics program, yep, it's that bad. That's what's happening.


Now I think we've got Phil in Maryland on the line. Are you there, Phil?


Phil:  Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Phil:  I've got an article here that I'd like to read just a little bit of and I'd like to get your take on it. I'm in a rural county here in Maryland. The title of the article is: "Firm Garners Data on County. For about $650,000 the county contracted Spatial Systems Associates to verify the addresses of all buildings in the county and identify access points to the building. So these guys are going around with a car with a camera mounted on the top and the director of the Office of Information and Technology Services said the information will initially be used by public safety agencies but other departments such as planning can also benefit from the information. The first part of the project which started December 3rd involves taking pictures of every occupied building in the county and checking the address even if it is displayed using a laptop computer anchored to a post near the center console, they reposition the camera to take shots of the house while trying not to photograph trees and other obstructions." I can't believe this is going on in my county. "We want to provide the county with the best possible data. It's an important project for emergency services and we definitely want to make sure it's accurate."


Then they basically say that they have software that allows them to check information the county has on file and the map technicians can see the houses that they have been to and the ones they still need to visit and then it just basically ends by saying the guys – they interviewed the guys driving around the car taking pictures. The first day we needed GPS to get around. The second day not so much."


Alan:  Hold on and we'll go into this after the following messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt with Cutting Through the Matrix and Phil from Maryland has been talking about basically the government department's public safety going around and photographing all homes. They've been doing this for years in other areas of the U.S. too and it is for emergency purposes. There's going to be a lot of emergencies coming up, believe you me, for the next 10 to 30 years and they want to know all of the entrances they can smash into if they have to get in if you're not being cooperative in some way or another. That's what it's all about and back in the early '70's I knew a guy who had worked with the British system and then he graduated higher up into the NSA and he told me that the postal codes that were written down, they were getting taught to write them down with all our letters at the time. He said at the moment they're of no use, the post office doesn't use them. He said but 20 years down the road they'll be worked with a grid pattern planet-wide and he said it will start with one set of numbers then it will be followed by another set; and sure enough, that's what appeared. The other set is your exact location and this is all being used with satellite for identification purposes on a grid pattern. This is all to do with again Homeland Security. Homeland Security is all about keeping everything within the Homeland secure for the Big Boys regardless of what they're bringing down the pike, which is not a nice story, and they've got to know how they can get in that home quickly and drag you out of bed at 3 in the morning, just like they did in the Soviet system. It's going to be an exact same scenario as that. That's what it's all about. Do you understand?


Phil:  I can't express how indignant I am about this and I'm really angry and I can't believe they're doing this in this rural county that's basically farmland and dilapidated barns. How do you respond to that? I mean what am I supposed to do? Put up barbed wire? You know what I mean? What the heck do you do to this intrusion?


Alan:  Well, that's just it. You see in this real system, not the show system that we have, we're under a system of totalitarianism. There's a real government there but it's not the one you elect and it's come out to the front now and you just have these orders and rules and laws appearing there and they have given us no complaints department. That's just it, so you're exactly right. Who do you complain to? There's no complaints department for anybody in the public here. This is all a must-be and they said they would concentrate on the rural areas because in the near future they're going to cleanse the rural areas of people. They don't want you in the rural areas. They want you into these habitat areas. In other words, for the vast majority of the public, they have to go into the already overcrowded cities while they're building. I don't know if you realize they're building exquisite habitat areas, smaller ones all over the place for high-level bureaucrats and their families. That's already underway.


Phil:  I'm just trying to grasp this. They are really taking all this data. They're going to put it in a database and this is what SWAT teams are going to use to call it up and say okay such and such an address and they're going to sit there out front of their house. They're going to beam it down to that truck or wherever they're sitting and they're going to basically have a 3D of that house with everything in it?


Alan:  Absolutely.


Phil:  Incredible.


Alan:  You see, Total Information Network and I hope that people get that. It's not just listening to every phone call and recording every phone call or fax or internet thing that you do. It's also complete 24-hour observation as well and we are observed. I was amazed to see just what the local government had just using aircraft and how they go over every area in Canada at least once per month and photograph over your house and you can see your lawnmower outside and maybe even you as well. They have that already. Now with the satellites of course they have far more data on an ongoing basis. Total information means total information and it's all about what you're doing.


Phil:  To me personally it's intimidating and I mean I don't like – I don't know.


Alan:  That's what George Bush meant when he declared or made that open declaration that went through people's ears like a breath of wind just blasting through. He gave us a legal statement, a re-defining of the word "freedom." He said, "the new freedom".  That's a legal classification of a new definition of what freedom now is. You better ask them what they mean by that because they will give you the new definition. It means you have no freedom. That's what it means.


Phil:  Thanks for taking my call.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Phil:  Okay, bye.


Alan:  And we've got Rick in California. Are you there, Rick? Hello Rick.


Rick:  Hello Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Rick:  Oh good. Now I got through. I just wanted to say something. I'm pretty good at math sometimes and I've learned some numerologies. I grew up around people who were into it and there's something that I figured out. I figured out that the distance in time in days between January 1st, 1995 and April 19th, 1995 the date of the Oklahoma City Federal Building is almost exactly the same distance as the time between 9/11/01 and the end of that year. If you take a year as a line segment they're almost the same distance into the year. One going backwards. One forwards. It's 109 days until April 19th and it's 111 days from 9/11 until the end of the year and if you cross out the one in front of both of those numbers Oklahoma City and 9/11 are connected by 9/11.


Alan:  I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got a caller on the line. Are you still there?


Rick:  Yes. Can you hear me okay, Alan?


Alan:  Yes. I know they love their numbers and people who are into numerology generally do know that you bring it down to the lowest number and you always end up with 10, which is one and so on and everything becomes one. However, they've been doing this forever and you've got to realize too they have a parallel calendar that they go by and they still start their year off basically in March. Sometimes the end of March depending on what century it is. They do this quite often and they do love their numbers and their 9/11s and all the rest of it.


Rick:  I remember Donald Rumsfeld was on TV with Larry King, I don't know end of last year, early this year and Larry King said to him. "Do you think there's going to be another 9/11 type attack? And he said, "oh yes" and he appeared so confident. He said, "much worse than 9/11."


Alan:  I'm sure.


Rick:  And if you count one and nine it reduces down to 109 and reduces to 1. It's like the first attack. Maybe add up 2, 5 and 4 which is the day until 9/11 that's 2. It's the second attack so if you go by the sequence of the third attack will have to be on the day that adds up to 3, but maybe I don't know. Maybe they won't go by that sequence.


Alan:  What they often do is they go by old occultic important dates. I mean even 9/11 happens on what is still within the Ides of September and what it means is a system, meaning a god is born out of the head of Zeus, a goddess, by pure will of the goddess, meaning those who run the system are creating a brand new system by their own perfected will. That's what they meant by that.


Rick:  If one could create an algorithm using their dates and everything, could one calculate possible dates for the next attack?


Alan:  I don't live in fear of that, to be honest, because I've watched them before making dates and the internet's full of people making dates and nothing happens.


Rick:  Yes, that's true.


Alan:  You get caught up in it. All it is is a fear-mongering thing of predictive programming waiting for the next one and you get an ulcer waiting for it and then nothing happens. Whenever it happens it will be when you least expect it.


Rick:  Yes, that's true. Can I just make one more point and then I'll get off the phone?As I've been learning about computers, I learned that your BIOS (basic input output system) and I was thinking about that. It's also like – and I was thinking about racism and how humans you know we have stored files in our brain. Old prejudices. It's like our BIOS is also our b-i-a-s. It's like our bias. So there's some symbolism there if that makes any sense.


Alan:  There's always symbols. All the computer terminology is highly symbolic: your hard drive, your RAM, it's all sexual.


Rick:  All right, well thank you very much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. We've got Robert in New York. Is that Robert? Hello.


Robert:  Hello. Any suggestions for dealing with family members, who basically live in the TV world, when presenting information to them usually results in high emotional outbursts, massive denial and basically tension between us and them, to the point where we don't even bring it up anymore, but they'll actually because it bothers them inside. They'll bring it up and the screaming starts and then they just go back to denial. Any suggestions for getting through to family members?


Alan:  No. I generally tell people not to try with family members because all you do – you're the guy that's waking up and you can't fall asleep again. It just doesn't happen. However, the chances of someone in the same family waking up are so small, so slim that it's almost impossible. Maybe 1 in 10,000 will wake up because they are programmed and they truly do believe television. They'll think you're mad. They'll make your life hell and all you do is cause dissention in their home and you'll be under attack all the time. It's best, if you're going to stay where you are, which sometimes it becomes pretty well impossible, but if you're going to stay where you are you have to learn to live inside your head while you're at home with them and you have to – I call it robo-land. You talk about the topics, even though it's tiresome to do so, that they've heard on the media and that's what they relate to. Anything outside that media they don't relate to.


Robert:  Really the only way to connect with them is lowering yourself to that level and just to have any sort of bond with them in any way. Just another question I guess. Everything you know you've learned about in this life, your honest opinion, where do you see this world in 20 years?


Alan:  Hell.


Robert:  Really?


Alan:  Because it's not just my opinion and apart from what's so visible at the moment with every country passing the same laws at the same time every day and plus the Department of Defence issuing its 30-year prospect or the future what they foresee; and this is the top for the NASA countries. We're looking at absolute hell. The Department of Defence is not a joke. These characters study war and their job is to always predict what's coming and prepare for it and they have been preparing for it and they see 30 years of rioting, mayhem and chaos and mobs, "flashmobs" they call it, in the population. Now what would cause the average person to go to that kind of length? It would be quite simple. You turn off their electricity. You turn off or you cut down electricity – their gasoline for sure. They want you off the road down the road. You restrict their food supply. Rationing is going to come. That's in the United Nations Charter, by the way. They said they eventually will distribute food to each country and you will be responsible for keeping your own country's population under control, meaning it's up to you to deal with the problem and bring it down into satisfactory figures. This is what's coming down the pike. The military-industrial complex are bringing it on too. They're prepared for it. That's what this whole supposed war on terror is about. It's a war OF terror on the public of the world. War has been declared on the people of the world and those in control are the real government, not the one you elect. The one you elect are just the puppets that do what they're told by the superior government.


Robert:  You've made some comments and it seems to be skepticism, but have you made a genuine attempt to look into Ron Paul at all and his record and the message he brings to the table?


Alan:  I'll tell you this. You see this only works in America. I've watched American politics for years and I understand the psychology of America and they would never give you a lone hero scenario in any other country. It's designed for the Hollywood indoctrination of Clint Eastwood riding into town and clearing it up and you sit back and let it happen. They always give you a middle-man who will say all of the right things for elections and you know they don't get in. Now if he was genuine and he did get in there and he stuck to what he was going to do, all his promises, he would be ‘Kennedied’ so quickly because you're not up against a descent honest system here. You're up against a totalitarian regime here that doesn't mess around. Persuasion by pleading to them is not going to change this course. It's been on the books for many, many years. They'll eliminate anyone, any single individual, they'll eliminate them that tries to change it, because you've got to understand everything, all the big international corporations are actually fronts and part of your military-industrial complex, interwoven with the richest families on the planet that have run this planet for many, many centuries. They're not going to keel over or roll over and play dead because you asked them nicely. It's not going to happen. The most important thing is you. Every one of you is your own champion. Never delegate the position to someone else to do it all for you. That's why we're in the mess we're in. We've been trained, dumbed down and given a bunch of representatives to vote for and we've watched this agenda steamroll all through our lives. Steamroll on to where it's going to right now because we sat on our hands and we were trained that all these nice guys would do it for us. You cannot delegate this kind of responsibility to people you don’t know.


Robert:  That's why some of the older people I know they don't even pay attention to Ron Paul because they're just like he's not – I guess they've seen too many elections to have any hope really.


Alan:  They don't run the government. The government you see doesn't run the system and Margaret Thatcher admitted that, there's a parallel government, and Professor Carroll Quigley wrote in the book on behalf of this parallel government in the U.S. It's called The Council on Foreign Relations. That's one part of it and he said it's a parallel government that's been running for 60 years. That was back in 1960 he wrote that book and these same characters who are in the Council on Foreign Relations and its others, it has many tentacles. One is called the Trilateral Commission. These are the characters that are advisers to presidents. They just tell the presidents what to say and do. All the lesser politicians deal with more local affairs and just do what they're told because they want brownie points. They don't speak for the people.


Robert:  Maybe just to finish up and offer some hope, I think the younger generation is waking up on a massive level.


Alan:  You're right. That's one of the best things I've seen. The younger generation – it's time it happened because you see the older ones have sat back too long. They were the spoiled generation. One generation had it better than any generation before, mainly because of the credit cards and easy credit and now they're pulling it all back from them, but then most folk too, I'm so sick of hearing all the people saying "thank God I'll be dead when the worst of it comes along" and I say that's advocating irresponsibility. The reason we're in the mess we're in is because the older ones dumped it all on us and now you want to dump on the younger generation. No, we have to speak up for the younger generation because they must have the chance to live.


Robert:  Yes. My own mother actually does have some understanding of this stuff. She jokes and she says I'm not going to have to worry about it. I'll be too old or gone and I say you know what? It may happen sooner than you think.


Alan:  What a cop-out to say I've done okay, tough luck on the ones to come. What a self-centered cop out that is, isn't it?


Robert:  It's sad because these are the ones you look up to and these are your elders and they're just not doing anything.


Alan:  It's disgusting. It's disgusting and that's part of the problem. You'll find the self-centered hedonistic types are counted on by those that run the world to do nothing. As long as they are okay they get through it. They don't care about other people. We've got to start bonding with other people again for survival sake and that means survival of everyone.


Robert:  They either don't want to hear it or they don't want to do anything about it.Well thanks a lot Alan and thanks for everything you're doing. You're a part in helping to save the world.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Robert:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  Bye now. We've got now Ryan in New York.


Ryan:  Hello. I think the other day you mentioned something about satellites in space that haven't been activated. You know it's a good example of technology we don't know about, which is why I kind of get annoyed when people try to push exopolitics on me because if you don't know the level of technology you really can't be talking about aliens because they have the technology to make you think that. I was actually wondering about your opinions on Charles Forte and if you think he was coming across HAARP technologies?


Alan:  He was coming across HAARP technologies. He certainly knew about that. HAARP technology is old technology.


Ryan:  Yes, that's what I figured.


Alan:  Tesla worked on it in fact the standing wave technology a long time ago and he was only one. Whenever we're attracted to one person's name, remember he's probably the feint – they had other departments working in other parts of the world too at the same time going even further with HAARP technology and they have a treaty at the United Nations signed in the 1970's. Now they don't sign a treaty unless they have the ability to use this technology and they said that the weather warfare technology (that's HAARP they're talking about) in conjunction with aerial spraying can cause earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, famines and all the rest of it. In fact, they said basically this had made the H-bomb obsolete.


Ryan:  Forte had some weird writings. He was most likely allowed to do that?


Alan:  Oh I'm sure.


Ryan:  They have like these humble beginnings and it could just be garbage.


Alan:  They always create a big myth after a person is gone and they tack on – you'll find different groups that have belief systems tack on a belief, but you have to read the original writings of a person to understand what they actually said themselves. Often those who write about them just tack on a lot of stuff on that's not true and that's why I always advise people to get the original authors. It's like talking about the Founding Fathers. I said how many people have actually read the Founding Fathers writings? Well, I have and I know what they did say and what they thought about, as opposed to what present day political groups would want you to believe they thought about and said. It's completely different.


Ryan:  I don't even think they make you read Benjamin Franklin's autobiography anymore.


Alan:  It's not full of sex and violence and there's no real terrible plots in it. People today only follow what's entertaining. That's the problem, they've been trained that way and that's why we're so easily indoctrinated now because we expect to be entertained. In fact most of the history we’re given today, even the History Channel is a joke. They excise more of history than they actually put into it and it's all a one-sided story basically.


Ryan:  We're going to entertain ourselves to death.


Alan:  We are. I can remember watching an old vampire movie and this character was eating spiders in a prison cell, this helper of the vampire, and they went through this kind of an insane asylum where they're all held these people, the helpers of the vampire, and they were masturbating, just like masturbating constantly and that basically what we're seeing. Mental masturbation is going on through the public in the form of entertainment until they can't get enough of it. They did these experiments with rats and mice years ago where they put electrodes in their brain into the sexual areas of the brain and these characters wouldn't even eat or drink. They'd just go through this tremendously pleasant emotion until they died. It's very similar to that. The public have been addicted and have had an overdose of incredible indoctrination via entertainment, mainly to do with sex and violence combined because both are contained the limbic system of the brain, the primitive parts of the brain. I'll be back with more about this after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and just one last comment there on Charles Forte. Forte did make some good statements or comments. He made them on the human condition and he said, "I think we're being farmed," and he's quite right because we're looked upon as animals to serve the elite and we are farmed. A farmer does breed up a herd when he needs lots of them for whatever purposes, for war et cetera, for people that is, or for feeding armies if it's actually animals and he'll cull them back when there's too many of them and that's how we're treated. We're farmed. We've been farmed down through the centuries and so Charles Forte was quite right on that part of his observations.


Now we've also got George from Illinois. Are you there, George? Hello, George.


George:  Hi Alan. Thanks for taking my call. I just wanted to follow-up on one of your callers that talked about the numerology in terms of the Dewey decimal system. I have done lottery research recently and I've noticed a strange pattern. You probably are very aware of it but I was looking in basic subjects like freemasonry, 366; occult, Cabala at 133; globalization, 333; military intelligence, artificial intelligence, 1.9. Of course, all these numbers are really based on 3, 2, 7 and 9.


Alan:  Albert Pike goes through that in "Morals and Dogma" those particular numbers.


George:  Can you tell me your thoughts on John Dewey? Was he a person that was very much an insider?


Alan:  Oh yes. He was put out there to bring in a standardized education system, again from the old Frankfurt School, where they sent out lots of "missionaries" you might say on behalf of monarchs and so on to teach a form – to setup government institutions which would make mandatory education to standardize the thoughts of the people. That was the purpose of it and to make them more manageable and well behaved by the authorities. John Dewey also was the first guy to say, "If we could convince the public of an invasion from outer space we could get the public united under a world government. They'd come together to fight what they thought was an invasion."  That was a long time ago.


George:  Thanks. I just wanted to thank you for all your great work. I appreciate it.


Alan: Thanks for calling. That's what's going on in this old world. Here we're in Disneyland as I say or the Wizard of Oz land. It's very interesting the word OZ, you'll find it in the Bible under UZ. The same word actually, where the wizard came out and started all this stuff off actually, if you read it. It's all allegory of a truism, but we're living in a world of deception and we're treated like children and you don’t tell the children the truth ever. For whatever they do, they will give you a good reason after convincing you of falsities. You'll think it's a GOOD reason and they always have a REAL reason. It's the real reason that's the hard one to find. You have to find it for yourself and you can always hunt it down if you're determined enough to find it because they do put little bits and pieces in those dusty old books that are sitting on the shelves of libraries.


Those who have access to university libraries and can get into them should make good use of those very old dusty books. Lots of good information hidden in there put out by the big boys themselves. Read them. They tell you their agenda. It's called "The Open Conspiracy."


From Hamish and myself, on a cold night up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)