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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 24, 2010:

Government-Backed Psychiatry's Elevation
-- 'World Peace' Through Sedation:

"Psychiatry's New Bible About to Unveil
Avalanche of Diagnoses, Designed to Make You Pale,
Unique Characteristics, Each Individual Trait,
From Disgust at Pornography, or Going to Bed Late
Are Regarded Now as Illnesses, Diseases of the Mind,
Compiled by the Fraud, 'Psychiatry,' Money-Making Kind,
We Used to Think We Were Free, No-One Allowed to Harm Ya,
But Government Wants Pliable Public, with Aid of Big Pharma,
Aldous Huxley, in 'Brave New World' had People All on Soma,
The Powers, You See, Will Happy Be, When We're Stuporous in Coma,
It's a Step-by-Step Process, from Mandating Shots for 'Flu'
To Compulsory Drugging 'For Peace' -- The War's On Me and You"
© Alan Watt Feb. 24, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 24, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 24th 2010.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site, scroll down the front page and bookmark all the other sites I have up there.  These are the official sites: [Listed above.]  In the future if the big ones go down you can always get the latest shows from these alternate sites.  As always, I donít plug myself all through the show, which I really should do.  I start off by asking the people, the audience, to support me because I donít ask for support from the advertisers.  The advertisers generally pay the hosts directly for introducing their products and so on and some of the heads of the companies as guests.  This way I sort of keep clear of politics, etc.  The ads you hear on the show are paid by the advertisers straight to RBN for the air time, their board ops and their staff, bills and for transmitting this broadcast.  So itís up to you the listeners to keep me going and you can do so by looking into my web sites, buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale or you can donate to me.  [Ordering and donation options listed above.]  For those who get the disks burned and get them passed around to play on their CD players at home because they donít like using computers, you can get in touch with me at [address above].  Anyone who is writing to me, make SURE that you get the postal code right.  Thatís all-important.  Regardless of the address, generally they know exactly where you are and one letter off and they just canít figure out for the life of them what to do about it.  Thatís the great advances weíve made in technology todayÖ where no one can think for themselves. 


Iíve talked so much about this whole new system we are coming in to.  We are actually IN it, well into it in fact.  A system devised a long time ago which used the dialectical process of left, right and enemies to bring in a world system.  Iíve mentioned so many times and Iíve lost count of, Professor Carroll Quigley who talked about those BEHIND the big plan to bring in a world system, a controlled society, planned society with a reduced population to serve the future scientific society.  He called it the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning how Professor Carroll Quigley in his own two books, Tragedy and Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment, laid out the big plan for the world and even trading blocs.  He mentioned the groups that worked incessantly from the end of the 1800s in fact, through different names until they amalgamated into the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations and how they had been behind ALL of the major wars, and the little wars too, since the late 1800s, all to achieve a goal of a planned society. 


This ties right in with Mr Rockefellerís statements where he said that he much preferred a world run by intellectuals and bankers to that run by, basically, auto, self-determination by nations themselves.  Thatís really what they decided back in the 1800s in fact; same thing, a planned society as Iíve said, depopulation.  This was all the rage back then and into the early 1900s.  HG Wells, who was a propagandist for them via the Fabian Society and eventually the Royal Institute of International Affairs, wrote about this planned society.  He wrote about it in his non-fiction works as well as his fictional works.  People should read his non-fiction.  Heís far more blatant about his eugenical racism, you might call it, because itís class racism in a sense, of what he believed was superior types verses inferior types.  This was reiterated in the book by Charles Galton Darwin in the 1950s, a descendant of Charles Darwin.  He was a physicist, this man, and he said in The Next Million Years that theyíd have to really eliminate the masses of useless eaters, basically, otherwise they would outbreed the superior types who must go on into the brave new world future that was planned.  This is still going on today.


Itís the same agenda really, as the world emerges from what they thought was a Cold War of right wing, left wing, into the amalgamation of the two.   We find the United Nations has taken on the role, completely, that the old Soviet Union used to do.  Everything that the United Nations does is purely political in its agenda, purely political.  They have massive umbrella groups of non-governmental organizations, the same thing as the old Soviet system which was Ďrule by council.í  Thatís what ĎSovietí meant, unelected councils, all these NGOs, all funded by the big foundations which are, again, funded by the biggest industrials on the planet and the international banking system.


Those who initially funded the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and then the Lord Milner Group, in fact all those comprising the Lord Milner Group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs were all top world bankers.  Thatís the group that Rockefeller was referring to when he said that, better to let the intelligentsia and bankers rule the world than to leave nations to their auto, self-determination.  During the Reece Commission - Iíve mentioned it many times - Senator Normal Dodd went round the big foundations to ask them, on behalf of Congress, as to why they were funding what appeared to be communist front groups.  He was told, blatantly, and you can find this in a book called Foundations:  Their Power and Influence.  He was told that their job was to alter so drastically and radically the culture and the systems of the Western world that they would eventually blend seamlessly with that of the Soviet Union.  In other words, it was known all that time ago, back in the 50s, that the two systems would come together into a synthesis.  Thatís exactly what has happened.


The communist system was very important to bring that about because youíve got to understand how they took down societies in the West through many left wing groups, NOT really to bring groups to the top for power; if they got power at all it was transient.  It was to destroy the OLD system and to destroy the idealism of patriotism to a country and the things that YOU were taught that it stood for.  Then they brought in a whole bunch of FAKE beliefs to do with equality of all kinds.  They were not talking about the equality of different peoples; they were talking about putting everybody down to the same basic level under the same system of the Soviet Union.  There were no special rights groups within the Soviet Union, although they were used in the West by them. 


One thing thatís never mentioned is that psychiatry shot to the top as the Soviet Union was getting to the top and gaining power.  It was also a major power behind the Nazi belief.  It was also a major organization in the Fabian Society because psychiatry was founded on the basis of people being born with hereditary complexes.  They had various names for it but they all thought that everything that happened in life was hereditary.  Intelligence, behavior, all mental illnesses, as they claimed, criminology, all these things were hereditary.  They really started off as a mixture of genetics in their belief system, hereditary diseases, and they also believed the only way to eliminate the Ďunfití, as they called them, was to literally do just thatÖ eliminate them completely. 


There was a very good documentary put out by, of all people, the Scientologists who did it because they are in a sort of competition with psychiatry.  Itís one of the best exposťs of the psychiatric beginnings.  Youíll see the top people in psychiatry in Britain, Germany and elsewhere talking about racial hygiene, racial purity, and all that kind of stuff.  They have clips from the organizations within the Nazi system.  They even show you clips in childrenís school.  It also shows you the farce of psychiatry as they try to validate themselves as an actual science, which is quite funny at times. 


Psychiatry is based on the idea that mental illnesses can be not cured; they will admit that.  They canít cure them; they will say that they Ďtreatí them.  In reality, psychiatry is a hit and miss thing.  Itís a whole bunch of theories, none of which can actually be proven.  Theyíve jumped at so many different things:  itís a chemical imbalance, which is a theory ONLY among some of them.  Other ones think itís genetic and it goes on and on and on forever and you never get to the bottom of anything.  There is an article to do with psychiatry in the Mail Online. 


Psychiatrists want to call being angry a mental illness. How utterly mad!

By Jerome Burne / 15th February 2010 / Mail Online


(Alan:  Getting back to what Iím saying, in the Nazi era youíd be surprised that almost the whole of the psychiatric profession became Nazis. They believed in it.  They believed in superior types.  This article is to tie in how they are getting power, right now, and they have been for a long time and doing the same thing across the Western countries.)


Do you live surrounded by clutter - ancient copies of magazines, your childrenís old toys, articles youíve clipped out of newspapers over the years?


If you find it hard to throw out things of limited or no value, you could be suffering from hoarding disorder.  (A:  They have their own book, itís called The Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders and they ADD to it every year so many NEW disorders that there is hardly anything left of human behavior thatís not in there.  They want the right to treat everybody, through themselves and the social services.)


ĎHoardingí is just one of the new mental conditions being added to the psychiatristsí bible, or the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders (DSM), to give it its proper name.


Other new conditions identified as possibly needing professional help include binge eating - which is said to affect many people who are seriously obese - and Ďcognitive tempo disorderí, which seems very like laziness (symptoms include dreaminess and sluggishness).


Thereís also Ďintermittent explosive disorderí, which involves occasionally becoming very angry suddenly.  (A:   I guess most of the police have that when they start beating people up on the road and donít know they are being photographed.)


Most bizarre of the proposed additions is one defined as (A:  Listen to this one, because THINK about what Iím saying hereÖ) Ďgetting a thrill at being outraged by pornographyí(A:  See how they changed EVERYTHING upside down?  Everything that held society together is now under complete attack as ABNORMAL.  This is being done under the guise of a profession.  Itís a profession with a political and power purpose.  Quite something really.)


It was also described as Whitehouse syndrome after the campaigner Mary Whitehouse, who objected to sexual content on TV.


The DSM is a large book that lists all psychiatric disorders and describes their symptoms. If a condition is in there, it means itís considered a mental illness.  (A:  They even have restless leg syndrome.  You know how you sit there as children Ė Iíve done it; I sometimes do it yet Ė and one leg starts to go as you rest on the ball of your foot and you start to shake it.  It feels actually pretty good; you are getting rid of energy, especially when youíve been sitting for a while.  Thatís now a mental illness.)


But some of the new entries are controversial, not least because of fears they will result in many more people being put on drugs (A:  Thatís exactly what they want to do.) that could be ineffective or dangerous.


The DSM is produced by the American Psychiatric Association and is hugely influential worldwide.  (A:  I should mention again that psychiatric documentary put out by Scientology even though, as I say, Scientology wants to get in the business of taking over with alternate medicines or treatments in the so-called mental illness area.  They did an EXCELLENT job on showing you the power structures within psychiatry and showed you how they tried to define even attention deficit disorder and they couldnít at their own meetings.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and before I go on with this article, Psychiatry:  An Industry of Death Ė up on Google Video Ė is the Scientology exposť of the psychiatric industry.  It gives the history of it too.  Itís quite fascinating; disgusting at the same time as the so called SCIENCE pretty well had techniques of CURING people going back to the 1800s and early 1900s including trying to drown them.  That was considered a science at one time.  Now theyíve got big pharma behind them and just heavily sedate people.  A very good exposť.  Also, before I go on too, Iíll mention that there is a site called PsychRights.org.  Iíll put all these things on my site at the end of the show and you can look them up for yourself.  Psych Rights goes through a lot of the abuses of the psychiatric and pharma industry.  There is a lot of compiled data there on the reality behind it all and the drugs they use and the BUSINESS that they run.  So itís well worth looking into.  Getting back to this articleÖ


But not everybody is so relaxed about including new disorders. In fact, every time the DSM gets updated there is a big row about what should be added and what shouldnít. This time is no exception.


There have been three versions of the DSM since the first in 1952 and with each edition it has grown fatter. - DSM-IV is seven times larger than the original. Last week, a draft of DSM-V - due to be published in 2013 - was put on the web and is already proving contentious. 


By the way, most of them who sit on the board who decide whatís now an illness all are getting paid directly, in fact all of them are getting paid directly by the big pharma industries.  They get salaries from them and they go under the guise of being a science.  Remember too, the power that governments can put to use, of this particular science over the publicÖ which is happening.  Remember too, that Julian and Aldous Huxley talked about the future and they certainly would be drugging the populations to make them more compliant along with massive indoctrination through various media and entertainment.  Thatís happened as well.  We are here.  We are there actually.  I remember too, years ago getting a lecture from a top psychiatrist who, in front of the class, started cursing and swearing and using, it was all sexual terminology too, and everyone was shocked.  He just came out with this tirade.  Then he pointed to, there was so many in the class who had blushed and he said that you people are all inhibited, he said, thatís why you blushed.  He said, no word, no action should make you embarrassed.  Thatís the philosophy that these creeps and weirdoes and, yes, deviants are preaching throughout society.  Thatís the norm today.


Deviancy, I was talking about that yesterday too.  This is a sort of continuation from yesterdayís talk because HOW FAR DOES IT ALL GO?  Well, the sky is the limit when nothing is taboo.  Itís interesting too, when you listen to some of the articles or documentaries put out by the ex-KGB spies who defected like Bezmenov and different people.  Iíve got the links up on my web site from that particular man who went through the stages of how they would destabilize the West, partly through the destruction of the idealism of your culture.  That included all the things that hold your culture together like man, woman, family, and all that kind of stuff.  Eventually, you have conflict within personalities and groups. 


Thatís the weaponization of conflict between peoples.  They used all the different factions and groups AND the extreme feminist rights and all that to encourage all this stuff to come to the top and destroy all that was.  That has happened as well.  At the same time, just like that psychiatrist said many years ago, nothing is taboo.  Of course Julian Huxley himself said they would encourage PRE-pubertal sex so that the children would never mate with a partner for life and that way they would not produce offspring.  However, he said that contraception would be made available and so would abortion, so they could basically have far more sexual activity than before as long as they didnít have offspring.  That was okay.  Plus they wouldnít bond which meant they would never stand up against the tyranny of government or unfairness of any kind.  You donít do that when you are on your own.  Thatís what George Orwell showed you in 1984.  When you are just a number, you have no friends, you have no partner and no family to fight for, you just cower when Big Brother turns his eyes on you.


Here is an article from the Globe and Mail, which is from Canada.  Itís about teachers that are doing lap dances now for children in schools, if you want to know.  Iíll put his up on my site too.  Itís actually got a video of what these two teachers performed for the children.  One of the children had a cell phone there and he filmed them doing this.  If you are really kinky you can actually watch the video.  I havenít because Iím not that desperate and I canít get the speed anyway because of XplorNet to watch anything movie wise.  Thatís why I appreciate when anyone has got a video to send me and so on, do so.  Send me videos.  I cannot get to the links and look at things because Iím cut back and cut back and getting penalized by deliberation and political reasons obviously.  It saysÖ


Teachers' lap dance 'a little too far' for students

By Sarah Boesveld / February 23, 2010 / From Wednesday's Globe and Mail


The kids are calling it "Two Teachers, One Chair," and it has all the makings of a YouTube hit.


But school administrators and parents are hard pressed to find humour in a graphic lap dance caught on video between two teachers at a spirit rally (A:  SPIRIT RALLYÖ isnít that wonderful, this new religion and all that weíre all one stuff?) at Churchill High School in Winnipeg last week.


The two teachers, one of whom was identified by students as phys-ed instructor Chrystie Fitchner, have been sent home without pay after the spirit dance before 100 students as young as 13 years old. The identity of the male teacher could not be confirmed. Efforts to reach Ms. Fitchner Tuesday night were unsuccessful. (A:  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article of just how far itís going, maybe even further than we know.   This is only something that broke into the news media.  A lot of stuff is covered up too because powers-that-be within school systems defend themselves before theyíll tell the truth, like every other organization.  It says hereÖ


The two teachers, one of whom was identified by students as phys-ed instructor Chrystie Fitchner, have been sent home without pay after the spirit dance (A:  Spirit dance, that must be scotch and vodka or something.) before 100 students as young as 13 years old. The identity of the male teacher could not be confirmed. (A:  They will know who exactly who it is but he must be better connected.)  Efforts to reach Ms. Fitchner Tuesday night were unsuccessful.


The whole routine has since been distributed on the Internet, thanks to the footage captured on a student's cellphone camera. The Winnipeg School Division is investigating.  (A:  Youíd better believe there is a lot of covering up going on there because this wonít be the first time.)


Fourteen-year-old Saigha Vincent was filming the teacher dance-off at the Gym Riot spirit assembly last Wednesday for Grade 9 to 12 students at the Winnipeg high school.


The routine began with the female teacher, sporting pigtails, seated on a chair, her legs spread, hips gyrating. Bumping beats played in the background and the male teacher approached between her legs, his hips swiveling to the beat.  (A:  Pachauri would love this; itís like something that he would write.  You know, the guy at the head of the IPCC that writes the porno novels and wants us to take him seriously.)


Less than five seconds into the routine, the Grade 9 student and her friends went from giggling to staring at their sometimes very strict instructors in disbelief. 


"At first we were laughing and then it was like 'Oh that's a little too far.'"  (A:  CHILDREN know that before they start getting into the porno stuff that is blasted at them and start copying it.)


But it went even further.


The female teacher threw her head back and thrust her one leg out as the male teacher continued to dance over her. There was butt-slapping and further gyration. Then the man dipped his head down between her legs and simulated oral sex.  (A:  Thatís what your children are getting in school now and itís not just happening there, Iíll bet you anything.  Quite something isnít it?  But then again, it doesnít shock me at all.  I saw all this coming years ago because I understand the agenda since Iíve studied it.)


Now, part of the agenda too was to take down societies by ECONOMIC warfare.  Part of it was to do mass immigration to already overburdened countries and bring down their system of care for themselves that they paid into.  Countries like Britain, most of the housing over there really was Council Housing paid for through the taxes of the public into building houses for themselves that they then rented generation after generation.  You go on a list there when you get married Ė at least they used to get married Ė and you would wait maybe 4 or 5 years, maybe longer, before you could eventually get into one of these houses.  The EU that is now this Super Parliament tells each country what to do, who to bring in and who to give houses to.  This is to further aggravate the tension, the building up of tension between peoples and further destroy any idealism that you have to do with your country.  You feel apathetic.  Thatís a very important thing to destroy nations, is apathy.  Remember, Huxley said that himself and so did Bertrand Russell, a big player in the designing of this system, apathy was ESSENTIAL to this system.  This article here is from the Mail Online.


Somali mother of four has no right to live here... (A:  Sheís an illegal alien.)

 but we have to give her a council house

By Arthur Martin and Steve Doughty / 24th February 2010 / Mail Online


Standing proudly with her arm draped over her 36in television, this is the Somali woman who must be given a council house even though she has no right to live in Britain.


Nimco Hassan Ibrahim - who lives with her four children on benefit handouts (A:  Thatís welfare.) - was granted the right to the home by EU judges (A:  Not the British judges, but the EU judges in Brussels.) yesterday because she was once married to a Danish citizen who briefly worked in this country.


The landmark judgment means the 34-year-old migrant and her children will soon be packing up their impressive collection of furniture and electrical equipment when they are given a new house.


Although Miss Ibrahim claims her income support payments were suspended during the legal action, she has somehow bought a Playstation 3 games console, computer and a high-quality speaker system.


Equally impressive is the enormous sofa from which she watches TV each night. Lying on the floor in her lounge are some of the latest film releases - including a pirate DVD copy of the sci-fi movie Avatar.


And although she lives in a temporary accommodation in Harrow, Middlesex - funded by the local council (A:  Thatís the taxpayer.) - she has managed to install a high-speed internet connection.   (A:  Thatís better than Iím getting and Iím paying high speed too for it, although Iím getting twice the speed of dial-up thanks to XplorNet.  Donít ever use it please, XplorNet.)


Speaking to the Daily Mail last night, Mrs Ibrahim said: 'I deserve to be given a proper house. This one is too small for all of us.  (A:  Thatís how they are when they have been taught, abroad, that that is what you go there for.  Youíve got all these rights, you see, and you deserve it.  Theyíve got to give you something.  I know my rights.  You know.  And she is an illegal alien right.)


'I don't think it's fair that the council has put us up in temporary accommodation. It's not right that they have hounded us for four years. All these threats of eviction have made me feel very ill.


'The law says that I can get a better house so I'm looking forward to a better life.  (A:  So there you go.  Thatís part of what Iím talking about. This is just ONE of MANY as they flood the countries and destroy all that was.)


Remember that Mr Blair himself and Iíve read the article on the air from the mainstream newspaper article where he had told his next in command that they would open the floodgates to immigration into an already flooded Britain, that was sinking.  It couldnít even cope with the health care going down the tubesÖ too many people flooding in.  He said the reason was to destroy the culture of the face of Europe forever of that of the British culture and people.  A war has been going on and most folk are utterly oblivious of it.  They just live through itÖ and accept everything. 


This is only one instance of thousands and thousand and thousands.  As the country could never pay itself out of the debt it already owes.  Who benefits?  The boys who dreamed it up, the Royal Institute of International Affairs remember, the Milner Group that was comprised of the international bankers who want to control it because its better, as Mr Rockefeller said, that the intelligentsia and bankers rule the world and plan the world, than leave it up to nations and their self, auto determination.  That is what itís all about folks. 


As we go down the tubes into this dehumanized system, we always hear about the Philippines and the poorer countries where the people are conned into giving up a kidney or whatever for cash rewards and end up spending what they are given Ė the pittance they are given for the cash reward to give kidneys to wealth people generally in the States and Canada Ė they end up spending the rest of it treating themselves for the fallout, with antibiotics and so on, of the pretty fast, rather disgusting operations that they are given.  So we are used to the poor being exploited.  We get used to it.  In fact, we become inure to it.  We become immune to it after many years of hearing the same kind of stuff.  It is happening too in the so-called, SO-CALLED civilized countries as well. 


Cash incentives offered for transplant organs

Laurie Nowell and Brigid O'Connell From: Sunday Herald Sun February 21, 2010


AUSTRALIA'S hospitals are being paid to harvest transplant organs from dead patients under a $17 million Federal program.  (A:  Remember, they say dead patients but they prefer to classify you clinically dead, that means brain dead.  Thatís what they are after because they prefer to take you in to the patient who is going to be a recipient while your heart is still beating.  Then youíve got a really fresh organ and it goes straight in to the patient.  So remember, be careful about the wording.)


AUSTRALIA'S hospitals are being paid to harvest transplant organs from dead patients.


A controversial new "activity-based funding" (A:  I love the terminology, all from Madison Avenue.) program administered by the federal Organ and Tissue Authority is telling hospitals they can receive up to $11,400 for each patient who becomes a donor, the Sunday Herald Sun reports.  (A:  It makes you wonder.  You see, it already happens in Canada, in Ontario I should say, they signed a law that anyone ENTERING an Ontario hospital, if they die there, potentially is a donor.  They fly in teams to try and hit their grieving relatives to have them sign the person, who is maybe in a coma or whatever, to give up their organs.  They hit them when they are utterly vulnerable.  ĎFlying teamsí they call them.)


The funding is aimed at securing consent from grieving families and encouraging hospitals to keep alive critically ill patients who would normally not be revived.


"The additional funding provided over the payment for donors identified in the ICU recognises the need for the organ donation team to establish a rapport with the potential donor's family and facilitate family consent," the program's information notes say. 


Thatís exactly what Canadaís already been doing for I think 2 years now.  When you get admitted into a hospital, youíve got to understand that these surgeons get paid big bucks for this and when they look at you and your STATUS in society, then think of the benefit to themselves, which is straight forward included in their salary paycheck, or the cash they could get from allowing you to die and harvesting your organsÖ what do you think you might go with?  Do you think they are really, truly are this TV image of scrupulous people that are somehow angelic and always do the right thing?  Do you really still believe that nonsense?  Do you really still believe that?  I wonder.  I wonder.  Do you still believe that doctors are above it all?  That doctors are PURE and CLEAN all the time, all the way back to the first propaganda whether itís Dr Kildare and Marcus Welby MD and all the dramas and FICTION theyíve put on television about them to raise them up into a high profession where we bow down and do what weíre told? 


There are stacks of articles out there on the corruption within the medical industry.  Itís probably one of the most corrupt industries there is.  Itís the most greediest ones there is.  Here is one from the Philadelphia Regional Local News.  Iíll put this link up too.


Frozen Fetuses Found During Doctor's Office Raid

Feb 23, 2010 - CBS3.com


PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ―  Sources say dozens of frozen fetuses were found inside a West Philadelphia doctor's office during a search.


Philadelphia and federal authorities who raided a doctor's office after allegations a woman died following an abortion made a shocking discovery: more than two dozen frozen fetuses.


For the second time in four days, Philadelphia Police, along with State Licensing officials and DEA agents, searched the West Philadelphia office of Dr. Kermit Gosnell on Monday.


Sources tell Eyewitness News that the search came after a patient reportedly died following an abortion on November 20.


According to the State Board of Medicine, Dr. Gosnell had an unlicensed staff member conduct vaginal exams and administer medication.


In the November 20 case, the state claims the staff member administered Demerol, Promethazine and Diazepam to the female patient.


After the doctor arrived at the clinic, the patient was given more medication. After the doctor performed an abortion, the patient started to have an arrhythmia and later died, state officials said. Autopsy results are pending.


Sources also told Eyewitness News that during the search, investigators recovered more than two dozen fetuses stored in a freezer, some dating back 30 years.  (A:  Doesnít that kind of make you sick?  You know one of the prime tenets, again, was DEHUMANIZATION.  Remember Julian Huxley said, the head of UNESCO at the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural cooperation and all that rubbish, to bring in a common culture, a debauched culture that would serve them better, he says, we must reduce the human being from his pedestal of being special and dehumanize them.  THAT HAS HAPPENED people.  This is ONE doctor in ONE place.  Some of these fetuses go back 30 YEARS.  30 years.  Do you think this is an isolated incident?)


The fetuses are now being analyzed to reveal if illegal late-term abortions may have been performed.


Records indicate that back in 1995, Gosnell was publicly reprimanded by the State Licensing Board which found he ''employed a physician's assistant that was not certified ... saw at least one patient and treated him."  (A:  So heís been doing this all along.  THATíS what you live in today.  That is what you are living in today.)


There is GlaxoSmithKline, one of the ones who I think got one of the biggest contracts for getting their non-effective flu shots, after they hyped up this nonsense by payoffs to people in the World Heath Organization and everywhere else and lots of other governments to make sure they got the contract, multibillion dollar contracts for this worthless flu shot that probably had nothing to do with the flu at all.  This article is from Natural News.


GlaxoSmithKline deliberately hid evidence of Avandia harm, says Senate report

NaturalNews.com / February 23 2010 / by Mike Adams


(NaturalNews) GlaxoSmithKline, maker of the diabetes drug Avandia, knew the drug was linked to tens of thousands of heart attacks but went out of its way to hide this information from the public, says a 334-page report just released by the Senate Finance Committee.


This report also accuses the FDA of betraying the public trust, explaining that FDA bureaucrats intentionally dismissed safety concerns found by the agency's own scientists.  (A:  Two weeks ago I put the link up there where the emails between the scientists of a drug company, it might have been the same one, and the FDA were conversing and the big company said we have seven members within the FDA who will vote in our favor.  See, they are all paid off.  But understand, this drug that they had pushed for years, for years, it said it has caused already confirmedÖ)


The document reveals some rather startling facts about the dangers of Avandia, including evidence from the FDA's own scientists who concluded that Avandia was associated with 83,000 heart attacks.  (A:  Ö83,000 heart attacks in diabetics.)


Do you think companies that kill off people like that would have any qualms about killing off a lot of people through inoculations as well?  Look at the extent they have gone to cover this up.  They also did their old stuff too, they sent out heavies to threaten doctors who did their own studies and found out what it was doing and threatened them with bodily harm, dis-reputation, getting their licenses pulled, and all the usual dirty, stinking tricks that these big pharma mafias actually do.  Thatís the reality of the medical profession.  Behind that lovely white coat there is an awful lot of dirtÖ an awful lot of dirt. 


The other thing too is I mentioned it often before because Iíve studied the agenda, is the system we are to go into and sustainability is really one that was well thought out.  Part of it was to use the old theories of Malthus and others to find ways of bringing the population down to a state where we will not have very much energy.  You must start killing off those who are alive; not just killing off the ones who donít get a chance to get born, but killing off those who are alive.  Part of it was to bring down the food supply, feed them lots of rubbish food; stuff that would kill them but nothing that would nourish them.  That has happened through GMO food and processed foods and all the rest of it.  They are putting out the small farmers by deliberation. 


It is also to go meatless because, you see, they studied all the ancient civilizations and those who were still successful as having the same ruling crowd ruling over them, like India; they thought that vegetarianism was the way to go too and theyíve been pushing it and pushing it.  Thatís why Alvin Toffler in his book, The Third Wave, the one that Newt Gingrich gave every Congressman, said in the book that the system we are bringing in will be a vegetarian society and it MUST be so.  He didnít say why but Iíve read their articles from previous people and itís because they know that you are not too healthy, you are not to MENTALLY with-it at times if you are purely vegetarian, especially when they give you a limited choice of vegetables too.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and before I go to a caller, Iíll just mention that the New York Times actually put an article out on the coming vegetarian society starting with meat-free Monday.  Itís a big national push funded by the foundations, heavily promoted.  It saysÖ


A Push to Start the School Week Without Meat

By BAO ONG / February 22, 2010 / New York Times


All these different US states have signed on to it, without, again, asking the parents, Iíd imagine.  Iíll put this link up and you can read it for yourself.  Itís a nationwide thing, as I say, and itís to start getting children indoctrinated, along with the lectures, about how BAD animals are for the planet as you grow them to eat meat and all the rest of it.


There is Lark in Texas on the phones.  Are you there Lark?


Lark:  How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Lark:  Well, I have to admit I was laughing when you were telling us the story of Miss Flitchner.  I was reminded immediately of another name, the name Flecksner.† I know you know who the Flecksner Brothers were.


Alan:  Yes. 


Lark:  I was wondering if they were of the same family and or bloodline. 


Alan:  It would be interesting to definitely delve into it.


Lark:  Anyway, whether true or not it doesnít matter, there are so many opportunists and people that buy into this sophistic agenda nowadays just for a buck that it doesnít even matter any more. 


Alan:  I know. 


Lark:  People will sell out any true value or a moral code for a buck, every time, and itís been proven over and over again.


Alan:  Absolutely and Iíve talked to teachers.  When I was talking about that psychiatric diagnostic manual, I went through teachersí manuals on what they are being taught on how to diagnose the children.  Itís not just the psychiatrists that are diagnosing children to get them on drugs, itís the teachers now who believe they are psychiatrists as well and the drug companies of course are putting lots of money into the teachersí associations to encourage this because they are behind it as well.  The teachers have no qualms about drugging little Johnny and shrinking his brain and they really truly believe that they know best. 


Lark:  Well, the first lie they bought into was this notion of credentialism and, you know, the guaranteed job for life and the retirement benefits and so, my goodness, we canít sacrifice that.


Alan:  I talked to one young girl; in fact it was one that was 25 years old and in another year or so she will be at $170,000 a year.  I said, you know you are all prostitutesÖ to a bunch of them, these teachers I gave a talk to.  They all put their heads down and none of them denied it.  They are all prostitutes for the status, for the incredible salary that they are getting at that age.  They are nothing but social prostitutes and social engineers to further degrade society, for their own personal benefit. 


Lark:  I was also reminded of Wilhelm Wundt, the so-called founder of experimental psychology and what a weasel this guy was.† Then too, I was reminded of that ism, scientism and how easily we are misled by so-called empirical evidence these days and how weíve elevated science to such a lofty status in our society without examining where that science came from.


Alan:  And without even questioning that there was actually a political agenda behind it.  Huxley said, science will be elevated ABOVE religion as they destroy religion and then we shall OBEY it.  He said too, it would be a scientific tyranny but he preferred a scientific tyranny over any other kind.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish the dog and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your God GO with you.




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