Feb. 23, 2010 (#520)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 23, 2010:

Fabian War -- Survival Abolished as Old Ways Demolished:

"People Follow their Program with Worried Frown,
Vaguely Sensing a Shift in the Culture Take-Down,
Generations Taught to Buy, Work and Play,
Live for the Moment, Taught What to Say
To Each Other, 'The Happy Face' while Emulating
Hollywood Fictional Role Models All Copulating,
New Male, New Female Want No Babes to Suckle,
Taught to Scratch Notches on Predatory Buckle,
Yet Each Ends Up Solitary, Frantic on Phone,
Unable to Bond, There's No-One Else Home,
They Live in Darkness, the Absence of Light,
Only Programmers and Pharma Aware of their Plight"
© Alan Watt Feb. 23, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 23, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 23rd 2010.  I always suggest to the newcomers to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  Scroll down and bookmark all the other sites I have up there, all the other official sites.  That way, when the big ones go down which they sometimes do, you can download the latest shows from these other sties.  [Official sites listed above.]  Remember, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I could certainly get paid for doing what I’m doing through advertisers and so on, but I prefer to do it my own.  The advertising you hear on this show is paid directly by the advertisers straight to RBN for the air time and for broadcasting this and satellite, internet and so on.  So it’s up to you to keep me going.  The advertisers pay for the air time, the staff, the equipment, and the bills at RBN and it is very expensive to broadcast, especially on satellite these days.  You can help out by going into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and seeing what I have for sale – the books, CDs and DVDs – and you can purchase them or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  Cash is good as well, that gets through.  Actually the bank takes a little chunk out of it but it saves some … It’s amazing how much they charge just to wire money from one country to another.  The cut they take out is just incredible but the banks are very greedy and we all know that.  Those who get the disks burned and passed around to them can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


I like to talk about reality because it’s the hardest thing to find in a system that you are born into that has been established for an awful long time.  This has happened across the world regardless of what system you think you are born into.  When the state becomes all powerful then you are basically in a totalitarian system that has one job and that’s to perpetuate itself.  It must defend itself and look after itself, first and foremost over anything else.  It doesn’t matter if it’s communist, capitalist or whatever they want to call it; it’s really all the same thing.  It’s a minority ruling over the majority and that’s what previous revolutions really were supposed to eliminate.  But it doesn’t happen does it?  The state is all powerful.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I just mentioned before the break how revolutions were supposed to, at one time, alter and bring in a new type of system of running ourselves.  The Soviets tried it of course, but the first thing that they broke was one of the major tenets of Marx and that was that they would do away with the state; it would eventually whither away into some sort of utopia where everyone is self-disciplined and just works with everyone else.  That never really happened.


The idea for revolutions from the French Revolution onwards was to basically do that.  What it really ended up doing was to create a more powerful totalitarian state which ran the lives of everyone else.  The so-called Capitalist countries came out of revolutions in a sense, with the English Revolution and the rise of the merchant classes.  That became the basis for the modern Capitalist system.  Since then they’ve gone through what appear to be changes to the general public.  They even use the word ‘revolution,’ the sexual revolution, all the different revolutions they had planned to take down society and to make them easier to manage, fromthe governments.  Now, how can the established government be in charge of revolutions?  People don’t really think about that, except those in academia who know it quite well.  The revolutions that they talk about are actually PLANNED CHANGES from the top in society that will suit the powerful state in a more easy to control fashion.  That’s why they design and allow it and promote it from the top.  The same thing about separating the generations; it was part of that too, until the state becomes all powerful and in charge of classifications of the generations right to the elderly where they just pop them off into elderly homes.  They confiscate their homes, sell them off for their care and then give them their various drugs that kill them off rather quickly and they are left with all the cash.  This is actually the world that we live in. 


If you read the books by Jacques Attali and others who talked about the Millennium – that was one of his books.  Jacques Attali, being one of the guys involved and the architecture for the European Union.  He also was an advisor to different French presidents.  I think now he is at the United Nations.  He laid out what the course for America - that really was planned, the one that was planned - the takedown of America, you might say, with the period of merging with Latin America, South America.  He said eventually, in the global society that they are bringing in, the crème-de-la-crème of academia, who come out of academia will travel across the world looking for jobs.  They would be the new nomadic class but they will be jetting across the world from job to job, very high-paid specialist type jobs, while the rest are left within the countries and they will eventually take to the boat and become the next boat people looking for work elsewhere. 


It’s a takedown.  It’s a planned takedown and it was planned an awful long time ago and written about by various foundations like the Fabian Society that works with the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  The same group that professor Carroll Quigley, the historian for the same group, mentioned in his two books, Tragedy and Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment.  He even said that the public don’t know that ONE group has been behind all of the wars for the last 100-odd years, all of them.  He didn’t say most of them; he said all of them…  for geo-political purposes.  Quigley and others, other historians and philosophers have written books about the takedown of societies in the past.  How societies go through certain declines as they are being taken down.  Part of it is when the money people, the people who run the money system, even in ancient times, moved out.  Everything collapses behind them.  Not immediately of course, because the powerful state still taxes everything so they can still try to keep a standard of living for themselves at the top by high taxations and then confiscation of other people’s property, farming, all that kind of stuff, and land; they accumulate land.  As they are doing this, a debauched society is PROMOTED by even the ancient entertainment industry, you can read about that from Plato’s Republic.  He talks about the entertainment industry THOUSANDS of years ago and how people emulate it.  They promote sexual promiscuity and all kinds of deviancies and that happens at the end of a civilization as well. 


Therefore, when you have these things happening, if you want to take down a society, you must introduce the same formulas, because these are formulas, you understand, to take down societies.  Those at the top in the various societies like the Fabians and Royal Institute of International Affairs who are all really branches of the same group specializing in their own area, these groups planned to reduce the population for the coming world society they WANTED to have.  They said it well over 100 years ago.  They foresaw, at that time, the post-industrial era where they would have too many people to serve THEIR purposes.  They wouldn’t have the factories for them to work in.  They had already taken them off of the land that they used to live on so they couldn’t go back to farming.  Apart from that, the agri-food businesses, big corporations were to take over farming, as the UN said itself at one of its meetings that farming was too important to be left to farmers


So here you have all these people crowded into these cities.  These are the human jungles, as they’re called, because it is unnatural for people to be put into cities.  Even Plato talked about the rising of the beehive cities and that’s how they would bring in their future because those within a city are living in an artificial environment and ALL, ALL dependent on money.  You can’t just barter your way through a city.  You’ve got to have money to pay your rent, etc, and to get around and to buy your food.  Therefore, they have been very successful with that.  Plus they also know in every psychological association and university who deals with psychology knows that in cities, just like the rats in a cage, they are fine until they hit a certain number but because of the cramped living conditions, the crowded streets, etc, they end up promoting all kinds of deviant behavior.  Even rats can be very sociable with their own little bits of territory and they can get along until a magic number is reached and then they start to bite each other and fight with each other and then sexual deviancy breaks out as well.  It is the same thing with humanity; therefore, those at the top actually promote it.


The reason you are seeing this totalitarian police state across the world, immediately formed at the same time by sheer chance, we’re supposed to believe, although it took many years to plan in advance, it was to deal with this phase in the takedown, the depopulation.  As I’ve said before, in the plan to take down the populations, part of it was to do with the third world countries.  They would be easily managed, as Mr Holdren himself said in the book he helped co-author with other environmental nutcases basically and human haters – they were human haters – Paul Ehrlich and his wife who belonged to the Club of Rome.  EcoScience was the book that he helped write.  He said because the people in the third world countries were ignorant, they believed that if medicine and medical aid from the West was going to help them, they would welcome them in not realizing the injections they were getting were actually sterilizing them.  That’s proven by the way; they were giving them all free tetanus shots that were laced with a particular chemical and a bacterium too.  So that was for the third world countries. 


For the West, they would need another way around it because there was more education in the West, we would be more suspicious, we ask questions and they would have to find another way.  ENVIRONMENTALISM was the key.  Too many people, the planet was going to kill us all off or we would kill the planet, and therefore we’d have to start taking away the industries, the work situations, bring in poverty, disease and so on, slowly under the guise of we can’t sustain this any more; we’re just broke, etc, so you would have to have a financial takedown as well.  Then we’d start to die off as time went on.  Again, that’s what we’re going through RIGHT NOW.  It’s the same scenario, planned a long time ago.  However, to the general public, promoted by the media, all these ideas are meant to be SCATTERED and just one-off things, all happening by chance, one day after another.  They’re all completely connected, COMPLETELY CONNECTED. 


There’s an article from Business Week.  It’s called ‘The Lost Generation.’  I can remember when they went through the yuppies and then there was something after that and then there was generation X they can write off… that’s what it meant, the written off generation.  Now they’re just calling them the lost generation. 


The Lost Generation

The continuing job crisis is hitting young people especially hard—damaging both their future and the economy

Cover Story October 8, 2009 / By Peter Coy / businessweek.com


Bright, eager—and unwanted. While unemployment is ravaging just about every part of the global workforce, the most enduring harm is being done to young people who can't grab onto the first rung of the career ladder.


Affected are a range of young people, from high school dropouts, to college grads, to newly minted lawyers and MBAs across the developed world from Britain to Japan. (Alan:  Remember I talked about the crème-de-la-crème that will travel across the world, as Attali said, and the rest, well, tough luck.  If you can’t get a burger-tossing job, you might sweep the streets.  They’ll be even fighting for those jobs shortly.)  One indication: In the U.S., the unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds has climbed to more than 18%, from 13% a year ago.


For people just starting their careers, the damage may be deep and long-lasting, potentially creating a kind of "lost generation." Studies suggest that an extended period of youthful joblessness can significantly depress lifetime income as people get stuck in jobs that are beneath their capabilities, or come to be seen by employers as damaged goods.


Equally important, employers are likely to suffer from the scarring of a generation. The freshness and vitality young people bring to the workplace is missing. Tomorrow's would-be star employees are on the sidelines, deprived of experience and losing motivation. In Japan, which has been down this road since the early 1990s, workers who started their careers a decade or more ago and are now in their 30s account for 6 in 10 reported cases of depression, stress, and work-related mental disabilities, according to the Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development.  (A:  There is the music.  I’ll be back with more on this after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just going through a system, a technique, planned long ago and test in other countries in the past to bring down societies for a purpose and we’re living through it right now under various guises and excuses.  The whole greening movement and sustainability is simply part of this whole movement that was decided an awful long time ago and reiterated by different authors down through the last 70-80 odd years by people like Paul Ehrlich and Mr John Holdren who is now the Science Czar for the US; a strange time to put him in there unless it’s the RIGHT time and isn’t that so.


Here is another article to show you what I’m getting at here.


Domesday Book 2010: Strip clubs soaring, libraries disappearing... the figures which lay bare life in modern Britain

By Jason Groves / 22nd February 2010 / dailymail.co.uk


(A:  Remember what I said at the start, this is how you take countries down.  You emulate what’s happened in the past.  It’s not that you just follow that road as you go down; it’s the fact that it’s all pushed and promoted from the top.  That’s why.  Believe you me, if they wanted some 1950s society or morality, you would be getting it.  You would be getting it and Madonna would come out with plastic surgery and be the virgin again.  I’m not kidding. They would start promoting all that stuff.  They really, really would and they CAN do that.  They can do anything in the culture industry because WE EMULATE WHAT WE SEE.  But this is the one they’ve given us, the opposite way, you see.)


The changing face of Britain under Labour has been laid bare in a modern Domesday Book.


It shows how traditional pubs (A: That’s your taverns.), post offices and libraries have gone by the wayside.


In their place bookmakers (A:  That’s the guys that take the bets for horses and greyhound dogs and so on.), nightclubs and supermarket chains have flourished.  (A:  This is actually what happened in pre-Nazi Germany in Berlin and these countries.  If you want to see the [CBC] documentary about that on Sin Cities, Berlin was one of them.  It really goes through this whole formula that I’m talking about right there.)


Figures produced by the Government paint a striking picture of the way in which the country has changed since 1997.


They reveal a sharp decline in many of the traditional businesses and services which once sustained community life.


The Tories (A:  Conservatives.) said the statistics show how Labour has failed to protect vital services on which millions rely.  (A:  Now, forget who says what because we know the parties are all working in cahoots.  They all get funded by the same organizations to get into power.)


The number of police stations has fallen by 160, (A:  They actually expanded, as we well know, their number of men.) the number of hospitals and clinics is down by 580, (A:  That’s your socialized medicine getting cut, deep, deep, deep until there is nothing left.) while the number of schools has dropped by a staggering 2,380.  (A:  That’s socialism for you.)


Other big fallers include post offices, with the number of branches down by 39 per cent, from 19,000 in 1997 to 11,500 today.


Almost 200 public libraries have been axed, while the number of traditional sports and social clubs has slumped by more than half, with 11,680 closing since 1997.


During the same period 3,460 traditional pubs have closed.  (A:  Pubs, these were like community meeting places, everybody knew each other in the towns, etc.  They’ve closed 3,460 of them.)


Businesses that have done well out of the Labour government include a number of less wholesome ones.


They include bookmakers (A:  That’s the guys who take the bets.), with branch numbers up by 39 per cent, from 3,270 to 4,540, and casinos, whose numbers have jumped by 27 per cent.


The first lapdancing clubs appeared in Britain in 1995 and there are thought to have been about 24 by 1997.


Now there are an estimated 300 (A:  That’s the lap-dancing clubs, they actually have prostitution too, of course, when no one is looking.), their numbers boosted by a change in the licensing laws which made it far easier to gain planning permission.


Traditional grocers and local shops have been hit by the rising number of large supermarkets, which have soared by 49 per cent.  (A:  The totalitarian system MUST monopolize everything.  Again, that’s what they did in pre-Nazi Germany.  They closed all the mom-and-pop stores down; the big chains were pushing them all out.)


Tory communities spokesman Justine Greening likened the survey to a modern- day Domesday Book, the survey of land and livestock ownership in England completed in 1086 for William the Conqueror.


Miss Greening said it showed ministers (A:  That’s the politicians.) had failed to protect key services on which a large percentage of the population rely.


She added: 'Labour has presided over the decline of traditional Britain and watched as our local communities are damaged.


'Thanks to a decade of Labour (A:  government), local neighbourhoods have lost access to essential local services and facilities.'


She added: 'Rural communities have been hit the hardest by Labour politicians who need an A to Z to leave central London.'


The figures were produced by the Valuation Office Agency as part of the latest revaluation of business rates.  (A:  That was what it was done for.)


Mick McGlasham, generalsecretary of the Working Men's Club and Institute Union, said the closure of social clubs was 'tearing the heart out of communities' across the country and blamed Government legislation.


He said: 'I just wish the Government and people of all political parties would understand the role our clubs play in the communities where they are based. When you lose a club you tear the heart out of a community.'  (A:  But what you also get too, is that no one meets and actually talks face to face and discusses things and start active associations… to DEMAND THINGS.  That’s why they did it.  Now you’re watching TV at home.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading how the planned takedown of the Western culture has been really well done over quite a long period of time.  Believe you me, it would never have happened without it being promoted from the top down.  It did not happen from the bottom up.  Nothing every really does.  The rest of this article, it says…


Mick McGlasham, generalsecretary of the Working Men's Club and Institute Union, said the closure of social clubs was 'tearing the heart out of communities' across the country and blamed Government legislation.   (A:  This is where, as I say, they all met on the weekends, there was dancing and all that kind of stuff, social functions, weddings, receptions were taking place in them.  All that kind of local stuff and people would get together and discuss things that really mattered to their community and often demand from the politicians what should be done about it.  That’s why they’ve closed them all down.)


He said: 'I just wish the Government and people of all political parties would understand the role our clubs play in the communities where they are based. When you lose a club you tear the heart out of a community.'


Chris Gorman, of the Forum of Private Businesses, said the figures reflected a 'sad and worrying trend'.


He said many traditional businesses had been driven out by soaring costs to be replaced by chain stores and charity shops, which enjoy subsidised business rates.


A spokesman for the Department for Communities (A:  This is the present government spokesman.) and Local Government insisted that the figures did not paint a full picture of community life.  (A:  So this is how the government is coming back at this and objecting about this report.  This PR spokesman from the government said…)


He said Government-funded opinion surveys suggested most people were happy with their communities.  (A:  That’s his full retaliation.  That’s all he’s going to say about it obviously, right.)


What was it Bertrand Russell said about that in The Scientific Outlook?  He says, diet, injections and injunctions will combine from a very early age to produce a sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become PSYCHOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE - you can’t even criticize them eventually with all this stuff in you - even if all are miserable – just like that last government response there – all will believe themselves happy because the government will TELL THEM THAT THEY ARE so.  There you are; you’re happy.  You just, you’ve got it all mixed up.  Just reverse it all.  You’re really happy.  That’s what Bertrand Russell said would happen and there was a darn good example that I just read. 


Now, as I say, you bring down society and you must destroy, the main thing of course was breeding.  They didn’t want people to breed.  Remember what Charles Galton Darwin said in his book, The Next Million Years, that’s the next million years that they were going to evolve and run the world.  You know, the elite that he belonged to.  He said, they’d have to, again, use different techniques to dumb the people down, sterilize them, etc.  Exactly the same thing as John Holdren and Paul Ehrlich said in their book as well.  What you also do is promote PROMISCUITY.  Remember Julian Huxley who was the CEO of UNESCO said?  They will sterilize the people but at the same time promote promiscuity so there will not be bonding between male and female.  There is no bonding when they are half sloshed and they are in the sack for 5 minutes with a total stranger.  I mean, that literally is what the modern society has got and been promoted down to them from the top, through every movie and so on that they watch. 


This site here is interesting.  It’s from savethemales.ca.  Some of the stuff at the top of the page is actually about the porn industry.  I’ll put these links up on my site at the end of the show if XplorNet, that is always penalizing me for using their service even though I’m paying for high speed, give me my double dial-up speed again but I will try to get them up at the end of the night.  It says…


Porn -- Watching Bruised, Drugged Prostitutes

February 22, 2010 / by David Richards  / (for HenryMakow.com)




Shelley Lubben believed she was ready to shoot her first porn film. She was in for a shock:  'When I walked in, it's like a dark satanic anointing just fell on me. It was creepy, it was dark, it was eerie, and it was nothing like prostitution. I knew I was in the devil's territory; this was the final frontier of Satan.'  (A:  This is a prostitute that went into the porn industry.)


During the little satanic ritual that followed she hit rock bottom: (A:  These are all little rituals they go through in pornography.  She hit rock bottom.)  'I sold what was left of my heart, mind and femininity to the porn industry and the woman and person in me died completely on set.'


Then something remarkable began to happen; Shelley's survival instincts kicked in and she re-connected with the Christian God of her childhood and, after taking a long and slow period of rehab to recover from her ordeal, she started on a crusade to expose the reality of porn.  (A:  She managed to get her survival instincts going, SHE went to Christianity and I think now she is a sort of TV evangelist.  I am not for TV evangelists, it’s such a racket.  I’m afraid I’ve seen too much of Hollywood in it.  But this is one who got out of it.  This article goes on about what is really involved in the pornographic industry.)


Porn stars rarely get started out of a free-willed love of sexual exhibitionism. Along with poverty and broken families, childhood abuse is very common.


Shelley said: 'Many actresses admit they've experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse and neglect by parents. Some were raped by relatives and molested by neighbors. When we were little girls, we wanted to play with dollies and be mummies, not have big scary men get on top of us. So we were taught at a young age that sex made us valuable.'  (A:  We must remember too, how even 20 years ago, from the 60s onwards, ALL this was starting to get promoted and 2 generations have passed since then.)


Often they are teenage runaways picked up by pimps. They only escape one circle of abuse by entering another; they can't run from the pain so they go towards it.  Fast forward a few years and they find themselves in a zombified state, drunk and drugged on a porn set as they re-live the same abuse they experienced growing up.  (A:  She goes on and on, pretty graphic stuff here of what happens in the porn industry and how really, even the guys in the porn industry are actually homosexual and all the drugs that they use and so on and tricks that they play, etc.  It’s really disgusting.)




(A:  The brutality that’s involved as well is just amazing.  It’s just amazing the drugs that are used and the guys too, on steroids and so on, they are very violent.  They don’t see what happens behind the scenes or when the cameras are off.  And the disease…)




It should be no surprise that sexual diseases are at pandemic level in the porn industry.


With chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and herpes being passed from performer to performer there is a backdrop of sickness to a porn set. In fact, they often act as laboratories for the creation of whole new sexual diseases, such as the novel herpes of the throat.


When disease is added to the already traumatic nature of being a porn actress, it can all get too much, as Tamra Toryn found out: (A:  She talks about what happened to her and so on and so on.)


There is an article at the bottom of this page.  It’s well worth reading because I’m talking about the takedown of society, deliberate takedown of society by what you think of as traditional entertainment industry but it’s the same industry, mind you, and all the same guys that work the cameras and that, that do these porn stuff at night as well.  And everyone at the top KNOWS it; it’s promoted.


Here is the article from the bottom of this one, from a British fellow. 


David is a 22 year old British man. He writes: "My generation have been conditioned to accept porn from a young age.... In primary school I even remember my classmates having soft porn material and phoning sex lines. (A:  This is before you are 12, right.)  Then, growing up watching porn online was sort of 15, 16 onwards all the way through university was normal for all the guys my age. 


This was all normal to me. What set alarm bells ringing was that I went to a college in university with a diverse range of foreign students and met girls form India, Kenya, China, Japan, Ghana and so on and they were very different. They were warmer, more gentle and caring than English girls and thought English guys acted like sexual animals. So I had to figure out why we were like that and porn is the main reason. I dated a Chinese girl, she was caring and presumed we would always be together, for my English generation that's dinosaur thinking, but when with her I suddenly felt tremendous stability for the first time in my life. She would care and love me no matter what and I felt free to focus on my two main passions, politics and music. I then realised how much pornography and lack of stable relationships were making men too obsessed with sex to focus on anything important. So I came to the conclusion porn was an attack on us."


It was an attack on us.  RIGHT ON.  That’s exactly what it is actually because you see, any drive, instinctive drive can be made very deviant, whether it is eating or whatever else it is, and it’s the same with the sexual drive.  Those scientists at the top that deal with all this knew that an awful long time ago.  It’s nothing new.  They’ve done it in previous civilizations.  The information is all there in universities and it’s being pushed again and we are living through the results.  It’s the takedown of society.  When you cannot bond with a person you see everyone as a sexual object.  By the way, the women are the same who have been brought up in the West; they see guys the same way.  One woman told me in New York that in the summer you cannot tell who the hookers are and who the average women are.  They’re all dressing the same.  They’re copying what they see on Much Music… of all age groups too.  And how can you pretend that YOU are the fantasy… because that’s all this stuff is.  It’s fantasy.  You cannot have a relationship with a fantasy… male or female.  This is the takedown of society, very deliberate, very, very deliberate. 


Talking about the takedown of society, here is Obit Magazine.  I’ll put this link up too.  Now, I talked about this a few months back when it was supposedly being talked about for the first time, this new chemical that they were going to use instead of cremating because it was GREENER.  Make it a GREEN chemical, better than cremating people and adding pollution to the atmosphere.  But you knew darn well it’s by the big chemical industries and the cartels behind them.


Coming Through the Lye

(A:  There’s a little joke on it.)

by Natalie Pompilio / FEBRUARY 16, 2010 / obit-mag.com


For the fire phobic, there is now alkaline hydrolysis, which returns the body to its ashy state via a mixture of water, heat, pressure and potassium hydroxide, a compound often used to make liquid soaps. The process --- now being marketed here and overseas under names like “bio-cremation,” “resomation” and “water resolution” – is already used by medical and veterinary schools.  (A:  They do that to get the skeleton there so they can put the skeleton up on a stand; it strips all the flesh off.)


It works like this: The corpse is placed in a stainless steel pressurized tube that is then filled with the key ingredients and heated to 330 degrees. After a few hours, all that remains is the skeleton – so soft that it can be ground into ash by hand – and a greenish-brown liquid composed of amino acids, sugars and salts.


The process’s biggest draw, supporters say, (A:  Now, the supporters obviously are those who are the undertakers and so on that are going to make millions of bucks off this, and the chemical industry.) is the environmental impact: (A:  See how they’re going to sell this?  This is DISGUSTING.  They’re going to use ENVIRONMENTALISM to make it a WONDERFUL thing.  Listen to the wording in this.)  The stainless steel cylinder that processes the body uses less energy to operate and produces far fewer pollutants than cremation by incineration. There’s no worry that embalming fluid will further harm the earth. Neither will harmful mercury fillings, (A:  listen…) which can easily be plucked from teeth and disposed of in an environmentally safe way.  (A:  Once they’re done with your skeleton they’ll just pull them out of your mouth.  That’s kind of like Auschwitz or something, you know.)


The process also encourages recycling: Any foreign substance in the body, like pacemakers, replacement joints and pins, will remain intact and could possibly be used again (A:  I guess that will be for a socialized medical care, once we’re all on it, at the bottom, right.) (although that’s an entirely different discussion). And if you’re really dedicated, you can take home those liquid remains and use Grandma to fertilize your garden.  (A:  That’s the NEW comedy, you see, that the youngsters have as they’ve been dehumanized.  That’s the normal comedy now.  You can put Grandma to fertilize your garden.  Isn’t that nice?) 


(A:  Here is how they sell it….)  “This is trailblazing,” said Steven Schaal, the division manager of sales and marketing for Pittsburgh-based Matthews International, one of the companies selling the machines. “We’re getting a lot of inquiries from places like California, Oregon, Washington. They have an audience that is already environmentally aware. They already go to Whole Foods. They already drive hybrid cars.”


Schaal’s company calls the process “bio-cremation” although the machines it sells are built by a Scottish company that calls itself and the process “Resomation.” That’s a play on the Greek “resoma,” or rebirth of the body. (A:  By the way, it’s interesting there is ‘soma’ in there isn’t it?)  But the word also has a negative connotation, Schaal said, referring to the practice of disinterring a body, then reburying it elsewhere. The new name is more explanatory, he said, and “resonates better with customers.”  [Alan laughing.]


Schaal said his company will install the first bio-cremation machine in a St. Petersburg, Fl., funeral home early this year. Although Matthews officially partnered with Resomation Ltd. in 2008, it’s not as easy as selling a machine and setting up shop. Every state has laws regulating the disposal of human bodies, and the new process must still be included by legislation.


That’s not as easy as it sounds. Currently, only Minnesota, Florida and Maine allow the process. Other states have either considered it and tabled it for later evaluation or are still debating.  (A:  And that means they are waiting for their pay off, when they are still debating.)


Why the hesitation? The potassium hydroxide is what usually stops people short.


That’s because the benign name hides the fact that it’s a form of lye, bringing to some people’s minds visions of bodies in barrels in a serial killer’s basement.


Indeed, when the New York state senate weighed a bill that would make alkaline hydrolysis available to the public, some called it “Hannibal Lecter’s bill.” Was that a play on sponsor Kemp Hannon’s name, as some attested, or an attempt to associate the entire practice with a psychopath?


When Minnesota was the first state to debate the practice, “the concerns were that the whole body was going down the drain,” (A:  Literally!) said the Mayo Clinic’s Director of Anatomical Services Terry Regnier. He and other proponents were able to persuade legislators that wasn’t true.


Since 2002, Mayo (A:  The Mayo Clinic.) has used alkaline hydrolysis to dispose of about 500 bodies that had been donated for medical research. (A:  That’s how they get rid of what’s left of it.)  Next of kin are given the option of choosing other means of disposal, he said, and only one family has asked for a more traditional cremation, by fire.  (A:  That’s because most of them, you see, have no relatives or it’s the guys off the street that end up there getting cut to pieces and their organs sold off and all the rest of it.)


“Our bodies are largely water anyway, (A:  See, it’s just water.) and it’s kind of a natural process to turn us back into what we’re made of,” Regnier said. “The public is looking for a greener way to handle their final dispositions.”  (A:  Nice and green.  This is the HORROR SHOW of the complete takedown of society and we are living at the end of it.  We’ve still got a bit to go, mind you, but not too much.  Not too much left to go through.  NOT too much at all.  Quite something.)


Then, before I go to the callers, there is Bloomberg with an article here on…


Harvard’s Rogoff Sees Sovereign Defaults, ‘Painful’ Austerity

By Aki Ito and Jason Clenfield


Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Ballooning debt is likely to force several countries to default and the U.S. to cut spending, (A:  He’s talking about drastic spending.) according to Harvard University Professor Kenneth Rogoff, who in 2008 predicted the failure of big American banks.  (A:  And by God, are they going to hit you.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just leaving this article from Bloomberg and this Harvard professor, of course the rest of us too that know the agenda.  He just mentions that…


The U.S. is facing an unprecedented $1.6 trillion budget deficit in the year ending Sept. 30, the government has forecast.  (A:  $1.6 TRILLION budget deficit and they are going to slash like crazy and massive inflation is to follow.)


I’ll put these links up on my site at the end of the show.  I’ll go to the phones and there is Stephen from Texas.  Are you there Stephen?


Stephen:  How are you doing Alan?  I’ve been listening to your show now for 2 years and that’s about how long I’ve been, I guess the term you use is awake, or awaken.  It seems like the more I think I know, I get hit with a right hook only to realize that I don’t know anything at all.  Everything is really, has been deception and anything I look at, really, especially as it pertains to rap.  They give us the gangster rappers who basically rap about nothing, dehumanization, misogynistic lyrics.  Then when I say, well, okay I’m breaking away from this, I don’t want to listen to that kind of music, I listen to the so-called “conscious music” only to find out it’s sort of like politics.  Both sides are equally funded by the same parties no matter which genre you go to.


Alan:  You’ve got it.


Stephen:  So it’s like crazy because I looked up to so many artists, like Noz, KRS-One, Dead Pres [?], only to realize, even Eric Badu, only to realize that these artists are just as controlled as the mainstream pop artists, the Jay-Z, the Riana, the Beyonce’s.  They are just as part of, in the illuminati inner circle, as any other artist.  It’s really heartbreaking because you realize it’s like you can’t really trust anyone in this society.


Alan:  Once you get into the big business, you are managed completely by experts that just come right in there.  They will change your whole image.  They will have you singing stuff you’d never have dreamed of and, yeah, you might get wealthy, if you’ve got a brain and you don’t sign all their contracts and you make sure that you…  Very few of them do that; they get ripped right off.  BUT, you’re getting USED.  That’s the whole idea is to USE you to, again, influence even younger children growing up, even a few years younger than yourself even, whatever, and to then brainwash them into more debauchery and dysfunction.  Remember what Huxley said too, they’ve got to dehumanize the populations and bring down the sanctity of life.  That’s all age groups including babies and unborn babies and everything.


Stephen:  Right.  It’s like it’s disheartening.  I wanted to ask you a question, sort of like how rap is controlled by both sides.  You have the gangster rappers side and control and you also have the conscious side being controlled by both parties.  I think, as an African-American perspective, I believe we really lost out on our culture a long time ago, especially with integration, when we tried so hard to merge into this Anglo-American system and for what reason I really don’t have an understanding of to this day.  Why do we try so hard to integrate into a system that never wanted us to begin with?  Martin Luther King even said a quote, that I fear I’ve integrated my people into a burning house. 


Alan:  That’s right.


Stephen:  That’s how it was though. I wanted to know, did you know anything really, as it pertains or in the past, have our civil rights leaders been co-opted and been led astray too, like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King?  Do you know anything about that?


Alan:  I do… but that’s actually the end of the show.  What I should do is go into that in another show.  You’re right on the right track, absolutely on the right track that you can’t force everybody to be the same.  We are different and we should really be happy at that.  These guys want a standardized society and a particular type they are creating for the future, like Jacques Attali said, the crème-de-la-crème, out of ALL groups.  The rest would have to die off, all those who can’t quite make it.  You’re quite right.  Thanks for calling and call again.  Also, we’ll do John in Alaska next time. 


From myself and Hamish in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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